literally stabbed in the back okay

should you fight the foxes?
  • Dan: why would you fight dan. i mean, you can, but should you? she once kicked a raven in the nuts. she was probably even somewhat buzzed at that time? do you think this is a wise decision? proceed with caution.
  • Kevin: look at this tall, beefy boy. he has anxiety... Fight Him.
  • Andrew: he'll stab you. like, literally. but i mean, fight him anyway. if you get a punch in, that's good. i heard he doesn't know how to duck.
  • Matt: why would you fight matt. he could sit on you and you will literally be powerless. and i mean. does he deserve it? if so, i mean, good luck? the guy has a boxer for a mom and he's a back liner, okay, i don't fuck with that but good luck.
  • Aaron: he probably forgot who you were since he made you want to fight him but like. fight him anyway.
  • Seth: this is an urn. why would you punch an urn. i mean. okay, maybe. fight him.
  • Allison: a fair fighter. fight her. it's a 50/50 split, if you manage to avoid the fake nails. good luck!
  • Nicky: fight him. literally, he's so eager to fight. just do it. do it for him, maybe, if not for yourself. he just wants to fight.
  • Renee: G O O D L U C K
  • Neil: this boy's asking for a fight all the time, i think you have to wait in line for it
AnY Chapter 145 Spoilers ➸

Below the cut you will find my personal (and very sloppy) summary of chapter 145 with some pictures. There’s uhh… spoilers and stuff (duh) so be careful XD

Please take what you read here with a grain of salt. As a disclaimer I am not, nor have I ever been, particularly proficient in Japanese. I am still learning myself, so this is in no way a professional job. This is also my interpretation of the chapter, so even that could differ from someone else’s. But, all this being said, I hope you enjoy the chapter :D

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Camp Camp| Max x Counselor!Reader|Rescue

So i got really bored and wrote some camp camp stuff cause im trash, so yea. This takes place after episode 3 so probs spoilers enjoy n stuff

“David, where the fuck are they!?”

“I’m not sure, maybe they ran away?”

You, David, and Gwen were currently looking for Max and his little group.  They had been trying to escape since they got here, but you and the other counselors weren’t allowing that.

“For fucks sake David! How could we just lose them like that!?” You yelled.

You had been hyperventilating, hoping the kids were okay, “We need to find them,” you quickly placed your hands on Gwen’s shoulders, “Gwen, we need to call the police!”

“Hey {Y/n}!” A voice called from above.  Looking up, you saw Nikki and Neil floating towards camp, holding on to a large bird.

“Nikki! Where were you!?” David exclaimed, rushing over as they landed, checking them for bruises or cuts.

“We ended up at the Flower Scouts’ camp,” Neil explained, and you noticed the random eyeliner and blush on his face.

“Lemme guess, dressed as a girl?” you asked, walking over and cleaning the makeup off of his face with a handkerchief.  “How the hell did you get across Lake Lilac to there?”

Nikki looked at you, a bit ashamed, “We tried to run away on a boat; Max’s idea.”

That’s when you noticed it, “Wait, where’s Max?”

“Last time I saw him he got literally stabbed in the back by that ‘Snake’ kid before I was dumped into the lake,” Nikki explained, shrugging.

You looked at her, slightly confused, “Who’s ‘Snake’?”

“Some ex-Woodscouts kid,” Neil spoke, continuing to clean his face with the small pocket napkin.

“Woodscouts? Isn’t that the all boys military camp?” Gwen asked, still rubbing sleep from her eyes.

“Military!? Oh, what could they be doing to Max!?” David asked, now worried.

You growled inwardly, “Well, I don’t care, we’re getting Max back.”  You turned around and headed to the mess hall, “C’mon, it’ll take all of us to get him back.”

Max groaned as he tried to free himself from the net, failing over and over to do so, and the hell pit below him wasn’t helping.

“Yo fuckers! Where’s my kid!?” He heard someone yell.

“Hey! No girls are allowed here!” He heard one of the Woodscouts yell, “Wait, what’re you-!” And he began screaming.

“Care to speak again!? Where’s Max!?”

“On the course! Please, for the love of god stop!” He cried.

“Hold him, Nikki, I’m gonna go find him.”

Before he could ask anyone what the hell was going on, he heard someone grunt as they made their way through the course.  He looked over to the track behind him and saw something he didn’t expect; You.

“{Y/n}!” Max smiled, “Thank god, get me out of this god forsaken camp!”

You smiled, “Way ahead of you, Maxie!”  You climbed through the militant course with ease, quickly making it to the dangling boy.  “Got ya!” You continued through the ropes to the end, holding Max in one arm all the way.  At the end you stood up and took a breath, glad it was over and that Max was okay.

“Holy-! How did you do that!?” Nikki asked, dragging an unconscious boy behind her.

You smiled, “JROTC, you should try it in high school, I think you’d like it Nikki,” you spoke, shifting Max so he could jump on to the ground.

“So, Max, let’s get you to camp, shall we-?”


Everyone looked over to see a teen, holding his hand up, glaring at you.  “Yeah kid? What do you need?”

“You cannot just take one of our scouts! It is a crime!”

You groaned and walked up to the teen, staring him down, “Listen fucker, Max belongs at our camp,” You spoke annoyedly.

Gwen smirked, “Keep in mind, she went through most of that course with one hand.”

“Exactly-!” David yelled.

“Dave, stop, you aren’t helping.”


You glared down at the now pale teenager, “Leave him be, got it, shitface?”

“Woah, damn, harsh {Y/n},” Max mumbled, feeling a bit sorry for the Woodscout.

“Y-Yes, ma’am!”

“Good,” you smirked, “I hope you don’t plan on taking my kids again.”

When you were all back at camp, you took Max to the infirmary, or rather, your cabin, while Gwen and David took care of the other campers.

“Okay, spill it Maxie, why’d you run,” You asked, helping him get his hoodie off.

He grumbled unhappily, “I hate this stupid camp…”

You sighed, lifting his shirt off him to clean his wound, “Well, you can’t keep getting hurt like this, kid.”  You rubbed some alcohol on his stab wound, “Geez, Max, Nikki was right, he literally stabbed you in the back. It’s pretty deep, but it didn’t damage anything major, so the bleeding is gonna take a while to stop.”

Max hissed as you placed the antibacterial cream on him, and wrapped his midsection with gauze.  “Fuck…” he groaned as you smoothed out the bandages.

You stood up and headed to the medicine cabinet, placing the gauze and other materials back, “Orange or blue?” you asked, grabbing him a small pill.

“Blue…” You closed the door and opened the mini fridge, pulling out a miniature blue soda can.  Giving Max the drink and pill, you kicked the fridge closed and sat by the small boy.

He quickly swallowed the pain killer and drank down the soda.  “Feeling okay?” you asked, rubbing his back softly as he drank the blueberry soda.  He nodded, and you patted his head.  “After you finish that, I want you to relax for a bit, okay?”

“Yeah, sure…” he sighed, staring down at his drink.

“It’s an off day, I’ll be in here in the infirmary, so you can just sleep here if you want to.”  He looked up at you as you spoke, “And I’ll make sure David won’t come in.”

He smiled, “You really do know how to make me feel better.”

You smiled back and stood up, “I’m gonna go grab some breakfast materials, so you can stay here, okay?” You ruffled his hair as you made your way to leave, but he stopped you.  You looked at him; he was holding on to your arm while you played with his dark hair.

“Get chocolate chips, too.  I want chocolate chip pancakes…”

You smiled, “You got it, kid.”

anonymous asked:

I got fired because I yelled the f word, which is normally understandable when you work in a family store. But the reason I yelled that is because I got literally stabbed. 14 stitches later and I go back to work only to hear that I've been let go (: this is fine

We posted a response to this a while ago. I seriously recommend contacting a lawyer. You were injured on their premises. Even if you’re in an at will state you will definitely have a case for an unsafe work environment. Please let us know if you’re okay now and if you’ll consider pursuing this. -Abby

Misotheism VIII (Final)

Previous Parts: Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII 

Genre: Drama, Angst, Slight Fluff? 

Word Count: 2.6k-ish

Originally posted by bwinkook

Time seems to come to a standstill as you lie on the cold sand, body shivering from the cold ocean breeze; yet, the adrenaline running through you seems to make you sweat profusely.

Your gaze is frozen on the sight in front of you, the sight of Taehyung clashing with Jungkook while you lie here, utterly useless, grasping your own sword with loose fingers. You know you need to do something, anything, to help. But, as a mortal, you lack the strength to defeat a god, like Taehyung had said before.

Until you realize that there just might be something you could do.

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A Lil’ Thought on the Colonel

Okay, I’m still a little heartbroken by the Colonel’s reaction at the end, but I’m gonna put this out there anyway. I’m probably completely wrong, but here we go.

Is it possible that this whole ordeal caused the Colonel/Warfstache to wholeheartedly believe that he shot (at least) two people and they didn’t die? Because if so (and, again, probably completely wrong here), it would explain why he just randomly kills people and thinks nothing of it. I just (quite literally) rewatched Warfstache’s interview with Mark and, after stabbing him repeatedly, he decides to go back to the interview and asks Mark another question even though he’s clearly dead like he expected him to answer. My thought is he no longer understands that death is a permanent thing. He’s not just some psycho murderer *lightning*. He literally just does not understand. He watched our body come back to life and immediately thought that Celine and Damien also came back to life somewhere in the house. His mind is protecting him from going completely insane because he sort of caused the deaths of his friends.

I know this is just a theory, but goddamnit, I made myself sad again.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?


cactbiflowers  asked:

Did you start watching that love death note thing?? I need answers and an analysis


So I wrote down my thoughts as I watched, but it got a little long so I put it under a cut… also Read With Caution - like seriously, this is the third weirdest anime I’ve ever watched.

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Raise Hell (Part 1)

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1420

Warnings: mention of nightmares, brief violent language, kissing, angst.

Raise Hell Master List

Most mornings, you woke up alone. Being the only one of the team who liked sleeping in on your days off had its disadvantages, but you needed your sleep. Cas stayed with you through most of the night, calming you from frequent nightmares and sleeplessness. But by the early morning hours, he would join the boys doing research… or whatever else they did.

This morning was no different. The spot beside you in bed was empty and neatly tucked in. You smiled as you listened to the murmurs of the boys through the open door. Cas’s was slightly louder than the others. You closed you eyes as you absorbed his gravelly voice.

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Episode 84, part 2: it’s all gone wrong for the Bakurae

(part 1 is here)


But Bakura’s smug boyfriend has an idea…

For the last time, young man, you don’t HAVE sleeves.

Someone new comes out on deck and the first person to notice is…



Somehow the Puzzle notices before anyone else. And somehow it notifies Yami–

–who cuts himself off mid-word from declaring his attack and winning the duel, and despite having his back to the door, becomes the second person/entity to notice the arrival of Definitely Malik Please Don’t Ask Questions

Probably a good thing it takes the others a moment to notice because Definitely Malik is not a popular guy

Otogi bravely sacrifies his handsomeness to prevent Jounouchi attacking him. 

And even Mokuba complains.

Come on, kid, Seto ARRIVED BY HELICOPTER to interrupt Yami’s duel earlier and Definitely Malik hasn’t even SAID anything yet!

In fact, the only one who’s pleased to see him is Definitely Not Malik, which isn’t suspicious at all but luckily no one’s paying attention to him.

Come on, you’re not even TRYING to look surprised!!

Anyway, Definitely Malik proclaims that it is, in fact, HE who is in control. 

Yami calls bullshit, as is only reasonable.

“I’m sure there’s a limit to the number of people who can be in control of one body at one time. right??”

So Malik’s getting Rishid to pretend that Rishid, as Malik, is controlling Yami Bakura to possess Ryou Bakura. Meanwhile Malik convinces Yami Bakura to relinquish control of Ryou Bakura, leaving Ryou actually in charge for perhaps the first time in days.

oh dear #itsallgonewrongforBakura


So either. Ryou’s been totally walled out of his own body since BEFORE Bakura met Malik and immediately and unnecessarily stabbed himself. OR. Ryou is playing up Poor Wounded Helpless Ryou Is Totally Innocent, for either Bakura’s benefit or his own. 


ANYWAY, everyone agrees that an attack from Osiris the Heavenly Gay Dragon would certainly knock Ryou out and maybe kill him.

Lies successfully lied, Rishid heads off, probably because he has no interest in cardgames, which honestly makes him the most tragic character on the whole damn show.

… I get the STRONG feeling that Rishid writes poetry about how sad he is that his younger brother is such a fucking megalomaniac and how much he hates it in Japan and how tedious cardgames are.

Back in the duel, Yami’s first instinct is to leave his place and go to Ryou, but Isono stops him because he’s decided the tournament should have at least one rule actually enforced and for some fucking reason, he’s landed on this one.

Buddy, Yami summoned a LITERAL GOD who has, as far as I can tell, a TANGIBLE FORM and has wrapped itself around the damn blimp. I understand it’s harder to enforce “no using arcane rituals for the purpose of bending the nature of reality itself to gain an advantage in the match” than it is to enforce “no touching”, but REALLY.

Kaiba is horrified. Not that Yami would break a rule, obviously.

He’s indignant that Yami would hesitate to launch a potentially fatal attack to win a duel, which is PRETTY FUCKING RICH coming from Mr I’m Only Alive Because Yugi Prevented Yami From Launching A Potentially Fatal Attack To Win A Duel. 

“oh, so you’re willing to be complicit in my suicide when someone else’s life is at stake but you won’t immediately willfully murder an innocent bystander to win a quarter-final match? fucking wimp”

Meanwhile, Jounouchi attempts to calmly reason with Isono…


and Bakura compliments Malik on a scheme well schemed…


ahem anyway, immediately after complimenting him, Bakura goes “but nah”

… honestly I strongly suspect “ways I hate to win” is more likely to encompass “with Malik’s help” than it is “by risking Ryou’s life/health”, coming from Mr Unnecessarily Stabbed Himself Earlier Today.

So he takes back over and concedes

Yami looks stricken because it’s such an out-of-character thing to say that he suspects a terrible trap, I presume. Luckily, Bakura quickly gets back on message…

okay honey sure

Duel over, Yami rushes to help Ryou, and the others follow. 

PLEASE NOTE THE MILLENNIUM RING IN THE TOP LEFT CORNER. It does not mystically vanish, it literally just gets blown off by the attack.

Honda takes Ryou back to his room, for want of actual medical care (even though I KNOW there’s at least one doctor on this fucking blimp but the Nerd Herd don’t know that yet and NO ONE TELLS THEM, KAIBA)

Yami lingers for a moment.


He starts to get all philosophical…

In terms of protecting his host, he says, but presumably he’s also wondering about their similarities more generally. Yami Bakura is the only other ghost he’s met and it’s not like their interactions have been very successful. But Yugi’s here to make him feel better…

Yugi reassures Yami and tells him that he inspires him to become a stronger person.

Yami’s face LIGHTS UP when Yugi says this, it’s SO CUTE, he’s got that serious furrowed brow right until this line and then he just beams at him, it’s fucking adorable #puzzlefeels

Yugi says he isn’t able to do much right now, but he is able to take over to give Yami a break and that Yami must need one after his intense duel.

AHHHHH <3 #puzzlefeels


So Yugi takes over and immediately smacks down Isono, who’s pointed out that Yugi is entitled to Bakura’s rarest card / a card from Bakura’s deck / something something this rule was never properly defined.

I love firm/angry Yugi! We don’t see enough of him!


Oh honey. Every part of that sentence is wrong.

… And that one.

The Nerd Herd discuss the match by Ryou’s bedside.


And only when they’re about to leave, to ask Kaiba if they can land briefly to deposit Ryou in a hospital, does Yugi notice…

The Millennium Ring. No one stopped to pick it up.


Or did it mystically vanish and reappear for Anzu to pull it from her pocketless outfit? Who fuckin knows. #justYGOthings

~ sparklefists watches ygo is brought to you by @k-for-days, @hiramiyugioh, SK, KM, ER and KF via patreon! ~

❝ He completes me. ❞

Plot: When two of your best friends both confessed to you and you’ve to choose, even if you know that this could ruin everything. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Hoseok x Reader

Words count: 1,6k+

Genre: Angst

For anon, I hope you like it! M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! 

I know that these are Yoongi and Kookie but….. I mean my heart’s bleeding and this gif suits PERFECTLY with the scenario. 

You are trying to rest, the lessons are stressful and you have not slept in days. But University is not your biggest problem at that time. 

The expression of pain on Yoongi’s face, as he watched one of his best friends, still manages to make you try a chill of fear, that shakes you and leaves you breathless for a moment. 

You did not want it to happen but both confessed and you do not know what to do. The only thing you want is not to hurt either of them, even if you are not fully aware of the feelings that you feel. 

Hoseok and Yoongi, Yoongi and Hoseok. Your head bursts and you begin to cry, too many nerves, for fear of losing both, but especially for fear of making the wrong choice. 

There are not only their feelings at stake, there is also your happiness and, while seeming selfish, you do not want to see it slip through your fingers, replaced by unhappiness and disappointment that you have chosen the wrong person.

“Why are you still awake?" 

Your sister’s voice takes you by surprise, so you open your eyes and see her remains at the door, while with a worried look she approaches to check that you are okay. 

Physically you are okay, it is what you hide inside the real malaise.

"Too much stress. It’s all right. " 

"Don’t lie to me, I know that look." 

"Don’t worry.. It… It’s all right, ” You murmur, lying. 

Nothing goes well and you know in your heart that soon will only get worse.


The silence between the three of you is so heavy, in that room, you feel suffocated. You can not look either in the eyes, you can not watch their expectations and their desire of you. 

You just gulp, returning to focus on your book while their resume to train with the others. You can see they have understood what is going on between these two. You feel guilty because you wanted everything but not that their friendship is ruined like that.

“Damn Hoseok, can you stay in your fucking line for once?" 

"Maybe you should watch your footing. It’s not my fault that you’re not capable of doing a decent throw behind row. ”

Not even five minutes and you already hear their screams across the room, thus immediately throw the book on the floor and get up running to them. You are the only, perhaps, to put an end to that story.

“You should be careful about many things, Hoseok.”

“Like?” Asks the youngest, while Seokjin and Namjoon are already among them ready to split them. “Stop it.” Sort the leader to both, but neither one is really listening. 

You see, they are too nervous and almost about to lash out at each other, while you firmly grip Hoseok’s wrist and move him away from Yoongi, putting you between them.

“This has to stop. I thought that at least you were professionals. ”

Your voice is tough, unemotional and you look for a mere second Yoongi in the eyes, feeling a strange stab of pain to the pit of your stomach. That pain taking your breath so that for a moment you are completely drained from every sensation. 

“You should stay out of it, Y/N”. 

“Y/N… Don’t worry, I’m not afraid. ” Hoseok whispers into your ears, even if you know which is the exact opposite. He is afraid and it is pretty understandable. 

“I should stay out of Yoongi? Really? " 

"Why don’t you guys go out and get some fresh air? Maybe it helps to calm down all three. ”  

Jimin, despite the slightly hesitant tone, is the only one to give the best advice. So Taehyung gets away with Hoseok, you see the two guys that come out of the room while the youngest gives small pats on the shoulder of his Hyung. You remain still, continuing to look Yoongi in the eyes.

“Jimin, come on… I believe that they have something to say. ” Seokjin hums, while with the other three begins to move, leaving you completely alone. 

Your breathing is fast, the chest rises and falls so quickly that seems to explode and your hands are shaking. You hide them into the pockets of your hoodie, realizing after a few second that is Hoseok’s hoodie. He gave it to you a few hours earlier, seeing you tremble because of the cold that day.

“Now are you wearing his clothes?" 

"He loaned to me before because I was cold, Yoongi." 

"Take it off. ” He grips your wrists, drawing you towards him and your bodies collide violently, making you tremble even more. “Take it off.” He whispers again, this time with sweetness, his expression completely changed compared to a few moments before. “Take it off”. 

“S-Stop It.." 

"What? I can’t try to make you understand how much I care about you? " 

"You’re telling me to remove a hoodie… not a huge deal. " 

"I struggle to remain straight when we’re not together.” His voice is a puff on your lips; 

“When you’re with us, all I can think it’s the desire to have you around, I can smell your scent that blends my clothes because you’re really close. You have the most horrible laugh in this world, however, when I hear it I can feel at ease because it’s wonderful to me. Must Have I to keep on? Because despite what you may think, I know to use the words in the right way. Maybe I don’t do it often, but I can do that. ” Talking he leaned perilously to you and you can not move, mesmerized by the movement of his lips and his gentle breath that stroking your mouth. 

“Y/N I..”

You do not’ know what he means because you only see Hoseok, that tightens the collar of his shirt and pulls him away from you, while others are racing toward them screaming crazy. 

You are so confused and upset that you can not do anything, stay there to stare at them as they start to fight. The timely intervention of the other stops in its tracks that fight and you back to reality only when you see Yoongi spits a blood clot on the floor.

“It’s breaking us apart as hatred fills in my heart.” Yoongi’s words are crude, strong and hit you straight to the heart because it’s really breaking everything. 

Bonds, friendships, feelings. 

“WHY HYUNG? WHY HER? You know.. You know I liked her. ” Hoseok yells and his pain is although desperate, while he helds back by Taehyung and Jungkook, who keep murmuring to him to remain calm even if they know it is a useless gesture. 



Their screams are stab wounds in your heart and you seem almost feel him bleed, but you can’t prove anything to one of them. You are sorry to see him suffer, but when you look at the other one you feel literally dying to see him in that condition.

“Stop it…" 

Only Namjoon seems to hear you, perhaps remember your presence in that room, because he turns to you and coming up, starting to brush with kindness your shoulder as to want to reassure. 

"It’s okay Y/n..” He mutters softly. 

“No, Namjoon… nothing goes right… Hoseok.. ”

On hearing his name, Hoseok turns around and you can see hope shine in his eyes. And at that moment you are feeling even more horrible.

“ Y/N…" 

"Fuck this shit, I don’t want to watch this.” Yoongi shoots again by anger, breaking free from the grip of Seokjin and Jimin, moving away in anger until to exit the practice room with a thump of the door behind him. 

You gulp and try not to follow him with your eyes, even if you want to do it and that makes you even more sure of what you are saying. 

“I… " 

"I already understood Y/N… " 

"Hoseok…” You whisper while a lump into your throat keeps you to start crying very hard. 

“Okay… I’ll make a habit, you know. I can’t control your heart, right? ”

The others remain silent while you bite your bottom lip so hard till it bleeds. He does not deserve this, but he is right. 

A heart can not be controlled, he chooses regardless of what desires you.

“I don’t want to.." 

"It’s going to take time, but I’ll solve with him .. I didn’t put in mind that maybe I would not have anyway been your choice… " 

"I’m sorry…" 

"I know Y/N; I know. " His voice almost does not hear, broken by grief and for once you see a guy lost and in pain. Not the usual Hoseok and you feel responsible for that. "Just promise me if he doesn’t make you happy, you’ll give me permission to kick his ass." 

You smile to his statement, nodding and continuing to keep the tears in their place, without spilling any. You do not want others to see you weak, you never liked. 

"Can I only ask you one thing, Y/N?” He asks, while on his face silent tears are flowing and Seokjin tries to comfort him, hugging him gently. 

“Of course.. " 

"Why him?" 

"Because he completes me, Hoseok and it is something that I thought I could even try. He makes me feel complete. ”

How to Conduct Interrogations

Context: The city that my players are in was raided by pirates the session before this one, and they captured several pirates during the main battle (with the Warlock transformed into a giant ape the entire fight) although the boss teleported away. During the first interrogation, one of the pirate’s fingers was cut off by the Warlock. The Fighter and the Warlock are now off investigating another section of the city while the Druid and Barbarian are interrogating the captured pirates a second time. The Cleric has yet to be introduced in-game, as a new player. As a side note, the pirates are cooperative due to a previous high Intimidation check and aforementioned amputation.

Barbarian: Okay, you ask some questions, I’ll stand here and flex.

Druid: (to one of the pirates) Why are you here!?

Barbarian: (OOC) I flex. (flexes)

Druid: One of you answer me right now! Or else.

Pirate: We’re pirates. We’re here to pillage and murder.

Druid: Oh. Um, uh. Well. Is that it?

Pirate: What do you think we’re here for?

Barbarian: (to the Druid) Ask a better question.

Druid: Tell us… Where is your leader!?

Pirate: I think last I saw him, this fuckin’ giant ape had him, so I don’t fuckin’ know.

Druid: Where did he go!?

Pirate: I just fucking told you, I don’t know where he is! Last I saw him, he was grabbed by a giant fucking ape. Do you not understand Common?

Druid: Who’s…who’s…who’s second in charge here!?

Pirate: Oh, the boss? Sorry, the lieutenant? I don’t fucking know. Everyone’s all over the place.

Druid: Where’s the lieutenant?

Pirate: …I literally just said I don’t fucking know. Are you - are you okay?


Pirate: This is… This is like the worst interrogation I’ve ever been through. Jeez.

Druid: You either answer or I stab your leg!

Barbarian: (to the Druid) You’re making us look bad!

Pirate: Look, we already answered your friend, who cut off my friend’s finger, jeez. What more do you want?

Druid: No, I don’t believe you! I believe you have an idea of what you’re doing!

Pirate: …what?

Druid: (OOC) Shoot, I have to be right back. (in character, walks away frustrated)

Warlock: (OOC) This is the best interrogation. I bet the guy who had his finger chopped off is like, “You get this and I got my finger chopped off!?”

Pirate: (to the Barbarian) Can you at least provide better questions than your friend over there? I’m so confused with her. … Look, we already agreed to cooperate. Again, that… what is he, spellcaster or whatever, he already cut off my friend’s finger, so… We agreed to cooperate - ask your fucking questions.

Barbarian: Aight. Uh… If I, uh… If I do some push-ups for you, can you critique my form?


Warlock: (OOC) I’m dead.

Fighter: (OOC) …why?

Pirate: …I mean, sure? I thought this was an interrogation, but…

Barbarian: Aight, cool. I’m gonna do it from a couple different angles so that you can really, like, get the full effect, you know?

Pirate: Oh…alright?

Barbarian: (OOC) I start doing push-ups. (Rolls a 27 for Athletics to show off)

Cleric: (OOC) They are now seduced.

Barbarian: (OOC) That was not the intention.

Pirate: This has been the weirdest interrogation I’ve ever had… and I also have the strangest boner right now.

Cleric: (OOC) Called it!

Barbarian: We sorted it out, you know? I’m the brawn, she’s the brains, so… All I can do is brawn, you know?

Pirate: That’s for goddamn sure.

Fighter: (OOC) Get fucked. You’re literally flirting with the enemy!

Barbarian: (OOC) Wha–how am I even flirting with him? I’m GAY! I just like to show off my muscles!

Cleric: (OOC) Leading him on; this is first rule of interrogation I guess!

Warlock: (OOC) Good cop, eh-heh-heh cop~

Barbarian: (OOC) I was supposed to be bad cop!

In the end, they gave the pirate a pillow to cover himself up as they took him to the City Watch barracks

My Reactions to the Gotham Finale 3x22 ft 3x21
  • <p> <b>Barbara:</b> *touches Ed and calls him baby*<p/><b>Me:</b> *visibly trying not to gag* get the fuck away....Edward does not appreciate it!<p/><b>Lee:</b> *is once again a sexy badass, in an even sexier dress*<p/><b>Me:</b> Well, I guess I'm just dead now...I've lived a goo-well, mediocre life.<p/><b>Tabitha:</b> *is beautiful and badass, and does not deserve any of this abuse*<p/><b>Me:</b> Give Tabby an amazing girlfriend 2k17!<p/><b>Fish:</b> *is actually not going to hurt Oswald, but help him*<p/><b>Me:</b> Aww! What a wonderful mother and son dynamic-<p/><b>Jim:</b> *shows up and accidentally kills her, out of everything, that's what kills her*<p/><b>Me:</b> Are you fucking kidding me right now?<p/><b>Oswald:</b> *mirrors the scene in which his mother died in his arms*<p/><b>Me:</b> *literally forgetting about Fish's kinda ridiculous death as a whole* They keep killing his mother figures...whyyyy? *eyes slightly glaze over*<p/><b>Also me:</b> Get Oswald someone who doesn't die horribly in his arms 2k17!<p/><b>Edward:</b> *tells Oswald the reasons he would never love him, none of those reasons being that he's a man*<p/><b>Me:</b> Yes! My bisexual son!<p/><b>Also me, really thinking about what he just said about Oswald throwing tantrums:</b> Ooookay, Ed...but you just described yourself, so...<p/><b>Bruce:</b> *continues to wear offending turtleneck, also gearing up to stab Alfred through the heart*<p/><b>Me:</b> *having a literal heart attack* Oh, goddammit, Bruce...I swear to the jesus....oh my god, you bitch...I will never forgive you for this-*tears up*<p/><b>Bruce:</b> *stabs Alfred through the heart*<p/><b>Me:</b> *immediately starts to slightly hyperventilate* Oh, god fucking jesus...what the fucking-goddamit! I will never forgive you Bruce!<p/><b>Bruce:</b> *saves Alfred's life*<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay...*takes deep breaths* I'll give you a free pass<p/><b>Selina @ Bruce:</b> "I know who I am"<p/><b>Oswald @ Ed:</b> "at least I know who I am"<p/><b>Me:</b> wooooahhh! Wait a minute! Wait. A. Minute!!<p/><b>Oswald and Edward:</b> *end up back at the docks*<p/><b>Me:</b> This fucking show...*facepalms because feelings* goddammit!<p/><b>Edward:</b> *wants Oswald to so badly tell him that he still loves him*<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay...not at all slick, Ed!<p/><b>Oswald:</b> *outsmarts Ed*<p/><b>Me:</b> I'm proud of my son...yet also scared for my other son!<p/><b>Oswald @ Edward:</b> *freezes him to keep as a trophy husband*<p/><b>Me:</b> Well....but, he's definitely getting thawed out in season 4, right? *starts to panic a bit* That's definitely a thing that is going to happen, right?<p/><b>Ivy @ Oswald:</b> *is literally the the best sister ever*<p/><b>Oswald @ Ivy:</b> *actually accepts it*<p/><b>Me:</b> Yes! My children are finally getting along with one another!<p/><b>Selina:</b> *starts becoming the catwoman that we all deserve* Fuck yeeahhhh!<p/><b></b> I love you, you cat goddess!<p/><b>Bruce:</b> *starts becoming the Batman we need, not the Batman we deserve*<p/><b>Me:</b> Yes! Uuuughhhh! I'm 100% on board!<p/><b>Bonus:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> *watches people complain about Bruce becoming Batman too soon*<p/><b>Also me:</b> Okay...but, stfu, because he's not actually Batman yet...he's just wearing a cape and a silly ski mask, calm down!<p/></p>

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I have this idea of no piercing no tattoo Tae going with Jimin to a tattoo parlour cause Ji wants another ear piercing and surprise! The guy doing the piercings is super hot. He's got a bunch of tattoos including this gorgeous stained glass butterfly on the back of his hand and Tae is just standing there in his gucci button up feeling so flustered. Sneaking glances at the piercer and his pretty mint hair. He can't help himself from going back to the tattoo shop, [cont'd]

Okay but before they even start Taehyung is almost shaking just thinking “oh shit oh shit oh shit what did i just do!” because he’s never really had a high pain tolerance, like he literally cried when Jin pinched him one time for stealing his snacks, and now there’s going to be a needle going through his skin.There’s going to be something sharp and pointy literally stabbing a hole into his body. The younger is like seconds away from puking as Yoongi stands in front of him and smirks that little teasing smirk like he knows exactly what Taehyung is thinking. 

He probably does, honestly, if the way he grabs Taehyung’s hand and squeezes says anything. 

“You know, Doll.” Yoongi’s voice is laced with concern but also playfulness and it makes Taehyung feel soft but still scared as fuck. “You didn’t have to come all the way over here and get a piercing if you wanted to see me that badly, i know it’s scary, Princess.”

Yoongi is still smirking, smugness clear all over his face.

Taehyung blushes. He’s been caught and all he can do to keep what little honor he has left is roll his eyes and put on a brave face. Yoongi totally feels his dick twitch in his pants when Taehyung lifts his shirt to show off the tan smooth skin of his tummy. 

“C’mon big boy, you gotta stick me with your needle.” 

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 16

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 16

Please, note that I am French, so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Enjoy :)

(Taking place in 3x08/09/10)

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You stayed in bed all morning. You didn’t sleep at all. You were exhausted. The hours passed but you couldn’t stop thinking about what Sheila said. Your mother didn’t die from cancer, she wasn’t human and maybe, you weren’t either. Your phone kept buzzing.


You smile.


Bonnie had left you tones of messages. She broke up with Jeremy. Turns out, he kissed his dead ex-girlfriend Anna the day before and she was heart-broken. She didn’t want to talk about it, she wanted to know how you were doing.

The truth is, you didn’t know how you were doing. You were still in bed when somebody knocked at your front door. You were still wearing yesterday’s clothes. You looked terrible.

“Bonnie” you breathe when you open the door.

“Hey, how are you? You didn’t answer any of my texts”

“Sorry, I…” you sigh. You just wanted answers but the only way you could have any, was to open the chest in your attic.

“Could you…help me with something?” you ask her.

“Anything, what is it?”

You take her to your attic. “I need you to try and open that chest”

She frowns. “Why?”

“Your grandmother said the only way I could find out about…my mother, was to open the chest. She said I can only open it if I’m like her. I want you to try and open it… please?”

“I can’t. I don’t know what your mother was but…If she was a witch my grandmother would have told me, I can’t open it.”

You sigh. “I just want you to try. If you can open it, then… Maybe your grandmother was just confused…”

At first she doesn’t say anything. “Okay” she finally says.

She walks towards the chest and put her hands on each sides of it.

“I can’t open it” she says.

You close your eyes, disappointed. “Thanks, Bonnie…”

Both your phone buzzed. It was Alaric. It wanted both of you to come to his place. He had taken pictures of the cave beneath the Lockwood property and needed both of you to help him figure out what the Vikings symbols meant.

You learn that the Original family came from Europe and that the Original witch was Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus’ mother. She was the one who turned them into vampire and that the vampire vampire hunter Katherine talked to you about was their father, Mikael.

Speaking of Katherine you decide to call her but she doesn’t pick up.

“Kat’… I’m worried, call me back, please…”

After Elena tells you she told Rebekah that Klaus had killed their mother you decide to go to the Salvatores and see her. You find her crying on the floor of the living room.


She sniffs and get up.

“What are you doing?” she asks with a cold tone.

“Elena told me everything…I just…wanted to know if… if you needed anything…”

Suddenly your back is against the wall and her face inches from yours.

“Why do you care?!” she screams at you.

She was still crying. You didn’t know what to say, so you hug her instead. “I’m sorry” you whisper.

It takes a while before she hugs you back, crying even more than before.

“Well isn’t that cute?” you were interrupted by Stefan.

Rebekah steps away from you “Where have you been?” she asks

“Long story” he says before disappearing. Judging from what you hear next, a door closing, you guess he went to his room.

“Are you gonna be okay?” you ask your new friend.

She doesn’t answer. “I need to be alone”

You nod. “I’ll leave, then.” And you go home.

Back home you keep trying to reach Katherine but she doesn’t pick up. You start to worry. But you are so tired that you fall asleep almost as soon as you get into bed.

The next day you are made aware of the plan to kill Klaus. They managed to lure him into town, telling him his father was dead. Rebekah texts you a picture of her, in her dress for the homecoming dance. You text her back, telling her she looked beautiful and that Matt was going to love it.

You sat on the floor of your attic, in front of the chest, staring at it. You don’t know what to do.

Katherine texts you. She was okay. She was taking Elena’s place at the homecoming dance to kill Klaus.

Kill Klaus… You weren’t sure how you felt about that. Sure, he was dangerous and the world would probably be a better place without him, but you had a problem with killing anyone in general.

Rebekah was supposed to text you before she left for the homecoming but she didn’t. You couldn’t look at that chest anymore so you decided to go to the Salvatores and see if everything was okay.

You enter Stefan’s room and see Rebekah lying on the floor, daggered.

You rush over her body and take the silver weapon out.

You were waiting for her to come back when your phone started ringing.


“Y/N where are you? I’m at your house, you’re not there!”

“I’m… At the Salvatore’s”

“What are you doing there? You know what, never mind, we failed tonight. Klaus is still alive, we had to save Damon’s life, it’s a long story, anyway, I’m living town, I just wanted to say goodbye.”

The line went dead before you could say anything more.

“What did you do?” you hear Damon’s voice behind you.

He startled you “Damon!”

“Elena!” he calls.

“She trusted you! And you literally stabbed her in the back!” you yell at him.

He takes the dagger back from you with his vampire speed and holds you still.

“What’s going on?” Elena enters the room.

“She removed the dagger!” Damon said.

You see Elena dagger Rebekah in the heart.

“Why would you do that?”

“Because it’s wrong! She trusted you!”

“We couldn’t trust her” Elena said. “We had to do it”

You start to get angry. A feeling you didn’t like but decided to embrace at this very moment.

“You’re unbelievable Elena!”

Damon turns you around and look at you deep in the eyes.

“Okay, you were never here tonight, go home”

He’s trying to compel you. You decide to play along and leave the house.

You had to help Rebekah. And you needed Klaus to do it.

You go home, thinking of a way to find him. You remember Tyler was sired to him. You take your phone and dial his number.

“Tyler, it’s Y/N. I need to talk to Klaus.”

“What?” he says like your crazy

“I have something to tell him that, I’m sure, will interest him”

“What is that?”

“I’m not telling you, and you can’t tell Caroline or anyone else. It’s for Klaus” you say, so you know he will do as you tell him.

He tells you he will help you find him in the morning.

The next morning you were awaken by somebody knocking hard on your door.

“Klaus…” you breathe, rubbing your eyes.

He grins “Sorry, love, did I wake you?”

You don’t take the time to answer “Elena daggered Rebekah last night, I need your help to get her back”

He frowns, surprised and angry.

“Where is she?”

“The Salvatore’s, I took the dagger out but Damon came back before she could wake up and Elena daggered her again” you say.

“Well, thank you, love. I’ll make sure Rebekah knows what you did for her.”

He turns around but a thought crosses your mind and you stop him.

“Klaus, wait!”

He turns to look at you, curious.


“What is it, love?”

You sigh. “I have to show you something”

He raises his eyebrows.

You hesitate for a few seconds before taking a deep breath.

“Would you… please come in”

He grins before stepping in, his eyes on you.

You make him follow you into your attic.

“I have this… chest. Have you ever… seen those runes before, by any chance?”

He frowns. You think you see fear on his face for a second.

“Where did you get this?”

“I was told it belonged to my mother… So… have you?”

“I have, a long time ago…”

You’re getting anxious.

“What does it mean?” you ask him

He looks at you, surprise. “You don’t know?”

You shake your head no.

He chuckles.

“Can you… try to open it?”

He furrows his eyebrows. He tries anyway, but fails. “Sorry, love”

You sigh, disappointed.

“What does it mean? The runes, you said you’ve seen them before?”

He points at the first rune. “This, means water, then you have air, nature and finally, fire”

The four elements.

“What does it mean? I don’t understand” you sigh again and shake your head.

“It means, if it did belong to your mother, then your mother was probably an elemental. Which means, you are probably like her.”

You furrow your eyebrows “What’s an…elemental?”

“Something, or in this case somebody, who has the power to control an element. I believed that all the elementals were dead. Obviously I was wrong.” He says, grinning at you.

“No, I’m not… I’m human”

“Can you open it?” he asks

You sigh. “I didn’t try”

“What are you waiting for, love?”

You shake your head. “I don’t want to open it. I know I’m human, I can’t control fire or… or anything.”

“Well, how do you know? Have you tried?”

You look up at him. “No”

“Then how can you be sure?”

You stay silent for a while. Looking at each other.

“Well, I have a sister to rescue. Tell me if you manage to open it”

You nod but he was already gone.

You were standing in your attic for quite a while after that. Staring at the chest. An elemental? Controlling the elements? All that was ridiculous.

You sigh. You put your hands in each side of the chest, certain that it wouldn’t open. But it does.

  • I have a headcanon that, when meeting other superheroes for the first time, Clint Barton waits until they're just about to say their name and then deliberately turns off his hearing aids just to mess with them.
  • ***
  • The Punisher
  • Hawkeye: You're... The Undershirt? I dunno, man; I'm sorry, but that just doesn't sound very intimidating.
  • Punisher: No, I said that I'm The Punisher!
  • Hawkeye: You purchased what, now?
  • Punisher: Black Widow wasn't exaggerating about you...
  • Wolverine
  • Hawkeye: You're Walgreen's? Isn't that some sort of copyright issue? I mean, I'd hate to see the paperwork for those naming rights, y'know?
  • Wolverine: I am not Walgreen's. I am Wolverine.
  • Hawkeye: Maybelline? Impressive, I thought that one would be even harder to get ahold of. Makes a statement about gender and social constructs, though, so there's that.
  • Wolverine: Kinda wish we weren't working on the same side right about now...
  • Hawkeye: *has hearing aids back on* Why's that?
  • Wolverine: So I could get away with stabbing you.
  • Spiderman
  • Hawkeye: Diaper Pan? Kid, I would seriously reconsider that name if I were you.
  • Spiderman: You literally JUST saw me web-swinging around New York City, I KNOW you can figure out what my name is! I am Spiderman, okay? Spiderman!
  • Hawkeye: Diaphram? You have sound powers or something?
  • Spiderman: How did you even hear -- SPIDER. MAN.
  • Hawkeye: Ohhh, so you're a bug dude!
  • Spiderman: Spiders aren't even bugs. They're arachnids. How many times do I have to tell people that? Do I have to hold some kind of insect vs. arachnid seminar for the whole freakin' city or something? This is getting ridiculous, I can't believe...!
  • Hawkeye: *self-satisfied smirk*
Oh come on! (Sam Wilson x Reader)

Request with 20: Just admit I’m right! And 84: I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.

Being in the avengers was a constant rush of adrenaline so on days you weren’t needed you liked to relax without feeling like you were about to die. Sam apparently didn’t agree with that idea.

You weren’t entirely sure how this had happened but you were standing in front of seemingly the biggest roller coaster you had ever seen. You glanced over at Sam who had a wide smile on his face. You smiled despite your pounding heart at the excited joy on his face. It was rare to see that smile on his face. It was different then the smile he kept on his face during normal days. This one was more innocent and excitable. He glanced over at you directing that smile towards you.

“You’re gonna love this. It’s the scariest roller coaster ever!” He nudged you playfully with his elbow.

“You know if I wanted to feel like I was about to die I would have went with Steve.” You argued staring up at the big drops and curves in front of you.

“Oh come on! It’s gonna be so much fun.” He laughed, “besides everyone feels like they’re about to die around Steve. He just drags you into things.”

“That’s very true.” You agreed laughing.

The two of you joked around in line and you felt your anxiety fading a little. Sam was making you laugh with his impressions of every other avenger and you felt yourself getting closer and closer to him. He didn’t move away even though the line was spread out. But everything ended when the two of you were next in line. You felt your heart start pounding again and your hands were shaking.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.” Your voice shook as you sat down where they told you.

“I’m so excited.” He laughed as the harness was locked.

“I’m gonna die.” You huffed terrified.

He grabbed your hand holding it tightly. You squeezed it in fear and he smiled over at you. You tried to smile back but the roller coaster took off. You screeched as it did closing your eyes. You screamed the whole time gripping his hand and the harness. When it came to a stop your stomach seemed like it was still at the top of the drops. Getting off your legs were shaking as Sam dropped your hand. He took it again though as the two of you walked away from the coaster.

“Admit or I was right you loved it.” He grinned.

“I hated it. I’ve never been terrified.” You deadpanned.

“You literally fight bad guys everyday. You have been shot, stabbed, and blown up by a robot. How is a roller coaster what scares you? You literally have superpowers!” He stared at you shaking his head.

“Okay I have control when I get stabbed. And I’m psionic. I don’t have superpowers. Besides you can fly why do you do these?” You huffed.

“Because it’s fun. I like the feeling of the drops.” He explained.

“Fine. Next time you ask me to hang out with you it better be to get dinner or something not a roller coaster.” You laughed teasing him back.

“Would you go get dinner with me?” He stopped suddenly.

“You mean like a date?” You said after a few moments.

“Yeah. Like a date.” He smiled at you hopefully.

“Yes. I’ll get dinner with you.” You laughed and he grinned pulling you into a hug.

“If you ever pull me onto a roller coaster again though I will light your ass on fire.” You threatened.

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Hance. Lance slipping into Hunk's room ostensibly to chill but actually because he's used to sleeping where there's more people-made white noise (be it in their shared Garrison dorm or at home where his older sister snores like no other and his cousin who is somehow always over stays up super late into the night on his phone) and he can't sleep well feeling so isolated. It turns into a cuddle session and falling asleep curled up together.

That sweet Hance action imma cry just two bros and THEIR BUDDING LOVE. (Though this is early in their romance. And short. OTL)

Outer space was silent.

Outside of the Castle’s walls there was nothing but the void. No birds chirping, no water flowing, no wind blowing. The thought filled Lance’s head until he kicked off his sheets and rolled up and off his bed. He’d never slept alone back home. There was always someone in the house, whether it had been his older siblings or his nieces and nephews. Sleeping alone now, with that vast emptiness on the other side of a few (okay a lot) metal walls, seemed impossible.

He grabbed his pillow and walked out of his room, heading for Hunk. Pidge would have literally thrown him out of their room on his ass. Keith would have stabbed him. Shiro would…well, Shiro might have been down for a sleepover but that would have been super awkward to say the least. Hunk was his go to option.

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