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The Girlfriend Tag

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Imagine: You and Dan decide to give the fans what they want, and cute video of the internents favourite couple

A/N: I know this isn’t any thing about marvel but I couldn’t help myself, I’ve been watching all of Dan and hil’s videos and getting so many feelis. I just had to. Also I really should be doinf my German coursework, bit too late, Dan is more important

Warnings: Some swearing, implied smut but just fluff really

Word Count: 1955 (got a little carried away)

“Hello internet” Dan starts off with his iconic opener

“Today, I am joined by the wonderful Y/N, who you may also know as my girlfriend!” He exclaimed, giving out a laugh as your cue to jump into the camera view.

“Hey guys” You giggled, getting comfortable next to Dan

“Now you may be wondering what original video I have for you today, and let me tell you, it doesn’t get more original than this”

“We are doing the girlfriend tag!” You almost shouted, causing Dan to let out a rather loud groan.

“Jeez, lets tone it now my channel isn’t used to your happy attitude just yet” He joked, covering his ears

“Just because you literally only have the feeling of embarrassment, doesn’t mean I can’t be happy” You fire back, sending a smirk in his direction.

“Oh God, too much sass. I want Phil back” Your dork of a boyfriend joked

“Shut up, we kind of have a part of Phil with us now” You explained

“Really how so?” Dan played along

“Well, he did do the questions for us to answer”

“God knows what kind of weird stuff he has put in here; I don’t know if you guys have noticed but Phil is like obsessed with sharing our relationship with others. If he isn’t taking sneaky photos of us and tweeting them, then he is jumping into a room when we are together doing a live stream of us.”

As Dan continued to talk about his best friend, you couldn’t help but admire his perfect features. His big, wide smile that would light up a room. His unusually large dimple that you found so adorable. How he is constantly touching and checking if his hair looks okay, which of course it does. And his dark drowns eyes, that you could stare into for days.

“..Y/n?” You were abruptly ripped out of your thoughts by Dan waving a hand in front of your face

“Sorry” You blushed, red staining your cheeks as you realised Dan caught you staring at him and will most definitely keep this part in his video, because, well let’s face it, a bit of an arse.

“What were you so caught up about?”

“Just admiring the view” You jokingly sent back and big wink. Now it was Dan’s’ turn to blush, whist also letting out a laugh

“That was so cringe, I might just have to take it out of the video.” Dan spoke to the camera; he was definitely not taking that part out.

“Right so to start this video I’m going to put my hand into the hat and pull out a question. The questions are basically letting you guys know even more about our relationship and hopefully teaching us a bit more about each other” Dan explained.

“Ohhhh can I go first?” You excitedly asked. You couldn’t help it, there was something so fun about doing a video with your boyfriend.

“Of course”

You dove your hand into the hat, grabbing the first folded piece of paper you felt and pulled it out.

“Alright it says, ‘Where was our first kiss?’” For the second time you felt your cheeks heat up.

“I’m going to be so red this whole video, reckon you could like put a filter on me to make me look better?” You joked, however it wasn’t such a bad idea.

Dan laughed, before saying

“So do you want to answer or me?”

“You do it” You always loved hearing Dan talk about your relationship

“Alright, I remember it was our second date and we were just hanging in the living room eating pizza talking after just finishing up on the X-box. I was so nervous, just thinking about leaning in and possibly facing rejection and ruining it all. But then you made a joke out about anime and I knew I had to do it before someone else snatched you away” Dan smiled at the memory, you beaming right back at him.

“Then he just leant in and kissed me, obviously I didn’t turn down that face and now here we are two years later” You finished, butterflies erupting in your stomach at the fond memory.

“OK, next question” Dan stuck his hand in the hat rather ungracefully causing a few questions to topple out.

“Shit” he mumbled, throwing back three in the hat and reading out the remaining one on the floor.

“Finish this sentence ‘My girlfriend is a complete…..’” Dan stopped to think for a minute, you couldn’t help but anxiously wait for what he was going to say

“…..twat” He finally spoke. This caused you both to simultaneous burst out into a fit of laughter, clutching your stomach you couldn’t be surprised at what Dan said, it was so him. You knew Dan loved you with everything he had, it was very obvious. You guys didn’t have a mushy gushy relationship, it was more full of lots of jokes and banter, you guys were basically best friends,

“You are such and arse, why am I dating you?” You tried to sound upset, but the smile that you couldn’t wipe off your face gave it all away.

“You loveeeeee me really” He rather obnoxiously sung

“Actually Babe, I’m secretly in love with Phil and I only come round to your house on the chance that I will see my one true love” You lied, not helping but feel a bit weird by saying you like Phil, who was basically like a brother to you.

“That’s just mean, and a little gross” He complained

“Yeah I know; I have no clue why I said it” you giggled

“Right, my turn” You plunged your hand into the hat, pulling one out to read.

“‘Who wears the pants in the relationship?’ Ohh that’s hard” You thought.

“I know my answer” Dan said confidently

“Really? Alright let’s say our answers on three. One, two, three.”

This caused both of you to say ‘me’ at the same time.

“You’re kidding me right?” You said in disbelief to Dan

“What? Love, I’m always making the decisions”

“Babe, I literally always have to order for us at the cinema because you’re ‘too awkward to talk to new people’”

“Alright, alright I’ll give you that one, no need to share all my secrets on my channel”

Dan took out another piece of paper from the hat, causing yet again one to fall out.

“God, it’s clear to see who the clumsiest one of us is. And that’s hard because I could fall over standing still” You poked out at Dan.
“Leave me alone, you are so mean. So it says, ohhh this is interesting, ‘who is more jealous’?” Dan read.

“Ohhh, that is” You both took a minute to think about it, recalling moments when the other has been jealous. Most of these moments resulting in some seriously fun times together, and just by looking at Dan and the lazy smirk he wore you knew he was thinking about them. You kicked him in the shins, under the view of the camera causing him to jump a little, then answering.

“I feel like you get jealous more often, but it’s not as intense as when I get jealous.”
“Hmmm, yeah I reckon that’s fair to say.” You repeated, it wasn’t hard constantly having beautiful girls running up to your boyfriend, telling him how hot and sometimes the daring ones flirting with him. However, it had happened a few times when we were hanging around with Dan’s friends and one flirts with you, he gets mad.

“We only have a couple questions left” You sadly exclaimed, not wanting this video to be over.

“Let’s hope we haven’t saved the weirdest till last then!” Dan deadpanned

Grabbing one of the last pieces of paper you unfold it and read,

“‘what do I find really fun, that no one else really does?’” You laughed lightly at this weird question, thinking Dan would need a while on this one.

“You watch pimple popping videos” He answered straight away. You sat there with your mouth hanging open, a blush adorned on your cheeks,

“How did you know that? I always try to keep it on the down low” You exclaimed, shocked and slightly embarrassed that he knew

“Sweetheart, we’ve been going out for 2 years, we’ve been living together for 1, there is little that I don’t know about you”

“That’s kind of creepy and really cute at the same time. I knew I chose you for a reason” You hummed

“I’m not some Pokémon woman, don’t objectify me like that” He fired back

“Shut up and read the last question. Because as much as I love doing videos with you I need to cook us dinner, and get it done so it’s ready when Phil comes back from visiting his family.

“Aw look at you, you are literally the only reason we have survived this long. Anyway, here we go and I won’t knock out another question this time.” He took his time in dramatically picking out the question.

“Oh for god’s sake Phil, he’s such a child. It says ‘when did the two of you first sleep together?’”

A deep shade of red engulfs your face and you looked over at Dan with your mouth wide.

“What the hell, he did not just ask that?” You said shocked.

“Yeah you’re right, I’m joking. Lol” Dan admits, handing over the question for you to read aloud.

“It says, ‘Who/When fist said I love You?’ Now that is a cute question” You cooed, recalled that cherished memory that you held very close to your heart.

“Well, I don’t want to spill all the beans about our relationship just yet, so all that you guys will be knowing is that, Y/N said it first. Maybe we can do another gushy relationship story about that some other time. But for now that’s it.” Dan finished off the video and looked at you to continue.

“Thanks guys for watching hope you enjoyed it, and if you did please subscribe and request some more ideas of what we can do next. Byeeee” You finished

“That was so much fun” You turned to Dan, who was already lovingly gazing at you.

“You know I love you right?” He spoke

“Of course, and you know I love you too, so much” You replied inching your face closer to his.

“You know when you told me you loved me, when we were just lying in bed cuddling watching Breaking Bad, I think that that’s the happiest I’ve ever felt.” He confessed. As much as you loved the banter and jokes in this relationship, nothing felt better than Dan confessing his feelings to your, he really did complete you.

“I was so nervous that I had said it too soon, but I’m so glad one of us plucked up the courage to say it” You murmured, now lips a mere centimeter away from each other.

Dan quickly closed the gap between the two of you and soon had his hand on the back of your head pulling you closer. Automatically you brought your hands up to caress his cheeks and you two shared one of the most passionate kisses in your relationship.

Dan gently pushed you back onto the bed and slipped his hand down to your waist, when you suddenly remembered something.

“Dan the camera is still on!”

“Oh fuck yeah, thank God it isn’t a live stream” He jumped up to turn the camera off, leaving it on the side to edit later.

But he only had one thought on his mind now. You. Jumping back next to you on the bed you two finished off what you had started

I feel like we’ve had a rough few weeks in this joint so I’m gonna make myself feel good and remind y’all of my fave Zacts:

  • Zayn’s voice is a gift from God brought on Earth to bless us all
  • Zayn’s face is made to humble us but also remind us every day that there’s beauty in the world and that if we just hang in there, we’ll get to see it once more

  • Zayn’s nose alone could make empires crumple

  • Zayn loves animals so much. He literally has a zoo???? His latest videos ends with a monkey and an alligator for no goddamn reason, just cuz Z felt like it…. my fave weirdo

  • Every single person that’s ever worked with Z has only had positive and warm things to say about him. Gentle, respectful, warm, dedicated, kind…. these were all words used to describe people who’ve met him.
  • Also Zayn’s an amazing hugger? I mean of course he is, but still??? people always comment on that. And the fact that he smells amazing.
  • “Thanks, Donuts.”

  • Zayn is aware of his position in the world. He knows who he is and who he represents and what he means to a lot of people and he’s only ever used that position for good and refused to let the world tell him his roots are not good enough.

  • Zayn is brave. He faces so much hate and discrimination every damn day and he hasn’t let any of it deter him. He always perseveres and prevails and comes out with only positive things. He’s an inspiration.

  • Zayn loves his fans and is constantly trying to find new ways to reach out to us and makes us feel included in everything he does. Remember when Zayn said he appreciate fanficion writers???? That he encourages all kind of creative endeavours. He sent fanartists their own art on canvas with a personalised note. He organised release parties where he just chills and hangs out with fans.

  • Remember when Zayn used the puppy filter. Man, that was so dope!

  • Mind of Mine still gets random, heartfelt praise form the general public, one year later. Because it’s such an authentic and original and raw and beautiful album. An album made with so much love and care and with so much feelings. It’s such a masterpiece. 

  • Zayn cuts his hair and suddenly the whole goddamn world loses it. A true moment of unity. World peace achieved. King of hair styles. 

  • He’s such a warm, loving and funny guy. I just love him to bit and pieces.
My Opinion On Mikey's Smash or Pass video

I just watched it and wtf literally What. The. Fuck.

First of all I’ve heard of this trend but I’ve never seen a vid about it and I saw that everyone started talking about it so I said “what the hell? Let’s watch it, it can’t be that bad,right?”

Boy I was wrong.

But before I tell you guys my opinion I want to clarify that I have no intention to hate on Mikey or anyone of the Buttercream Boys, I support them, yes, but I need to get this out of my chest.

For starters I couldn’t even finish the video, I just couldn’t see three grown up men classifying women that way, I get the point that everyone have different tastes and all but you’re literally saying if you would fuck or not a girl based on her looks? It’s okay if you do it privately with all your mates but doing that on a video that you know young girls can see it?

This kind of stupid trends are one of the reasons why most girls are insecure, why I WAS insecure, through the course of history, us girls, have been TAUGHT to be submissive and be gorgeous and be at our husband’s disposal. We were LITERALLY taught that our only purpose in life was having kids and clean the house.

This kind of trends are male chauvinist, and worst of all is that people think is a joke. But IT ISN’T

They’re TONS of young girls who have committed SUICIDE because their self esteem was on the ground, why? Because they weren’t pretty enough, they weren’t skinny enough, simply because they couldn’t reach the impossible standards of this rotten society.

Instead of doing this stupid trends that subconsciously encourage male chauvinist we should teach young girls to LOVE themselves, to SUPPORT themselves.

Because this doesn’t just affect female’s self esteem, this has also made us attack ourselves, we bully the “fat chick” or “the weirdo” we have been denigrating ourselves because of the smallest stuff; instead of supporting ourselves because we know how hard it is to be a woman we DESPITE ourselves.

One of the things that shocked me the most about Mikey doing this video was Jack’s obvious uncomfortableness through the whole thing, because while in other vids he used to make some witty comments or funny faces he was serious through this whole video.

I mean seriously Mikey, Jack’s you’re best friend, you should have noticed it. He was literally counting down the seconds for that video to end.

To end this up I’m just gonna say this

“Mikey you’re fucking 24 years old, and you’re doing THIS kind of things? You’re so much more creative than this, hell, there’s TONS of challenges or tags out there and out ALL of them, you picked THAT one?”

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So, I agree that Preston Jacobs is not a good source for critique or theories, but one of his videos covered the idea that the Targ's had a genetic 'ability' to hatch or ride dragons and how the gene to 'hatch' dragons was lost after the dance. I found it a compelling idea if nothing else. What are your thoughts on that?

Look, I tried. It took me over an hour, but I made it through Part 1 of his “The Genetics of Dragons and War” series (which, for the record, was 16 minutes long; I literally couldn’t sit and watch it all at once). I did this so that none of you poor followers would have to watch it; take it from me, your beloved overlord, that this is wholly without merit and as piss-poor analysis of the text as I have ever see.  It is unmitigated garbage

Ordinarily, I would just laugh at something this bad. I mean, the insistence on Mendelian mapping of a “double dragon x” gene on the pre-Conquest Targaryens (which he invents ex nihilo and applies to individuals with the same accuracy and care as a drunken creator god), the highlighting of Rhaena as a marital prize because she had the coveted “double dragon x” gene, his statement that “Religion was just the pretext for the Faith’s war against Maegor. Dragons were the real reason”, all of these are just amusingly bad anecdotes. Every statement de-contextualizes or outwardly ignores textual evidence, but in such an earnest and determined way. This isn’t my first time at the crack rodeo, I’ve seen these tricks before, and this is just a particularly thoroughly amusing example. 

Until you get to the part that broke me. The part that turned this from “annoying but stupidly entertaining” to “just plain pissed me off”. He asserts that Vermithor and Silverwing were actually hatched by Aerea and Rhalla Targaryen (you might wonder how the former was possible, considering Vermithor was “almost a hundred years old” at the tail end of the Dance of the Dragons, in 130 AC - along with some other factors - while the girls weren’t born until 42 or 43 AC, but he doesn’t), and that the reason the dragons were so close, coiling about one another, was because they were twins’ dragons. You, the careful ASOIAF reader, might say “But wait! Their riders, Jaehaerys and Alysanne, were happily married, couldn’t that explain their closeness?” To which Preston Jacobs has an answer:

“However, [Jaeherys and Alysanne] didn’t have the best marriage, suffering two estrangements.”

This man’s argument is literally based on the idea that Jaehaerys and Alysanne “didn’t have the best marriage”. You know, despite the fact that Alysanne ruled the realm as much as the king did, despite the fact that they were married for 46 years and for the most part had a happy marriage, despite the fact that Yandel literally calls her Jaehaerys’ great love, for some reason, Preston Jacobs decided that this all meant they “didn’t have the best marriage”. That was where I was done. This isn’t the only out of context quote he uses, but it’s the most angering for me, because it flies so fundamentally in the face of evidence. You don’t get to talk smack about Jaehaerys and Alysanne around me, and you certainly don’t get to use your bullshit analysis of their marriage as a keystone of your bullshit theory.

I wish I had the strength to go through every statement this video makes and explain just why it’s wrong and why it makes no sense. But I don’t. Psychologically, I can’t. This video, and I presume the others of his, are littered with nonsensical statements like the one above, built out of singular lines from the text that either utterly ignore the context or are actually contradicted by the context, alongside non-sequiturs that he brings up to undermine his point, then never answers (like how, if neither Rhaenys nor Visenya were “double dragon x”, the dragon Quicksilver could have hatched and been presented to Aenys while still a hatchling). Preston Jacobs does not deserve your time and attention. Do not watch him. I do not endorse him.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

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1. There's just... zero investment to be had in this band. As far as I'm concerned, they have zero likability bc they haven't shown any personality, from the one video I've seen, they're nothing special, there's no music, and NO NAME. Like??

2. Are we just supposed to open these girls with open arms bc they’re connected to Louis? Bc it takes more than that for me to get behind someone. I love Steve bc he’s lovely and I love his music. This girl band? There’s literally nothing.

one of the reasons louis loves us so much is because we’re so independent like we start charities and fan projects and make them blow up but not only that but we can see through bullshit (most of us, anyway)

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Honestly no offense, I'm just wondering. If you don't like Taylor Swift so much why do you constantly talk about her and have a tag dedicated to how much you hate her? I'm not her biggest fan either but I feel like constantly making fun of someone you hate is just antiproductive and a waste of time.

i know you dont mean to offend but i have just given objective opinions about her because i have been asked about it. like can you scroll down my archive and blog please? i only talk about her when asked or it’s relevant at the time.. like do you know what my inbox is like rn? most of it is about her and i’ve ignored most of them but there are asks where i just cant ignore (like this one you sent) and tbh i’ve been deleting most of them just so i can see some asks not about her

and the #snakelor tag is just my tag for her.. like they’re mostly memes and just reasons why i dislike her. and it literally only takes a second to reblog a post i see on my dash from blogs i follow. i havent even trashtalked her like i’ve even received anons accusing me that “i like taylor” since i said the music video was good. like come on.. i’ve been very unbiased since. and using tumblr is unproductive in itself in the first place.. and it’s a person’s blog, if someone wants to talk about something, then let them?


It’s not really about 5 year olds. It’s about the companies who don’t want to pay for ad space around videos that don’t reflect their brand values. It’s a little more complicated than that, but in a nut shell they won’t pay you guys if they can’t get ads around your videos, whatever the reason.

Dude. I’m a creator. I KNOW its about ads?? My point is, the criteria they’re using to decide whether things are “advertiser friendly” or not, is whether or not the video is suitable for a 5 year old. Instead of having any sensible system, or actually giving you a logical reason WHY they’ve decided to pull ads from your video, they’re using something that stupid, thats the problem.

And as I said, I have a friend who literally contacted them about the issue only to basically be told “We’re still not putting ads on this video. Its not advertiser friendly. We don’t know why”.


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what do you think of louis's promo?

We’re only 4 days into the actual promo, so I can’t speak as much as I’d like to, but speaking about it would involve his UK team actually opening up any PR book and learning to do something useful. I don’t understand what they’re trying to do honestly. What’s the point in trying to erase Danielle? Honestly, the only possible reason I can think of is that his songs are way too sappy and about steady relationships and deep love to be about and on/off relationship, and even that’s a flimsy excuse and me hating to not have answers to questions.

Also, the absolute in your face manipulation of Louis saying on video something to Dan’s face and Dan saying the complete opposite in the print interview is honestly mindblowing. I literally cannot comprehend what the fuck they are doing with this. I truly cannot explain it, it any shape or form.

For the record, I’m always against this “mutual promo” of having rumours about girlfriends/boyfriends and shit. This looks like you don’t trust your artist and your product enough to sell on its own. And Louis has more than everything, in spades, buckets, bathtubs, whatever measurement you want to use. He has charisma, he is smart, he is funny, he is charming, he is talented, his voice is amazing, the song is an absolute hit, the video is brilliant, Bebe is brilliant. What’s the point of everything else when they literally have everything on a silver platter and they’re going for eating from the ground??? I truly cannot comprehend why they’re pushing so hard some stunts no one cares about. The GP doesn’t give a fuck about his kid or a random Instagram “influencer” who goes on 6 months breaks.

On the bright side, Epic really seems to be competent and pushing hard and doing their job. The social media aspect is well handled, I could talk about the teaser for hours, the video itself is so good, the radio push is amazing. But we’ve only seen like a week of them working, so I’m withholding my opinion until we see more, especially his US promo tour.

On that note I’m on mobile, but I reblogged 1000 post with the BTY links, please keep streaming, it’s so important to give Louis all the love and support he deserves.


So Phil is way too under appreciated and he deserves way more subscribers. So please subscribe to AmazingPhil if you haven’t already (or if you are subscribed, reblog this. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell everyone!) You will love him, I promise. Here are some reasons why: 

He is adorable. He’s very much likely the most adorable 28 year old alive. His adorable cuteness will always make you giggle and smile. I mean, just look at him. 


He will never fail to make you smile. Even if you are really sad and you’re having the worst day ever. Or if you’re really stressed and upset about something and you don’t know what to do. Just click on one of his videos and you’ll feel a lot better as soon as he smiles his bright smile and says “Hey guys!” And then he’ll proceed to tell you about some strange people on a plane who were addicted to tea or a story of how he got trapped in his jeans and you’ll be smiling and laughing right away!

He is creative and orginal. He truly cares about what he does. He puts a lot of effort into making his videos creative and entertaining. One of his most creative ideas was the Tour of My Brain (seen in gif below). If you liked Dan’s Tour of My Brain, thank Phil for it. He has also created popular video trends such as the Toilet Tag, the Tumblr Tag, and the 7 Second Challenge, so if you liked any other YouTubers’ videos of those, they’re all thanks to Phil.

He cares about his fans. Or shall I say ‘friends’ because that’s basically how he treats us. He spends time replying to us on twitter and YouTube. He has regular live shows where he casually talks to us for an hour. He favorites our fan art and stuff on twitter and reblogs it on tumblr. He interacts with us literally all the time. All of this shows that he truly loves us and cares about us, and that he is NOT just here for the views. 

He is literally the kindest, sweetest, most caring person alive. Don’t believe me? Have a look at this post and also this post. And those are just the only two I have links to. I’ve seen MANY more similar stories across the internet, as well as countless people saying how his videos have helped him through a hard time, or a mental illness, or even saved their life. Phil Lester is truly a hero. 

I could list so many more reasons. Please subscribe to Phil, he only has around 2.3 million subscribers at the moment, which is far, far too few for someone like him. Subscribing to him will most definitely be a click you won’t regret. There’s no way you could possibly not love him. Join us Phillions right now and Subscribe to Amazingphil! :)

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Sometimes yoongi’s eyes have this really expressive look in them where they twinkle like he’s looking into your soul and smirking in a loving way since he’s teasing you just slightly and he has literal starlight in his eyes and I just can’t

Reasons i love luke hemmings

Remember all those times i said you literally were not ready to talk luke hemmings and my love for him with me? Well. I think nows a better time than ever. Here we go..

- his singing (obviously): luke’s singing was the first thing to draw me in with this kid i remember watching his old fetus covers and absolutely falling in love with fetus luke’s voice (like honestly fetus luke has my heart) and now that he’s grown into his voice more and has learned how to use it he’s honestly one of my favorite voices in music in general. Aside from his stage and recorded singing that video of him singing in 5sosonthewall????? Like that was just his normal, casual, singing-for-no-reason voice and wowowoww it literally gave me chills i can listen to that boy sing for days

- his sense of humor: anyone who knows me knows i love lame jokes that people normally respond to ‘shut up’ with and luke is full of those types of jokes! Which he clearly gets from equally adorably lame parents. But he’s not only lame nacho cheese jokes and bad puns, he can also be quite witty and it all comes natural so much so that he doesn’t even realize he’s being funny half the time until someone laughs (then he gets all proud and cute and in his head is probably like ‘damn hemmings, you are one funny guy’ like please i love him hes such a dork)

- he’s so smart!: he likes to downplay it a lot which i honestly will never understand but it’s okay because the other boys do enough bragging for him they love making sure everyone knows their little brainy boy is the smartest in the band and he likes documentaries and he managed to finish his schooling all while this big life changing career started to build around him and wow im honestly in such awe of him and his character as a person which leads me to my next one..

- his personality: he’s literally one the sweetest most gentlemanly-est teenage boys you’ll come across. It’s literally just in his nature to be nice to everyone and kiss boys cheeks no hesitation because they’re fans too and why wouldn’t he kiss their cheek? I bet not kissing that fans cheek hadn’t even crossed his mind for even a second. He also does this thing where he tries to make fans feel a little more at ease when they’re especially emotional with like little jokes and hugs and aws and are you okays and hes just so sweet please bless liz and andy because they raised such a lovely boy

- his laugh!!!!: there’s laughs where he throws his head back squeezes his eyes shut and sounds like a loser and there’s laughs that are more giggles and i dont know which i love more because both are so adorable to encounter and you cant help but fall a little harder for the nerd every single time

A few more lil things:

- his cute feetsie thing he does

- his literal ocean of eyes

- the cute lil white spot on his front tooth

- his cute lil boopy nose

- his adorable knobby knees

- his cute lil tush

- not necessarily his beard but his proudness about about it

- ..ok the beards pretty nice

- the cute pout he does in selfies

- the lil one eye squint he does when he sticks his tongue out

- hiS dIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- the way his hair curls when it grows out!!!!

- his cute lil tummy

- his super broad swimmer shoulders

- his chest freckles!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡!!!!

- the crack in his voice when he sings with everything he has

- his general stage presence

- his growing confidence 😍

- his love for his family and the way he’s super family oriented

- his love for his old pup molly!

- his music taste

- his really weird faces he likes to randomly make

- the fact that he’s literally those huge dogs that think they’re tiny lap dogs

Got a bit carried away but how someone could literally hate this boy is absolutely beyond me????? Feel free to add some of your own favorite luke things!!!! (:

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For your snapchat brainstorm: What if there was Mama jirard snapping photos of him and hana baking cakes and cookies all the time and like shane takes videos of pbg and jared arguing over weither a shirt is pink or salmon

YES also

-Jared either sending the dog filter or 20-chinned photos depending on who it is

-Shane rarely uses it, but he likes taking pictures of people on campus and then drawing over them to make them look ridiculous

-Satch taking really nice photos (and really nice selfies) also posting updates on his VR project every once and a while

-Jirard always responding to people’s stories, asking them if they need anything, or congratulating them on stuff

-PBG snapchatting during class (and pretty much about his entire day)

-Jon would take videos of him and Jacques’ banter, as well as drama updates

-The Hidden boys’ stories get. Wild. During. Sleepovers.

-Jimmy using all the filters and being really cute and happy

-Caddy and Luke trying to take the most unflattering pictures of people possible

-Continue? boys posting videos of them doing weird crap and no one really understands it but they love watching the chaos

-Hana starts out really not taking selfies or anything, but after a while gets more confident thanks to her friends and s l a y i n g

-Mai secretly taking pictures of Jared, or Hana’s boy of choice, and sending it to Hana with the only caption being “ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

-Wallid takes videos of people running and then places bee emojis all over it to make it look like they’re running from bees

-Mimi just literally posting drama and no one would really care enough to look at her snaps

-Kakusu never ever using it, but when she did the phone would usually malfunction,  making it look like her eyes were glowing for some strange, unknown reason.

-even Miss Shizuka would have one and use it often

Offline Media VS Online Media

Peter and I hardly go to bed before 2 at midnight and usually wake up around 9 o'clock in the morning, just because we choose to work for our passion. That is what it is, A PASSION. Not some sort of stupid business model. Might sound weird. Let me explain.

Over the past couple of days, we’ve been picked up by several offline platforms such as television, newspapers or radio, all with one goal: using us as an example of ‘young rich boys’, which really pisses us off. One newspaper literally wrote that 'The Cinemates bought a house in Amsterdam’, which is absolutely untrue. We’re renting the first floor from a friend of ours. Here’s just a message for once and for all, the financial side of this thing we are doing is NOT our reason to do it. There’s a reason we stand up early and go to bed late, not to earn more and more money, but to improve our own film-making-qualities and ALWAYS be there on time to upload new videos so YOU can watch them! An hour ago, some dude from a radio station literally asked me (ON AIR!) to give up my personal income. Am I the only one finding this really really really odd? Offline media just doesn’t get it.

Anyway, the last thing I want is that you guys don’t start to see us as sell-outs. I’m going to be really honest, we DO earn money with youtube. But it’s NOT the reason we’re doing this, and it’s definitely not enough to buy cars, expensive suits or complete houses. We’re passionate filmmakers, not business men. 

We’re growing so fast at the moment, and we both just want to thank every single one of you for supporting us! Can’t explain in words how much we appreciate everything the cinemators do.


larrieswarzone  asked:

What happened with Fyz? I never understood

I am gonna dig up some older posts so you can understand:

(NOTE: None of the links used in this post point to the site. This is a safe place)
They are constantly cropping Louis Tomlinson out of the pictures even if he is in the close vicinity of Harry Styles. This way twisting your perception  and supporting that ridiculous narrative that the friendship (and relationship) of the century broke because Louis was sick of the gay rumors and they are not even on speaking terms. Nothing new, just add this to the usual crap we get about HarryandLouis by Modest.



This was a lie that actually got out of the basket, and we have no idea how many times they have been pictured together. We all know there is a photo ban on HL. 

They are supporting Harry’s womanizer narrative, Harry Styles and mystery women (and now men) walking on the street, but forgetting to report when he is in a gay bar, and OH SURPRISE there is a new HQ about Louis landing when he is a continent apart from Harry, let’s fucking post it, we hate Louis but lets post it. So see people Louis is landing in Luton, they are posting 674 HQ pictures and then look people Harry is in L.A. Louis in the UK. Harry is in L.A. Louis in the UK. Harry is in L.A. Louis in the UK. Harry is in L.A. Louis in the UK. Got it? Harry and Louis are not together can you see it? #NOTWITHLOUIS.

And the other times Louis appeared on the site was when the narrative required it. Meaning that they are posting candids with the title: the boys on their way to their rehearsal and guess who is never featured? Louis William Tomlinson. NEWSFLASH! One Direction has 5 members. Not 4. But look there is a new Louis picture, oh right. Because his beard appeared, let’s post some pictures from a private plane because apparently these 13-14 year olds running this site have their purses full of green crispy dollars and can buy out sets of pap pictures.

OOPS, did I say buy out? Well, more like stealing them and posting them without a source. So they got called out and got threatened with a lawsuit by jojopics and they claimed jojopics was spreading lies, but then SURPRISE! They had to change URL’s and SURPRISE 2.0 ALL THEIR CANDIDS WERE DELETED.  Yeah, not shady, right? So who is the liar now?

And besides that they are rude and arrogant. They used disgustingly hateful tags for Louis and they are not my kind of pal.

Now they cut the OU (which referred to Louis) from their URL and still exist, still stealing pictures, posting cropped and edited shit instead of the original ones. Putting a disclaimer on the site that they are not hosting the images apparently worked. They are still Modest’s/HJPR mouthpiece. Same old sh.. but a different URL.



1) they’re literally posting pics illegally without the consent of the people taking the photos. (this photographer is going to sue them for this)

2) They’ve always hated Louis. People will say they banned him after the weed video but trust me, I used to follow them since 2012 and they’d always take any opportunity to bash him. Never really understood why they call themselves fuckyeahzourry if they only blog about zarry. (My problem is not against the ship, its my #2 favorite ship, my problem is with the blog)

3) there are so many more reasons but I’d rather let the law take care of them and enjoy blogging about louis!


Okay so basically the conclusions we can draw from this sketchy-as-fuck situation, all of which I have said before but which we now seem to have evidence of, are:

  • There is some sort of ban on candid photos that are taken of Louis in the same vicinity of Harry.

  • Fans will not say anything if they see Harry and Louis at the same time.

  • Regardless, and, perhaps, because of, both these facts, Harry and Louis still leave at the same time… four years later.


Anonymous asked:

So does a photo ban mean that every single pap, gossip website and magazine knows about their relationship?

External image



Yes that’s exactly what it means. Paps who are not aware will take them, but no one will buy them. I think I explained once to someone this way:

Think of a pap taking pictures of a celebrities child, they’d have to get consent from the parent in order to publish them (unless it is a well known fact that it is allowed), now think of Modest! as Harry and Louis’ parents.

Does that help?

I am not on my computer, but I do know someone has a tag explaining the photo ban. Maybe worshippedlove or lapelosa can shine more light on it.



Anonymous asked:

So how would people find out about it if there was a super-injunction? You seem to know a lot about them considering they’re so secretive, so how do people even know they exist if they’re so secret?

External image





The only ways people can find out about specific super-injunctions are if

  • a huge leak/breach/scandal happens like what happened with The Sun a few years ago,
  • a judge decides that the super-injunction can no longer be held up by the privacy law that allowed it to be granted in the first place, in which case it’s open season for the media to report on it,
  • a non-English or non-Welsh media outlet finds out about it and decides to report it (this has happened a few times, things getting published in Scottish papers that couldn’t be published here), or
  • the people directly involved (so in other words, Harry and Louis in this hypothetical scenario) voluntarily reveal that they have a super-injunction out.

And most people who are aware of them know that they exist because, as I said, there was a huge scandal a few years ago. It was practically all that was talked about in the media for months.

Also possible (but discouraged):

  • having an MP break the superinjunction while under parliamentary privilege, as newspapers are allowed to report what MPs have said as long as they pretend it isn’t a fact

Journalists and other people in the know are well aware of what the superinjunctions prevent them from saying, and have sometimes accidentally broken them. Wiki article about the 2011 superinjunction controversy if anyone wants more details.

#ukpoli#fame culture#remember when the guardian was first fighting a superinjunction and no one really knew about them back then?#and it was an ACTUAL POLITICAL ISSUE#about illegal waste dumping#smh how the fuck did that judge think it was ok to grant a superinjunction in that case


I always find it interesting that people think things like super-injunctions are dismissible conspiracy theories, when there is evidence and history that they have been and are used to hide the activities of corporations and individuals who can afford to pay. This isn’t anyone’s fantasy - the Trafigura case is worth reading up on, especially how the law firm involved, Carter Ruck, tried to prevent the Guardian from reporting on a debate in the UK Parliament. Essentially, regardless of your opinion of ~fandom things, these things do happen. The world is not nice. It is not straightforward. Facts are hidden and lies are told as truth. Especially when you have the money to employ good lawyers

Useful tag: photo ban

Oh God…so I’m running on very little sleep, but I’m also still running hard because it’s what I’ve become used to. I’m writing this mostly for me, so feel free to disregard. Without getting into any specifics, I want to talk about the problems we solved at this year’s VidCon (which I’m very proud of) and new problems that we identified (that I’m looking forward to taking care of next year.)


Signing Nightmares
Last year we had a lot of people get in long lines to signings that ended before they got anywhere close to the front. That was super sad. This year we had a signing lottery that made it clear who you were going to get to see before you arrived. We allowed people to get refunds after the lottery was drawn. This had three extremely positive effects:

  1. People spent far less time in line and so got to do way more stuff
  2. Since they got to do that stuff, we have succeeded in a major goal of making it clear that VidCon is about much more than signings and photos
  3. Since attendees knew they were only going to get a couple signings, they came with proper expectations and thus had a much better time at the event.

Out of Place Creators
With the explosion in fan attendance to VidCon in 2014, we got a lot of feedback that hobbyists and upcoming creators felt out of place in the community track but couldn’t afford the industry track and were considering not coming back to VidCon. This was a huge crisis in my mind because I originally made VidCon mostly for those people and I think they’re a hugely important to this community. So we introduced the creator track which allowed us to serve these attendees specifically. This is the content that I spent most of my personal time curating and building this year and the feedback has been enormously positive. I’m so happy about this.

Online video has become, in a lot of ways, very mainstream. Along with that, in 2014 we saw a lot more traditional fan/celebrity dynamics than were were expecting. So while we used to be able to escort people through public areas, in 2014, VidCon attendees would occasionally (and unsafely) rush toward anyone who looked like they might have a security escort. This year, we moved all creator transportation from hotel to convention center to behind the scenes shuttles. I’m kinda sad that we had to do this, as it reinforces the false distinction between community and creator, but it was necessary for the safety of everyone at the conference and thanks to a lot of people who are great at solving problems on the fly, it functioned really well.

Caged Creators
We also had some issues last year with creators feeling like they were caged in the hotel for a full week and unable to leave without causing a dangerous mob. We overcame this by building behind-the-scenes transportation and also working with sponsors to provide lots of fun on-site activities for creators.


VidCon Crashers
We have some internal policies that we use to determine whether we can’t have a creator at VidCon and they mostly have to do with whether a creator has done something that shows a disregard for the safety of their fans. A number of creators have done those things and we have told them not to come to the conference. But many of them, Going forward, we’re going to be more strict about creators who endanger their fans, whether that’s through manipulation online, or by intentionally creating mob scenes at VidCon or other similar events. We will communicate to them that they are not welcome and will arrest them if they attempt to create a mob. Two of our security officers were injured this year in a mob caused intentionally by a creator who did the exact same thing last year, and we simply cannot allow that in the future.

This is a known problem that we’re still trying to deal with. There are definitely more white male online video creators than any other demographic and we are going to continue moving toward a more representative conference so that we can reflect the world as we want it to be. We’re likely going to engage someone to work with the conference to help us achieve that goal.

The culture of VidCon is, ultimately, the most important asset the conference has. The lack of a distinct line between creator and fan is one of the things I love most about online video and we want to do everything we can to reinforce that. Of course, for safety and logistical reasons we can no longer expect everyone to mix all the time, but I am also very aware that I am literally putting a badge around people’s neck that you can look at and tell whether they’re a “big deal” just by seeing what color it is. This year, we only gave yellow badges to people who were doing content, which was a very distinct line we could use and also allowed smaller creators behind the curtain if they were doing content at VidCon.

That hard line is really nice for us because one of the things we spend the most time on is fielding requests from MCNs, agents, and managers for guest passes for their talent. But if we start giving passes to independent creators with 50,000 subs as part of a hierarchy minimizing program, MCNs get really angry that their creator who has 1,000,000 subs isn’t invited as a featured creator. In the end, if we opened all of VidCon’s behind the scenes to everyone who was doing something fascinating with a sizable audience, there would be thousands and thousands of people backstage, and it would be a little unsupportable. 

This is something I’ve struggled with since the very beginning of VidCon, and a problem I really would like to solve. It’s just a very logistically difficult one. I have a couple ideas, but I need to run them by some people before I share them.

I am really really REALLY pleased with how things went this year. There was so much work that went on behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly and create a place where marvelous experiences can be had and important connections can be made. I think, without a doubt, the VidCon team made that happen this year and I am so so so proud of (and thankful for) all of them.

anonymous asked:

Do you think tronnor is real?

As in ‘they’re in a relationship?’ I don’t know honestly. There could be a chance they are and I have reasons which I’ll guess say.

Firstly, Connor and Troye’s friendship became public extremely quickly like with Tyler, Troye was mentioning him in videos and it was quite gradual but with Connor I was more like boom! He’s everywhere. But maybe it’s just because their friendship bloomed quickly idk.

Secondly, Troye became very coy when asked if he was in a relationship on CliffCentral. Previously when asked he’d just say 'no’ and he’s talked about not really being in a relationship before but on that interview he was like 'I don’t know’.

Thirdly, Troye has said in the past that he doesn’t know very many (if only a couple) gay people outside of YouTube which means that his boyfriend is probably a YouTuber and then you just have to narrow down all the gay YouTubers or gay people that we know that Troye knows. You have Tyler (but they’re best friends) you have Blessing (but they’re best friends) you have Korey (but they’re good friends) etc. You also have to look for someone he hangs out with a lot (in this case Connor).

Now onto Connor because he’s never said he’s gay, in fact a few years ago he posted a video saying he’s not gay. But that was a few years ago. Connor is an absolute gentleman and it’ll be very easy for him to find a girlfriend (it’ll be hard maintaining a gf though because of YouTube) but he’s said that he literally hasn’t had a girlfriend in years. But then again maybe he’s picky.

But also Connor just seems slightly gay to me… maybe it’s the way he acts (which reminds me so much of one of my very girly friends).

Why do I think they could be dating though? I’ll just quickly whiz through a couple reasons

- In his apartment tour video, Connor showed us this Amy Winehouse vinyl and record player. He said that it’s the best bday present he’s ever been given. We pretty much know that Troye gave him that

- Connor is the only YouTuber who joined Troye in SA for the Spud premiere (apart from Casper). I know Connor just went to Swaziland but the timing of him going to Swaziland is quite interesting

- in general they’ve travelled a lot together like going to San Fran and hanging out in LA, Perth and Sydney

- Also they might be sharing clothes, something people in relationships tend to do

I know all of what I’ve said can be shot down and I know I’ve said stuff about Troyler and all of that and turns out Troye and Tyler are just BFFLs. But still, it can still be quite plausible.

What do you guys think?

anonymous asked:

Why do you hate fyz?

1) they’re literally posting pics illegally without the consent of the people taking the photos. (this photographer is going to sue them for this)

2) They’ve always hated Louis. People will say they banned him after the weed video but trust me, I used to follow them since 2012 and they’d always take any opportunity to bash him. Never really understood why they call themselves fuckyeahzourry if they only blog about zarry. (My problem is not against the ship, its my #2 favorite ship, my problem is with the blog)

3) there are so many more reasons but I’d rather let the law take care of them and enjoy blogging about louis!


So ever since Calvin tweeted out that he liked tumblr. And now, Twitter hoes have been making Tumblrs. Im sorry but most of the fucking Twitter Leafy fandom are fucking attention whores, they want so much fucking attention from Calvin that they literally make Tumblrs but to only get his “attention” I made a Tumblr to show love and support for Calvin and possibly make new friends (which i ended up doing I love every single person on here) and I’m pretty sure other Leafy accs that aren’t from Twitter made an ac for that exact same reason….

Sure it would be nice to be noticed by Calvin but shit… He’s a busy guy making videos and shit to keep us entertained. AND NOT TO MENTION Twitter fans are always being ungrateful fuckwads whenever Calvin delays a fucking video.

I dont think they realize how much time and sleep Calvin loses uploading daily and they dont see that..  AND IRRITATES THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME!

And im pretty sure if Calvin could pay attention to every single one of us he would be he can’t and they dont realize that shit either.. They’re like fucking blind mice.

 Some of you guys (twitter leafy fandom) say the dumbest shit just to get his attention like c’mon now..

Anyways… the moral of the story (rant) is…

                                                                        back the fuck up twitter 

*drops mic* 

anonymous asked:

Do you shave your armpits and legs? Or do you know girls who don't? I prefer not to because of the type hair and sensitive skin I have but it makes me sooo self conscious because I don't know any other girls who don't :(

I do but only because I love feeling like a silky smooth dolphin 🐬🐬
Definitely not always though!! I haven’t touched my legs in weeks. Check out my friends @karenaabeana, @jenconverso and @ellagracedenton on Instagram, they’re all fellow hippies at heart and have made posts about this 💛 I get the feeling there would be loads of empowering videos on YouTube about it too, so many fab women on there.
There’s literally no reason that you need to remove your body hair! We have it to keep us warm and clean so if you like it or simply can’t be bothered getting rid of it, that’s perfectly okay ☺️☺️☺️ The thing about “I don’t know anyone else who does” is that we all generally have these things in common, but everyone is just too scared to talk about it. As soon as one person does, everyone else breathes a sigh of relief and says “me too!” 🙋 Why not you be that one person, and watch as your friends around you all share that they often feel the same 👭