literally the most upsetting thing

dangerouslypleasantvictuuri  asked:

as a hannigram shipper, I know what it feels like to get ship hate. All I have to say is to just ignore it. Block anything that's out right hate, not Criticism. It's fine to point things out and try to understand things. But anything other than that, i am not interested.


Hate is literally the most upsetting thing that can happen in a fandom and to anyone in general.

It must end.

Thanks for sending this in!

tenrose shippers of tumblr- you know, it’s possible that you could ship tenrose WITHOUT shitting on martha jones’ character. there’s a thought.

someone: all children have the right to a good childhood!! kids deserve love and support

me: yes !!

me, remembering i am a child: with one .. unfortunate exception,

being obsessed/in love with a celebrity is literally the most upsetting thing because there is nothing you can do about it and there comes a point where you’ve seen every movie they’ve been in and every interview on youtube and you just have this emptiness while waiting for an update on their life

it sounds ridiculous but it happens to the best of us