literally the happiest show on earth


yeah so I went to #tatinof in Berlin and i had the chance to meet Dan and phil. They’re literally the cutest person on earth, they were so adorable.
When I met them I told them I came from France and they were really impressed, also Dan liked my magneto tshirt. They were so caring. Their arms are the safest place on earth.
The show was absolutely incredible, and I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and passion. They put all they’ve got in this. This day was the happiest I’ve ever been so far.
I already miss them so freakin much, and I hope to see them again soon. I feel literally empty now, like what am I supposed to do with my life now?

(Dan took a blurry picture but I don’t really mind tbh)


So I just met Jaden Smith? My literal idol? I look like the ugliest person alive next to this angel but I showed him my phone case (it has one of his tweets on it) and he asked to take a picture of it…I’m the happiest person on Earth

I was once on a trail filled with blossoming flowers. And I said to myself, “I am in heaven on earth.” And it was one of the happiest moments of my life. And you know what? I was alone, literally and figuratively. It just goes to show, happiness really isn’t about one particular person or thing. It is a moment of exhilaration. A moment of bliss that comes from within you, not outside of you.
—  Myself

So more than 24 hours after that heartbreaking episode, I think I finally cooled down. I will admit that I was very, very angry, with this episode. Literally 1 minute I was the happiest person on the face of this EARTH, but then they just had to “kill” her. I love Lexa’s character, not just because she is representing the LGBT community, she is representing females the way they should be shown. She is a strong, smart, badass leader. But she isn’t cold hearted, she has a loving side that is shown through Clarke, who does all of these things as well. So you could only imagine how I felt watching 3x07. BUT I’m still not going to give up on this show.

 I started watching this show, like all of you, because of Clexa. I actually always wanted to watch THE 100, but I was trying not to add more shows to my list, and I sort of thought it wasn’t that good. The pilot wasn’t as good as the rest of the series, so that is why I stayed away until this year. Now, after watching the whole show, I actually like it, and of course Clexa is the best ship in TV history. All this hatred that everyone has for writers constantly ruining LGBT ships, is kind of stupid. First off, I hate the labels that LGBT stand for. Labeling people is the most stupid aspect of our society. But I really don’t want to rant about this now.

 So when you all say that “it’s wrong that the lesbian always dies”, it pisses me off that there is a difference between a straight person dying and a “LGBT” person dying. There is no difference! STOP making there be a difference. I can’t be the only person thinking this.

Now getting back to the show, Lexa “died”, and as much as we all feel like killing ourselves, it’s not bad writing or hatred towards all of us. Jason didn’t plan to “queer” bait us into a plot. He’s writing a drama/scifi story, that sometimes has to have deaths. TWD, Games of Thrones, and many other shows do this as well. Her “death” advanced the plot in the best way. And it made me want to find out more about ALIE/ALIE 2.0 and the CoL.

Now, for my last bit before I shut up, I personally don’t believe she’s dead. I think this for a number of reasons. 

1. A major character like Lexa, has had many near-death experiences. Finn, Jasper, Raven! Only, one of those people died, ONLY AFTER their near-death experience. Obviously want happened in 307 made it seem like a death scene, sort of like the way the pilot ends with Jasper “dying”. It seems pretty legit, but this is a sci-fi/ drama show, literally anything could happen. This could all be tricking not only us, but Clarke as well, into believing she’s dead! 

2. Unfortunately, we sort of lost the whole “surprise” element here, but the Vancouver Leaks show us Lexa is coming back for the finale. Also after what some people believe is being said in the videos of clexa, Lexa is fighting and saying to Clarke that ALIE is trying to separate them. It also seems like Lexa is fighting to get Clarke back. And we all know that Lexa is very accepting of death. And why would she be trying to get Clarke back if she were dead. Of course, we all know that the “digital soul” of the people who swallow the chip live on in the CoL, but Lexa didn’t eat the chip!. She had ALIE 2.0 IN HER THE ENTIRE TIME, so essentially she was ALIE 2.0(but I’m still a little confused on those details exactly) Either way, this CoL seems to be something that ALIE created, so Lexa wouldn’t be a part of this, but she could probably access it. So I don’t believe that she is just another soul trapped in CoL forever. The fact that they are attacking her in seems to show that she’s lke a virus corrupting ALIE’s system. Obviously everything i just said could be wrong, but I am just analyzing what I see in these leaked videos. But we all saw that Titus had that chip with him, who’s to say he didn’t swallow it himself! He worships anything with the sacred symbol, so this could be possible. If he did swallow it, THEN he is being manipulated/controlled by ALIE. So he could’ve made it look like an accident, but maybe the shooting was meant to get Lexa into Clarke’s room, and the minute she entered, Titus would shoot her.

3. Lastly, the great Lindsey Morgan tweeted this out

I don’t think Lindsey would screw around with us like that, since I’m pretty sure the whole world noticed how mad we are, but this really makes it seem like Lexa might not be dead. Now this is totally up to how you all see it, but this just gave me so much hope. Also it’s safe to say Lindsey likes Clexa.

Okay that’s all I have to say for now. I might or might not post my other theories of Lexa coming back, but the main thing to get out of all this is that stop labeling, stop the hate on Jason & writers (let’s not turn into the “let’s boycott!” Bellarkes after Bellamy’s descent into Pike’s club), and don’t be fooled into this very abrupt “death” of Lexa. Hopefully, some of you agree with me, and please, PLEASE, don’t turn into the hateful group of Bellarkes! Because that is literally what all this will turn into.

Thanks for reading if u got this far! It means a lot to me that you read all of it! THANKS!! also if you disagree you could hate me thats fine too.