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my favorite fic [25/?]

Time will tell, I suppose, or at least, these pages will. by lets_get_messi (@doncasterlyrock); 5k, read on ao3

Summary: Harry has a diary and he’s been writing about the pen-pal he’s never met in there since he’s been 12 years old. One day he reads his diary out to a room full of strangers and finds that the man with the blue-eyes at the back of the room is a slight distraction.

(Or Harry goes to a public diary reading thing at his local coffee shop and gets more than he bargained for)

Oh, he’s no stranger, we’ve met before, once upon a dream.

goodbye, forever, i literally can’t believe this happened,,,,

Dating Jaehyun would include:

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Jung Yoonoh

-shameless hopeless romantic let’s be honest

-at the beginning, he is super bashful and shy but as time goes on

-he literally cannot keep his hands off of you

-skinship is his middle name

-he’s one of those guys that always likes to be touching you 24/7, whether it‘d be a hand on your knee, an arm around your shoulder, or your hand in his

-out loud you might complain, but inside you both know you love it

-dirty jokes, like all the time

-sometimes you two forget that Dream is there and Taeyong has to scold you like the good leader he is

-loves to brag about you to the other members

-”Y/N is literally the best girlfriend ever. One time she surprised me at the dorm by baking me a-”

-”Yoonoh I stg if you tell us the story of how Y/N baked you a cake for your birthday one more time I will murder you in cold blood”

-”Shut up Yuta or I’ll take the three lines that you have on this album”

-buys you lots of stupid cheesy romantic things, but it always makes your heart smile

-constantly showing up at your work or after your class with a bouquet of flowers or a tiny teddy bear just to let you know he couldn’t stop thinking about you

-one time he held up a stereo blasting your guys’ song outside of your window at 11:00 at night and sang along so loudly that he woke up all of your neighbors

-let’s just say he went a little too far with that one considering he was chased down your street by the police

-you two text nonstop

-”babe u look really good today!!”

-”yoonoh you literally haven’t seen me at all today”

-”yeah but u always look good so i thought i’d just remind u”

-”nice try but i’m not sending you a booty pic”


-all of your dates are out on the town because if you two stayed home it would just be 3 straight hours of making out and ignoring the movie on the tv and you guys actually want to talk to each other for a little bit

-but when that does happen………..


-let’s just say our lil jae is not so pure and sweet anymore (he ain’t so lil either heheheh)

-”babe can you call me jeffery that would be pretty hot”

-”i h8 u”

-one night during a particularly heated session, you two accidentally fell off the couch, hitting your cat in the process and knocking all the pizza rolls off the table

- you’re just sitting there, laughing so hard at the mess you both made while watching him try to untangle himself from the blankets, throwing his E.T. plushie out of the way

-and he just looks at you for 5 seconds without saying anything

-and then all of a sudden

-”wow, I love you so much”


-you’re in shock, and he just starts freaking out

-”oh my god it wasn’t supposed to come out like that not right now I had this whole thing planned I was gonna take you with the rest of NCT on our next press tour in Hong Kong and we were gonna go out to a nice dinner and then I was go-”

-and now you’re crying because this boy is so sweet to you and you really feel like you don’t deserve him and here he is freaking out because he said “i love you” wrong

-so you just shut him up by tackling him with a big ol smooch

-”I love you too, Jeffery”

-”NOT NOW……… E.T. is watching us”

-”……..I take it back”

-in conclusion, Jung Yoonoh is the biggest fluffball on Earth and he’s so happy to be yours that it’s the only thing on his mind at all times

Andy: [My proposal] was perfect and magical, I’ll say that. She didn’t know it was gonna happen, we were in a beautiful place that was very special to both of us. I was by a fire pit with, like, a glowing amber light. I got down on one knee. Like the stuff I said was perfect. I can’t tell you how great it went.

Akiva: I believe it because I was at your wedding and your wedding was also –

Jorma: Truly the most magical vows I’ve ever heard.

Andy: I really gotta bring it. My wife is a poet, so if I’m half-assing it then it’s gonna be pretty clear.


a tribute to the best guy in the world

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @thatsthat24 THOMAS!!! ok so Ima ramble for a minute. You literally are the funniest, sweetest, coolest guy I’ve ever seen. You’re always so positive and happy and encouraging of others and so confident in yourself. You have like 1,000,000 friends and you’ve earned all of them by being such an amazing person! You’re an astonishing singer and actor and writer, you’re creativity never stops! Whenever I see ur old vines or YouTube vidoes they always make me smile because you are always so nice. You’re the friendliest person I’ve ever seen and I would love to be your friend some day.

Have a marvelous birthday!!

-katie ✌️



day 1: favorite scene(s) - Jaha asks John Murphy to have faith and join him on his uncertain journey to find the City of Light.
Having nothing to lose, Murphy soon follows, smiling.

(2x10, Survival of the Fittest)

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Imaging being best friends with Remus!!!! That would be awesome!!!!!!!!


  • he’s such a sweetheart????? 
  • like all the time????
  • except when he’s being a savage
  • but hey sometimes, ya gotta throw shade together
  • it’s cool
  • and also he’s super responsible
  • “Remus, where is my scarf-”
  • “It’s in your trunk under your blue sweater”
  • and he always makes sure you do your homework
  • because he cares about your grades
  • and he’s really freaking intelligent so you can always ask him for help
  • bc he’s such a loving person
  • he puts all his feelings into his hugs
  • he doesn’t even fight it anymore
  • he just shrugs it off
  • “Well, I’ll never get that one back”
  • having boy problems?
  • feeling down about a bad grade?
  • feeling insecure?
  • you know where this is going
  • also, he’ll make you feel so much better about yourself
  • because you’re his best friend in the whole world, you are bloody amazing
  • “You’ve got to be the most kind, patient, person to ever exist if you  put up with a monster like me all the time”
  • “Remus, I will kick your fucking ass. you’re perfect you dolt”
  • and sometimes you have to remind him that while he has lycanthropy, the lycanthropy isn’t who he is
  • he’s remus john lupin
  • the sweetest guy you know
  • the person with the best hugs to ever exist
  • the most intelligent person you’ve ever met
  • he’s remus john lupin
  • your best friend in the whole wide world
  • and there isn’t anything anyone could be that is better than that

Screenshots from JIMMYY AVERAGE TOES | Finding Bigfoot w/ Ethan! ^_^

Well first we watched Seán and Ethan play golf as giant megazord like robots and now we watch Jesscia and Tiffany try to find and kill Bigfoot. xD 
In seriousness though I love watching Seán and Ethan play game together their personalities just mesh so frigan well together. :D Seriously I had so much fun just listening to them explore the forest in this game and make dumb jokes about Bigfoot together along the way. :)
I’ve actually been watching Ethan a little more since the Robot Golf video, I’ve been watching his Night In The Woods let’s play and I really like it so far he’s very entertaining and adorable. xD Again like I said in the post I made for Seán’s version of the Robot Golf video, I’m sorry if the screenshots I took of Ethan aren’t the best looking in this post. This is literally the 2nd time I ever took screenshots of him and I’m not 100% used it yet. But hopefully you guys like these pictures anyway. I had tons of fun screenshoting him and Seán in this video. :) 
Honestly I hope these two do more video together in the future because I really do like watching them play games together. I like seeing them have so much fun going on these gaming adventures together. ^_^ 

Trollhunters fic ideas (I might break down and write some of these myself one day, but for now, here you go)

- the trolls reacting to human behaviors they are unfamiliar with, i.e. one of the kids sneezes or gets the hiccups and the trolls are just /concerned/

- in a similar vein, Jim gets sick because he’s going through strenuous training with minimal sleep as well as the stress of his daily life. He tries to play it off and then just blacks out. Cue panicked-dad mode Blinky

-winter themed story. I don’t know if theyd even get snow, but what if for some reason they did. Claire introduces Draal to snowball fighting by going “hey watch this” and then pegging Jim in the side of the head from across the street. Draal thinks it’s hysterical. Jim is unamused
Bonus: Jim tries to retaliate but Claire dodges and the snowball hits Draal instead. He takes it as a (playful) challenge and snow is thrown all over the place

- also can we get more brotherly interactions with Jim and Toby. Please, these kids are like family, they’ve known each other for at least 10 years, and I’m almost certain that Toby would have helped Jim cope with his father leaving, and Jim probably helped Toby work through whatever happened to his parents.

- really anything to do with the Wingmen. Toby and Arrrgh are literally the best duo . ever. of all time.

- bit of a crack idea here. Jim does something reckless and nearly gets hurt. Draal pulls him aside to scold him for needlessly endangering himself, then stops abruptly as he realizes that he sounds just like his father.

- also Draal slowly becoming like a big brother to Jim, because sibling relationships are my jam.

- hc/whatif even though he can’t dance, Jim can sing. He idly breaks into song while cooking something and doesn’t notice he has a captive audience in the other room.
(bonus/crack idea: if this were written as a monsteroftheweek episode, Jim would end up singing a lullaby to said monster and putting it to sleep)

- Trolls vs chili peppers. They are unaffected. Surprised, Jim and Toby decide to try the peppers as well. They ARE affected.

- I need an au where Jim is half changeling and unaware of this until he meets the trolls and they recognise him as not fully human, and his changeling heritage starts manifesting as visible traits after he gets the amulate because the magic is what brings them out. If the other trolls were angry that a human was suddenly chosen as Trollhunter, how furious would they be to have a half-breed be chosen. (also Jim struggling to hide glowing eyes, sprouting horns, and marks on his skin from everyone at school. And what would he tell his mother?!)(and also Blinky helping Jim adjust to the fact that he’s part troll, educating him as best he can, because of course a hybrid isn’t going to have the same issues as a full blooded troll)

I’ll definitely add to this later, but this is it for now.


emmaleekay: Still in shock that I just saw Panic at the Discο again 😩 and in the front row this time 😩😩😩😩 Literally best concert ever.

Best Brother [Twin!Jungkook]

Summary: Twin!Jungkook AU. When nobody in school seems to notice it was not only Jungkook’s birthday, but also yours, Jungkook knows just the right way to cheer you up.

Genre: Angst, fluff

Word count: 1.8k

A/N: A Jungkook imagine to celebrate this cutie pie’s birthday! Happy birthday Jungkookie. Even though you’re growing older, you’ll always be a smol precious bunny in our eyes. Love you ♡

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Choa through the eras for @kiimhyunah


INSTAGRAM: @savvyrose uploaded a new photo.

Left side. Before. My Flynn and my best friend, @athleticlynn. Look at Flynn’s face right now. Literally the best thing of ever but I’m about to disrupt bonding time. It’s time for Ryder to get a hair cut and I’m gonna take him. It’s past time and he really needs one. Right side. After. Same Flynn. Same best friend, much better hair cut. Even though Flynn is like where did the hair go? #guyslook #rydergotahaircut #imadehimbutstill #lookathishair #muchbetter

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Breaking're new header is really cute!

EDIT: I’m an idiot and somehow my header is still the old one, so you are complimenting my old header from 2015 lol. Thank you nonetheless! It’s the concert pic I intended it to be now.

Thank you! I actually take that pic from first aid tent bc I vomited lol. But it’s so beautiful there I literally cried 3 times friggin weak ha. Definitely the best show I’ve ever been to… Now I miss them already :/