literally the most beautiful woman in the world

Title: Coffee, Cooking and Cuddling - fanart
Artist: artbyjoana

Title: Coffee, Cooking and Cuddling
Author: Rizzles29
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 16616
So you - the most clumsy woman in the whole world - literally run into the most beautiful and uptight woman you ever saw while grocery shopping. She hates you instantly and blames you for the whole thing while you’re too distracted by her beauty to stop yourself from being sassy. But you can’t stop the magnetism that hovers between you two, and neither can she. So you keep apologizing and asking for a coffee date, she repeatedly says no.

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Sometimes I just sit back and really think about how incredible it is to be part of this…life experience that is being a Taylor Swift fan. Like, not to get fake deep over fandom but I am truly in awe of the incredibly beautiful effect one astounding woman has had on my life. Literally. It’s not just that her music makes me happy. Who she is as a human being has genuinely helped me through some of the most difficult things in my life. And I have some of my best friends in the entire world, and unforgettable experiences with them, because of Taylor. Ho ho holy shit it’s Christmas and I love Taylor Swift.

“I don’t really think I am the most beautiful woman in the world at all.” - Jayne Mansfield

“I had an enormous complex about my looks. I thought I was ugly and I was afraid no one would marry me.” - Audrey Hepburn

“I was tall, thin, ugly…” - Sophia Loren

“I don’t think I am a beautiful woman. Ava Gardner is. I think Audrey Hepburn is.” - Elizabeth Taylor

I’m always surprised by the amount of classic actresses that didn’t think they were beautiful. Literally, the list could go on and on

fwips replied to your post “Seeing people praise/glorify Sanji makes me reflexively gag ”

lol the asks and comments im getting after making a post venting abt his decisions and behavior in the updates are gross lol someone even defended sanji as being extremely kind and then said they hate Reiju??? okay.

that’s actually the exact reason I made that post! I saw your vent post, wholeheartedly agreed with it (”I know that my brothers literally just beat a woman almost to death just for shits and giggles like 12 hours ago but I need to save them from the consequences of their own decisions!” like fucking come on Oda stop that). But then I checked the notes and promptly saw a “Sanji is the most beautiful and kindhearted soul whose love and purity radiates out to illuminate the whole world” comment and promptly felt like throwing my laptop across the room.

I do not miss being active in the OP fandom and having to see, deal with, and respond to that kind of stuff every day 

But most importantly, happy birthday to my little troublemaker right here! Literally the only person who could make me love February 14th as much as I do, only because this day allowed me to get to know what is it to feel the most sincere and the most pure kind of love a woman can feel. I can’t believe I’ve had the luck of being Yuna’s mother for THREE years now, it’s the most beautiful, most fulfilling experience and I wouldn’t change it for anything else in the world. ❤️

I don’t understand why Pledis is such a small company? They house/housed some of the biggest kpop acts. After School/Orange Caramel are very popular and well known. Son Dambi was called the female counterpart of Rain. We all know Nu'est was popular when they debuted, and right now Seventeen is one of the most popular rookie groups. Uee is a popular actress and solo artist, Kahi was popular, and Nana is an extremely popular model (she is literally the most beautiful woman in the world).

I wanna write you a song / One as beautiful as you are sweet / With just a hint of pain / For the feeling that I get for when you are gone / I wanna write you a song.

Harry knew that most people who smiled like you did, all the time, to everyone, were the saddest souls in the world. Spreading happiness to people who never sent it back to you.

The day he met you, he literally bumped into you, sent you sprawling on the ground along with all your belongings flying every which way. You sighed and Harry was greeted with the most angelic looking woman he’d ever laid eyes on.

“M’sorry,” he said helping you up quickly. You shook your head.

“Don’t worry about it, story of my life,” you smirked wryly.

After gathering your items and Harry telling an awful joke or two, he managed to convince you to come back to his apartment for some tea.

Harry remembered you laughed so much that day. Then the next several dates, even your saddest stories were told with a brave smile that said you had overcome all of your pains and problems.

But he had no idea that you were this sad.

Perhaps it’s because you hid it so well. You laughed off your pain, busied yourself with others’ problems and an endless task list. That was hurt Harry the most. That you hid from him.

How could you hide from him? Harry loved and cared so much for you. All he wanted was for you to feel happiness. Especially when he was around you. There should have been comfort and safety when you were around him…So why were you hiding?

He wanted to see you smile, never frown; hear laughter and never tears.

Instead he was watching you sob so hard and making noises he never wanted to hear in his entire life.

There was a suspicion that this was your life. He came to the sad realization that you were actually serious when you told people that you cried in the shower every day because then no one knew you had just cried when you stepped out of the bathroom.

But these were gut-wrenching, heart twisting, god-awful sobs that shook your body. The force of them alone was enough to have you curled into a ball wrapping your arms around yourself as if you were trying to hold your broken pieces together.

Again Harry wondered how many nights you spent trying to piece yourself together like this.

As shattered as he felt at the moment, he knew you were far worse off and he wondered what on earth happened to you.

Harry had let himself into your apartment, he was going to surprise you. It had been a long week for you according to your texts between work, schoolwork, friends, family, and just people in general. Harry thought you had had enough. The intent was to make hot chocolate and talk about your day and cuddle long until you were asleep. Oh, was he ever surprised.

He thought you were dying. Worse than that, he assumed someone was torturing you. Be that as it was, he supposed it was true—except you were the one that was torturing you.

He wondered how many times the distractions you gave yourself resulted in these sobs. Harry didn’t want to think about the number of days you cried yourself to these broken noises of your very own body. Every day you took on too much and he questioned why he never thought to stop asking you for stuff on top of everyone else.

It hit him that you liked the distractions though. They kept you from sobbing like this all day long. But still, Harry was worried you were bottling up your emotions so much that this was the result. He couldn’t stand that you were this sad and broken. You were his angel.

His beautiful, sweet girl.

He didn’t want you to have this much pain. You didn’t even look like you were in pain. How could you not show this pain? Your poor soul. Harry was falling apart internally. His hands itched to hold you and he swore that at this moment, listening to the sounds of someone in pure anguish, he would never leave the bed for any reason. He planned to hold you until the day he died.

Taking a deep breath he stood outside your door and prepared to knock next to the doorframe so he wouldn’t embarrass you…

Still, he supposed it was long past that.

You didn’t make a lot of groaning noises. Harry had his fair share of cries. He knew that crying once in a while like this could be considered healthy, but this wasn’t healthy. Because Harry could sense this wasn’t a once in a while kind of cry.

Harry couldn’t believe on top of everything else, when you were sobbing, these horrific curled up cries, you didn’t even allow yourself to be loud in the privacy of your own home.

His fist beat against the wall. “Kitten,” he whispered quietly.

You must have heard him because all noise—what little you made—was silent.

Just let me die right here you thought. Getting up, with a sniffle you walked to the door.

You tried to be brave. To tell him you were fine. To tell him you needed to go to bed because you had class and then you were tutoring all day.

Instead, Harry’s hypnotic green eyes looked so worried and it was so unfortunate the first time you felt cared for. Shaking your head, with nothing left to say you shrugged a bit and tried to speak. “You caught me,” you croaked and you started fall apart right in front of him. Your knees could no longer support you, and you fell right at his feet. You buried your face into your hands and you curled into a ball on the floor and Harry didn’t know what to do.

This was so painful to watch. “Oh, my sweet kitten,” he whispered.

The noise was louder now the sobs shakier and you gasped for breath.

Harry was dying on the inside to watch you break like this.

He set you on the bed and you resumed to your curled position cradling yourself like no one ever held you.

Harry reached for you as he laid beside you on the bed but your hands came up defensively, holding your hands over your eyes as your body writhed off the mattress in just emotional pain that Harry couldn’t believe you were suffering from. You didn’t want him to touch you. You were pathetic. It was bad enough he saw you like this, if he touched you, you thought you would die. The tears, with nowhere to go, pooled into your eyes and seemed to create lakes of tears.

Harry never knew someone so happy and sweet could suffer like this.

“No, baby, stop,” he begged and he pushed your hands away. Your mouth seemed to shiver and your cheeks were splotched red. His hands came to your cheeks and he wiped away tears that just kept coming and coming. He worried that they would never end. Tears of his own started to drip down his skin and he managed to get you closer and he squeezed you tightly to his body. “It’s okay now, kitten,” he sniffled. “I’m gonna put you together again,” he promised quietly as you sobbed into his shirt absolutely staining it with salty tears.

You finally made a bit more noise and everything hurt so badly. “I’m broken,” you said softly.

With everything in him, Harry vowed he would fix you. “Not for long, kitten. Not for long,” he repeated. “There will never be pain like this again,” he swore to you.

“I always have pain, Harry,” you managed.

“Not anymore,” he said decidedly. “Just a hint of pain,” he promised kissing you on the forehead and rubbing your back. “For when I’m not here to squeeze your broken pieces together…I love you,” he said eventually.

The sobs continued well into the night and Harry was constant in his reassurance to you that he loved you and he was never going anywhere.

Harry liked to imagine it would be the last night you would ever cry like this.

The last night you would ever have pain.

Hey psa here but the translations of the original run of ‘the most beautiful death in the world’ made a few mistakes. Most chiefly that I’ve found so far is they changed a bit of dialogue between Ronald and Eric almost entirely, and totally changed the meaning in the process.

In the translations that you’d all be familiar with, Eric says he dumped the secretarial division’s ‘idol’, and Ron gets frustrated at that.

However, what Eric literally says in Japanese is that he ate her, which is a euphemism for having sex with a woman, generally whilst taking her virginity. Ron then gets upset because HE was interested in her and Eric beat him to it, whilst saying that Eric has pulled this more than once. This could have been translated literally with no problems, since English also has a sexual double meaning there, and it fits very nicely, so I’m really not sure why they didn’t.

TLDR: Eric has canonically had sex with multiple women on a casual basis and is proud of it, uses it to taunt Ronald

Leo & Sagittarius

He’s mesmerized by her beauty and grace, literally making her feel like she’s the most beautiful woman in the world and to him, she most probably is. 

They’re both just so colorful and fun that their time together is romantic and fun, other people literally look at them are like “hashtag relationship goals” 

The two are nothing more than social, I mean they like sleepy cuddly days but would rather be spending time with their friends and family having a great time. Darn social butterflies. 

And no matter where or what they’re doing they’ll always take a moment to appreciate each other and let the other know that even though they’re out with friends or whatever they still love the fact that their’ other half is there with them. 

This couple is literally like sunsets and rainbows, they’re sort of made for each other and they’re just so amazing. Both of them are equals, no one bigger than the other. Loyalty is something that will always prevail as both of them have endless love and respect for the other. 

Although the couple is rather perfect they do have a few flaws.

The Sagittarius may push the Leo, by making them jealous just to get a reaction out of them. This can push Leo’s patience as they don’t have time to deal with childish games as such. 

And with the Leo, you may want to consider calming down and not constantly seeking admiration and compliments 24/7 from your Sagittarius. Give em a break!

OVERALL - 9.5/10 


I have died and gone to heaven
I am literally breathing the same air as my idol and the most beautiful woman in the fucking world

is anyone still complaining about the proposal? cause that was perfect okay

i know we love intimate olicity but he just literally told the entire world that there would be no him without felicity. that she’s his light who saved him over and over again. that he doesn’t wanna spend a single second without her. that he’s completely and utterly in love with her and wouldn’t want it any other way.

oliver queen ex-playboy of starling city and one of the biggest ex-womanizers in the country just publicly proposed to his girlfriend in the most romantic, most beautiful and epic way possible