literally piercing a hole through my heart

I made a lot of speeches about this woman but here is THAT one speech I need to tell now. When I first saw those flashbacks in 1864, I immediately fell in love with the character. Her innocence, purity and mischief touched me so hard that I instantly knew she would have provoced a whole change in myself. She taught me how to love powerfully but always with some caution. She taught me how to be strong, brave and foxy. How to not show my real feelings when it was necessary. How to make people instantly feel confident with me. She taught me how to be different. How to, everyday, train as hard as I can to be and to stay different. She’s the one that helped me to go through a terrible heartbreak 2 years ago. The one that still helps me to not give up no matter the consequences. The one who showed me what true love is. I couldn’t find a better character to survive. And I’m just so thankful, grateful to have her by my side each day to remind me how to survive. It has literally broke my heart when she died. It’s like a part of me died with her. I swear I heard my heart stop beating when she fell into this black hole. She did horrible things but she did that to survive. Because the whole world did that to her, and her family before. As Elena said, her life made her this way. Katerina Petrova wasn’t born evil. And deep down, she’s nothing more than a woman surviving through this crappy world to finally get the life she didn’t have. You’ll stay my angel forever, I promise.