literally the most amazing scene in the entire movie

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How about the true OTP of Ballast x Xin

oh my gOD

  • Why I like them
    - they deserve each other
    - they have the same kind of drawling sarcasm
    - they do smug power couple moves to one-up markus on his dates
    *strut in arm-in-arm* ballast: oh markus ;) i didn’t see you there ;) guuuUUUuurl ;) *..babe did i do it right?*
    markus: *internal screaming*
  • Why I don’t
    xin doesn’t seem like much of a relationships guy tbh
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)
  • Favorite season/movie
  • Favorite line
    their speech is so different, a conversation between them would be hilarious. it would also take literally forever because they both have that slow. delberate. pace. filled with conveluted sentences or hyperboles or ambiguous half-statements…
  • Favorite outfit
    these two would look like the most Extra assholes in the entire goddamn country; cowboy Chic and temple god. they think they look amazing together
  • OTP
  • Brotp
  • Head Canon
    they meet when ballast just.. shows up one day in the ban camp. no one knows how he found it, and xin sits him down to try and question him. but they’re both talented enough at deflection that it eventually just dissolves into talking a wine mom bitching session
    (the truth is that ballast got lost, but he won’t admit it under pain of death)
  • Unpopular opinion
    this pairing has actual potential
  • A wish
    i wish they actually had interacted in canon (they haven’t right?)
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
    don’t let markus know
  • 5 words to best describe them
    awful, Extra, stubborn, showy, long-winded
  • My nickname for them
    how about nicknames for each other
    xin would be absolutely awful
    ballast: hey sugar ;)
    xin: hello…ah..
    *looks around*
    xin: gun

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Wonder Women Has Gone Beyond My Expectations

I just got back from the theatre where I watched Wonder Women. And let me just tell you that there will never be a more amazing superhero movie ever made. Maybe it’s a thing only girls will really get, but watching a movie based entirely around a women, kicking ass and proving men wrong and doing what she knows is right despite how many men tell her not to, is the most empowering thing I have ever seen. I literally started crying in the middle of the movie, during a completely not sad action scene because I couldn’t believe that there’s finally a movie that shows how strong and how determined women are. It was like a breathe of fresh air, to finally see a movie that didn’t in any way make the female objectified or played off as a sexual being. She was all power, strength, and determination. And knowing that this movie was directed by a female is even better. It was done incredibly well and I feel like I’m coming down off of some sort of high. I recommend this movie to everyone. I’m not a follower of the comics, so I can’t say it stayed completely true to them because really I have no idea. But overall I love this movie, and if you’re debating whether or not to go see it, I highly recommend that you do!

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You were able to watch Boruto's movie already?? How was it and is it true that there aren't any SasuSaku scenes?

Yup, I watched the movie today!

And for those of you who replied to my last post and asked me questions regarding where/what site, I’m in the Philippines right now on vacation, so it was just my luck that Boruto’s premiere date in cinemas fell during the length of my stay here!

Spoilers ahead, so if you’ve been avoiding them (which is basically what I did before watching the movie), please skip this post!

As for the SS scenes, there weren’t any outright scenes where they conversed.

We have the scene where Sakura is acting all energetic (while seeing Sarada off) and Sarada comments on it, teasing her that it’s because of her dad/that he’s coming home.

There’s one where both Sakura and Sasuke are in the same scene (as Sasuke and Boruto leave to save Naruto) but they don’t interact there, either.

And then we have the infamous rooftop-ish scene where we see Sakura and Sasuke gazing at the village (Sakura sitting down while Sasuke is right beside her).

I honestly found that last scene pretty sweet/tender. Despite the fact that they’re just there, gazing at the village, you could literally tell that there’s this soft aura surrounding them (most “romantic” scene — if it can be considered that — between a couple/ship in the entire movie, tbh).

Overall it’s a pretty amazing movie. There were a good ton of Papasuke/Sarada scenes and the Mamakura/Sarada scenes WILL make you laugh or giggle your ass off.