literally the best wake up text ever

I literally had the best dream ever

The dream starts and I am in Blockbuster. Everything seems normal, I am browsing through the tapes, taking my time. Everything is in first person view, super vivid. I go to reach for a movie (I do not remember the title) and another hand clasps over mine, reaching for the same one. Startled, I turn to look at the face, our hands still together. 

It’s him.

Zac Efron.

He leans close to my ear and whispers. “We are all in this together.”  And I wake up. 

okay but – mum’s day is kinda hard on me every year for so many reasons and i was blessed to wake up to sweet mumma day texts from my babies @cuelebres & @stormfated; which meant everything to me.. and @finalpetal gave me a bunch of icons as gifts & @crimsonarcher is gonna spend time with me tonite to do archer/rin things. ❤ i literally have the best friends ever & you all should follow each of these babes because anyone would be lucky to have them in their lives ?? xo anywho. i’m online now and going to do things on here to keep my mood up this evening. feel free to throw things at rin ❤

[one-shot] Phil’s Hair

Title: Phil’s Hair (or “my best friend is a doctor and i’m diagnosed terminal” / “the four times dan almost tells phil he thinks he’s hot, and one time phil manages to wheedle it out of him”)

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: crude language

Genre: crack, fluff, angst

Pairing/s: Phan

Characters: danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil,

Summary: Phil in a quiff. Not hot. Nope. No. He’s not. Not now, not ever. Nope. Stop askin– no, listen! 

A/N: I saw this fic on Phanfiction Catalogue with the description “my best friend is a doctor and I am diagnosed terminal” and I thought it was going to be a pick-up line light-hearted crack-fic thing about how Dan realises he is in love with Phil, but it wasn’t. Instead, the writer took the prompt quite literally (which was also fine, it made me cry a bit) so I decided to take it write my own version of this comical-sounding prompt.

A/N 2: this was supposed to be a drabble (sent via twenty text messages to glossybutt) and when I woke up I found it was so awful I rewrote the the first half of it because I really wanted to publish something. 

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So last night I got to DC around 7. L and I stayed at the St. Regis hotel, although he didn’t like it I thought it was nice. The first pic is of a bodysuit I wore under my dress that he loved! I wish I would of got a pic of my outfit but I was rushing. So dinner was amazing and after we head back to the room and have great sex.( literally may be the best I’ve ever had). Today L has meetings all day so he wakes me up just to say goodbye and to tell me he left my envelope in my bag. After he leaves I count it and he gave me 2.5k when I was only expecting 2k so I text him and thank him for his generosity and he simply says well I’ve raised your allowance to 2k and the $500 was to cover your travel expenses. ( ladies my best friend lives down here so I always take a bus down here. So my travel expense were $2.75 I used on my metro card, $34 round trip bus ticket and $10 for a cab to the hotel). Oh and he’s raised my allowance and this is just our second month together. I really like him and I’ll keep you guys posted on him.