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Ironic Advice

 “Mother, may I ask something?”

Sakura turned at the sound of the voice, only to then have her head tilted upwards at the sight of the young paladin. “Oh! Hello dear!” Soft, small hands cupping together, the priestess flashed a sweet smile at her tall son. “What did you want to ask?”

 The smile was obviously returned with a curve of his own. “Well…” Head briefly turned to shyly avoid her curious gaze, Siegbert brought one hand up and mindlessly fumbled with the ends of his pink hair. “I uh…” The more he thought about it, the more embarrassed he got. “I was wondering, Mother…”

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Holy moly where do I even start with this one? I’m genuinely shaking right now :O I’m going to try and summarise my thoughts on a few things
1) Catherine Avery realising that if they were to punish Karev they would literally have to fire basically the entire surgical floor for their other, maybe less violent but still entirely illegal and immoral actions :’D Thank you for recognising this plot hole Catherine, we all saw it comin’
2) Leah’s return wasn’t as contrived as I thought it would be - the whole ‘second chances’ thing was actually pretty interesting and the cafeteria ‘Mean Girls’ scene was amazing, or at least I thought so #90sbaby XD
3) Can we just take a moment to appreciate how friggin cute the scene between Amelia and Robbie was? :’( It was such a shame they killed him! He would have made such a great recurring patient, or an adopted child of Omelia.
Okay, maybe not but seriously, after that scene, how could you not think she will be anything other than a perfect mum
4) Waffle Sundays - needs to be a thing…NOW If it gets the lady trifecta talking, along with their newly acquired surrogate brother Karev, then I’m totally up for this, besides Meredith has a waffle maker left over from their old house, remember?!
5) The couple in the clinic made me cry so much - I don’t usually get upset over patient stories but this particular patient really struck a chord with me :(
6) Robbie’s surgery :( Amelia got upset with Meredith in season 11 for not calling her to treat Derek when he was involved in the RTC, and she blamed herself thinking she could have saved him. Now she is faced with a situation whereby the victim of a similar RTC is on the table and even though she is there and she caught the brain bleed he still dies….of the exact same thing as Derek….coincidence? I think not.
And last but certainly not least…
7) Amelia opening up to Karev about unicorn baby
OH MY GOD. I don’t even know where to begin. Give that woman an Emmy now…like NOW. OMG help me I am still crying. It was incredible in every way. I’m so glad they are now addressing this and it actually makes so much sense: the negative pregnancy test was not just drama for drama’s sake - it’s going to open up so much more about her past (see all of her incredible interviews released TODAY) and I think it reinforces the Amelia we got to know love in Private Practice, whilst still acknowledging the personal growth she has experienced since.

These are just some of my, immediate, somewhat incoherent 3am thoughts. I would love to hear what you thought of tonight’s ep !

okay nintendo may have made incineroar a fire dark type but it is literally designed like a wrestler like how fucking hard is it to make literally any other combo than fire fighting come on nintendo step up your game

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HC: Digits

Here’s one I haven’t thought about in a while. I know I came up with like, one about resources/four digits being a trait of Last Wavers, so I’ll think of something else this time.

Bee’s digits are really flat compared to say, Ratchet’s or Bulkhead’s or even Smokey’s. There aren’t a lot of sensors running through them so HC that Bee can’t feel temperature through his digits. They literally have the bare essentials in them and he can control how tight his grip is on something. But say he held a digit over a welding torch? Yeah, he’s getting damaged.

The upside of this is that he can work in an environment with extreme cold or heat. So if someone’s dying on a battlefield and their innards are literally on fire, Bee could reach in there and try to fix things. The downside is that it’s likely he’ll lose more than a few digits in the process/has before because he didn’t feel them.

This is changed when he upgrades to his adult frame later - and gets a fifth digit - but it’s a huge adjustment period for him.

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THATS LITERALLY WHAT I'M GOING TO DO. I'm just going to keep it as the second evo tho. The fire/dark isn't saving itself from the furry madness :,)))


PEOPLE WERE LIKE “oh!! but its gonna be fire/dark, since its a heel wrestler!1!!”

LIKEEEEE THATS NOT THE POINT, fire/dark or fire/fighting, I don’t care it’s design is downright ***TERRIBLE***

I mean just look at it? It has horrible sausage fingers, an overbite jaw, a unibrow, and lets not forget that it literally /PELVIC THRUSTS/ FOR FIRE TO SPIRAL OUT OF ITS BELT.

I just really hate this. Our first ever cat starter and its potential was wasted for it to be a blatant tiger mask reference.


This is in Portugal. The whole country is burning. People (and animals) are dying, loosing everything they have and not sleeping for days, the sky is black and you can’t breathe without a mask on.  It has been horrible, There are more than 200 active fires right now. There’s an island (Madeira) that almost doesn’t have water to stop the fire. Please spread the word since there’s no one talking about this on the news. #PrayForPortugal

there’s so much good stuff on the spread about rey’s speeder that i don’t even know where to begin

  • she made it herself! like! she scavenged or traded for all the parts and then built the thing from the ground up
  • it’s a hybrid of a speeder and a swoop, which means that it can carry heavy loads but it’s also really fucking fast (because of course it is look who we’re talking about)
  • to protect it from other scavangers when she’s away from it, it 1) won’t start without her fingerprint and 2) will electrocute anyone who tries to touch it
  • there are literally tiny tractor beams under the seat to make sure that she stays on it when traveling at high speeds.
  • i’m just gonna go ahead and quote the book because i can’t improve on it: “rey’s speeder is ridiculously overpowered when lightly loaded… when away from prying eyes, rey lets her craft take flight, performing barrel rolls and other maneuvers that push both her speeder and her piloting skills to the limit”


Happy American release Fire Emblem Fates! Please come to Europe soon before I lose my mind :^) 

For Robin’s Final Smash, I plan on lending a hand.  And then you’ll taste the bitterness of defeat…right after Robin gets the Smash Ball.

Draco in the fourth year?? ???
  • Draco:I'm going to make badges that insult potter
  • Draco:but hold on not just any badges
  • Draco:badges that fucking change
  • Draco:imma make one for every student
  • Draco:every damn student and teacher and animal and even hagrid's pets
  • Draco:and you know what
  • Draco:i'm going to charm every single damn one of them
  • Draco:but I'm only a fourth year so idk how to mass charm shit probably
  • Draco:i'll sit here in the common room surrounded by badges
  • Draco:i'll spend a week charming all of them one by one
  • Draco:no blaise don't help me I need to prove I can do this
  • Draco:because I hate potter so much
  • Draco:obviously