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i’m sorry but i’m never going to be over the fact that the unit did such a nasty thing to td and b-joo. he’s said in multiple interviews that he’s optimistic (even to a fault - that even when he’s down he’s still happy) because he wants to show his best side and make people happy and he radiates such a bright and happy personality and the unit stepped on it and made him feel guilty that the other members didn’t pass (as if it was his fault that they didn’t give the other members  the proper treatment) to the extent that he cried, well done to them, they dampened the brightest person i’ve ever known of. it’s downright nasty & unforgivable. 

can we talk about how lonely pidge probably felt when she first joined voltron? the fact that she was hiding who she is combined with the fact that she already doesn’t have great social skills meant she probably felt really isolated and alone in her group. literally her best friend for a while was a little galra drone, i’m so glad that she feels accepted now.

Pancakes 🍽

Summary: All you know about Bucky Barnes is that he used to be the Winter Soldier and  he’s the shyest person you know. But as a severe injury forces you two closer together you discover there’s more Bucky Barnes than you originally thought.

Warnings: Mention of injury, James Dean, Shy Bucky.

Authors note: A while ago I didn’t know who James Dean was and looked him up…..y’all the spelling of ‘Dean’ is very important in finding the right person…..😂😂💀 

Thanks for hanging in with me ya’ll, feedback is really appreciated even if it’s just ‘You need to slow the pace’. 

You skid to a stop in the entrance to  the hallway, head whipping around frantically. You spot a few agents entering the meeting room, and Bucky Barnes leaning against a wall, nursing a cup of coffee. No Wanda. No Natasha. You groan. Not even Sam. You need someone else who will have your back. You scan the hallway again, locking in on Bucky. Or someone who can be manipulated….You stride towards Bucky, pushing your over-sized sunglasses up your nose. 

“Bucky!” You whisper-hiss. Bucky’s head whips around, his eyes widening slightly when he sees you. Here’s the thing. Bucky Barnes is shy. Really shy. Ever since Steve brought him in, about three years ago, he’s been mostly silent. It’s no wonder, considering all he’s been through. But slowly but surely he started to loosen up. He finished his intense therapy and his silence became less haunted, and more relaxed, and he started getting put on missions and attending team hangouts. Still, he only really talks to Steve and sometimes Sam, and desperately avoids confrontation and people in general. 

Bucky gives you a nod as you stop in front of him.

“Bucky, please I need your help.” You plead, giving him doe eyes, forgetting that you have sunglasses on.

“What can I do for you?” he says, deep voice quiet. You can already feel the fatigue blotting out the edges of your consciousness. Bucky always used to be helpful towards you in  meetings. He’d sit next to you and allow you to copy his notes and explain tactics that you didn’t get. But whenever you’d try to talk to him outside of meetings, he’d shut down. You rationalized that it was probably due to his shyness, but you couldn’t but to feel a little stung. So you started sitting with Wanda and Natasha and hadn’t spoken more than two words to Bucky in months. Still, you hope that maybe he can show you some of that kindness again

“Well….” Your mind scrambles as you think of a way to get Bucky to sympathize with you. You had been out until six this morning. it was now 7:50, and the mission briefing was going to start at eight. The stars had aligned and somehow all your four of your oldest, closest friends had been in town last night. So naturally you met up for dinner and then partied until the literal break of dawn.

“I have this group of my best friends-we’ve been friends since gradeschool- and normally we only get to see each other once a year, but unexpectedly we were all able to meet up last night so we did, and we just haven’t seen each other in so long…” You pause, smiling faintly remembering how you and your friends had climbed to the roof of one of the hotels that two of them were staying in and talked until the sun came up. “I lost track of time…you get that right?” You ask Bucky imploringly. He gives a tight smile. You continue “So I stayed out until six, and this meeting Bucky…..I’m not gonna make it…will you cover for me?”

“I don’t know,” Bucky says, dropping his head, hair falling in front of his face. You knew why, this mission coming up next month was going to be a big one 

“I already know I’m not going to be assigned on this mission in any capacity.” You hold out your hands. “Please Bucky, I’ll sit next you you, just give me a poke if Fury focuses in on me.”

You see the gears turning in Bucky’s head. You tentatively reach out and place a hand on his arm.


Even in your half awake state you catch his ears flushing red. He turns his head.

“Okay,” he whispers.

You sit at the kitchen counter engrossed in a book, cup of tea by your side. Voices coming down the hall catch your attention, and Steve, Sam and Bucky, walk through the kitchen, Steve stopping and putting a bag of coffee in a cupboard. You see a flash of the bag’s logo.

“Hold on,” You call out, “You guys went to Sweet Cream?”

“Yeah,” Steve answers.

“That’s my favorite coffee shop!”

“Believe me, we know,” Sam chuckles. You tended you go on and on about how much you loved the pastries there.

“Did you happen to bring anything back?” you ask hopefully.

“No, sorry,” Steve says. And you let out a breath.

“It’s okay.” You glance at Sam, who holds up a small white box,  opens it, pulling out a loaded chocolate cupcake-one of Sweet Cream’s best creations- and bites into it while giving you a smile. He and Steve start to walk out of the kitchen.

“Oh come on, Sam,” you groan “Is this because I ate your Oreos?” Sam just winks at you, disappearing  around the corner. Damn. Now you really want something sweet. You turn towards your book trying to put the vision of pastries out of your head. You hear the sound of soft footsteps and look up to see Bucky awkwardly shuffling next to you. You give him a small smile and he places a box on the table.

“I thought you might like this” he says quietly. You open the box and are greeted with the sight of two of you favorite pastry. Your face breaks out in a grin and you look up to thank Bucky, but he’s gone.

Four months later you blearily creep into the kitchen, having stayed up late the night before. The whole team’s gone or injured. Steve and Bucky had gone on a mission that had ended badly two days ago. Apparently the base that they had been sent to take out had been waiting for those two in particular and had set a trap that had almost taken them down. They had managed to escape, however apparently the trap had involved a gas that impaired the super soldiers’ healing factor. The rest of the Avengers had then been sent to the base to destroy it and last you heard the medical staff was still trying to treat Bucky and Steve. You had just gotten back from a solo mission so you hadn’t been sent out with the rest of the team. You stop short as you spot a figure already at the counter. Bucky Barnes. He’s struggling to open a cereal box with just his metal arm. His other arm is encased in a cast, strapped to his chest in a sling. He looks up at you and you internally wince. The right side of his face is horribly bruised, eye a violent mottling of purple and red, swollen shut. It looks like his orbital bone is broken. Bucky quickly glances away, fumbling again with the flaps of the cereal box. You watch him for a moment before you call out.

“Need some help?” you come and stand next to the counter. He gives a quick shake of his head ‘no’, not meeting your eyes and continues to struggle with the box. It’s a new one, and without a second arm to steady the box, you can tell he won’t be able to get it open without ripping it. And he’s trying so hard not to rip it, you can tell. Your heart aches a bit as you take note of the other bruises peaking out from his collar. You remember the cupcake he gave you, all those months ago.

“Well, I’m gonna make some pancakes.” You declare, moving to the cabinets and pulling out pans. “You want some? Should be better than that nasty wheat and bran,” You eye the cereal box. There’s a long pause.

“Okay,” He says, putting the cereal box back and taking a seat at the counter. You start pulling out the ingredients for the pancakes. 

“You want anything in yours? Blueberries, chocolate chips?”

“No.” He says quietly. “I just put butter.”

“So old fashioned.” you tease. Bucky ducks his head, but you see a small smile on his lips. It’s strange to see him like this, broken and bruised. You’ve seen him injured of course, but with his enhanced healing factor Bucky’s injuries are already half healed by the time mission’s over. He looks vulnerable and it’s kind of unsettling, compared to his normal intimidating stature.

You spoon pale yellow batter onto the pan, watching it spread into a perfect circle. You turn back towards Bucky, catching his good eye darting away from your form as you do so. You grasp at a way to make conversation.

“Where’d you get the name Bucky from, anyway?” You blurt out.

“It’s from my middle name, Buchanan.” He answers, and you snort. You never thought Bucky’s middle name would be so dorky. Bucky ducks his head.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that you don’t look like a Buchanan.” you smile, and turn to flip the pancake.

There’s a moment of silence and then you hear Bucky’s voice from behind you “What exactly do I look like then” You turn, surveying him.

“Hmmm, I don’t know, it’s just that Buchanan sounds like the name of the teacher’s pet….” you pause, thinking “James fits you though….. more like the class bad boy,”

“Bad boy?” Bucky’s eyebrows furrow

“Yeah, but in a classic teen movie way….you’re like the James Dean type.”

“James Dean….” Bucky’s eyebrow furrow even more. You’re about to reply, but the smell of burning pancake distracts you.

“Damn” you curse, throwing away the burnt pancake. “I really need to acknowledge my limits.” You mutter, pouring a fresh scoop of batter into the pan, praying to the pancake gods that this one will survive. Behind you, you hear the sound of a low, warm chuckle.

The next morning you encounter Bucky in the kitchen, struggling again.

“How do you feel about waffles?” You ask, eyeing the waffle maker “With bacon?”

Bucky turns to look at you. His injuries still look just as bad as yesterday. Your feel a twinge in your heart. From what you’ve heard Steve’s still in the med bay.

“Shouldn’t I be making you breakfast today?” He glances at you and quickly looks away. You give a dismissive wave of your hand.

“No don’t worry about it.” You pause, knowing Bucky probably doesn’t like feeling pitied “I’m gonna use you to test out new waffle recipes.”

“I don’t know if I should be scared.” His lips turn up at the corners.

“Don’t worry, my waffle making skills are much better than my pancake making ones.”

You start to talk as you make the waffles and fry the bacon. You realize you’ve never had a full conversation with Bucky. He’s still pretty quiet, but seems to be warming up to you. You don’t know why this realization makes you feel happy.

The next three mornings proceed in much of the same way. You even make lunch for him on the third day. Bucky’s system is having a very hard time flushing out the components that are stopping his healing factor. Apparently Dr.Cho said that Bucky and Steve should regain their accelerated regenerative abilities once the components flushed out, but there’s no telling how long that process will take. The team’s still gone, and you start to find yourself seeking out Bucky outside of your breakfast interactions, and he doesn’t seem to mind your company. Currently, you two are engaged in a hotly competitive game of checkers. You squint at the board, Bucky’s already captured three of your checkers and you’ve only got one of his.

“How’s Steve?” You ask, moving your piece “I haven’t seen him the past couple of days.”

For some reason Bucky looks sheepish “He’s fine….just resting,” You make a sympathetic noise. If you had been badly injured fighting off 50 enemy agents you’d probably be holing yourself up in your room too. Bucky moves a checker, and you know in two moves he’ll have captured another one of yours. You look harder at the board, trying to think of a new strategy.

“I-uh- I looked up that James Dean guy ” Bucky says.

“Oh really?” You don’t look up from the board.

“Didn’t know ya thought of me as that kind of guy, angel,” At the word ‘angel’, your head whips up and heat fills your face.

“Uh-what?” you stammer failing to hide the fact that he flustered you. Bucky smiles at you and you start to wonder how someone can look so attractive with a black eye and broken arm.

“My ma always said I was a shameless fornicator with the way I was chasing skirts, but I never thought I was ta the level of a film star.” Despite his devilish smirk you can see color rising in his stubbly cheeks. You stare at him, brow furrowed, utterly confused. Then his words go through your head again, and something clicks.

Oh my god” You screech “No- I meant James Dean,  D-e-a-n, not James Deen D-e-e-n” You run your hands down your face, embarrassed.

Bucky laughs, a full loud one, and you realize you’ve never heard him really laugh and you think his laugh is beautiful. You move your checker. And glance up at Bucky.

 “So you were a skirt chaser, huh?” You smirk at him.

 “Uh yeah,-kinda” he clears his throat “Back then when I  took a shine to a dame I was relentless,in  pursuing her, ya know” He looks shy again.

“Oh really?” you giggle

 “Uh yeah, one time I parked myself under a girl’s window and serenaded her every night for a week. It worked ‘til her pa came out swinging with a baseball bat.”

You crack up, laughing until your stomach cramps. Bucky moves another checker, and you wipe away the tears gathering at the corner of your eyes.

“So you taken a ‘shine’ to any ‘dames’ lately?” you move your piece.

“No” Bucky says, but then pauses, eyes darting away from yours “I mean there is one….”  Your stomach dips slightly, but you ignore it.

“Ooooh” You tease, and Bucky blushes a bright red.

“Yeah well she hasn’t really given me the time of day,” He looks down at his lap. “But can you really blame ‘er?”

“Bucky don’t say that,” You exclaim, heart clenching, You raise up a finger “Just woo her with food, girl’s love food!”

“I’ve already tried that….she just doesn’t seem to, uh, see me in that way,” He mumbles turning even darker red.

You reach over the checker board and grab Bucky’s metal hand, giving it a squeeze. He looks startled at first, but then gingerly wraps his fingers around yours.

“Hey, you win some, you lose some, there’s plenty of fish in the sea,” you soothe He looks up at you, one eye puffy and swollen, the other filled with thinly veiled hurt. Cool metal fingers squeeze yours.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,”

You continue you spend time with Bucky in and out of the kitchen the rest of the week and into the next. The team comes back, and by Monday the swelling in his eye has almost completely gone down and his bruises have faded. His arm is still in the cast though, and you know once he gets it off and won’t need help cooking anymore, you two probably won’t spend much time together . This makes you feel sad. As he’s opened up you’ve discovered Bucky’s surprisingly sweet and kind and you enjoy spending time with him.

And as you’ve spent time with him you’ve also started to notice more and more how handsome he really is. Tall, built, with a sharp jawline and really soft looking lips….You shake your head slightly, averting your gaze from his lips. It’s Sunday night and you two had ordered copious amounts of  takeout and are having a movie marathon. You discovered Bucky had a thing for couponing when food that should have costed $70 had came out to less than $30. Steve and Sam had slid by under the pretense that they wanted to watch a movie with you two and had devoured two of your pizzas. You didn’t know what to make of the winks they had shot Bucky while exiting the room. You two were now debating what movie to watch next. As you listed off names you notice how Bucky keeps on brushing and blowing his hair out of his face. You pause in the middle of your list fixing him with a look.

“You should really consider french braiding your hair,” You say, gesturing towards him with your chopsticks.

“Two problems with that,angel, I don’t know how to french braid and I don’t have a second arm to do it with.” He raises his right arm, still in a sling and cast. You ignore how the word ‘angel’ makes your heart flutter, just like you’ve been ignoring the fact that he’s been calling you it more and more often over the past week.

“I can do it for you,” You say, setting down your lo mein. He starts to protest but you simply gesture for him to turn around, and get up to quickly grab a comb. You kneel on the couch behind him and as you brush out his hair you wonder how someone can have such thick, soft locks and try to ignore how good he smells,. Bucky’s hair is pretty long for an agent,  past his chin,  and is pretty tangled. As you gentle comb through it Bucky seems to slowly relax, almost melting into you.

“Tell me if i’m hurting you,” You say as you start to section his hair, and Bucky just makes a satisfied noise in response.You part his hair into neat small sections as you braid, and tie off the end with a hair tie. You can’t resist running your hands down the line of his broad shoulders before nudging one.

“Turn around and let me see the front.” He reluctantly pulls himself from you and faces you. You study the front of his hair. You did a pretty good job, you could have pulled the first sections tighter, put the braid looks good. Bucky looks good.

“So, how do I look?” He says giving you a hesitant smile.

“Very handsome,” You quip, smiling back, You turn your gaze towards the sides of the braid for  few seconds, and then back towards Bucky. His eyes are on your face, filled with an emotion you can’t read. He leans closer, and you feel like you’re drowning in his gaze. He says your name.

“Yes?” you whisper. His hand comes up, hesitantly, and strokes your face. Caressing, your cheek when you don’t flinch away.

“You’re very beautiful,” He says leaning even closer, so your noses are touching. You can’t even respond before he leans forward and presses his lips to yours. He’s hesitant, careful at first, as if you might push him away. But then you slide your hands up his chest and hook them around his neck and then his hand is on your waist, sliding down and stroking your hip as the kiss deepens. You feel like he’s devouring you and you love it. You run your hands down his back and moan when he nips at your bottom lip. Then he’s suddenly pulling away, and leaping off of the couch.

“I-I I’m sorry” He stammers out before fleeing the room, leaving you on the couch breathless, with you heart in your throat.

You go to bed, mind whirling. You can’t believe Bucky kissed you. And you liked it… a lot. You finally acknowledge the fact that you’ve been starting to have feelings for the man over the past two weeks. But then you remember how he ran out of the room and how he had said he had a thing for another girl. Your heart clenches as your realize that he probably doesn’t have feelings for you at all.

The next morning you wake up to insistent knocking on your door. You look at the clock next to your bedside and groan. It’s noon. ‘damn why’d I sleep in so late?’ you think, and then last night’s events come rushing back and you want nothing more than to crawl under your covers and sleep some more. But the knocking at your door doesn’t let up, so you pull yourself up and pad towards your door. You open the door and are greeting by the sight of Bucky Barnes, holding plates filled with waffles, pancakes, bacon, and hash browns.He looks frazzled, even though he’s dressed up, in a nice black button down with the sleeves rolled up and dark jeans. You notice his cast is gone and his hair is still in the french braid, which is terribly frizzy. Before you can say anything he speaks.

“I have a confession to make.” you raise an eyebrow and he continues. “My arm actually was fully healed on Wednesday.” You mind races and when you realize your heart clenches.

“So you were just using me for free meals.” You say flatly. His face drops in an expression of horror.

“No! no It’s not like that at all! I-ugh-I….” He stammers for a few seconds, trying to gather his thoughts before looking up and fixing you with a pleading gaze. He says your name softly. “I’ve carried a torch for you from the moment we first met. For the longest time I wanted nothing more than to call you mine.” He looks down at his shoes. “But I’m me, and you’re amazing….We didn’t taIk much. I just didn’t know how to approach you. So when you started helpin’ me with meals I thought maybe this was my chance to get close to ya…..”

“Then why’d you run away yesterday?” You question, voice soft.

“I didn’t mean to just kiss ya out of the blue like that. I ran because I was scared you’d reject me. I’m sorry, I know I just kinda pounced unexpectedly,.” He shuffles his feet. “I guess what I’m finally here to ask, is will you be my girl?”

You stare at him for a moment, before letting a slow smile form on your face.

“Alright, Bucky Barnes, I’ll be your girl.” His face breaks out into a broad grin, and he gives a whoop. You giggle, gingerly giving him a hug around the plates he’s balancing. You eye the food, the delicious aroma wafting up and making your stomach growl.

“This for me?”

“Yes ma’am” Bucky says giving you a grin “Figured I owe you a couple of meals.”

You tap your chin with your finger, pretending to think.

“Yeah I guess you owe me a couple of meals. And a couple of kisses too.”


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Sense8 - Digimon Crests

saberkane and I spent a decent amount of time halfway through the season figuring this out and we’re pretty proud of it

Will - crest of courage, Wolfgang - crest of friendship,  Lito - crest of love, Riley - crest of sincerity, Nomi - crest of knowledge, Sun - crest of reliability, Capheus - crest of hope, Kala - crest of light

Please consider trans!Prompto:
  • Watching Ignis shave every morning in awe and a tiny bit of envy
  • Dying in the heat under the three layers of his vest, his shirt, and his binder and just whining SO MUCH
  • Trying to be really macho and one of the bros and talking about girls all the time but when he’s alone with Cindy or Aranea or Iris he’s really chill and content and doesn’t feel the need to put on bravado
  • Ten years forward, he’s finally got facial hair and he’s just SO DAMN PROUD that he’s been on T long enough to grow an actual legit beard
  • He’s pretty short (5′8″ in canon) and he’s really self-conscious about it but the guys never ever make fun of him for it
  • Secretly Gladio likes having to grab things that are high up for him
  • When Ardyn captures him and tells him all about his past he actually doesn’t bring up Prom’s transition so hey, trash king of garbage mountain being decent for once
  • Cor knows, but he never says anything. Why would he? Prompto is Prompto.
  • Prom’s really scared about telling the guys because he figures Noct didn’t recognise him from when they were kids but he’s just so happy when they’re really great and supportive about it
  • They never once question whether or not he can pull his weight even if he doubts it sometimes, because he’s proved himself time and again
  • Like literally these guys are the best group of friends he could ask for because it doesn’t change how they think about him even slightly and they still love him for who he is

I feel like Im a very quiet blog in the sense of I dont talk to like ANYONE (because Im constantly anxious and dont know how to make friends) on here but I want y'all to know I love literally every single one of u and the tumblr dolan twin fandom is literally THE BEST and most accepting group of people on here and is literally like a family and it makes me extremely happy to see everyone supporting each other and loving on each other as much as everyone does. I love y'all

I don’t understand why some people think that everyone in Descendants and Descendants 2 are Bi or gay only due to how they interact with one another, cause like dont all friend groups treat eachother with love and endearment??? Like putting your arm around one of your best friends, hugging eachother when you’re going to miss them, standing hand in hand?? None of that stuff has to be as romantic as y'all making it out to be. Literally best friend groups act like that all the time… Obviously some undertones are more understanding than others (Gil and Hook literally like kissing lol) but like shit if my best friend and I were gonna be separated we would act just like Mal and Evie and I promise we aren’t in love. Idk if its just for fun or if people genuinely think you can’t show affection without it meaning something on a sexual level. Plz explain lol


You guys are… really nice.

Happy Birthday Namjoon - A Birthday Fic Compilation

Hello everyone! Ahhh I am so sorry for being inactive this past week (。•́︿•̀。) I’ve been having a few issues in real life that I’m still trying to sort out, but I feel really bad about my lack of posts so! I’ll be doing a bunch of rec posts right now, starting with this one :) Speaking of which, happy birthday Namjoon! You are truly the best leader a group could ask for (bangtan literally wouldn’t be what it is today without you), thank you for everything love ♡

Lastly, thank you so so much to those who asked after my wellbeing while I was gone! I’m forever humbled and in awe of all your kindness ♡♡♡

Title: A Taste of You (minjoon)
Author: novilunar
Rating: Explicit
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Smut
Summary: It’s Namjoon’s birthday and Jimin has plenty of surprises for him

Title: Caught in Between (rap!line)
Author: taethereal
Rating: Explicit
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Smut
Summary: It’s Namjoon’s birthday and the dorm is empty.
Note: Threesome

Title: Crushed (minjoon)
Author: hikareii
Rating: Teen
Length: 10–15k words
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Park Jimin’s got the biggest crush on Kim Namjoon. Namjoon had no idea who Jimin was, until their self-proclaimed cupids Kim Taehyung and Kim Seokjin stepped in to help the two.

Title: It’s Your Special Day! (namjin)
Author: Merixcil
Rating: Not Rated
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Seokjin attempts to brighten up Namjoon’s birthday

Title: Switch (minjoon)
Author: sixtieshairdo
Rating: Explicit
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Smut, Fluff
Summary: His last thought before slipping into slumber is how good it feels to have Jimin pressed up against him like that.
Note: Part 2 of “The One Where Minjoon Explores Dom/Sub/Switch Dynamics” series, Part 1 being Sleep

Title: There are Two Kinds of Cake (sugamon)
Author: akross
Rating: Explicit
Length: 10–15k words
Genre: Smut
Summary: both of them you eat.


Title: #HappyNamjoonDay
Author: write_the_impossible
Rating: Teen
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Fluff
Summary: The boys surprise Namjoon for his birthday.

Title: Sushi Bar
Author: dom_joonie
Rating: Mature
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Humor
Summary: “Hyung, surprise!” “You did say you wanted to go to a naked sushi bar,” Hoseok giggles. “I DID say that,” Namjoon admits, “However…when I said that it was because I wanted to see some nice side-boob and curves–NOT leg hair and happy trails.” Though, it seems that Namjoon will just have to settle for what he can get.

Title: Trippin’, Stumblin’
Author: wingedseok
Rating: Mature
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Summary: Namjoon should be used to being forgotten.

!!!!! f(x) !!!!!

Just in case no one has posted this here. The article below has voting polls for best girl group song and best girl group album and f(x) are literally slaying the album vote.

f(x). are. SLAYIIIIING.

It’s the 4 walls album nominated btw. Go vote, hopefully this gives them some more attention and maybe sm will stop sleepin.

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E -  eclipse - kim lip
M - miniskirt - aoa
M - marionette - stellar
E - every night - exid
S - sleepless night - 9muses
O - odd eye - shinee
D - dimple - bts
A - aloha - pristin 

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