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To the boy with the universe in his cape and whose eyes shine brighter than the stars. It’s our dear starry price! ☆

To the boy who also doesn’t wear matching socks, but they have stars so it’s cool// Based off the DLC chat! 

I’m Not Jealous

Warnings: None

Requests: First was literally the most adorable Jeff Atkins Imagine I’ve read. Maybe the first time Jeff gets jealous because other jocks are flirting with you resulting in the first time you make out in front of the student body.

Hi could you do an first when it’s the first time Jeff really got jealous about you pls x x

Requested by: @l-tay and @studyinghelpsheal

A/N: Thank you for requesting! I hope you like it :) feel free to send in more!

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“Alright everyone, take your seats.”

                          You follow Hannah up to the fourth row, sitting on the end next to the stairs. The bleachers squeak under you and you wonder how much longer until these things fall apart for good. “Seriously? Another assembly,” Hannah says suddenly, pulling you from your thoughts. “What do you think it’s about this time?”

You shrug. “Who knows. But hey, no fifth period!”

    “True,” she nods. “I like that. I’m surprised you didn’t sit with your lover boy over there.” she looks straight ahead to where your boyfriend sat with Clay on the other side of the gym. 

You scoff. “I’ll sit with mine if you sit with yours.”

    Your best friend shoots you a glare. You loved teasing her about her crush on Clay and vice versa. Actually, Jeff did too. It was like a hobby for the two of you.

“Shut up,” she mumbles and you laugh. “Great,” she huffs. “Look who’s coming up here.”

                               You follow her gaze. It lands on Zach Dempsey, Justin Foley, and Bryce Walker and they’re heading straight towards you. You wouldn’t mind if it was just Justin and Zach, they were actually good friends of Alex’s. You didn’t like Bryce though, he made you uncomfortable with all of his sexual advances and crude humor.

                “Hey _________,” Zach says once they reach you. You know that he’s a sweet guy, even though he acts tough in front of his jock friends. “How have you been?”

“Oh, hey Zach,” you give him a small smile. “I’ve been good. What about-”

    “Hey,” the voice belongs to Justin Foley. “Don’t hog her, I want to say hi too!” He shoots you his sweet smile. “Hi ________, Hannah.”

You laugh. “Hey Justin.”

Hannah just nods.

   “She doesn’t care about the two of you,” Bryce. “I’m her favorite,” he takes a seat next to you and throws his arm over your shoulder. “Right?”


       Meanwhile, your boyfriend watches you from the other side of the gym. His eyes narrow as he watches the other jocks flirt with you. He fights the urge to to break Bryce’s arm for touching you. 

“Jealous much?” Clay says, leaning over and nodding to where you sat.

“I’m not jealous,” Jeff replies. “I could care less.”

“Right,” Clay calls his bluff. “You look like you care plenty.”

        Jeff looks over at the pale boy. “What about Hannah, hm? Looks like she’s getting pretty cozy with Foley over there.”

Clay’s eyes widen. “That’s what I thought,” Jeff chuckles.

His eyes move back to you. He watches as Zach sits in the spot directly in front of you, leaning back on your legs. That’s it, he thinks springing up from his seat.

“Whoa, wait,” Clay reaches for him. “What the hell are you doing?”

  Jeff ignores him. His eyes stay trained on you as he makes his way across the gym. Clay is right on his heels.

You smile widely when you see him. “Hey!”

       He grabs your hand and pulls you up, causing Zach to fall back a little. You follow your boyfriend down the stairs, confused. You look back at an equally confused Hannah and Clay.

“Babe,” you say once you’re standing in the middle of the room. “What are you doing?”

                       “This,” he breathes, bending down and covering your mouth with his. You don’t have much time to react before his tongue slips between your lips, tasting your own. The kiss isn’t like the one you share this morning, innocent and sweet. No, this kiss was wild, and demanding. The way his tongue moved against yours had you weak in the knees. You groan against his lips, hands clutching his shirt for dear life, because god, this kiss was something else and you felt like if you didn’t hold on you would pass out. His hands cup your face, tilting your head back to deepen the kiss.

“Okay,” comes the teachers voice. “Break it up you two. Now.”     

Jeff bites down on your bottom lip, teeth tugging at it as he pulls away. You’re a panting mess, and so is Jeff. His lips are swollen and you’re sure that yours look the same. 

     Your face heats up when you realize what just happened. You just made out with Jeff in front of what was almost the whole school. You look up at Hannah and Clay, both wide eyed and mouths hanging open. 

“Back to your seats.”

Your boyfriend laces his fingers with yours and walks back to the bleachers. He pulls you onto his lap and meets Bryce’s eyes. A satisfied smirk stretches his face.

“Yep,” he says. “I’m not jealous.”


addicted week 2017 ≡ favorite platonic relationship — ryke + the cobalts

“Better the foul-mouthed uncle than the witch mother.” I know it’s what they’ll call me, and since I have many more young children who’ll eventually attend Dalton Elementary, I can’t set every bridge on fire. For their sake. 

Ryke takes the keys out of the ignition. “You’re not a witch. By Lo’s fucking definition, I’d be a witch with you.” Outspoken. Hot-headed.

“You’re not a woman. You wouldn’t be called one,” I remind him, my eyes cold.

His gaze nearly softens. 


Maybe it boils down to this: I have no fucking clue what’s going through his head. I rarely do. Not until he tells me, and for a while, I’ve been asking him to restrain his opinions. 

I don’t want your fucking wisdom, Cobalt. 

I’d take it back right now. 

I’d give anything for him to make an arrogant comment, interject and call me a fucking dog. His silence annoys me, grates on me, and I just need him to go back to irritating me. 

That’s our thing. 

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Klance, prompt: confessing their feelings


  • they are mutually pining
  • it’s almost tangible
  • it gives shiro anxiety so he’s like “guys. confess. please” but like individually 
  • it takes lance a little longer to realize he likes keith cuz he’s so deluded by this “rival” thing
  • keith realizes it when lance saves his life. again. and he’s like “oh shit”
  • so they both take steps to confess because for frick’s sake they can’t risk the other finding out by accident! and they need to form voltron!!!
  • lance tries with flirting. this is the only way the poor child knows how to express romantic interest
  • “baby are you a star? cuz you light up my world”
  • “…what?”
  • it’s super frustrating to everyone because keith is BLINDED with infatuation so he doesn’t understand lance is flirting but everyoNE ELSE DOES
  • keith tries to confess to lance in the middle of a battle because he’s extra™ and needs to do stupid stuff like that
  • “lance! I need to tell you something!”
  • “keith look out!” 
  • lance takes a huge hit for keith because the emo child was distracted with trying to confess and lance goes unconscious
  • everyone is in this state of panic and keith loses his mind. he attacks and attacks and attacks with his bayard until the battle is over
  • they return to their lions and keith carries lance in his lion, highkey panicking
  • lance goes into a pod and keith literally doesn’t sleep. he spends the entire time by lance praying he’ll be okay
  • lance comes out of the healing pod still unconscious
  • allura explains to the panicking paladins that he’ll wake up after sleeping for a while, because healing actually took a lot out of him
  • keith takes lance to his room and lets him sleep while keith sits next to him
  • he starts crying “this is all my fault. and now you’re unconscious and I know allura says you’ll be okay but I can’t help but worry I’ll never get to tell you-”
  • “tell me what?” from a groggy lance
  • and keith yelps and jumps away from him, face burning
  • lance stares at him like “what” and he just waits
  • keith confesses
  • lance stares for a while and keith starts to worry he screwed up until lance grabs his hand and pulls him towards him, and keith falls on top of him
  • lance confesses back
  • they kiss and laugh and the rest of the team is outside their door simultaneously sighing in relief
  • the nightmare is over!!!
  • and keith and lance become the literal grossest, most adorable couple in the galaxy

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A list of Things That Definitely Happen To Jake And Amy After Amy Gets Pregnant For The First Time

- They both agree to wait to tell anyone besides Holt until after the first trimester, which backfires after Charles catches Jake staring at the ultrasound picture on his phone while on a stakeout. Charles bursts into tears and is so overcome with emotion that Jake has to drive them both back to the precinct, where Charles shouts “You’re pregnant!” at the top of his lungs the moment the elevator doors open. Cue the Classic Santiago o__o Face

- Upon discovering that their baby is the size of a peanut, Jake immediately begins referring to the baby as Peanut (“It’s gender-neutral and adorable, babe!”)

- Amy buys every pregnancy book under the sun, and Jake begins quizzing her on all the information. Eventually it becomes an elaborate game involving playing cards and dice

- Peanut kicks for the first time in the middle of the night, and Amy hurriedly wakes Jake up. He’s still half-asleep until he feels a tiny foot protrude for just a moment against his palm, and then he’s wide awake, both hands roving over Amy’s belly, desperate for more. He cries when he feels it again

- Amy’s cravings are really weird and she gets really self-conscious and Jake assures her that chocolate-covered jalapenos aren’t really that odd

- Jake secretly buys a child-sized police costume he finds in the children’s department of a bookstore because it’s literally the most adorable thing he’s ever seen and keeps it hidden beneath his dresser

- Amy definitely throws up the first time Charles eats one of his Classic Charles Meals in front of her. He’s banned from the bullpen during lunch hour from that day on

- The precinct surprises both of them with a baby shower on Amy’s last day in the office before Maternity Leave. Amy openly cries and Jake gets a little misty, too

- Holt agrees to put Jake on desk duty until Amy has the baby

- Amy freaks out because Peanut is super active whenever (s)he hears Jake’s voice, and Jake assures her it’s only because he’s not around Peanut as much as she is. Amy only calms down when Jake says, “It would be the same way if I was the pregnant one,” because she can’t stop picturing pregnant Jake. He, of course, extends his belly as far as it will go and caresses it tenderly while Amy laughs

- Jake is the king of foot/shoulder/neck rubs and proves to be a very comfortable pillow whenever Amy involuntarily falls asleep on the couch next to him

- Peanut manages to maneuver his/her way onto a nerve near Amy’s spine toward the end of the pregnancy, causing ridiculous amounts of pain and spasms, so Jake takes to hovering near Amy whenever she’s on her feet to ensure that she doesn’t get hurt because of it

- Rosa comes over a few days before the due date with a home cooked meal, and Amy (who is feeling particularly crappy that day) thanks her weakly from the couch. Rosa glances at Jake, who grimaces at Amy, and says, “Peanut’s kickin’ the crap out of her today. Peanut’s so strong.” Both women clearly detect the pride in his voice

- They both remain completely calm when Amy goes into labor - like so calm it’s almost unnerving in and of itself

- Jake forgets to call one of Amy’s brothers in the chaos on the way to the hospital, but the brother doesn’t take it personally considering he lives in Utah and wouldn’t have made it anyways

- Jake feels his whole life change the second he sees his daughter

- He for sure cries when he cuts the umbilical cord, and is speechless for the first time in his life when he gets to hold her

- Jake smothers Amy’s face in kisses and thanks her profusely

- “Welcome to the birth” is his greeting for everyone who tip-toes in to visit

- Ray’s so proud of them that he can’t speak, so Kevin nods politely and says, “She’s beautiful.” and Jake has to blink back tears

- Jake stays up all night holding his daughter, trying to match the features on her face to Amy’s

- He’s so in love with Amy and he loves his daughter so much and he can’t believe he ever thought he was going to die alone because his heart is so impossibly full

- this took a sharp turn toward too-sweet fluff goodbye i must go

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8, 17 and 22 for the Tree Bros please! ;) your writing is literally the most adorable omg I love it

Tree bros for the win!! Thank you for the lovely compliment, I hope you enjoy this. It is super cute and fluffy so yay!! i am so bad at writing angst for these boys, they deserve so much more.

#8 “Can I touch you?”, #17:“Because I love you!”, #22: “You make me so happy.”


Connor’s breathing was quite loud when Evan walked into the room. His quick, short uneven breaths alerted Evan almost instantly- something was wrong. As he walked further into Connor’s room, he spotted the boy on the bed.

Something was definitely wrong. Connor was laying on his side, his knees curled up against his chest. Connor’s back was towards Evan, so he couldn’t see his face.

“Connor?” He didn’t respond. Evan walked until he was standing at the edge of the bed. He hesitantly climbed onto the bed, but didn’t touch Connor yet. “Connor, are you okay?” Still no response. He inched closer. “Con? Can I touch you?”

That got a response. A little one, but Evan took it. Connor nodded his head ever so slightly, but his face was still shielded by his hair. Evan gently climbed over Connor and laid down so they were facing each other. Now that Evan could see his face, he took survey.

Connor’s eyes were red, but not from pot. He had been crying. There was no sight of tears now, but there clearly had been at some point. Connor’s hair was also a mess. Usually, he made some type of effort to keep it back, or at least brushed, but not today.

“Hey,” Evan whispered. He gently rubbed Connor’s arm, trying to bring the obviously spaced out boy back down to earth. Connor blinked, and his eyes seemed to focus on Evan. “What is up?”

Connor closed his eyes and moved closer to Evan. Even though he was trying to get as close as possible to Evan, his next words were, “Why are you here?” Connor’s voice was weak, like this is the first time he has spoken all day. 

Evan smiled. “Because I love you, Connor. I got worried when you weren’t responding to me, and Zoe said you had been in your room all day, so I had to come and check on you.” 

“Why?” Evan’s heart cracked a little at the sound of Connor’s feeble voice. At times like this, when Connor’s depression got bad, he seemed to just shrink up. Everything about him was smaller, weaker. It hurt Evan to see his boyfriend like this, but none of it deterred Evan from staying right by Connor’s side and supporting him. 

“Why do I love you?” Evan repeated. “Well, I guess I will start with why I first fell in love.” Connor’s legs weaved between Evan’s and soon they were all tangled up. “You were one of the only people at school to talk to me, and you were nice to me. I knew that I was beginning to really like you the first time I made you laugh, because when you laughed, it felt like my heart was expanding, like it was going to burst out of my chest, you know?” Evan chuckled as he tried to explain it. “Like, you made me that happy. I remember one day, after we had hung out, I went home and laid in my bed. I thought to myself, ‘Evan, you have to keep this boy for as long as possible because no one else will make you this happy.’ That was the moment that I knew that I was falling in love with you- and you hadn’t even asked me out yet!” Connor moved so he wasn’t as curled up, and looked at Evan. His eyes shone with unshed tears, but he was smiling a little. Evan reached up and kissed him gently, once on the lips, then on the nose. “Connor Murphy, I love you because you make me happy.” 

Connor let out a watery laugh, and kissed Evan fully. Evan smiled into the kiss, and wrapped his arms around Connor, the best he could in his position. 

“Want me to keep going?” Evan asked once they pulled apart from the kiss. Connor nodded, burying his head in Evan’s chest. Evan laughed and rubbed his back. “Okay.” 

My Conversation with a 4-year-old today
  • Her *Looks at me from the seat ahead of mine and smiles*
  • Me: *Smiles, being pulled out of my depressing thoughts*
  • Her: *Moves to the seat next to mine*
  • We exchange names before she comes and sits next to me
  • Her: Are you a boy or girl?
  • Me: Well today I'm a girl.
  • Her: YOu're really pretty! I like the holes in your ear!
  • Me: *Thinking that a 4-year-old just complimented me on my 2G stretched ears* Thank you!
  • Her: I like your hair! It's really pretty! You should dye it all pink!
  • Me: Next time maybe.
  • Her: No!! You should dye it orange and get red stripes!
  • Me: I like that idea!
  • Her: *Turns to her sister who is like 9* "She's really cute!"
  • I can't stop smiling at this point
  • Her: I'm going to sit by you every day you ride the bus, okay?
  • Me: Okay!
  • This little girl came over to me on the bus while I was in a very very upset mood, a very bad mental place, and was on the verge of tears. She made me smile and proved to me that children are more respectful than adults. She accepted the fact you can see through my earlobes with a smile and compliment, same with my other piercings, she accepted that my hair is very short and is black with pink/red bangs, and she said it looked really cute. She didn't call me a girl or a boy, she politely asked. This little 4-year-old knows more about humanity and respect than 97% of all the adults I've met, that should say something.
Introduction to; GOT7!

Here’s another introduction post I’ve been working on! I hope you find it useful and if you don’t already know who GOT7 are, I hope it helps you get to know them a little better! {UPDATED ON: 2017.01.06}

Meet GOT7 / 갓세븐;

(Left to right; Jinyoung, Youngjae, Mark, Jaebum, Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom)

GOT7 are a 7 member boy group under JYP Entertainment that contain not only Korean members, but Chinese, Thai and American members too. They first debuted on January 16th 2014 with their debut single “Girls, Girls, Girls” from their EP “Got It?” (we’ll get into all their singles and MV’s later!). GOT7′s fandom name is called “iGOT7″ or sometimes you will hear/see people say “ahgase” instead. This is a cute play on words or shortening of words in Korean.

I GOT7 =  아이 갓세븐
Ahgase = 아가새

Ahgase also means “baby bird” in Korean - and that just makes it even more cute ^^

So who are GOT7? Let’s meet the members below!

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Hiya!!! Could you do RFA's reactions to their crush doing the "hey, could you hold something for me?" And then proceeds to give them their own hand and just leave it there . ❤❤❤ thanks a bunch!!

Omg, that is too cute! <3 And I’m sorry about the delay, I have been busy with my music studies and homework.

  • ZEN:

- “Hey. Can you hold something for me?” You asked.
- But you weren’t holding anything. He gave you a confused look and nodded to give you some sort of go-ahead. That was when you slipped your hand into his. It took him some time to figure out, but his heart began to race and that’s when he realized it

-He legit couldn’t think
- “Zen, you’ve gone all red in the face, are you okay?”
- No, he was not okay.


- “Hi, Yoosung! Could you hold something for me?”
- The two of you were out shopping, getting last minute food and little things for the party. Yoosung ended up getting a little bit distracted and started looking at a new game that was coming out at the end of the year. While he was looking you decided to pop the question. He nodded and extended his hand.
- The poor boy wasn’t expecting you to slip your HAND into his
- Literally starts to panic
- But then he flashes you the most adorable smile you have ever seen
- He knew what this meant, and his feelings were very much mutual. He leaned over and kissed your forehead, but also
- He put the game down.

  • JUMIN:

- “Hi, Jumin. Could you do a favor for me?”
- The C&R Director was swamped with work. He was asked to analyze document upon document, work out expenses, all that jazz. And he was getting rather exasperated from it all. You wanted to put him at ease.
- You laced both of your hands with his and he dropped the document he was holding. And by George, he blushed! His face went beet-red
- You snickered at him and tapped his nose. 
- You were forced down onto his office chair and he looked deep into your eyes.
- yIKES™
- “So… you feel the same way?” he asked. You started to nod when he leaned over and pressed his lips against yours.
- You also began to feel very hot and light-headed. 
- Oh, how you loved this cat mom.


- Rush hour; something Jaehee never got quite used to in her cafe.
- Thankfully, you were there to keep her at ease. You were someone she could trust and feel safe around
- Poor Jaehee started getting a bit ratty with all of the customers. After all, who wouldn’t start feeling ratty if you were dealing with the general public?
- “Can you do me a quick favour and just hold this?” you asked and quickly slipped your hand into hers. 
- You squeezed her hand and she sighed with relief
- Yeah, she said to herself, I can get through this.


- There was no situation at hand. (Pun?? Idek anymore)
- You two were sitting down on the sofa where the party was on when you asked him if you could hand something to him. You slipped your hand into his and he squeezed it… almost instantly. You wrapped your fingers around his wrist and you could faintly feel his pulse that had sky-rocketed. 
- “You can’t just do that, I need to be ready!” He said, caught off guard. 
- “I just wanted to see how you reacted!” You teased. 
- You weren’t at all prepared for this but he pulled you back onto the couch and kissed your cheeks, forehead
- Everyone saw the two of you and you were so embarrassed. Saeyoung seemed to have no shame
- “I like you too!” he cried
- It seemed like you were talking to 707 rather than Saeyoung… 
- You smiled you though. When Saeyoung was happy like this, it was infectious. 

Ugh that was craptastic ;-; I am sorry about that! 

I’d like to point out that I rarely write for V or Saeran, it depends on the request. I’ll be more likely to do them once I complete the secret endings.

  • Merrill: You could get another cat, you know. There's one in the Lowtown market with a litter of kittens ready to wean.
  • Anders: You don't pay attention to templars, Qunari or politics, but you notice kittens?
  • Merrill: Templars, Qunari, and politics don't meow and attack your feet when you're buying food.
  • Anders: Are there any tabbies? I'd like a tabby.