literally one of the greatest characters of all time

Reasons to watch the LEGO Batman Movie
  • It’s so meta. Batman narrates through the opening logos and they show clips from the other adaptations of Batman and talk about how Joker and Batman have been fighting for 78 years. My personal favorite is when Alfred calls Batman out for all the Brooding™ he’s done since 1966.
  • It’s freaking hilarious. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the funniest movie I’ve seen in years. The jokes always hit the mark and even just how the characters act are enough to get huge laughs.
  • The characters. Batman is of course amazing but there’s also Robin who’s a literal ray of sunshine, Alfred who is the coolest butler ever and so much more, one of the best adaptations of Joker, and Barbara Gordon who is such a competent leader and fighter and so amazing in general.
  • Batman’s and Joker’s relationship. Having Joker portrayed as wanting validation from Batman that he is his greatest enemy but Batman not reciprocating those feelings creates one of the funniest, most amazing hero-villian dynamics ever to be put to film. 
  • It’s actually emotional. Amongst all the hilarity and action scenes the movie does take time to address the concepts of loneliness, confronting one’s fears, if you are really a good person or not (or if you’re in between), and the nature of family. It gives so much depth to Batman that is hardly seen in other adaptations and that’s what makes it so great. 

Something I found interesting about the last episode was the realization that Keyleth and Percy’s dispositions on life have basically switched, but they’re still remarkably similar characters in unexpected ways.

Keyleth’s backstory specifically paints her as a wide-eyed idealist experiencing the outside world for the first time, while Percy starts out with a whole bunch of personal demons, both figurative and literal, and is usually the cynical one in the group.

When confronted with Ioun’s library, the way their characters have developed from that starting point becomes immediately apparent by their reactions. Percy has a restored city, a woman who loves him, and a group of very powerful and amazing friends, but his greatest fear has always been that it could all be taken away again in an instant, just like when he lost his family, and none of it would be remembered by history as anything other than a footnote. When he realizes that it does matter, that everything matters, he turns into a giggling schoolboy, in a manner directly comparable to the way Keyleth has gotten excited by things that no one else in the group understands.

Keyleth, on the other hand, has been through the shit. She found a man that she loved, and spent a year of happiness and contentment with him, only to get handed a raw fucking deal when he dies and comes back as a revenant. She starts getting violently, recklessly angry, the same way she did during the Chroma Conclave arc. This is how Keyleth deals with pain, and it’s not at all dissimilar to the dark places that Percy has descended to in the past.

Pelor calls both of them “faithless,” and while it’s true that they don’t place much trust in the gods, both Keyleth and Percy have always counted on their friends to rein them in when all they want to do is lash out at the world.

I just think it’s interesting how Percy is the beaming optimist in this situation while Keyleth is the bitter nihilist, but the truth is that both of them have fluctuated between those roles at various points in the story. Just something to consider.


Request: ‘Can you do a Jughead x Reader request where the reader is always flirting with Jug and everyone but him notices it. And then towards the end he asks them if they were flirting with him and they say something like “well it’s about damn time you noticed.” I love you xxx’ (Thanks for the request girly, it’s probably not 100% what you had in mind but I hope you like it xx)

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Warnings: None, just some fluff to brighten your day x

Word Count: 2263

For someone so smart you’d like to think Jughead Jones would be able to pick up on the basic human interaction of flirting, for some reason it just didn’t seem to register with him.

 Y/N had been trying for months now to no avail. It all started the day she realised she had deeper feelings for the dark haired boy, rather than just a platonic friendship. She could recall the exact moment with spectacular clarity.

 It was before the Twilight drive-ins closed, he had asked her (as well as the rest of the gang) to come down and watch Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. She remembered him calling it a ‘cinematic masterpiece’ and how we would all be missing out on ‘one of the greatest films of our time’ if we didn’t attend. She remembered the way his eyes got excited when he talked about it, they lit up the same way when he would find a new piece of information for his novel or when she would tell him how proud she was to be friends with such a talented writer.

 It was when they were all sitting in the back of the Kevin Kellers truck; she was seated next to Jughead who was staring intently at the screen literally mouthing every word that came out of the characters mouths. She remembered looking up at his face, which was illuminated by the white light of the screen, that seeing him so happy made her feel things that she hadn’t quite registered before, it was in that moment she had first realized her true feelings of affection for Jughead Jones, and it had plagued her every since.

 Fast forward a couple of months and Y/N had tried her very best to flirt with him, to try and show her interest. She would find any excuse to talk to him, she was so interested in anything he had to say, and her subtle laser focus would find him straight away in any room.

 And despite her best efforts she always got flustered around him, especially when he would occasionally tuck the free falling pieces of hair behind her ear when she didn’t notice (this was something he had always done, but she was only just starting to overanalyze it now).

 The unfortunate thing was, however, that he never seemed to reciprocate it or even notice that she was ‘flirting’, he was always so casual with every interaction they had. While her heart rate would be going a million miles per hour his would seemingly be steady and calm. It was getting to the point where she was ready to give up, and where she was starting to accept that a friendship would be all she would get.

 That was until the day Veronica Lodge, a very good friend of Y/N’s, insisted on having a ‘girl talk’ session after school on a Friday. The two girls sat in a red cushioned booth in the warm homey atmosphere of Pop’s Choc-lit-shoppe, a popular hangout for the teens of Riverdale.

 “Look Y/N, I’ve been watching your attempts at flirting with Holden Caulfield for a while now and I’m just going to be straight with you” the Raven-haired girl started. “Jughead is smart yes, nobody is denying his genius with the written word, however girl, you really need to just ask the boy out, I can tell what your intentions with him are but unfortunately sometimes boys just need it given to them plain and simple”.

 Y/N knew deep down that Veronica was right, she was just way too nervous to be so bold as to ask him out. “Ronnie, how the hell do I ask him out though, I mean what if he says no and I loose him completely” Y/N replied now fiddling with the straw of her strawberry milkshake nervously.

 Veronica gave the Y/H/C haired girl a soft smile, “I’ve said this to Betty and now I’ll say the same to you” she cleared her throat “Slay your dragons Y/N Y/L/N, don’t live your life with what if’s, you’ll never be happy until you know for sure”.

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hey, want to know the greatest power duo of all time? villain izuku and reborn. just. reborn's literal actual greeting for real people is "chaos." he dresses up in improbable and awful costumes and SOMEHOW FOOLS EVERYONE. he shoots a child in the head in broad daylight and nobody sees anything wrong with the situation. he's an infant and the greatest hitman in the world you can't tell me they WOULDN'T be SUCH AN ICONIC DUO

villain izuku tries to kill reborn for overlapping too much with his character and one-upping all his power moves




  • Winning an individual reward challenge and getting to do something nice for people;
  • Winning an individual immunity challenge against the ~biggest challenge threats~;

  • Being top 3 and top 6 at the other 2 individual immunity challenges;

Add that to:

  • Getting the best possible reward;
  • Picking the right person to go on it;
  • Creating an iconique #ChampagneAlliance
  • Getting her closest ally to give her an idol and get voted out in her place a la Queen Phoebe and then actually making the merge;
  • Great one liners every single episode;
  • Being the greatest scrappy underdog the world has ever seen, a true bottom goddess;
  • Aligning herself with the best people;

And you have the greatest Survivor player/character of all time sorry i dont make the rules!

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Doesn't it feel like Zuko was the main character of ATLA instead of Aang. His story was far more interesting and he had one of the greatest redemption arcs of all time. Him and Katara being together would've made it even better. Aang's story was just... boring.

I agree. I was more invested in literally everyone aside from Aang. Sorry, but the basic hero-child-who-does-no-wrong storyline doesn’t intrigue me. 

Big Gay Adventure character concept sketches

Sam Rooke:

“You know how your arm is supposed to bend like that? Yeah, its not bending like that.”

 A gifted prodigy magician. After breaking all conventions at his arcane academy he was heavily fought over by the greatest mages of all time to have him as an apprentice, each master proving to pale in comparison to his raw power. At the age of sixteen he graduated from his studies with literal flying colors, becoming the youngest magician in history to be granted ownership of one of the 22 leyline hotspots, The Spire of Fortune. However, less then a month into his residency, years of stress and expectation caught up with his naive world view and complete lack of experience, causing the Spire to drain his powers instead of amplify them. Completely “empty” by his and the magical community’s description, Master Rooke was exiled from the community and reduced to a normal un-special dude with nothing but broken ambitions and a laughably low work ethic. 

Gully Briar: 

“Did I fucking stutter?”

She’ll kick life’s ass, she’ll kick your ass, she’ll kick her own damn ass if thats what needs to happen. A proud alumni of the “Hard Knock Academy of Tough Learning”, everything Gully is she’s had to fight tooth and nail to be. Parentless and penniless from the very cradle, she’s hopped from place to place as a seamstress, a cook’s maid, a pickpocket, and in a particularly dark chapter of her life an acrobat in a circus. It was there that she met Dove and Lonan, the latter taking her in as a squire and forming the first generation of The Tumbling Brotherhood. Though she considers herself a jack of all trades, it is her current goal to become the world’s greatest swordsman. A venture she is so sure will be successful, she has already stitched the title into all her handkerchiefs.

Devonne “Dove” O’Shae: 

“Oh what the heck? Throw in a trainwreck!”

No one is completely sure what happened to this poor woman to make her the insane husk of a human being she is today, but the general consensus is “everything”. Prone to accidents and perpetually ill, she is such a lightning rod for misfortune that many often wonder how she has made it to her (relatively) old age. Despite this however, Dove is determinately kind and loving to everyone she comes across, be it friend or foe. Her endless chronicle of unfortunate events has hardened her to all but the most dire of circumstances, and given her a comparatively optimistic outlook on life. This has also caused her to develop a somewhat morbid sense of humor, and will often share her horrific adventures with her friends between fits of laughter. 

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hey Im new to tumblr and looking to add all the best writers around here, I've already followed you because your blog is obviously lit ;) but who would you recommend? Bucky? Marvel? Mixed fandoms? Thanks very much!

Originally posted by omisteriodasduasirmas

Hi, darling! Is my blog really lit? Hahahah

Okay, so I love all these amazing people and they are absolutely brilliant writers.

@writingbarnes - She is absolutely amazing and so is her writing, well her angst. She also does these adorable Bucky doodles and I live for them.

@vibranium-ass - Hannah, I love her and her writing to death and make sure you send her an uplifting message! She needs to know her writing is one of the best.

@imagine-assembling-the-avengers - Bonnie is great, her characterization is amazing and so on point. 

@fvckingavengers - Laur’s smut is a literal blessing to this fandom and she is one of the greatest people ever, so if you need your fill of Marvel sexy times just go to the Queen of Smut.

@just-call-me-mrs-captain - Kristina’s smut is also amazing and she writes for Seb and Chris, so you get the actors and the characters! She is also a brilliant mother and deserves the best.

These are all the people that I love to read from and who are incredible people!


x. T

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Why do people not like Johnny Dep for Grindelwald?😂

For me, him as Grindelwald just felt like a big series of disappointments.

My reaction in the cinema upon seeing his face was just shock and a huge amount of disbelief, for several reasons: 

first, and i think that’s the main issue for everyone, the whole Amber Heard case. now i haven’t been following this closely, and i know that they apparently hired him to play Grindelwald before the abuse came to light, but I can’t just shrug off the fact that he abused his wife and pretty much got away with it. 

second, that plot twist felt cheap to me. now, i’m no screenwriter at all, but that Big Reveal at the end was - i think- badly done. Like they gave us this amazing actor, who played an intricate character, morally ambiguous, very powerful, brilliant, cunning, and develop him for an hour and a half and then - floop.  We get another person, looking like a cartoon character  (literally WHY is he designed that way, who says one or two sentences that make literally no sense, after he was captured so easily when he’s supposed to be one the greatest wizards of his time.

 Basically, i feel like it was a huge waste of a character for Graves to have him be Grindelwald all this time, and to reveal Grindelwald as the mastermind behind all this so soon in the saga. Where’s the build up? Are they so eager to reveal the bad guy?  And so it left me feeling like they just went “ oh, hey, look !!! we’ve hired this famous actor to play this famous villain so you guys will go see the next movies !!! aren’t you excited ??” like. no. I’d have been perfectly happy with Graves winning as a supporter of Grindelwald, and then rejoigning Grindelwald at the end of the movie, or something. 

Basically the frustration comes from a) the actor as a person and b) how the character of Gellert Grindelwald was presented to us. 

and then, of course, we are left with a thousand of interrogations regarding the real Percival Graves, whom Grindelwald impersonated after defeating him in battle. And we are told that this character is not going to come back, ever, which ?? literally makes no sense at all. He was the right arm of the MACUSA President, and clearly the MACUSA is very concerned with the Grindelwald problem, so it would make sense for him to reappear at some point, to aid in his capture, for exemple. We have nothing. And for a character with so much potential, that is incredibly frustrating. 

I could go on and on for a long time, but that’s the gist of it. Again, this is just how I personally feel about the whole thing. If anyone wants to add their personal thoughts on the matter, feel free to do so. 

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aja please tell me you've read the spoilers about cursed child bc i'd love to hear your thoughts about it

Hi, anon. You sent this to me over a week ago and I was avoiding it because even though you and a bunch of other people were asking me for my reactions, I’d intended to avoid spoilers. Then, I said something on Twitter that made someone think I’d already been spoiled, and they inadvertently dropped what seemed like at the time a fairly huge spoiler on me, and I was so alarmed by it that I freaked out and said something to @elizabethminkel​ and then she started begging me to spoil myself for the whole thing. Yesterday I finally caved and read the entire Daily Beast article.

Warning: there are spoilers for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child from here on out.

So, I kept hearing about how everyone was excited because it was so slashy? And, as you probably know, I am a Harry/Draco shipper of the eternal variety; it is and always will be my OTP. 

There is a universe where there is another play called Harry Potter and the X, and it is an entirely different play, perhaps one written by fangirls steeped in the tradition of writing fanfic and not some random dude who thinks “fantasy franchise tie-in” means “fucking with the only part in the entire Harry Potter storyline that you liked a.k.a. the time travel part,” because dude-based SFF fandom has taught him that what Harry Potter needs more of is to be less like Harry Potter and more like Doctor Who, and also to have more women remaining totally offstage while functioning as a) evil baby mama jokes or b) actual evil baby mamas for Nazi sociopaths, and plenty of destroying our previous impressions and/or the lives of characters we already knew for the sake of delivering said clever time travel plot, unless that character is Snape, because god knows the one fucking dead character in this entire series who needed more fawning over was Severus Snape, and not to expand the world-building in any way or explore characterization through meeting new characters and exploring new plots and new conflicts and new magic or new anything except for new misery;

and that other play in this other AU does not make me want to slowly curl myself into a tiny tiny ball and roll myself as a ball down the tallest steepest hill I can find and into the fierce oncoming traffic or terrible wall or sweet death plunge into an ice-cold river that awaits me at the bottom, but those scenes with Harry and Draco are still there, as of course they should be in any future HP story that attempted to build lasting peace in the Wizarding World, and in that universe I am overjoyed and it is a fabulous thing that feels like a long-awaited beautiful well-earned moment, and I can say things like “they are brilliant and wonderful and I love them more together than ever” and “I love them so much!” and “I can’t wait to write more fic for them” and “HARRY/DRACO FOREVER” and mean them with all my heart.

but i cannot be happy for a few scenes of slashy H/D interactions at the expense of everything else that I love and value about Harry Potter being utterly trampled on and wrecked by the fanboy writer equivalent of an unlicensed teenager attempting to drive a MACK truck through a flower bed. 

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Hi friend, Why do you like the phrase "courage dear heart"? That is my favorite phrase of all time and has helped me through a lot of fear I have experienced throughout the years. Also I really appreciate you and your blog. I hope you have a great day. stay courageous.

Hello! I’m glad you asked. It’s definitely a favorite of mine, which is good cause I’ll have it written on my skin till I die. This, along with another line from “The Silver Chair”, mean the world to me. Here’s why.

It’s a line from one of my favorite book series and spoken by one of my favorite literary figures of all time and written by one of my favorite authors. That’s reason enough right there. But wait, there’s more.

See, I went through a period of life darker than I’d ever thought imaginable, darker than depression alone with seemingly no end in sight, no way to effectively communicate my ailment, no rest and no hope. Literal hell.

The line is taken from a chapter called “The Dark Island” in which the characters, thinking they’re headed to an island of hope, actually end up in this dark nothingness where everyone’s greatest fear is lived out (poignant because I referred to my ailment as the eternal nothingness.) anywho…

“We shall never get out, never get out,” moaned the rowers. “He’s steering us wrong. We’re going round and round in circles. We shall never get out.”

Again, this came at a time when my faith turned its armor inward and instead of feeling God’s love for me I felt nothing and believed I was unlovable, unworthy, broken, and even something not human. I believed, and was told by those I trusted in the Christian cult I was in, that God was punishing me and had turned his back on me, condemning me to live among the demons. Given my constant hallucinations, living among the demons was as real as you and me. But I digress.

Next Lucy prays this small prayer, one full of doubt whether Aslan is as powerful, good, or real as she once believed. It’s full of honesty and slight contempt. And it’s not this grand display of light and salvation that happens. It can be argued maybe it’d be impossible for them to even believe given their present circumstance. I mean on an island where nothing is real wouldn’t a display like such only confuse everyone? Further more it might make them think that perhaps even Aslan was a lie and, then, what really was true except the darkness and pain? But rather it’s this whisper, just loud enough for the smallest of hearts on board to hear - “Courage, dear heart.”

That voice was distant for me. And rare. I heard it quietly and barely believed I hadn’t just imagined it but I knew, for a split moment, it was real. And I would live off the hope that voice gave me for months at a time, everything inside me telling me it wasn’t real, that only the darkness was real. To end my life would have been the greatest of mercies. But I chose to believe it despite every fiber of my body. I kept going.

And I survived. If l can last through the hell I experienced I believe it’s possible for everyone. It’s not easy and it takes time but never impossible. I still fight everyday, I chase away those demons every morning, I hear them gnawing away at my mind, feeding me lies all day, and then I sleep only to fight them still in my dreams. But my god do they get weaker.

I didn’t do it alone. I owe my life to my sister for not only figuratively saving it but at a time literally. I owe it to my family and those very few friends who didn’t give up on me. Proper psychiatric medicines and therapy. My passions. Those words.

I’ll forget I have this inked into my skin. I’ll want to give up and then there’s this tug to look and see and hear that whisper, “Courage, Dear Heart.”

And it’s enough to keep fighting.


Among the talented pool of dedicated Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike players in Japan, there’s one name that tends to stand out from the rest – Kuroda. Known for his ability to play multiple characters at a very high level, Kuroda is one of the few 3rd Strike players whose name has surpassed the game itself.

In honor of this true master, TheDominusC recently put together this “best of”compilation video highlighting a few of Kuroda’s matches. 

this piece of shit kuroda is the greatest 3S player who has ever played the game let me tell you about this fucking troll ass nigga

  • he eliminated justin wong/ricky ortiz at SBO and timed them both out with Q who is widely regarded as one of the weakest characters in the cast when not being used by kuroda
  • kuroda didn’t shake their hands in regards with a rumor that he doesn’t shake hands with weak players
  • there is a phrase in fgc that “ kuroda plays his subs better than you do your main ”
  • he literally knows -everything- about this game inside and out and all of the characters and matchups to a fucking forumla
  • this man is a piece of shit but he’s so godlike you cant hate him

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serIOUSLY JUST GIVE ERIN THE SHOW. SHE WILL MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER. really though your theories make so much sense and it makes me so mad that the writers and show runner would pass up such good LOGIC and STORYTELLING

Me: [slides all of my theories across the table to Jason] you did gone fucked up you hear. 

(ngl. i would have loved to see my theories on screen. It would be more in line with the show and stay true to the wonderful world messages that had incorporated in the past 2 season. I incorporated the AI aspect, took into account ADC not filming, i even incorporated the nightblood massacre. The finale would have been Lexa’s return and she would help draw Clarke back to the real reality. The ending would then have a ‘is she dead or isn’t she?’ ending for Lexa. We would all hate it, but we would understand that due to ADC being on FTWD she might not be able to come back to the show. Of course there would have been claims of queer baiting, but most of us would understand. We would want the possibility of Lexa coming back and to not kill her off. 

There were so many other aspects of my theories that made more sense than canon. I try not to think about it because it makes me mad. It makes me mad that a girl who has literally zero story telling experience created multiple versions of season 3 that would have been amazing and more in character with the show. Jason ruined a show that was so revolutionary and had so much potential to be one of the greatest shows of all time. It incorporated so many good messages about our world and what we hold value in that we shouldn’t.) 

My substitute drama teacher is seriously the greatest, he was one of two screen writers for Sean Astins film Remember the Sultana and today he brought up our showcase and I told him my monologue was based off of Supernatural and he’s all
“Oh yeah I just got back from working with one of the directors, Robert Singer,”

AND for his new documentary he started saying how he had Jim mother fucking Beaver come in to do a commentary. I’m literally just staring at him gobsmacked.
He mentioned Jared and Jensen a few times.
Then he’s all “which character was your based off of”

And I whisper “Jensen’s”

And he starts talking about the episode 11x20 and how Jim Beaver is doing the flack back sequence and omfg this man is my idol.