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Happy Valentines Day! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

Daichi is the home tutor for Bokuto (and most of the time Kuroo too bc they’re neighbors and have been friends since they were kids)

the upd8 tag be like...
  • johndave/johnkat/davekat shippers to each other: AHA!!!1! MY otp is canon and YOURS isn't! have fun on that sinking ship lol
  • me: *stands in corner and enthusiastically waves cherrypepsicola flag*

smh ed it wouldn’t hurt to make sure you’re kissing the right person first.

Meanwhile Ling’s just upset that Greed ruined what could’ve been a really cute moment.


we were built to fall apart, then fall back together

terrible headcanon time that whenever scott and stiles die, they’d end up in the white room and allison would be there waiting for them, aH H A  H   A;;; i’ll just see myself out 

i don’t know what i’ve been doing art-wise these past couple things but w/e!!! it’s simple and i’m mostly just fucking around to try and get out of this block i’ve been in;;;

So there’s one moment in Crisis Core that is unbelievably heartbreaking to me for very subtle reasons, and that’s the moment when Angeal vanishes and Sephiroth immediately declares that he’s betrayed Shinra, despite Zack’s insistence otherwise.

Because Angeal and Genesis where Sephiroth’s only friends. But they had already grown up in each other’s pockets before they’d ever met Sephiroth. So Sephiroth probably always felt a bit like an outsider, and was probably really insecure about the nature of his friendship with each of them versus their relationship with each other. Just little things they got that he didn’t–assumed facts about growing up with a relatively normal family, being country-village kids together, having inside jokes and shared memories from their youth. And not that they ever purposefully excluded Sephiroth–half the time they probably didn’t even notice the gap, or think it was such a big deal. But Sephiroth couldn’t not notice it. It was just another thing that made him different.

So when Genesis left, Sephiroth was probably just waiting for Angeal to leave too, because he’s always picking Genesis over me, because it’s always been the two of them and I was the add-on, because I’ve never been good enough by myself, and then it really does happen, Angeal leaves, and Sephiroth was right and he’s hurt and he’s pissed because he knew it was coming and it hurts anyway, so he takes it all out on Angeal, but it’s not Angeal’s leaving Shinra that Sephiroth cares about. It’s the proof that he really was the third wheel on Ang and Gen’s friendship after all.


a p e r f e c t combination.

cross your sorry heart (and hope to die for me)


trouble halsey // wolves down like silver //  red hands walk off the earth // plain sailing weather frank turner // my silver lining first aid kit // born to die lana del rey // first cold war kids // little lion man mumford and sons // say something jasmine thompson // one voice the wailin’ jennies // three tree town ben howard  // knockin’ on heaven’s door raign // bury it chvrches // never let me go florence + the machine

an audrey/duke/nathan finale fanmix.

  • Person: What's your favorite tv series?
  • Me: [jumps up and down] SUPERNATURAL
  • Me: [screams] S UPERNATURAL
  • Me: [starts sobbing] Super *sniffle* natural
  • Me: [hyperventilating] sUpErNaTuRaL
  • Person: Um
  • Me: I mean uh yeah that show with the brothers is alright

I adopted two cats; their names are Jude and Milla.

More art for #talesof69min. Prompt in bold. :’)

I might start posting the ones I like individually and only do compilation posts for the ones I wanna hide amongst others lmao.