literally same

Little friendly reminder: I’m all for Seis getting put in his place, punched, hit, stabbed, killed, and whatever other horrifying acts of violence can be committed to him.

With that said…

Don’t be surprised when he returns the favor.

acommonrose replied to your post: Can someone please make a comparison gifset of…

The two scenes are actually super similar, and I will 100% be giffing it once the episode is on Youtube


Late night and laying in bed.

I feel like I need to sleep. I feel like I have to wake up at the normal 5:30 routine. I feel like I have to do something and deal with problems at a place I was so used to.

But I don’t right now. I honestly think that’s what’s bothering me the worst right now.

But at least I have good distractions. I’ll just keep trying to push it out of my mind for now.