literally saving the best to last. they have ruined every other ship for me

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Any Kai headcanons?

jazz hands

  • *bursts into an enemy base* “I’m here to kick ass and eat cake. And cole just ate all our cake”
  • Kai himself is flame resistant, but you know what’s not?
    • his clothes
    • Wu was a fool and didn’t make sure his first gi wouldn’t burn if he went through fire
    • so Kai is super excited when he gets his power and is like “IM TOO HOT, HOT DAMN” and runs through a fire and cause he can’t feel it he doesn’t realise that everything he is wearing is on fire until he goes “wow it’s feeling a bit breezy”
  • Kai: hi my name is Kai with a b and I’ve been afraid of insects my entire life-
    Cole: stop stop stop, where?
    Kai: hm?
    Cole: where is the b
    Kai: tHEre’S A bEE??
  • I know everyone makes fun of Kai because he’s like “ooh I’m so good looking” but like. he’s gorgeous ok. he’s just an idiot sometimes.
    • the most beautiful green eyes you’ll ever see in your whole life?? you can get pale green or blue-green eyes but his eyes are like emerald green holy mac n cheese
    • “my scar adds character”
    • has the smoothest skin 12/10 would kill to have skin like his
      • Jay: how do you have such clear skin
        Kai, kicking his moisturisers and face washes and concealer under the bed: haha idk I just roll out of bed
    • he’s not like super shredded but he’s toned he takes good care of his abs
    • always smells so nice?? is always being sniffed by people he just smells rly good. No shame.
  • he’s so done with Wu all the time because when will he stop lying
    • Wu in season 1: and that’s everything you need to know
      Wu in every season after: syke binches I’ve been lying to you all this time
    • so Kai is always like why do you always do these things
    • “is your real name even Wu”
    • “where’s Wu” “idk probably lying to us all”
    • *half of ninjago city blows up* “I bet this is all Wu’s fault and he’s not told us again”
  • the real reason he is so clean shaven is because he couldn’t grow a beard no matter how hard he tried, he obviously didn’t receive those genes from his dad
  • ok so he’s the biggest Lord of the Rings nerd in the whole world
    • has read the books like a million times
    • will always reenact the classic “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” scene with Lloyd’s help because he can be the balrog on fire and Lloyd can make cool flashing lights
    • “literally what is the point in Frodo, Sam is obviously the true hero”
    • will recite one of the many inspirational speeches Aragorn has given on the way to battle
    • he can pretty much recite all 3 films word for word 
    • “one does not simply walk into the time twins’ lair”
    • “I would like to say that I hate Pippin but I know if I were ever on a quest he would be me”
  • Nya made him a thin gold bracelet when they were little and figuring out the blacksmith stuff and he still wears it now he loves it

Everyone aboard the angst train choo choo

  • jokes about it but is really self conscious about his scar
    • he’ll never tell anyone how he got it but let’s just say when he lost his parents he got himself into a bit of trouble doing a lot of things he really shouldn’t have done
    • like he knows he’s pretty but he hates his scar and he thinks it’s ugly and ruins his face and is a horrible reminder of one really stupid thing in particular he did which would have left Nya on her own as a tiny kid and he can never forgive himself for it
    • he knows he’s lucky to have got off with just a scar but still
  • he’ll feel like a complete failure a lot of the time because he promised to look after nya and then she got captured
    • then she became a samurai and ended up looking after him more than he did her
    • then he promised to look after Lloyd and Lloyd got captured
    • so he feels like he’s constantly breaking his promises and he hates himself for it.
  • he knows the guys are joking when they make fun of him but after a while it starts to nag at him, cause maybe he is the least valuable and has progressed the least
  • he’s always had trouble with his temper but he’s never addressed it because he’s like idc, but now that he’s unlocked his power he’s really scared of himself and the things he can do
    • because he bottles stuff up until it just bursts out, he was really angry and tired and cole made some snide comment about his leadership skills, and Kai snaps at him and sets the whole ship on fire and nearly burns Cole and if the other ninja hadn’t been there to help get him out then Cole probably would’ve died
    • so yeah he’s scared that letting his emotions out is going to hurt people because he can’t control it so he’s like “conceal don’t feel :))”
    • and because he conceals and doesn’t feel it makes it worse
  • he screws up a lot as leader because he wants to be perfect.
    • Cole was the leader first and then it fell on Lloyd as soon as it could, so he’s never had the chance to prove himself.
    • but he gets so focused on making sure he’s leading right that he doesn’t consider the team
    • that’s also why he wanted to be the green ninja so bad, because he believed that he had the potential to be it if people would just give him a shot to keep improving??
    • he was looking after nya his whole life, and he doesn’t begrudge it because he loves her, but as a result he gave up a lot of opportunities so he could be there for her
  • oh does he push himself too hard and as a result get injured and really stresses himself out?? Cause he hates feeling like he’s always at the back of the group?? Cause he was the last one sensei picked up?? Heck yeah he does
  • he’s an insomniac first and a ninja second
  • when they find his dad again he’s really scared to spend time with him because he’s so worried he’s going to have disappointed him because he hasn’t done enough
    • and how is he supposed to live up to his dad’s legacy? The original master of fire who forged the time blades with his mum and like literally saved the whole of ninjago
  • I mentioned in my bro and sis headcanons for Kai and Nya that Kai dropped out of school so he could take care of her and give her the best life possible, so he’s really self conscious about how basic a lot of his knowledge is
    • he knows they’re joking cause they have no idea, but it really stings when the guys call him stupid
    • Which is why he shows off with the things he can do
  • call him a shameless flirt but really because of all of the above, he never got to hang out with a lot of people his age so he just likes being in the presence of others and has like no idea of any boundaries or how to communicate well, and people seem to respond best when he acts confident and flirty so that’s just how he is when he’s in a new situation
  • among his many unhealthy coping mechanisms, when he does something wrong he’ll do whatever it takes to make it right - even if you can’t really make it right.
    • so in finding a solution he’ll neglect himself and he won’t eat or sleep or shower and the team have to come down on him like a tonne of bricks, because that’s the only way they can get through to him
  • he’s also touch starved so he really craves a lot of physical affection but he doesn’t know how to ask for it or if you can even ask for it
    • he loves physical affection but he also hates it cause he has no idea what to do so he might be super huggy one minute and the next be really stiff and keep drawing away from you
    • just let him do his thing, he’s not being rude he just needs a bit of space sometimes cause he’s not used to it. Baby steps!
    • his body language is very easy to pick up on though cause he wears his heart on his sleeve so don’t worry it’s easy to read how he’s feeling

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

why do I ship NaruSaku? (aka my narusaku megapost)

[My submission for the final day of the NARUSAKU AUGUST EVENT, 2017]

This post is dedicated to all my fellow NaruSaku shippers, the ones who have gone down with this ship and yet continue to hold on to it, submerged in a sea of our perfect fanon. Enjoy this extremely long post about the pairing of Naruto and Sakura :) x

You may want to sit down with a cup of coffee/tea, find a comfortable environment, and just fill yourselves with shipper feels in order to read this.

So, why do we ship NaruSaku when it isn’t even canon?

Because it’s about a relationship that involves two individuals harbouring healthy feelings for each other, showing great respect towards each other and putting great trust in each other, facing great adversities and only coming out stronger than ever before, having developed an even stronger connection.

It’s not just the big, flashy, seemingly-romantic moments between them that draws me to them. It is, in fact, the smaller but significant interactions that makes me admire whatever Naruto and Sakura share. Throughout the manga, there have been several moments signifying the development of their bond, paving the way to the depiction of a more grounded and realistic relationship (at least, with respect to the Narutoverse and its foundation of “bonds”). 

Here’s a collection of some Naruto and Sakura moments from the manga, moments that make my shipper heart go squeee. Seeing them in a romantic light or not is up to you! I mean, NaruSaku as a BroTP is unbeatable, but this post will be more OTP-oriented. Feel free to keep these moments for yourselves ;)

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courting miss sætre (6/6)

Fandom: SKAM
Ship: Noora x William
Summary: Miss Noora Sætre has ambitions of spinsterhood; Mr. William Magnusson has other ideas.

(The wildly anachronistic regency era au that literally no one asked for)

Notes: Thank you so, so, so much to everyone who’s followed this story! It’s been insanely fun to write, and it means SO much to know that other people have enjoyed it too. Noorhelm and historical romance novels are two of my very favorite things, trying to combine the two with this fic was seriously like my Dream Project – every like and reblog and comment on this story made me over the moon happy, I love this fandom more than words <3 <3 <3


“I’m never forgiving my parents for this,” Eva declared.

Noora only had a few things left to pack; she’d started upon returning to the Mohns’ townhouse last night, before Mr. and Mrs. Mohn had even hinted that she’d need to leave as soon as possible, and had risen early to finish. “Eva…” She’d expected the dismissal. Keeping a scandal in their home, as their daughter’s principle companion, would do their reputation no favors.

“I haven’t forgiven you either.” Sitting beside Noora on the floor, Eva shook her head at the ground, loose hair spilling about her cheeks. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about Mr. Magnusson!”

“As you tell me everything?”

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Ramblings on TFA: The Most Expensive Adaptation of a Fanfiction Ever

I saw the movie at the midnight premiere on December 17 and I’ve been trying to process it ever since. Actually, I thought I would simply bottle up my feelings, but it’s useless and I need to get them out and rant. Overall, I’ve mixed feelings about TFA - they were moments and things I loved but overall I would call it a disappointment. 

This post contains spoilers 

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So i know i was late with this, but honestly after hearing what had happened and skimming over my timeline about the episode i had no desire to watch at all. This show has just gone down so much, but i stuck it out and watched because last week’s episode was actually good so i took a chance….welp.

Let’s just say i laughed ALOT during the whole time and not because anything was funny, but because of the amount of Damon apologists this show has made it was laughable. I have a dragging to do like my 6x02 review, because they’re trying so hard to make us forget Stelena but guess what you won’t. Julie again TRIED IT, but didn’t succeed. Here goes nothing!

Matt-Now i always complain that dear old Matty blue blue gets no storyline, but this episode might have sparked something new. Now i do think it was funny when Elena suggested that him and Jeremy patrol mystic falls for Sara knowing their track record with getting close to danger but with his connection to not only Tyler’s storyline, but Enzo’s i’m excited to see what his role in all this is. Should he be wary of Tripp? Hell yes, this man kills vampires and my guess is he knows Matt’s friends are vampires and would kill them with no hesitation. I just want to see Matt useful, he’s been pushed around since S1 its time for a change.

Jeremy-I’ve been hard on him these past few episodes and with good reason, because i think he should’ve been honoring Bonnie in a better way but he said something that gave me hope he’s not a lost cause. This whole time no one has said that Bonnie saved everyone else, but NOT herself until Jeremy said it and i respect him for that. They may have mourned her, but no one ever gives Bonnie the credit for what she does and how many sacrifices she makes. She sacrificed herself to give Jeremy back to Elena, to give Alaric back, Tyler, Stefan, and Elena herself and that’s no easy feat so for the show to acknowledge Bonnie like that i was surprised especially coming from Jeremy.

Alaric-Now this is where i think my laughing started, because when he told Jeremy that Damon killed his wife, but he “MISSED HIM!?”, i mean you know what Alaric may have had a bond over whisky a couple of times with him but friends i never called them. The one thing i liked about Alaric during S1-3 is that he tolerated Damon, but he never forgot who he was which was a cold, blooded-killer. There was a line there, but after S4 when he came back its like he forgot the kind of person Damon was and even encouraged him to go after Elena and that’s where i lost my respect for him. I’m still wondering why he’s here? He’s still trying to be that father figure to Elena and Jeremy but its not cute anymore and i don’t see it.

Tripp-I’m guessing he’s suppose to be the new “Alaric” van Helsing character now, and i don’t trust him or like him either. I trust he’s going to screw everyone over at some point but be killed soon after so i’ll tolerate him while he’s here. The only thing i liked was that he’s torturing Enzo, hope he kills him tbh.

Bamon-These last couple episodes i’ve been really liking the dynamic between these two and was almost on my way to being apart of the Bamily, but after this episode my train got halted in mid stride. First off let me say that Damon calling ANYONE a damn “man-child” is laughable in itself. He’s the fucking king of man-childs and got the nerve to call Kai that? No sir.Then, he again called Bonnie’s magic useless again which can I please remind you that her “useless magic” has saved your ass many times so please kill that noise because its getting very tired. I was also tired of Kai’s ass too because we find out he’s more like Damon than we thought.

Not only do these two sound alike, but he’s a damn psychotic warlock! Is it any surprise Damon and Kai got stuck in the same hell together? I have a separate review for what Damon revealed this episode but let me just say i see Kai’s purpose not being so easy. He wants to get out, but he’s also evil. He showed that he could control Bonnie’s magic and kill Damon so if he has to take them out to save himself he’ll do it. 

On a sidenote I still like Bamon, but he’s not good enough for her in my eyes. Bonnie deserves much better and that may be the stan in me, but its how i feel.

There was no Caroline in this episode, and sad to say but i’m glad she wasn’t. She’s been disappointing me this season and after last week I needed a break from her. Get it together, Care.

Stelena-Aww my babies! I like that they’re starting their beginning in a friend zone, because they’re not at a place to be back together yet. There’s still so much that needs to happen and repair between them that has to occur and its not there yet but they will find their way back to each other. That little proposal scene was adorable, and Elena encouraging Stefan throughout was so great because no matter what happens between them they’ll always be there for each other and its always been that way. I have hope we’ll see them again and if you think its the end for them then you haven’t been paying attention.

Sara Salvatore-SHE’S A SALVATORE! I REPEAT A BLACK SALVATORE! Not only is she black, but she’s what i like to call Damon’s karma and now i can’t wait for him to find out about her! Does this mean she’s Damon and Stefan’s great niece? Whatever, i’m just glad she’s here.

Now onto the dragging.

Elena-Wow, what a change being away from Damon makes! If this doesn’t convince certain people cough*DE fans*cough that Damon was the worst thing to happen to her then i don’t know what will because she acted like the Elena we’ve known since S1, there’s nothing “new” about her. THIS is the girl that fell off the bridge and died in the quarry, and i’m so glad she’s back. Not only is she now focused on the people around her, but she’s tuned into other emotions than her own. She immediately sensed something was wrong with Stefan and wanted to make sure he was okay, she’s mourning for Bonnie, for Caroline, wanted to hang out with Tyler and Matt, and worried about Jeremy for the first time since S4 and its so good to see because that’s the true person she is. This is how she should’ve acted after her change to a vampire. Caroline said a very important line that “being a vampire doesn’t change who you are, it only amplifies who you were”, and Elena never had that chance because of the sire bond but now she does.

I thought the last part combining with Alaric and Stefan was very important, she could’ve easily told Alaric to give her back the memories he erased but she didn’t and when she asked Stefan about how could she love Damon? that question really made me see that the sire bond did a lot more damage than I thought.

She’s right too, when she went off that bridge things did change. Now the sire bond didn’t kick in fully until 4x07 but the influence Damon had over her was different. In S3, she had feelings for him sure but other than that her heart was with Stefan and she chose him, that was FINAL. Once she embraced the darkness of Damon, the girl we knew was gone.

From mid S4, and all of S5 she was co-dependent on him and was so blind that she excused all of his wrongdoings even taking him back knowing he killed not only her best friend, but countless families. She was different with Damon in the worst way, and got CONSUMED in him literally. That’s NOT romantic, i said this in a previous post but, an all consuming love eats away at you until nothing nothing is left and that’s just tragic. When Elena heard what Damon said, looked at those pictures, and read that journal I think some realization came over her to know she didn’t want to go back to that life. Now they say “start over”, but how i see it its Elena starting back as who she was and that’s a good start.

Damon-HE.KILLED.A.PREGNANT.WOMAN. If any of you little Damon/DE stans still love this man after seeing the fuckery that was displayed then you need more help than i can give you. I don’t care if he’s making pancakes because of guilt or that he killed Zach and tried to kill Lexi because of guilt and you know why?

THAT RIGHT THERE. That sentence, and this was recent like S5 recent. Now the “refuse to change you” is BS, because he DID change Elena and for the worst. The point is that he will never change, he says all this shit about wanting to get back to Stefan but he’s done nothing but treat him like crap. He stole every little bit of happiness from him and has never once said he’s sorry. Stefan has sacrficed countless times for him, been there for him when he didn’t deserve it, and loved him unconditionally but Damon will never acknowledge that. This is why Defan is one-sided, because Stefan is the only one who i believe loves his brother. Everything Stefan told him in that flashback when he took his ring was true, and that the only thing he was good at was “existing”. He doesn’t even deserve Elena, he fucked up her life and treated her friends like toys to torture so he needs to stay the hell away from her. The most disgusting thing i saw was him flirting with Caroline’s mother, and years later as we know he rapes her daughter wtf? Am i suppose to feel sympathy for this man? I don’t at all. He’s selfish, abusive, and deserves his own eternity of misery. 

Stefan-I saved my baby for last, because my heart broke for him this whole episode. He’s trying so hard to dull the pain of his life so much and i hate seeing him once again suffer its like Stefan can’t catch a break. The one scene i focused on was when he let that man beat him to a pulp,and enjoyed it. He can’t handle losing his brother and wanted to to fill that void with a fake reality which has just been ruined too so he’s beginning to crack. Stefan’s my favorite character because he’s real, he’s compassionate, and has such a big heart but he’s got his flaws. Now we see him and he’s filled with guilt, sorrow, and anger so much has happened to him and he’s lost so much i can’t blame him at all. Now for everyone saying Stefan ships Delena, i have to disagree because did you really think he was going to bad mouth Damon to Elena? In his mind he’s lost Elena and wants her to be happy and sees that to be with his brother so he’s doing what’s in his nature and that’s being a gentleman and stepping back. He’s still in love with her and always will be, which is why i hate what the writers had him say in this episode about DE.

First off, again he brought up how he saw how she “embraced the darkness” with Damon? Now when was this, because him and Caroline in 4x07 realized Elena had been sired so the next episode he told Damon about it only to find out later on Damon didn’t break the bond and kept Elena sired only to take away her humanity? Nope don’t buy it at all.

In 4x04 Elena came to him after her trip with Damon and Bonnie to Whitmore where she went on a feeding frenzy and told him that she was ‘becoming someone she didn’t want to be’, and he told her to 'hold on’, so how exactly was that her 'embracing darkness’ if anything she wanted nothing to do with it. 

How did Damon make Elena happy in death was another question i had because i got a different vibe from what was shown.

Next, Stefan told her that “when damon died, a part of you died with him”, now how i saw it Damon and her got blown the hell up and when she couldn’t cope she started using drugs, and biting people to deal with her issues so what about that is romantic? None of it.

Now when he says “he inspired you” that’s where i had to stop watching and really understand what he said because let me show y'all something.

Now tell me is Damon doing anything inspiring here? NO, he’s the one who put Elena in this situation but i'l tell you who is inspiring and that’s STEFAN. He’s always known her better than anyone else, always her rock and listening ear whenever she needed it.

Damon didn’t inspire Elena to do anything but become the complete worst opposite of herself and that’s not something to be proud of. He’s always been on the outside looking in just like this scene above, a third party, which was his role all along.

Stefan’s not perfect, but he let Elena make her own decisions, loved her unconditional, there for her always and her friends, and cared about her family. He never held her back and brought out her best qualities as a person and was her choice when she was the best version of herself. You can sell Delena anyway you want to it doesn’t mean we have to believe it. They’re not soulmates and never will be, its always going to be Stefan even if it doesn’t look like it now it will be.

 Whew! I know that was long, but i wanted to get my point across and say my peace even though its really late lol! Well that’s my review and see y'all next week!

My Top 18 PLL Episodes Ever

This hiatus is killing me. I desperately need some PLL action and June just seems too far away. So, I decided to make a list of the best 10 episodes so far. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t narrow it down to 10, just to 18. PLL episodes are just TOO good to forget and hate. So in my opinion, these are the top 18 episodes to re-watch for a good thrill. Enjoy.

Spoiler warning. Don’t read if you haven’t caught up.

18)   Pilot 1x01

The Pilot may not be action-packed. Or it may be pretty PG if you compare it to recent episodes. But the Pilot started it all. It was the beginning of this amazing ride. Anyone who watches it just wants more. Not only do we get a glimpse from THAT night, but we get to meet all these amazing characters. Plus, that last scene still gives me the chills.

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the captain and the savior

summary: 7. rival superheros who are trying to protect the same small city oh hey we make a pretty good team AU. requested by literatiruinedme.

word count: ~ 1,800

rating: t. (implied violence, fires, etc.)

a/n: just altered small city to small town.

Storybrooke is a small town, but the crime never stops (dark crimes, too). What frustrates her though, is that there’s another person stealing the spotlight of saving people and enforcing justice. She’s not the only superhero anymore, and damn, does that make her blood boil in a way.

But it’s weird, to have these powers that no one else has, or would you rarely meet someone who has powers. Emma has the ability of duplication and enhanced hearing, and she’s always been quite talented at using her duplicated selves to listen closely to her enemies. It’s a benefit, but sometimes she may accidentally listen in on less than pleasant conversations around her.

Back to the point, however, is that Emma does not appreciate the other man or woman in her town stealing away the crime with the justice he or she provides. This is her town. Rival superhero be damned, she’ll encounter him or her soon enough.

When the biggest house fire strikes, and she hears the beginning of it all, well, it’s her to the rescue.

(Savior of Storybrooke, and all.)

She duplicates herself and heads into the building before David and the others can see (David knows, he’s the only one that does), trying to hear for herself for anyone that hasn’t escaped. There’s one person outside, but she reckons there must be more. But the sound of the sirens and the creaking of burning wood is disrupting her ability to listen intently.

Each version of her is looking around, climbing up the stairs, in every possible room and portion of the house. Her leather attire doesn’t do too well against fire and she’s sweating like a madman who’s completed his crossfit training.

“Better be careful there, love.”

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