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“That Was All You”: A Black Paladin Lance Meta

Alternatively Titled: Local Girl Digs Heels In So Hard She’s Laying on the Ground. “This Is My Home Now,” She Says.

Listen. Listen. No, I don’t know when to quit. Yes, I have a midterm tomorrow and am procrastinating. Shut up.

Now, since this is going to be long as hell (because I really don’t know when to quit), here’s a quick summary of my argument: 1. we’re building up to a leadership arc with Lance, 2. the pilot of the Black Lion depends not just on Black but on the team, and 3. Keith and Red still have a connection.

Blah blah blah, general disclaimer, I am probably could be wrong, lesgo:

Season 4 episode 6 sees the introduction of a new galra super weapon – a planet rigged to explode and take the whole solar system out with it. Right after destroying the galra stronghold on said planet, the team is suddenly surrounded by giant spire things and have no idea what they are.

And it’s Lance that makes the right call. He’s the one that not only says “hey let’s leave,” but also “and here’s how we’re going to do it.” He looks at this situation, sees a need to distance them from it immediately, and knows exactly who to delegate the task to. 

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— aquiver | 01 (m)

aquiver (adj.) [uh-kwiv-er] in a state of trepidation or vibrant agitation; trembling; quivering

pairing— min yoongi x reader
genre/warnings— mature themes, talk of masturbation, smut, language
words— 10,110

:: summary— Yoongi can’t remember the last time he was able to successfully bring himself to the point of orgasm, then Namjoon gives him a business card advertising ‘Healing Hands’, and that’s where he meets you; pretty and innocent looking, who gets paid to provide hand jobs for a living…

note— inspired by the novella ‘The Grownup’ by Gillian Flynn, literally just the main character’s past occupation haha

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FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF with the lightest most PG mention of sex

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  • is the most popular prince in the history of the village
  • like no one has ever been so universally adored and enjoyed,,,like even when other village officials visit that have tension with the government - one meeting with seokmin and they’re,,,,,,,ready to swear peace
  • his parents say it’s his smile,,,,a healing smile,,,,,a smile that no one can resist
  • but it’s also because seokmin is selfless and does his best to make people comfortable and feel cared for
  • like an angel that knows just what people want to hear,,,,he makes not only the people of his village feel good,,,,he makes the people he works with feel it too
  • other princes like woozi or wonwoo seem so stoic during interviews or broadcasted events,,,,yet when prince seokmin shows up even those with the coldest auras are photographed laughing and having a good time
  • has been studying singing since he was small,,,,his voice was recognized by his parents and the nation when at twelve he sang the national anthem at a new years celebration
  • and the entire country fell quiet for his amazing vocal range
  • since then he’s always sung the anthem at opening games and other important events,,,,,but he’s also sung at orphanages and carnivals for kids
  • because if there’s anything that gets kids excited it’s having the actual prince sitting on the floor with them singing the theme song to sesame street with a big kind smile on his face
  • the kids dont even call him prince seokmin they call him older brother and parents or teachers would try to correct them but seokmin is always just like :—–) no,,,,,,,,older brother seokmin is Good
  • once got photographed enjoying some ice cream in the palace gardens and he looked so nice that the ice cream brand used the photo on its advertisements askfljsg
  • all time best friend is a local blacksmith hoshi who people are surprised to find out has known seokmin since they were literal children
  • hoshi talking about seokmin: “he’s the prince, but when we were kids he played the hors-”
  • seokmin appearing out of thin air: “hoshi and i are only business affiliates now. please do not believe what he says.”
  • but they really are close like seokmin is the type to tell his bodyguards they don’t need to come with him when he heads to the village to see hoshi because he feels so at peace with his people and with his friends
  • like he’ll stroll around like he’s just another commoner and not you know,,,,,,the prince of the land
  • doesn’t like suits or formal wear,,,,,,but when his hair is pulled back he just looks,,,,,Regal

  • even though seokmin is completely fine on his own,,,,,,,
  • his parents aren’t always ok with seokmin walking around unguarded
  • and since seokmin has this charming way around him he’s easily able to get the people who his parents hire to let him slip away unnoticed,,,,afterall he’s just a likable guy
  • even his own staff let’s him get away with anything
  • so that’s why his parents hire you,,,,,,,,you’ve built up a reputation of kind of being,,,,,,,unmovable
  • you like to think it’s just part of your personality and the job - if you get hired to protect someone, you have to do whats best for their safety, and sneaking away is breaking that
  • also,,,,you’ve learned to keep an unreadable face - not even the funniest joke or tickling makes you break,,,,,,you think it’s unprofessional to build “friendly” relationships with who you work with. especially who you have to protect with your life
  • which is why on the first day,,,,,when seokmin makes a pun using your name you stare at him blankly
  • the whole room is silent,,,,aside from a waiter who leaves the room stifling a giggle
  • and seokmin tilts his head, smile not dropping from his lips “i see you’re not a joke person?”
  • you nod, making seokmin scrunch up his nose a bit and turn on his heel with a clap
  • “it’s ok, im sure ill get a laugh out of you someday!”
  • you don’t say it outloud because well he /is/ the prince but you think to yourself that he can try all he wants, no one has ever made you laugh on the job
  • the first couple of weeks is rather easy, everywhere you and seokmin go there’s minimal danger because people respect him and he has little to no known enemies
  • every now and then you catch him trying to take bread offered from bakers or flowers offered from children
  • and you have to intervene and explain that the prince cannot receive presents, making seokmin chuckle and go “lighten up!” but you shake your head
  • who cares if it makes you a debbie-downer, who knows whats in the bread or what kind of flowers those are, you can’t risk the princes safety
  • seokmin tries, on multiple occasions, to ask you about your life and hobbies
  • “you’re a pretty private person, but there must be something you like? dogs? fairs? fireworks? candy?”
  • “all of those are fine, my prince.”
  • you give the same flat answer each time and seokmin’s happy, mischievous expression falters just a bit
  • but you keep a straight face, knowing that it’s better to be focused on the surroundings then on the prince getting to know you better
  • questions turn to actions,,,,seokmin tries making funny faces at you when he’s bored at a meeting, or telling a funny story that has everyone in an uproar except you, accidentally tripping or falling for basic comedic relief but all you do is help him back and ask if he’s ok
  • seokmin can’t wrap his head around it,,,,,,is it because you have no sense of humor?????? do you not like him????? what is it??????
  • no one has ever managed to be around him for more than fifteen minutes and not smile
  • and here you are, calmly watching the village go by through the windows of the car as seokmin sits beside you
  • hands crossed over his chest,,,,thinking of any good jokes to crack or silly antics to pull
  • your phone goes off and you pull it out because the alert tone means its from the palace
  • you read the message,,,,it concerns a schedule change for seokmin but before you can tell the prince
  • the car makes a jerking turn and ends up pushing you to the side
  • you try to catch yourself before you go falling off the seat, but seokmin reaches to hold your arm, frowning and telling you that you should wear your seat belt - he’s got his on
  • for a moment, he looks up to see an expression of shock on your face
  • the most he’s seen since you started working as his bodyguard,,,,,,and seokmin doesn’t know how to explain it but
  • the small sigh of relief you do when you sit back down,,,,,something about it
  • makes you look so,,,,,cute
  • but you know you shouldn’t have done it,,you clear your throat to play if off and tell him that he’s going to have to cancel dinner with the officials from one of the villages schools because the royals staying in his families palace have decided they want seokmin’s family to throw a ball to see them off
  • and even seokmin,,,,,who loves parties and social events,,,,,rolls his eyes
  • because the royals staying with his family have been such brats - even though he’s managed to put up the front of liking them in order to get them to sign a treaty with his parents
  • seokmin mumbles that they ask way too much and are overstaying their visit in his home anyway
  • you look at him, eyebrow raised just slightly because you’ve never seen seokmin say anything remotely negative about anyone
  • and he shrugs his shoulders and goes “you’re not the only one who puts on a good mask you know.”
  • the words,,,,,make you think for a moment,,,,,,that essentially he’s right - it’s a mask
  • you’re not an emotionless person and neither are you someone that hates smiling or whatever, you just want to look and act apathetic so you don’t,,,,,,have to show weakness
  • seokmin’s radiant smile and bubbly personality,,,,,you just assumed 100% was true all the time - but maybe there are days when he doesn’t want to be the positive energy
  • like a normal person,,,,he just wants to relax
  • but as you get to the palace, that smile of his is on again and when you open the car door you see a couple of the waiters come running toward him
  • asking him 94302 questions about the ball they need to set up in four hours
  • seokmin, with an assuring couple of words calms down their franticness
  • he leads them all back into the house and you follow, watching carefully as seokmin handles the menu and decorations like a pro
  • sometimes you think someone whose always looking on the bright side might be a little foolish,,,,,but seokmin is able to be so organized and encouraging
  • it makes you feel a sense of ,,,,,,pride,,,,,that the place where you’re from has a prince so capable and kind
  • seokmin passes by you with a waiter who shows him different types of roses
  • and you turn to follow, but seokmin puts up a hand and goes “you can have the rest of the day off - ill be in the palace so i should be safe.”
  • you open your mouth to disagree, but seokmin explains that it’s an order and that your contract doesnt bind you to be by his side 24/7
  • you nod,,,,,slightly distraught that he’d bring that up,,,,,but he disappears down the hall with the waiters as you watch
  • even though seokmin excuses you for the evening,,,,,something doesn’t sit right with you and as you head toward the ballroom the queen, seokmin’s mother comes up to you and asks if you’d go get her son and tell him the bratty royals are having another problem with the menu
  • you nod,,,,,walking slightly faster than usual because for some odd reason there’s an excitement in your chest about being able to stay with seokmin a little longer
  • you reach his bedroom, the large doors thrown open as you come inside and see seokmin standing talking with another person
  • the person,,,,,,you recognize,,,,,is the daughter of the royals staying in the palace
  • she’s young and known for being loud and bossy, but seokmin seems to be handling the conversation well
  • she jumps up, throwing her arms around him when he finishes his sentence and it startles both you and seokmin
  • when she turns to dash out of the room, she bumps your shoulder and doesn’t turn around to apologize
  • you touch it but seokmin’s voice calling your name breaks your concern
  • “the queen told me to inform you that the royals don’t like having duck on the menu.”
  • seokmin’s shoulders drop and you can see that the stress is getting to him, balls take months to plan on occasion and usually the palace isn’t even responsible a committee is hired to host
  • but you know that seokmin wants to do anything to keep on these people’s good side in order to keep the treaty agreement
  • “ok, but the chef has already started and if he has to scrape that duck it’s so much food wasted. ill think of something,,,,”
  • he sits on the edge of his bed, head in his hands as he mumbles to himself
  • you watch him,,,,,,slightly unnerved by the image of a seokmin so starkly different from his usual self
  • and you’re one that always follows rules and regulations, always keeps your emotions out of it but
  • stepping forward you go
  • “my prince, if anything ,,,,,,,,,,,,, can’t you just ,,,,,,,,,, say no this one time?”
  • seokmin shakes his head,,,,,, “i can’t say no, i can’t let people know that there’s something i can’t do. i have to fight through this with a smile,,,”
  • “but what if there was an emergency,,,,,,,what if someone had to take you away and you couldn’t make the ball?”
  • seokmin looks at you,,,,,,,,,,he blinks and goes “aren’t you a stickler for rules,,,,,,,,,,and you’re proposing i make up some scheme to get out of this?”
  • slowly you nod,,,,playing with your fingers behind your back from nervousness
  • a small smile spreads on seokmin’s face and he goes ,,,,,,, “do you have a plan?”
  • you nod,,,,,telling him to wait as you rush down the stairs
  • the queen is standing with the royals,,,,,she looks upset as they complain about this and that and you stop before her
  • bowing and going “your majesty, the prince went out to meet a guest for the ball but it seems the guest and the prince are gone. i am going to need for the ball to be canceled so all forces can be focused on finding the prince.”
  • your words almost make the queen faint,,,, the royal family bursts into a wave of shocked noises and the girl who’d been with seokmin cries out that now she won’t be able to dance with him
  • you look to the queen for her approval and she fans herself but nods “the ball is off, find my son!”
  • with that you set off down the hall, rushing up the stairs and into seokmins room
  • he opens his mouth to ask what’s going on
  • “we’re running away.”
  • “wait, like forever?”
  • “no, for tonight so you and this whole country can avoid this dumb ball. now let’s go!”
  • you take his hand and the two of you run through the palace, you give every waiter or servant a knowing look and seokmin puts his finger over his lips
  • they all smile and nod in confirmation as seokmin shows you a secret passage out to the gardens
  • when you’re safely away, you ask if seokmin knows where you two can stay long enough to avoid the palace till tomorrow
  • he grins and says he knows /just/ the place
  • though the village is a good walk away, you and seokmin having to duck in small alleys and curved roads to avoid anyone seeing you
  • you come across a blacksmith’s shop, the closed sign confuses you, but seokmin does three short knocks and then whispers some kind of passcode against it
  • and like magic, it opens
  • hoshi goes “i heard you were missing!” seokmin grins and shrugs “i am, for the night.”
  • hoshi looks from him to you and sticks out his hand
  • “im hoshi, seokmins go-to hideout”
  • you shake it,,,,,and hoshi wiggles his eyebrows
  • “you two an,,,,,,,item?”
  • you flush red and seokmin chuckles
  • “i cant even make them laugh, they’re my bodyguard!”
  • hoshi grins, going on about how he’s always had more luck than seokmin when it comes to love! the two of them bicker like school yard boys
  • and you can’t help it,,,,,it’s so silly,,,,,,,,,that you giggle
  • seokmin turns to you,,,,,,eyes wide
  • and hoshi points to you too “i thought you said they don’t laugh seokmin?”
  • “that’s the first ive heard it!”
  • you cover your mouth with your hand, turning around and pretending to be interested in the different tools hanging up in hoshi’s shop
  • hoshi invites you two to go upstairs while he finishes some work
  • and you and seokmin find yourself seated at a small table,,,,,,the prince of the place you grew up,,,,,someone so untouchable
  • sitting 5 feet away with no crown and drinking tea from a cracked old mug
  • you sit,,,,,,,still wearing the all black uniform for bodyguards and your phone rings like crazy for updates
  • you pick it up but seokmin snatches it, turning it off and throwing it onto hoshi’s couch
  • “we’ll deal with it tomorrow.”
  • you feel horrible about leaving the queen and others in the dark,,,but seokmin looks so much less stressed
  • and it seems like maybe a night from forced smiling and constant interactions would be good for him
  • ,,,,,,and your concern is still always the princes safety
  • here might be more safe than the palace for tonight
  • seokmin stares at you,,,,,you rub at your face and ask if there’s something on it but he just goes
  • “i like your laugh, why don’t you laugh more?”
  • “,,,,,,,,,part of my job is to keep things professional. laughing,,,,,smiling,,,,,thats for friends-”
  • “then whats helping me runaway for? friends,,,,,,,,,or?”
  • you look at him,,,trying hard to suppress the warmth crawling up into your face at seokmin’s words
  • he leans over,,,,,and when he’s close enough that your heart starts racing
  • he goes “thank you, for helping me”
  • “it,,,,,,it’s my job,,,,,,,,,,”
  • seokmin is still close and you almost can’t breathe,,,,,,
  • you’ve seen him everyday for so long and even before that you’d seen him on tv so much
  • yet nothing captures how absolutely gorgeous he is in real life
  • and seokmin tilts his face,,,,,,you close your eyes and think that the most unprofessional thing in the world is kissing your client
  • but you’ve already broken so many of your “rules”
  • that when seokmin kisses you,,,,,,it feels like the only right thing in the world
  • when you pull back,,,seokmin sits back down, his hand knocks over the tea on the table and it spills all over him
  • letting out a yelp,,,,he stands up to wipe at his clothes
  • and you,,,,,,,,reach for napkins but can’t help but laugh at him clumsiness
  • seokmin lets you help but you hear him say
  • “out of all the things, you find me being a clutz funny?? is that all i had to do to make you laugh???”
  • you shrug and say that you’re not usually one to laugh at others,,,,,but he’s just,,,,,,,,so cutely oblivious sometimes
  • when you fall asleep, exhausted from the day on hoshi’s couch seokmin drapes his jacket over you
  • hoshi comes up and asks when you two need to be back at the palace
  • but seokmin just elbows him smugly and goes
  • “they called me cute.”
  • hoshi: wow, do you want a prize you lovestruck idiot

So… Star gave Tom one of Marco’s spare hoodies.

That is… a complicated gesture, one that only becomes more complicated as you step back and look at not only the context of the episode, but the even larger context of Season Three thus far.

A lot of this season has been about letting go and moving on. This theme was touched on when Star eulogized Glossaryck and literally said the words, “I let you go,” and again when she washed Marco’s hoodie and sent it back to him. It was touched on during Silver Bell Ball, when Tom made a conscious effort to respect Star’s space and her choices. In all of these cases, letting go is exactly what allowed their loved ones to return to them.

Compare this to Marco clinging to his relationship with Jackie, and Tad clinging to his relationship with Kelly; in these scenarios, they all end up miserable. Jackie outright tells Marco that if he stays with her, they’ll “both end up miserable,” and even though Tad hopes that he and Kelly will get back together, his refusal to move on is making them both unhappy. The message of this season is clear: As much as it hurts to let go, living for the future is better than clinging to the past.

But where does the hoodie fit into all of this?

In Scent of a Hoodie, the red hoodie symbolized Star’s attachment to Marco. She was so afraid of losing her connection to him that she wouldn’t even allow the hoodie to be washed–but by the end, she realizes that even though her time with Marco may be over, she’s always have her memories of him (”You’re experiencing the memory of a scent!”) and that revelation allows her to let go. She returns Marco’s hoodie to him, and moves on with her life.

So by the time we get to Lava Lake Beach, the hoodie itself is no longer sacred to Star; she allows Tom to wear it, and she even allows Tom to rip off the sleeves, something she never would have done in Scent of a Hoodie. To me, this suggests that the hoodie is no longer a symbol of Star’s attachment to Marco, but rather, a symbol of OPENING YOURSELF TO LOVE AFTER HEARTBREAK.

Consider that no just one hoodie was shared in this episode, but two. After some intense and much-needed emotional honesty, Marco shared his hoodie with Kelly, who in turn shared it with Marco. First Marco draped it over Kelly’s shoulders, then she wrapped it around the both of them, sharing the comfort and warmth.

Star has opened herself to the possibility of a new relationship with Tom, just as Marco and Kelly have opened themselves up to new relationships. All four of them are letting go of the past and moving forward–and, more importantly, they’re not closing themselves off to love. Their hearts are open–their hearts are a red hoodie, shared on a cold night.

Scarlet Envy (m) | one

Pairing: Vampire!Jungkook x Soulmate!Reader
Genre: angst / eventual smut
Word Count: 6.1k
Summary: Jeon Jungkook is one of the most powerful vampires in Aether. He holds the literal keys to the world and never in a million years, would you have imagined to find him bloodied and barely conscious in a back alley.
Author’s Note: I proudly present the first part of Scarlet Envy! Buckle up, ‘cause it’s gonna be a wild ride. By the way, let me know if I should do a glossary, I’ve been toying with the idea. As always, no set update schedule because I suck at time management lol Enjoy!

Scarlet Envy directory

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The Ekstase is a swank place, with its chandeliers, upholstered seats and tasteful decor. The ongoing theme of gold and leather makes it look timeless, despite just being about 2 years old and the oak furnishing accentuates the fact nicely. You’ve been employed at the bar and lounge for quite some time, having stumbled upon the job opportunity through a friend of yours. Everything about it seemed perfect, you were being well paid and the environment was respectful, definitely a nice upgrade from being a cashier at your local convenience store back home.

It’s the owners, who make it a foul place to you now. They treat people with lesser means as inferior, laughing and sneering at anyone who hesitates and blanches at the sight of the outlandish prices required to buy any of the beverages being served. You hate the pretentiousness of it all, but you luckily did not have to witness a scene like that unfold too often, as anyone who earns under 120,000 gemmae usually does not enter anyway.

As a result of Paul and Katya’s elitist beliefs, security is of utmost importance to them, though. Their fear of being stolen from went so far as to have defence charms prevalent in every corner of the Ekstase, leaving you dizzy whenever you walked by. They affect you very badly with their aggressive magic, the owners, of course, opting for the pugnacious kind when presented the various kinds of defensive wards.

It is no surprise, then, that the backdoor is also ridden with defensive magic, leaving an unpleasant tingle on your skin as you push against the cold metal. The door is also heavy, which ultimately leaves you breathless when you finally step outside into the stormy night after your very last shift at the Ekstase. Raindrops hit your face harshly and you pull up your oversized scarf as to assure that the cold will not penetrate you through your clothing.

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— aquiver | 03 (m)

aquiver (adj.) [uh-kwiv-er] in a state of trepidation or vibrant agitation; trembling; quivering

pairing— min yoongi x reader
genre/warnings— mature themes, talk of masturbation, smut, language, some type of fluff
words— 10,909

:: summary— Yoongi can’t remember the last time he was able to successfully bring himself to the point of orgasm, then Namjoon gives him a business card advertising ‘Healing Hands’, and that’s where he meets you; pretty and innocent looking, who gets paid to provide hand jobs for a living…

note— inspired by the novella ‘The Grownup’ by Gillian Flynn, literally just the main character’s past occupation haha

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Here is a lil list of things that I love in Bloodborne because why not:

  • Valtr in general, just the whole man is a good
  • the fact that Gehrman looks ridiculously offended whenever you whack him in the Hunter’s Dream
  • Henryk’s coat doing the thing when he’s waiting to cross the fog to fight Rom with you at Moonside Lake
  • friendly Amygdalae all around Yahar’gul
  • except Mr Laser Eyes, he’s cranky
  • Laurence sounding totally bored when Willem accuses him of betraying him that one time
  • Gatling Gun Dad of Old Yharnam
  • local intelligent man Micolash unable to tie he got dang shoes
  • Lady Maria getting gay with lady hunters during her fight
  • “ooOOOOhhHHHhhh very good, very good indeed!”
  • Living Failures’ theme being way more dramatic than necessary
  • the way Valtr calls you “my confederate” in that low sad voice of his at the end of his quest
  • where are Micolash’s eyebrows??? and Damien’s????????
  • cute lil augur space slug
  • the fact that Edgar looks like Peter Norton of Norton AntiVirus, they are literally the same person
  • Gascoigne’s voice
  • Yamamura being extremely relatable as I too wish to be doing a head bash repeatedly
  • everything ragdolls when it dies

anonymous asked:

Are there any list or compilation of characters making snide comments or subtle notice that there are something more than just a profound bond between Cas and Dean? Also, why did Aaron choose to flirt with Dean to hide the fact that he was tailing him? They never met, so what tipped him off, and that it worked so well?

Hi! well, a while ago I made this post.

So we have… off the top of my head:

Balthazar, Meg, Naomi, Lucifer, Charlie, Benny, Hester, Crowley, Amara, Metatron, Ishim, Nora, Bobby, Sam and Cain… basically MOST of the characters who either know them well enough individually or have seen them together for more than 30 seconds.

My favourites though are Crowley, Lucifer and Amara

Crowley because he knows them both so well. He teases Cas about Dean being his boyfriend, calls Cas a “love slave”, ‘saves’ Cas in order to make Dean human again because he knows he needs Cas for this, he teases Dean about their own escapades as demon!dean, with Dean it’s less about Cas and more about Dean/him as he is jealous, teases him about being able to shove the bomb where the sun don’t shine “well, you could…” etc.



Amara literally is the Anti-Cas throughout all of season 11, the bond overrinding his free will, but her bond is not as strong as Cas and Dean’s, despite being God’s sister, she has to use Cas to get through to Dean, she only appears when Dean is longing for Cas or when Sam mentions Angels for example. She also exposes that Dean REPRESENTS Humanity, a hark back to Metatron’s “Cas is in love with Humanity”, wow this story is so layered it takes YEARS for pieces of the puzzle to be made obvious, by which time the GA have probably forgotten, but we haven’t and when people rewatch once it is canonically acknowledged I’m sure there will be floods of people going “OHHHH I see now when they did THIS and THAT it was because they’ve been in love all along!”.

When she then is portrayed as caring about Dean, she exposes his emotions, his feelings of love and shame (as the love monster, but it still counts as it is her representation and the monster literally says “who I am is not important” ie. THE WRITERS SAYING LOOK AT WHAT THIS MONSTER IS SAYING BECAUSE ITS TRUE), of his self worth and his feelings for CAS, which have been the overriding theme of all of Dean’s story for the end of the season, which Amara USED to get close to him… I mean JEEZ exposition much? 

The whole season’s plot makes no sense if you don’t see Dean as so deeply in love with Cas that the big bad uses it in her own storyline, the plot for the WHOLE SEASON RESTS ON IT. 

Originally posted by casclaire

Lucifer because he was inside Cas so canonically knows how he feels… Tbh I’m still waiting for this to come out at some point… probably towards the end of Lucifer’s story we should get some kind of reference to him using Dean to get to Cas or just coming out with it as he is a master manipulator , of course he would use this against them, he knows, he should do something with this information, I’M WAITING!

Originally posted by driverpicksthemuusic

Re: Aaron, Aaron was SMART. 

Tbh I think he just thought that Dean would be super uncomfortable and back off if he was hit on by a dude, as most guys would, it’s a great tactic. 

BUT Dean actually gets flustered and looks like he might actually be interested… so Aaron is like SHIT and basically then backs off himself, trying to tie up the conversation and move Dean along. Luckily for him Dean’s phone rings. But if you watch it, Aaron is hitting on Dean up to the point where it seems like Dean might actually be interested, then he completely changes to trying to end the conversation. 

He’s all “have a good night” instead of actually trying to get a date out of him as he would if he was really interested after Dean made the face he does when he says “is that supposed to make you less interesting?”.

source: @caffeinedeathwarrior


Aaron thought that last flirtation would be the nail in the coffin to make a straight guy get so uncomfortable he’d end the conversation and walk away, but Dean pulls that face and Aaron’s FACE! He’s like SHIT CHANGE TACTIC, ABORT ABORT! 

It’s awesome.

Same as most of my meta on Dean being bi, its often not actually about Dean himself or the top layer, it’s other peoples reactions to it (the Siren for instance), I LOVE this moment.

Boyfriend Jooheon

A/N: thought i would carry on with the monsta x boyfriend!au thing

  • rip me tbh bc jooheonie is my bias wrecker its those dimples man
    oh my god probably the worst honestly but in the best way if that makes sense
  • The worst bc just try and guess what hes gonna do next
  • Aegyo? Scream? Rap? Laugh?
  • Jooheonie feels everything at extreme levels you know he wears his heart on his forehead lmao
  • When hes scared he’ll try and pretend he isnt but you know jooheon he may as well be carrying a fucking neon sign that says i am terrified
  • When hes happy he shines, he smiles with his whole face and he starts radiating positivity and gets loud with excitement, jumping around everywhere, not able to keep his hands off you so you’ll be stuck in his arms always
  • He does chill tho hes not always like that
  • Its just hes a very extroverted person who is full of energy so being loud and hyper is his thing
  • Its always nice when hes calm tho
  • Opens up to u that way telling u his deepest thoughts and secrets
  • Tells u everything bc thats just who he is doesnt want to keep any secrets from u
  • Is a really trusting and loving boyfriend
  • I dont think he would get all that jealous but if he did not the type to get angry
  • Will more than likely casually approach u and whomever is causing him to be jealous and then lowkey drape an arm over u givin u lil kiss
  • And then turning to whoever and introducing himself as ur bf
  • Does it really sly that it doesnt even seem like possesive type behaviour
  • Loves it when u go visit him at the studio bc when he likes to show u what hes working on and will rap lyrics that hes writing to u
  • Hes always inspired by u too which is why he likes to have u there bc he looks at ur face and boom hes written a whole new song
  • Writes about pretty much every aspect of ur relationship that sometimes starship is like,,,,, dude,,,, chill out a lil bit
  • Does not care in the slightest tho lmao continues to write songs about u
  • And if they dont make the album for whatever reason will just give them to u anyway
  • Like happy anniversary baby heres a mini album of songs i made for u they didnt make the monsta x album but u can have them anyway
  • U cried listening to them
  • At some point ur gonna have to fight minhyuk bc hes gonna get all up in ur shit about dating jooheon and proclaim himself king of jooheons affections
  • So just beat his ass bc he probably deserves it tbh but once hes cool with u the two of u become the jooheon protection squad
  • Grouping together to shower jooheon with love and affection bc he deserves it all
  • Although u may have to tell minhyuk to step off sometimes bc thats ur man
  • That makes jooheon laugh and hes standing there like im ur man soz not soz minhyuk
  • Serenades u all the time crying emoji
  • Like the two of u will be cooking dinner at ur place with music playing in the bg and he’ll just start singing to u while ur trying to chop carrots or smthn
  • Is always helpful
  • Helps with cooking, cleaning, laundry, literally anything he just wants to help out
  • Sometimes ur like calm down i got it i know ur tired from 15 hours of dance practice pls rest
  • Really appreciates when u take care of him like that bc sometimes his life is rly overwhelming and its nice when he doesnt have to worry about anything
  • Thats the general theme of monsta x as ur bf tbh
  • Do everyone a favor and poke his dimples
  • Especially when hes got that soft smile on his face when hes kinda tired
  • Poke them it will make him happy
  • Sends u hella selfies while hes away
  • Tells u its so u dont forget what he looks like lmao
  • Im crying im looking at gifs of jooheon for inspiration and its making all soft inside
  • On the the fun stuff smirk emoji
  • Honestly? Probably a sub if ur into that kinda stuff
  • Like yeah he does have his moments when hes being all strict and domineering and stuff but i dont think he will get it if u tell him to be ur dom
  • Will probably tell u to do his laundry bc he just doesnt get it
  • Not all that kinky either i imagine if u try and blindfold him hes just gonna get scared so dont do that its gonna ruin the mood
  • Is a hella giver tho u best bet
  • Always down to eat u out its one of his fave activities
  • Man can rap hella fast so u can bet hes good with his mouth
  • Believes in equality tho so u gotta suck him off too but isnt pushy about it
  • Whines about his boner until u get the message then kinda just lies back and lets u go to town
  • Holds ur hair back so he can see his cock disappear into ur mouth but wont push u to do anything
  • Very vocal about everything
  • Tells u whatever is coming into his head in that moment and makes pretty noises
  • Solid missionary man bc hes soft and likes to be face to face with u when hes fucking u so that he can kiss u whenever he wants
  • Although hes down to let u ride him especially when hes tired
  • The type to put his hands behind his head and just let u fuck urself with his dick
  • Might lend a hand to play with ur clit to help u get off faster if u asked
  • Cuddles afterwards
  • Will gather u up in his arms and just lie there until u both have caught ur breath
  • Hes likes to be a little spoon too okay so let him be a little spoon
  • And run ur fingers through his hair while cuddling him he will love it bc it makes him all sleepy and cute
  • I gotta stop now imma start crying soon i love jooheonie

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re: staying hydrated --- My initial thought back when I watched pinof 8 for the first time was that it was a cheeky nod to being "thirsty" (like in the sexual 'the thirst is real' way). I can totally imagine someone submitting a question related to dnp being "thirsty" and them morphing it into hydrated. But, since then, they have said so many times it is literally just about drinking water that I just went with the literal interpretation until I read your review. Just thought I would share :)

I just assumed that “Phil, how hydrated are you” in pinof was just a rephrasing of someone asking “How thirsty is Phil” and maybe they just though it was funny that no one understood so they kept saying it? That was my original thought anyway..

this is exactly what i think it was in pinof 8, which is why my dominant working theory on it is that it’s a euphemism for sex hahahah, like if youre stayin hydrated ur ~quenchin that thirst~ so to speak. it’s clever because it is banal enough that they really can pass it off as just this ordinary campaign to remind everyone to drink water except,,, they don’t rly do things like that and we know they think through everything they say and they have a cheeky fucking sense of humor so ,, i think it’s completely feasible that it’s a (sexual) inside joke. 

and dan’s comments about it in the last live show make it all the funnier if it’s just code for sex lmao: 

“your emotional state is affected by how hydrated you are. your physical state. your energy levels.” he sounds rly normal like he’s just genuinely talking about water up till this point. but then he starts stuttering and giggling a bit and says, “w-w-we all need a lot of water, and not all of us have as much as we should.” and by the end of the sentence he’s full-on laughing and has to look away from the screen lmao. (watch here)

and then at the end, someone asks him to stay on longer and he says, “i’m sorry, but everyone else wants me to leave and, more importantly, dan needs to stay hydrated” which like on its own .. maybe would be innocuous but it’s totally irrelevant to what he’s saying lol? then right after …. he says as an aside that he needs to “work that” into the next video, so he’s clearly thinking about it as a joke or a running theme of sorts rather than a literal reminder to drink water. (watch here)

……  ,, ,  … . ….. i mean i’m not rly saying anything but  … i am. dan needed to leave the ls so he could go do the bad. cause doin’ the bad is good for your emotional state. your physical state. your energy levels. and most of you plebs don’t do it as much as you should.

case closed, tbh

OK! So.

Due to popular demand, I have broken down the most egregious parts of Stefan’s bullshit speeches to Elena about Delena. I’ve said this all before in different ways so this might be repetitive but you guys asked for it so, lol.

So this is the speech from 5x13

Truth is, ever since the first time I know you’re falling for my brother. I’ve been awaiting for him to screw something up so badly, that you hate him. So I’ve been waiting, and watching him do all these horrible things. And every single time I think that he’s going too far, he’s there for you. Sometimes in ways better than I ever was. So the truth is, after a while I just stopped waiting for him to fail because I liked the person he’d become. And I don’t wanna lose that person.

And every single time I think that he’s going too far, he’s there for you. Sometimes in ways better than I ever was.

OK but where though?

The issue with this quote is that the show doesn’t take into account who the show says Elena is supposed to be.

Because, how is it that Damon is “there” for Elena?

He threatens people she loves to get to her or he explains that he would kill those people to save her, the way he’s there for her is always at the expense of people she cares about and Elena is meant to be a person who loves her friends and family recklessly and passionately, their well-being is supposed to be the most important thing to her

and when she is faced with their deaths or the potential of their deaths, this is what happens:

It’s emotionally traumatizing, it’s emotionally crippling, it’s emotionally scarring, being alive is just one part of an equation, it’s not the entire equation.

The way to be there for Elena is to be there for her loved ones, it’s to make sure that everyone else is safe because then she can be at peace. It‘s clear. When Stefan chooses to save Matt because she told him to

she’s at peace even though she’s dying

she’s supposed to love opportunities to comfort her friends

Stefan facilitating those opportunities and understanding the emotional nourishment they provide is being there for her

Not to mention there are direct instances in which Stefan is there for Elena more than Damon because Damon just doesn’t know what to do.

When Jeremy dies, Damon’s course of action is to turn off her humanity

which leads to Elena killing a waitress, attacking Liz, trying to kill Bonnie and Caroline and Damon can’t clean up his mess

but Stefan can

So the truth is, after a while I just stopped waiting for him to fail because I liked the person he’d become. And I don’t wanna lose that person.

How. Is. Damon. Any. Different. Loving. Elena. Than. When. He. Loved. Katherine?

In fact, in this very episode, Stefan points out that Damon is repeating old behaviour

I mean in this entire episode he is working overtime to make sure that Damon doesn’t do anything stupid because Elena broke up with him

and he FAILS. Damon kidnaps her brother

after he killed her friend

How has he changed exactly? What exactly is so different about him being with Elena than when he was pining for Katherine? In this season we find out he was systemically killing generations of an entire family behind Elena’s back and Elena even says it

And even if Damon did change when he was with Elena (which he didn’t) I don’t think people realize that if Damon actually became a better person because of Elena then he would just BE a better person, like Elena wouldn’t have to be in his life, he would’ve been irrevocably bettered, 5x13 is an entire episode full of contradictions.

The next speech in 6x04:

Believe me, I asked myself that for a very long time. And eventually, I saw it. Damon inspired you. He pushed you to own the darkest parts of yourself. And, when you died, he was the only one that could made you feel alive again. And you made him feel human. You loved Damon for the same reasons that I love Damon. Because in spite of every single thing that he did, we couldn’t live without him. And now, you don’t have to, but I do. So, I’m gonna do it my way. You do it yours.

I’m just going to go straight to the most offensive part of this offensive and idiotic speech.

And, when you died, he was the only one that could made you feel alive again.

Once again, the show is ignoring its own narrative, which it also did in season 4.

That looks pretty alive to me! Not to mention that save for actually having sex, Stefan is really the one who stimulates her in her newfound vampirism, it’s with him that she realizes what she can do and where you actually see physical intimacy enliven her

What do Damon and Elena really do in season 4 for “he makes me feel alive” to become their theme? The sire bond creates all of Elena’s problems, it actually, literally drives her crazy since Elena has to kill Connor because Damon told her to:

and even though Stefan and Jeremy actually got to the root of the problem and stopped the curse, because the sire bond means she is emotionally enslaved to Damon, yes, let’s look at that receipt one more time

he gets most of the credit for doing the least work, she is beholden to him even though that feeling isn’t in her control.

It’s the same thing as Damon saying that Elena has to drink human blood

and then her starving and spiralling because she can’t do anything else

and then telling her she doesn’t have to and she’s excited and grateful to him because that means she doesn’t have to “hurt people anymore”

That feeling of “alive” is manufactured because it’s the sire bond that makes her vampirism a living hell and it’s the sire bond that takes away the situations that make her vampirism a living hell, like someone who starts a fire and then puts the fire out, so Damon essentially controls her experience as a vampire, all the dialogue in the world doesn’t change that, it’s manufactured and contrived which makes that line in Stefan’s speech bullshit.

And eventually, I saw it. Damon inspired you. He pushed you to own the darkest parts of yourself.

This pretty much relates to what I just mentioned above because when did Damon did push Elena to own the darkest parts of herself?

Are we meant to believe that one night of raunchy dancing on a blood high is what got Elena to own the darkest parts of herself? Why. How does that help her grow, how does that help her own anything, all it actually does is reinforce how much she doesn’t want to be that person

If anything, it’s Stefan who helps Elena push her limits and take risks, to do things that require guts

and to confront the darkness of being a vampire and own it by not letting it consume you, that’s what owning something is and Stefan has been helping Elena do that from the jump

what Damon actually does is push Elena to admit she feels something for him

and the show wants to say that’s pushing her to accept darkness since he’s pushing her to realize she cares for a morally questionable man but that isn’t about Elena growing or being inspired, that’s about Damon being loved.

It’s Stefan who inspires Elena because she actually grows from the experiences he provides her

So basically Stefan was talking out of his ass.

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #119 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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Spoilers Below

Have I Seen It Before: Yes.

Did I Like It Then: Yes.

Do I Remember It: Yes.

Did I See It In Theaters: No.

Format: DVD

1) Starting this comedy/noir film off with what appears to be an animated cartoon from the 40s is a good way of establishing tone for a few reasons. First of all it tells us what kind of toons Roger and company are. The kind that star in short after short after short like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny, as opposed to say the Care Bears (it was the 80s, so I’m going with that example) who had a TV Show and a movie. It also introduces us to Roger, Baby Herman, the idea of ACME in cartoons, and Maroon studios. Also the film’s excellence in slapstick is there from the get go.

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2) But as soon as the cartoon is over, we’re in the “real” world. This film has a slight bit of edge to it that I wildly appreciate. Not like Martin Scorsese edge, but come on. This is a film starring animated characters that has swearing, murder, sexual innuendo galore, and an alcoholic main character. For example in the original version of the film (now edited out): after Baby Herman walks under the skirt of a female employee on set, his finger is extended upward and has some liquid on it. That is VERY adult but will go over the heads of children.

3) According to IMDb:

Joel Silver’s cameo as the director of the Baby Herman cartoon was a prank on Disney chief Michael Eisner by Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg. Eisner and Silver hated each other from their days at Paramount Pictures in the early ‘80s, particularly after the difficulties involved in making 48 Hrs. (1982). Silver shaved off his beard, paid his own expenses, and kept his name out of all initial cast sheets. When Eisner was told, after the movie was complete, who was playing the director - Silver was nearly unrecognizable - he reportedly shrugged and said, “He was pretty good.”

4) Bob Hoskins as Eddie Valiant.

Eddie is a wildly interesting character. He’s a former goofball who has kept his sharp tongue for wiseass remarks and being a pain in the ass, which is always appreciated by me. His conflict is incredibly interesting (more on that later) and he’s just a great character to follow around in this world.

Bob Hoskins is perfect for this role. I’ll go into detail on this later but his interactions with the cartoon characters look easy when they’re not, and Hoskins is able to balance the sourpuss aspect of Eddie’s personality with the wiseass, heartache, alcoholism, and former goofball in a complete package.

According to IMDb:

On the Special Edition DVD, Robert Zemeckis recounts that he had stated in a newspaper interview that Bill Murray was his and producer Steven Spielberg’s original choice for the role of Eddie Valiant, but neither could get in contact with him in time. Bill Murray, in turn, has stated that when he read the interview he was in a public place, but he still screamed his lungs out, because he would have definitely accepted the role.

I think Hoskins can’t be replaced though.

5) This film is more of a noir film than an animated fantasy. You have your archetypes like RK Maroon begin the big money slime, Judge Doom is the shady government official, and Jessica Rabbit it the femme fatale. This is felt in every aspect of the film, from the cinematography right down to Alan Silvestri’s wonderful music.

6) Remember how I said Eddie had a great conflict?

Angelo [bar patron who Eddie flipped out on]: “What’s his problem?”

Dolores [Eddie’s sort-of-girlfriend and bar owner]: “Toon killed his brother.”

Like that is such a strange idea, a murderous toon, and it provides such great conflict for Eddie. A conflict which we see laid out before us when the camera takes the time to look at all the stuff on his and Teddy’s desk. You SEE that Eddie is in pain, and without a flashback you see the guy he used to be when his brother was around. The fun goofball who liked working Toontown and helpings toons out. To go from that to where he is now takes a lot of heartbreak.

7) I love that the password to get into the Ink & Paint Club is, “Walt sent me.”

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8) Daffy and Donald Duck.

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This is the first (and to date only) time cartoon characters owned by Warner Brothers and Disney have appeared in a film together. Since the film was being made by Disney, WB only allowed to have their characters show up if the major characters had the same amount of screen time as the Disney characters. That’s why Donald/Daffy and later Mickey/Bugs always share the screen together.

As a kid THIS was my favorite part of the film! The crossover aspect. Getting to see characters interact who normally don’t. AND they got the official actors at the time to voice them. Mel Blanc voices all his Looney Tunes characters, Tony Anselmo is Donald, and Wayne Allwine is Mickey Mouse. These aren’t cheap cameos, these are the genuine articles and that’s amazing!

9) There are also some appearances by non-Disney/non-WB characters, such as Betty Boop.

Originally posted by the-disney-elite

I think the inclusion of Betty is a nice way to pay respect to the early days of studio animation, and her original voice actress was still alive at the time so she got a chance to reprise the character.

10) Jessica Rabbit.

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Before anything else, I would just like to point out that Jessica’s proportions are PURPOSEFULLY impossible. I think that this is done to play into the idea of her being a femme fatale, but more so even to critique some of the ridiculous bodies animated female characters have (but that last part may just be wishful thinking on my part). Kathleen Turner unfortunately does not get credit for her voiceover work as Jessica, which is a shame because she gives the character so much of her heart and intrigue. When she’s just the femme fatale Jessica’s a bit of a stereotype but by the end of the film she becomes truly interesting to me because she doesn’t just fill that role. There’s also a fan theory about Jessica I’m totally onboard with, but more on that later.

11) Robert Zemeckis’ films are marked for their incredible special effects, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit is no exception. Ask yourself: every time an animated character opens a door, or moves a desk, or splashes water, or bumps into a lamp, or (in the case of Jessica) pulls Eddie close to them by his tie and then lets him go, how did they do that on set? Because they had to! CGI is not a factor in this film. The animation is done by drawing over the film that was shot in the traditional fashion, but everything else had to be done practically on set. It’s so subtle and so natural that I marvel at it every time.

12) Okay, I love the theory that Jessica Rabbit is asexual. If you want to read the full post click the link above but here are the basic points of argument:

  • She’s in love with a rabbit because he makes her laugh.
  • She uses her body to get things she wants from people, but outside of that doesn’t she interest in anybody.
  • Her line, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”
  • Her line, “You don’t know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do.”

The only thing that really contradicts the theory is that later in the movie Eddie says to Jessica that Roger is a better lover than a driver, to which she replies, “You better believe it buster.” But I can easily see that as her defending his loving husband side instead of any sexual prowess.

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13) Another thing that supports the asexual Jessica theme is that instead of her doing anything sexual with Marvin Acme, she plays Patty Cake with him. Like literally, patty cake.

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

That is a joke I did not understand as a child.

14) I haven’t talked too much about Roger’s voice actor yet, Charles Fleischer.

During filming, Charles Fleischer delivered Roger Rabbit’s lines off camera in full Roger costume including rabbit ears, yellow gloves and orange cover-alls. During breaks when he was in costume, other staff at the studios would see him and make comments about the poor caliber of the effects in the “rabbit movie”.

Fleischer’s voice IS Roger in so many ways. All he can do to deliver Roger’s heart is speak, and Fleischer’s performance in this film is not to be underwritten because it is amazing. It is full with such life, such heart, and a surprising amount of honesty. It works brilliantly.

15) You have to keep your eyes open for the little innuendos in this film. For example, when Eddie meets Jessica at the crime scene he quickly peeks down at her boobs. This is the first time I’ve ever noticed that and I’ve seen this film a lot.

16) Christopher Lloyd as Judge Doom.

Originally posted by neganomics

Director Robert Zemeckis had worked with Lloyd on their most iconic film Back to the Future (where Lloyd played Doc Brown), and now Lloyd gets to show off his villainous side. He is wonderfully and gleefully evil, showing no remorse and has a cartoon like quality which makes the bad guy work wonderfully in the role. He’s just threatening enough but also just funny enough. And Lloyd never phones it in once. It’s a fantastic performance through and through.

16.5) Can we talk about how this judge just murdered a cartoon shoe for no other reason than to show that he could and no one stopped him. Like, is the shoe technically a prop and so it doesn’t count as murder? Because that thing seems more alive than a prop!

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17) So I talked about Roger’s voice actor but not much about Roger as a character yet.

Originally posted by 1980s-90sgifs

Roger is a pure cartoon character, and I mean that in a sort of literal sense. He’s not tainted by greed or hatred, he is pure joy and humor. A bit of a dunce but he trusts people and WANTS to see the best in them. His entire purpose in life is to make people life and that feeds every decision he makes. It’s a wonderful cartoon counterpart to Hoskins as Eddie.

18) Hoskins’ interactions with Roger is where he shines. Because remember, Hoskins was not on set with Rogers. He was looking at an empty space which would be drawn in latter. But when you watch the film he’s never looking through the space. He’s miming it excellently, he is looking AT an animated character who isn’t even there yet. It’s amazing and the key reason he excels in the role.

19) I never caught this line before.

Roger [asking Eddie for help]: “You know there’s no justice for toons anymore.”

So toons are sort of a disenfranchised minority. That’s an interesting concept. If there’s a sequel maybe they’ll play with it.

20) According to IMDb:

When Eddie takes Roger Rabbit into the back room at the bar where Dolores works to cut apart the hand-cuffs, the lamp from ceiling is bumped and swinging. Lots of extra work was needed to make the shadows match between the actual room shots and the animation. Today, “Bump the Lamp” is a term used by many Disney employees to refer to going that extra mile on an effect just to make it a little more special, even though most audience members will never notice it.

21) @theforceisstronginthegirl, this is for you:

Originally posted by i-am-the-wallflower

(GIF originally posted by @i-am-the-wallflower)

Nothing sums up Roger more than the fact that he can only get out of those handcuffs when it’s funny. It feeds into how Roger entertains all the guys at the tavern because they’re down on their luck, even though they could turn him over to Doom for a ton of cash (but they don’t). He believes in the power of laughter.


Judge Doom [upon observing the record on the record player]: “‘The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down’. Quite a looney selection for a bunch of drunken reprobates.”

“The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down” is the theme to the Looney Tunes shorts.

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23) The rest of the bar scene is filled with so many great cartoon gags. The fact that Judge Doom is able to lure Roger out by having him respond to, “Shave and a haircut,” is great. But a subtler reference is how Eddie gets Roger to drink the alcohol and loose control (thereby freeing himself from Doom). They go back and forth where Eddie wants Roger to drink the drink but Roger doesn’t want it, but when Eddie says Roger DOESN’T want the drink Roger says he wants it just to continue the conflict. Sound familiar?

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24) Benny the cab is another fun original character added to the film, and he’s the same voice over actor as Roger!

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25) I find this hysterical.

Benny [right before they’re going to hit a car]: “Pull the lever!”

Eddie: “Which one?”

Roger: “Which one?”

Benny: “‘WHICH ONE?’!?”

26) I am so ashamed of myself that I never caught the Back to the Future reference this film makes! Benny is driving down an alleyway and the evil weasels are driving straight towards him, and one of the weasels declares, “I’m gonna ram him!” Well in Back to the Future (also directed by Robert Zemeckis) Biff Tannen is about do the same thing to Marty McFly and says the EXACT same line as we get the EXACT same shot of his car!

Originally posted by egp10990

I love that.

27) Me too Roger, me too.

Roger [expecting another cartoon to play in the movie theater but it’s a news reel]: “I hate the news.”

28) When we were introduced to Roger in the opening cartoon, I was trying to dissect what made him a unique cartoon character. Like Donald has his temper tantrums, Bugs Bunny is a wise guy, and Roger I’ve discovered likes to go on tangents. Like someone will tell him to do something and he’ll talk for five minutes about how well he’ll do it even when no one is around to listen. I like that.

29) The animated bullets Eddie uses in the gun given to him by Yosemite Sam are very much in the style of Chuck Jones and I can appreciate that.

30) It’s pretty fun watching for all the animated characters the filmmakers inserted into Toontown.

31) Droopy Dog is another cartoon character who shows up despite not being owned by Disney or WB. This meant he got to show up again later in an animated Roger Rabbit cartoon.

32) When Eddie is in a Toontown bathroom there’s writing on the wall that says, “For a Good Time Call Alyson ‘Wonderland’,” but then there’s no phone number. The theatrical release DID have a phone number but it was Michael Eisner’s home phone (I think) so it was edited out for the home video release.

33) What could possibly top Donald Duck & Daffy Duck dueling pianos?

Originally posted by samuelljackson

I love everything about this. But it also gets to another agreement between WB & Disney: Disney did not want any of their characters doing anything to harm Eddie, so that’s why when he gets the “spare” from Mickey & Bugs (it’s a spare tire but he thought it was a parachute) it is BUGS who gives it to him!

Honestly it’d be awesome if Disney and WB could make more crossover cartoons. That would be pretty awesome.

34) File this one under jokes I didn’t get as a kid:

35) So Judge Doom’s end goal, his whole villainous plan, is to construct…a freeway? God, if it weren’t for the twist coming up that would’ve been so stupid.

36) Eddie’s comedy routine is great. It shows Bob Hoskins’ skill at slapstick and goofball and is just a joy to watch. Also we get this fun line:

Eddie: I’m through with taking falls / And bouncing off the walls / Without that gun, I’d have some fun / I’d kick you in the…

[bottle falls on his head]

Roger: Nose!

Head Weasel: Nose? That don’t rhyme with “walls.”

Eddie: No, but this does. [kicks Head Weasel in the balls, propelling him into a vat of Dip]

37) Doom is a toon!

Originally posted by dinosaurrodeo

This is a nice twist in the film that you can totally see was setup if you’re looking for it. Christopher Lloyd is able to play Doom with an even bigger sense of cartoony evil, and it means his end goal of a freeway isn’t so stupid after all.

38) The train that hits the dip machine at the end has a bunch of window. If you go through it frame by frame, each window depicts someone being murdered. Fun fun fun.

39) According to IMDb:

The opening track on the Sting album “…Nothing Like the Sun”, the song “The Lazarus Heart” was originally written as the movie’s musical finale, at an early stage of the movie’s production when the book’s tragic ending, where Roger is killed in the crossfire during the final duel, was still in the script. When the studio ordered its default ending to be used at the film’s end, in which Roger is alive at the end of the duel, however, the song was deleted from the script and ended up on Sting’s album instead.

40) I like that the film ends not only with the classic, “That’s All Folks,” but also Tinkerbell to let us know this was special.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is awesome. It’s fun, funny, gives us interesting characters, has effects which stand the test of time even 29 years later, and is just a wonderful ride. Hoskins’ performance and the animation are the true standouts here, but that is not to discredit any of the other amazing aspects of the film. A true joy to watch all the way through.

Danm I just noticed that a recurring theme in BNHA is self doubt and lack of self esteem and confidence. And every character deals with it differently and it’s caused by different reasons.

Like Midoria, at the beginning has been told his entire life that he’ll never succeed and accomplish his dreams. He’s also literally told he’s less than dirt and that he should kill himself. He starts off the story with issues and works at fixing them.

Bakugo is different. He has been told his entire life that hes perfect, but some insistent part of him can’t believe them, which is why he gets so angry at anyone “looking down” on him. It gets worse in UA when everyone there is just as good as him if not better. It starts with Deku beating him during the hero vs villain exercise and just happens over and over again till the little shit heads self esteem is pretty much recked.

Then there’s kirishima, who from what we’ve seen has always placed others before himself because he thinks he’s not as good as they are. Weather it be heroics or masculinity or intelligence or strategy or leadership or strength, he always measures him self against others and finds himself lacking. But instead of being bitter or mean on jealous, he’s kind and self sacrificing and constantly trying to improve him self.

I think that’s why Bakugo and Kirishima’s relationship works because Bakugo’s paranoid that every one thinks they’re better than him, but kirishima genuinely dosnt, kirishima admires and LIKES Bakugo not for his intelligence or talent but just the way he is. And for kirishima, Bakugo is someone he doesn’t have to sacrifice things for, Bakugo dosnt NEED kirishima to do anything for him, just to be there as an equal. And kirishima is NICE if Bakugo needed to be lied to or have his feelings protected or for kirishima to make himself small for them to feel bigger, he would. But Bakugo dosnt need or want Kirishima to do it that.

There are others to, Momo, Jirou, Uraraka, Todoroki, shoji. Feel free to add if u want.

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ayyyy could i request the rfa + saeran and v's reactions to an mc who likes to collect rlly cute lingerie.. like kinda pastel goth-ish? but mainly pink? (sorry if that sounds weird and specific lmao)

That is very specific, but it sounds really cute so I enjoyed writing it. Sorry if it’s a little short- I don’t have much time to write at the moment. I hope it’s what you wanted!~ H x 

RFA with MC that collects cute pastel/goth lingerie


-He didn’t really get it
-He knew that you always wore pretty pink or pastel-y coloured underwear from experience
-But when you told him that you liked to collect it he was just like
-Despite not really getting it, he does think it’s adorable
-He loves that you’re into such cute stuff because it makes him feel like a man
-And after much persuasion, he’s happy enough to go lingerie shopping with you
-“MC why don’t you buy the LOLOL underwear range?”
-Oh heavens, no!
-He likes the ones you pick out, though
-And agrees to come shopping with you again
-He actually loves them but he wants to pretend to be a man
-When it comes to sexy times, he’ll probably admit that he does like your collection
-Before ripping them off your body


-He thinks it is simultaneously the most adorable and the most sexy thing in the world
-You can bet he’s gonna admire your collection
-And go shopping to pick out the nicest stuff
-You find he has a really good eye for cute pastel lingerie
-Plus there’s the fact that Zen thinks you look sexy in everything
-In his eyes, you are so. freaking. beautiful
-You once got mad at him for ripping one of your favourite panties
-Zen blames you
-Because you allowed The Beast™ to escape
-So he ripped them off you
-Literally ripped them
-When you’d… finished… you cried for an hour
-He repeatedly apologised
-But those were your favourites, Zen!


-She noticed the theme the second you moved in with her
-Really, all she had to do was look in your lingerie draw to see the pastel-goth theme
-And despite not being willing to wear them herself
-She thinks they’re really cute and that they suit you
-When it comes to shopping, you totally shop for bras and panties together
-So if Jaehee sees anything she thinks you’ll like, she’ll sneakily buy it without you noticing so she can give them you as a surprise later
-Save your money, Jaehee, you don’t need to buy cute bras for you gf
-Whatever it is that she picked, it’ll fit perfectly you obviously know each other’s bra sizes 
-And you’ll love it
-You make sure you’re wearing it next time the two of you are
-Getting it on
-But Baehee gets flustered at first when she realises it’s the one she bought you
-Basically just loves all your fashion choices and things you’re interested in
-But your pastel-goth lingerie is one of her favourite interests of yours


-When he finds out you have a particular taste in lingerie I bet you can guess his immediate request
-“Cat lingerie, MC. Please.”
-He actually finds a really cute, pastel set online, though
-So he buys it for you
-He’s happy to buy you any lingerie set that you like
-He’s honestly just your own personal, unlimited supply of money
-But you make sure he doesn’t buy you too much
-Jumin thinks it’s adorable that you like pastel goth lingerie because he thinks it looks so unique
-Would probably ask you to just walk around the house without your clothes occasionally because he knows you like your underwear and he wants to see your beautiful body
-It works for both of you
-Whenever you guys are getting steamy, he always removes it so gently because he doesn’t want to damage it by being in a rush
-Unlike some people, ZEN
-Definitely thinks that cat ears make all your lingerie sets look better
-He probably tried to buy Elizabeth lingerie to match yours


-“Haha, you like cute lingerie? Me too!”
-Ok, but we all know Seven has a collection too
-“For cosplaying purposes” Yeah, sure
-So whenever the two of you go shopping, you always make sure to find the cutest stuff
-And he hacks into clothing websites to find really rare sets he thinks you’ll like
-He’s definitely going to try and wear some of your sets, though
-“MC, don’t I look hot?”
-“Saeyoung this is the fifth time this week. Get out of my underwear!
-He’ll force you to wear his so that it’s fair
-And you actually steal a set
-He’ll joke that he looks better in them but he actually gets really turned on when you wear your pastel goth lingerie
-Especially if it’s a cat set
-Saeran just leaves the house if the words ‘bra’, ‘panties’ or ‘lingerie’ are even mentioned because he knows exactly where it’s about to lead
-The bedroom
-I wasn’t kidding when I said they always bang in my headcanons


-Like Yoosung, he just doesn’t really get it
-Sure he’s all into pastels
-And goth
-But why would you want to collect underwear??
-He kind of changes his mind when he sees you in it
-Saeran.exe has stopped working
-It’s just everything he loves in one
-After that, he decides he likes your collection
-And will definitely recommend some to you if you ever go shopping
-Before blushing and turning his head away in embarrassment
-Because he’s so precious
-You eventually encourage him to start his own pastel-goth theme with his underwear
-He’s definitely all for it tbh


-This boy just supports literally everything you like
-Pastel goth lingerie? Sure! You look great!
-But the pastel colours are so aesthetically pleasing for him
-Especially because you wear pink pastel colours
-And he has blue hair and definitely matches you by wearing blue pastel boxers
-Cutest aesthetic couple
-He’ll definitely want to take photos of you in pastel underwear
-But he asks permission first because he’s a gentleman
-And he definitely would never share the pictures anywhere
-Personal gallery only
-He doesn’t even get embarrassed about shopping for lingerie for you
-He’s just happy to have input in your clothing choices- especially if it’s something you’re really interested in
-And no matter what colour or style you choose, he loves it on you
-Honestly, if you didn’t have a praise kink before this boy came into your life you sure do now

after 27437 years I finally got my hands on cu alter’s translated interlude (courtesy of @princemarxfucker) and it was absolutely worth the wait because its saying loads of things ive been saying since forever except now here in HD quality explicit text and none of you are going to believe I didn’t straight up write it myself because frankly I’m not entirely sure I didn’t actually write this myself


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...what are your favorite gryles moments!? help a fellow gay out please i love the gryles content

  • nick hiring harry a stripper for his bday and harry being absolutely completely mortified by it and sitting there like a deer in the headlights twiddling his thumbs whilst nick was just…..revelling in harrys cringe. tbh all of harrys 19th bday with the princess party theme and them in tiaras and the pink carrot cake and how wonderfully smashed harry was throughout the whole thing. 
  • nick uhhhh supporting the shit out of harrys solo career and flying his ass over to america to watch his debut performance and being there for all his important milestones and interviewing him on the radio and it literally just sounding two best friends who love eachother having a catch up bc thats literally just what it was.
  • ‘listen to what she listens to’
  • the two of them walking pig around hampstead in ridic bright and bold patterned shirts and sunglasses looking like hipster l.a boyfriends who do pilates and wellness through art classes together
  • all the times lil baby harry would just be at nicks radio show not even being interviewed just literally sitting there in the background bothering nick and being an endearing asshole bc even when he’s not allowed to speak to nick bc uhh…he’s doing a live radio show… he still just enjoys being in his presence
  • that time they were at primrose hill and harry was just. wearing a morphesuit. like literally for no other reason other than that nick prob thought it’d be hilarious so harry did it
  • the entire call or delete debacle and the goddamn ‘tell her you’ve fallen in love me’ what the fuck. uncalled for. disgusting. blocked.
RFA Reacts to “MC wants a sugar daddy”

Come on guys… There will always be that point of our life where we would want to get a sugar daddy (but can’t well… couldn’t)

By the way, in this scene, MC and the RFA gangs are just friends (perhaps more) but they are not dating yet. Especially with Jumin, why get a sugar daddy when you have daddy jumin?

Indulge it.


  • You scroll through your social media as you took a break from the assignment session with Yoosung
  • Yoosung was still writing up his report, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration
  • Scrolling through, you saw one of your friends posted a picture of themselves on another vacation overseas
  • You knew it wasn’t good to envy others but it is after all apart of the human’s nature and you knew you couldn’t afford to go to those places 
  • at least not yet.
  • Yoosung took a sip of his Starbucks, at the same time, you sighed
  • “I want a sugar daddy”
  • The poor boy chocked on his frappucino
  • “MC- what?!
  • “What?”
  • “MC! A sugar daddy?”
  • “Oh come on Yoosung! You get someone to pay all your bills and you can go on vacations and shop till you drop! Well till he drops” you giggled
  • “MC! Those old people are just perverts who can get off and lure innocent girls with money! You can’t MC! Who knows what kind of illness or twisted scenes they have! YOU CAN’T”
  • Yoosung slammed his drink on the table
  • Seeing him worked up, you tried to stop a cheeky smile forming with biting your lower lip
  • The urge to prank the boy in front of you was intense
  • “I’m joking! But Yoosung… Do you think I can pull off being a sugar baby well?”
  • “Su-sugar baby?”
  • Yoosung knew what it meant to be a sugar baby and he couldn’t stop imagining you laying on the bed- face flushed, skin glistening with sweat, lips parted, eyes looking at him with full lust-
  • His face flushed as he took big gulps of his frappucino
  • “Well Yoosung?”
  • “I can’t possibly answer that MC, I’m not a sugar daddy”
  • “So you think I can’t pulled it off?”
  • “aaa…MC! Do you know another word for uhhh… tender?”


  • You were hanging out with Zen at his rooftop to drink, you were having a stressful week and needing to get some alcohol into your system and Zen was free for the evening
  • After a few shots, you were spilling out your thoughts to Zen who listened thoughtfully and giving his own piece of mind
  • “URGH! That’s it! I’m getting a Sugar Daddy!”
  • “Yea- WHAT?!”
  • “A. Sugar. Daddy. You know! Those people who lavish you with millions in a snap of fingers?”
  • “For your body! MC! How- What- NO!” 
  • Cue rambling nagging Zen
  • You stared at Zen who was red in the face, going off about how Sugar Daddies are worser than wolves
  • Your mind was slightly numb so you didn’t focus entirely on his long speech that was never ending especially in your tipsy state 
  • actually it’s been 10 minutes but that’s long enough
  • Cupping his face with both of your hands, he immediately stopped as you hush him
  • “Shhhh Zen shhh~ It’s just a thought, I don’t have the balls to actually get one! Or do I?”
  • You giggled and Zen pouted
  • “No more drinks for you MC!”
  • “NOOO ZENNY~!”


  • You were having a day out with Jaehee, the girl finally had a day off and she wanted to spend her hard earn money that she never got to spend
  • Walking passed a Christian Louboutin boutique store, you couldn’t help but to admire the shoes with red base coating
  • “At times like this, I wish I have a sugar daddy”
  • Jaehee looked over at the heels that caught your stare with a hummed
  • “I understand what you mean”
  • “You thought of getting a sugar daddy before?”
  • “Of course I do! I’m a girl after all. Sometimes, I feel like quitting my job and get a sugar daddy so I can just stay at home. But between you and me, when you work in the business industry, you can meet lots of these ‘sugar daddies’ and they are more disgusting when you meet them”
  • “Are they that bad?”
  • “Let’s just say, they are like those old perverts you see in dramas but the only perks they have is money. It’s not worth it”
  • “I can only dream of it”
  • “Let that stay a dream MC” 
  • “But I want those shoes to become reality though” 
  • “Same”


  • You were having dinner with Jumin to talk about the upcoming party
  • As the dessert was placed on the table, you took a bite as you looked at the other guests in the restaurant
  • They were high class that’s for sure but a table of two that consists a man in his 60′s and a lady in her 20′s struck your attention
  • You knew they were definitely not father and daughter with the suggestive eyes and lingering touch of the man and definitely not married either as there were absence of a wedding band on the lady’s finger
  • Not to mention, the fact they were dining in the most secluded corner of the room as if they do not wish to get caught by anyone
  • You let out an amusing scoff as you sipped on your wine, the wheels of your thoughts began to turn
  • “Hey Jumin”
  • Jumin hummed as he set down his glass
  • “Is there any young sugar daddies?”
  • The man paused his movements as he glanced at you 
  • “Why do you ask MC?”
  • “Just wondering~ Sugar daddies are usually old men so I wonder if there are any young ones. Who knows? Maybe I can get one”
  • “Excuse me?”
  • “Well~ I’m just saying~ I mean who doesn’t want someone to spend their money on you. Despite that part urgh”
  • “MC, I am disappointed that you could even thought about that. I do not wish to regard you as those kind of girls, please stop”
  • You wanted to say more but you saw how Jumin’s face had turned red with anger especially how he clench his teeth and the glare on his eyes
  • You knew which girls he was talking about and who they were related to
  • “I’m joking Jumin… It’s a commoner’s joke you know”
  • “I don’t like this commoner’s joke, how could you think of these kind of things? I do not approve of you getting a sugar daddy”
  • “Well… As bad as it sounds sometimes when it gets hard, a sugar daddy is one of the options. I mean you get your bills paid and you don’t have to worry about your financial situation”
  • “MC… Are you in trouble? Do you need money? You can tell me, I can provide you some”
  • With that sentence, you couldn’t help but to laugh leaving confused Jumin who couldn’t understand what amuses you
  • “No Jumin! I’m good! But Jumin, you told me that you won’t approve of me getting a sugar daddy but you sound like one for a moment there”
  • “I…did?”
  • “Yes! Oh dear Jumin… Now I just imagined you as my sugar daddy, I’m sorry if the thought offends you, but I couldn’t help it”
  • Jumin paused and looked at you with wonder.
  • Him as your sugar daddy? He gives you money and you returning the favour with bed related benefits?
  • Somehow, the thought doesn’t irk him
  • “By the way Jumin, since it’s nearing the season, should we use the season’s colour as the theme colour?”
  • “I don’t mind” not at all


  • Seven had came over to the apartment to install the new alarms 
  • While waiting, you turned on the television and ended on a channel with one of the Hollywood celebrity lifestyles
  • Your eyes literally sparkled from the clothes they wore to the car they drive and damn those hot bodyguards
  • A life that would never happen even if you lived over 100 years
  • “I want a sugar daddy”
  • Seven paused his movements as he glanced at you
  • “Want me to hook you up MC?”
  • You frowned as you turned to look at him, meeting his nonchalant eyes
  • “Hook me up… with a sugar daddy?”
  • “Yep! In my field of job, I run into them a lot… Too much that I can’t even count”
  • “Are you serious?”
  • “If you want to though I suggest otherwise” 
  • Seven leaned in as if he was going to spill a major big secret to you
  • “As much as it is disgusting to sleep with a male who is older than your father, they won’t even last 10 seconds so you got nothing to lose”
  • You guffawed at his sentence making him laugh too
  • “I’m not joking!” 
  • “Oh god Seven! I can’t!”
  • “You get paid thousands for 10 seconds MC, it’s worth it”
  • “But I- Oh gosh!” 
  • The topic was dropped because you fell off from the sofa from laughing too much and Seven had to rubbed your back to ease the pain from the fall and laughter