literally one of my favorite moments on tv

There is a lot of bad out there in the world, but sometimes I think about how I consider my formative fandom years to be the Stargate Atlantis fandom, and compare it to fandom of today.

The time when “queerbaiting” wasn’t a thing because it was genuinely impossible to see queer people on TV. The most you had was intensely no homo jokes and hilaaaaarious “lol dudes kissing!” moments. Even if you read a character as queer, that was almost entirely fanon, with no overt hints.

Now, though. Now Cecil and Carlos are married. Two separate massively popular D&D games have explicitly gay and bisexual characters. There are literally more queer characters in Homestuck than straight. I’ve played several games that offer me sympathetic and compelling queer romances. Even my favorite  mindless shooty gun game has loads of queer folk. There’s a cartoon character who is best described as “two lesbians in one body.” One of the most popular animes of 2016 centered around a gay romance.

These days, I can have a quiet personal rule, that I minimize my patronage of any media that does not have major queer representation, and I am not starved for content like I was growing up. Things are not perfect and probably never will be in my lifetime, but finally living in a world where I can start to see myself in my media is… huge.

My favorite moment in tv history is when Sandra went to the Morgan tribe and got to take one thing and she wanted the tarp and they told her she had to get it herself and she couldn’t use their knives and they said “do what you gotta do” and she was like “not a problem” and fucking destroyed their whole shelter and took the tarp and walked away and was like “take care guys! :)”

anonymous asked:

What's your favourite TV show? Also favourite TØP song? ☺️I love your blog btw

My favorite show at the moment is Once Upon A Time. 

I love literally all of Twenty One Pilots songs, but I relate to Migraine the most, so it’s probably my favorite in a meaning kind of way. 

Musically though, the one that I like the most at the moment is the Mutemath version of Tear In My Heart. 

Addict With A Pen means a lot to me too because I feel like it describes my relationship with God. 

Thanks anon!!!