literally the best part imo

what the hell is going on in that trailer: a novel

Just got back from my exam and I have to write all this down because what. is. going. on. in. that. damn. trailer.

^ my emotional state right now

Lots of Nico->Tenga->Chidori->Katsuhira, Katsuriko and some Yuta and Honoka too! (mostly Honoka because the timing of this mess is just unfair.)

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It seems everyone is going to play a part in this war and I love it. First we get Freed being awesome, then Bisca with a freaking cannon, flying dragonslayers (and I love that this part showed Mavis making a mistake, not being as perfect a tactician as we have always believed) and Erza literally cutting down the ship. But the best part of this chapter, imo, is Evergreen in the last panel. You’ve come a long way, baby, I’m so proud of you *-*