literally no idea what this does to me


I imagine the family skate was….A Lot for Jack.

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I have an addiction to Mute!Eddie X Richie AUs so some headcanons? I’d want to ask a fic too but I want to see some of your hcs first

- They first meet when they’re 12 and at the playground

- Richie is playing tag with Bev, Bill, and Stan when he bumps into Eddie

- “shit, sorry, you good? Do you want to play with us?”

- Eddie just blinks at him

- “are you going to answer me or not?”

- Eddie tries to move his mouth but he just cant and he wants to cry

-“Hellooooo??? Wow dude youre a jerk”

- thats when mike storms over and he steps in front of Eddie 

- (hes always been the mother figure yall can fight me)

- Mike explains that he cant speak and richie makes a face 

- “Of course he can speak, everyone speaks”

- Mike then explains what mute is

- Richie feels bad almost immediately

- Richie takes him under his wing 

- “Cmon, lets tag team it and get them all out”

- Eddie giggles and nods 

- fast forward 2 years later and Richie has learned sign language to talk to him

- Eddie finds it endearing and the sweetest thing ever and he just really adores richie

- Richie has a soft spot for Eddie, of course he does

- When they meet Ben their freshman year he immediately picks up on their dynamic (the hand holding, lots of hugs, forehead kisses– Ben thinks its cute)

- When Ben mentions it, Richie goes all red in the face and tries to tell him that he has no idea what he’s talking about

- (he does)

- Richie literally will fight anybody who looks at Eddie the wrong way

- That’s how he’s had his nose broken 3 times that year

- fast forward another two years when richie realizes that he’s in love with Eddie

- He panics, of course, leaving Eddie in the dark, avoiding him

- Eddie bikes over to richie’s house one day after school and angrily pounds on the door

- When Richie opens it, Eddie is pushing him inside

- Richie signs ‘what the fuck’ 

- Eddie signs back, ‘Dont ‘what the fuck’ me, asshole. what’s going on?’

- Richie just shuffles his feet and looks at him, shrugging

‘Richie you cant fucking do this, okay? I’m freaking out, thinking I did something and it really hurts because I..’

“I.. Love you”

- Richie’s head snaps up because this boy just spoke to him?? The first time in 4 years he’s known him?? And the first thing he says is “I love you”??

- Richie feels like he’s going to faint, but he says it back and Eddie just walks over so calmly and softly kisses him and?? 

- Richie is going to be okay

- (he’s not)

- He can’t be more grateful for bumping into him on the playground 

popular text posts + ask memes (part two) 

❛ i don’t have time for a relationship. do you know how many books i need to read? ❜
❛ i think it’s hilarious when people tell me i’m laid back because i’ve pretty uch been screaming nonstop in my head since like fifth grade ❜
❛ coming out of my cage and i’ve been doing just… not good ❜
❛ i’m a piece of shit, but it’s fine ❜
❛ how i am supposed to have a lit summer with $4.65 ❜
❛ i’m a huge fan of space; both outer and personal ❜
❛ and to your left, you can see me, ruining everything ❜
❛ any full cast musical number can be a solo if you believe hard enough ❜
❛ kinda hungry, kinda horny, kinda tired, kinda wanna get a tattoo ❜
❛ no amount of under eye concealer can cover up how tired i am of this world ❜
❛ i’m ready for autumn, but not autumn responsibilities ❜
❛ today i’m wearing a lovely shade of i slept like shit so don’t piss me off ❜
❛ i’m not making enough boys nervous ❜
❛ i really want my last words to be ‘hey, wanna see a dead body?’ ❜
❛ don’t you hate it when money goes away when you spend it? ❜
❛ i’m always a slut for conspiracy theories ❜
❛ i wanna make a diss track about myself ❜
❛ true friendship is bullying your friends into watching the tv shows you watch ❜
❛ i’d be such a good girlfriend/boyfriend/s.o. you’re all missing out ❜
❛ sorry i was late. i can’t conceptualize time. ❜
❛ fuck what the aliens said ❜
❛ sometimes it physically pains me to hold back my sarcastic comments ❜ 
❛ if outfit repeating was a crime i would be sentenced to life without parole ❜
❛ does anyone have ten thousand dollars they don’t want? ❜
❛ i want a sugar daddy, but i know nicki minaj wants me to be independent  ❜
❛ i stress about stress before there’s even stress to stress about ❜
❛ i don’t have plans for tonight or the rest of my life if anyone wants to have a drink or get married ❜
❛ tbh sometimes you just gotta let me be dramatic because i will get over it, but let me be dramatic first. ❜
❛ painfully average looking with a great sense of humor and always down to get drunk ❜
❛ if we date, you have to hold my hand in the car. no exceptions. ❜
❛ in an unfortunate development, i am now awake ❜
❛ you’re hella bomb, hella cute, and anyone would be hella lucky to have you ❜
❛ kinda hurt, kinda offended, kinda not planning on saying anything about it ❜
❛ trying to embarrass me is so unnecessary. i do it to myself just fine. ❜
❛ if you don’t think i’m a princess then you’re 100% right. i’m the fucking queen. ❜
❛ fuck summer. i want it to be dark and misty and frigid and october. ❜
❛ lana may have fucked her way up to the top, but i am bullshitting my way up to the middle ❜
❛ i don’t want to get involved in the drama, i just wanna know 103% of the information on what happened ❜
❛ so… do you want to watch 49.7 hours of parks and recreation with me? ❜
❛ i hit rock bottom like every two weeks ❜
❛ can someone please be proud of me? like fuck, i’m trying. ❜
❛ give me a few days to overthink about it ❜
❛ can i sell my feelings on ebay? i don’t want them anymore. ❜
❛ i’m really fucking sarcastic for someone who’s about to start crying most of the time ❜
❛ when does hibernation start because i am 100% participating in that ❜
❛ don’t you hate it when you wake up and you’re awake ❜
❛ i lowkey just wanna make sure you’re happy as fuck ❜
❛ i literally have no idea what i’m gonna do if i don’t end up rich ❜
❛ you know you’re in deep when you love listening to them talk and you get attached to their voice ❜
❛ no offense, but when is it my turn for someone to be in love with me ❜
❛ i’m an asshole with a really big heart ❜
❛ i have to be funny because being hot is not an option ❜
❛ can i apologize in advance for basically everything i will ever do ❜
❛ okay that’s cool, but consider the following: snuggling with me until i fall asleep ❜
❛ please handle me with care. i am a very sleepy and soft creature. ❜
❛ drunk me is the me i really want to be. confident, hilarious, and most importantly, drunk. ❜

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BODY 👏 SWAP 👏 TROPE 👏 Hcs for members switching bodies with another member for a day what would they do 👻 You can pick who switches with who ~ love you 💕

i am loving this freaky friday shit

Yoosung in Jumin’s body

  • suddenly sleep deprived gamer boy has to play head of a massive corporation for the day?
  • he hates it
  • FIRST OF ALL, he cant understand anything anyone is saying
  • he cant even enjoy all the luxury of being Jumin, he’s too busy answering confusing phone calls that he has to clumsily stutter his way through
  • “Mr. Han, did you look over the marketing teams newest proposal for re-branding products to better appeal to a wider range of potential clients?”
  • “um…yea it was good. sounds like a good idea”
  •  “excellent. when you have time today please email me with-”
  • “yea sure tell Jaehee and i’ll do it”
  • “Mr. Han, i think-”
  • he hangs up, and that happens a few times before he even gets to work
  • gets lost like three times looking for his own office
  • as soon as he sees Jaehee he runs up to her and hugs her
  • “Jaehee oh my god this has been the worst morning ever everyone talks like their 50 years old and i-”
  • “Mr. Han? i dont think this behavior is-”
  • he lets go and brushes himself off, clearing his throat
  • “, of course. i’ll be in my office…..assistant Kang…”
  • tries to pull his office door open, discovering that its a push door
  • all day:

Zen in Jaehee’s body

  • first of all
  • he knew Jaehee was a fan but like….
  • not this big of a fan
  • he is both overwhelmed by how thankful he is to have so much support and…a little freaked out?
  • also, he thinks Jaehee is attractive but who are we kidding, when he looked in the mirror and saw not himself, he was pretty upset
  • also pretty disappointed in Jaehee’s fashion sense but thats another subject for another day
  • there is no way in hell Zen was gonna go play Jumin assistant all day, he would rather die probably
  • and Zen knows better than anyone just how desperately this poor girl needs a break
  • so he decides to have a little treat yo self day!
  • he goes shopping and drinks fancy starbucks coffee and even gets a massage
  • he even snags a few cute boys numbers
  • (which yknow….Jaehee doesnt really need….but anyway)
  • he isnt really giving Jaehee a day off by doing this
  • but at least the massage will leave her feeling good in the morning!!

Jaehee in Seven’s body

  • cleaning
  • just, so much cleaning
  • also leaving the house to buy groceries
  • then getting a violent reminder that Seven is a very busy person when his boss calls
  • he sounds so scary and keeps talking about a “hard deadline” and someone named “agent vanderwood”
  • isnt that Sevens maid or something….?
  • well, no one can work on an empty stomach. not even the defender of justice
  • when she returns, agent vanderwood is there but she doesnt know its him
  • probably goes all martial arts on him, thinking its an intruder
  • vanderwood is a trained agent so he fights back a bit before being like SEVEN WHatTHE FUCK WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME ILL LITERALLY TAZE YOU
  • “taze me? arent you here to clean?”
  • “just do your work, alright?”
  • “um…yea…of course….”
  • Jaehee has no idea whats going on but she knows how to make it sound like she’s doing shit
  • starts working on C&R projects at one point

Jumin in Zen’s body

  • first thing he does is wake up and chop his hair off
  • all that hair just gets in the way?? he hates it??
  • that will be a nice surprise for Zen the next day :)
  • he knows that Zen probably has rehearsal and stuff but he’s not an actor
  • and he has a more important job to do anyway at C&R 
  • uuuggHHHH why doesnt Zen own any NICE suits??!
  • spends Zen’s money on a 3 piece suit
  • much better :)
  • then he tried to go into work just, as Zen
  • so many people tried to stop and ask who he was but he just walked past them
  • theres no time to try and prove his identity, he has to start the work day
  • finally he gets to his floor, where Jaehee is working at her desk
  • “assisstant Kang, i will be working in Zen’s body today. please forward my massages”
  • but?? is that zen???
  • so upset because he has to reschedule all his meetings for that day
  • “i cant meet with the board looking like this”

707 in Yoosungs body

  • he has so much fun being Yoosung
  • hates Yoosung’s laptop so much
  • he misses his high performance laptop
  • finds a planner with Yoosungs class schedule in it
  • Yoosung doodles all over his planner, thats so cute
  • alright, he has to do everything he can with his one day back in college
  • upon entering his first class, he finds they’re taking an exam
  • its calc 2 so he aces it, of course
  • you’re so welcome, Yoosung
  • acts like a total smart ass all day
  • after classes he plays LOLOL for like 6 hours straight
  • Yoosung is literally so lucky to have me inside his body today
  • (lolololololololol)
  • also does all of Yoosungs homework for him
  • thinks to himself all day wow Seven, you’re such a saint


edit: i love you too

I’m so tired of the “If you’re a communist why do you use a phone and the internet” argument. Literally who the fuck thinks they’re being clever with this? If I could abstain from technology and it would ensure no one would starve or be homeless, and no harm would be done to the environment I would do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately the world doesn’t work like that, me personally not using technology would do absolutely nothing. What actually does help is using every available tool to create a platform for radical ideas, which includes the somehow ‘capitalist only’ internet.

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random question but why do a lot of people claim twenty one pilots are homophobic?

on the day the scotus ruled that same sex marriage was now legal in the us, lots of celebrities tweeted “#lovewins” or something short of the sort. neither tyler nor josh were active on twitter that day, which i think is kinda par for the course for them since they dont usually post a lot. so people started to get curious and pester them when no hashtag or whatever was posted. they got lots of hounding for their silence

and then tyler posted this:

and people freaked out because they interpreted it as homophobic, bc he talked abt “not being strong enough” to “carry weight” - they interpreted it as him not caring at all abt lgbt rights. but i think its clear here that tyler is not intending to be homophobic. he is condemning the fact that celebrities are emptily tweeting “#lovewins” and nothing else - its like “here lemme tweet this hashtag real quick to virtue signal on social media while not actually doing anything to support lgbt ppl.” thats what tyler doesnt approve of. also, hes clearly supportive of the scotus decision. “any day where love defeats hate” - that really doesnt sound like the descriptor that a homophobe would use. 

also heres a wild idea,,, a Krazy Koncept™,,, u can celebrate and support something without posting abt it on social media??? im p sure i didnt post anything abt it that day, and im literally gay

so thats why he didnt tweet something short and empty. but he also makes it clear that he didnt relaly know what to say. bc he doesnt have as much experience talking abt lgbt stuff as he does with, like, mental illness and the like. he acknowledges that as a straight (unfortunately…he cant marry me) person, he isnt really familiar w lgbt issues and how to talk abt them. hes saying that he would rather tweet something that means more than just a hashtag, but he is not sure what he would say. and yeah the wording was a little weird. but hes basically saying that hes growing and changing and has a lot to learn. which is a good thing for people to acknowledge. 

also, this doesnt really look like something a homophobe would post:

and tyler and josh have expressed support for lgbt fans before! they stated in a 2014 ish interview that one of the most meaningful and memorable fan moments they had was that a fan came up to them with his family and dcame out as gay for the first time. and that it was incredible for them to be there to witness it and give him the courage to come out. thats like. wow. so i think ppl accusing tyler and josh of homophobia are jumping to some incredible conclusions

(p.s. ive almost never met a straight tøp fan,,, you would think a homophobic band wouldnt have a fandom thats like 90% lgbt+)

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how do you draw tears?

Hi, Anon! I’ll do my best to walk you through my thought process. 

(This post got kinda long, so if you’re not up for reading, here are kawacy’s process breakdown and JaneMere’s Water Drops Tutorial o/)

Tears as seen in real life are…pretty uninteresting, tbh so to make them look more feel-inducing than reality, it helps to exaggerate, especially when it comes to size and contrast

Here are some things I consider when sketching:

I like to keep it to two trickles per eye flowing from the corners to, but by no means is that a rule. To give tears a sense of weight, I draw them as thin streams that gather into large droplets depending on where gravity is taking them. 

You might want to push the size even further so that they’re more visible at a distance. Context and mood is also an important thing to consider; as a general guideline, thinner lines imply delicacy while gushing waterfalls are usually more comical. Feel free to let anime/cartoons/comics (etc etc) be your guide, since they can go really heavy on the exaggeration for a wider range of expression. Have some Mako Mankanshoku tears from Kill la Kill as an example!

Awww :’D
I mean
Awww D’: 

Anyways, once I have my sketch down, I go ahead and block them out. I’m using a white tinted with blue for color contrast from the warm colors of the skin, but it doesn’t matter that much if you lower the opacity as much as I have. In any case, I don’t want to use my whitest white yet since I’m saving that for shiny highlights.

I then duplicate my block-in, darken the layer, then erase from inside the shapes I made. This is my “line art” of sorts.

Time to shade! Since tears are essentially water, I treat them like gemstones/translucent objects. Similar to shiny materials like metal, there’s a high-contrast transition between light and shadow in both edges and value, but with transparent objects, light passes through them, bounces around, and “gathers” on the side opposite of the surface that’s receiving the light, like so: 

Not the most amazing rendering in the world, but I hope it gets my point across x’D

Moving on!

To compensate the loss of detail from zooming out, I use black to amp up the contrast (doubly important since I’m using a pale-skinned person in my example). If that’s too harsh for you, feel free to play around with colors and opacity. (Again with the whole emotional context thing. Adapt to the situation!) You can even use a soft brush or put the shading through a blur filter, but I usually choose to keep the edges hard because again, contrast.

Now for the fun part: highlights! Shine bright like a diamond : DDD

Amping up the contrast some more by breaking out the whites! I suppose you could stop here, but this still isn’t shiny enough for me yet, >:3c

I go over the edges of the tears with white to punctuate how ridiculously shiny they are. I also like to throw in some bright reds/oranges reflecting off the droplets to imply healthy, glowing skin as well as a dash of a cooler color for general environmental lighting. I also added some cast shadows to the tears. Not terribly dark, since light passes through the tears as opposed to being blocked out.

Again, while I am basing my decisions off real-life principles, a lot of these choices are highly stylistic. Whether you’re drawing small, have time constraints or you’re just plain lazy, you can always pick and choose! This is just my current approach, so while you’re free to try out my workflow if you literally have no idea what you’re doing, I do encourage you to experiment to see what appeals you personally.

Hope this helps! Honestly, I’m quite flattered that anyone would ask me how I draw things :’D
If anyone does end up using this guide, poke me and show me what you’ve come up with; I’d love to see :D

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I want you to know that I had a semi-nightmare involving a lot of half-naked Angie and Yandere Saihara after seeing that post. I'm. So confused. Why did I have that dream. Why was Angie half-naked. Why did Saihara have teeth as sharp as a freaking alligator. These are the questions I will never have answers to.

the answer is that i… may have made an au on the words “half-naked angie” and “teeth as sharp as a freaking alligator”…

congrats, i guess we might have a cult au on our hands??? HaHA,,,,

also, saihara with sharp teeth..!! in my elusive, super serious style. he actually looks rlly good–

“Arrange these by color.”

“Do you like it?” (Literally something like, “What does your heart say?”) “I want to be close to you, so I prepared this for you.” The language here is very childlike.

For some reason, this moment in the special sticks with me more than any other. I’m pretty sure this is Sangwoo speaking (or at least, Bum’s perception of Sangwoo) and it really conveys the idea that Sangwoo is simultaneously a violent maniac and a child who never developed past the age of 5. He just wants to be loved, and if he doesn’t feel loved, he starts murdering. 

I Don’t Love Him, I Love You- Harry Hook x Reader

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

A/n this got a lot of request for this one so that is why I decided to do this. 

Request/Prompt:Hey💗 Could you pls do a Harry Hook x Reader with number 1 of your conversation prompts? Like they are already best friends & Harry keeps flirting with her bc he has a crush on her but she thinks he just does it for fun? The end is up to you!! Thank you💗Could you do prompt 1 with Harry Hook? Thanks babe!I seriously need #1 with Harry Hook x Female reader, if requests r still open ^^

A: I’M FREAKING OUT! I have literally nothing to wear I’m seriously considering turning up naked.
B: I’m not opposed to the idea
A: I can’t see you, but I swear if you’re smirking I’ll slap the stupid look off that pretty face of yours

Warnings: Dirty flirting 

“You must be a banana because I find you a peeling,” I heard whispered in my ear.

“Harry that is the worst pickup line I have ever heard,” I laughed out as I kept working on my homework. This caused him to pout.

“I don’t see you coming up with any better ones lass,” He mumbled crossing his arms over his chest and plopped down on my bed.

“Trust me darling I could come up with a better one,”I said mocking his accent.

“Then do it,” He told me with a smirk. I smiled and walked over to my bed and sat in front of him.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a 9 because I’m the 1 you need,” I slyly told him. Harry rolled his eyes but started laughing.

“Mine was way better,” He exclaimed.

“Sure whatever helps you sleep at night,”I said as I kissed his cheek and went back over to my homework.

“So how is being boring going for you,” I heard his ask me as he walked over to where I was.

“I don’t know, HEY, give that back,” I yelled at him as he took my textbook.

“No, I need attention,”He whined back.

“Go bug Uma or Gil,” I said back. He shook his head and raised the book above his head.

“Whatever, what do you want to do,” I asked him, not even trying to get the book back.

“I could think of a few things,” He trailed off with an evil smirk.

“You have a left hand, use it. Seriously what do you want to do,” I asked him with an amused smile.

“I don’t know, didn’t think I would get this far,” He said as he walked back over to my bed. I got up and walked over to the other side on the bed and sat down.

“Well we could, wait a minute, what is today,” I asked feeling panicked.

“Monday why,”He asked taking my a piece of my hair and started playing with it.

“I have to go, sorry Harry I promised Jay I would do this one thing for him,” I told him getting up quickly which caused him to pout again. I grabbed my phone and headed towards the door. When I almost left the room I looked down at what I was wearing.

“I can’t wear this,” I mumbled to myself as I threw open my closet and went through every outfit.

“Love what are ye doing,” Harry asked me.

“Looking for an outfit, what does it look like I am doing,” I snapped back annoyed. I let out a frustrated sigh as I ran a hand through my hair.

“I’M FREAKING OUT! I have literally nothing to wear I’m seriously considering turning up naked,” I groaned out.

“I’m not opposed to the idea,” I could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

“I can’t see you, but I swear if you’re smirking I’ll slap the stupid look off that pretty face of yours,” I told him as I turned around to see him smirking. I gave him a death glare as I turned back around to try and decided on an outfit.

“Y/n, I don’t understand why you are freaking out. You look great in everything you put on,” He told me as I heard his footsteps coming towards me.

“Harry stop lying, how about this one,” I asked him holding up the outfit.

“It’s perfect, just like you,” He said with a wink. I rolled my eyes and slapped his arm playfully.

“I was being serious though, you look great in everything,” He said stroking my face. I blushed and looked away but Harry pulled my head back up.He opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by Jay. 

“Y/n, we have to go. Oh hey Harry,” Jay yelled out.

“I have to change so,” I hinted for him to get out.

“Yeah, I’ll see you later princess,”He said as he left.

“Bye,” I called out as he walked out the door. I changed quickly and walked out to meet Jay.

“Let’s do this,”I told him taking his hand. Jay had asked me to be his pretend girlfriend so that he could spy on someone. We were going on a “date” at this pizza place so I of course said yes because I was getting free food. Who in the world would say no? Throughout the whole thing with Jay, all I could think about was Harry. He confused me so much, one day I think he likes me as a girlfriend the next as a sister or friend. I just wish that I knew how he felt. Jay must have sensed my trouble because he spoke up.

“What’s wrong,” He asked. I gave him a soft smile and shook my head.

“Nothing I’m fine,” I told him but he didn’t buy it.

“You know what, this isn’t that important. Why don’t we get out of here,” He asked me. We walked out of the restaurants and he wrapped an arm around me.

“Look y/n, Harry loves you. I know he flirts with everyone but with you it is different. I may not know a lot about love but I know that is what you and Harry have,” He finished with a smile.

“Thanks Jay, that means more to me then you know. How did you know I was thinking about him,” I questioned him.

“Y/n. Come on, I wasn’t born yesterday,” He told me. I laughed and pulled him into a hug.

“Thanks Jay,” I yawned out.

“It’s not even that late y/n and you’re welcome,” He laughed out. I playfully smacked him but stopped when someone cleared their throat. I looked over to where the sounded came from and there stood a very angry Harry. Jay excused himself and left the two of us alone.

“I didn’t know you and Jay were a thing,” He said coldly. 

“Were not, why would you ever think that,” I asked him as I opened my door.

“I don’t know, other than the fact he had his arm around you and then you hugged him,” He shot back.

“Harry me and him aren’t dating, I like someone else,” I informed him.

“Who,” He practically yelled out which made me smile.

“You really don’t know do you,” I asked which he shook his head at.

“Do you want to know his name,” I questioned, trying to suppress my laughter.

“Yes,” He told me aggravated.

“His name is Harry hot-stuff Hook. I don’t love Jay, I love you,” I said as I walked over to where he was. He laughed at the name I gave him and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Shouldn’t that be your middle name princess,” He joked as his eyes trailed down to my lips. I opened my mouth to say something smart back but was cut off by Harry’s lips on mine. The kiss started out heated but soon faded into a sweet, soft kiss. We pulled away from each other and smiled like lovesick puppies.

“Y/n, I planned on asking you this before we kissed but I guessed plans changed so will you be my girlfriend,” He asked me barely above a whisper. I gave him a wide smile and pulled him into a short kiss.

“Yes, of course I will,” I told him as he pulled me into his embrace.

things about s3 shiro that don’t quite sit right with me: a mini masterpost 

this is kind of a follow up to this post, but more focused on his actual behaviour / things he’s done this season that are kind of…. inconsistent with the s1/s2 shiro we’ve grown to know and love. this isn’t meant to be definitive proof or anything - this stuff is hard to pinpoint/articulate and individually they all seem practically negligible, but collectively they contribute to the overall “wrongness” of this season’s shiro and i just wanted to get it all in one place. 

(note: i’m going to refer to s1/s2 shiro as “shiro” and s3 shiro as “kuron” for simplicity). 

  • he’s rejected by the black lion. i know i already mentioned this in the other post but i want to lead with this because it’s the biggest red flag to me. it just doesn’t make sense for the black lion to reject her former paladin. and sure, blue rejected lance, but lance didn’t have a 2 season-long arc about bonding with his lion. after shiro’s colossal breakthrough with the black lion in s2, sweeping their bond under the rug is just regressive. which leads me to believe that the black lion has sensed that this isn’t really shiro.
  • not telling the paladins about project kuron. granted, he doesn’t have all the info here, but his flashbacks about it seem to be enough for him to piece together that he was a subject in a cloning experiment (especially since kuron literally translates to clone in his native language). shiro in general is an unreliable narrator, but even when he didn’t have all the information, he’d share what he did know when it was pertinent to the mission. so it’s strange to me that that kuron just…. doesn’t mention anything about this to the others, because the idea of the galra cloning an army of shiros sounds like something the paladins really should know about. 
  • his weird hyperfocus on voltron as a concept. idk how to phrase this one properly bc he does mention the team later, but when he’s first talking to the rebels he says “what happened to the lions” instead of “what happened to the paladins” which demonstrates that his primary focus is voltron itself, not the paladins. but i think what stands out to me the most is that scene where he’s chasing the team and cries out “voltron!” instead of keith’s name (i say keith mostly bc keith is the one he expected to lead the team in his absence, but it could’ve been anyone). idk, it just struck me as oddly impersonal and cemented his focus on voltron rather than the team. 
  • undermining keith’s leadership in front of the team. this one is a little more complicated. on one hand, shiro has been a strong proponent of keith’s leadership since season 2. on the other hand, i don’t actually find it strange that he would return and try to assume his leadership role. it’s also not inherently weird for him to disagree with keith. that said, kuron swaying the team against keith on multiple occasions in the span of one mission just doesn’t sit right with me. historically, shiro has trusted keith’s instincts during battle - and that’s because he knows strategizing on the spot is keith’s forte. so it was weird to see kuron oppose keith at literally every turn. not only that, but kuron’s instructions to the team were contradictory and left them scrambling. which like, again, i’m not saying shiro never screwed up or made the wrong call. but there’s a difference between messing up and blatantly ignoring someone repeatedly pointing out the flaws in your plan, especially when it’s someone you’ve historically trusted. and based on the s4 trailer, it looks like he’s still ignoring keith’s advice, so. 
    • i don’t want to get off topic and get into too much detail here, but i also think there’s an interesting contrast between how shiro reprimands keith in private (ex. after keith repeatedly snaps at the others in the leadup to the bom episode) but is supportive in front of the team (ex. hugging keith in front of everyone after the galra reveal) in s2 vs. how kuron undermines keith in front of everyone and is kind to him in private. the situations aren’t exactly comparable, but again, it’s an interesting contrast. 
  • nonchalantly telling keith to lower the shield and take a hit from a ship that literally destroyed the castle’s particle barrier in one blast. do i even have to explain this one? shiro has always been visibly distressed when anyone on his team has gotten hurt, so kuron being like  “just deal with it  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” is a huge red flag.

there’s probably more that i’m missing, so please feel free to add to this! 

(sidenote: i intentionally left out the thing where he holds the rebels at gunpoint, because like. shiro was a gladiator champion. it’s highly likely he’s killed people before to survive, and it isn’t a stretch to assume that he’d do it again if he had to.)

The Best Way to Ask for Your Money as a Brown Sugar Baby

This post could be a sentence long, best friend. The best way to get your money as a brown sugar baby? Open up your mouth and ask for it. But that’s not really helpful, is it? You already know that you should ask for your money, but you are terrified that:

  • There’s a specific way that you should be asking that will guarantee that you get your money
  • You’re worried that if you say the wrong thing you won’t get your money.
  • You’re literally struck deaf, dumb, and mute by the idea that you, little old you, are going to ask a man with such financial power to hand you anything because you don’t think you deserve it.
  • You’re new to sugaring, and you want to make sure that you’re doing everything by the book. 

     Did you know that these are the things that are actually holding you back? You, sis, have an excellent grasp of the English language. You have done your homework. You have a plan. You know why you want to sugar and you went out and met a man worth your time and energy. The thing that’s stopping you from getting your money is most likely you especially if you and this man have already discussed having an arrangement and have agreed on an amount. 

     I had this issue several times. Men were willing to hand me their credit cards.  Men wanted to know what type of allowance I wanted. I got, so tongue tied that I blocked my own blessings (at least for a while). What I want to do is address the reasons why you are afraid to speak up before I address what you should say.

Fear: There’s a specific way you should be asking for your allowance that will guarantee that you will get it.

Truth: There is no one size fits all to sugaring. There is no magic key or phrase that will unlock all of your wildest sugar dreams and make your success rate jump to 100% and stay there. There is no particular word or phrase that will make every man putty in your hand, no matter what other sb’s tell you. Those words and phrases that they’ve said work for them every time work because they come naturally to that sb and naturalness, confidence is sexy. It has nothing to do with the words that are used. It has everything to do with the connection that that sb has cultivated with that sd without it the sd wouldn’t be receptive to anything that sb said no matter how she said it. Forget about memorizing a script. Be yourself. The right man will always respond. (remember when we talked about what to look for in a man?)

Fear: You’re worried that if you say the wrong thing, you won’t get your money.

Truth: A man that has agreed to give you money will give you money unless you give him a reason not to. Reasons not to? Off the top of my head, the only logical ones are if you stand him up repeatedly, agree to a certain type of arrangement then go back on your word, or if you are excessively rude to him without his consent (there are men that want to be degraded after all). If a man is dangling money in front of your face like a carrot, if he’s telling you that he’ll give you the money but you have to do this one more thing for him? He never had any intention of giving you a dime. Let him go. Find another- there’s an entire freestyling plan to help you. 

Fear: You’re literally struck deaf, dumb, and mute by the idea that you, little old you, are going to ask a man with such financial power to hand you anything because you don’t think you deserve it. 

Truth: Sis, what the fuck is this about? Of course, you’ve earned it. I can tell you that until the cows come home and you could probably give me a list of reasons why you don’t. I wish you loved yourself as much as I do, best friend. But we’ll pass over that. You don’t think you deserve that money? Guess who does? HE DOES THAT’S WHY HE’S OFFERING IT TO YOU. Are you going to let your insecurities keep you from your coin? Or are you going to suck it up and hold your hand out? I see that hand of yours itching to come out, sis. Just do it.

 Fear: You’re new to sugaring, and you want to make sure that you’re doing everything by the book. 

Truth: There is no book. There is no secret manual or playbook that we all read (even though I do have some favorite books that I would recommend) before we graduate into being “real” sugar babies. The successful girls have experience, and they only got that by investing their time into this game. Time. That’s it. You do not have to follow any sugar babies advice, not even mine. You can do whatever you feel good about doing and that, after considering it, you know you won’t regret the next morning. The only advice that I do advocate that you follow are the safety measures. You only have this one life, and I want to see you live it to the fullest for the longest amount of time possible. Protect your body and your mind. Everything else? You’ll figure it out as you go along. That’s what I did. 

There it is, sis. Are these one of the four things that have bothered you about asking for your money? I hope I covered them in a way that helped but if I didn’t I know you’ll message me or leave a comment on the post. Now on to the good stuff, right? Because I know there are at least one or two of you that don’t give a solitary shit about fears and really just want to be told what to say. Fine. Only because I love you. 

Now that we’ve agreed on what our relationship is going to look like, when would you like for it to officially start?

Notice I didn’t say arrangement. I’m hoping you got this nice man out in the wild and he probably has no idea what an arrangement is or if he does and he’s not using the word then neither should you. Keep it natural and comfortable. 

That’s it best friend. The easiest way I know to ask a man for money is to dismiss the fears that stop you from asking in the first place. Did I cover your fear? Or am I way off the mark? Either way, talk to me. I love and read every single comment you leave me even if I can’t respond to all of them right away. I’m going to, I promise.

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fandom: What eyeliner does he use? Josh: they're natural. vld fandom: THAT EYELINER THO me: He's literally Asian. fuck your idea that people with monolids can't have beautiful eyes. (look I know it started as a joke in the fandom but where's the "that's racist and you shouldn't joke about that" when it comes to shiro? why is he the fandom joke? There is something inherently problematic-oh GOD I unironically used that word- about making the only confirmed PTSD disabled POC into an unwanted joke)

thanks for my life josh. 

Schizophrenia Jokes

I’m here to talk about schizophrenia jokes. They aren’t funny, you aren’t clever, and we aren’t a walking one liner for you to tell. For starters, most schizo jokes are made at the expense of people with dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities) which is an entirely different thing than schizophrenia or its spectrum, (with its own stigma that I cannot speak to). This is annoying for a myriad of reasons but mostly it goes to show just how little is known about schizophrenia by the lay person and how frustrating it can be to have a disorder no one understands but everyone has an opinion about.

Schizophrenia is a spectrum, similar to the autism spectrum. Many people may have schizophrenia or an associated disorder and be perfectly able to live a normal life independent of assistance of any kind, others require round the clock care, and there are a million versions of ‘inbetween’. Everyone on this spectrum deserves the same amount of respect and kindness as people without schizophrenic disorders. There is literally no reason to assume someone that hears voices can’t hear you laughing at them. Or that someone who sees things that may not be there or believe in things they shouldn’t doesn’t know you’re a huge piece of shit.

Stop talking shit about the homeless people you see that are shouting at no one. Stop making fun of people who live in tin foil lined apartments. Stop assuming you know literally anything about another persons mental health simply because you have witnessed one symptom. Stop thinking that “hearing voices” is somehow a joke in and of itself.

I’m relatively well off, considering I’m on this spectrum, and many of my friends and family had no idea until I told them that I have this disorder. What does that mean? It means most of the time I’m telling these people after they’ve unknowingly made an insensitive remark or an offensive joke at my expense. I’m in a place where telling people about my illness doesn’t put me at risk. I’m lucky in that respect. Most people have negative opinions about schizophrenia – assuming they know what it is when they likely have no idea at all, and assuming those of us on the spectrum are incapable and utterly “crazy”. This stigma means that most people on the spectrum aren’t going to call you out on your shitty jokes for their own safty, so just stop.

If you can’t find a better word to use than schizo, crazy, insane, loopy, psycho etc then you need to beef up your vocab. We aren’t a joke. We don’t deserve to be the butt of your shitty jokes. I’m here for my schizophrenics and I’m determined to see positivity for us on this god forsaken website.

everyone is gay: the sequel // evak & magnus

even and magnus are hiding something from isak.
(sequel to everyone is gay: the musical)

When both of their phones go off at the same time, it means either one of two things: 1) Eskild is telling them to keep the noise levels down, or 2) there’s a new message in the guys’ groupchat.

Since the closest contact they have with each other’s fun zones (at the present moment, at least) is Isak lying with his head in Even’s lap, Even can only assume it’s the latter.

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stop the stigma

this is a part of my recovery that i tend to keep private, but after the last few days and conversations with friends, family, and people who are more like family to me than my own, i feel it necessary to speak up. i had no idea how many people out there really have no idea what causes depression. Though it may be situational and come in passing for some, for others like myself it is a LITERAL imbalance of chemicals in my brain and the lack of serotonin. and the stigma between being mentally ill and taking medication really bothers me. i am not crazy, taking medication does not make me weak, it does not mean i am any less of a person than someone who does not rely on medication. what many don’t seem to grasp is that all this medication provides for someone like myself is the missing chemicals, it allows my brain to functionally normally as anyone else’s would. its not giving me something extra, its just providing what others naturally produce whereas i don’t. there is nothing wrong with taking medication. it does not make you less of a person. it does not make you makes you human, for the first time in nearly a year i feel like myself again. for the first time in a year it doesnt feel like there is an elephant sitting on my chest. for the first time in a year i can breathe, i can smile, i can sing in the car. for the first time in nearly a year i have accepted that i am human, and having the ability to ask for help does not make me weak, yet strong. for the first time in nearly a year, i can breathe. for the first time in nearly a year i am me again. 

Chronological Order?

so, it’s been a week since Markiplier TV first came out, but there’s something that’s been bothering me, that no one has really brought up…

At the iplier meeting, Dark questions how Wilford’s idea will help them “take back control”. Which, is understandable for him to ask, considering he WAS interrupted in “A Date with Markiplier”

HOWEVER, if Dark’s not in control, then how the heck did this happen?

Originally posted by madiesunny

Why is Dark seeking control of the channel, when a month before the meeting, he already seemed to have taken Mark’s place????

When discussing about Darkiplier, Mark mentioned how “much like Warfstache, (he) doesn’t obey the laws of physics.” This is also true, considering how Dark was able to turn Mark’s date into a time loop. So this got me thinking: what Dark hated the Markiplier TV idea so much, that he went back in time to get rid of Mark and just do it on his own terms? This also makes what Mark/Dark kept repeating in the “dont play this game” video all the more sense:

“Do you understand me? Nobody does…”

Basically everyone at the meeting did not care about control, but instead only cared about superficial things like Ed’s ad time and Bim’s game show deal. And while the Host wasn’t doing the same, he was just kinda narrating everything as it went. So literally, NONE OF THEM really understood how important it was for them to find a way to take control.

However, who was the ONLY EGO to even contribute anything helpful to the endeavor? GOOGLE!

Originally posted by luci-morningstar812


Originally posted by kate-mew

SO, how i think this went is this: Dark, not know for being patient, hates Warf’s idea so much that he decides to do it on his own. BUT, he does need some sort of way to get in somehow, hence allying with the only competent ego, google. Google glitches the minecraft video, GETTING RID OF MARK. Letting Darkiplier to sneak into his place, thus taking control.

idk, im probably looking too much into this, but this was something that’s been in my head for a while. so yeah haha :P

Button Pusher

AJ Styles/OC. For Anon: Making fun of AJ and his theme and his everything backstage is all fun and games until he overhears and decides you need to be taught a long hard lesson. What starts innocently enough has their sexual tension and feelings reaching its breaking point. Cue spanking, orgasm denial, begging, name calling (by both), and whatever other sinful goodness you can think of, with some sweetness afterwards.

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EXO’s Reaction to you doing your make-up



*It was the millionth time he’s seen you put make up on and he still has no idea how you remember which brush does what.When you asked him to hand you something, he just gives you a confused look.*

“Okay, sweetheart. I have absolutely no idea what brush you are referring to, you literally have fifty of them.”

Originally posted by ilovminseok


*He looked at you and then at himself in the mirror. Then back at you and back at himself. He’d walk up to you and observe carefully, wondering how come he does look as good as you when he puts on make up.*

“Teach me how to makeup.”

Originally posted by lycheepeaches


*Cutest sap. He’d flirt with you as you’re putting on eyeliner. Afterwards, you’d laugh at his cuteness for five minutes before going back to whatever it is you’re doing.*

“Honey, you don’t need make up. You’re already perfect.

Originally posted by laygion


*Absolute diva. You know I am going to bring this up but he will be the one doing your eyeliner. When you try to argue, he won’t be having it.*

“Excuse me, please sit still while the eyeliner master does his work.”

Originally posted by kingjunmyeonn


*Wants to join in on the fun and then has to scrub his face because he needs to redo his face for the date. It looked fun when you were doing it so he thought ‘why the hell not?’*

“Oh please, I look waayy better than you with this lipstick. Go ahead, take a picture and anyone will tell you that I look better. Don’t be jealous.”

Originally posted by purpleuhan


*Being a little sneak because before you came from the bathroom, he hid most of your brushes so you can’t use them. He didn’t like it when you wore make up because it masks your beauty.*

“The brushes? What brushes? Me? Hide them? I have absolutely no idea what causes you to say that but I would never do such a thing.”

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek


*As he watches you pull out all your make up equipment, he feels lightheaded. All those brushes, all those palettes, all those colors. He then has to lay down and breathe before he is sent into the oblivion that is your makeup table.*

“Oh my god… what is that. What are those brushes…where am I?”

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*He loves it when you do your make up. Sometimes he wonders if you would ever allow him to do it for you. He wants to learn so he can help you.*

“No no, keep going. I think you look beautiful already but continue.”

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*Sits there, admires you for a few seconds before leaning back and sighing. He just wanted to leave before the reservation is lost.*

“When you say ‘20 minutes’, were you lying? Because it’s been half an hour now.”

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