literally the cutest thing on the planet

so i was just watching the puppy bowl and i was wondering what would happen if all the puppies got tired and there weren’t any dogs playing for them to film and then i realized that then they could literally just film sleeping puppies and say “they all got too tired” and i’d still think it’s the cutest thing ever. animal planet struck gold with this they literally can’t go wrong

scared-of-butterflies  asked:

Spirk headcanons? ;)

AHAHAHA. (These really are going to be random my mind is alllll over the place rn.)

  • SOOOO Spock totally has a collection of little plants from different planets and he takes care of them and Jim thinks it’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen
  • They don’t get together at first they’re just friends and there’s so much romantic tension that one day Uhura literally snaps and honest-to-God locks them in a closet to figure their shit out
  • When the crew comes back to let them out they do not find them having sex, as everyone thought, but curled up in a pile on the floor sound asleep, because they sorted out their feelings for each other like normal people and then decided they were both very tired and no one was going to let them out anytime soon. (They do both have very draining jobs.)
  • Jim has this nasty habit of getting hurt on missions and Spock has the even nastier habit of bottling up his feelings about it, so time after time Jim wakes up in Medbay and Spock is there very calm and collected and then finally he just can’t hold it in anymore and he gets really mad and doesn’t talk to Jim for three days.
  • Jim figures it’s no use chasing him around so he gives him space and then waits back in Spock’s quarters and there’s lots of talking and emotions and kisses and junk ;)
  • Jim has definitely more than once put on Spock’s shirt in the morning by accident. Spock has started timing how long it takes him to realize it. The record is three hours.
  • Jim is totally a stress knitter (you can rip this headcanon from my cold dead hands) and they’re on some mission on an ice planet when Spock pulls out this ridiculously puffy blue scarf that’s at least five feet long and starts methodically putting it on and then realizes everyone is staring and sort of blushes while spewing nonsense about how it’d be illogical to allow his face to freeze and whatnot. Jim is delighted.

send me a pairing and i’ll give you 5-10 headcanons!

Okay but also, Kara/Lucy…

Like, imagine:

 - Kara happening upon Lucy in her (their) favorite coffee shop and sitting down for a conversation because she’s an adult and she can handle being friends with the woman who was dating the man she wanted.  

- Lucy is just charmed to no end because how could you not be charmed by Kara, but she also finds Kara really engaging and intelligent.  And then she discovers how kind Kara is, how big her heart is and she’s even more charmed.

 - Kara, for her part, is intrigued by Lucy and and her drive and determination. And, of course, Lucy is beautiful in like….a very objective and totally not romantic way.

 - Lucy enjoys teasing Kara because she’s literally the cutest thing on the planet when she’s flustered.

 - They become close friends because sometimes it’s refreshing for Kara to talk to someone about her non-super problems and Lucy is a surprisingly good listener.  

 - Lucy becomes a regular installment on game night.  Kara and Lucy dominate when they play battle of the genders. 

 - She gets suspicious after a while because she’s Lucy and her mind is always working and where is it that Winn and James and Kara get off to sometimes.  She tracks their movements for a while and comes to realize that Kara is Supergirl.

 - Lucy doesn’t say anything to Kara, just quietly supports her.  They still have movie nights every week and she still lets Kara stick her cold toes under her thighs.  And then one night she just casually asks how Kara’s latest battle went and it’s the first time Lucy has ever heard Kara swear and she just laughs.

 - Kara is a little sad at first because she thinks it’ll change things but Lucy is as great as ever and Kara is just smitten and things are lovely and fluffy and gr9 the end.

Pentaholic Definitions

Alexander Kirk: Even girls want to date him because he’s so hot like wow

Avi Kaplan: The sexiest bass man that will seduce you with his voice and has the long flowing mane of a lion

Jeremy Lewis: Kirstie’s perfect boyfriend


Kevin Olusola: The most amazing beat boxer on the face of the planet with the smile that shines like a thousand suns

Kirstin Maldonado: The most beautiful and sweet person to ever live who’s always on point

Kavi: A really underappreciated but adorable ship

Mavi: A ship where everyone hopes that Avi plays for the other team because if it actually happened it would be the cutest thing to ever happen

Mitch Grassi: An angel that was sent down from heaven to save our souls with his voice and slay all the haters with his sass

Olaf: Literally the cutest little husky on the face of the universe

Pentaholics: The most dedicated and amazing fandom you could ever hope to meet

Pentatonix: The queens of everything that slay everyone’s entire existence and are the sweetest group of people in the galaxy

Risk: reading scomiche fanfictions while sitting next to your extremely religious grandmother

Scolex: The cutest relationship ever

Scomiche: A ship that has the power to kill everyone if it ever happened

Scott Hoying: An adorable little noodle

Slay: being an absolute Queen and owning everything you say and do

SuperFruit: The absolute best show on the internet that you could binge watch until 3am and never get bored of

Wyatt Blue Grassi-Hoying: Illusive creature that is also the child of scomiche

my top 5 favorite things about Pokemon GO


2. people who haven’t played Pokemon in over 10 years are playing again

3. people who have never played Pokemon and never had the money to buy handhelds are finally getting the chance to enjoy it. there are gonna be a ton of new fans!!!

4. I can go to a park and see people actually playing Pokemon GO and it’s actually the cutest thing on the planet

5. POKEMON IS LITERALLY GETTING TALKED ABOUT EVERYWHERE! I hear the word “Pokemon” on the daily at least 15 times. by customers, employees, friends, etc. it’s just so heart warming ❤️❤️❤️