literally the only reason i used that video

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what hug do people want released? i feel very uninformed😭

As you can clearly see from the history music video, all 4 boys leave in different directions. Harry and Niall to the left, Liam and Louis to the right. There was speculation that they quickly returned and hugged each other but they never put that in the music video. Well, because ben winston is an arsehole, he tried to “blackmail” us into voting for the history music video by saying the producers were going to “release the hug” if we let them win. Bearing in mind i’m sure all of us would have voted anyway because at the end of the day that’s not the reason we voted, (at least not mine, because even though the video was essentially shit, i love my boys so i’m gonna support them). But here we are, 2 days later and no sign of the hug, only a shitty post on instagram of an image that was literally almost screenshotted from the music video. Moral of the story: we’re always being played with.

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Okay, I was going for a Hamilton ship (cause why not?) My name is Julian, I'm 5'4 and super gay. I've got dark brown eyes, they're so dark they almost look black. I have a bunch of hair, it's never maintained. My personality? Well, I'm super sarcastic, nice to my friends, and awkward around everyone else. I'm literally only super close to one of my friends. I like drawing, writing, reading, and playing video games. The End. I hope you have a nice day/night.

I ship you with Hercules Mulligan!

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Reasons why:

  • You guys met when he overheard you making the most sarcastic remark about him to a friend.
  • He loves playing with your hair.
    In awkward situations, you use him as a shield
  • He finds this extremely endearing.
  • You model for him all the time
  • Most of his first drafts end up fitting you anyway.
  • Herc sometimes uses your drawings in his designs
  • This has resulted in some weird ones
    He never pressures you to talk
  • He will punch anyone who does.
    You own him in MarioKart,
  • But he says he lets you win.
  • Hercules supports you in everything you do, and will be with you every step of the way.

(this is my personal opinion, it may be different to other people!)

(also thank you to @psychedemigod for the help)


So ever since Calvin tweeted out that he liked tumblr. And now, Twitter hoes have been making Tumblrs. Im sorry but most of the fucking Twitter Leafy fandom are fucking attention whores, they want so much fucking attention from Calvin that they literally make Tumblrs but to only get his “attention” I made a Tumblr to show love and support for Calvin and possibly make new friends (which i ended up doing I love every single person on here) and I’m pretty sure other Leafy accs that aren’t from Twitter made an ac for that exact same reason….

Sure it would be nice to be noticed by Calvin but shit… He’s a busy guy making videos and shit to keep us entertained. AND NOT TO MENTION Twitter fans are always being ungrateful fuckwads whenever Calvin delays a fucking video.

I dont think they realize how much time and sleep Calvin loses uploading daily and they dont see that..  AND IRRITATES THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME!

And im pretty sure if Calvin could pay attention to every single one of us he would be he can’t and they dont realize that shit either.. They’re like fucking blind mice.

 Some of you guys (twitter leafy fandom) say the dumbest shit just to get his attention like c’mon now..

Anyways… the moral of the story (rant) is…

                                                                        back the fuck up twitter 

*drops mic*