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What are your opinons on the whole BNF vs the rest of us lowly fans thing that seems to be creeping in to the fandom (it's all fandoms realy I think but idk iIm only really in this one)

Oh geez. *rolls up sleeves*

First of all I think the whole “BNF” thing is a bit uncomfortable. I think it creates a bit of an unnecessary divide in the fandom, and it creates an us vs them dynamic that’s unhelpful for both sides. 

It’s not really helpful to put fandom creators on a pedestal. It’s uncomfortable for them, and often creates unrealistic expectations that they sometimes find it hard to live up to. They feel like they can’t post things unless they’re absolutely perfect, they can’t express their opinions without receiving considerable backlash over them. Well known fic writers and artists are not celebrities or big corporations. They’re just normal people who are trying to have fun. Just because someone gets thousands of notes on their art, or writes fic that has hundreds of thousands of hits doesn’t mean they’re automatically obligated to be a role model or some kind of shining example to look up to. It also doesn’t mean that they’re better than anyone else, and thankfully I don’t think I’ve come across anyone in this fandom who would be considered a BNF who is anything but gracious.

It’s also not helpful to everybody else to put fandom creators on a pedestal, because it creates an unattainable standard that a lot of people feel like they can’t live up to, and so they become disheartened and end up pulling away from producing their own content. Less content and more unhappy people is bad for everybody. 

It’s just the way the world works that some people are always going to be more popular than others. A lot of the people you would consider to be a ‘BNF’ have been working at this for years. They’ve spent time building up a following and perfecting their craft, so it’s probably slightly unfair to just dismiss their hard work and success just because they’re a “BNF”.

To some extent I do agree that there can be a bit of an imbalance in the kylux fandom in particular, where anything posted by the more well known people is instantly popular, and often things by smaller creators can get buried under that. That must be incredibly tough to pour your heart into creating something, only for it to be forgotten, so I can see why people can start to harbour a bit of resentment towards more successful creators, but being jealous and spiteful isn’t going to make you more successful within a fandom. 

Overall, I can see why the dynamic of “fandom famous” people vs everyone else exists, and I can see why it can lead towards some level of resentment, but a lot of the time the supposed ‘BNF’ aren’t exactly thrilled with being classed as that, so the whole thing is pretty terrible for everyone involved. 

I’m totally not overwhelmed at all lolollansnzbsbananzbsjska


I wanna fly with you above the end.
I promise you I’ll be a better man again. [x]

I have spent all day fiddling (heh) with a smut scene in one of my stories. I feel like it took forever even to get someone naked, and it’s far from done, but one of the characters FINALLY got off, so now I’m sufficiently relaxed to get some sleep.

And people say art doesn’t mirror life…

This is probs my fave… Like, it just turned out so well. I literally gave Hinata wings… I’m even done with myself at this point :3 *is in the ninth circle of sports anime hell*


I traded my starry make-up for smudges, dust, and the grime of the earth as of late. Meaning I’ve joined the Miner’s Guild in Ul’dah. All in all, it’s worth it. 

Though I’ve been to the far corners of the world, down into dungeons with seemingly no end, there’s something simple and pleasant about riding out to far edges, farther than even most monsters go, unrolling pick and hammer and tooling the earth rather than searching for fights. It’s soothing. Relaxing even.

Not that it isn’t hard work. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything so laborious. Literally breaking stone and rock larger than myself for bits of treasure tinier than my toes! My shoulders ache just thinking about it. And the miles I’ve walked to get to a ‘good’ spot. It wears me out remembering it. Whoever came up with this job was desperate, mad, or both. 

But I get it.

I’m not as seasoned as other members of the guild, but I’m proud of my share of the ore and precious stones I bring back to the safe. One of these days, part of the renovations will be made with things I’ve gathered. It gives me a sense of pride different to everything else.

I just need to remember to clean all those muddy tracks up. Eventually.

all i ever do is shitpost on this blog now but like rly wat else can i do?? i mean jusT LOOK AT THem


im yoongi

Drew: The Face In My Dreams (for Priscilla)

It was late and rain pattered endlessly outside the window, but you didn’t mind. It was warm and cozy inside where you were curled up next to your boyfriend Drew on a pile of blankets on the floor next to the fireplace. The flames crackled happily as Drew traced his fingertips lazily down your arm.

“Drew?” you asked, breaking the silence.

“Hmm?” he hummed in response.

“Tell me the story again,” you insisted, a smile lighting up your face as you thought of it.

“Priscilla,” he laughed, vibrating through his body into yours, “Ive told you the story a million times!”

“Yeah but you tell it differently every time. Please?” you asked, looking up at him from underneath your eyelashes.

He sighed, defeated, and said, “Alright, alright, but this is the last time!”

You smiled because that was what he said every time and snuggled in close, ready for the story.

“Okay, so, once upon a time there was this guy. He was completely and utterly lonely. He had no one to connect with, no one to share his emotions and thoughts with. He wanted someone so badly that he began dreaming about this wildly gorgeous girl. The first time she showed up in his dreams he thought it was just a random figment of his imagination, but after days upon days of dreaming about her face and her beautiful smile, he was convinced she was real. He resolved to find her if it was the last thing he did.

"So he looked for her everywhere he went. He felt deep in his heart that she was real and that he was dreaming about her for a reason. He truly believed it, even though when he told his friends about her, they thought he was crazy. So he kept quiet about it but he still looked for her. A few times he thought he saw her, at the grocery store picking out salad dressing, at the beach stretched out on a towel, on the other side of the road walking her dog, but every time it turned out not to be her.

"After months of searching, he was ready to give up. He was almost convinced that the girl he’d dreamed about didn’t exist. It must have been fate’s way of laughing in his face that on the very day he decided to stop looking, he finally found her.

"He had decided to walk around the park in his neighborhood that day, and as he rounded a corner in the path, he saw a girl with dark curly hair sitting cross-legged against a tree, her head bent over a notebook. He didn’t even have to see her face to know that it was her.

"It took him the longest five seconds he’d ever experienced to grab a handful of the prettiest flowers he could find on the side of the path and jog over to where she was sitting. As he approached, she looked up and he almost caught his breath. She was even more gorgeous in real life. She had the cutest confused expression ever as he handed her the flowers and told her that someone as beautiful as her deserved beautiful flowers. He introduced himself and she did the same, and finally he had a name to match the face he’d been dreaming about for months. Priscilla. And… you know the rest,” Drew finished lamely, shrugging in an embarrassed way.

You giggled and buried your face into his chest, hiding your broad grin. “You know, it’s kind of creepy that you dreamed about me for months,” you mumbled into his skin.

He let out a guffaw of laughter and kissed the top of your head. “I guess so, but I think it’s pretty romantic if I say so myself.”

“I’m still not even convinced it’s true,” you said.

You glanced up to see his expression, which was mock horrified. “Priscilla, I can’t even believe you’d suggest something like that. I’d never lie to you.”

You childishly stuck out your tongue out at him and he chuckled. “Im so happy I found you,” he sighed, pulling you back down to his chest. “I don’t know what I’d do without you. I love you, Priscilla.”

“I love you too, Drew,” you murmured, smiling sleepily up at the love of your life.

GUYS regardless of if I get accepted to a UCLA or not, I did the best I have ever done on my interview and audition. Literally I am so proud of myself I want to CRY I just feel like I represented myself very well. Very happy. Very happy. AND I was listening to shake it off before it was my turn and it got me so pumped thank you taylorswift . I feel like I’m on top of the world.