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In an attempt to stay positive in the midst of some not-so-great times and a bout of exam-period anxiety, I’m channelling my inner Fraulein Maria and reminding myself of my favourite things in the bad times (some of these are more superficial than others - actually never mind, they’re all pretty superficial). These are a few of my favourite things:

  • my phone, which is nice but actually isn’t working at the moment so I can’t use it
  • a half-burned candle that I couldn’t be bothered to light just for a photo (go figure, considering I staged the rest of this photo) but it smells nice and looks nice
  • my watch, which I literally wear everywhere I go
  • my laptop, which I depend on even more than the aforementioned watch
  • a cute pen that has featured in basically every other picture before this
  • a super warm chunky knit cardigan which doubles as an aesthetic throw blanket of sorts (just for the ’gram!)
  • and last but not least, one of my favourite feel-good books because (heaven forbid) it’s one of those fluffy trashy romances - if you look closely (or maybe not because of my terrible phone camera quality) you can read about my #1 fictional crush who I legitimately am in love with. I am in love with him to the point where if he somehow broke the fourth wall and jumped off the pages of this book into real life, I would marry him in an instant.

4x08: Smash the Mirror
Are you alright? Of course, love, why? If you look at me any harder you’re going to drill a hole in my head.

100 times captain swan made me cry: #70

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Hi! Great blog, your thoughts are on point and I love the gifs you use! :) I think of Oikawa as a contradiction, the clever airhead. We've been exposed to so many aspects of his character (through himself but also his best friend, fellow 3rd years, teammates, nephew, all the ladies, and the quality rivals be it Ushijima or Kageyama). An amazing setter but his reckless training and jealous attitude give him extra depth. If you could, I'd love to see your list of Oikawa's Top 5 character traits :)

Hi! Thank you so much for the ask, and sorry it’s taken me a while to answer this. I really loved reading how you saw Oikawa’s character portrayal - I think in terms of Oikawa and his personality traits, it’s quite tough to decide when he is such a multifaceted character. But without further ado:

5. The fact that he still came to watch the shiratorizawa vs karasuno match despite his self-proclaimed ‘hatred’ of both teams

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In all honesty, he just really cares about volleyball and I think deep down he was rooting for kageyama and hinata despite being all tsuntsun about it (also megane oikawa)

4. His amazing leadership as captain of the aobajousai

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Not only does everyone in the team look up to him during the matches, they also place their complete trust and faith in him. He knows when to be serious and when to be an utter troll (esp with iwachan :P)

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but I really respect how he can go from above to below; what a legend.

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3. Despite being two years older, the fact that he is such a child with kageyama and hinata XD

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2. The fact that he is so hardworking and willing to push himself to improve so much even though he is already an amazing player 

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Despite his aloof demeanor that he likes to put up in front of people, he’s actually extremely serious when it comes to volleyball, and I think that’s what makes him such a brilliant player. This scene was one of my favourites of Oikawa because we see that moment when all his years of practicing and volleyball instinct that he’s built up as a result, allow him to make that perfect toss to his ace.


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OKOK so maybe you all expected this because of the nature of this blog, but I mean how can I not?? He is literally the grand king of dorks in this series!!

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Look at him

He’s just a gigantic alien-loving nerd at heart, and I love him for it. :D

The more I think about it, the more I think the main thing that ‘went wrong’ with Andromeda is that it plays everything so safe. I still like the game, but that is the one overarching issue that stopped me from enjoying it as much as I wanted to.

This is a new galaxy; they could have done anything, but it all feels so utterly familiar.

The story starts at the wrong point in the time line

The biggest mistake they made, story wise, was making us come into the galaxy at the point that we did. I will never for the life of me understand why they took a game that was going to be about exploration and how ‘we’re the aliens now’ and not let us be the first humans to arrive in Andromeda.

Just start the game at that point. Before the uprising, before the outposts, before the Nexus is half-built. Have us truly be the first humans the Angara meet. Have us struggle to understand each other, and slowly win their trust, only to lose it when the Uprising happens and they see a darker side to humans.

How devastating would it be to have worked to gain their trust, gain Jaal’s trust, and then see it all get swept away by events out of our control?

This way we also get more chances to bond to Alec, as he’ll be around for longer than 2 minutes. Think about establishing those first outposts on Eos with Alec, only to see them fail disastrously with us, the pathfinder team, carrying that guilt with them.

This also means we’ll see the Nexus fail, see Garson murdered (not entirely clear on the timeline for that tbh). And eventually we will have to see characters we know turn against us during the Uprising itself!

And if they have to get rid of the dad, he could die during the Uprising (adding a personal touch to having to deal with the Exiles), or hell, maybe he joins them. 

As it is now, it just feels like we missed a large part of interesting narrative in Andromeda. We’re made pathfinder in 2 seconds and succeed from the word go. There are obstacles to getting the outposts up and running, but no real struggle. Another consequence of setting the story 18 months (I think it’s 18) from when the first people arrived is that it robs us of being the first.

(I’m also not entirely clear on why the Nexus had to be there first, because it can’t function without Outposts, they need a pathfinder to find outposts, but the arc’s had the pathfinders and they were meant to arrive later on? Also, no one on the Hyperion says they arrived too late, but on the Nexus they say they thought everyone was dead, which seems to indicate they were waiting for longer than they thought they had to? I might be missing something here.)

Planets are not inviting to explore

As it stands, it just adds more familiarity into a game that already suffers from taking too few risks.

Everything from the planets to the wild life to who we encounter feels so safe. Storybeats are repeated from the original trilogy, enemies as well. On four of the planets we already see a lot of milky way equipment/ milky way species. And even Kandara Port (though I like the design), which was built by the Angara feels like it wouldn’t be out of place in me2.

All the planets are a bit of a let down when it comes to how not-alien they feel, excepting Havarl and arguably habitat 7, they don’t feel that alien. And the frustrating thing is, this isn’t filmed on location, they’re not constrained by planet Earth; they could have gone all out. 

Besides not feeling alien the planets also feel so… dead. I know there is a bit of an in game reason for this, but 1. they created the reason 2. I don’t think that’s the reason.

Every planet gets one or two pieces of plant life, looking only slightly alien from what we see on earth. The rest is desert, snow desert, almost barren ground. Throw in a lot of rocks. And 4 different animals, all just reskins of that same set from other planets. (Even those acidic lakes are things we can find right here.) And why do we still not have a weather or day/ night cycle? It’s one thing if you just work with smaller hubs, but bragging about your huge maps and then have them be utterly static seems a bit weird.

We also only get one alien city. One, and it’s tiny. At least it feels more like a city than Val Royeaux, but not by much. I do like Aya’s design though. We do see some smaller camps? settlements? of the Angara, but if they were such a presence in the cluster until 80 years back when the Kett arrived, where are the ruins to their civilization? The abandoned cities of the Angara?

The Jardaan certainly piqued my interest, but what do we really see of them? The vaults, that one giant starship, not-Meridian, and Meridian itself, which is one of the few places that was inviting to explore so of course we couldn’t. Did they just not leave any other marks on the planets except those things and the ‘points of interest’ (that are not interesting)?

All we really have to interrupt these huge boring maps, clearly designed to only rush through with your Nomad, is some random fights (the same two variations I think) and ‘points of interest’, except there’s never anything of interest except some remnant to kill and a container? After a while I just gave up checking them out tbh, so please point out any great ones you found.

There are of course a lot of sidequests thrown in, some of them I found pretty fun and a huge improvement on da:i, but they don’t invite you to explore. The planet itself isn’t worth exploring so when doing a sidequest you just rush to the point you have to get. In other games, games that do this concept well, you set your quest and then while going there get distracted by things you find out in the world. Here that happened maybe a few times, and usually it was because I came across a point for another quest and someone hailed me. It was never because I saw something that piqued my interest and I went over there and it had something fun to do.

A lack of new species, and disappointing returning aliens

They never showed a lot of the milky way species and the ones we did see lacked diversity. The just picked one head morph - or two in the case of Turians where the females have different facial structure - and slapped on some paint. I expect more not less from a newer game. The Asari were the most jarring - to the point I avoided Kerri because she has Lexi’s face and it’s just ridiculous. But the Salarians have just as little diversity. Google salarians in mass effect and you’ll see they did so much more with them in the original trilogy. And I have to say, there were too many Turians with white faces,  a few of them important characters as well, I still mix up Kandros and Avitus.

And what do we get in exchange for all the species we don’t see return and the diversity that’s gone? One new species. One. I love the Angara, but I can’t help but be disappointed that we travel to a new galaxy only to discover one new race. Unless we count throw away enemy the collectors .2 the Kett. But really, they only brought back 4 of the original trilogy’s races and still didn’t have enough resources to add some diversity to Andromeda? Really? We just get the Angara…


I would just have scrapped the giant maps, and gone for smaller but denser packed ones, like Havarl and Habitat 7. Add much more plant life and animal life and real diversity in those two, to all the planets. And make them more alien.

Have no more than one desert planet, I vote Elaaden as it was the best desert, and stick more sunken ruins in it that have actual things to discover about the Jardaan. And make that the only planet so huge that you absolutely have to use the Nomad.

Make Kadara much smaller, with much more lakes so it looks more like a deadly lake planet.

If we have to have a snow planet, make it more original than a white reskin of a desert planet. Maybe we have to drive in giant ice caves, maybe we don’t even get to walk on the surface, maybe the Angara have buried themselves underground in ruins of a old Jardaan city.

And this is just sticking to the planets in game, but they should just have scrapped all of them except Havarl and gone much more alien than they have.

I still like the game, I just think there was a lot of potential there they never bothered to explore. All in all it just feels like they played it safe. Maybe that’s a reaction to the backlash after me3′s endings, but I think it’s where they failed the game the most, and for me it leaves the game in ‘if only’ limbo.

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Hi dear. So I've been reading a lot about performing!dean meta and I just noticed something while rewatching season 7. On episode 4, he asked a bartender out. Then while waiting for her, he was giving himself a pep talk. Like "You are Dean Winchester. This is what you do." And it just resonated to the whole thing and I just wanted to share or talk to you about it.

Yeah absolutely (7x04 and 7x05 go together re: Dean hand in hand so I’ll talk about them together here). This is Dean’s standard coping mechanism for his pain since the pilot, e.g. Hell. Then since season 6/7′s loss of Cas it starts revolving around him, whenever he dies or is gone, when Dean is in mourning or pining, he sleeps with a woman. Here he’s just lost Cas basically 1 episode before, it’s right at the end of 7x02 and this is the beginning of 7x04. He’s only just folded Cas’s trenchcoat into the back of the car at this point…

After thinking he lost him at first, then getting him back then really losing him…

God does this remind us of anything? 

source: @super-sootica

Season 6 v season 12 parallels is a long post I’m working on in hellatus as there is so much material…

Now Dean is in a different place though, especially after 12x18 I’m pretty sure it should be this time, mayyyybe its the next, but I’m pretty sure now there should be some kind of reversal of this where he is so wrecked by grief that he can’t even contemplate using this coping mechanism and a waitress will hit on him and he will flat out reject her, making Sam realise just how bad it is…

Season 7 is such a Destiel heavy season, I can totally understand where people get the theory (I don’t know if its confirmed) that seasons 6-8 were written as a follow on for 1-5 and 8 could have been the final season as it is so much like seasons 11-12 now for the ramping up of Destiel and the individual arcs for endgame… but in the end 8 wasn’t the last season so it backed back down again, which makes total sense to me as they didn’t get them to the right place, but they did set up a lot for endgame, the MoL bunker, Dean facing a lot of himself and Sam facing his guilt and the trials etc, it makes a lot of sense to me so it’s normal that we have so many season 6/7 parallels through season 12/13 as we are NOW heading towards endgame… 

So we have in season 6 all the season 12 parallels which I won’t go into but let’s just take Cas’s arc, which is basically the same, except working with the Angels instead of Crowley, to protect the boys and keep them out of it, while Dean just wants him to stay with him. Then season 7 gives us a double death moment (hi 12x23), followed by basically a first half of the season of grieving alcoholic, coping mechanisms Dean and MotW episodes subtextually all about Dean’s frame of mind around Cas, black goo, Sam’s wall being broken (this is much later though, the early stuff is ALL about Cas, this cannot be overlooked).

I mean, one of my favourite moments of the whole show is in 7x04, which is all about Dean and Sam’s dynamic and Dean being in a bad way because of Cas.

The counselling moment… is just basically Dean projecting his feelings of betrayal by Cas into the married couple who end up reconciling and making out because he forces them to communicate… 

*Tink looks into the camera*.

 Meanwhile, afterwards Sam doesn’t know about Amy (he literally says “we’re good right!”) so what possibly could be eating at Dean? what could he POSSIBLY be trying to get Dean to unload about? WE JUST DON’T KNOW as Mittens would say ;)

So yeah, I’m interested to see how they take these parallels now, given that NOW Dean DOESN’T have the world on his shoulders like he did in this scene, after 12x22…

7x05 transcript: 

SAM: You notice how they, uh, you know, how they – how they opened up, got everything off their chest?
DEAN:Yeah. Kudos on selling them that crap.
SAM:It wasn’t crap, Dean. It worked.
DEAN: Sam, I am so very, very, very, very…very, very tired –
SAM: Dean, like it or not, the stuff you don’t talk about doesn’t just go away. It builds up, like whatever’s eating at you right now.
DEAN: There’s always something eating at me. That’s who I am. Something happens, I feel responsible, all right? The Lindbergh baby – that’s on me. Unemployment – my bad.
SAM: That’s not what I’m talking about.
DEAN: Well, then what the hell are you talking about?
SAM: I’m talking about whatever you’re not telling me about. Look, Dean, it’s fine. You can unload. That’s kind of what I’m here for.  I mean… we’re good, right?
DEAN: We’re good. 
DEAN gets into the car. SAM stands for a moment looking somewhat hurt and frustrated. 

So now, after 12x22 and Dean coming to his personal arc’s climax of letting go of a lot of this pent up self loathing, feeling of guilt and unfairness etc, this should either just not happen and Dean actively talks to Sam or Sam will be able to get Dean to unload quite easily…

Especially as I believe Dabb is purposefully paralleling earlier moments to current much more blatantly romantic ones / Dean letting his facade down in order to retcon / show by proxy how romantic / performing!Dean they WERE in the past for the GA.

Heart eyes at Andrew Dabb again, OK and I have to say, Bucklemming wrote 7x05 and it is so good, they KNOW how to do good Destiel, even if I hate their causal misogny and love of rape, they have written some of the most blatant Destiel over the years. Hmm, almost like it’s an important theme to the show… And now Dabb is using these past moments to move the whole story forwards… OK it’s going to be a Dabb appreciation day. Sue me :p

i’m calmer than yesterday… not actually calm but my brain can definitely function a bit better

and i’ve now rewatched the episode so many times that i’ve managed to narrow down my favourite scene to just one

in fact it’s not even a scene, it’s one tiny 8 second piece of dialogue really

when aaron says “i know i keep saying that i’m fine but-” and robert replies “about tomorrow? but you’re not. i know”

that moment is literally everything to me. i’m not even sure i can put it into any kind of coherent structure because a lot of it has to do with the delivery as well as the lines themselves 

it wasn’t just how soft they were both speaking, it wasn’t how raw aaron’s voice sounded and how gentle robert was in return. it wasn’t even that it was a slight subversion on their usual ‘but you know’ ‘i know’ tradition and somehow even more beautiful because of its differences

it was more the overarching meaning behind those two lines, because it basically encompassed everything that’s so pure and good about them together, something neither have experienced before

aaron could never open up to anyone about his fears, always pushed them down or let them out by hurting himself rather than talking it through. but robert was the first person he trusted with some of the most painful aspects of his life, the first person he felt comfortable enough with to talk about it to

and robert, someone who’s never been trusted, always the last person someone would go to if they needed help… suddenly he was someone’s go-to person. aaron had literally said it back in april: “i want to rely on you, robert” and robert had confirmed exactly how much that meant to him by answering “i want you to be able to rely on me, too”

and that’s it, isn’t it? they’re two people who each want to trust and be trusted, to love and be loved. and they’d never found it so completely before each other

and that’s what that tiny piece of dialogue summed up for me. aaron trusting robert enough to voice his deepest fears, knowing with absolute certainty that robert would be there to support and comfort him. and robert, held at arms length his whole life, suspected and accused and shunned, finally has someone who loves all of him, who wants him there through good times and bad, someone who absolutely relies on him for love and support

for such an understated moment, it really did say so much

—Boyfriend! Ten au

Request: Hiya!! could you do a boyfriend! au with my man Ten Chittaphon? i lubb him sm

Authors note: Ten is actually one of my biases in nct as well! so you could say i died a little okay a lot while writing this. anyways enjoy!

Boyfriend Ten au

  • Going on adventures together, literally anywhere, anytime
  • Hyping each other up over e v e r y t h i n g
  • Blasting the seventh sense and dancing your hearts out
  • Dancing funny to see you laugh and smile
  • Going to the dance studio and watching him practice for real
  • Him giving you his jacket when you’re cold
  • Him giving you most of his sweaters because you look adorable in them
  • So. Many. Cuddles.
  • Pulling you into his chest when he wants to cuddle or when he just wants to be close to you
  • bAck hugs!!
  • Any hugs really
  • Lots and lots of kisses on the cheek, lips, forehead, nose etc
  • Him being goofy when your upset to try to make you feel better or just being goofy in general to make you happy
  • Loving gazes
  • Curling up on the couch or bed together and watching movies until you fall asleep
  • Calling each other beautiful
  • Going to the arcade and staying there until you have enough tickets to buy something
  • Twirling his fingers through your hair 
  • Walking and running through town hand in hand
  • Buying you cute things for your anniversary, birthday, christmas etc
  • Calling each other those cute cringy nicknames
  • Complementing each other on a daily basis
  • “You look beautiful”
  • “You’re so talented”
  • “You’re so gorgeous”
  • Baking together
  • Going to amusement parks and winning many many stuff animals
  • Him smiling everytime he laid his eyes on you, because you were just so beautiful to him
  • Late night phone calls
  • “I miss you”
  • “Ten, you literally just left my house less then five minutes ago”
  • “Can I come back?”
  • Teaching you Thai
  • Honeslty, there would never be a dull moment dating Ten


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this is one of my favourite gifs of him hes so cute what the hell!! sweater paws!!

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can you list some of the times aaron has been protective/has protected robert?

there! are! not! enough! instances! and that’s the saddest part here, really, when will emmerdale come through

let’s start super lowkey - you may not call these protective but i, desperate and sad, am including them anyway fight me:

  • back in the day, when liv was moaning about living in the pub and waking up to robert’s ~rat face~ every morning (this is why i think she’s not attracted to dudes ok RAT FACE) (I REALISE THAT I AM ALSO NOT ATTRACTED TO DUDES AND THEREFORE THIS ARGUMENT DOES NOT STAND) (BUT SERIOUSLY LIV HAVE YOU SEEN HIS FACE) (anyway) and aaron is all STOP BEING MEAN TO MY BOYFRIEND OK

  • after charity walks in on aaron and robert in the shower and aaron and adam have a PERFECT BARTSY SCENE, adam is all TBH SON SOMETIMES I WANT TO MURDER UR BOYFRIEND and aaron is all ILU BUT SHH this counts leave me be

then we have the slightly more… actually protective…

  • after robert has been arrested, aaron is all calling the police, getting stroppy with the staff, he yells at liv bc EVERYTHING ROBERT HAS DONE HE HAS DONE BECAUSE HE LOVES ME and then when rob comes home, looking all sad and shaken bc he would not last in prison let alone jail lmao aaron is all THEY’LL NEVER TAKE U ALIVE except he doesn’t say it like that at all, it’s way more low key, but he’s still like NOPE NO PRISON FOR U this also counts 

anyway, onto the actual examples of actual protective aaron dingle

  • obviously, rob has been pretending to be donny and talking to lachlan via e-mail (and typing like a person who has never seen a computer before) and then bernice threatens to scalp chrissie and… you know, sort of blows this whole Master Plan™. she storms in and lachlan literally comes running up to robert and he’s all I’M GOING TO MURDER YOU AND START MY SERIAL KILLING CAREER EARLY and aaron literally JUMPS IN FRONT OF ROBERT AND PUSHES LACHLAN BACK AND HE’S LIKE U KNOW WHAT MATE TRY IT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO U NO ONE TOUCHES MY BOYFRIEND WHILE I’M AROUND I WILL STRAIGHT UP DESTROY YOU SO SIT DOWN CHILD I WILL TAKE! YOU! DOWN! or something like that the actual dialogue is not important. what is important is that aaron doesn’t even hesitate. u literally cannot harm robert while he is around, he won’t have it tbh ok bye
  • lastly, the best example is aaron literally waterboarding and then later kidnapping lachlan in ssw because he wanted to get robert in trouble for something that is obviously incredibly personally affecting to him. robert yells at him for going all “bodyguard”, aaron is all LACHLAN MUST BE STOPPED BECAUSE HE’S GOT IT OUT FOR YOU AND I DON’T WANT TO LOSE YOU ROBERT and then… you know… kidnaps him. iconic. literally informs their whole storyline for the episode

anyway there might be other moments but these are the ones i remember the best when will robert piss off someone enough that they try to punch him and then aaron steps in the way hmmmmMMMMMMM i’m just a simple girl with simple protective aaron needs and this is all i ask for

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watercolour: talk about something someone you are interested in can do that never fails to make you find them attractive?


Okay, so my partner and I bicker all the time but whenever I’m having a flare up the guy will run me a bath, make me a cup of tea or get me some chocolate milk, put on a film he hates just because I love it and literally spend hours peeling skins off of my favourite fruits (the little ones like blueberries and cherries) because he knows I can’t eat the skin when I’m ill. In those moments I will always look at him and think to myself “what have you ever done to deserve this?”

happy asks here 

One of my favourite things in cars 1 is when doc gives lightning the advice of “turn right to go left” and lightning actually thinks he’s crazy and is like “that makes no sense if I turn right I’ll go right” and he literally calls doc an idiot but then when he’s driving you can see the moment he thinks “better check just to be sure” and then literally turns right to see if he goes left

Newt Scamander and my Favourite Moments

I’ve realised I’ve reblogged a lot about the film ‘Fantastic Beast and Where to Find them’ and particularly about Newt Scamander who is literally an innocent cinnamon bun so, I decided to write about some of my favourite moments (Feel free to add more!) 

*Warning this contains spoilers* 

*Also I do not own any of the gifs used, credit goes to people who made them*

-First off him being a Hufflepuff just made me love him 100% more than I already do

-“Mummy’s here.”

-Newt crying when he hands over Pickett even though it’s only a trick.

-Just simply Newt and Pickett’s relationship

-Newt being protective over his animals because they are harmless and the ones that are cruel are the humans.

- “Nothing in there is dangerous!” (and with that my heart shattered)

-Newt knowing the erumpent mating dance, (just imagine him learning it though!)

- His expressions/reactions towards the Niffler! 

-Also him tickling the Niffler!

-Him making sure it’s okay with Credence for him to come closer before he does

-Newt just being a tall bean and looking adorable and awkward in this scene

-Newt and Tina

-His friendship with Jacob

(Please feel free to add more because there are loads that I either can’t remember or can’t find the correct gif :P) 

this one gave me a laugh. we have coffee machines that customers use. they get their cup from the cashier then go to get their coffee. one of the two we have had been playing up, so we’d called out an engineer, and he was there fixing it. the coffee machine was in literally dozens of pieces. bits of machinery all over the floor nearby, him with his head in it. completely taken apart to be fixed. a customer walks over with a coffee cup and asks, “Is it going to be long?”

I had to force myself not to laugh and just be like, in my best customer service voice, “Yes, I’m afraid it’s getting fixed at the moment, so you’ll have to use the other one.”

Probably my favourite story.

So now that I have finally calmed down (hah ahha ha who am I kidding I aM SO NOT CALM LMAO) I’m going to talk about something that I haven’t seen a post about yet!

Because something that I really liked, was this

This moment was intensely suggestive (at least to me). Going to a place with fewest people? Well I wonder what’s going to happen there?

They walk together down some deserted stairs…

…and end up in a completely empty car park

It’s the typical, “perfect” setting. They are alone with the two of them, in a dark place where they would not be disturbed. I think more than one of us was thinking how this moment was going to lead towards the thing we had been expecting

Especially when this happens

The tension is here. The tension is intense. They’re nose to nose, Victor is even holding Yuri’s head in his hands. Everything about this entire scene suggested that they were going to kiss.

And here, they’re even closer

But then the drama happens…

(Oh god my heart broke. Look how sad he is my poor bby)

But that did not stop the suggestiveness from being suggestive. Yuri is crying, Victor did something wrong. So now he has to make it up to him, no? The setting is still 100% “perfect”.

However, it’s here when you know that it’s not going to happen in this dark car park

Of course, of course, the makers were highly aware of what they were doing. They played with the trope and the expectations of a kiss between the two of them alone in a silent place, and, instead of letting the cliche expectations come true, turned it into one of the strongest and most important scenes of the show thus far

And then… We see them return to the skate ring

Please listen to the music that was playing while Georgi was skating. This music wasn’t for him; the music was for Victor and Yuri. It has this intense melody that fits perfectly with what happened a moment ago, and while seeing these two together, we notice that something’s there, something’s growing. We don’t exactly know what yet, but there’s definitely something going on within their silence, and the music enhances this feeling.

IT IS NO COINCIDENCE THAT THE STORY THAT WAS TOLD IN GEORGI’S FREE SKATE WAS A STORY ABOUT A KISS. Even throughout the visuals of Georgi and Anya that are shown to us, our attention lies still completely with Yuri and Victor, because of what I just described

The camera switches back to these two immediately after Georgi’s words. That is no coincidence either. The entirety of Georgi’s performance is complete foreshadowing to their kiss. Even though the moment in the car park passed, it’s not over yet.

Because then Yuri performs, and he competely enthralls Victor



And then one of my favourite moments arrives (not the kiss yet guys this small thing made me so happy)

for the record: Victor is somewhere behind Yuri

And I love to think that at this moment he was literally like “fuck it now I’m gonna do it too I’m gonna kiss that guy ffs”

But look, Victor’s running away from his spot, which Yuri doesn’t see

There is Yuri! ^0^

So Yuri looks around, hence his cutest moment of the episode ensues

“Where did he go????” fuck why are you so cute

And then he sees him, and they run (skate) towards each other




And I love how they did that, how they played with us in that sense and instead of letting their kiss happen in a place where no one would be able to see them and they had all the chance to do so, they madE IT HAPPEN IN FRONT OF THE FUCKING ENTIRE WORLD


And that is what I wanted to talk about, if you reached this far, well done my friend! As a reward, here’s Victuri in their cutest moment~ 

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite thing about Bangel?

I could literally never pick just one favourite thing, so here’s a small list of my absolute favourite things about the ship:

  • Buffy not caring about kissing Angel while he’s in vamp face. It beautifully illustrates how she has always and will always see more to him than he see in himself.
  • All the small, sweet moments between them, such as Buffy bandaging Angel’s hand in Ted or the two of them necking in her window in Bad Eggs.
  • The fact that they both continue to talk about one another as the love of their life (“No one else mattered, not like she did” “I loved him more than I will ever love anything in this life”).
  • That Buffy can sense Angel without seeing him.
  • Every single freakin’ moment from I Will Remember You.
  • That they both understand and accept that there are bigger things than their love, that they may need to make the sacrifice to save others (and sometimes the world).
  • The ice skating date.
  • The cookie dough speech and Buffy’s small moment of panic when she realises she may be sending Angel away without letting him know that it’s still him she sees in her future.
  • The way their feelings always resurface around one another, regardless of circumstance or their present relationship status.
  • Close your eyes.

one of my favourite moments in ep 100 is right after Vex gives Pike the “hint hint nudge nudge go talk to your crush” talk, everyone’s on the edge of their seats waiting to see if Ashley’s finally going to crack, and then she says she’ll go find Grog

and until she starts talking about Scanlan you can literally see the panic in Travis’s eyes when he’s like “shit is it me??? is this what’s happening oh my god”