literally the most amazing scene in the entire movie

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Wooow you saw Call me by your name too? You know I live in a country where most likely this movie would never be released so i'm always curious to ask what were your favourite scenes?

Aww that makes me so upset that you won’t be able to see it in theaters… hopefully a miracle happens so you will be able to! Anyway it’s literally so hard to pick favorites because the entire movie is amazing fkjslkfjd but I definitely do have some that stick out in my mind 

1. Their “vacation” (when they go off to Rome).  I was having trouble deciding which scene was my favorite but thinking back it was definitely this one. Mystery of Love plays in the background when they are climbing that mountain and fjkdkjdkf it was the scene i cried the most at tbh… it was so gorgeous. They are drunk and laughing and at one point wondering the streets of Rome and they come up to a group of people dancing to Love My Way playing out of their car. Drunken Oliver gets super excited and starts dancing with one of the girls while Elio sits and watches them smiling (it was so cute im smiling while thinking about it) then it cuts to them dancing and laughing (the scene from the trailer when they are spinning around) and they kiss on the wall and its just ahhh

2. The peach scene. It was sexy and emotional at the same time… timmy is so amazing.. i wont go into detail about this one lmao

3. THE DANCING SCENE. Like I saw it already because the clip was released but its completely different when watching the whole movie.. I cant stop thinking about it fkjdlasfj seeing that scene in theaters is so magical. i wont be able to listen to love my way again without crying (again timmy was amazing in that scene. i loved how elio acted completely uninterested in dancing but then you just see him pop out of nowhere after watching oliver dance jkfsd)

4. Their first time. Armie and Timmy really do have so much chemistry its so beautiful… gahhhhh  !! luca did amazing. im so glad that he decided to focus more on the passion than the act itself

FEED was incredible !!!

I feel so overwhelmed with love and admiration for Troian, I still haven’t fully processed everything but every time I think I couldn’t feel more proud of her, she proves me wrong and my heart gets filled with even more pride and joy for her.

These past few weeks leading to Feed release have been emotional: she just closed one big chapter of her life (PLL) to open a new one even bigger and impressive (Feed and everything she’s working on). First there was all her interviews, her posts/tweets, just her genuine words that she always uses to openly share her thoughts on mental illness, body image, the importance of health care and her own struggle with her mental illness and anorexia. So as a fan, we always knew where she stands and what she went through. I’ve always felt so impressed and inspired by how much she had to overcome to be where she is today, her strength is one of the thing I admire the most in this unique woman. But during these past days promoting Feed and having more and more in-depth conversation about her movie and her illness, I truly felt closer to her and to her struggle that she had and she still has until this day. It’s something that sadly many of us have in common with her and she found a way to share her strength with so many of us. I know she helps me overcome a lot on a daily basis. Yesterday, during her press day for FEED, watching and reading her interviews, getting the chance to explore her incredible mind through her powerful words, I was in awe at how much courage and devotion she has. I truly realized how much she had to put herself out there, to the world, when most of us, particularly myself, could never find the courage to talk about what I’m struggling with, and could never find the strength to explain this darkness that is so scary to face specially in the middle of an entourage that view this as a weird weakness. Troian didn’t only find the strength and courage to share her story continuously, she used her voice and her talent and her compassion to make a movie that will help many people who are going through a similar battle and open the eyes of those who didn’t know about it, never battled with it but could one day see someone stuck with their illness and in need of empathy and medical help.

Feed was everything, she envisioned it to be. It was incredible, moving, important and beautiful. It’s never easy to put in words how amazed I am with Troian but what I know is that we don’t deserve an angel like her but we still got blessed by how big her heart is. I am constantly in awe with Troian, her talent, her devotion, her strength, her kindness… just the incredible unique person that she is. Feed wasn’t just a project like other, it was one of her dream that took 8 years of intense work to become the reality it is today. It was worth the 2 years of eager impatience I felt after the announcement of its production. Feed in itself was so true to the person who made it come to life, dreamt it, wrote it, produced it and starred in. It was a profound and important movie very enjoyable to watch. I’m so happy she got to work with her best friends and that she has the best support system around her. Feed is such a beautiful movie. Everything about it was really pleasing: the color scheme, the soundtrack, the diversity of the cast, the acting, the rythm of the story, the various characters’ relationships and the way the central theme of the movie was developed. The duo of Troian Bellisario and Tom Felton was amazing, their dynamic was attaching and same with Troian and Ben Winch. It’s no secret that Troian can have chemistry with literally everyone and everything in her scenes.

I could go on and on but the most important aspect of the movie was the ultimate goal Troian set while making it. The message was written subtly, beautifully and with so much efficiency in the entire film. My favorite part was when it was verbally addressed and emphasized toward the end. That’s why it’s such an important movie about an important matter. Troian put a part of herself in it to help with the accuracy and made it as relatable as possible for those struggling with the same issue but who couldn’t put a meaning to it. On a personal level, I was impressed by how accurate it felt, it resonated in me and I kept thinking ‘this is exactly how it feels!”. She managed to show an accurate representation of mental illness and took the time to develop and give an explanatory dimension on how a voice can build itself inside someone’s head without even noticing and get louder and suffocating. I know this mental illness all too well but I never found the strength to face it and understand it before. I have my own voices in my head, just as dark, scary and loud as Olivia’s or as Troian’s or as many others, triggered by different factors.

Troian worked so hard on this movie. She always put so much depth to her work whether it’s acting, directing, now writing and producing. She put so much energy, devotion and compassion. After seeing her movie, reading and watching her interviews and having the privilege to witness her astonishing mind, it can’t be possible to not see her as a force to be reckoned with.

I hope she will get the recognition she deserves. I hope that her hard work, her very first feature film FEED, and the many other projects she put her heart into, will get all the success it deserves. I hope she feels proud of her accomplishments. She’s so precious.

I can’t count how many times I’ve said it but I can’t think of any other way to put it: I am so proud of Troian and I am so thankful to have such an incredible role model. I love her so much.

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How about the true OTP of Ballast x Xin

oh my gOD

  • Why I like them
    - they deserve each other
    - they have the same kind of drawling sarcasm
    - they do smug power couple moves to one-up markus on his dates
    *strut in arm-in-arm* ballast: oh markus ;) i didn’t see you there ;) guuuUUUuurl ;) *..babe did i do it right?*
    markus: *internal screaming*
  • Why I don’t
    xin doesn’t seem like much of a relationships guy tbh
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)
  • Favorite season/movie
  • Favorite line
    their speech is so different, a conversation between them would be hilarious. it would also take literally forever because they both have that slow. delberate. pace. filled with conveluted sentences or hyperboles or ambiguous half-statements…
  • Favorite outfit
    these two would look like the most Extra assholes in the entire goddamn country; cowboy Chic and temple god. they think they look amazing together
  • OTP
  • Brotp
  • Head Canon
    they meet when ballast just.. shows up one day in the ban camp. no one knows how he found it, and xin sits him down to try and question him. but they’re both talented enough at deflection that it eventually just dissolves into talking a wine mom bitching session
    (the truth is that ballast got lost, but he won’t admit it under pain of death)
  • Unpopular opinion
    this pairing has actual potential
  • A wish
    i wish they actually had interacted in canon (they haven’t right?)
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
    don’t let markus know
  • 5 words to best describe them
    awful, Extra, stubborn, showy, long-winded
  • My nickname for them
    how about nicknames for each other
    xin would be absolutely awful
    ballast: hey sugar ;)
    xin: hello…ah..
    *looks around*
    xin: gun

send me a character

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17. Favorite G/T books, movies, games, etc.

my top favorite is The Pirate Fairy. it’s in the Tinkerbell movie series, and it’s amazing, I’m a huge advocate for the series and the g/t in it as a whole but this one is So Good and has some prime fearplay/handheld scenes/size differences. I’d highly reccomend it. actually just check out the entire Tinkerbell movie series. Most of the movies just focus on the fairies, but there’s a TON of g/t stuff with how the interact with objects/work/make things. The Great Fairy Rescue and The Pirate Fairy have the most tiny/giant interaction and it is So Good A+++++ I could scream about this series for forever

along the same lines Peter Pan is one of my favorite books of all time, and they have a ton of prime tiny stuff going on with the fairies. where else are you going to read abt fairy orgies. Barrie did some awesome stuff with fairy concepts and their relation w/ being small, and a lot of movies/spin-offs/related books have some rlly great g/t things too

it’s not solely g/t but the 31st (I think? I haven’t checked in a while) episode of TAZ has some great shrinking stuff going on

uhhh as for games, anything Mario lmao. SPECIFICALLY:
-Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. the plot is basically that Bowser winds up inhaling like half the shit in the Mushroom Kingdom, so through the story you play as Mario and Luigi doing stuff in Bowser’s insides and guts and stuff, while also occasionally switching over to play as Bowser. If you like internal stuff and the thought of tiny ppl inside a body manipulating it, I can’t recommend this enough
-Mario Party DS, I haven’t played this one as much bc I lost my copy, but it’s basically a Mario Party game with the overarching plot being Bowser having shrunk the gang and them trying to get to regular size
-Super Mario Galaxy 2, Bowser basically got HUGE and kidnapped Peach, there’s not a ton of g/t but all the cut-scenes with Bowser and Peach are so good
-Super Paper Mario, this is my FAVORITE GAME OF ALL TIME I could scream about it endlessly. G/t isn’t a main theme in it, but without spoilers, there’s a romance between a ‘kind of fairy’ (she appears as a butterfly in game) and an average size person, so there’s some good interaction. You wind up picking up a companion who can shrink you, so there’s some puzzles and stuff dedicated to being small. inversely, there’s some power-ups scattered about that can turn you into a giant pixelated version of yourself. a lot of the bosses are huge. the main draw is the plot, which involves that fairy/average person romance, and a ton of the lore and stuff is focused on that. honestly I could talk about this game to the end of time, it’s so good, you should play it for a billion reasons, if not just for the g/t

fhjdkgsdk I rambled for forever sorry im just trash for Tinkerbell and Mario

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You were able to watch Boruto's movie already?? How was it and is it true that there aren't any SasuSaku scenes?

Yup, I watched the movie today!

And for those of you who replied to my last post and asked me questions regarding where/what site, I’m in the Philippines right now on vacation, so it was just my luck that Boruto’s premiere date in cinemas fell during the length of my stay here!

Spoilers ahead, so if you’ve been avoiding them (which is basically what I did before watching the movie), please skip this post!

As for the SS scenes, there weren’t any outright scenes where they conversed.

We have the scene where Sakura is acting all energetic (while seeing Sarada off) and Sarada comments on it, teasing her that it’s because of her dad/that he’s coming home.

There’s one where both Sakura and Sasuke are in the same scene (as Sasuke and Boruto leave to save Naruto) but they don’t interact there, either.

And then we have the infamous rooftop-ish scene where we see Sakura and Sasuke gazing at the village (Sakura sitting down while Sasuke is right beside her).

I honestly found that last scene pretty sweet/tender. Despite the fact that they’re just there, gazing at the village, you could literally tell that there’s this soft aura surrounding them (most “romantic” scene — if it can be considered that — between a couple/ship in the entire movie, tbh).

Overall it’s a pretty amazing movie. There were a good ton of Papasuke/Sarada scenes and the Mamakura/Sarada scenes WILL make you laugh or giggle your ass off.