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Snowed In

Summary: Dean and the reader get snowed in on Christmas Day. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,762

Christmas Request by: @winchestdiaries

“You look like you’re trying to melt the snow with your mind.” You joke watching your aggravated boyfriend.

“They said we’d get four inches tops. There’s over a fucking foot right now.” Dean growls glaring out the window.

“You should write a strongly worded email to Channel 7.” You say mocking him.

“Fuck that. I wanna go down there and punch the meteorologist in the face.”

“There ya go.” You sigh deeply shaking your head.

It’s finally Christmas Day and instead of driving to the Winchester household, you’re snowed in watching Dean Winchester act like a drama queen. He better get this shit out of his system otherwise it’s gonna be a long friggin day.

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