literally stabbed in the back okay

Our anons: Okay but neo-Nazis may literally hate you and call for the extermination of people like you, but are they actually causing you physical harm at this exact moment in time? Unless they are literally stabbing you right this second they are simply holding an opinion and should be respected. It’s only once they start murdering you that you may fight back and ONLY then. It’s just words, kill them with kindness for now.

I have so much feelings over Kaz and Inej he literally lost his mind when she was stabbed and then took two days to work up the courage to talk to her what a dork??? He wants to bottle her laugh and get drunk on it every night like what sappy shit Kaz I can’t deal he just wants Inej hE WANTS HER TO STAY AND HE CALLED HER HIS GIRL AND I’M STILL NOT FINE HE’S GONNA CAUSE SO MUCH SHIT TO GET HER BACK JUST FUCK ME

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Okay but is Laurent a "drives 15 miles above the speed limit Safety First" type of driver, a "drives the exact speed limit and judges/yells at everyone else" type of driver, or a "drives no slower than 20 miles above the speed limit. You see the face of G-d at least once while he's driving. Stop signs are suggestions. Safety Tenth" type of driver.

UM do you remember in kings rising how he took his stabbed injured ass and literally hightailed it the fuck back to camp before damen just so he could deliver the “hello, lover” line?? LAURENT FLOORS IT 

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9) Do they trust easily? 10) What is their favourite colour? 11) Diplomatic or aggressive?

9. Do they trust easily?

No, Aki doesn’t trust easily. Given his track record of being stabbed in the back (quite literally in a few instances) by past coworkers and people he thought to be potential friends, there is rarely a time where Aki’s guard is down. Even when around the two beings he has come to trust to varying degrees, a small part of him still remains wary of growing close to them.

10. What is their favourite colour?

Aki’s favourite colour is orange and has been for quite some time!

11. Diplomatic or aggressive?

This one entirely depends on the situation. Believe or not, Aki honestly prefers to solve conflicts as diplomatically as he can manage even though it doesn’t always work sometimes. Volatile and violent as he tends to be at times, Aki struggles quite a bit when he finds himself in certain situations. If someone were to get up in his face and raise their voice over a matter he took part in—especially if it is someone he knows well— he’d back down near instantly and be utterly speechless when it came to defending himself. His response would most definitely be flight in this case.

If the same thing happened with a stranger though, unsettled as he’d remain, he’d make sure to hold his ground against the opposing party for the sake of keeping his pride intact. Only after the situation had either been diffused or the other individual parted ways would Aki retreat to a quiet corner of wherever he happened to be or take the time to go back to his home before he allowed his anxieties to take over thoughts.

If the matter involved someone he cares for though, Aki wouldn’t be against lashing at whoever was causing his friend grief and leaving them with a few extra bruises if he wasn’t restrained or told to hold his tongue.


Laura Hollis taught me persistence. That the fight will keep on going and sometimes you just have to be the one to hold up the mantle. That even if you’ve already given up, you can pick up the reigns yet again. That sometimes it’s not fair on you but if you don’t fight who will?

Carmilla Karnstein taught me its okay to fight just for your own reason. It’s okay to be selfish. If the only reason you’re fighting is because revenge or an annoying midget, and you love her, that’s enough.

Danny Lawrence taught me that just because I don’t ‘get the girl’, I’ve been through hell, or I’ve literally been stabbed in the back doesn’t mean I can’t make the right choices. Even if I’ve made some bad ones already.

Lafontaine has taught me that making the ‘right choices’ has consequences. That to act with apathy for the greater good is not always good. And you should never forget the little people.

Lola Perry has taught me friendship is the most important thing. That you may not understand where someone is coming from, but ultimately if you love them you accept them. Just because they don’t fit into your box doesn’t mean they don’t fit into your heart.

Wilson 'Brody’ Kirsch has taught me not to give up on my friends in their dark times. (Not that I’m chill with how Danny treated him) He also taught me that some guys do know what 'I’m not into you like that’ means. Also that Dbear is an awful nickname.

William Luce has taught me that it really sucks to choose the losing side. That just following orders doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences. Like dying.

J.P. taught me that a little research goes a long way, and its easier to categorize in a computer rather than on the shelves. Also that people can come through after a massive body transformation.


“Jude, don’t let that big fat liar come with us! He’ll just stab us in the back again!”

Freaking. Supernatural.

I just finished watching the new episode… HOLY HELL I WAS SOBBING IN LITERAL TEARS Call me lame or whatever bUT MISHA’S ACTING AND THE FACT THAT CAS WAS ABOUT TO DIE, DESTROYED ME Also, Mary Winchester…. *tries so hard to be calm* *fails miserably* Extra notes- -Crowley is freaking amazing -Sammy was badass when he stabbed Ramiel -LUCIFER MY CHILD IS BACK PLEASE LET IT BE MARK PELLEGRINO I’ll go freak out in a corner now

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I’ll Carry You

Okay here is my first request sent in by @kitorkonnor! Hope you enjoy it was super fun writing it. These two dorks are just so fun to write for I swear!!!!

Title: I’ll Carry You Rating: G Words: 1430

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“You know Partner, you’re surprisingly light.”

Yosuke laughed as he adjusted himself on Souji’s back. It was dark and he was too tired to care if anyone saw them as the two made their way home after an especially intense session of training in the TV world. His exhaustion must have shown after the two parted ways with the rest of the group, as Souji had offered him, quite literally, a lift back to Dojima’s house for the night.

“I bet you say that to all the girls,” He said into the Souji’s shoulder.

“Nope, just you,” Souji chuckled, he sounded tired too. Yosuke felt a stab of guilt for having the poor guy carry him.

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Okay but also in many ways Brooklyn Nine Nine has Zero Chill when addressing real world issues and I love that about it?


Literally equating ogling women to stabbing someone.

A black police officer walking into the workplace and being asked “are you here to hand yourself in?”

Kevin’s blunt “[my husband has been discriminated by people] who, quite frankly, look exactly like you” when talking to Jake, the young/white/cishet/male protagonist.

“I can’t make a woman’s choice for her!”

Bringing up real complaints against police brutality and racial profiling and making a statement by saying “tell us how we can change”.

Talking about Thanksgiving by saying “the pilgrims were murderers!”

I could go on, I really could.

You know, all these complaints about Barristan being killed the way he was because a warrior of his renown couldn’t possibly be taken down by by some (okay a couple dozen) Harpies in a tight space- it’s a little funny to me, because I think his show death was in line with the philosophies of the books. 

How many times have we seen/read of amazing fighters get killed in the books? People have these idealized versions of legendary knights or warriors but they’re just fairy tales. The reality is that they can be killed by an infected cut or a a boar’s goring, or stabbed in the back (literally) or with a sneaky cheater’s maneuver that lacks honor. They can lose a fight when they’re 70 years old and not wearing any armor and drawn into an ambush, no matter if they’re a living legend. Because since when is Game of Thrones or the novels about fair fights or the hero surviving?