literally one of my favorite pictures

honestly I think my favorite thing about Jasper is that she’s such a fucking drama hoe

So far she has:

-gotten a cape specially made for the sole purpose of wanting to look dramatic and fabulous in front of her enemies.

- put on eyeliner for a fight.

-literally paused what she was doing just so “Rose” could take a menacing picture of her, before disappearing into the unknown.

- made an exit walking backwards into the ocean, and paused to say a one liner before sinking down completely when it was so totally unnecessary of her to do so.

If/ when Jasper gets redeemed all I’m saying is peridot is gonna have good run for her money in terms of the biggest dork in the group

my favorite parts of that new PASH illustration:

these cute ass stickers on that surfboard (?)




the onigiri plush that i’m pretty sure Yuuri held at one of his skating competitions???

the bouquet of sunflowers!!



Happy 2017 everyone! Lets hope this year goes better than the last one…

I’m making a commitment to be more true to myself this year. I have spent so much time putting others’ needs above my own, and the anxiety and depression is literally going to kill me one day. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do everything I want, but I’m definitely going to put more into my appearance! Anyway, on to the pictures :)

This is one of my favorite sets! I love the way this dress looks on me, even if it is a little short. And my poses here worked really well. 

I’d love to know what you think!

Modern Christine forces Erik to let her use the Snapchat filters on him.

Her phone is literally filled with goofy pictures of Erik looking annoyed while a ridiculous filter adds cat ears or glasses to his face.

Christine’s favorite Snapchat filter on him is the dog one, because even when he’s super angry he still looks hilarious with it.

Erik won’t admit it but he’s very fond of the flower crown filter, it smoothes out his more gruesome features a bit.

anonymous asked:

Since it's a bank holiday Mio Monday, can you show us what you think is the SINGLE most AMAZINGLY moe picture/screencap/gif of Mio you know of?

A single picture?

Do you know how many pictures of Mio genuinely make me smile?

A LOT. Literally all of them.

There’s a reason why she takes up the majority of my K-ON! folder

Scrolling through just automatically makes my day.

So no. Sorry. I don’t have just a single favorite photo.

Because each one is special.

And it would be a crime to not treat them as such.

Guys, let me talk to you about my new favorite game.

I recently found out about a free game/app called “Real Whales” and downloading it has been one of the best decisions I ever made.

“I came out of the ocean because you need to download this game.”

In the game, you go out on whale-watching tours and take pictures. That’s it. That’s literally it. You choose the tour you want to go on, and once you’re there, you swipe left or right to look for whales or dolphins to photograph. When you see one, tap once to zoom in on them, tap again to take a picture. 

There’s no music, but if you play the game with the sound on, occasionally you’ll hear the boat captain call out the location of an animal. You’ll also hear whales blowing or slapping the water. 

Or sometimes you’ll hear a colossal crash and realize you just missed a full-body breach.

Only one tour is unlocked at the start, but when you take pictures of cetaceans, you earn points that can be used to unlock the rest. The number of points you get for each shot takes several things into consideration, such as the timing of the shot and the “rarity” of the behavior. The scoring is really generous, too, so you should be able to unlock another tour after only a few outings.

Sometimes the whales are really on the move, so it can be tricky to get the perfect shot lined up before they disappear back into the water, but there’s no need to stress about running out of time. The only limiting factor to your tour is how many pictures you’ve taken; once you snap 12 shots, the tour ends. Which means you can absolutely go on a tour and spend an hour just smiling at the screen and watching whales be whales. 

Yes, that is the voice of experience speaking. I’ve gotten into the habit of going on a whale-watching tour before bed, and it really helps me settle in for the night.

At the end of the tour, you can go through all the photos you took and choose ones to save to your album, which you can then view at any time. (All of the screenshots on this post are some of my best photos.) There’s also a Gallery feature, where you can move around a model of each species you’ve photographed, read some quick facts, and even play a recording of their sounds!

Even on my Galaxy Mini, the graphics are gorgeous and the animations are super-smooth. I can’t even imagine how incredible it would be to play this game on a tablet or a phone with a bigger screen.

In short, this game is amazing. There’s no interrupting ads (just a small bar at the top which is easy enough to ignore), the graphics are awesome, and did I mention that it’s free and has whales? Because it’s free and has whales. 

So what are you waiting for? Give “Real whales” a try! I can’t imagine why you would regret it!

My aesthetic: Togashi zooming in on his drawings so he doesn’t have to draw them again 

Exhibit 1: Extreme close up on Pakunoda

Exhibit 2: The one time he literally used the same picture of Kurapika 4 times in one fight. Most of the time when he reuses pics they’re not even on the same page. These four were scattered across 2 chapters. 

Exhibit 3 (one of my favorites): Why you shouldn’t zoom in on faces that are too far away

Exhibits 4-15 are under the cut because I don’t want this post to be a mile long:

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Peter Parker is such a dork though? C'mon and if you know about him being Spidey (which you will, Peter Parker is literally the worst at lying) think of him knowing you like a certain hero a lot, so at the fight in Germany he’s swinging around, his phone webbed to one hand taking pictures and selfies to send you mid swing. Probably trying to get your favorites to wave or say hi to the camera because “My girlfriend is a huge fan! could you just wave at the-” before he gets hit by Redwing or giant Scott

when he gets back from Germany and you’re trying to help patch him up but he keeps squirming because he’s too excited and fangirling about everyone he saw and that he held Captain America’s shield “Can you believe it (Y/n)? I held THE Captain America’s shield! and he talked to me too! and there was this guy with a really cool metal arm, and one dude was like a cat, the Scarlet Witch was there too! and this one guy was really tiny but he got really big so I-” ‘Peter quit moving for one second! Please’

“But (Y/n) you don’t understand, it was so cool! and the new suit Mr. Stark gave me is so much more superhero-y than my old one, it’s a bit tight around-I’m not complaining though! I just need to work on my landings, and did I tell you about the Black Widow being there? and- ow, that’s still sore.”
“Sorry Peter, but getting hit with a truck will usually do that to you.” you say, pressing the ice pack against his sore arm "Also, you remember we have a test this week, right?“ Peter’s eyes widen in panic "WHAT?! oh no my homework!” *he screeches before scrambling towards his desk and fumbling for his backpack.

“Oh Peter.”

intro to my project

hey, everyone. lately i’ve been a lot sadder than usual and i’ve been having a hard time finding the light, so to speak. to help myself out, i’m starting a project.

it’s called the “see the sun” project. 

what is it exactly?

pictures of the sun. that’s it. that’s all there is. if you can’t find the metaphorical light use the literal one.

why am i doing this?

to help myself be happier again. this gives me something to focus on, however pointless it may seem. sun photos are some of my favorite things so taking my own is going to be very helpful to me.

i am going to be posting photos of the sun whenever i can– there’s no structure/schedule.

the tag for this is #lauren’s see the sun project.

if you don’t want this on your dash, feel free to blacklist it. if you’d like to participate too, post your photos using that tag and i will reblog them.

i know this probably won’t get much attention, but it would mean a lot if you could reblog this post. i know this whole thing might sound stupid but it’s helping me and it might help someone else too.

my goal is to help others be happy because it sucks to be sad. and that’s an understatement.

thank you to everyone. i love you all– stay safe.




I saw Block B live last week & it was the cutest concert I’ve ever been to!

I said I would come back and let you guys know how it went. Well, to put it simply, it was my first time going to a kpop concert, and I came out wanting to go to many many more!

They all left an impression on me. With their incredible energy and effort to communicate with an audience from literally the opposite side of the world. And we did communicate. And it was at times awkward, with beats of “silence” in which we wouldn’t completely understand each other. But it was beautiful!

Keep reading for my favorite parts!

P.S: I’ll share a few more pictures later!

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Street Food Across Arda: Apple Hand Pies (Edoras)

(can i just say how hard it is to take pictures of one’s own hand without using a wide angle lens? forgive my weird looking alien hand. i just wanted to prove that they were literally hand-sized pies ok)

It’s Eothiriel Week! (that’s Eomer/Lothiriel for you lightweights ;) It seemed appropriate to have a recipe for at least one of my two favorite people in Tolkien’s world. (I generally try to keep this blog JUST food. Middle Earth food. No gifsets, no personal stuff. Just…food. But when it comes to my OTP, all that is out the window. Though in my defense, this is still food.)

These apple hand pies are a specialty across the Riddermark, but nowhere are they made better than in Edoras. 

Apple Hand Pies (printable)
makes about 16-18 pies


One batch pie crust
2 apples, chopped (any variety will do)
3 tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
½ teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
½ tablespoon lemon juice
Egg wash (1 egg yolk beaten with 1 tablespoon of water)


Prepare pie crust according to directions. While it is chilling, prepare the apple filling by mixing together the apples, brown sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon juice. Put aside. Preheat oven to 375 F (190 C).

Roll out pie crust; cut into 3-4 in. diameter circles. Make sure you have an even number! Put a tablespoon of filling on half the circles; place the other halves on top and crimp edges with a form. Poke holes in the top. Transfer to baking sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. 

Serve warm or cold; with ice cream if so desired.

You know, I just remembered that my favorite realization about a character that’s never flat-out said is that Sportacus is diabetic. Like, in Lazytown they never once say he’s diabetic, but he’s so sensitive to sugars and sweets that he literally collapses if he has even a single bite of something with sugar in it. Not only does he have diabetes, he has extremely bad diabetes. And he’s the role model of the show. He’s the one we look up to and are supposed to want to emulate. And I love that. Because he has a severe medical condition that has a significant impact on his day to day life, and he doesn’t let it get in the way of being an active, helpful person.