literally talking myself through it

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reading your "essay" posts gives the impression you're going through a serious existencial crisis.

please don’t insult me. i am not fourteen anymore. this is obviously more of a postmodern crisis. 


When I quit smoking 12 yrs ago i realized how much if a hold it had on me and how FREEING it was to kick that habit! Ever since then I hate fear! It traps us and paralyzes us to STAY THE SAME!!!!
Now I tackle my fears HEAD ON because every time I do, the bricks start to fall away!

This was SOOOO out of my comfort zone!
There literally was a moment doing this course were I had to talk myself through it!

“One foot in front of the other, one foot in front if the other”

And as I was saying this over and over in my head, I caught a glimpse of my arm….“she BELIEVED she could so she did”

I knew then I would be ok! And next yr I will be back on that same course tackling the other 2 courses I couldn’t this yr!!

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