literally our fandom

acotar: i love lucien 

acomaf: i love cassian 

acowar: ok forget everything i’ve ever said before. those were lies. i love helion spell-cleaver, high lord of the day court, raging bisexual, in need of a poly relationship, the real savior, african king, sass master, keeper of my heart…i love him and only him i don’t know those other frauds. 

Loss of innocence

So this arc sure took its sweet time to get going, but boy is it moving now. And the best thing about this is that Our!Ciel isn’t the only one who’s having the ground breaking under him—the two biggest rays of sunshine in the manga are, too. 

Lizzy and Soma are in a dark place right now—emotionally, at least—, and while Yana used them to give us (and Ciel) breaks when things in the manga got too rough, this time Lizzy and Soma are in the eye of the storm. 

That’s why the tone of this chapter is so wonderful. People are mourning, shocked, scared–and with good reason, because it sets the stage for what’s to come. Whatever innocence was left in these characters is gone, now. And it’ll only get worse from here. Especially since Real Ciel is tied to the horrors of the past and is now bringing them full-force into the present, so they won’t only be our!Ciel’s burden to bear.

Yana won’t only put our!Ciel and his identity, his wants, his needs and his desires to the test; Lizzy and Soma will be going through the same process, and it’ll be so interesting to see where this all leads them. 

This is where we’ll see just how strong they - and their bonds with each other - truly are, and it’s going to be awesome. 

so i did this months ago not long after that last drawing but anyways. my otp

Friendly reminder that while the pic Johnny posted is adorable and it’s really funny to see Yuzu holding Yurio, it’s not okay to equate these skaters to fictional characters and treat them as such ✨ They’re real people, and not anime characters ✨

//the thing I’ve found most difficult about watching OUAT is that to enjoy it, you really do have to set aside several moral scruples to enjoy any of the characters.

If you’re a fan of the Mills ladies, you have to deal with the fact that both Regina and Zelena are rapists while the writers have no awareness of that fact, Cora was a child abuser, Regina mistreated her child for at least an entire season and arguably a smidge longer, all three of them were mass murderers with varying levels of body counts, and all three of them had sub-par redemption arcs. 

If you’re a fan of Hook, you have to deal with his past as a murderer, pirate, and the writing of his relationship with Emma that dealt in misogynistic tropes and rape culture (pls don’t tell me “if I jab you with my sword you’ll feel it” is anything but a thinly veiled rape threat mmk). Then you have to deal with the entire season five arc, which……………….man there’s a lot of yikes in how Emma and Hook treat each other.

If you’re a fan of Rumple……man I’m so sorry. There’s a lot of shit to unpack there. Specifically in regards to Rum.belle, you have to deal with the fact that the relationship is emotionally abusive while the writers are COMPLETELY BLIND TO THIS. They’re writing an abusive relationship but they don’t think they are and it’s awful. You also have to contend with the fact that it’s a the nightmare version of the Beauty and the Beast story- the Beast is actually a pretty bad dude. 

If you’re just talking being a fan of Rumple himself, you have to contend with the fact that he abandoned his first son, tried to alter the fate of his second, is also a mass murderer, highly manipulative, and addicted to a curse that alters his personality so much he’s nearly unrecognizable without it. You also have to acknowledge his redemption arc was practically non-existent, yet he still gets the hero treatment in the very end. 

If you’re a fan of the Charming family in general, you probably have it the easiest- minus the fact that Snow and Charming also tried to meddle with their daughter’s fate, stole a baby from Maleficent, and Snow killed a woman out of vengeance by manipulating said woman’s daughter into delivering a poison. You also have to deal with everything Emma did while under the Dark One’s curse. 

This is not easily dealt with. Especially because the areas are pretty gray on the show given the writers don’t know what they’re writing. Do I have to treat it like a rape when the writers are blind to the fact that they’ve written a rape? Do we have to treat it like abuse when the writers clearly aren’t conscious of the fact that the relationship is abusive?

Then you get into issues of what fans recognize which………whole other basket of worms. 

Some people are able to set aside certain issues. And other issues, they can’t.

That ultimately seems to be what determines whether or not you’re a fan of any given set of characters. I can get behind the Mills women because I can get past the two instances of rape. Not because I think rape or child abuse is okay, but because I realize the writing is willfully blind and I can move beyond it.

I can’t get behind Rum.belle or C.S because I can’t get past the abusive nature of one and the inherent misogyny of the other. I realize other people definitely can, and I don’t fault them for that. How can I, when my faves are just as awful in their own ways? 

If you’re an aware viewer, enjoyment of OUAT is absolutely dependent on your ability to see past these many, many issues and enjoy the good of the characters and relationships underneath. And that’s why the show is so frustrating, and so polarizing between segments of fandom- it’s not the plotholes, not the retconning, not the increasingly complicated timeline. 

It’s deeper than that.

twitter keeps reminding me that we have a literal nazi problem in our fandom and I’m so fucking tired my dudes

also hey reminder that if you are a part of the furry raiders you can seriously unfollow me right the fuck now thanks bye

It makes me laugh when people say we have a responsibility to clean up the “bad apples” in our fandom… like, dudes, you definitely don’t clean up your own (as much as you say you do, because you DON’T, EVER) so like, get over it. 

Or, idk, realize that the bad apples who also ship Bellarke, Clexa, Braven, etc are also part of your fandom and thus if you want to clean them up so bad, then just do it yourself. 

But, people who think that we should police the literal THOUSANDS in our fandom are fooling themselves, too. Like, sure, stop it when you see it, but stop putting an impossible task on the shoulders of every Bellarker, Clexa, Kabby, etc. 

How about all the good people just collectively disown the really bad ones, and then move on? 

Literally 10 minutes of basically every time Dean and Cas did the thing with the eyes

If you put together all of Dean’s and Cas’ eye sex, it’s probably longer than all seasons of Sherlock

Honestly, 80% of the reason I adore the Yugioh fandom is because they don’t participate in this “Omg u r ship is abusive and problematic!!” bullshit.

Harry is a HORRIBLE man - Master Post

And I’ll prove it. How many of you felt victimized by Harry’s constant display of body parts? I’m raising both my hands & feet here & I know you are too. Lets take a look at how AWFUL he’s been to us, shall we?

Lets start with - him eating

Yeah - why are you suckin on your finger like that? Can’t you just wipe it off? You weren’t the only person eating cake that day..why did you have to make it look so…erotic?

Why do you eat a banana like you’re showing us how you blow Louis?



SeriousUh I guess he is - and to make matters worse he KNOWS what he’s doingYou think you little shit? It’s not like you didn’t eat a banana erotically in front of thousands (millions) of people -

I know this one is super old but - I can’t get over this

You just caught an entire donut in your mouth & look at you. You’re so proud. Like the word “WHAT” is going through his head at that moment - You want to know WHAT Harold? No - I’m not ready yet.

Moving forward - lets talk shirtless Harry for a minute


Holy mother of yes please do you see him glowing

Really? REALLY?

His penis really is the only thing holding those pants up - no joke

WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU COVERING UP FOR?? You just STRUTTED around the ENTIRE pool area exposing your ENTIRE abdominal area & you have the damn nerve to attempt COVERING UP? Don’t.

Now onto the next one -

I know you know people are taking pics of you ALL the time - even when you were on the damn yacht. YOU WERE IN YOUR UNDERWEAR OUTSIDE IN PUBLIC LOOKING AT YOUR PHONE. You’re not ignorant. YOU WANTED US TO SEE YOU LIKE THIS. WELL THANK YOU HARRY CAUSE I CRIED MY EYES OUT. (I somehow feel like the person taking these images could’ve gotten pics where the water bottle wasn’t blocking full bulge *jesus could you imagine bulge in wet underwear - I can’t*)


Are you fucking kidding me?? NO - I’m NOT okay.

Oh word? That’s cool - I’m gonna go throw myself in traffic - please excuse me - Getthefuckouttahere

I’m gonna end the shirtless portion with this because..

Oh god

Oh Jesus ChristI’m trembling here

You guys

I’m really not doing well here - I knew this one would be the most difficult

I don’t even know what to say here - I cried so much just now & I’m speechless at this point. FUCK YOU (I love you so much don’t ever leave me please don’t ever cover up your body because you’re the fittest man I ever did see).

I’m gonna move this along folks to this -

this may seem innocent to the rest of you but to perverted / dirty minded people like me - this just reminds me of him smacking a penis to his face (which I’m sure he’s very familiar with) & he knows it too.

Moving on to what I refer to as The Workout - We all thought it would be shirtless & sweaty guys - we did - their workout routines & such. We were ready. But we were wrong.

Word to the wise - when Harry asks 


I’m gonna just dive into the concert portion of his “in your face” shenanigans 

Lets start with - the candy thong -

He puts it on & then 


Look at him - like a fucking princess watching his bandmate eat candy off the thong thats oh so very close to his shamalamadingdong. Is this not a tease? Horrible man.

Stop This really pissed me off actually - I have never wanted to be Niall so much

And yet -I added this in here because I thought it was adorable & I wish I was Niall

Do you remember this?? Jerk


Yeah cause that’s necessary..


I don’t think I’ll ever forgive him for this

Or this

Why? Why did you do that?

Was this really necessary??

For those of you who made it this far *I congratulate you cause I had to leave & gather myself for a few moments* you can see his full body here. Like through his shirt. How is that possible?? It’s because Harry. And for that - you can go fuck yourself.

Lastly on this extremely long post I just have to address this

He didn’t have to move like this but he did anyway - he also didn’t have to be shirtless but he was anyway…just to laugh at us

This….this does things to me…

I’m gonna end it here - because this really was the final straw for me. This really is what inspired me to do this post.

So in conclusion - Harry Styles is a sex god - he is VERY comfortable with his body even though he says he’s not. And we all thank him for it because it gives new meaning to life and happiness. On the other hand, he’s a little shit who flaunts his sexiness in your face & basically laughs at you. He’s the definition of the phrase “look but can’t touch”. Because everything that you just witnessed here today, Louis gets to experience all the time.