literally no theme to this but look a him


Gradence fluff, maybe holiday themed where Graves gives Credence his scarf because Credence looks cold? (Pre-Grindewald, that is).


‘Here kid’ Credence started and flinches away from him - Graves literally ready to give him his coat as well
’M…my mother wouldn’t be ha-happy’ but Graves is already wrapping it around him and the scarf is warm from where its been around Graves neck
Imagine Graves pressing his warm hands to Credence’s cheeks (you know that part in the movie with the face touch and Credence’s stressy eyebrows and face….ugh)
And Graves would just be watching his face because really whats he going to do he cant steal a child off the street, he’s going to have to walk away but BOY he does not want to.
He’s thinking 'I could charm Credence’s jack but uhhm…look at what he’s handing out - that would go down really well’ and he’s set this all up for Grindelgross

Credence would see orig. graves coming and his heart would beat a little faster
'Good day, Credence, how are you?’ he has countless fliers stuffed in his pockets that he’s taken as an excuse to come and check up on him bringing him food
'Where’s your scarf Credence?’
'I’m so sorry, m…mother took it. I can…I can get you another’
Until Credence’s mother spots them - this creepy older man seducing him and Credence allowing it
Maybe she blames Credence for drawing Graves to him
She jelly
The next time Graves come Credence wont look at him and tries to tell him that he cant talk to him anymore, clutching his leaflets in shaking burning hands with the stripes across his palms from the belt.
'What on earth?’

aquiver | 02 (m)

aquiver (adj.) [uh-kwiv-er] in a state of trepidation or vibrant agitation; trembling; quivering

pairing: min yoongi x reader
genre/warnings: mature themes, talk of masturbation, smut, language, fluff
words: 11,520
summary: Yoongi can’t remember the last time he was able to successfully bring himself to the point of orgasm, then Namjoon gives him a business card advertising ‘Healing Hands’, and that’s where he meets you; pretty and innocent looking, who gets paid to provide hand jobs for a living…
note. inspired by the novella ‘The Grownup’ by Gillian Flynn, literally just the character’s past occupation haha

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dana watches lucifer (2x09)

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  • let’s do this folks
  • ooh linda is on the previously on that means more linda!!!
  • based on the previously on this episode looks lit
  • im the guy in the hot dog suit
  • nvm i’m the tour guide
  • lol lucifer just takes over
  • lucifer EXPOSE HIM
  • lol amenadiel just fuckin left
  • “a literal goddess of all creation” for a sec i thought she was just praising charlotte and i was like same
  • “running or looking” is it a coincidence we hear chloe’s voice immediately after i don’t think so
  • ELLA
  • “someone really popped his cork” SHE EXPLAINS THE JOKE I LOVE HER
  • “fascinating” he looks fascinated tho
  • “unless you wanna be blamed for a four-toed brittany”
  • of course cue the theme song
  • i love when he uses his magic powers
  • maze call him out drag him
  • “dangerous duplicitous” i love alliteration
  • charlotte i got mixed feelings on ya
  • “she thinks she’s smart” UM SHE IS SHE’S LITERALLY THE BEST
  • amenadiel has some mixed feelings it looks like
  • “i cannot have you terrorize them” “i would never” 
  • i honestly love this banter and i love hearing abt all their antics aw
  • “just to be clear that wasn’t me”
  • “potentially homeless and definitely nauseated”
  • like dumbledore did to ron remember that
  • did she just kill that guy for like no reason
  • jeez this woman is hardcore
  • i kind of love her why am i like this
  • “she’s good” she IS good i love her
  • damn he just like closes the door in her face
  • DAN ESPINOZA i was hoping we could go an episode without you
  • although… he’s kinda growing on me
  • don’t tell anybody tho
  • ew were dan and charlotte flirting that’s lucifer’s mom
  • night club is back in full swing
  • charlotte please stop lying it’ll kill me when he finds out
  • “i prefer not to be defined by him” 
  • “thank you for all this… existence” charlotte is a lil too threatening stop linda is being pure and sweet
  • “i’m not telling you anything abt our sessions” YOU GET EM GIRL
  • et tu chloe?
  • “turn the music back on” OMG I LOVE HER LAEJNFIAOHI SP MUCH FEWJIAO
  • what is this stranger things “should i stay or should i go” this song is a bop though
  • oh no oh no oh no oh no 
  • no[e noepofajo no 
  • charlotte NO
  • this lucifer monologue is giving me life
  • “eva gardner threw a champagne glass at frank sinatra’s head” NICE
  • “this may disturb and titillate you”
  • “i really need your help here” “really?”
  • um lucifer ur kinda third wheeling
  • lucifer is literally ready for murder 
  • chloe is the only one who can reel him back i love her
  • “he’s so dumb” -my dad about dan 
  • he ain’t wrong tho
  • “i don’t know if it’s reciprocated” um it definitely is have you seen the wAY SHE LOOKS AT HIM
  • “no let this play out” she’s rly enjoying this part
  • amenadiel is me 
  • maze literally takes pics of his face instead of them making out
  • “they’re gonna AH AH” “I KNOW WHAT THEY’RE GONNA DO MAZE”
  • “please don’t make me explain this anymore”
  • i am sorry you come here for quality reviews and this is just me spouting quotes at you lol
  • honestly tho i ship the hell outta linzikeen but this sexual tension i mean
  • lol eric is not a good liar lol
  • “i think he did it” lucifer is so petty
  • “idk if it’s reciprocated” my ass do you see what she just did for him
  • “friends help each other out” friends? okay if that’s what ur going with
  • of COURSE he goes to linda
  • “why is it i’m the only human who knows who you really are” bc she literally won’t believe him lol
  • ohhhhh i see what she means now
  • NO DON’T STAND HER UP :(((((((((((( 
  • um that almost kiss got me like ready for death
  • guys this rly stressed me out i don’t think u realize 

“Even the most famous woman in the world needs a golf partner.”

“Hey you play golf?”
“Do I look like I play golf”

Can we talk about this? Trevor says the first line to Ginny, which honestly means very little coming from him but works with the show’s overall theme of Ginny becoming less of an island. In this context it’s honestly not the significant. He’s not telling her anything she doesn’t know, and he’s not eligible to be her golf partner.

Fast forward to Ginny saying it to Mike. In its barest context, it’s just a strange question after a heart to heart between two people who really shouldn’t be as close as they are after such a short time. But because we—and Ginny—are aware of its deeper meaning, the whole moment becomes charged. Not only because Mike is being vulnerable, something we don’t see from him very often and pretty ooc for the Mike we know at this point, but because Ginny’s putting out feelers. She doesn’t date ballplayers, but she wants to know if Mike plays golf. Moreover, they’re not even really friends yet, but she’s already inching toward “more than friends”.

Then there’s Mike. He gives an innocuous response to an innocuous question, and Ginny leaves without giving him any more context for it. NBD, right? It is until Mike practices his golf swing. The kicker is that he’s not even aware of what the question actually means. He’s literally just responding to her question. Basically, if Ginny wants to play golf, he’s gonna play golf. Again, they’re arguably not even friends yet. They’re just no longer in that contentious space from their first interaction. So why does it matter to either of them if Mike plays golf? Why are they both focused on potentially becoming golf partners?

Seventeen: Host Club

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host club AU


  • the “passionate” host 
  • he WILL have all the customers at least once 
  • showers every girl with compliments
  • smirks for days 
  • loves it when he gets a shy customer that blushes a lot 
  • extra greasy with customers that flirt back


  • the “prince” host 
  • actual real life prince he’s so majestic
  • one smile from him makes girls swoon 
  • lets customers that visit him a lot touch his hair
  • tucks customers’ hair behind their ears
  • most requested host EVER it makes s.coups jelly


  • the “gentleman” host
  • literally the perfect gentleman with the best manners ever
  • but then sometimes he goofs up like when pouring a cup of tea
  • and laughs in embarrassment, looking shy
  • it kills girls every time
  • one dopey smile from him and you’ll be requesting him for the next month


  • the “surprising” host
  • you never know what junhui has up his sleeve
  • he literally has so many talents
  • one day he’s showing off his juggling skills during the circus theme
  • then in the paris theme it turns out he can speak french???
  • customers never get tired of him


  • the “active” host
  • there’s no such thing as sitting down and having a long talk with hosh
  • customers are constantly moving around the room with him
  • and by moving i mean he’s holding them by their hand leading them around
  • s k i n s h i p
  • it’s an absolute must with him


  • the “cool guy” host
  • the customer does most of the talking as he nods along, his deep eyes burning into their soul
  • when he talks it’s always something cool
  • often takes customers into the corner of the room where it’s quieter
  • did i mention super intense staring?
  • when he laughs all customers around him go quiet in surprise, making him shy


  • the “sensitive” host
  • will listen to all thoughts and try to help the best way he can
  • makes observations about all of his customers even if they only come once
  • the more they come the better their experience gets as he applies what he learned about them
  • gets really flustered when he overhears his customers telling others about how great he is
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed host


  • the “sunshine” host
  • actual ball of sunshine dk everybody
  • no customer leaves him without wearing a giant smile on their face
  • memorizes jokes every day to tell them
  • some of them are really bad but the customers laugh anyways bc they don’t want to make him sad
  • welcomes everybody that walks in like a walmart greeter


  • the “natural” host
  • girls naturally flock to him with his nice hair and height
  • eating time is all the time
  • customers wonder how he isn’t a whale
  • really good host but don’t choose him during allergy season
  • poor bby sniffles the entire season and no amount of medications donated to the club for him can solve it


  • the “marshmallow” host
  • such a cutie pie ohmygosh
  • customer gets to pick whatever they want to do and he’ll happily comply
  • aegyo on demand
  • like jun he’ll be spontaneously cool and manly so the customers are just :OOO
  • but then it’s back to fluffy marshmallow the8??? what even????


  • the “eccentric” host
  • breaks out into song every day
  • very protective of his customers 
  • tones down his sassiness with the shy ones and tries to build up their confidence
  • often makes his customers cry from laughter
  • obsessed with fruity-smelling lotions and always has some to give out


  • the “awkward dork” host
  • acts totally chill but is internally screaming
  • fills awkward silences by filling his and his customers’ stomachs
  • blushes when he accidentally makes contact with his customer
  • tries to mimic his hyungs but messes up
  • customers love him anyways


  • the “playful” host
  • loves playing games a lot
  • his customers get challenged to all kinds of games both physical and mental
  • customers’ rewards for winning is picking the cake and tea
  • when dino wins he picks another game to play
  • always a good sport, constantly complementing the customers’ moves

♡ kiss kiss fall in love ♡

so these drabbles will be written one of three ways: 

1. one member = 20+ bullets

2. one unit = 8-12 bullets

3. entire group = 5-7 bullets


-admin 1010

Here’s a thought that doesn’t take a long time to say though

Everyone in the tags is going gaga over the banter and the growl at the very end and I hated it. I hated it so much. It made me want to fucking die

I hate her asking him to grow a beard!!! Judging him on the basis of who he is and not what he looks like is?? literally??? the fucking?? logline??? That’s the whole goddmamn fairy tale. It’s fucking ruined if actually, she found him attractive as a beast??? Because then “who could ever learn to love a beast” is answered with “an 18th century furry” instead of, you know, “a thoughtful person who got to know them” and that second thing! Is supposed to be! The moral! Of the original fairy tale!!!! And granted, I think the Disney version manages to go deeper than that, to more sophisticated themes and morals than that very surface level reading.

But I still don’t want fucking furry jokes?? Like god bless furries, may all decent furries have all the fun they want. But “Belle is furry” is a fandom joke; it’s not supposed to be canon! It’s contrary to the entire concept of this story! That’s the joke, and why it shouldn’t be in the actual real movie???



At least not without serious alteration. Like, I cringed when it happened because it was such blatant ADR, with digital alteration and sound effects. Like that growl was added in post and they didn’t even try to mix it well with the rest of the sound in the scene or make it sound like it was a real noise a human could make. I immediately felt a wave of embarrassment for everyone in the theater when I heard it. I’m happy for y’all that you enjoyed it, but I’m gonna be honest, I’m also kinda flabbergasted. Because 1) it was clearly fake and 2) why did we end the fucking movie on a goddamn furry joke.

i’m gonna start posting headcanons for all the bbs members and whatever. here’s a preview of the kind of headcanons i’m talking about:

• delirious was definitely the kind of teenager that listened to my chemical romance, i will fight you on this

• marcel sings/raps nicki minaj in the shower

• mini gets really into it with the spongebob theme even at 21 years old

• brock gets really emotional over deaths in animated movies, the first time he watched the lion king he bawled like a baby

• brian was that kid in elementary school that cried when someone so much as looked at him sideways, yet frequently yelled at other kids for literally no reason

• nogla loves dogs more than anything and was so ecstatic when he got joe that he almost cried real tears

• droidd is more prone to speak spanish when excited than when he’s angry, so if you’re gonna throw him a surprise party or something, you’d better have a translator on hand

• tyler is actually a huge sweetheart, despite his well-known asshole personality on youtube. he always takes kelly out on nice dates and treats his dogs like children

• lui’s squeaker voice was something that started in high school as a way to piss off teachers, it never failed

• evan started taking guitar lessons at a young age and has a phenomenal singing voice, but never posts any videos because he doesn’t want to seem like “too much of a show-off”


Doing a trade with @danvssomethingorother and I’m drawing some stuff with Parallel Fidds and Canon Ford. Posting late cause the first picture took me around five hours and I really just wanted to post it now.

The first picture is Fidds trying to hide Ford from his Stanford, and Stanford just things everything is really weird and he’s sorta like “Fidds why is your leg shaking so fast are you okay?” And Fidds is just trying to think up any lie he can to make sure Stanford doesn’t figuratively and literally bump into Ford. 

The second pic is a kiss between a younger Fidds (who is about forty) and they older canon Stanford.  I like to imagine Fidds fell fast for Ford, because his Stanford didn’t return his affections. So when he met this Ford who looks like an action figure and is head over heels for him, he finds it hard not to fall to temptation.

Its’s Just Too Easy *Steve Rogers x Reader*

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Requested by a-girl-who-loves-disney : Hi!!! I saw that requests were open and I was wondering if I could make a request for a Steve Rogers x Reader Christmas themed one. So Steve and reader are together and she has the power of teleportation. She carries around mistletoe and keeps teleporting around to wherever Steve is at the Avengers base and raising the mistletoe and kissing him, then teleporting away. Maybe he eventually is the one to catch her for a kiss. :) Lots of fluff, cuteness, and blushing lol. :) Have a great day!
Warnings: Fluff, probably swearing and Steve being a massive goofball
Admins Note: Thanks for requesting such a cute one-shot! I literally ‘awed’ out loud earning a weird look from my brother. 

The first time you teleported near Steve he didn’t think much of it. You usually use your power to get around, although you can’t use it too much otherwise it drains you, which isn’t good. He was drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, Sam was beside him, along with Pietro and Bruce in the same room. It was silent except for the TV, it was on some sports show that Pietro likes to watch, the volume was turned down but it was loud enough to be background noise. 

You appeared beside your boyfriend with a huge grin, a look of determination in your (E/C) eyes, Steve was slightly confused, to say the least. Your hand was held above you both, he looked up and deeply chuckled, mistletoe was dangling between your small fingers and the blush that cascaded across the Super Soldiers face was priceless. 

Before Steve could say or do anything, you leant forward and pecked his lips, you pulled away before he could kiss back and then you vanished; he frowned and looked at Natasha for some indication on what just happened, she shrugged and went back to playing Connect-4 with Sam.

The second time you teleported beside Steve he was walking down the corridors, holding a few files for Tony, the corridor was silent and he was still reeling from the morning incident. You did like to tease him, a lot actually, probably more than Tony at times but he always got you back. You appeared right in front of him, a bright grin as he jumped, skidding to a halt because he didn’t want to run into you. 

You held the mistletoe up and stood on your tippy-toes and kissed his jaw, it was the closest thing you could reach before he could grab you; you suddenly disappeared again. An annoyed sigh escaped Steve, this was turning into a game, he knew that much, he shook the annoyance out of him before carrying on to Tony; on high alert for you now. 

The third and fourth time happened right after each other. Steve was stood talking to Tony, Thor, and Wanda, about random topics but more importantly, Tony was snickering at the fact you were being hilarious. You appeared amongst the group, holding the mistletoe you pulled Steve down, kissed him quickly and leaving again, he lets out an annoyed huff of air. Cursing and turning around, except you were right there and stole another kiss, leaving and Steve shouted for you to appear.

The fifth and final time; Steve was training with Bucky, both just sparring for fun and not really doing much damage to each other, a few trash talk words were thrown but it made them laugh at their stupid comebacks. You prayed you wouldn’t get hit during this one, you gripped the mistletoe and waited till they started to slow down, eventually you found a pause and appeared beside Steve. 

Bucky grinned as you kissed Steve’s cheek, Steve went to grab your hand but you were gone, he let out a long dramatic sigh at his best friend. 
It was the time you got caught out, he left the gym, walking fast to his own room to get showered and pray you wouldn’t show up in that moment. 

He silently and steadily walking through the corridors, you had to be somewhere within the Avengers Base, then he heard your laughter along with; Sam and Natasha’s voice. He peeked around the doorframe, you were watching Sam and Natasha play a game console, he had forgotten the name. 

He watched you as he crept up behind you, you didn’t even know he had found you, Sam had noticed Steve stalking towards you. You let out a slight scream when two arms grabbed you from behind, the scream turned into laughter when you instantly knew it was Steve, he spun you around and a stern serious face was on his.

Took you long enough” you mocked, he raised an eyebrow, you shouldn’t be teasing Steve. 

You” he pointed at you “little lady are in so much trouble,” he tells you, you chuckle still in his grip, it was tight but not enough to cause discomfort. He smiles at you, a glimmer of amusement of today’s events appearing in his blue eyes, he couldn’t deny how cute you looked every time you held the mistletoe up. He leant down and captured your lips in his own, he didn’t want to rush the kiss, like you had been all frigging day; both your hands went into his short, soft blonde hair, his own still on your sides holding you in place. 

You pulled away first, Steve pulled you back into another kiss, not satisfied fully with the kiss before. This kiss had the presence of determination, satisfaction, and passion, it made you smile into his lips and he always loved the strawberry lip-gloss you wore… it made the kisses a lot sweeter. 

“Right” he hoisted you over his shoulder, you began laughing, yelling him to put you down “punishment, (Y/L/N). You think you can get away with pulling that crap all day?” he asked, you giggled as he waved at his friends carrying you down the corridor, you had no idea where. You see Bucky exit a room, he frowned looking at you and Steve.

BUCKY,” You tell, it sounded like Steve was kidnapping you “HELP! Steve is going punish me, I haven’t done anything wrong” Steve stopped and turned, you could still see Bucky, he was now raising his eyebrows at his best friend. You held your hand in a begging motion, pleading the other super soldier to help you.

“Sorry, doll” Bucky shrugged, Steve grinned “I’m pretty, damn sure you’ll enjoy the punishment though” he suggestively winked, causing both you and Steve to blush, Bucky just laughed as Natasha could be heard laughing in the other room; you weren’t exactly talking quietly. 

“James Buchanan Barnes, you wash your mouth out!” you scold as Steve carried you through the hallway, he was still laughing, raising his metal thumb and just grinned in response “otherwise Steve will punish you next” you yelled, a laugh escaped you, Bucky shakes his head and runs off and Steve just lets out another annoyed sigh.

Why am I always the butt of the jokes?” he asked silently, you giggled, trying to look at Steve but failing.

“It’s just too easy,” You tell him, running a hand through his hair, he simply rolled his eyes in response. 

(Remember you can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie- Rosalee)

anonymous asked:

I'm honestly here to ramble but i just read a bts fic so SAD i wanna drown in my tears. I'm SO looking forward to transference and honestly the only remedy now is extremely literate hoseok. Btwww he looks so hot with the snapback and the whole US theme going on with him. I might be a lil late to this but you knowwww its 12 am and i rant a lot

I’m so happy Hoseok is looking healthy and rude these days. He’s been inspiring my writing a lot this week.

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She’s Kinda Hot


  • Danger days smut where Kobra finds you super attractive right from the start and isn’t shy about it plz? ^.^
  • Hey! I literally live for your account especially your killjoy ones so I don’t really have a formal request but anything killjoy themed would be awesome (:
  • can i have a kobra kid fluff? :) tkxxxx <3
  • Can you do some really fluffy danger days mikey please? Thanks if you can!

“Y’know how sexy you look when you’re shootin’?” Kobra whispered into my ear, sending a chill down my spine as I took aim. I tilted my head to face him, trying not to focus on the perfect smirk on his face.

“How many times are you gonna try to mess up my turn?” I asked him for the one hundredth time that evening. He held his hands up in defense, taking a step back.

“Just thought I’d let ya know,” he shrugged, sitting back down on the hood of the Trans Am to watch me. Party scheduled a rendezvous with another killjoy group this morning, sending Kobra and I to go and complete the trade. But, are allies must have been running late, leaving Kobra and I to wait in the hot sun until they showed up. He talked me into a shoot off, blasting bullets into cacti to kill time. 

I took aim again once he was out of reach, poking my tongue out unconsciously as I pulled the trigger. I hushed zip rang out and vibrated through the empty canyons as the tip of the cactus flew off, still sizzling as it hit the ground with an abrupt thud.

“Not bad,” Kobra commented, taking off his sunglasses and raising an eyebrow. “But, it was a little high for the marker. Would’ve skimmed right across a Drac’s head. No offense,” he added quickly when he caught my eye roll.

“Like you could do much better?” I smirked, putting my gun back in my holster to cross my arms at him. He chuckled at that, cracking his knuckles before blowing on them.

“Watch and learn my crash queen. Gun me.”

I grabbed his ray gun from the driver seat as he lined himself up with another cactus, flicking his glasses back down. He held the gun securely with both hands, giving his hair a quick flick out of his face before shooting. I could see the smoke fuming off the plant, a battery sized hole punctured right through the center of the cactus. Kobra grinned at the shot, twirling his gun off his index finger before strapping it back down in his holster like in an old western movie.

“Admit it, that was pretty rockin’.”

“Okay okay, it was good. I wish I could shoot like that,” I sighed bitterly. I was still new to their group, fresh out of Battery City and my body still recovering from the medication. My hands still shook when I stood still, my biggest weakness when it came to firing any weapon.

“You will. After all that shit gets out of your system, you’ll be a crack shot. But until then, I can give you some pointers?” He offered. I checked our surroundings, making sure no Dracs were sneaking up on us or our colleagues weren’t in sight. But, the desert was as silent as ever and there was nothing but sand as far as the eye could see. 

“Alright, teach me your ways,” I giggled, pulling out my gun and standing behind the hand drawn line in the sand. I gulped when I felt his presence behind me, way too close.

“Okay, the first thing I noticed is that you don’t have both eyes opened,” he instructed in my ear, the flyaways in his hair tickling my neck. I nodded, trying to focus on the green target a few yards away and not the burning urge in my stomach to make out with him. 

I could his hot breath fan over my earlobe and my hands began to tremble, making the gun rattle noisily. My breath hitched when I felt the warm leather of his gloves cover my hands, holding them in place.

“Hold still,” he said slowly, but patiently. I mumbled a small sorry and turned my attention back to the plant. “Okay, now position your thumb right here.” He adjusted my thumb up, my grip on the handle loosening. “It may feel a little uncomfortable at first but now the kick won’t be as strong. And now jus’ line ‘em up and fire.”

I flicked the trigger instantly, a smile breaking out on my face as I saw my bullet hole directly next to his. Kobra gave a triumph cheer and high fived me. “Damn, beautiful and a dead eye; I think i’m in love,” he chuckled, holding his gloved hand up to his heart. 

“Shut up,” I giggled, looking down at my feet so he wouldn’t see the faint blush on my face. 

“I’m serious though. You’re quite literally the hottest thing I’ve seen in the Zones, and I’ve read every Murder magazine published.”

“Well i’m glad I beat your porno magazines.”

“Hey, there not porn. Murder’s actually a very educational magazine for your information.”

“Last weeks issue had a whole section just for porno droid advertising.”

“What’s wrong with a lil eye candy?” He grinned mischievously, placing one of his hands on the small of my back and slowly pulling me into him. I felt my face heat up at how close we were, if i leaned forward an inch we would be kissing. “But, I can toss that rag in the trash now. I got new eye candy.”

I pushed forward onto my toes and kissed him, feeling his lips meet eagerly. I felt the smooth leather from his gloves run slowly up my neck, curling into my hair and gently pulling my head back. His other hand came up to my cheek, cradling it as he pushed his tongue past my lips. I let out a quite whimper that only seemed to egg him on even more. 

He pulled away suddenly, head perked up in alert. My eyes fluttered open and I looked up in confusion at him. “Look who finally decided to show up,” he huffed in annoyance, gesturing with a head nod towards the beat up car hauling towards us.

“I’m not complaining.”

“I am, I was about to hit second base.”

“Wait til’ we get back to the diner, you’ll maybe see more than that.”

“Oh baby, keep talkin’ like that and i’ll cream my jeans,” he chuckled, planting a chaste kiss on my noes before walking over to the visitor’s car. 

“Did you pansy asses get lost or something?!”

mouthfulofbirds  asked:

for the ask thing: 9, 10, 14 for isak, 15 for eva and vilde. <3

9. What theme do you think was best discussed/depicted on the show?

internalized homophobia. seeing the patterns of isak’s thoughts wrt his own sexuality, the push/pull between the things he shied away from doing/saying bc of what that might imply and the curiosity he still felt about gay things, was just like. so accurate and genuine and the first time i’ve ever looked a depiction of internalized homophobia and thought “oh my god, that’s me, i’ve literally had these moments.” it actually felt real, and that made seeing him work through enough of those patterns to break them and come out in different ways/on different levels feel much more real too, idk

10. What theme do you hope the show touches upon (more) in the future?

everything lol. the one i’m most certain they’re going to do is islamophobia and how that works as part of white european ethnocentrism, and i’m stoked af to see that bc 1) it’s super necessary given the current global political climate, and 2) just speaking for myself as a white american, i have a lot to learn about islam and systemic islamophobia. i’m really interested to see how skam will get into those points from the perspective of a muslim character, but i’m also really interested to see what kinds of discussion points people in fandom will bring up to critique or build on what the show is doing. i just know this season is going to give me a lot to learn and think about and i’m excited for it, although i also very much know that the chance for me to learn something is secondary to the actual stories and experiences sana’s season will be representing.

(and then on a more stretch goal, i really want to see them get into compulsory heterosexuality as linked to internalized homophobia for wlw. i’m hopinggggg we’ll get that with vilde’s season, and it will change my life pt. 2 if/when it happens)

14. Where do you see Isak in 5 years?

he’s going to be at school, either for veterinary medicine or pediatrics (the only future doctor who can out-brat even the brattiest kids). he’s not the most active person in the on-campus lgbtq student org, but he does go to some of the meetings and he’s made some friends there. he lives off grilled cheese and boxed ramen and pancakes, which are the only thing even has ever been able to successfully teach him how to cook. i like to think he has a steady boyfriend, whether it’s still even, or someone else, but also he’s only 22 so maybe finding that can come later. some of his school friendships have fizzled out, but he’s still close with jonas, eva, sana, and, surprisingly, vilde, although he’s also found a strong core of new friends at uni. he tries to talk to each of his parents at least once every two weeks, probably even more with his mom, and mostly things are okay there although they’re not going to be super close any time soon. occasionally when he has a night free (or, if he’s at vet school, when he’s back in oslo), he’ll head out to a club and tolerate the shitty music and just let himself go: a boy swaying under the lights with his head thrown back, not caring who might see.

15. Where do you see eva’s and vilde’s friendship/relationship in 10 years?

if they do get together in high school, it’s a toss-up between married with a baby and not really in contact anymore. if they don’t get together in high school, they’re going to be those people who still, 10 years later, can remember the name of their high school crush. not like in the way where they’ve spent ten years pining or anything, but just like, that feeling of “this person was so important to me in this way they never knew,” a little bittersweet but mostly just sweet, a kind of fond, secure nostalgia, and if they’re really drunk, they’ll tell you all about how she looked when she smiled. and maybe they’ll never meet again and they’ll just carry that little soft spot, the kernel of their teenage years they’ll keep forever. or maybe they’re going to randomly meet up at a concert or a bookstore and have this moment of, oh my god it’s been so long! followed by this moment of oh my god, you like them too?? and that commonality is the start of a reconnection, of finding that now they actually have a lot more in common than just a russ bus and mutual crushes on each other. maybe in high school they never worked out bc they weren’t ready to. maybe they needed 10 years apart of life and love and heartbreak and growing up to become people who would take that step. maybe they have a coffee date set for tuesday night. maybe check in with them again in another 10 years.

Look who JUST came in the mail!!

I literally jumped around when I saw the delivery man from my window. I’ve been waiting weeks for this guy! This is a Fjallraven Kanken no.2 in black. It looks sooooooooo small but I cant believe how much this thing can actually hold! 

I decided to name him Ulysses! I’ve got a (super dorky) name theme going on amongst all of my favorite inanimate objects. 

My bullet journal is Vincent
My laptop is Niles
My bike is Pierre
And now my new backpack is Ulysses :)

oh my gosh i’m such a dweeb send help lmao

yuuyaas’ iwaoi au fic rec list

The Iwaoi fic rec list literally no one asked for. None of the recs have explicit content, but some have heavy themes.

bad coffee and lemon bars by abillionstars (rated T - 6.2k words) 

Oikawa, on first impression, looks nothing like the devil from hell that Hajime soon learns him to be. Rather, he looks soft and handsome, wrapped up in a scarf to ward away the autumn chill, hair perfectly styled and brown eyes warm. He is taller than Hajime, his clothes just thin enough to cling to the defined muscle of his arms and Hajime reflects that he really is good-looking.

It really is too bad that his order is the stupidest thing that Hajime has ever heard.

things wikipedia doesn’t tell you by dalyeau (rated T - 3.0k words)

Hajime closes his laptop with more force than necessary and a scowl. Oikawa Tooru might be perfect in pictures and Wikipedia pages but he knows the truth behind that expensive suit and piercing eyes. The guy’s an asshole.

In Defense of Reptiles (and Other Gross Things) by rikke (rated T - 9.3k words) - crossover with Harry Potter

In their seventh year, Oikawa is chosen to be the Hogwarts champion in the Triwizard Tournament, and Iwaizumi suffers.

synaisthēsis by Tobyolo (rated T - 13.9k words)

For Oikawa Tooru, life is an abstract painting, with colours swirling together in his vision, dotting the world around him. When asked about his view of the world, Tooru can only call himself a modern Van Gogh.

For Oikawa Tooru, school is a backdrop of oranges, yellows and pinks, coupled with the occasional green, high pitched wail of a passing child. It is a happy, joyous, bright world.

For Oikawa Tooru, the colour blue is a rarity.

midnight boy/sunset town by carafin (rated T - 10.1k words)

In which Iwaizumi Hajime grows a few chili plants, participates in an eating contest, breaks into a park, and falls in love with a man who doesn’t ever sleep - not exactly in that order.

5 Reasons Why Iwaizumi Hajime’s Flatmate Is A Complete Weirdo (An Incomplete List)
1. He’s obsessed with that stupid bucket list of his.
2. He’s the proud owner of seven truly ugly, criminally hideous movie posters with aliens on them, which he insists on pasting all over the damn living room.
3. He’s always stealing Hajime’s sweatshirts.
4. Sometimes, he wakes Hajime up for breakfast. At 5AM. On Saturday mornings.
5. He literally never, ever sleeps.

April 10th by Tobyolo (rated M - 25.0k words) - crossover with Orange by Takano Ichigo

“On March 15th, 20XX, Oikawa Tooru died in a car accident. It was later made known to us that the accident was, unfortunately, deliberate.

The 23 year old me has walked away with many regrets. I hope that, with the help of this letter, you will be able change your future.

Sincerely, Iwaizumi Hajime.”

drawn to you by SportsAnimeRuinedMyLife (rated T - 16.2k words) - crossover with Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Iwaizumi is a shoujo manga author, Oikawa definitely isn’t stalking him and Hanamaki and Matsukawa manage to make falling in love look easy.

the courtship ritual of the hercules beetle by kittebasu (rated T - 66.3k words)

Tooru is pretty sure he could manage the mating habits of a mosquito. It’s the mating habits of people he can’t seem to get right.

Swear On The Moon - Michael Clifford

In which Michael is a baby vampire who cant control himself and Y/N is a hunter who took pity on him.

Word count: 1.2k
Rating: PG-13
Written by Madalyn x

Savage killings continue all over the Western Sydney area.
Victims found with throats ripped out and drained of blood, Police assure the safety of the public.

Pfft. Sorry boys. No safety around here.
Not with Michael out on his own and hungry.

I look up at the news anchor standing out in the rain on a rainy back alley in the middle of, almost literally, buttfuck nowhere. Running around behind him are cops. Cops fucking everywhere. I knew they had no damn idea what was going on. How could they if no one could see past the stories their mothers had told them so that they could sleep in their own bed.
Monsters aren’t real, huh? Explain this, mom.

I let out a frustrated sigh, this nightly theme of fractured media coverage and half-truths from police was beginning to get past the point of a joke. Luckily, I didn’t have to focus on the overly dressed blonde woman on the tv, obviously shaken from the mount of blood on the walls of the small crevice. As she began to speak about suspects, there was a crackling from my handbag before a clearer voice of someone familiar.

“Hey, Y/N. You there?”

I stood up, quickly making my way over to my bag and pulled out the walkie talkie that we were given.

“Hey, Rabbit. What’re you doing? I was about to settle in for the night. No offence, dude, I’d take Netflix and a huge ass tub of Ben And Jerry’s over a conversation with you.”

I heard a chuckle on the other end of the crackling line.

“You’re gonna wanna hear this. Those killings? We have a lead. And we’re heading out tonight. Thought you might wanna tag along considering you’re so interested in it. Snipe said we shouldn’t tell you but hey, you didn’t hear it from me, okay? You’re our best huntress. Hell, You caught Gerard all on your own. We need you on this.”

My heart stopped.
A lead? That’s impossible.
Michael, you idiot, I told you to stay put until I got back.

“Yeah. When you guys heading out?”

I managed to keep my voice fairly steady as I spoke to him, passing off each quiver as the after effects of the cold I’d had for the past week.

“Midnight tonight. The boss is letting us have some time to get it all set up.”

I looked up at the microwave sitting over my oven with the bright red “7:00” on it.

“Alright. I’ll be there.”

I quickly shut off the device and threw it down, rushing into my bedroom and pulling on a pair of pants and a black sweater before grabbing something to protect myself should something happen before throwing my boots on and all but running out my door.

I had only three hours before Michael would no doubt be found.

It took me half an hour and many a backalley to find our meeting place, Where I found him sitting in the corner of the old building, shivering and dripping with blood.
His eyes weren’t the blood red of an attacking vampire but they weren’t his green either.

“Michael… Jesus…”

I slowly made my way over, showing I meant no harm to his obviously shaven form.
That was one of the reasons that I knew I had to get him the fuck out of this town.
He wasn’t a bad vampire.
He hated himself for what Gerard had made him.

The hunters would kill him if he wasn’t gone by tonight.

“Michael… that’s not all that woman’s blood is it.”

There were deep scratches down his arms and blood under his claw like fingernails.

“He came out of n-nowhere…. I didn’t know what to do… He just kept coming.” I heard him whisper hoarsely.

Of course.
There were two bodies found this time rather than the usual one.

“So you slashed his throat? Michael, you know who that was, right? Or rather what he was.”

“A hunter….” he whispered as if the words burned him.

“That’s how they found the bodies so quickly… and how they’re tracking you.”

The pieces began falling together.
Michael had killed a tracked hunter and now they were going to find him.

I let out a sigh, glancing at my watch.

“Come on, Mikey. Let’s get you cleaned up.” I whispered as I helped him lift his shaking body from the dusty ground before helping him into the grimy bathroom of the abandoned apartment block he had been living in. Well, sorta.

He still flinched away from my touch as I helped him undress, his hands shaking far too much to do it himself, before I turned on the water.
Unsurprisingly, the water was cold but it would have to do.

Sitting him on the side of the bathtub in just his boxers, I held his quivering hands in mine as I cleaned the scratch marks, more like knife slashes, down both his arms and as soon as the venom that laced the blade had been cleaned out, I watched the slashed skin healing in record time.

“The water is cold but it’ll get the blood off.” I told him, making sure he had a towel and lighting the candles I had placed around in order to make sure he had enough light to handle himself.

But as I turned to leave, a calloused and bloody hand shot out to grip mine, pulling me back with a little too much force for me to handle, sending me crashing to the ground.

“I’m sorry! I’m so fucking sorry!” I heard him apologizing in what could really only be described as a murmur, but it was still the loudest and probably most I had heard him speak since I began taking care of him.
Even if you hate them, losing your sire is like losing a limb.

“No. It’s okay,” I said, standing up. “I was just going to leave so you could shower in peace.”

The look on his face was almost scared when I mentioned and I let out a sigh, reaching up to gently wipe off a drip of blood that had run from his hair to his eyebrow piercing.

“Can you stay with me? I mean, you don’t have to look, but I just don’t want to be alone right now.” He told me, flinching again as I wiped the blood.

“You sure? I mean, I can if you want.” I told him, earning a nod that I returned before turning around and sitting back against the wall facing away from him.

As I heard his boxers hit the ground and him let out a slight hiss as his cold skin met the even colder water, I looked down at my watch again.

That gave me an hour to get him on a train to the next town over and into the safe hands of an ally.

“You almost done?” I asked, standing up and being careful not to turn around.
I heard him a grunt as a response and the water turn off.

“Just wait here for two seconds, okay? I brought you something warm to wear so you don’t have to wear your bloody clothes.” I said quickly, zipping out the door and grabbing the backpack I had brought with me before handing it to him and walking out again to let him change. “I’m just outside the door okay?” I called, careful to let the poor boy know that I was still there. That I wasn’t going anywhere.

He stepped out a few minutes later in the jeans and pullover hoodie I had brought with me for him and he nodded thankfully.

“Come on, I know a quick way to get to the train station. I’m getting you out of the city tonight.”

As I mentioned getting him out, he froze up and stared at me.

“You’re coming with me, right?”

The panic in his voice pulled at my heart. This poor guy had been through so much and he was so young.

“No, Michael. Not tonight. But as soon as you get to the next town, someone will be waiting for you. I’ll meet you there tomorrow night and then, yes, I’m going with you.” I assured him, spilling only a slight amount of my whole plan.

He didn’t need to know about the whole thing and I didn’t want him to worry about it.
Not for a while anyway.


The bleak underground train system was always a bleak sight, but even more so at 11:00 at night with hardly any people around.

Usually there are all different people running around to catch crowded trains all to all over. Suited business men, dressed up women heading into the city to party, families going on an adventure and the kids being so excited about being able to be on a train, not even caring about their destination.
As dark and dreary as it was, it was alive with people.

But not tonight.
No, there was no one.
The metallic seats were all empty and the trains were arriving empty and leaving empty.
The only sound echoing around the hollow tunnels were that of the trains and the breathing of the clearly terrified boy next to me, shrunk down into his hoodie.

I turned to him, forcing him to look at me.

“get off at Central. There will be a woman there dressed in all black with blonde hair and nose piercing waiting for you by the gates. Ask her if she’s ever played Soccer. She’ll take you home, hide you, and I’ll be there tomorrow.”
Although slightly relieved at the clear instruction, he still seemed scared.

I sighed, resting one hand on his cold cheek and for once he didn’t flinch away.

“I’ll be there. I promise you that.”

I looked up as I heard a recording over the speakers announcing the train that Michael would catch.

“Remember; central. ‘have you ever played Soccer?’ I know it’s really dumb but she’ll know I sent you.”

He nodded, seeing the lights from his train getting closer and closer.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” I told him before chewing at my bottom lip and lifting his hood for him and handing him his ticket. “Make no eye contact. When they ask, hand them the ticket and don’t look up for too long. Only a second, okay?”

As the train pulled up, I noticed that there were only a few people on the train. Perfect.

He gave me a half smile before turning to walk towards the slowly stopping train, but as I went to take a step back I saw him turn. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to his chest, wrapping his arms around me tightly.

“Thank you.” I heard him whisper as he pulled away and I gave him a soft smile.

“You can thank me by staying alive and not fucking this up. Now go on,”, I reached up, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek. “You have a train to catch.”

Scott McCall everyone. 

Can we all just take a moment. Because my heart is racing and I can’t deal right now. One of the biggest themes in Teen Wolf is literally “Not all monsters do monstrous things” and this has always been hi-lighted as one of the greatest difficulties that Scott has to work through. Scott McCall IS FINALLY ACCEPTING THAT BEING A WEREWOLF DOES NOT MAKE HIM A MONSTER. 

Scott McCall fought the bite for so long. But only purely because he thought it made him a Monster. Even when Allison looked past it, even when his mother finally healed with her shock. But he still remembered that moment of complete disbelief and fear that clouded their faces and it would never leave his mind. This season has Scott McCall back from the dead, hopeless, in pain, and desperate to do something. Scott McCall whose hands shake from the weight of it all because he couldn’t save Allison. He didn’t know who to bring Kira back to who she was. He trusted the wrong people. And everyones falling apart right before his eyes, everyone is crawling into the spaces with their demons. How does he save anyone when he can’t save himself? How does a monster heal instead of destroy? 

But somehow he manages to rectify his mistakes. He manages to bring back his Pack, stronger then before, more resilient then before. But he still has that lingering fear that for all the good he does he is still a monster.

And then you have this library scene and he’s so sure he’s going to get everyone killed. All those innocents in the library, all the people are going to die because of him. And he simply won’t let it happen. Even if they call him monster. Even if a part of them fears him. He won’t let anyone else fucking die. So he reveals himself to everyone. And I know he doesn’t see it but we see it, the look of awe on everyone faces, the pure relief that he brings them for a moment. 

I just think it’s so beautifully done that not one of them was scared of Scott. They all know who he is, even if it’s just in passing “Scott McCall, yeah not a friend of mine but top guy.” and with this I think Scott is truly going to grow in strength and in acceptance of who he is.

Season 6 will be so interesting in seeing how the community of Beacon Hills reacts to all of this and I’m fucking pumped.

So in our homebrewed 3.5 d&d session, we have a crazy male Paladin who worships a sentient troll skull, a Magical Girl Cleric, a female Illithid Squid Kid Necromancer (Literally with inkgun and all), a female Drider Scout, and a male Drow Rogue (myself). A common theme happens to be the Drider flirting with my Drow, attempting to seduce/eat him, to no avail. Eventually, she walks up to him with a large sack.

Me: “Something you need, Drider?”

Drider: *Just smiles and dumps around 3k worth of diamonds, the amount needed for Resurrection, onto him. *

Me: *Just looks in horror up at her and utters:* “Fuck.”

Needless to say, there was dinner for one that session.

Michael would never want to wake you up on his nights for making sure your child stays asleep.  But your son would literally just not get tired, and it made no sense to Michael who had tried everything in the book, rocking him, giving him a bit of warm milk, singing a lullaby, but he was still waving his arms around looking at Michael from his place in the bed. “If I could bribe you, I would,” He muttered, rubbing his jaw and yawning, “What’s it gonna take, huh, kiddo?” Pointing his finger to his son to grab onto, he considered his options before catching sits of the Cars themed blanket he had in his bed. Within five minutes, he’d buckled his little boy into his carseat and started on a slow drive through the neighborhood, playing soft music, and taking glances back every other moment.  “You’re such a nigh guy, hmm, like I’m used to always stay up late, too, son.” He rubbed his hair, going off on a long whispered rant to his boy, “But I had to grow up and get in some sleep because you run on the worst clock, let me tell you.  Oh, but don’t worry either, because I love you more than anything, but still if you could just go to sleep when we sleep it’d be great-” And it would take him half an hour to realize his son fell asleep almost as soon at the long lecture began.

for anarchyaustralia and lashtonirmings domestic!5sos blurb night!:)

The foxes go to Disneyworld for their next spring break

  • Neil obviously has never been there so he’s so excited
  • And Andrew just looks at him like he’s ridiculous cuz Neil knows Andrew’s scared of heights and everything in Disneyland is literally a roller coaster
  • Nicky throughout the drive there is explaining to Neil all the themed rides and that Neil will probably get to meet the princes and princesses
  • And poor baby Neil can’t contain his excitement
  • No one is immune to Neil’s excitement except maybe Andrew
  • Aaron even smiles a little at Neil 
  • Also Neil’s never read the Disney princess and princes stories as a kid but the foxes educated him about the stories
  • so during the drive Neil starts telling Nicky which of the characters he wants to meet and why
  • Allison puts on a tiara as soon as they arrive and gives one to Renee as well 
  • Allison walks around saying that she is a queen and they must bow to her 
  • only Matt plays along but that’s good enough for her
  • Aaron and Kayleigh kind of separate from the group as soon as they are inside
  • but every once in a while they check in with the group then go off and do their own thing
  • Matt and Dan are both wearing matching shirts
  • and of course Matt has micky mouse ears and buys a pair for Neil who wears them with pride
  • Kevin is reluctant to have too much fun because everyone is supposed to be practicing exy but they are instead waiting in line to ride a roller coaster
  • Andrew glares at anyone who asks him why he isn’t going on the rides
  • so he ends up becoming the person who holds everyone’s sunglasses, jackets and water bottles
  • he literally flips each of them off as they drop off their stuff with him as they go on each ride
  • finally Neil suggests a small ride that stays on the ground and after “asking”, andrew grudgingly agrees to go on it
  • Neil is having the time of his life, he yells at the top of his lungs on each roller coaster ride after he gets off one he is immediately walking towards the next one with just as much enthusiasm 
  • he buys so much cotton candy and even gets one of those pictures drawn of him and matt (because Andrew lowkey threatens to kill him if Neil subjects him to that kind of couple behavior)
  • at the end of the night everyone is exhausted and ready to head back to the hotel but neil is kind of sad that he didn’t actually get to run into any of the princes and princesses
  • Allison decides to call one of her connections and surprises Neil by introducing him to Flynn Rider and Aladdin 
  • Neil literally loses his shit and Matt being the dad that he is takes lots of pictures of Neil with the princes
  • at the end of the night Neil turns to all of the foxes and in his shy, awkward way thanks them for an incredible spring break
Things you may have missed in the new Steven Universe promo

So, the new promo has LOTS of interesting stuff and I haven’t seen anyone point out most of them so there goes what I’ve got from Tumblr and Facebook! Feel free to add anything new you see!

Also, sorry if my english is crappy, as it’s not my first language and I’m not very good at writing anyway.

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