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2d with a s/o with bpd or schizophrenia?

I spent about an hour and a half researching the two disorders on the NHS website, so I hope this is ok? If I’ve made any glaring mistake, just let me know and I’d be very happy to correct it

  • All he knows about either disorder is stereotypes, so he sort of muddles along with it, and then realises you don’t act anything like the stereotypes and eventually thinks “maybe I should read up on this"
  • Will constantly be checking you’ve taken your meds. Literally the first thing you hear in morning when you’re getting breakfast is “have you taken your meds?” and the last thing you hear before he says goodnight is “you took your meds today, right?“
  • Does checks with you before you go out to make sure you aren’t in a manic episode
  • If you hallucinate, he’s a little weirded out at first but he’s definitely probably taken hallucinogenics before, so he vaguely knows what it’s like
  • 110% ok with reassuring you that he does love you, and he does want to stay with you, because he knows that you can’t help but get insanely insecure about stuff like that
  • Will literally sock Murdoc when he says “what, so they’re fucked in the head?” upon finding out
    • Needless to say, Murdoc doesn’t open his mouth about it again
  • Will literally stay awake for days with you if you’re going through a depressive episode/can’t sleep
  • Whenever he gets even the faintest hint that you might be able to go into a manic episode every bottle of alcohol/medication is locked away
  • He makes sure you eat and drink enough, especially when you forget
  • Freaks out one day when he says something that unintentionally makes you burst into tears
  • At first he goes along with your impulses because he’s used to Murdoc doing dumb shit and he isn’t exactly the picture of perfection either
    • “Hell yeah let’s drive at 120mph down the motorway!”
    • And then he realises that maybe that’s not the best thing to encourage
  • He practically smothers you with affection, both verbal and physical, as it is, but the second you start feeling insecure, he ramps it up until the two of you are practically attached, and every word out of his mouth is something kind or reassuring

I am completely obsessed with this artwork by alekina right now of Harry trying to remove Draco’s Dark Mark, and I know I’m not the only one (I think half the internet is!) Absolutely everything about this is perfect, from the colours to the textures to the clothes design to that actual SNAKE on his arm, but I think what I love the absolute most is the way Harry is forcing Draco to look away.  Like, he knows what has to be done, and it isn’t pleasant, so he’s just getting on with it.  But there’s also something protective about it too. 

I have literally spent hours looking at this xxx

im still thinking abt that “my dinner date who is a dragon age fan” post because thats literally me. on one occasion i spent over a half hour ranting to juju about the injustices of the chantry and how the templars are bad and why i dislike sebastian. it wasnt even coherent it was just like “BLAH BLAH BLAH –/AND ANOTHER THING/” it just kept going on. i was in a michael’s craft store. i was very distressed

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How about a zeppelin song to dance too ? // endinburgh castle is about the size of Windsor Castle. Did you see the dollhouse in the Windsor castle it's supper big. What did you think of Oxford? ~Em

Yeah. I’m down for that. It’s a date

We had literally an hour and a half to get through Windsow Castle, half an hour was spent getting from the car park to the front gate and getting our ticket from our tour guide. I opted for the chapel so I could walk over Henry VIII’s face. The line for the Dollhouse was too long for us to get through so we didn’t get to do anything else. Sadly. :( Next time!


have a post from a half-dead me that I’ll probably delete after I wake up, if I remember 

me at 13: “I don’t know, don’t you think OCs are a little weird? I mean it could be just me but I don’t really see the appeal in creating something like that…”

Me now: “It’s going to be 3:30 am and I literally just spent the last four hours creating a blog for my OCs. They are my babies and I love them all so much. I’ve literally spent many restless nights thinking about them and I hope they know how much I care for them, even if I do give them really crappy lives. I hope none of my friends’ OCs are bullying them… I’ll start a fight don’t think I won’t.”

Amusement Park

REQUEST: Dan fingers yn on a roller coaster :3


A/N: So I spent literally all day thinking about this because the physics of it just don’t seem possible. All the bumping and jolting and acceleration of a roller coaster would make it dangerous. Dan could break his fingers or do some damage up there to the poor girl. So, I made it so it happens on a slower log-flume type ride that is long haha. I hope that’s okay!


“Ooh, let’s do that one!” you exclaim, pointing to the log flume ride with a grin on your face.

Dan groans. “Noooo,” he whines. “That one is boring. And it’s like a half hour long.”

You grab his hand and pull him through the amusement park towards the entrance to the ride, ignoring his protests. “We can make it not boring,” you say with a wink as you step into the ride. Dan looks at the two-person pods that make up the journey through the mock-river and smirks as he realizes what you’re getting at.

“Okay maybe this wasn’t the worst idea, then,” he admits. You smile up at him before leaning onto his chest, glad that he isn’t arguing anymore. He drapes one arm around you and pulls out his phone to play games while you wait in line for the ride. When you finally reach the front and your pod floats up, he puts his phone away and the two of you step inside.

As soon as you’re away from the crowd and floating downstream Dan hops over to your side of the pod. He presses his lips to yours eagerly and enfolds you into his arms, reaching one hand down to cup your bum. You giggle into the kiss, surprised by his eagerness but turned on by it nonetheless.

You reach up and hold his face in your hands, kissing him back passionately. You break apart for an instant to murmur, “We don’t have much time.”

He smiles against your lips and slides a hand up your skirt, grazing his fingertips over your panties and causing you to gasp. Your gasp makes his smile widen and you know you’ve encouraged him, for better or worse. He moves your panties to the side with his fingers and begins to probe you, lightly at first. Your breath hitches and he takes it as a sign to go deeper and faster. You move your hands, tangling one into his messy amusement-park hair and gripping his shoulder with another. He begins working your clit with his thumb whilst pumping two fingers in and out of you.

You squeeze your eyes shut, taking in every sensation; the feeling of Dan’s fingers, his scent mixed with the scent of the water from the ride, and the noises of the park surrounding you. Dan takes your eyes shutting as a queue that you’re close- which you are- and increases both the speed of his pumping fingers and the friction against your clit. A small moan escapes your lips and you feel his at your ear, “Shhh, baby,” he whispers, and his breath sends tingles throughout your entire body. “I know it’s hard, but you have to be quiet this time.” he places a small kiss followed by a nibble on your earlobe and you can’t take it anymore.

You release the tension that’s been building in your body for the past fifteen minutes. In an effort not to scream out Dan’s name, you tighten your grip on his hair and shoulder. He slows his movements to let you ride out your orgasm and doesn’t remove his fingers until he’s sure you’re finished. “Right on time,” he says, eyebrows raised as the ride comes to the drop off point.

“How was your ride?” the worker asks as he helps you out of the ride and back onto dry land.

“Amazing,” you say breathlessly, and he gives you a slightly confused look before shrugging it off.

“Your pictures will be available right over there,” he says, pointing to a booth down the path from the ride.

Your eyes widen, “Wait, pictures were taken?” you ask.

He nods, “Yes, there is one area on the ride where photos are automatically taken and available for purchase.”

You turn to Dan, whose face is a mask of horror. You both shuffle away and down the path, “What are we going to do?!” you say in a strained whisper.

“I don’t know! Maybe it’s not that bad?” Dan suggests.

“Not that bad?! You were fucking fingering me!”

“Maybe you can’t tell, I don’t know!” he says, and you both hush as you reach the booth. One screen is black and it says, ‘This photo is unavailable due to a graphic nature’ and you blush realizing that must be your’s. Your suspicions are confirmed when you see a female employee glaring at you and a male employee snickering and giving Dan a thumbs up.

“We’re leaving!” you announce awkwardly, grabbing Dan’s hand and rushing out of there as fast as possible. “That was the worst thing ever!” you say, your face burning with embarrassment. You turn to your boyfriend and see that he’s laughing so hard he can barely stand. “Dan!” you scold.

“Come one!” he says between giggles. “Lighten up. You know it’s funny.” Despite your best attempts to stop it, a smile creeps onto your face and you burst out laughing along with him. Although you know you’ll never be getting fingered on an amusement park ride again.

Behind this smiling selfie is a very upset girl. Let me explain.

I’ve been sporting my hair natural since October 2014, and today i mastered the much coveted wash n go (no braiding or twisting out of the shower to give it a defined look, just air dried. This is as natural as it gets) which makes my hair poof out into a perfectly round afro. Every other look I’ve tried has given my hair a somewhat “tamer” look, so I was was a bit apprehensive at first but then I thought “I’ve made it this far, I might as well own it”.

I proudly went to show my parents (I rarely feel confident enough to share anything with my parents, just to give you an idea), and my dad’s reaction baffles me.

After a bit of going around the bush to give a definite reaction and a lot of prodding on my part, he finally admitted that he wasn’t down. He explained that he was concerned about what other people would think; that they’d make negative assumptions about me based on negative stereotypes about black people. “Are you going to comb it?” he even asked, hinting that it was unkempt and unruly.

He was saying this to a girl who had just spent half an hour in the shower washing and detangling it. A girl who had spent years hating her natural hair. Who had been teased on the playground and called “laine de mouton” (literally “sheep’s wool”). Who had cried when first attempts to straighten it had failed because she never thought she could be beautiful. Who had then spent way too much money and time damaging it so she could finally pretty. Who was finally learning to accept and love the curls God gave her.

My dad himself is a black man, an immigrant from Ghana. I cannot understand what kind of internalised (excuse my potty mouth) bullshit this is.

Anyways… je m'en fous… it’s reactions like this that will make me aggressively keep sporting my natural do. If others will not accept my natural look, it is my job to show them that we also are beautiful, in our own way.

I saw BvS at one o’clock this afternoon in an empty theater with my best friend and a shitload of popcorn, and I have been thinking about it since. It’s the kind of movie you can’t help but think about. It’s the kind of movie that you can’t help but recap. I walked out of the movie recapping it to my friend. We spent our entire lunch trying to explain the movie to each other. When I got home, I held my mom hostage for half an hour as I recapped the entire movie to her. Hell, since Amelia and I were the only ones in the theater we spent the entire time watching the movie recapping it to each other. And when I say recapping, I mean literally we were just recounting what we had seen on screen. At one point when Batman was rescuing Superman’s mom, I burst out laughing not because of what was happening on screen (which was a pretty good fight scene), but because I was still remembering the Martha moment. And then I immediately reminded Amelia that that moment had, in fact and despite everything, actually happened. This is simply a movie that demands to be talked about, which is what I’ve spent the last five hours doing. Mom’s pointed out how very many times I’ve used the words baffling and inexplicable. That’s because this movie is the most baffling and inexplicable film I have seen in a long time. 

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Rosie the bearded dragon. She was an elementary school pet and probably fed only crickets for a few years before transferring to my high school in 2011. I met her while taking the class (Student Naturalist) my junior year. I hadn’t really taken an interest in lizards until I met the leopard geckos and the other beardie, a male named Phoenix. I was supposed to take HIM home for the long weekend, but someone else already did, so I looked and saw a skinny, sickly lil dragon named Rosie. At that point I wanna say she was approximately 4 years old and weighed under 300 grams.She was very dark brown and laying on sand, and was sent home with me in a container the size of a shoebox. Literally in a wide cricket container. And newspaper. And iceberg lettuce. When my mom came home and saw her cage, she sobbed uncontrollably. we went out and spent an hour and a half buying TONS of GOOD beardie food, worms, and crickets for us to experiment. When we came back home, this stinker pushed the lid (with holes) off the top and climbed out to sun herself!!
We unknowingly filled this 40-gallon tank with calcium-enriched sand (I know, it’s horrible to think about, right?) and she LOVED running around and being held by me, my brother, and eventually my mom, who hated reptiles before taking one look at this bearded baby.
A month later, she was put in the animal hospital for impaction from living on sand. We knew we had contributed to it by mistake and thought we were killing her. In 3 days, she was going to be euthanized if she didn’t pass any poo. The morning of the dreaded day (I am tearing up as I write this–I was HEARTBROKEN, to say the least at this point), I was informed that she did poop- A LOT- and had a lot of sand AND EGGS!!! This was the first of many times Rosie proved how much she wanted to LIVE!!
I am very tired and have the rest of her unbelievable story written on my computer, but I will leave these pictures from major highlights.
1) The day I first brought her home. I brought her home from school every single weekend (save for the times she was sick and the time this asshat signed up for Rosie before me–long story). See how skinny and dark she is? It was a long and confusing day for her. God bless her heart.
2) this was towards the end of the school year. I had a picture of her maybe two months prior to show how skinny she really was, but I was so distraught I couldn’t bother to find it. So have a Rosie balancing a sugar snap pea on her head. She had DOUBLED in size after staying with us for winter break!
3) I had kept her aaaallll summer and refused to bring her back when I was supposed to, because I knew she’d die if I did. After a lot of negotiation and sorta sneaking around the rules, one of the two StuNat teachers allowed us to keep Rosie!!!!! My makeup was messy because I was sobbing from such JOY. And I know Rosie was super happy from our happiness. And she now knows she’ll NEVER have to live in an aquarium tank next to a male’s tank who constantly harassed her ever again. She found us, found love and trust and lots of wax worms (her stomach is now too weak for crickets or mealies). In return, she changed my life for the absolute better. And our whole family’s, and everyone she has ever met, they just gravitate towards her loving spirit and her intelligence! So I had to include this pic from the morning we officially gained ownership of the baby.
4) Rosie running around our kitchen after glass-dancing for 15 minutes and scratching to get out. And I mean RAN around the kitchen!!!!
5) at my grandparents’ house in Minnesota. We did indeed take our bearded dragon on a 8.5-hour road trip from Kansas to Minnesota. She LOVED it, actually, she wouldn’t sit still half the time!!
6) hard to get homework or work stuff done when Rosie wants to make a collage on Photoshop. She does this every time she’s next to me and I’m on a laptop. “BETH. YOU’RE NOT SHOWERING ME WITH LOVE. GET OFF THE COMPUTER.”
We are Poncho’s biggest fans, and Rosie and I hope we can inspire others to educate and encourage beardie owners they know to research what is best for their dragon. And how beautiful a 500 gram lizard, with a pinky finger the width of a spaghetti strand that somehow has you wrapped around it twice over, really is, and the impact they can have on you. ❤️🐉

this is such a wonderful story oh my gosh!! ;_; I teared up a little tbh. rosie has a wonderful home with you. my goodness, the part about her going to be euthanized if she didn’t poop… poor baby. I’m so glad she’s gotten through the impaction (and the eggs!!) and she’s still with you today!! 

I’m so happy you fought to keep her. that’s so wonderful

HI TAYLOR!!! my dad spent 15 and a half hours on this guitar before surprising me with it!!!! he made it because he knew how in love i was with your sparkly guitar and he literally put each gem on there one by one and he’s so proud of it and really really really wants you to see it (he thinks you and me are best friends so he always asks why you havent seen it) ANYWAY WE LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!! taylorswift