literally screaming at him to stop being so adorable

What I've learned from stanning pentagon for 4 days

-shinwon is a stripper
-hongseok is a hoe (but I’m lowkey living for it)
-wooseok is actually the most precious child in the entire world please protect him
-hui has a really ugly cry
-e'dawn never stops screaming
-kino is an actual king I can’t believe he invented the world
-I can’t believe yan an invented being the most beautiful living creature in the entire universe
-he honestly slays my ass with his high notes
-yeo one is the actual sun itself and you can’t tell me otherwise or I’ll fight you all
-honestly yuto is such a legend for laughing at one of the members fucking up with that hentai thing
-honestly from what I learned pentagon is a mess and I’m now glad that I stan them

**Feel free to add anything else that I may have missed**

11 Reasons why I love Dylan O'brien

So this is a masterpost because I just have so many pictures of him saved on my computer that it’s probably unhealthy and scary… But I thought I should share his beauty to others… heh XP

its kinda long.. but hopefully worth it! :3

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