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How much sleep he got turned out to be negligible in the long run: he really couldn’t be expected to focus anyway, because Marinette wore the Chat Noir hoodie to school the next day too.

And the next.

And the next.

In fact, she wore it every day throughout the next week.

Adrien got a crash course in ‘how to pretend you were paying attention when your crush is wearing a sweater with your signature all over it.’

He failed it miserably.

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Ok, so I’ve only ever watched Man of Steel twice. The first time shortly after it came out and before I really got into DC Comics (and comics in general) and the second time was last week (after I’d received my DC TRASH accreditation). Granted last week’s viewing was dubbed in Bulgarian (b/c in Bulgaria we dub things… ugh) but my dad was watching and I saw what it was and sat my ass down immediately.

Anyway, the point of this post is to discuss the infamous and (for some puzzling reason) “problematic” scene of Superman killing Zod.

When people talk about this scene, specifically when they bitch about it by claiming that “this scene is the most un-superman thing ever omg how dare zack snyder!” they almost always fail to mention (gee I wonder why) the context of the scene itself.

Like in most discussions you see the discourse revolve around the killing, but how many times have you seen it discussed WHY Superman resorted to that? - Not many.

Like… You can’t say that Superman killing Zod is “out of character” and “the worst” when the only reason Superman did that was because Zod was about to barbecue a family of four innocent civillians who were cornered, defenseless, and absolutely fucking terrified. Superman tried to reason with Zod, resulting only in Zod trying harder to kill the family (i.e. actually shooting his laser vision at them, as opposed as just making them targets by looking at their direction as he did at first).

So Superman in a completely selfless Superman-way chose to save civilians rather than save his own species (i.e. something that would have benefited only him - where humans are concerned). He chose to bear the burden of killing because apparently he judged that he’d rather have that than the lives of innocents on his conscience (although, it can be argued that he was already feeling the weight of being responsible for people dying as the Kryptonian invasion started for the simple reason that he, too, is Kryptonian).

Like… What Superman did in this scene is literally what any other protagonist in any other action movie (be it CBM or not) would have done. We’ve seen it done countless times in movies and tv shows and yet Superman is the only person who gets shit for it… and for what? Some outdated, utopian, one-dimensional ideal in people’s head of who Superman is? That he’s the “perfect hero”?

The movie showing Superman’s flaws doesn’t make it a bad movie, it makes these people’s ideology flawed and it highlights that. Which in turn makes them uncomfortable, so rather than facing the idea that maybe there’s more to Superman than this happy-go-lucky nerdy can-do-it-all farmboy who fights crime, gets the girl, and is universally beloved (can you see people self-projecting on him though?) is actually capable of negative emotions and violence (as is every single person/character when pushed in the right way), they shit on the movie, the cast, and the creative minds behind the scenes (directors, script writers, etc).

Then again these are the same kind of people who believe that comics don’t exist outside the Golden/Silver Ages where all characters were funny and happy-go-lucky.

I say all of this as someone who doesn’t even really like Superman. The only version of him that I find interesting is that of the DCEU (or as I call him - SuperCavill) exactly because of this “picture perfect” hero everyone’s trying to sell him as.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Man of Steel as a movie. It just doesn’t hold your hand through the entirety of the Superman mythos and things make a lot of sense if one knows even the slightest bit of info about the Superman-lore. It can get confusing if you don’t (which was true for me the first time around), but that doesn’t make it a bad movie. Then again, “it doesn’t make sense” is like 98% of the BvS wank too.. when again, not true.


Anyone who says “Superman killing Zod is character assassination / out of character”, can promptly kiss my DCEU-Loving ass!

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anonymous asked:

Have you ever seen Liam with man? And have you questioned if he can be gay? I am not a Ziam shipper. Its a question, sincerely. Why I'm asking this is that remember the twitter feud with the wanted? One called him gay. There is something doesnt make sense about Sophia and him like : He fucked with her so many times "I like girls with so much foundation that you cant see the face" or Niall's Sophia pictures. I dunno, have you ever seen him with Zayn or smth

Hello! Thank you for your message. I had to really have a think about whether or not I wanted to get into this, but seeing as Larry is basically a sure thing by now I can finally start to investigate this Ziam thing properly. 

The first time I saw Liam he was with a group of guys, like five guys, which is why I didn’t immediately recognise him. Also, I was listening to Midnight Memories so I just thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but alas, it was him. I’ve never seen him just with one guy one on one, he’s typically with a group. Which is also why I’ve never spoken to him - never really seems like the time or place, plus he looks like a wild scared animal when he’s outside. Legit, looks terrified to be outside which is why I just let him be. 

When I first heard about the Ziam thing I was like, ‘lol, okay. SURE.’ Because for me I saw Larry before I heard about them. I just legitimately assumed that they were out and together. My first reaction was, ‘Oh, that’s cute - two guys from 1D are together.’ Then after some YouTubing it was downhill from there and here I am. In Larrie trash hell writing more blog posts about them than I do about my own life - which is how I became quasi-J List celeb famous in England. True story. Google it.

Anyway, I opened a bottle of wine and watched a Ziam video a couple of months ago out of pure fascination and by the end of it I was like:

Because it seems so. Damn. Real. 

There were so many things that I completely missed or disregarded because there was something Larry happening beside it. Legitimately for every Larry moment there is an equal and, quite frankly, more open Ziam moment. 

So WHY then do we believe so firmly in Larry but, for the most part, completely dismiss Ziam?

Could it be that their management company actually learned from their colossal Larry mistakes? That aggressively shutting down a rumour by having Louis and Harry go from this:

 To this:

Was insane? 

Part of the problems faced by the media industry when One Direction was on the rise to becoming one of the biggest bands in history (forget of the time, because after five years it’s safe to say that like them or not they have left a huge mark on the music industry) is that social media management was not really a “thing” as it were in 2010. No one was prepared for the way in which every moment, every look, every touch would be documented on someone’s phone (or potato as it were in Wellington) and put on the internet for everyone to see. 

At the moment we are witnessing a previously unseen situation in which we literally have a case of seeing what goes on behind the smoke and mirrors. Whether it’s through anonymous stuffed animals or moments captured on someone’s phone that no one was meant to see, there is no way to effectively hide what is going on with Louis and Harry, no matter how many NDAs or shit articles you put out there.

That brings us back around to Zayn and Liam. You could argue that they weren’t censored because nothing was going on, or you could look at the fact that people see Zayn as the ‘bad boy’ and Liam as the ‘aggressively hetero one’ ever since he stepped out to go surfing with a six pack a couple of years back. They don’t LOOK gay, and unfortunately in this current day and age, that is still enough for people to ignore what is right in front of them.

These two:

Display very different mannerisms than these two:

They just do. Though all four have their flamboyant moments, people are looking for Larry moments, whereas an identical action from Ziam is just accepted as bros being bros because it would have been impossible to create a second massive divide in One Direction without making this entire dog and pony show implode.

Have a search through Tumblr for ‘ziam’ or ‘ziam is real’ and I guarantee you’ll find some very interesting information. 

Short story long: this whole band has been shady af since they came in third on the X Factor (you can read about that here: 5 Times One Direction’s Management Company And Record Label Were Shady AF)

Anyhow, I think that Ziam is as possible as Larry. Just better handled. 

And that’s what I have to say about that. 

GOT7 Hogwarts Moodboard AU Introductory Post

Jackson Wang : Gryffindor

Fifth Year | 10″ English Oak, Phoenix Feather, Solid | Quidditch Chaser |  Ferruginous Hawk (Patronus) | Pureblood | Animagus (special ability, takes on the same form as his patronus) | Defense Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms (best subjects) | Mark Tuan (boyfriend) | Im Jaebum, Kim Yugyeom, Bambam (best friends) | Member of the Silver Spears

  • Okay, so let’s talk about Jackson for a minute.
  • Jackson Wang is one the one hand the most Gryffindory Gryffindor you will ever meet.
  • He is loud and rambunctious and you’ll know if he’s coming from like a mile away. Okay? Jackson has a fucking presence.
  • You just met him five minutes ago? Congratulations. You and him are BFFS now.
  • This is probably one of the kindest and most genuine souls you’ll ever meet in your life.
  • But he’s also a little Hufflepuffley. The Sorting Hat was rather torn on which house to stick him in.
  • “Hmm, interesting. Are you a badger or a lion?”
  • “Well, people say I’m more of a puppy? Where does that get me? OH! Do you want to be friends? Is it weird to be friends with a hat? I don’t care. We could be friends for a long time. How old are you? What do you do when you’re not sorting? Don’t tell me you just sit on the shelf, that would be TRAGIC. As your new best friend, I think we gotta get you –”
  • That’s pretty much how that happened.
  • Jackson is brave…sort of. He’s brave when it comes to big things, I suppose. In the face of danger Jackson would be the first to defend you. He isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone and he doesn’t give into peer pressures.
  • However, if you sneak up on him or if he realizes he’s rather high up in the air, he’s going to scream in terror until his voice gives out. He also doesn’t like the dark and he does not like horror movies.
  • Yes, he is afraid of heights.
  • Yes, his patronus and animagus form is a bird. He is aware of the irony, thank you very much.
  • When he first transformed into his animagus form he refused to fly to a good solid week until Mark finally helped him to think of it like when he’s playing Quidditch and he’s on a broom. He could fly after that, but he still tries not to look down.
  • Speaking of Quidditch, he’s a chaser on his team and one of the best the school’s ever seen. He could very well go pro if he really wanted to (and he’s considering it - he loves Quidditch). Also odd since he’s afraid of heights. But he’s also highly competitive, which kind of out weighs his fear. He’s got a game to win, okay!?
  • Speaking of Mark, Jackson is in love.
  • Like full on heart eyes every time Jackson so much as thinks about Mark or even glimpses at him. He is fairly certain that Mark hung all the stars in the sky just for him. And you can’t convince him otherwise.
  • He wants to marry Mark. He’s wanted to marry Mark since he became friends with him during his first year. He was pretty much enamored with him the second they met.
  • Jackson believes in true love and fate. He’s not sure what the hell he ever did to deserve Mark but as far as he’s concerned it’s true and it’s real and he’ll die defending him.
  • They’re a little obnoxious but Jackson doesn’t care. They work. Jackson is super loud and wants to be around everybody. Mark is on the quiet side and really just wants to be around Jackson…and maybe Jinyoung. Except Jinyoung gets all bitchy when Jackson can’t keep his hands to himself which is always because, let’s be honest, Jackson can NEVER keep his hands to himself.
  • As far as his animagus skill is concerned, he knew going INTO Hogwarts that he wanted to become one. So he kind of started teaching himself early on. He didn’t really get into it until he became a first year but he worked extremely hard at it and finally succeeded in the middle of his third year.
  • He is registered. At first he thought he might not register because it seemed kind of badass to be able to do this and have nobody know, but Jackson’s overall moral stance was like, “Nah bro, you gotta!”
  • So he registered like a good boy.
  • Jackson is also in love with magic. Like he is so amazed all the time of the world he lives in. He could have so easily been born a muggle and he would have known NOTHING of magic or this amazing world and he’s extremely grateful for it.
  • Jackson is an extremely lively fellow. He lives very loudly - it’s just who he is. It’s also why Mark loves him so much. Jackson is vibrant, the very definition of loyal, kind, genuine, and wears his heart on his sleeve.
  • This of course means that sometimes he gets hurt. Really hurt. He puts so much faith in people and those people (unfortunately) let him down and he’s left in a puddle of his own feelings and disappointment. Part of him is just upset at himself for expecting so much. The other part of him tells him to keep trying and to not give up hope. He just sees so much potential and goodness in everyone around him.
  • That’s one of the reasons why his best friend is a Slytherin. He’s aware that Jaebum comes off as your typical Slytherin but he can see the good man that Jaebum is. Even when Jaebum sometimes can’t see it. Jackson’s the kind of kid that is cherished by the people he’s close with.
  • So messing with him is pretty much a death sentence.
  • Jaebum has given plenty of bloody noses to people who try to hurt Jackson. And Mark will just flat out knock you on your ass. He won’t even use magic, I’m not kidding. Mark will kick your fucking ass. Jackson is his sun and stars and he will literally beat your ass into the ground if you hurt him.
  • For the most part people don’t mess with Jackson though. Partially because his friends are terrifying (the look Jinyoung gave to this one kid almost petrified him on the spot). But most people don’t mess with him simply because there’s no reason to. Everybody loves Jackson.
  • He’s got the biggest social circle of all of them. He’s friends with everybody. Even the professors. Even the freaking paintings, the ghosts, and EVEN PEEVES.
  • Like…Peeves LOVES Jackson! Mark is like what EVEN!? And Jackson is just like, “Yeah we’re friends!” And he’s not kidding. Peeves thinks Jackson is just SO MUCH FUN.
  • He’s super into eating healthy and only organic stuff. Mark is not amused. “Jackson if you put any of that shit on my plate ISTG I won’t touch you for a week.” “A WHOLE WEEK!? I just want you to LIVE FOREVER. Is that so wrong!?” “What is life without sugar and carbs?” “Carbs can make you unhealthy and fat….okay well they don’t make YOU fat. Nothing makes you fat.” “You saying you wouldn’t love me if I was fat?” “Mark, please. I would love you if you were the size of a barn. You seriously wouldn’t touch me for a week if I put this on your plate!?” “Not even a little.” “UGH. FINE.”
  • People make a lot of assumptions about his relationship with Mark. Jackson is so loud and rambunctious. He’s screams alpha male and he looks like one to. He must be on top, right? Jackson must always be in control, right? Wrong.
  • You’re so wrong. Mark makes Jackson so weak. And so very pliant.
  • Jackson will let Mark have his way with him whenever and wherever the fuck he wants. Jackson is very much in love with Mark but is also physically obsessed with him. He might top every once in a while when they’re both in the mood for it, but for the most part Jackson just wants Mark all over him. All the fucking time.
  • This is getting long. I should end this. BASICALLY Jackson is just…well, he’s Jackson.
  • Jackson is the life of the party. He’s a brave heart. A champion. Your best friend. The guy you wanna go to war with. He’s a social butterfly. His laugh is infectious and he makes it his personal mission to make people happy.
  • So he’s your best friend now, right!?
  • I hope you like organic tea.

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That Last Minute Present Tho

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or just an all around Hope-You’re-Having-A-Good-Day to you all, religion and beliefs besides! I want you all to know on this cold December night that I love you all and wish I could have mailed myself to all your houses so I could be there under your tree, or just in your living room in general. And eat all your food. I am a beast of perpetual indulgence, what can I say? 

Ling and I felt bad that we’ve both been so swamped this holiday season, so I’m pulling through at roughly 10:31 PM Pacific time to give you all a late as hell gift.


Here are some of my favorite headcanons I have for each of the Overwatch babs. BEWARE. This post is huge. I apologize. 

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  • Friends, gather round
  • I am going to share with you a story
  • of Remus Lupin, Professional Beard
  • It started when he was in uni and Marlene McKinnon was crying because she didn’t want to go home for Christmas and be interrogated about why she didn’t have a boyfriend
  • (spoiler: it’s because she is Very Very Gay)
  • Remus is a very sympathetic and attentive listener
  • Not to mention helpful
  • and maybe a little hard up for cash
  • so he just blurts out, “I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend for fifty quid and I’ll go home with you for Christmas and meet your parents and you have to feed me while I’m there.”
  • she stares at him for a solid ten seconds before bursting into tears again and hugging him
  • it’s a good thing they’re already best mates because there a hundred and one pictures of them together on each of their phones and various online places that they can use as evidence
  • “no mum he really is my boyfriend look at this picture where his lips are on my cheek”
  • remus nods seriously
  • “this was right before we started making out”
  • “his tongue was practically down my throat we’re seriously dating”
  • when they get back to school, Marlene pays him almost double what she promised because her parents are officially off her back and she is now free to go smooch cute girls whenever she wants to
  • (as an added perk, when she informs her parents a few months later that she and remus have had a very messy and painful break up, she’s able to use that excuse for years until she finally gets fed up and deliberately gets caught snogging her girlfriend of three years in her parents’ kitchen)
  • but anyways Remus is pleased with the money and Marls was very impressed by his acting abilities, so when her roommate Lily gripes that Potter the High King Arsehole keeps insisting that she’s single because she’s secretly waiting for him, Marlene recommends Remus
  • The fake relationship lasts longer, almost three months
  • Remus gets paid on a weekly basis
  • It’s lovely, Lily is a lovely person and they get along splendidly
  • Actually, it’s not just Potter that they manage to convince that they’re dating
  • eventually he gives up though, so Remus and Lily fake a mutual breakup
  • (it is an unending source of amusement for Remus that she ends up marrying James a few years later after all, and he never lets her hear the end of it)
  • but actually it’s a good thing that they did have that arrangement
  • because Lily was so impressed that she suggested he do this sort of thing more regularly
  • she sets him up a website, prints out business cards, works with him to figure out various rates for different services
  • date to a party, staged kissing/cuddling/hugging photos to show off to friends and family, going home on weekends or breaks to show off in person
  • He literally makes so much money that he only has to work part time after graduation
  • It makes having a relationship of his own a little difficult, but he survives and he has a ton of really close friends
  • then one day Lily, now his sort-of manager, says she has a special job
  • “family discount, you remember James’ friend Sirius? It’s for his cousin”
  • of course Remus remembers Sirius
  • Sirius Black is unforgettable and Remus hasn’t so much carried a torch for him as his has miserably dragged it around behind him
  • for years
  • thank God the man travels a lot
  • he met him in passing a few times in college
  • and then of course at the wedding
  • he showed up in a blindingly yellow coat to match Lily’s bridesmaids’ dresses (and Remus’ tie, but that was unintentional and all the groomsmen had yellow ties anyways so it wasn’t like Sirius matched him on purpose even if it did make his stomach squirm a little bit)
  • (just a bit)
  • but anyways, Nymphadora Tonks is really tired of her mother’s less than subtle hints that she needs to settle down, so she needs to give the appearance, for two weeks at least, that that is exactly what she’s doing
  • really she’s just aro as fuck and could care less but she knows her parents won’t understand
  • luckily, her second cousin’s best mate’s wife’s best mate exists and sirius said he’d foot half the bill
  • after all, he’ll be there for the two weeks, too
  • Remus is not informed
  • at least not until he’s in the car on the way there, working out a backstory with Nymphadora (”shut your fucking mouth, you call me Tonks or I’ll shove you out the window”)
  • and she says that they met through Sirius, James, and Lily
  • “Sirius knows, by the way, so don’t worry about him giving us away”
  • and???
  • what????
  • Sirius cannot give away anything because isn’t he in Vietnam right now connecting with his roots????????????
  • he has never bailed on a client before though so even if the thought of seeing Sirius every day for two weeks terrifies him he will stay 
  • at least until Tonks just casually mentions that the two of them will be sharing the guestroom 
  • “because mum has some misguided notion that you and i will shag if left alone for two minutes”
  • remus has never jumped out of a moving vehicle before but he is seriously considering it now
  • too late though they’ve pulled up to the house
  • and there is a disgustingly familiar bike in the driveway
  • this is the end of life as he knows it
  • but he is a professional so he will handle this gracefully
  • and professionally
  • and not blushing and stammering every time sirius fucking black walks in the room
  • or smiles
  • or looks at him
  • or walks in the room, looks around, sees Remus, and THEN smiles because he is just reading too much into this he absolutely is oh fuck no
  • he sneaks into Tonks’ room at night to moan loudly and bang her bed against the wall for her parent’s benefit
  • (their rooms are at opposite ends of the house so he’s not actually sure they can hear them pretending to have sex, but it gives him an opportunity to talk to her without being overheard)
  • and generally what they talk about is “your cousin is really fucking hot and i died three separate times today”
  • “tonks he handed me a plate and our fingers didn’t touch but they almost did and I nearly cried”
  • “he pretended to have rabies while brushing his teeth and then started laughing so hard at himself that he choked and I had to pound on his back until he spat the toothpaste back up it was the most precious thing i’ve ever seen in my life”
  • “do you even know how perfect his abs are they’re really perfect and I sort of want to lick them”
  • Tonks just nods and pats his head comfortingly while she gets ready for bed
  • two weeks go by and remus has nearly gone insane
  • he was tempted several times to call lily and ask her to fake an emergency for him so he could leave early
  • but also he really likes tonks and wants to help
  • and he maybe wants to spend some more time with Sirius
  • it’s Christmas, after all
  • maybe he’s a little desperately praying for someone to leave mistletoe around
  • maybe the thought of mistletoe being left around makes him throw up a little bit in his mouth
  • he’s a complex person
  • well fortunately for him no mistletoe was left carelessly hanging in strategic points throughout the house
  • unfortunately for him, Nymphadora Tonks has magician’s fingers
  • which is why he doesn’t even notice her tucking a sprig of mistletoe behind his left ear
  • he definitely does notice when Sirius pulls it out
  • raises his eyebrows
  • and kisses him
  • it’s just a little peck but remus is actually dead this time, no exaggeration, 100% no longer alive
  • he has transcended this plane of existence
  • he has become a being of light
  • he has seen heaven
  • he has been standing there for three and a half minutes saying and doing absolutely nothing until Tonks grabs his hands and drags him away
  • and says that she will come out to her parents once and for all if he’ll go back out there and tell Sirius how he feels
  • “by which i mean I’m coming out to my parents anyways because this was fun but way too much effort, but they’re gonna freak out so you need to distract them by making out with my mum’s cousin, capisce?”
  • well
  • it is for Tonks
  • and Remus is a very selfless person
  • he doesn’t want her family to be upset with her
  • thirty minutes later he and Sirius have hardly stopped making out and the Tonkses are all chatting happily about romantic and sexual orientations
  • Sirius decides that he’s connected with his roots enough and would like to examine the rest of the plant
  • tree or a bush
  • maybe flowers
  • he doesn’t fucking know Remus just did something with his tongue and he sort of lost the metaphor
  • but anyways it boils down to he’s gonna stick around for a while so he can date Remus and kiss him and hold his hand
  • punk rock shit like that
  • he’s gotta thank Tonks later
Seventeen as people I’ve met in College

S.Coups: My Shakespeare professor that’s fresh out of grad school, but has quickly become super popular with both students and staff. Makes a lot of dumb dad-level bad jokes, but they’re actually hilarious because he’s the one saying them. Has a comb over even though he’s only thirty. Most anyone who’s ever taken one of his classes would probably take a bullet for him. Super passionate about his work and does everything he can to get his students as excited as he is about literature. 

Jeonghan: This ridiculously beautiful art major who always looks shockingly perfect even when she runs in the room ten minutes late with paint smears on her face. She’s completely unreal and belongs in some sort of indie movie. I lowkey thought she didn’t like me for a whole semester until she complimented me on my lipstick one day, and it felt like a blessing from the lord himself. 

Joshua: Catholic honors-student girl who seemed very normal at first, only talking about makeup and lacrosse boys for the first few months of our friendship. Turns out she actually reads a lot of One Direction and 5SOS imagines. Can eat a banana without using her hands (it’s terrifying). Gets really excited about Mac and Cheese. She can tell the best stories, and has everyone rolling around on the floor in tears by the end of them. 

Jun: Ridiculously ripped even though he’s not an athlete, constantly drowning in girls asking him to sleep with them (which he usually accepts unless he’s writing a big paper or particularly invested in an episode of spongebob). Likes to walk around the dorm building with nothing on but a pair of gym shorts. Kind of a douche but also a really cool guy who will pop your back for you or give you his extra ethernet cord if you ask. His favorite song is Life is a Highway. Yes, the one from Cars. 

Hoshi: This girl on the golf team that really loves the moon. Her snapchat story is almost always pictures of the sky. Cried when we got to look through a telescope for astronomy class. I’ve only ever seen her wearing non-athletic clothes a handful of times. Kind of odd, but makes you feel really special and funny when she talks to you. 

Wonwoo: The guy that lived next door to me last year who smoked a lot of weed but was otherwise a great neighbor. Wore a lot of big hoodies (the hoodies actually weren’t actually that big, he’s just small). Always late to floor meetings because he was either asleep or in the dining hall. Came off as a badass at first because he talked about the fact that he did car-jousting and had a crazy resting bitch face, but sometimes I could hear him singing show tunes through the walls at night. 

Woozi: Girl who was on her debate team in high school, and therefore makes really class discussions scarily intense. Immediately takes over any group project, which is nice because you don’t have to do anything, but at the same time makes you feel very inferior. Pulls all-nighters about twice a week, has an addiction to cheap energy drinks, and is really good at putting on eyeliner. Not so secretly reads a lot of gay fanfiction in her free time. 

DK: This one guy who wears an abundance of obnoxious Taylor Swift shirts. His reputation proceeds him and literally everyone on campus knows about “Taylor Swift guy”, but you can never find anyone who actually knows his name. One of his shirts hangs outside his dorm window as a kind of Taylor-pride flag. 

Mingyu: Ridiculously tall guy that lived on the floor below mine. Crazy beautiful face (there were some rumors that he modeled when he was younger, but I don’t know if those are true or not) but a kind of cringey personality. Obviously made up stuff for attention sometimes, but other times seemed pretty cool. Wears nothing but white dad sneakers. 

The8: Graphic design major that is a literal cinnamon roll; he’s so little and squishy that you just want to protect and love him forever. Really likes adventure time. The longer you get to know him, the more you discover that the innocent squish act is mostly a front, because he’s actually a sarcastic ass with a grindr account. 

Vernon: The president of the whole college. Upbeat and cool with the students, even though he’s decades older than all of us. Came from nothing as a child, but now definitely has more than a few dollars. Likes to end speeches with Eminem lyrics. The first time I visited the college he literally dropped the mic at the end of his welcome talk.

Seungkwan: President of the history club who seems like he’d be quiet based solely on his appearance, but is actually ridiculously good at shit talking and telling people when they need to get themselves in check. Sass master. Uses the phrase “cool beans” a lot. Easy to assume that he’s gay, but is actually very VERY into girls, he just doesn’t talk about it much. 

Dino: My freshman year roommate. Smol. Undecided major. Can name any and every scooby-doo episode in existence by heart. Once asked me if Hamilton was “that play about George Washington”. Has a Chic-fil-A calendar in her room and genuinely thinks the cows that misspell words are the funniest things ever. 

Gladio’s breath is hot against the thin skin of Noctis’s throat. Noctis closes his eyes, arches his back when Gladio’s tongue flicks lightly against his neck. He lets out a soft moan and Gladio responds in kind, placing a gentle kiss on Noctis’s neck as he runs a large hand down the prince’s thin frame. The hand trails slowly down Noctis’s side, his hip, his thigh – and when it reaches his knee, Gladio tightens his grip and pulls Noctis’s leg around him. As he does, he grinds forward, pressing hard against Noctis. Noctis lets out a surprised gasp that trails into another moan.

Noctis hears a deep, rumbling laugh and he opens his eyes. Gladio is watching him, watching the prince’s reaction to the warrior’s every move. Noct rolls his eyes before saying, “Enjoying this, are you?”

The smile on Gladio’s face tells Noctis that he is, in fact, enjoying himself. Gladio leans down, grazes his teeth along Noctis’s earlobe and whispers, “Very much so.”

Noctis shudders and resists the urge to touch himself. It had been a while since they had done this. Too long, Noctis thought.

As if Gladio reads Noctis’s mind, suddenly the hand on his knee begins trailing up his leg again. It stops at his hip and tenses as Gladio grinds forward again. Noctis’s eyes close and he arches into the thrust, pushing himself harder against Gladio. Gladio tenses, his hand gripping Noctis’s hip harder for a moment. Through gritted teeth, he says, “Gods, you’re so gonna get it.”

Noctis resists the giggle bubbling in his chest. He smiles, moves his hips against Gladio’s again and taunts, “Promises, promises.”

Gladio leans up and looks down at Noctis. His expression is so damn intense that Noctis hesitates for a moment, is about to ask if everything is alright, when suddenly Gladio’s lips are on his. The kiss is brief. It takes seconds before Gladio is pulling away, trailing small kisses down the prince’s neck. In a swift motion, Gladio finally removes Noctis’s shirt and continues his trail of kisses down Noctis’s chest. He nibbles every now and then, sending a wave of pleasure through Noctis’s body every time. The trail continues down Noctis’s stomach, and when Gladio finally gets to the edge of Noctis’s pants, he looks up – a question in his eyes. Noctis breathes heavily for a moment, then slowly nods. He watches as Gladio unzips his pants and pulls them off of his body. He watches as Gladio leans down and licks up his stiff member. He watches as Gladio opens his mouth and –

And then he wakes up.

Noctis wakes up, alone in bed with a soft breeze blowing through the open window. His eyes scan the room wildly for a moment, and before disappointment can flood his body, he remembers his dream. It hadn’t been a dream last night. All of that had actually happened. The memory makes him smile and when he turns on his stomach to hide his blushing face (from who, he doesn’t know), he takes in a sharp breath. He’s hard still, very hard, and he instinctively grinds himself against the bed, desperately looking for relief. It doesn’t take long – he had been close already, apparently – and when he’s finally relieved, he gets out of bed. He cleans himself off, gets dressed, and heads out of the room to look for Gladio.

When he gets to the bottom stair, Iris is there to greet him. She steps in his way and says, “Morning, sleepyhead!”

Hiding his disappointment that Gladio is nowhere in the immediate vicinity, he shakes his head. “Morning,” he grumbles, and runs a hand through his hair to try to fix it slightly. “Where is everyone?”

“Oh,” Iris says, obviously less than enthused about Noctis’s indifference. “They’re out walking with Talcott. They went to see the sights. We should too!”

“Uhh,” Noctis starts. Ever the eloquent prince. “Sure. Why not?” At least it’ll be a chance to look for Gladio.

“Great! I’ll show you around!”

She turns and heads out of the building. Noctis had already seen most of Lestallum when they had first arrived. They had needed to stock up on ingredients for Ignis and health reagents for the rest of the party. Compared to Insomnia, Lestallum wasn’t that large of a city, so they had covered most of it within the evening.

The walk with Iris is less than exciting. Noctis had always liked Iris and regarded her well, but lately something had She had started avoiding him a few months before he had left the capital. When they did speak, she always seemed distracted, or quiet. Since Noctis had a hard time with conversation anyway, their talks had been very minimal.

Now, though, she won’t stop talking. She keeps rambling on and on about the marketplace and the different shops as they head through. When they get to the refinery, she tells him all about it and how only women work there. He encourages her and she smiles, then she begins leading him to the outlook. As they walk, he steps too close to her and brushes her arm. He mumbles an apology, steps away, then looks over to see her blushing. There’s a shy grin on her face. Noctis raises an eyebrow, but ignores the question that comes to mind.

When they reach the outlook, Noctis finds himself scanning the crowd, looking for Gladio. He feels a slight stab of disappointment when he still doesn’t see him. He’s about to tell Iris that maybe they should head back when he suddenly feels her move closer to him.

“You know, Noct,” she says, wrapping an arm around his and pressing her body close. “This almost feels like a date.”

Noctis tries to control his expression, but can’t fight that surprise that passes quickly over his face. He fakes a smile, nonchalantly slides his arm out of hers, and says, “If it were, your brother would kick my ass.”

The thought terrified him, honestly. At least now it made sense why she had started avoiding him before.

Iris giggles and lets her voice take on a flirty tone as she says, “Well, we better keep it quiet then.”

I don’t think you understand that if Gladio found out I was sleeping with both of the Amacitia siblings, he would literally kill me, is the first thing that goes through Noctis’s mind. When he’s about to speak, Iris sighs and continues, “And besides, you already have Lady Lunafreya.”

Noctis remains quiet. He wants to deny what she says, tell her that of all the people he truly desires, Luna isn’t one of them. The marriage between them is arranged and, while the prospect of spending the rest of his life with Luna hadn’t really seemed that bad in the beginning, it was the one thing he wants least in the world now. Picturing himself with anyone other than Gladio… Well, it just wasn’t going to happen, at least.

Iris offers an awkward smile and kicks absently at the ground. She turns back toward the location of their hotel and says, “Come on. The others should be back at the hotel by now. Let’s join them.”

Noctis agrees, putting thoughts of Luna and Iris and this whole awkward “date” aside, and follows her back to the hotel. As they had thought, when they get there, everyone is gathered in the lobby. As soon as they enter, all eyes turn to them. Noctis’s eyes find Gladio’s and, when they meet, he watches Gladio’s shoulders relax. A slow smile spreads across Gladio’s face, and Noct finds himself easily returning that smile.

“Where have you been?” Prompto asks, skipping forward. “We were starting to get worried!”

Iris and Noctis exhange a look and Iris giggles, “It’s our little secret.”

Prompto groans. “Don’t tell me you two were on a date? Noct, why do you get all the pretty girls?”

Iris only gigggles more and hides her now-blushing face. Noctis rolls his eyes and turns them to Gladio again, who suddenly is studying him curiously. Uh oh.

Later, when Noctis is laying in bed, he hears the door open. He looks up to see Gladio walking in and moves to the side as Gladio finds his place in the bed. When he’s comfortable, he turns to Noct, his eyebrow raised, “So.. A date with my sister, hmm?”

Noctis rolls his eyes and throws a leg around Gladio, easily manuevering himself to straddle the warrior. Gladio allows it and places his hands on Noctis’s hips, rubbing his sides lightly with his thumbs. Noctis says, “That’s what she seems to think.”

“Hmm,” Gladio says, and stops moving his thumbs. “And what is it that you think?”

Noctis shrugs. “I don’t think anything. I was only looking for you the whole time.”

Gladio looks at him curiously. “Looking for me? What for?”

Noctis sighs and rests his hands on Gladio’s stomach. “Do I need a reason?”

“No, but—“

“I had a dream,” Noctis interrupts, and moves his eyes to Gladio’s.

Serious now, Gladio studies Noctis’s face. He knows that Noctis had been having nightmares lately – the concern is written clearly on his face. Quietly, he asks, “What was the dream about?”

A smug grin spreads slowly across Noctis’s face. He leans down, picks up his hand and runs a slow finger down Gladio’s chest and stomach. He hooks the finger just inside Gladio’s pantline and turns smoldering eyes to the warrior. He says, “Let me show you.”

Gladio smirks, and eagerly meets Noctis’s lips with his own.

Aoba Johsai Phone-Related Headcanons

**some of the emojis don’t translate well, but you get the idea


  • background pic of him & Iwa-chan (he’s a little conflicted because he doesn’t think he looks especially good in the pic, but Iwa-chan is smiling so maybe it’s not so bad)
  • so many contacts, he never deletes a number 
  • contacts are often followed by a string of emojis: “Ushiwaka-chan🌽”, “Tobio-chan 🌵🌩”, “Kyouken-chan 🐕🐶”, “Iwa-chan💕💕💕”, “Kenma-chan!! 😻🐱😽”, etc etc
  • so many pictures, the only ones he deletes are bad selfies
  • pics of pretty scenery, mostly on the walk to or from school; selfies; many selfies with others (especially Makki and Matsun); selfies with a candid Iwa-chan in the background; pics of an exasperated Iwa-chan in many situations; other teams’ gyms; general friend and family pics; pictures of clothes he wants
  • -very attached to his phone (main purposes: taking pics and texting Iwa-chan)


  • nobody has seen his home screen (it’s a pic of him and Oikawa when they were younger), but his lock screen is Godzilla
  • Oikawa cannot for the life of him figure out Iwa-chan’s passcode (he changes it every other week)
  • very secretive about his phone… too many sappy pics with Oikawa in them, he’d never live it down
  • leaves his phone on overnight in case Oikawa needs him -sometimes it’ll go off & he’ll lie in bed debating whether or not to check it, but he always checks it, in case it’s serious. 7 times out of 10 it’s not serious (something about aliens, or he can’t get past a level in a game he’s playing) (sometimes it’s not even Oikawa, but Matsukawa, which really pisses Iwaizumi off)
  • only got a phone cause Oikawa was getting one
  • had the same brick of a cellphone for years until his mum got him a fancy smartphone for his last year of high school
  • eternally worried he’ll break his phone, and fusses over it like it’s his newborn child if he ever treats it roughly in a moment of frustration (Oikawa complains that he never gets the same treatment when Iwa-chan is overly rough with him (“I can’t believe you value your phone over me, your best friend from birth!”))


  • had a thing going with Matsukawa were they competed to see who could pick the most fitting single emoji for each of their contacts. Hanamaki actually kept the emojis as his permanent contact names (he was extremely inconvenienced when Matsukawa pointed out the the flex emoji (💪🏽) looks like a dick & had to change Iwaizumi’s contact name on principle (he became “😤”)), (Oikawa was “😋” until Hanamaki found out he needs glasses, & was temporarily changed to “🤓”, but was shortly changed back), (others: “👯”, “😑”, “💦” (Matsukawa, Kunimi, Kindaichi))
  • current background pic of Oikawa making an overly-exaggerated sad pout with “tfw no Iwa-chan” below his face
  • bg pic changes often, but is usually in the same strain of humour & making fun of his teammates
  • breaks his phone approximately every 5 months, but always gets another. Oikawa, who would never get a fancy new phone for breaking his old one, is always immensely jealous


  • even though he won the suitable emoji challenge, he prefers nicknames as contact names, which are changed any time Oikawa, Hanamaki, or Kunimi get their hands on his phone (which is often)
  • one time Kunimi changed every single contact name to “Mom”; another time, in a collaboration between Kunimi and Hanamaki, every name was changed to “ass master”, and every pic changed to a different selfie of Kunimi
  • some person-specific contact names: ///Oikawa: “Grand King lmao”, “Iwa-chan’s fiancé”, “HANGER TOORU”, “Iwaizumi Tooru”; ///Iwaizumi: “holy biceps, batman”, “a mad dog’s wet dream”, “the pda fiend”; ///Hanamaki: “the hubby”, “creampuff”; ///Kunimi: “beacon of sin”,
  • background pic changes almost as much as contact names, for the same reason
  • currently a selfie of Hanamaki and Kunimi (Matsukawa keeps changing it back to this)
  • second favourite background pic is of Hanamaki looking appalled & Kunimi looking the usual, both in the foreground, and in the background what appears to be Iwaizumi with his hand on Oikawa’s ass (it was not actually on the ass) (Hanamaki offers Kunimi some of his lunch for a week for capturing the moment in such a beautiful picture)
  • texts people at odd hours of the night -he’s forbidden from texting Oikawa though, because it’ll give him an excuse to stay up -Hanamaki’s always asleep -Iwaizumi always replies within seven minutes with a “fuck off” -Kunimi never texts him back?? even though he’s probably awake -once he accidentally texted Yahaba in the middle of the night with “can you imagine having to deal w Oikawa literally your entire life?? how will they ever survive apart if they go to s different uni??????” Yahaba texted back with “Matsukawa-senpai, are you alright?” It was their first and only one-on-one text conversation.


  • background pic of his dog
  • very few contacts: “Mom”, “Iwaizumi-Senpai”, “Oikawa”, and “Yahaba”. Literally, that is all of them. Oikawa gave him Yahaba’s number, but he hasn’t used it yet. He’s saving the first text for an important occasion
  • Often forgets his phone at home & isn’t really dependant on it. If he has it on him, it’s probably dead or turned off anyways
  • he sometimes uses it to avoid talking people, by pretending to be on his phone. He’s usually just messing around with the calculator though (he has a non-smart phone)
  • Only pictures on his phone are ones of his dog for bg pic, & contact pics (Iwaizumi and Oikawa’s are pictures of their jerseys, his mom’s is a picture of her phone??, Yahaba doesn’t have a pic)


  • background picture of a nice-looking dog from the dog park (ever since he found out Kyoutani sometimes walks his dog at that very dog park, Yahaba’s been terrified his background pic is Kyoutani’s dog, so he changes it every week between different dogs)
  • all his contacts are all listed under their full names “Oikawa Tooru”, etc
  • even his mom is listed using her full name, which Hanamaki teased him about when he found out
  • attached to his phone due to having volleyball notes on it; and his mother is very overprotective and would freak out if she didn’t have a way of keeping tabs on him, so he makes sure to always have his phone with him
  • lots of scenery pics, contact pics are of scenery that reminds Yahaba of the person
  • used to turn his phone off at night, but since Oikawa sometimes texts people in the middle of the night, now he leaves it on (on silent, but if it goes off, it’ll light up his room & wake him)


  • loves taking pictures of food, especially food he’s made, so his phone is full of delicious food pics. Kyoutani in particular thinks it’s dumb, but Watari likes documenting his culinary successes, and claims to be able to recall the exact taste of a dish from simply the picture
  • his food pics look so nice, he converted Iwaizumi, who previously thought that taking pictures of your food was frivolous (“Just eat it, it’s probably getting cold!”), but now he sometimes gets the urge to take pictures of food he made too (he always resists the urge, so Watari remains the undisputed king of food pics in the Aoba Jousai volleyball team)
  • background pic of him and Yahaba posing triumphantly behind a big dish of stir fry that they had made for Watari’s parents’ anniversary
  • he’s hoping to coerce Kyoutani to come over and make something with them, to get a similar picture with all three of them for his background pic (he has yet to succeed)
  • pretty normal contact names, people’s full names, unless they’re his family, then it’s just “Mom”, etc


  • default background pic of like a mountain or something… he really likes it, and hasn’t yet taken a picture he thinks is better
  • uses his phone mostly for the two games on it
  • has lost it twice on the train, but both times it got returned
  • most pics on his phone are selfies taken by Kunimi
  • contact names an odd amalgamation of nicknames, honourifics, and full names (“Captain Oikawa Tooru”, “Iwaizumi-senpai!!”, “Akira”, “(Kageyama Tobio)” (he uses the brackets for Kageyama’s because he feels like he should’ve deleted Kageyama’s number but didn’t))
  • too shy to ask people for a picture of them to use as a contact pic (Kageyama’s is an old volleyball w an angry face drawn on it, courtesy of Kunimi; Iwaizumi and Oikawa’s are the same picture Oikawa took of himself and Iwaizumi on Kindaichi’s phone; and of course he has a plethora of deadpan selfies to choose from for Kunimi’s picture)
  • surprisingly, Kunimi is very active during the nighttime, so Kindaichi usually leaves his phone on overnight (unlike Yahaba though, he’s a heavy sleeper, so once Kindaichi’s asleep, Kunimi’s out of luck)


  • he’s given up texting people in the middle of the night, since Kindaichi really can’t function on 3 hours sleep, yet he seems to feel obligated to text Kunimi back 
  • for some reason he feels weird about texting Matsukawa back when he texts him in the middle of the night?? so he just doesn’t… Matsukawa never seems to hold it against him though
  • most pics in his phone are candid ones of the team doing shit with Kunimi in the foreground, with his usual deadpan expression, throwing up a peace sign (common themes are Iwaizumi and Oikawa’s oblivious pda; Kindaichi looking embarrassedly/earnestly offscreen; Kyoutani being scolded and looking relatively ashamed; Watari looking exhausted at the antics; Matsun or Makki pretending to be caught off guard in the change room)
  • contacts all respectfully listed with appropriate honourifics (Matsun isn’t sure if this is irony or latent politeness)
  • however, the contact pics are the most ridiculous expressions Kunimi has a pic of the person making (he sometimes uses Oikawa’s pic as blackmail, even though it doesn’t actually look that bad, since Oikawa is frustratingly photogenic)
  • background picture also a default one… he doesn’t want to ruin his cool image by having a sappy sentimental picture (which could be anything from the picture of Kindaichi holding the Kageyama volleyball looking guilty to that pic he took of the sunset the other day)
  • probably the best quality of pictures out of the whole team, this kid has serious skill  (skill that he uses to ridicule and mock his teammates)
8 Birth of a Child


Dan: For a self-described ‘clumsy prick,’ Dan Howell, your best friend and one true love, was your rock throughout your pregnancy. It wasn’t exactly planned, you had to admit, but when the news broke, Dan was with you every step of the way… Well, almost. You couldn’t have asked for a better father to your future child. But mushiness aside, Dan only really understood the responsibility of incoming fatherhood when the time came.

“Hey, Dan?” You called for him. He was only metres away in the kitchen yet you didn’t dare move.

“Yes, my love?” He responded with habitual lovingness. With an expression so calm, he was likely expecting you to ask some mundane question or spew some inconsequential information. But you always seemed to catch him off-guard in these moments.

“I think I’m in labor,” you said. It wasn’t a joke, no; you were literally sitting in a puddle of fluid you could only assume was from your water breaking. Dan called back with a ‘what was that, dear?,’ not hearing you at all as he whisked himself away with a cup of tea in the kitchen. You repeated yourself at once, this time with a flair of concern in your voice.

You heard the clang of a teaspoon being dropped to the floor followed by the hurried footsteps of a worried man. “You what?” Dan stood now in the threshold of the lounge, processing the sight of the wet sofa and your newly-pained expression. You heard him mumble some ‘oh Gods’ followed by some choice expletives as he helped you from your place of the sofa. He took both of your hands into his and did his best to lift your albeit heavy body into a comfortable standing position.

In the delivery room he was even more of a mess, if that was possible. Never had you seen such a stoic man so nervous, but in a weird way, it helped to relieve your own nerves. Pain was approaching little by little and you knew it wasn’t going to get any easier from here. You let the waves of pain ebb and flow through you for the hours being with as much grace as you could muster, yet Dan felt all the pain himself. ‘Are you alright? Do you need me to go and get a nurse?’ The endless inquiries amused you and frustrated you at the same time. At this point you were just thankful for the company.

“Holy shit,” you muttered, another contraction finding its way through your body. You sat yourself down on the hospital bed holding your overgrown bump, now missing the freedom of pacing about the room. Good Lord, this was it, you thought, this is when I literally explode. A young nurse took notice and ushered a small group of women in pink and blue scrubs into the cramped room, causing Dan to stand up in confusion. This was it.

The volume in the room increased exponentially as nurses and midwives shouted orders at each other, over the sound of your cries of pain. They situated you in a rather vulnerable laying position, one that didn’t frankly ease your pelvic pain, with your legs up onto chilly metal stirrups. And Holy Hell, was it uncomfortable. One nurse instructed Dan to sit in the cushioned chair at your right side, to which he obeyed immediately. You took note of his terrified expression, and if you weren’t in such a state, you would have laughed at it. Despite his fear, he reached out a warm and loving hand to you, stroking your arm as you laid feeling like a dead fish being squeezed dry.

The eldest nurse, likely the ‘midwife,’ you assumed, rattled off some numbers loudly to her colleagues before preparing an arsenal of what sounded like a thousand metal tools. Fun. She barked a list of orders to you that your cloudy head could hardly comprehend, instructing you to hold Dan’s hand and push.

“I’m right here,” you heard Dan say, holding your one hand with both of his. It was the last thing you remember hearing for what seemed like hours upon hours of pushing and pushing. Your screaming and crying broke his heart, but he let you sprain his hand until the pain was over.

A commotion broke through the nurses as you felt a white jolt of pain followed by a blissful release. A high-pitched wail pierced the air, signifying your healthy baby’s first moment of life. Dan was beckoned to the end of the bed to cut the child’s cord and ascertain her sex. You saw immediate tears fall from his eyes as he looked at the child, his face turning pink with the widest grin you’d ever seen. “She’s beautiful,” Dan said, choking on his own joy, watching as the little human was placed upon your bosom. Your own gaiety soon followed, tears wetting your hospital gown. She was so small, warm with vivacity, loud and proud, just like her father.

As evening approached, you dozed off sat up in bed, exhausted from the day’s demands. Dan, however, spent every moment with a big, dumb smile on his face, announcing to family and friends via text and Skype and Snapchat the safe arrival of baby Howell. The tears commenced again, though, when a smiling nurse arrived with your newly-cleaned and swaddled daughter, passing her off for Dan to hold. Never had he held something, someone, so tiny and miraculous and utterly beautiful. He couldn’t help the tears that fell from his cheeks, he must’ve been the luckiest guy on Earth with two beautiful dolls like you. “I love you,” Dan whispered to the wiggling child, her tiny hand grasping his ring finger with ardour. He cried and laughed and smiled more.

You watched your little family with tired eyes half-opened, sighing at what a lovely sight it was. Dan looked back at you, noticing your awoken state and smiled. He brought the girl to you, placing her ever-so gingerly in your arms before kissing you with all the love and tenderness he could muster. And a thousand more ‘I love yous’ fell from his mouth again.

Phil: “Ready to go?” Phil faced you with a nervous smile, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel in front of him. Your bags were packed and stowed away in the backseat; your car was the most prepared one to bring a baby home.

You patted your middle, giving him the most reassuring smile and nod. “Are you?”

“I guess we’ll see,” Phil said, laughing a nervous chuckle. You knew he was anxious, but what new father wouldn’t be? Excitement was in his eyes, though, and you reciprocated that. He backed out of the driveway and chatted giddily about the near future during the drive. “I hope it’s a girl, so she looks like you,” he commented at one point. He smiled that dumb cute smile, his tongue sticking out slightly as he glanced at you, his own beautiful sight.

“Yeah?” you played, “Well I hope it’s a little boy, so he looks just like you.” You thought of the pictures and videos you’d seen of Phil as a toddler; his red hair and chubby cheeks could’ve melted your heart. However the little one turned out, though, they would be perfect. Even if they had just the slightest bit of Phil in them. Phil chuckled and rested a protective hand on your thigh. “Oh, Jesus,” you groaned, clutching your bump as the first signs of labor presented themselves. You shut your eyes and did your best to breathe for the time being. You were only minutes away from the hospital, was the little bugger really so excited to come out right now?

Immediate worry washed over Phil’s countenance, realization hitting him like a double-decker bus. “Oh my God, are you okay?” His eyes faltered from the road to look to you, pain twisting your face. You assured him it was nothing out of the ordinary, that you were, in fact, literally in labor, instructing him to just drive, please.

But as for all good things, you had to wait. And wait. And wait. You were settled, rather uncomfortably, mind you, in a homey delivery room for six hours before reaching the point of Oh, God, here it goes. It was nearly eight hours until the pain was too much to stand, quickly disabling you from walking about the room and chatting comfortably with your husband. You felt stabs and jolts of pain from between your legs and up your back for hours on end, only being able to wince and ride it out until the waves passed.

At times it was a bit much for Phil, he was never really the best when it came to you feeling unwell. He wished he could just wave a magic wand and have your pain be gone, or take it on himself at the least. But alas, that was not a possibility, so he did what he could. Holding and kissing your knuckles with a warmth so refreshingly soft. Stroking the top of your hair, fingertips gliding along your temples and forehead gently when the pain was especially bad. It was the best he could do to ease the discomfort, and for that you were infinitely grateful.

At the ten hour mark, or eleven or twelve (you could hardly keep track at this point), you were finally allowed to begin pushing. It was likely the most painful thing you’d ever endured, and it seemed to go on for hours more. With every groan and shout of discomfort you gave, Phil grew more nervous. He worried you’d get hurt, that something awful might happen to you or your child. So he sat as close to your side as he was allowed.

Anxiety finally swallowed Phil whole when the nurses announced some ‘complication’ with the birth. Your head was in a hazy cloud of pain and exhaustion that you didn’t understand what was the matter and couldn’t fight back. Your nervous Phil, however, was fully conscious and seemed about ready to cry when you were moved onto a wheeled bed that would transport you to an operating room.

Much of the following chaos was but a blur in your memory; you were drifting in and out of consciousness as a result of the pain for what felt like the longest time. When you did finally come to (that is, enough to really process reality), you were comfortably habituated in a clean hospital room, a red-eyed Phil huddled in a yellow armchair with a tiny powder-blue bundle in his arms. One of his large hands held the baby’s head with the gentlest caution, sweeping back the soft fuzz along his crown with a look of awe on his face. You couldn’t tell whether his eyes were red and rubbed raw because of emotion or exhaustion, probably a mixture of the two. You inhaled deeply to clear your head of any lingering pain and negativity.

Phil lifted his head from the infant’s face to yours. “You’re awake,” he smiled with a hushed voice, getting up and walking slowly to your side. All you could do was smile weakly in response. He bounced the boy gently in his arms as he sat next to you. Both of your arms were anchored to IVs, electrodes attached to various parts of your body, and Phil didn’t want to put pressure on your weak body, so he opted to sit at your side instead. “Look, it’s your Mummy,” he said softly to the half-asleep child, “she worked very hard to bring you here.” He smiled brightly at you, giggling in a fit of joy. You laughed too, it was rather funny how lucky you were to have such a wonderful man in your life. “She scared me half to death trying,” he continued, “that’s how much she loves you.” Phil brought the boy to his face, kissing his forehead and placing him back in the tiny bed next to yours.

You couldn’t bring your eyes away from the child. “He’s beautiful,” you said. Indeed he was. It looked as though some red hair was already beginning to show itself on the little one’s head, just like Phil.

Phil nodded and took your hands in his, kissing them lightly before kissing your lips. “As are you,” he cooed. The smile he wore didn’t leave his face for a moment. “But don’t you scare me like that ever again, okay?”
Comprehensive Timeline of My Relationship with Carli Lloyd

I’d like to start off by saying that I’ve met probably 90% of the USWNT players that have been around the last couple of years (still waiting to meet Pinoe and Morgan Brian!), and I have to say, literally ALL of them have been kind and gracious. A lot of them go out of their way to take pictures or talk for a little bit (special shout-outs to Julie Johnston and Crystal Dunn for being so friendly; Ali Krieger who is a total sweetheart, gives great hugs, and laughed at all my jokes; Christen Press who bravely dodged cranky security to come take pics with us; and most of all my absolute fave BECKY SAUERBRUNN who was so incredibly nice and appreciative that I was a huge fan. She even remembered me a year later, hugged me, and said how nice it was to see me!)

The USWNT is full of kind, gracious, fun, and interactive players. That is, with only one exception - Carli Lloyd.

Disclaimer:  Much like at the beginning of Carli’s book, all events in the following post have been described to the best of my ability. Quotes may not be 100% word for word accurate, but believe me I have not forgotten the sentiments behind them. I am genuinely a fan of Carli Lloyd; I think she’s very talented and absolutely hysterical. I bought her jersey! This post is not meant to spread hate; I am trying to be as objective as possible. If I truly felt like I did something to deserve Carli’s loathing, I would have no problem admitting it, but I still honestly can’t really pinpoint what I did to deserve it!!

Fall 2012

Our rollercoaster of a relationship started in fall 2012. My sister and I got invested in the USWNT during the Olympics, like OBSESSED. I’m embarrassed to admit how many times we’ve watched Party in the USA and still have dreams about Alex Morgan’s header against Canada years later. So when we found out that Carli Lloyd was being honored at a Rutgers Women’s Soccer game that fall, we had to go! That’s only 20 minutes from my house! Like she’s Carli Lloyd…who wouldn’t take the chance to meet this woman??

I had a pretty good idea of what her personality was like.  I watched that post-Olympic final interview where she was going on about how she’s a champion and works the hardest out of everyone, so I’m like yeah okay Carli whatever, but I still thought she would be cool in person, right? How young, how naive. She was honored at halftime and after the game she went over to the side of the bleachers. It was cold out so my sister and I wanted to try to meet her and then go home. There were a couple people by the fence already waiting for her. Carli is talking to a friend about thirty feet away, but she knows we’re here. Some kids are calling for her autograph. She refuses to come over, even though she is clearly doing nothing urgent. She turned her back to us. Now I try not to be an entitled fan, no player owes fans pictures or autographs etc etc blah blah blah, but there are seven people here and she’s not doing anything! It would have taken two minutes. She doesn’t even have to do it for me; do it for the little girls there! Like would Ali Krieger or Tobin Heath have blown us off? I don’t think so! The game’s over and I still vividly remember when dozens of ten year old girls rush over and are crowding in on her, she backs away slowly and gets Brian to pull up right on the other side of the fence, and then she makes her great escape. It was literally like this scene from Jurassic Park:

It’s the most awkward, hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. Fearless champion Carli is terrified of ten year olds. She should have appreciated it more when it was just seven of us. So that being said, I don’t remember having any interaction that was significant enough for Carli to remember me, like she didn’t come close enough for us to talk to her. I think all I did was wave? Idk but I guess it was enough for Carli to remember me. (I’m a 6'4 tall woman, but still, how did she remember me from that?) So apparently we’re off to a rockier start than I expected. Idk how and to this day I do not fully comprehend why she dislikes me so much…

The story continues.

April 2013

This experience does not involve me unfortunately. But my sister was in NYC for a school event that was later that night and had some free time before it started. What a perfect opportunity to go to Times Square for the US Soccer Centennial celebration! The special guest was Carli Lloyd, who wasn’t with the WNT because of injury. The universe really came together to create this perfect moment. My sister goes to the setup in Times Square, and goes straight to Carli who’s inside the little mini field that was set up there. She can’t tell if Carli recognizes her or not, but tries to make conversation about the National team, if she’s excited to play for the Flash, etc. but all Carli can muster up is a few uninterested one word answers. Carli tries to sign her autograph but complains that my sister’s pen isn’t working. She gets Carli a new one, Carli says in the most monotone voice possible, “it’s okay I have a better one.” Okay Carli! This isn’t going particularly well!! But by the grace of God this other dude comes up to them, and says “Who are you? Are you famous? Can I have your autograph??” Carli is dumbfounded and annoyed, responding “You don’t know who I am? You want my autograph but you don’t know me?” You just know she is so confused by the nerve of this man, not knowing who this glorious champion is. My sister senses an opportunity and jumps on it. “How do you not know who she is? This is Carli Lloyd, Olympic champion. How can you not know her??” The poor man, she totally threw him under the bus. But it was worth it because Carli gave her a smile and nod of approval. She’s in!! Later Carli takes a picture with my sister and even puts her arm around her! My sister was with me that night at Rutgers and now Carli’s good with her! If that’s true then she probably doesn’t have anything against me either, that is even if she remembers me. I felt so relieved!

July 31, 2014

The Western New York flash is coming to play Sky Blue. By the locker room, the Flash players are coming out and high-fiving people that are lined along the fence. I’m there with my sister and my two cousins. Carli comes out and starts high-fiving people until she sees me. We make eye contact. Her expression can only be read as annoyance. Unmistakable! I’m not kidding, she literally high fived people up until the girl right in front of me, looked me in the eyes, then stopped and crossed to the other side. What? Did that just happen? No way that was a coincidence! I have definitely picked up on the dislike now. She knows me and she does not like me!! It gets worse after the game. At Yurcak field the players sign from field level and reach up to the people in the stands to sign, so the angle is sometimes hard to see which players are there, and it’s hard for them to see everyone up top too when it’s crowded. I spot Carli. There’s a bunch of little girls ahead of me on the fence, but I look over and shout “Carli, you were exquisite!”  She looks up at me, sees me, and is visibly annoyed. She STOPS SIGNING some little girl’s ball mid-name and leaves. Like the poor little girl’s ball literally just says Carl. CARL!!! The little girl looks at her ball and looks up at me with a mix of sadness and confusion, like what did you dooooo?

Oops sorry kid. Carli couldn’t even finish signing her name before she took off to get away from me.

June 2015

For a year Carli is fortunate enough to mostly escape me. I couldn’t make it to the Sky Blue vs Houston game in April 2015. But I saw her after the WWC semi final in Montreal. My cousin found out the hotel where the girls were staying, so we head there after the game.  It is VERY crowded. They kick all of us out of the hotel, so we line the sidewalk where they will walk in from the bus. The bus arrives. We are all very excited! They just beat Germany in a great semifinal game! The girls walk by single file. They wave and smile and high five fans. We spot Carli coming. We are behind people, but remember, we are all over 6 feet in my family so we have long reaches. My cousin yells for Carli and she looks over, smiles, and high fives him. The glorious moment was even posted on the ussoccer_wnt twitter!

I see her high five my cousin.  I want a high five… I cheer “Carli!” and hold up my hand. She looks at my face, looks at my hand, turns away and walks on. Seriously? AGAIN?? I only wanted a quick high five but I was rebuffed. Please see the video below documenting this.

September 2016

During this past NWSL season, Carli was away on national team duty when Houston came to NJ. It’s been over a year since Carli and I have had any significant interaction. I miss her. In August Carli takes forever to get back to the Dash even though the rest of her WNT teammates were able to get their butts back to their teams. My sister makes a mildly critical comment on Twitter about Carli’s obvious lack of commitment to the NWSL. BLOCKED!! Like it wasn’t even that bad but I’m happy because this might mean that I’m no longer her least favorite!! Luckily for my sister, Carli is merciful and unblocks her weeks later. She promises to never hate on Carli again. But now that we know that Carli clearly checks her mentions, maybe she’s seen all the times that I’ve tweeted that I love her! Shouldn’t that mean something? Probably not.

It seems like another year will go by without talking to Carli. Depressing! That is until Carli announces a book signing in NJ September 26th. Of course I have to go! This will give me an opportunity to see Carli where she can’t just leave as soon as she sees me. I’m in! My sister and my friend come with me. It’s really crowded but the line is moving ridiculously fast, like everybody is only getting five seconds with her… People are tweeting about how they waited hours in line for 5 seconds of getting ignored by her. Yeah that’s not gonna cut it for me! I didn’t wait on this line just for that. Plus, we have some tension to resolve! So we finally get downstairs in the bookstore where she’s signing. She spots me.

She reacts in that typical Carli way:

She looks in the other direction and refuses to look back.

She tries her hardest not to make eye contact with me again.

We are getting closer and closer to the front of the line. People have 5 seconds tops with Carli. Hah, just wait until I get up there. A woman takes our books to get them ready for Carli to sign. Turns out the girl is Carli’s glorious cousin. I make friends with her and we are joking around together.  I tell her, “Listen I have a bit of a rocky past with your cousin so I’m gonna need you to help me out a little bit.” She thinks I’m still joking with her, so she nods and winks. Thanks cousin!!

It’s finally our turn! I call out to the cousin and ask her to take pictures of us with my phone. She hesitates for a second, presumably because she’s probably not supposed to do that, but agrees. The three of us go up to Carli. She is smiling! Wow! I mean it’s completely forced but it’s a step in the right direction!

As we walk up, the cousin yells out “Carli! These are my friends!” Carli, in a monotone voice, looks at me and says, “oh.”

We tell Carli how nice it is to see her again. We pose for our picture. Everyone else stands in front of Carli while she signs. Not us! We stand next to her and make her pose, and she can’t really say anything because her cousin is the one leading the charge. The guy that works there says we’re not supposed to pose for pictures. Carli adds, “yeah.. you’re setting a bad example” and we’re just like haha Carli you’re so funny! I guess clearly we are out of line for posing for pictures and stretching out those five seconds to a full 45 or so. She signs all our books. This picture was taken while we talked to her, and it is a perfect representation of our relationship. (Photo creds: Carli’s cousin)

Here comes my favorite part: As we get ready to leave, I stand in front of her to get my book signed and I said very genuinely “Carli, this has been the most positive interaction we have had in years. Thank you so much!” She looks up at me, locks eyes, and says in the most serious and deadpan way possible, “I know”. At this point I am dying inside with laughter. As we turn to leave we all say goodbye and she says “thank you for your support”, as if someone is twisting her arm to say it.

The first step in fixing a problem is acknowledging that it exists. By saying that this is our first positive interaction, we admitted that our friendship has been negative in the past but we are turning over a new leaf. I love Carli Lloyd and can’t wait to see her next year. I look forward to many more positive interactions in the future!! ❤️ If not, at least Becky likes me!

Umm... Okay?

~Prompt: becommissar caught being cute after Worlds & the teams are confused (this prompt was not submitted to me)

Chloe had to be drunk. Or maybe they were drunk. Yep. Beca and Kommissar had to be drunk. Chloe had noticed Kommissar leave the after party. Beca had left too, not in the mood for people which was typical Beca. Chloe also knew that both of them had been completely sober when they left. Chloe herself had quite a bit to drink so she was convinced that she had more than she thought and now she was hallucinating. That had to be it. There was no other way to explain it.

Everyone had left about midnight just because of morning flights. DSM was for the most part sober, Pieter hadn’t touched a drink surprisingly. Stacie was extremely drunk but even she snapped out of her gaze that awaited them when the elevator doors opened. It had been an already awkward ride up the elevator, both groups respecting but not really in the mood for chatting. It was when they stepped out all together that things got awkward.

Kommissar was laughing wildly, freely, childishly. She was holding something above her head, waving it around like a flag. She sprinted past the elevators, being in the middle of a three way point. The hallways broke off right, left, and down the center. Kommissar came from the hallway Beca had been staying at, running down the left hallway toward her room. Beca followed after her moments later. Whining.

“Kommissar! Give it back!”

The blonde just laughed and stopped a little ways down the hallway. Holding it to her full height. “You vant it? Come get it.”

The brunette glared at her. Jumping up but missing the object by a mile. Chloe then realized it was a phone. Kommissar had somehow managed to steal Beca’s phone. No wonder she hadn’t been texting her back. Kommissar looked amusedly down at Beca, smiling in a teasing way.

“Tiny maus struggling?”

Beca rolled her eyes before a mischievous look took her and she jumped onto Kommissar. Her legs wrapped around the blondes waist and one arm wrapped around her torso as she reached for the phone. Kommissar laughed still not moving as Beca still struggled to reach it. Everyone was openly staring at the two. No one except Pieter from DSM had ever seen their leader so… free. She looked careless and happy which were two emotions no one but Pieter had ever witnessed. The Bellas had never seen Beca as a child. Although she somewhat looked like one as she literally climbed Kommissar.

Pieter, being the only one not completely startled, moved toward the two. “Vhat are you doing?”

Kommissar rolled her eyes. “She took pictures of me while I was sleeping!”

The response was just stupid enough for all of the Bellas to laugh. DSM being too terrified of what the blonde might do to them if they so much as chuckled. Cold blue eyes narrowed on the group and she shook off Beca, who fell rather ungracefully to her ass, as Kommissar began moving toward the group, anger and confidence replacing her light mood.

All the Bellas cowered in fear until Beca tackled the blonde, both of them falling to the floor. This made Kommissar’s composure break, the German immediately falling back into giggles as Beca scrambled to take back her phone, making sure she hadn’t deleted the pictures. Beca smiled when she found the pictures again. Kommissar not actually caring about it.

Beca took another picture of the blonde laughing on the floor. Her blonde hair fanned around her like a halo and her blue eyes as light as the sky. Kommissar had on a oversized grey sweater, grey not black for once, and shorts that were covered by the sweater. Kommissar shoved Beca’s phone playfully as the brunette continued to take pictures of her.

“Stop!” Kommissar whined. Hiding her face behind her arms.

“You are so cute!” Beca cooed, both of them still ignoring the large group of people. Pieter, having seen that this would take a while, had resigned to playing on his phone.

“I am not cute I am fierce and mean.” The way Kommissar said it was more of a six year old thing but then the taller woman was up and moving and she was spamming Beca’s phone with selfies as she ran down the hallway toward Beca’s room.

“Kommissar!!” Beca shrieked, chasing after her.

“Should we… I don’t… Where is Beca?” Cynthia asks. “That is not Beca.”

Chloe nods slowly. “I think… Beca totally has a crush.”

“Well… Lesbihonest.” Fat Amy sighs. “I didn’t expect the DSM lady though. She is probably drunk.”

Kommissar runs by them again, still taking selfies and Beca comes to a stop in front of the giant group. She leans over, trying to catch her breath.

“Dam long legs.” She mutters.

“Is Kommissar drunk?” Fat Amy asks, tapping Beca’s shoulder.

“No. You see when I came back she was sitting in the little lounge area in the lobby and she had candy. I walked over and asked why she wasn’t at the party. She said that she got bored and saw me leave and decided to follow me back to the hotel but I apparently took the long route and she ended up here before me. After that we basically talked for a bit and I found out that she has a sweet tooth and then she passed out in my room and I was taking pictures of her cause shes so adorable when she sleeps and her mouth is slightly agape and she is sorta frowning but not really and she-”

“Okay okay.” Chloe cuts off Beca’s rambling. “And after that she…”

“Oh!” Beca smiles sheepishly at getting caught up in Kommissar’s looks. “She woke up, caught me, stole my phone and well… This is it.”

“Do you really need your phone?” Fat Amy asks. “We are ready to go to bed if you two are done being four year olds.”

Beca grins. “Thats okay. Shes going to want to come find me when she realizes I stole one of her shirts when she took off running.”

All the Bellas simultaneously look at the hyped up blonde, giggling and speaking in rapid German to a slightly amused Pieter, the group following their leaders as they make a retreat to their rooms. Kommissar is typing on Beca’s phone as she closes the door behind her and Pieter.

Chloe’s phone vibrates in her pocket. “I know tiny maus has my shirt. I think it looks cute on her so she can keep it. Just know that she doesn’t get her phone back either.” Chloe reads out loud.

Beca rolls her eyes but her voice is affectionate as she says, “What a tease.”

asanoya fic recs

i’ve seen a lot of people complaining about how its next to impossible to find any good asanoya-centric fanfics so i’ve taken it upon myself to list some of my absolute favorites.

(not a complete list)

Qué Syrah Syrah by LoudLucy

Asahi wants to be a Master Sommelier. It’s the highest honor in wine service, and the certification would allow him to live the life he’s always envisioned for himself.  Too bad the certification test is notorious for being the world’s most difficult.  

Most people fail their first time taking the exam, and Asahi is no exception, but he has more difficulty than most dusting himself off and getting back on his feet.  Enter Nishinoya, a young man who shares his same dream, and who believes in their goals so fiercely it forces Asahi to embark on a delicious and sensuous journey of viticulture and validation.

AKA The Wine Tasting AU that literally no one even knew to ask for.

(probably my favorite asanoya fanfic to date)

Of Piercings and Sweaters by Kangarooblu

Noya definitely doesn’t have a crush on the guy who wears horrific sweaters and works at the bookstore across the street. Not even when he sees his deep brown eyes and his beautiful smile. Nope. He definitely doesn’t have a thing for him at all.

Setting Aside Your Pride and Your Prejudice by sugamama_crowshi

 “Oh, Pride and Prejudice?” an unfamiliar voice asked.  
 Noya was pulled from his search as the man before him spoke. He blinked up at him a few times. Then he stared. Nishinoya’s mouth was probably hanging open slightly. He couldn’t help it.  
 Before him stood the single most gorgeous man Nishinoya Yuu had every laid eyes on.

Nishinoya Yuu experiences love at first sight at the library. Azumane Asahi is excited to think that another Japanese person has heard of Jane Austen. Through a series of lies and café meetups the two begin to learn more about each other. And fall for each other too.

For the Haikyuu!! Valentines Day Exchange 2016

Stop My Bones From Wondering by cerasi

After graduation, Asahi hides from the world and needs help from a few sources to find his way back.

(so freaking beautiful)

Top of the World by Homeo (Wherefore_art_thou_Homeo)

Noya is a sports photographer who can’t stand watching volleyball. So far, he’s managed to avoid attending volleyball games at the local college, but one day the only other member of his department is out sick, so he has to take on the job. He does so reluctantly, and drags himself to the game without the intention of paying any sort of attention at all - he’ll just snap a few pictures, get a quote from the team captain, and then get out and never come back.

Once he’s at the game, though, he lays eyes on a perfectly good reason to stick around in the form of Asahi Azumane, the team’s star player. He’s immediately fascinated by Asahi; he wants to meet the guy, get to know him a little, and then… well, to be completely honest, Noya kind of just wants to bang him. A lot.

But of course, stuff like this rarely goes Noya’s way, and this time is no exception.

(some heavy topics in this one, but they’re handled very well. this fic will fuck you up but you’ll be happy about it)

Silica Sand by lilien passe (lilienpasse)

Overworked, over-stressed programmer Azumane Asahi works on the top floor of a Shinjuku skyscraper. Nervous around his coworkers and terrified of the long drop on the other side of the window, Asahi falls into a miserable routine, only to have it broken one day by a simple message on the outside of the glass. AU.

(i’m pretty sure everyone and their mother has read this one by now but if you haven’t yet you absolutely must it is seriously beautiful)

Oh No I Think I Love You by CloudMonsta

Everything about Asahi and Noya’s relationship, from the proposal all the way through feeling comfortable living together. I’m bad at summaries this is really just a hugeass domestics asanoya oneshot ok love me I’m in too deep.

(20k words of pure domestic fluff. i reccomend reading this when you’re feeling extra sappy)

States of Matter by Grandoverlord

Things come in four states of matter. Solid, liquid, gas, and college student. Or, an unfortunately timed assignment plays matchmaker.

come and take a walk on the wild side by Authoress

There’s a bloodcurdling scream of terror, and then Noya remembers that, right, there’s a new person moving into the apartment next to him. Oops.

 (in which Noya is accidentally the Worst Neighbor Ever, Asahi loses twenty years of his life to stress, and Rolling Thunder is the star of the show.)

I’d Like You Anyway by KuriKuri

Yū believes in soulmates, but that doesn’t mean he believes in them.

(Or: An AU in which any permanent marking you get on your body - like a tattoo - also appears on your soulmate. And Yū gets a lot of tattoos.)

Azumane Asahi’s Big Gay Romance by jibrailis

The air-con gets cranky, Asahi gets a job, and Nishinoya gets his man.

(holy fuck i love this one)

If/When by LoudLucy

Nishinoya wonders about how to reconnect with the person who meant the most to him back in high school.

General Delinquency by Pouler (poulerslashes)

“Asahi was first to suspect something was amiss, when he got a handful of unreadable texts from Nishinoya.”  Misbehavior leads to misunderstandings and a shift in the relationship between Asahi and Nishinoya.

Lucky by bohemianrasberries

Every New Year, at midnight, they kiss for luck.

(Alternatively: five times Noya and Asahi kiss on the stroke of midnight and one time they don’t quite.)

An analysis of Nathan Prescott

And why he’s not so bad.
Note that analysis is used lightly here. By analysis o mean a messy train of thought as to why I sympathize with Nathan
Warning: spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.
Nathan Prescott. Douche bag? Yep. Mentally ill? Definitely. Abused? Oho yeah. Manipulated? You got it. Did some horrible shit? Hell yeah. Still deserves to be forgiven? You guessed it.
Nathan is taking a shit load of prescription meds, of which all correspond to one of 3 illnesses. This indicates that not only is Nathan bipolar (and you can definitely pick out his manic and depressive episodes), but he also has anxiety and schizophrenia, both of which cause extreme paranoia.
Throw the kids constant partying and drugs and drinking and you’re gonna have one fucked up kid.
Meaning: Nathan is paranoid; he is scared out of his fucking mind, he can’t control his emotions, and everything gets processed into rage. Or something rage like. This gives us the base for his twitchy, irritable, yet somehow still lovable character.
But what lies underneath the surface of his paranoia?
Lots of complex shit.
First, let us observe some of his behavior, starting with comments he makes in regards to control. He doesn’t like being told what to do, he doesn’t like being threatened, he doesn’t like being manipulated. When he is or when he feels out of control of his life, this ups his paranoia and causes a lot of lashing out. This is pretty easy to spot and catch on to. What not many people will catch on to, though, is the subtext of these actions and words. Nathan has, and most likely still is, being emotionally absurd by his family, especially his father. We see a lot of evidence for this, especially in episode four. The boy craves for his approval but just doesn’t get it. His dad is constantly manipulating him, as seen through emails and notes and Nathan’s general behavior towards him. In episode four, you can find a world’s best son certificate from when Nathan would’ve been about 10 (I believe). He holds onto that and a single picture of his dad and him, which he is bawling in. I think this speaks a lot to their relationship. This need for acceptance and vulnerability coupled with his untreated (because of his father) illnesses makes him the perfect target for Jefferson. Just like his dad, it’s exposed that Jefferson manipulates Nathan, and the methods he she’s mirrors his dads. There’s some interesting theories that Jefferson is Nathan’s dad but the picture in his dorm easily disapproves that. But whatever: point being, Nathan is such an easy target for Jefferson because Jefferson acts like his dad and stands in as a father figure.
Remember when Nathan did some fucked up shit and drugged Chloe, taking her picture and shit?. (Let’s be clear, he didn’t Rape her or anyone. I’m sick of those theories. Thanks) we know now he attempting to imitate jefferson’s/ work in the black room. And we all know what they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery. Texts between the two show that Nathan was trying to make Jefferson proud, but he failed terribly. This really fucks with his mind further. Now he has two dads that really don’t treat him well or approve of him, no matter what he does.
But let’s diverge from the obvious a moment and look at some more parts of Nathan that are hidden.
Nathan is the only person on campus that locks his dorm. You could argue it’s because he does fucked up shit and drugs but the lrescott’s own the school and the town, so he really wouldn’t be worried about that. No, Nathan locks his door because he’s scared, of Jefferson most likely. If you get David suspended from campus, he sends him an anonymous email talking about how he doesn’t feel safe on campus anymore. It’s known David does work for the prescott’s on the side. Nathan is literally scared for his life at Blackwell. He’s scared of Jefferson. He’s being manipulated and abused and he’s scared. This is why he has the gun. It’s his way of protecting himself, whether it be from scumbag Jefferson or the emotional abuse and paranoia he faces daily.
But again, this is the obvious bits.
Beyond this, we get remorse.
Nathan is remorseful about all that he does.
When he shoots Chloe in the bathroom, you can stick around and watch him literally stumble to her body and sob a bunch of oh nos and oh shits and oh gods. He’s terrified. He didn’t mean to shoot her, and he definitely mean to kill her. All he tried to do was gain some control in the situation and his life.
The kid is fascinated by the morbid, but he has no wishes to be a killer. He’s not psychopathic. He’s mentally ill, and while they can overlap there is a difference between the monster tumblr wants him to be and who he really is.
If Kate dies, he takes her cross necklace and a sunflower from her memorial. To me this is not a trophy, it is, again, a sign of remorse. She wasn’t supposed to die.
If you ask me, the video exists purely so Jefferson can wash his hands of any evidence that he ever kidnapped Kate. He wanted her to die. But Nathan? I doubt it.
He is in this situation against what he wants. Maybe he entered it because Jefferson’s as supposed to replace his dad but he sure as hell doesn’t want to be in it anymore. This much is clear.
After Kate’s death, he even goes to comfort a crying Victoria. This, again, shows regret but it also shows that he has the capacity to care and empathize (things not characteristic of what y'all accuse him to be. Thanks) he truly cares for Victoria.
Let’s go to another point though.
Rachel in the dark room. That cute (not) little drawing he did of her. Pair that with the photo of her and Nathan drugged out of their minds together tells me that he doesn’t know exactly what happened to Rachel. He’s trying to cope but, as his psychiatrist puts it, he loses his grip on reality even further (to paraphrase). Not only is Nathan confused about the Rachel situation but he’s scared. He doesn’t know what happened to her or if he does its fragmented and weird because he was drugged to. I promise you he didn’t kill Rachel. His entire reality has been messed with and this I creases not only his paranoia, but his anxiety (which I think may be a form of ptsd) and schizophrenia as well. (Note schizophrenia is characterized by loss of reality and delusions). You can bet your ass Jefferson is manipulating this new state too. The scumbag is playing on his lack of knowing what’s real and what isn’t to further torment him.
The last thing I want to touch on is his reactions to being beaten by warren. If you let warren continue, Nathan stops trying to resist. His facial expression shows distance. He just takes it. It isn’t until after warren beats the shit out of him that he curls into a ball and starts crying, chanting that everybody hates him. This is characteristic of someone who has and is being physically abused. Honestly, enough said.
Edit: on Nathan and eating disorders. I do think Nathan has an ED. I understand diet pills will give a hell of high but Nathan gets plenty of drugs elsewhere. There’s no real reason for him to spend that much on diet pills just for the high. No, I think he really does have an ED. His clothes are baggy, the kid is a literal stick and has no meat on his bones. He looks pale and worn down (which could be attributed to other things to, I know) but don'tnod doesn’t just put things in like that for nothing. They’re very careful with the information they give us. Nah, we already knew Nathan was doing drugs. The diet pills were unnecessary; he has an ED.
What does all this mean? It means his behavior, however bad it can be, is understandable. He’s a victim of years of abuse, his being manipulated into doing things he doesn’t want, his reality is being altered before his eyes and he believes his life is in constant danger.
Does that mean we should forgive everytjing? No. What he did to Chloe was fucked up. What he caused Kate was fucked up. What he was forced to do the girls though? Nah. That’s not him and there’s plenty of proof that it isn’t. The kid deserves some forgiveness. He deserves empathy. And he certainly doesn’t deserve what tumblr wishes on him.
That is all.
Sorry for my lack of eloquence and messy thought train I was mostly doing this for myself. 👌🏻

Edit2: I really now think that Nathan doesn’t drug the girls. I’m gonna speak on this later. Also, i believe he has PTSD. Will also speak on this later.

zfiledh  asked:

Ford and Stan eventually face their brother Shermie, who seems ready to simultaneously have a heart attack and/or noogie his brothers for the separation, disappearance, fake death, and general cover-up for the past forty years.

Well this got out of hand. Think of it either as an alternative to or a continuation of that other ask I got with this theme.

“So…let me see if I have this straight.” Shermie said. “…You’ve been gone for thirty years. Living in Michigan?”

“Well, and California, Florida, Mexico…all over the place, really.”

“…And the reason you never told anyone you were alive after that car crash is because you had amnesia. From a head injury, from the crash.” Shermie continued.

“Yep! Still have problems with my memory sometimes.”

“…Until this summer, when your memories started to come back, and you showed up in Oregon where Stanford was living.”

“That’s about the size of it.”

“I see.”

Shermie folded his arms, looking at the men in front of him. One of them, the twin who’d done most of the talking, was shooting him a confident grin. The other was fiddling with the edge of his sweater sleeve, waiting for whatever Shermie’s reaction would be.

“Well. That’s a fine load of garbage you just told me.”

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anonymous asked:

Are you guys open for requests? Can I get headcannons for the Shiratorizawa boys drunk/drinking? Thanks~

Y’ALL. The legal age for drinking in Japan is 20 and tbh I only think Semi and Yamagata would’ve tried before then. Everyone isn’t a bad example like I am lmao. Stay safe everyone!!

- He doesn’t drink that much. He doesn’t really see the purpose in drinking till you’re wasted because he’s aware that you could get into bad situations once you’re too drunk to control yourself.
- He’s actually able to drink quite a lot but he’s never tested the full extent of his ‘power’ as Tendou calls it. It happened once at a college party though. He’d usually just sit in the corner drinking juice or something but his roommate challenged him and god knows how long after his roommate is passed out, he’s only just slurring his speech.

- Drinks till he regrets it in the morning. He’s piled up college assignments and honestly he just wants to forget but it obviously comes back to bite him when he has to do a dissertation with a hangover.
- “Hold my beer.” He’s very adventurous in his alcohol choices and the decisions he makes. He’s more emotional and will probably start a fight unintentionally but continue for the hell of it and people have started to invite him more because he always does something crazy when he’s drunk.

- …Someone has to be driving people back home when there’s been a party. He’s still the most responsible out of all of them in college and he’d only drink a little since he’s heard enough of Eita and Hayato’s adventures to put him off getting wasted.
- He isn’t above drinking but nobody’s actually seen him pissed out of it. He’s fairly quieter at parties but when he’s a bit buzzed he’ll be more inclined to compliment people he doesn’t know..

- He’s always wanted to try fire shots but he’s way too scared to actually attempt it. He’s told everyone that he’s actually done it but when invited he’ll just turn them down with a “nah sorry guys, not feeling it tonight.”
- An overly affectionate drunk. He’ll latch onto whoever is leading him home that night and tell them all the things that he likes about them. He’s also told some that he’d totally get with them if he was sober but only one person has taken him up on his offer.

- He absolutely hated the taste of most alcohol. He doesn’t see why you’d drink something like that without it tasting good. He abhors the taste of beer and he’s said that it’s so had that he’d rather be back at home writing an essay instead.
- He’s the type of person that when just the least bit tipsy will end up in tears over everything. “Why hasn’t that plant been watered in so long, what did it ever do to you?” he cries as someone has to hail a cab for him back home. He ends up regretting it a lot and pays people back when they’ve helped him out.

- He’s a calm drinker that will pick up his own drinks but won’t if it’s offered to him since he’s pretty sceptical of drinks that aren’t given by people he doesn’t know very well. He’s not the weakest out of the boys but he comes pretty close.
- He’s the quiet angry drunk. He’ll stay quiet but if anyone tries to talk to him that he doesn’t like, he swears like a sailor and will use literally any word he can muster at that moment to cuss someone… calling someone a “bicycle fucker” caught him with a hook to his jaw.

- He’s the type to down something really quickly but not touch anything else for the whole night. It’s either all at once or in moderation with him and the others are pretty worried with him then. He’s no lightweight but he’s doesn’t have as high a tolerance as Wakatoshi or Eita.
- They’re worried because he’s just as quiet when he’s drunk as he is when he’s sober. The only difference is that any attempt to get up out of his seat will end with him lazily stumbling to his feet as he swears he’s alright.

- He drinks at parties quite frequently but usually not to the extent where he’s floored. That happened the first time he drank. He’s absolutely terrified of getting floored again cause he knows that people can and will take pictures for blackmail. His tolerance has improved from back then however.
- The ‘too angry, too incapable drunk’; he’s pissed off with absolutely everything and anything but he’s literally to fucked to go and fight someone. He’ll end up falling asleep really easily though so he isn’t that much of a bother to deal with.

– On second thought, tapa-nyan makes a great addition to this in the replies I see it bro.


My SFCon Photo Op Experience:

I’m going to do a very long post on my whole experience later today but I just wanted to get into the photo ops first because, well … they tend to be the focal point of everyone’s con anyway.  Honestly, I was nervous as all hell for my photo ops. The only other experience I’ve ever had with a celebrity (as in, being that close to them), I basically went mute and nodded a lot. I couldn’t be like that this time—I had too much riding on my op with Misha … and of course, my op with Misha was going to be the first one I did.

So, on Saturday, we had already seen panels with Rob, Gil, Osric, and Felicia. We also had already experienced karaoke night, where I got to touch and interact with a lot of them … so I felt like I handled that well, and it gave me some hope for Misha. When we got to the theater on Saturday, we had the intro with Rob and Richard—they are fucking hilarious, by the way. I mean, we all knew that, but watching them bicker like a married couple in person? Oh my god!  I almost peed myself. They are so, freaking adorable! Anyway, I digress. So, we had the intro, a couple more panels and then … photo ops began. I had op-numbers 108 and 124. I thankfully, could take them both back to back so I didn’t have to get back in line. So, when they called for that range, I started freaking out. I had props and my book (for those of you who don’t know, I am writing a novel for Misha and I had the first eight chapters bound for him and I wanted to give it to him at the con) I still wasn’t sure if I would have time to explain properly what all these things were—or if the photo would come out right, or if I would even be able to give him the book at some point. Six months of work was riding on so much uncertainty and it was terrifying.

So, there I am in line and we finally shuffle through the doors … and there in the back of the room, is Misha fucking Collins. If you think the man is good looking on screen, it pales in comparison to him in person. Everything in him exudes perfection. I … I could go on for days, but I will put that in the next post. As I inch closer to this man that has become the world to me, I start to prep everything in my hands and go over what I want to say a million times. When they finally get to me, I am just too determined to choke. I walked up to him and handed him the signs (signs thanking the girls who helped me edit and beta read my novel). He looked at me a little confused. I held up the book and (I don’t even know if I said Hi first … I think I did, I hope I did) I said, “These two girls have helped me edit a novel I am writing for you, so I wanted you to help me thank them.” He nodded and we turned and took the photo, then as I was saying I have a second photo—he reached over and literally ripped the book out of my hands. He started flipping through it and then said “Oh, I really like the title!”  (which is “Gi’s Wishes” inspired by GISHWHES, of course). The he laughed and smiled, shook his head and said “I can’t believe you’re writing me a novel.” Then he turned and wrapped me in the hardest, tightest most genuine hug you could ever imagine. I don’t think either of us were really thinking about the second photo … as you might be able to tell because we look all squished and he looks like he’s going “Oh yeah … the photo”.  Immediately after, one of the convention volunteers was trying to pull me away but I hugged him again and he thanked me. I know at some point, I started to try and say that I had a copy for him, but I don’t think the words ever really came out. Anyway, I left smiling, then I got out of the room and I was shaking, and then I completely broke down crying. I was crying so hard that another volunteer came over to check on me, thinking something horrible happened. I ended up explaining to her that I wasn’t sad … I was just amazed that Misha took the time to look through my book, comment on it and then hug me, like he was really, truly appreciative of my efforts. She then started asking me all sorts of questions about my novel and made me feel even happier that I muscled through and got it done in time to show Misha.  Having that moment with him, was honestly one of the most validating and special moments of my life.

Okay … my Jensen photo op was more silly than anything. I wasn’t as nervous. I didn’t have a huge speech for him or anything to tell him about. I just needed to take a picture. Mainly, I just didn’t want to drool all over myself because of his profound beauty. By the time my op came around, we had already had our morning panel with Jensen and Jared (video to come). So, I got to see Jensen and melt into his reality a little. Then, I went in line for the photo op. Jesus Christ, that man is perfection. And his voice in person … so many, dirty, inappropriate things come to mind. Oh my sweet, baby Jesus. Anyway, I decided that I was going to do the pose I had originally planned for my second photo with Misha (but I was so happy to take the genuine hug from him instead). So, I walked up to Jensen, said hi, he said hi back and looked me with those amazing, beautiful eyes … and I asked him if I could hold his hand. He said “Of course” and smiled in a way that nearly killed me. Then he grabbed my hand, cupping it like a five year old … I quickly adjusted so I could lace our fingers together … because there is no way in hell I was just going to cup Jensen Ackles’s hand. He kind of smirked at that but that’s okay haha. We turned to the side and I reached over and held his muscly arm, and I felt his head tilt down towards mine … and I melted. I am so, so glad the picture turned out well and didn’t look like I was thinking dirty, dirty thoughts … because I was. I turned and hugged him after the photo, taking a moment to feel how incredibly firm he is. Oh my god … it was amazing. I was shaking after that, just staring at my hand, going “It touched Jensen Ackles! It held his hand! AHHHHHH!” Honestly, I still can’t believe it.

Then, later came time for my Cockles photo op. I wasn’t nervous, just excited. I was hoping Misha would recognize me as the girl with the book, because at that point, I had already had his autograph and he had already taken a copy of the book (more on that later as well).  I got into line and started chatting with my new friend, Megan spncancercare (I hope I’m remembering your name correctly, my dear. I am so bad with names.) We bonded while in line and talked about the boys’ perfection … obviously, a lot to talk about with that subject. Anyway, as we got closer, I thought about the pose I wanted them to do. I wanted Jensen to fold his arms on top of my head, lean across and kiss Misha’s cheek. When I got up to them, Misha was talking to a volunteer while I was explaining the pose. Then he came back and was like “Wait, so what’s the plan?” and Jensen started to explain but he kind of got it wrong and in my diluted mental state of realizing; ‘I’m actually talking to both of them at the same time’ I was like “No, see Jensen, you’ll stand like this …” to where I reach across his body and turned him physically (which felt amazing at the time but I feel horrible about now, since it was probably so pushy and rude) and then I said again, how he would kiss Misha on the cheek. Suddenly, a volunteer was at my side saying “No, we can’t do any kisses. That’s not allowed.” I was a little surprised, to say the least, and then I think Jensen turned me around and I kicked off my heels to snap the photo … I didn’t even know what pose we ended up with until I saw the picture later. I was still fairly, obliviously happy at this point so I turned and hugged Misha. As I pulled away however, his face just looked like he was so, very done. I started to sink … I realized right then, as the volunteer was pulling me away—I was probably “that fan”. I was that pushy, demanding fan who treated them like puppets I paid for instead of people who are generous enough to give me this opportunity. That so wasn’t my intention but I just felt awful. I walked out and talked to Megan a bit more, but as the time passed and the more I thought about it, I just wanted to cry. I decided, during the rest of the panels, that during my autograph, I would apologize to Jensen and hope that he passed the message along to Misha. So that’s what I did. I handed him my thing to sign and said “I think I really annoyed you and Misha during my photo op, so I wanted to apologize.” He just smiled a little and shook his head, finally looking back up to hand back my book and said “No … you didn’t.” I just “Oh … okay. Thank you … bye” and walked away. I don’t know if the pause he had in the middle was to emphasize the “you”, as in “you weren’t the annoying one; or if it was just a moment to try and sound convincing. Either way … I think he was just very tired at that point, so everything was probably getting on his nerves. Overall, I ended the con at kind of a low point because the last thing I wanted to do was annoy two people that are such, huge role models to me. I hope I’m just over thinking it. I know I didn’t get as crazy as some people get. I just normally, wouldn’t act that way and I’m angry that I did. I just hope that Misha didn’t recognize me now, because I don’t want him to think “the annoying girl” wrote him a book. I doubt he would ever think that … he was probably just exhausted overall. I know, I worry too much, but I can’t help it.

Anyway , I should say though, I had an amazing time. I loved my experience and met so many, new, nice, amazing people. All my photos turned out pretty damn good, so I’m very happy with that. In spite of the little low point, I wouldn’t trade my time at the con for the world. It was so awesome and fun. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to get to do that. Thank you to everyone who was encouraging and helped me along the way! I love you guys so, very much!

bloodsoakedstrex  asked:

"I wasn’t planning on asking you, but it appeared to me that life is short. Will you marry me?” Jupeter (14 of idk)

this is #dramatic but so is peter so I mean it’s not like it’s not canon. warnings for more blood than should be outside of someone’s body and a little bit of violence.

death of a bachelor

Juno remembered three things about how it happened.

The bullet.

The blood.

The crushing realization that he would do literally anything to save the man slumped against him on the speeder, the damp warmth of his blood seeping through the back of Juno’s coat.

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cyamelinda  asked:

Hi hi~! Can I request a reactiob where MC is a world class taekwondoin?! RFA, V and Saeran found out when MC beat the hell out of some thugs singlehandedly because they're bothering her S/O~

Kickass MC is what I live for! I just really loved writing these because in the game, it’s usually the RFA members that always try to protect her so now it’s her time to shine! (ง︡’-‘︠)ง


🐱 You two were out jogging and suddenly felt like you were being followed.

🐱 He stops abruptly and looks around, noticing a few dangerous men approaching you.

🐱 A black van appears out of nowhere and you feel your heart jumping in your throat.

🐱 It was your bright idea to leave the security guards at home since you wanted to be alone with him on your morning jog.

🐱 You’re terrified by the thought that they’re planning to kidnap him and he mirrors your fears.

🐱 Still, he’ll go willingly as long as you’re kept safe.

🐱 He pushes you towards some bushes, trying to block anyone that might come after you.

🐱 “MC, RUN!

🐱 He’s ready to fight them all until you’re safe but he doesn’t get the chance to throw a single punch.

🐱 He sees one of the kidnappers get hit in the face by a high kick and the man falls down to the ground.

🐱 Another one jumps at him with a taser but you block him and kick him to the side.


🐱 Five minutes into the fight and the kidnappers realize this is a lost cause and make a run for it.

🐱 “Jumin, are you okay?!”

🐱 Your face is red, your hair is a mess, a bit of blood is trailing down your bottom lip and he just stares at you like you’re the most beautiful thing in the world.

🐱 ”WhatHOW?!

🐱 You sheepishly rub the back of your head and tell him you’ve been taking taekwondo classes since you were five.

🐱 The next day, you two are ready to head out when one of his bodyguards tries to approach him. 

🐱 “Mr.Han, you haven’t handed out your schedule for today to the Security Chief, sir!”

🐱 A smirk appears on his face as he wraps his arm around your shoulders.

🐱 “What are you talking about? My Chief of Security is right here!

🐱 He points at you looking damn proud! Sure, he loves the idea of protecting you but he must admit, something about seeing you fight those men turned him on like nothing else!


★ He’s been looking gloomy lately and no matter what you try, he doesn’t want to talk about it.

★ Truth is, he’s being bullied at school but he’s too ashamed to admit it.

★ He thought that in uni he wouldn’t have to face these problems but his childish looks and personality make him an easy target. 

★ He would try to fight back but one of these guys told him he knows your work schedule and that one day he might try to follow you. 


★ “MC, I’m fine…just please don’t worry about it.”

★ How in the world can you NOT worry about him?!

★ You decided to follow him one day and notice that he’s approached by a scary looking bunch that circle him near the park across from his university. 

★ One of the guys pushes him to the ground and you feel like you entered killer mode.


★ Yoosung sees you approaching them in a death march and grabs one of the guys by their feet.


★ The guy kicks him to the ground and gestures to the other members to grab you.

★ Let’s just say that what follows next is R RATED and managed to scare Yoosung so badly that he hid his face behind his palms.

★ After you’ve beaten them within an inch of their lives, you wrap your arm around Yoosung’s shoulders and glare at them.

★ “You see this beautiful cinnamon roll? This pure creature right here is MY BOYFRIEND! If you EVER even as much as LOOK AT HIM the wrong way, I will rain terror on you and EVERYTHING THAT YOU LOVE!”

★ About a week later, Yoosung comes home looking a little pale.

★ “Urm, MC, you know those guys that bullied me…”

★ Your eyes snap in anger! DIDN’T THEY LEARN THEIR LESSON?!

★ “They approached me after classes today, bowed down respectfully and begged me to convince you to become the leader of their gang!”

★ Somehow this is an unexpected turn of events.


❤ You were out one night in the lively neighborhood of the town when a group of younger looking girls suddenly approach you.

❤ They were giggling hysterically and wanted to take selfies with Zen. 

❤ Being the gentleman that he is, he first waited for your approval, since he places you above everything else even fans.

❤ You give him a little nod and he responds with a wink before walking up to the group.

❤ Five minutes later and you’re surrounded by a bunch of guys that look ready to pick a fight.


❤ You are amazed that even when he’s being threatened, Zen still receives compliments for his looks.

❤ He tries to defuse the bomb, fearing what a fight might do to his reputation, but the guys don’t look like they want a peace talk.

❤ He could probably wipe the floor with them but he’s also worried you might get hurt in the process. 

❤ One of them suddenly throws a punch but he blocks it with ease. 

❤ ”MC, stay behind-

❤ He doesn’t get to finish the sentence and just catches you from the corner of his eye as you kick the thug right in the stomach. 

❤ He falls to his knees with a whimper and you apply another strong kick to his face.

❤ Seeing their friend collapsing so easily, the group don’t seem so eager to continue the fight and they drag him away quickly.

❤ “Zen, are you hurt?!”

❤ He gives you a surprised look, clearly trying to wrap his head around what’s going on, before he dramatically faints in your arms.

❤ “Do you need me to call an ambulance?! Are you okay?!”


❤ You drop him on the ground and walk away from the body.

❤  After that, he keeps telling everyone how you’re his BODYGUARD and always breaks into Whitney Houston’s song to annoy you.


☕ It almost sounded like an impossible task to convince Jaehee to go clubbing, but here she was, on the dance floor, trying her best to enjoy herself.

☕ You walk to the bar to get your drinks and as you wait for your order, you turn around to stare at her.

☕ Sure, she looks out of place, but that tight little dress you picked for her and the way her long hair is pulled up makes your mouth water.


☕ And talking about lustful beasts, a bunch of guys that CLEARLY had one too many drinks try to dance with her.

☕ She curtly denies their offer and tries to move away but one of them suddenly grab her ass.


☕ You tackle the bastard and proceed to kick the living out of him right there on the dance floor.

☕ The club’s bouncer walks up to you with the intention of kicking you out but he’s met with the scariest death glare he’s even seen.

Oh so you want to throws us out?! And where were you when my GIRLFRIEND was being harassed?!

☕ Seeing how you’re busy arguing with the bouncer, one of the other dudes tries to take advantage and hit you with a bottle but Jaehee grabs him by the wrist and throws him to the other side of the dance floor.


☕ You both decide to leave and as you walk down the street you give Jaehee a remorseful look. 

☕ “I’m so sorry! I ruined our night! I-”

☕ She suddenly starts to laugh and wraps you in a tight embrace. 

☕ “What are you talking about! I loved it! Maybe going to clubs isn’t my cup of coffee but kicking ass with you is HIGHLY entertaining!

☕ She kisses you softly and you know she’s not angry with you. Actually, considering her mood, she might be turned on by this?!


💾 You were out driving his new Mustang near the sea side when a car honks from behind and passes you with great speed, almost pushing you off the road. 

💾 Seven being Seven, goes after the bastards and they quickly engage in a street race. 

💾 Suddenly, another car comes from behind and they force you in an abrupt stop, blocking any escape routes.

💾 He stops the engine and narrows his eyes as several men get out from the two cars.

💾 “MC, stay inside the car. Drive away if things get complicated.

💾 His tone is dead serious as he unbuckles his belt and steps outside.

💾 He approaches them with an easy smile but they start pushing him around.

💾 He tries his best to block the kicks and fight back but they’re just too many of them!

💾 One of them pulls out a knife but before he has the chance to use it, you apply a hard kick on the back of his head, successfully knocking him down. 

💾 Seven might have a problem handling all these thugs but you seem to be right in your element beating the living shit out of them!

💾 Realizing they messed with one crazy bitch, they decide to return to their cars and drive away as fast as their motors can handle it.

💾 “Saeyoung, are you hurt?!”

💾 He stares at you from his sitting position on the ground, his nose a bloody mess and his glasses broken.

💾 ”Huh? What? I-Im fine! T-Thank you for worrying about me, hunny bunny!

💾 He gets up quickly and offers you a nervous laugh.

💾 You walk back to the car and you tend to his wound and glasses before he drives away. 

💾 He asks you where you learned to fight like that, clearly still shaken after what he witnessed,  and you tell him about your taekwondon skills.

💾  "So…does that mean, that every time I teased you or tickled you or made you angry…YOU COULD HAVE KILLED ME?!

💾 You nod with a smirk and his trembling hand pulls a little on his collar.

💾 “Consider me both scared and aroused.”


💀 You’re at a Summer Festival and you push through the crowd with a clearly annoyed Saeran.

💀 Being surrounded by so many people makes his mood even scarier than usual so everyone kind of steers clear from the two of you.

💀 ”You want something to eat?

💀 There are so many delicious things on display that you simply can’t decide!

💀 You agree to get something from different stands and meet back at your previous spot in five minutes.

💀 As you wait in line, three guys come from behind and start flirting with you.

💀 When you offer no reply, one of them starts to rub against you and you feel your hair standing up.

💀 “Stop.That.”

💀 You hiss at them but it does little to scare them away.

💀 “Ohohoho this cute kitten is showing her claws~”


💀 You feel a vein pulsing on your forehead but your attention is quickly adverted to Saeran who is marching towards you, clearly understanding what is going.

💀 People try to get out of his way, children begin to cry, you hear dogs bark in the background.


💀 As one of the guys reaches for your wrist, you turn his arm in a painful way before kicking him in the ass, making him fall over.

💀 His friends waste no time and try to grab you but their average skills can’t match up to your deadly moves.

💀 They gather themselves up and make a run for it, shouting as they go that they just wanted to flirt a little and that you’re bat shit crazy!

💀 These poor bastards don’t seem to understand that YOU JUST SAVED THEIR MISERABLE LIVES!

💀 Saeran finally comes near you, unsatisfied that you put them on the run.

💀 “You should have let me handle it.

💀 “No! We came here to eat cotton candy, not to commit murder!”

💀 He gives a little shrug and lets you drag him to some other stand.

💀 He isn’t surprised at all by your skills. You are, after all, the woman that bit his hand.


📷 You two were walking in the park when you noticed an ice cream stand nearby.

📷 You know he loves pistachio ice cream so you tell him to wait for you as you go grab two cones. 

📷 He’s taking pictures of the trees nearby when he suddenly bumps into a guy.

📷 V went through his eye surgery but hasn’t recovered his sight fully, so he still has trouble seeing properly.

📷 ”I apologize, I wasn’t-”

📷 The guy he bumped into grabs him by the collar and lifts him up.

📷 His friends are clearly enjoying the show as he shakes V before pushing him to the ground.

📷 As you return with the ice cream, you see the scene that is taking place, and realize immediately what happened.

📷 “Please stop it! He can’t see very well so it was just an accident!”

📷 “Then he should stay the fuck inside and stay out of people’s way!”

📷 He kicks the camera from his hand and your eyes turn red.


📷 V can’t see very well what happens next, he sees you tackling the miserable bastard and he hears several men screaming and begging for forgiveness.

📷 He gets up, his legs still shaky, and feels your arms wrapping tightly around him.

📷 "Are you alright?! Did they hurt you badly?! Is the camera broken?!”

📷 He just chuckles lightly and pats your head.

📷 “I’m fine. The camera seems to be okay too but the ice cream didn’t make it.

📷 You pout adorably and heave a sigh. “I guess I should have made them pay for it before scaring them away.”

📷 He starts laughing wholeheartedly and buries his face in your hair.

📷 You’re his hero!