literally the best group


You guys are… really nice.

  • Me: Yeah, I think Keyleth is alright. Maybe not the best, but she fits into the group well.
  • CR fans: Keyleth is so annoying. She's only there because she's Matt's girlfriend. She causes all the problems in the game and she's such a harpy. I wish she left instead of Tiberius.
  • Me: KEYLETH is literally the best character in critical role, she consistently challenges the group morally to be good and just people, and without her, vox machina would've been just another reckless mercenary group, she has the biggest heart and she cares the most about everyone and she's always thinking about the bright side and she's hilariously awkward and she literally has some of the most creative and effective ideas when it comes to combat encounters, ok, look, keyleth is LITERALLY the best character
Leaders of groups

Warning: English isn’t my first language, so I’m obviously going to do some mistakes (probably also some stupid ones).


Okay, can I just say how much I love and respect the leaders? Seriously. They. Are. The. BEST!

 I mean, they are literally the parent of the group and have to take care of the members, not to forget that almost all of them are going through puberty and are stressed af. The amount of pressure leaders have, is incredible. They are the ones who have to do the acceptance speeches, communicate between agency and the members, have to lead the members through pretty much everything, motivate them, talk like 24/7, so it won’t be awkward during interviews and the list goes on. Oh, and most of them are like 18+ and have to take care of 3-12 members, which can be very stressful and tiring when they don’t listen or are always hyped af. And the leaders usually are the ones that get the hate, if something “bad” happens in the group(member leaving, dating scandal…)

We all know, it’s freaking exhausting as an idol and most of the idols are already really busy with their own stuff, but the leader doesn’t only have to get their own shit together, but also from the others. It has to be damn exhausting and stressing job. Yeah, I call it a job, because it’s literally that. So I really don’t understand the ppl who say “Oh, [insert name of a leader] never smiles. He/She is so boring on variety shows and is such a bad leader.” I mean, being a leader is hard af. I mean, like, really hard.

It’s okay, I say it again, it’s OKAY for leaders to feel exhausted (I’m to 99% sure that they always do). It’s okay for them to take a break from being a leader after YEARS of being the leader (as I said it’s an exjausting job). It’s okay if they aren’t the BEST leaders from the start, because leaders grow and aren’t made.

Anyway, shout out to all the leaders, because they are the best and only deserve to be loved.

After discussing it between the three of us, we’ve decided on a very important new rule for the group. From here on out, we ask that all members please refrain from posting one liners. All starters and replies should at least have one paragraph (300-500 words) though we’d prefer more! We do consider ourselves a highly literate group with some of the best writers around so we’d really love to explore that, especially because para’s are the lifeblood of a solid literate roleplay. 

With that being said, please expand any current threads that are shorter into full paras! You are also more then welcome to drop them and post new starters if that’s easier for you. We understand text posts are still a thing but please focus on the quality of your writing as well! Also we do ask that members use small text when they can and if anyone is confused on how to do it, we’d love to help! We’re excited to see this change set into motion and hope you all enjoy it!

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hc; jackson

head·ca·non /noun/

-to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual

jackson headcanons-

- your own personal alarm clock

- literally sings as loud as he can

- the BEST girl group member

- prints out memey pictures of himself and hangs them up all over the dorm

- really rough kisser. not in a bad way, just very confident and strong

- changes the lyrics of songs to say your name, like a loser

- tries to break dance and probably breaks something

- sends you emojis and makes you decode the message

- sings in the shower

- smells like maple and sugar

- tastes like maple and sugar too. super sweet and incredibly endearing

- one of those people who thinks he knows everything

- lifts weights in front of people to impress them

- always carrying shit for you like aw thanks

- probably tries to get all of the grocery bags in one trip, no matter how much his arm hurts

- likes yogurt so much it’s unhealthy

- prefers playstation to xbox

- can’t have sex to music. doesn’t work for him

- likes satin sheets a ton

- will kiss you with red lipstick on so u guys can be “”matching””

Sense8 - Digimon Crests

saberkane and I spent a decent amount of time halfway through the season figuring this out and we’re pretty proud of it

Will - crest of courage, Wolfgang - crest of friendship,  Lito - crest of love, Riley - crest of sincerity, Nomi - crest of knowledge, Sun - crest of reliability, Capheus - crest of hope, Kala - crest of light

one of my favorite things about xenoblade is that there’s this sort of mutual respect and admiration for melia

(I had never legitimately done a toughbirb before this and @momneth wouldn’t stand for that—ps totally transparent)