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#8 + rebelcaptain for the kiss meme? I dunno, it kinda looks like something out of a film noir imo. *shrugs*

8. A kiss in the dark 
This only took me a 1000000000000000000000 years to do, but I did it! 
(pre-rogue one) 

The only light that seeped into the room was from a lone street lamp outside. The curtains were askew, either drawn hastily or without much thought, and ripped uselessly on one side. A chronometer that had been knocked off a table and onto the floor read 03:14 and the only sounds were the speeders racing through never-ending Coruscant traffic, and the rustlings of too-stiff bed sheets.

He had started at her lips, but his scruff now scraped against her belly, slowly dipping lower and lower. Their clothes had been shed like second skins some time ago. She wasn’t surprised to find that she had no problem stripping off her physical layers (being naked didn’t feel nearly as vulnerable as someone knowing who she really was). Her leg curled around him as he held her apart. The aching that had started the second they’d locked eyes across the cantina flared and burned at the touch of his lips, and she sucked in a shaky breath.

Threading a hand into his hair, she knew that she would regret the burn left by his stubble in the morning. She didn’t care. For a time, there was nothing but soft sighs and fingernails scraping across his scalp. She had been silent from the moment he had finally pressed her up against his motel room door, but a well-placed finger accidentally elicited a moan from the back of her throat.

“Oh, so you are enjoying this,” he murmured.

“Shut up, shut up–” 

She wasn’t one to ever give much away. Staying quiet was a valuable skill and she practiced it well. However, this man was somehow drawing all kinds of things out of her with his tongue and she felt her hands shaking as she hastily bit her lip. Hell, she didn’t even know this man. Finding herself wrapped around him was probably one of the most dangerous things she could have done tonight, but damn it, she’d wanted him and for once she hadn’t cared about the consequences. In the dark she couldn’t see his face, but it was far easier to acquaint herself with his skin rather than his words. It would have to be enough for him. 

She protested when he suddenly pulled back. He ignored the whines, resting his cheek against her thigh as she huffed in irritation, rubbing at her eyes. “What is it?”

“You don’t say much, do you, Liana?”

“If you wanted a conversation, you kissed the wrong girl.” 

She impatiently tugged on his head but he only smirked against her. She almost thought that he would end this before it could really start, but his lips slowly started moving back up her thigh again and, my god, if she had wanted dangerous then she had gotten it. He was relentless, nipping at her skin, licking the crease of her thigh and she knew his sort. He wanted groans and whimpers, whispered requests and curses, something that she never gave. She just wanted the raw passion that she’d seen in him at the cantina. She wanted hard and fast and forgetting the mess of her life. She didn’t want to be Liana Hallik right now, she just wanted arms around her in a warm bed, at least for a few hours. Why the hell did she have to pick him? The one man who wouldn’t just settle for her body, why him.

But then he was back where he’d started, and oh, who cared. 


this is a suuuper mega quick sketch i started literal ages ago as a response to a post that mentioned how the above bts pic looked like a wedding pic between four and sarah (though sadly i can’t find the original post anymore boo) 

i tried to clean it up a bit and finally post it as gift for hellogoodbyepaulie, happy birthday! :)  hope u like it~