literally psyched

Juvia is definitely a stalker.

She even invaded Gray’s sub-conscious once…


…and a third time!

I mean, how far can she go? Not even Sigmund Freud would be able to solve this psychological stalking situation, because Gray is definitely not interested in her that way to actually think about this dangerous being on his own. Definitely not.

It’s canon Gray wouldn’t approve her stalking tendencies. Yeah she stopped about 400+ chapters ago but how can you justify the invasion of Gray’s psyche? She literally has no control of herself. Poor little abused and harassed Gray-sama. We shall call the police maybe. Juvia definitely needs to be reclused in a corner where she cannot stalk him. Freud send help pls.


lmao guys I suck at irony but I needed to write this down.

Juvia Lockser isn’t a stalker and Gray definitely loves her approves her, as more than a friend too.

But he isn’t the only one…

FRIENDLY REMINDER Silver Fullbuster actually left Gray in care of Juvia ( to his stalker omg what kind of father would do that!1! Did she brainwash him? Is Silver anti-gray too?) in other words: HE GAVE HIS BLESSING TO THE COUPLE.

Father’s approval? Mh, a pretty big deal in Japan don’t you think?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Going back to school be like....

Person: What you do during break

Me *thinking*:

Me: *Sweats nervously*

Me: Nothing much. HBU?

wow i can’t believe i just found a respected university that doesn’t have an application fee, doesn’t require a high school diploma, has a sturdy lgbtq+ support policy, and where students are described, in one review, as “driven, tired, and gay” i’m living y'all it’s perfect here i come

Fanfic Rec list PART 2!

Fanfic Rec List Part 2: (All stories found on AO3. I would do the cool link through the title thing but that requires tech skills that I don’t have… cause I have none… I can barely post on tumblr)

Satisfaction Brought it Back @siderealsandman

I am not going to lie- when I saw Miraculous Ladybug and BDSM in the same tag set I was hesitant. However eventually I caved to the high kudos ratings and I am SO glad I did. This story is an absolute gem. Not only does it handle a somewhat controversial subject with breathtaking sensitivity and care, but the actual build up of the romance is some of the best I have seen in the fandom. It is the best kind of slow burn (in a smut fic no less??? ) and leaves you really cheering for the characters. (This is NSFW so know that going in) 

Trouble in White @imthepunchlord

Another author with many great titles to their name, however this one in particular jumps out at me. Anyone who has ever had a longer than 2 minute conversation with me about fanfics would know that i am a very harsh judge of soulmate AUs for a variety of reasons, so the fact that i have 2 on this list is saying something. This fic also did something very refreshing with the “Chat Blanc” troupe which is what caught my attention in the first place. The story really emphasizes what Adrien and Marinette can bring to each other in a relationship by taking away the Ladynoir dynamic and having them building to the same sort of trust and support in a more round about way. A great read that I highly recommend. ^_^

Summer in the City kali_asleep (don’t know tumblr url ::sobs:: ) 

This fic is just so fun! And sexy. Getting to watch Adrien struggle with his feelings for Ladybug and dedication to her while being attracted to his classmate is just endearing. This is only 3 chapters long (with an additional explicit sequel for you sinners out there) so if you want something quick to brighten up your day I highly recommend it.

A Wolf by the Ear by Anthemyst  ( @miraculouspaon on tumblr)

Straying off the beaten path a little bit- this is a HawkNath Soulmate AU.

Yes you heard me.

This is worth every second of your time to read it. From Nathalie’s POV it’s a great look at dealing with a difficult situation and a difficult person and finding the balance between being forgiving and knowing when it’s time to punch someone in the face. (Literally)

Psyche by poppicock ( @gabriel-fucking-agreste on tumblr)

My other “Older generation” rec on today’s list- this was a story that was actually recommended to me and I am going to be honest- I was a little skeptical going in. I tend to not get invested in “Alternate” miraculous users (and by that I mean things that are highly unlike in canon or directly contradict canon). Nothing wrong with them just not something that really clicks for me. However this story sold me. Nathalie centered again and Gabe/Nath ship based, this story really hits home with the “Agreste Family Feels” as I like to call them. The lore building was really neat and I did NOT see the plot twist coming- which is not something I say often. This fic is a great example of why it’s a good idea to be willing to look outside your normal ship zone. It can be worth the adventure.

Won’t Tell as Soul/The Weight of Jade @thelastpilot

Turtle!Nino I will continue to be devoted to the hope of you happening someday ^_^

I will be shocked if you guys don’t already know about this universe, but even so it deserves to be called out. I adore the dynamic that is established between Nino and his assorted friends as well as seeing one of my favorite characters get the development they deserve. The other thing I love about this story is that at least from what I saw, the writing gets better every chapter, and I love seeing a good author (I had already read several of Pilots earlier works at this point) truly find their voice.

Talk to Me by 1004_Angel ( @the-noble-idiot  on tumblr)

Ok I am going to admit this now- I am a sucker for Non-magic AUs. I will always give them a shot when I am scrolling through AO3 looking for new fics. This one caught my attention and kept the same engaging, fun dynamic that got me hooked all the way through to the end. There is a really nice balance of tension where we get to see the characters dancing around each other’s lives without feeling like it is being drawn out just for the sake of torturing the readers.

You don’t Know Me @ferisae

OK, so I am not usually all about the angsty train- and this story definitely cranks the the angst dial up to the max. (Seriously give poor Chat a break my poor baby!) However the story is wonderfully compelling and this is one of the few fics I have walked away from remembering the akumas we have encountered because of the attention and care given to the action sequences, which I really appreciate seeing in a fic. Tom and Sabine feature heavily as well and they are just such a blessing. If you don’t mind crying your eyes out, this is a well done story that is worth getting invested in.

If you missed part 1 you can find it here:

I am also doing a Fanfic Rec page link on my main tumblr as I still have a LOT more to do >_<  and I figure that is a better way to keep it easy for people to find if they want it! (Plus then I can just add things as I read/reread them) 


Simon wasn’t sure why the situation warranted getting flowers.

Sure, he knew that when people were in the hospital, you were supposed to bring flowers. But he thought that flower hospital visits should be reserved for people who were gravely ill or enduring an especially painful surgery.

Jace did not deserve lilies just because he was getting his tonsils removed. But Alec was covering food, Isabelle was covering movies and most other recovery entertainment, and Clary was covering general comfort with her healing presence. So Simon would feel a bit guilty if he didn’t arrive at the hospital with something for his ailing friend.

And what did you buy for sick people? He’d considered bagels, but that might be hard to swallow for someone who had just gotten their tonsils ripped out, literally. So he psyched himself up, felt a pang of regret for not taking Allegra, and entered Santiago’s Flowers with bravery.

It was a damn shame that Simon was allergic to flowers. They were beautiful, and he use to love going to the botanical garden when he was a kid and his reactions weren’t that horrible.

The small shop was literally overflowing with flora. Brightly painted pots held plump, bright plants that proudly bloomed in the sunlit space. Tangles of vines spilled from hanging pots, some leaves brushing against Simon’s hair as he navigated through.

He sneezed three times before he even got to the register. But hey, it was a pretty sight.

“Be with you in a second!” A voice called from a back room, where the sound of trickling water could be heard if Simon listened closely. There was a particular plant on the counter that had tiny white flowers blooming every few inches. Simon rubbed his finger carefully over a petal and was amazed that something so soft was so natural and real.

“It’s jasmine.” The voice said, closer this time. Simon looked up to see a man about his age, with tendrils of black hair that resembled the wild ivy above them. He had a light spattering of freckles over his nose and spilling onto his cheeks and a small smile on his face as he regarded the plant fondly, like it was an old friend. “It represents dulcis amore. Sweet love.”

His voice was like honey. The whole thing, with the flowers and the beautiful person and the bright colors was like a scene straight out of a movie. Simon could’ve used this opportunity to say something smooth in return, but instead he sneezed. Again.

“God bless you.” The man said, raising his eyebrows. He looked amused. “I’m so sorry.”

“Uh, about what?” Simon said, rifling through his bag to look for Kleenex.

“Allergies are the worst. I am blessed to not have them. I couldn’t imagine not being able to be around flowers.” The man said matter-of-factly. He looked genuinely sympathetic, which was endearing. His name, according to the teal tag that was attached to his apron, was Raphael.

“I can be around them, technically.” Simon said with a shrug. “It’s just a little, uh, inconvenient. It’s worth it, though.”

Raphael smiled, seemingly satisfied with this answer. “So what can I do for you?”

“I need flowers.” Simon blurted, and then laughed a little nervously. He wished he could blame acting like an idiot on the allergies, but that was all him. “I mean, obviously. Uh, I just need something pretty? Something that’s kinda calming to look at.”

“Color preference?” Raphael asked.

“Yellow.” Simon said firmly, knowing without a doubt that it was Jace’s favorite.

Without another word, Raphael walked away from the counter and entered the maze of the store. Simon waited, unsure if he was meant to follow or not. This guy was cute, honestly, and Simon knew that he probably looked a little gross right now, what with his running nose and red eyes. He didn’t want to worsen the situation.

The flower boy returned a few moments later, carrying a vase of bright yellow flowers that billowed from the glass and dangled elegantly from their stems, each one a little work of art.

“Yellow lilies.” Raphael told him. “Pretty and cheerful. Perfect for you.”

Simon didn’t know if he was going into anaphylactic shock, or if the cute guy was actually flirting with him.

“I’ll take them.” He managed to say. He was rung up quickly and he scrawled his signature on the receipt, which Raphael examined.

“Thank you for your business, Simon Lewis.” Raphael said with a calm smile. “Come back soon. Maybe with medication, if that helps?”

Simon replied with something completely unintelligible and stumbled out, clutching at the vase with an iron grip. He couldn’t get the image of freckles out of his head as he made his way to the hospital and up to Jace’s room, where his friends were all gathered around a sleepy and subdued Jace.

“Hey,” Simon greeted quietly, making sure not to jar his friend with too much volume. He set the flowers on the side table, adjusted so that Jace could see. “How’s he doing?”

The question was directed at the alert and conscious people in the room, but Jace answered it himself in his raspy, whining voice.

“He’s dying. He’s already dead, actually, he’s–are those flowers?” Jace’s unfocused eyes were fixated on the lilies and he reached out to touch them, his hand missing just slightly. Clary guided Jace’s hand upward so he could feel the petals and he looked back at Simon, tears welling in his eyes.

“You got me flowers.” Jace moaned, reaching forward to hug Simon weakly. “You’re so good.”

“Someone film this.” Simon instructed, and Alec responded by swiftly pulling out his phone.

“Already on it,” he said as he pointed the camera at his weepy, drugged brother who still had his arms loosely around Simon’s middle. “This is so much better than the video of Izzy after she got her wisdom teeth out.”

“They’re yellow lilies.” Simon told Jace as he worked to detangle his friend and set him back in bed. “The guy at the flower shop said they were good for cheering up. He also told me about jasmine, which represents love, but I passed on that because you haven’t taken me out to dinner in months.”

Jace didn’t seem to register the joke. In fact, he seemed almost asleep suddenly. Simon turned to his friends, who were all making faces at each other.

“What?” Simon demanded.

“When I go to buy flowers,” Isabelle said carefully, “the cashiers don’t usually explain to me which flowers represent love unless they give me their number afterwards.”

“Is he cute?” Alec asked, while Clary simultaneously demanded to know his name.

“Woah,” Simon put his hands up in defense. “I talked to him for what, five minutes? I feel like you guys are more desperate to hook me up than I am. Which, really guys, is sad.”

“You spent five whole minutes in a flower shop?” Clary said with an emphasized gasp. “You made me move my flowers to the balcony but you can stand around in a shop with some guy just because he’s cute? Wow, Simon.”

“That’s not at all the same!” Simon exclaimed, honestly lost. “Five minutes is how long it takes to buy the flowers. And I did it for our poor, tonsil-less friend. Not some guy.”

“Okay, okay.” Isabelle hushed Clary before she could retaliate. “Si, if you like him, you should go back.”

“I don’t even know him.” Simon insisted. “And besides, I’m terribly, horribly allergic unless you’ve forgotten. I’d rather not step back inside a pollen bomb just for some guy and his freckles.”

“Freckles.” Isabelle sighed dreamily. “I love freckles.”

Simon loved freckles too, actually, he always had. The image of them floated through Simon’s mind for days, accompanied by the sweet scent of flowers that he swore was following him like a ghost.

Three days later, he popped an Allegra and went back.

“You look better.” Raphael said in lieu of greeting when he saw Simon walk inside. He had been kneeling down to water a small potted succulent and he stood gracefully, his pink tin watering can bumping against his leg.

“I came prepared this time.” Simon said with a triumphant grin. “Because, uh, my friend really loved the flowers. So I figured, hey, might as well get some more.”

“But you’re allergic.” Raphael pointed out, his head tilted like a confused puppy.

“Yeah, um, they aren’t for me. It’s almost my friend’s birthday. So I thought I would stick with the same idea, because it worked really well on the last guy.” Which was a blatant lie, admittedly, because the next birthday coming up was his own and that was in over a month. But still. He couldn’t get the image of Raphael and his flowers out of his mind.

“Well,” Raphael looked thoughtful, “I’m assuming you want another recommendation?”

“Yeah! And he really liked when I told him what the flowers represented, so maybe you could just tell me about some of them?”

Raphael only cracked a tiny smile, but the sudden sparkle in his dark eyes meant that he was truly excited about this. His passion showed as he explained different Latin translations and growing habits of each species of plant. He gestured with his hands, which Simon couldn’t help but stare at as they glided through the sweet air between them, sometimes brushing against the obtrusive tangles of leaves and vines.

Simon spent nearly an hour there, listening and nodding along and staring until finally, unfortunately, he sneezed.

“Oh,” Raphael abruptly stopped his background on sage, “Bless you. Too much, huh?”

Feeling like Cinderella at the ball, Simon begrudgingly realized that his time was up. He followed Raphael to the register and paid for his violets, which were so beautiful that Simon felt the urge to take pictures.

“I apologize if I rambled a bit.” Raphael said, looking up at Simon with a sheepish grin. “Not many people ask for anything besides the price. It’s–nice to have someone who’s interested.”

“Oh, I’m interested!” Simon said eagerly. “Really. And you explain it so well! I mean, it’s really cool that you’re into something so unique and cool, because the only thing I could talk about with detail is like, Star Wars–”

Raphael laughed, which was almost overwhelmingly beautiful. Simon’s eyes were watery, and it was either from the pollen or the sheer beauty of the human in front of him. Probably both.

“Well I appreciate having someone who’ll listen. You should stick around here. I’ll stock up on tissues, maybe.”

Simon did just that. He came in almost every day, listening to Raphael talk about the flowers. He also met Magnus Bane, who worked part-time and fondly rolled his eyes when Raphael started off on tangents. He referred to Simon as their “unofficial temp” and taught him how to handle the plants, how much water to give to each, and occasionally he whispered Raphael’s favorites in Simon’s ear and gave him little pats on the shoulder.

He had nowhere to put his growing collection of flowers. He made sure to hide them in his room, knowing that Clary would mercilessly tease him if she knew what he’d been up to. His room was tiny and the amount of pollen made it almost impossible to breathe, but the sight of the flowers made him think of Raphael and his eyes and his freckles, so Simon kept them.

He was getting away with it, too, until Jace arrived, unannounced, at the apartment in the early morning. This was when Simon was usually alone, Clary having already gone to her early classes, and he used this time to take his medication and stick his head out the window to breathe fresh air.

Not today.

“Lewis?” Jace called, unlocking the door on his own with his back-up key which Simon regretted allowing him to have. “Hey, I’m just dropping off the–”

He stopped when he saw Simon, who probably looked like an absolute wreck. Simon attempted to hide his face behind his mug of morning coffee, but Jace was already approaching quickly.

“You look like hell.” Jace noted, eyebrows scrunched up in concern. “Are you sick?”

“No.” Simon said with his congested voice that rounded out his words. “It’s just, uh, allergies.”

“Are there flowers in here?” Jace inquired, turning around. He searched the empty living room, then moved on to Simon’s bedroom. Simon was considering tackling Jace before he could reach the door, but he was already too late. Jace stood in his doorway, eyes wide, taking in the sight of dozens of flower pots. “What the hell?”

And then Simon remembered that Jace had been barely conscious when the entire conversation about the flower shop had taken place. Simon made a mental note to thank the heavens at Temple the next time he attended and quickly formulated a response.

“They’re uh, they’re for Clary. They’re a surprise for Clary.”

Jace looked incredulous. “What’s the occasion exactly? I know I haven’t forgotten anything, Lewis, it’s all in the database.”

“Don’t call your brain the database.” Simon muttered. “It’s not really for an occasion, exactly. See, I figured since spring is her favorite season we could do like, a surprise party for her. With flowers. Just because.”

Jace’s golden eyes lit up with unharnessed excitement and he bounced on his heels. “That’s a good idea! She would love it!”

Relief washed through Simon as he nodded, absentmindedly swiping at his nose with his sleeve. He wanted to take his medicine and not have to worry about now planning an unnecessary party, which would only happen when Jace left.

He pushed him out, promising to update him with any new developing plans for the party that Jace was predictably eager about. He loved parties and he loved Clary, so it was a great match.

The entire ordeal had left him drained enough that he resolved to take a quick nap on the couch. The nap leaked into an actual three hours of sleeping and by the time he woke, Simon had to frantically get ready for work.

The day passed with no time to visit Raphael, which Simon couldn’t help but feel disappointed about. He embarked early the next day, determined to have enough time to let Raphael finish his explanation on succulents.

“I had a customer mention you yesterday.” Raphael said when Simon entered. “He came in and bought out a bunch of yellow lilies. He said you were having a, um, spring party? And that’s why you bought all of your flowers?”

Simon flushed a bright red and cursed Jace’s relentlessly moving lips. Raphael was looking at him with confused eyes and arched brows, so he was going to have to explain the truth. However dumb the truth may be.

“So, I made up all these occasions as to why I needed flowers.” Simon admitted softly. “Because I wanted to see you? It’s not that I don’t like the flowers–I do! But I’m like, super allergic, but that didn’t matter because I really, really like seeing you. Anyways, I lied to my friends about it because I knew they’d tease me if they knew what I was doing for a cute guy–”

“I’m cute?” Raphael asked, and Simon looked up to a smug smirk on the florist’s face. Simon couldn’t help but laugh at himself and the whole situation, because honestly it was ridiculous. He was ridiculous.

“I’m sorry for making it up.” Simon breathed. “But you looked really happy whenever you were talking about them. And I know how much it sucks to not have anyone willing to listen about your passions.”

“Well I can still tell you about the flowers without you having to be nearly killed by them, idiota.” Raphael chuckled. “We’ll grab some dinner later tonight, yeah? And I’ll get to see what you look like without your nose all red.”

“I’m cuter when I look normal, I promise.” Simon insisted, which made Raphael laugh again. He plucked a lily from the plant beside him and gently tucked it behind Simon’s ear so it rested amidst his brown curls. Simon sneezed.

“Bless you,” Raphael laughed, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Simon insisted. “It’s worth it.”

anonymous asked:

who has ever said psychology is easy.... lmao have yall even ever taken psychology??? or is it just the american education system that makes psych easy??

literally in academia all the STEM majors have pissing contests about which field is the most pure and difficult. psychology is shit on all the time by them lmao. 

that scene in psych where shawn’s trying to think of the name of the movie holes and he’s like “it’s the one with the holes and shia labeauf” and gus is like “oh anaconda?” and they have a whole conversation trying to figure out what movie it is when literally. it’s literally just called holes. dule hill fucking was in it oh my Go d