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Sorry for the OOC ask, but... I'm struggling with pony names!! How do you get a 'ponysona' to be so perfect and all encompassing... when I make one, I'm happy with it, then stress that it isn't FULLY me... I can't get one I'm happy with. ;o;

DON’T APOLOGIZE, peeps don’t worry I’m just here enjoying my ponies I’ll worry about polish later when I’m physically capable of it. Right now we’re just all having a good time, talking about ponies, building up lore and worlds around them. This is a perfect question to hoof around with.

Let me answer flat out. I have no idea, Starcrossed was drawn on a goofy whim then never… changed. She’s just been exactly perfect for my personal sona and I could not be happier. SINCE I DON’T HAVE A GOOD ANSWER, WE’LL JUST REVIEW MY PROCESS! That way maybe you can try my tricks and see if you can’t find good ways to name up your ponies.

I’ve been… typing a lot lately. So as a precaution I’m going to put the rest under a read more.

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aimless sketching kinda lead me to think…. what would the esper boys’ ghost-like form look like?

aannnnnnd several thoughts started to bounce around my head so wrote them down under the cut…..

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Can I ask why you're so upset about the NaruHina ending? I'm not trying to downplay that you are or anything like that, I understand not liking certain pairings (there are a few I don't like myself), I'm just wondering why it's bothering you so much now, when before it didn't seem to when NaruHina was first made canon.

Okay, i’m actually glad you asked this because i need each and every one WONDERING to listen and understand my frustration. Thank you for asking this question so politely, and in return to that i promise you to return the respect you’ve given. 

YES, i was okay with NaruHina becoming canon, long long time ago i was a NaruHina shipper, I GET THE PAIRING, i understand the purpose and the reason to why people ship/love it. The foundation of the pairing is inspirational and solid, BUT, the execution of this pairing literally is the biggest reason to my frustration, It STEPS on Hinata’s character as a whole. I understand the culture differences as well as the worldwide view on romance, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that i agree with it. In japan, this ” shy girl ” romance is really common, and i’ve found out that  form of cliché pairings really really bother me. It might depend on my past, my experiences, but bottom line is that it i simply don’t like it. NaruHina started off good, the main focus that really got a hold of me was the fact that Naruto inspired Hinata to become stronger, she was the girl to watch him before any other girl. How can anyone be against this sweet and innocent love?

This manga is for kids, it teaches kids the elements of romance,friendship, and just bonds in general. I read Kishimoto’s manga because it had a really strong element of REALISM in the fantasy. Despite the powers and all the creative inventions, the characters were raw, real along with their emotions. With that said, along with the realism, i noticed that the most human and imperfect female character had won the heart of the heroic main character Naruto Uzumaki.Despite all her imperfections, despite all her flaws and mistakes i tried to understand why on earth Naruto would fall for a girl like her when there was a girl, sweet, shy, lovable and devoted like Hinata? And that’s when i realised the true beauty of NaruSaku that NaruHina lacked, and will forever lack: REALITY.

I’m an imperfect girl, i’m not always kind,forgiving, shy and perfect. I’m not that fairy-tale dream girl who has always done right but been treated badly. I’ve had my dark times, i’ve made mistakes and i continue to make them. I’m reckless, loud, stubborn, i curse my imperfections, i hurt people sometimes,i want the good looking guy every girl wants, i am simply human. But imagine, even with this imperfectly perfect human identity, i win the heroes heart? That’s what Sakura did. And that’s why i support them as a couple, that is why NaruHina will forever be the fairy tale couple, which is completely fine if you like it, but never this new, fresh form of love we not so often get to see.

I guess i predicted Kishimoto to do this, to give the world something different, something new and inspiring. Maybe i expected him to give the girl’s in his country and culture ( as well as the world ) the message that no matter how imperfect you are, there is one person out there who is prince charming, that will still love you You don’t have to be dolled up, innocent and princess material to get your prince. This movie is everything a cliché love story offers, and i personally dislike it. I wish NaruHina could have been executed better, i wish Kishimoto could have given us a different story than this damsel in distress form of romance, which we always get to see. I’m simply tired of the same love story being repeated over and over again, i wanted something new, i expected to see it, but if Kishimoto didn’t see what kind of inspiring love he had really reacted, then hats off and thank you. I still thank him, because even if he didn’t make it happen, he gave me this view of love with his work. So long story short, there’s nothing wrong with liking NaruHina, it’s an obvious ship, therefore it’s predicted, and the safe bet, however INCREDIBLY boring and overtold, in my opinion.