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Anon said: I think all the ot3 shippers are going to love this chapter. Also. Resident phone charger spotted


  • Kirishima’s unbreakable form is THE COOLEST thing I’ve ever seen I wanna draw it???? help
  • Like seriously I’m s h a k i n g he’s SO COOL talk about being flashy HOLY HELL
  • By the way did he add the sleeves to his costume just so they could rip when he used this form I need to know for science
  • He actually got an issue with the villain acting like a villain BECAUSE HE DIDN’T STICK AROUND TO HELP ALL THE WAY THROUGH Kirishima your priorities are fucked I love you
  • Did I mention how damn pretty he is in this chapter because I’m weak
  • He’s!!!! The most hero character in the whole manga??? Tries to comfort the villain when he starts crying, helps him get up and actually asks him if he’s okay, tries to symphatize with him and the first thing he thinks about when he sees the upgrade is I can’t let this reach the main road like RIP ME
  • All the squad boys just chilling together like I will never need anything more in my life to be happy
  • Baku and Kami are once again sitting next to each other and that’s a recurring trend that makes my heart sing
  • Tokoyami was WITH THEM try and pry him away from the squad in my head now he’s part of it and I’m not letting him go I’ve been waiting for this to happen since I got into this manga
  • Kiri!!!!! feeling comfortable enough to share his doubts with his friends!!!!!! Like rip me!!!!!!!! Holy fuckkkk!!!!!

  • I LOVE this panel let me tell you WHY I love this panel 
  • Bakugou can’t even understand what Kirishima’s talking about right here and that’s because when Kirishima said “I will be a horse that won’t crumple” Bakugou saw it as Kirishima’s whole point as a hero 
  • he won’t bend, he won’t fall, he won’t break till the very end that’s what heroes are for Bakugou, that’s what he admires the most in All Might and that’s why he was so ready to accept Kirishima as an equal
  • the possibility of Kirishima not seeing his quirk as worthy just does not compute in Bakugou’s head
  • “Keeping up? Why would you be unable to keep up? You said you won’t break, didn’t you? What else do you need to be the strongest?”
  • and then he proceeds with cOMPARING HIM TO ALL MIGHT
  • RIP ME
  • i won’t be able to think about anything else for the rest of my always i’ve read this chapter dozens of times already life really is beautiful

Consider, if you will…

In law school students have to participate in mock trials, where they separate into groups like defense/prosecution/jury, etc. Which means that at some point Sonny Carisi would have to wear the appropriate clothing, prep for the case chosen as an example, and realistically and effectively BE a prosecutor. And he’s not nervous about it per se, but it will be the first time he puts his theoretical skills into practice so he talks it over with Rollins in the squad room, even going to far as to mention that it’s this coming Tuesday night. Probably in the hopes that she would remember and wish him good luck.

It’s not his fault that Rafael overhears, but he does.

It’s also not his fault that Rafael’s curiosity is well and thoroughly piqued at the prospect of seeing the lawyer in Carisi rather than just the detective. He has his suspicions based on knowing the man professionally but those suspicions meant nothing in the long run so he keeps them to himself.

He tries to forget, he really does.

He’s already very busy, he has four arraignments the next day and the opening arguments for a separate case the morning after that, and still Rafael finds himself calling an old colleague from Fordham to inquire on the time and place of the mock court session taking place later that day. The professor suspects nothing, gives the information out with hardly a second thought as to why a infamous prominent Manhattan ADA wants to attend mock court for a program other than his alma mater.  It likely hasn’t occurred to him that Rafael works with one of his students.  

Which is how he ends up at Fordham late on a Tuesday night, footsteps echoing in an empty hallway as he looks for a particular room number.  

He slips in the back so no one sees him other than the professor, who gives him a subtle nod.  Rafael is considerate enough to know that seeing him would throw Carisi off his game so he sits in the far back of the gallery and keeps his mouth shut.  Even when he wants to tell a student juror to quit texting and wants to tell the defense to consider acting lessons to get rid of his stage fright.  He watches Carisi gives opening statements as lead for the prosecution and he can’t help the swell of pride in his chest.  The man is confident, affable.  Leaning on the jury box with all the likable ease that Carisi seems to inhabit naturally.  He sounds intelligent, looks professional.  Is clearly prepared and obviously mentally engaged with the proceedings.  The jury is comfortable with him, are receptive to what he was saying.  

None of this is news to Rafael, who expected no less of a detective skilled at deciphering human behavior and adopting the likenesses of characters used for undercover operations.  

It’s not until the first instance of a cross that Rafael is taken by surprise.

It wasn’t hard to tell the smug asshole in the room, from the moment he was led in.  He took the stand reproachfully, as though this wasn’t the part of the assignment he had his eye on.  Since his glare was very obviously at Carisi it wasn’t hard to tell the position he’d wanted.  It didn’t bother the detective at all, treating the other student with passive disinterest to start.  Standard questions, nothing spectacular.  At least until the first objection, which Sonny backs up with a case tried fifteen years before - in Brooklyn, of all places.

One of Rafael’s cases, a homicide.

He wins the motion.

Which the witness didn’t seem to care for at all because then he started acting up, giving petulant non-answers to throw Carisi off.  To affect his performance.  It doesn’t work. Instead, when he refuses to answer for the third time, Carisi turns to the professor and asks permission to treat him as a hostile witness - at which time Carisi turns on a dime and decimates him.    

With logic, with the kid’s own words.  For the first time since the mock trial started Rafael is reminded of the capable detective, strong enough to compel confessions out of suspects far more intimidating than a petulant jerk in a mock trial.  By the time he’s done the kid is blinking and dazed and Rafael doesn’t think his chest feels tight out of pride.  When he watches Carisi smooth his tie and dismiss the witness his mouth is dry and he can feel his heartbeat significantly lower than his actual heart.  

It’s then that the professor chooses to conclude the trial for today and everyone stands up to start collecting their things, chatter starting up again while they make plans to grab drinks.  Carisi is the only one who declines, stating he has an early shift in the morning.  Slowly everyone filters out and Carisi has stayed behind, exchanging words and a smile with the professor.  Finally the professor says something significant and Carisi jolts, turning slowly and searching the chairs in the gallery before finding Rafael.

He swallows hard, bracing.

Probably to be mocked because he doesn’t realize that he’s done nothing worthy of being mocked.

The professor claps him on the back once and leaves the room while Rafael finally stands, descending the steps until he reaches the courtroom floor.  Hands in his pockets, expression neutral.

“Counselor,” Carisi starts amiably.  “Didn’t expect to see you setting foot here willingly.  Who blackmailed you?”

Rafael chuckles.

“No blackmail necessary.  I overheard you telling Detective Rollins,” he says, approaching the table.  “I hope it doesn’t bother you.”

Carisi grins.  “Not at all, counselor.  Now I get to look forward to a whole new category of jokes at my expense.”

“Jokes about what, detective?” he asks seriously, still feeling the secondary thrill from discovering that Carisi’s legal prowess was unbearably attractive to him.  “That you’re more than capable?  That you’re talented, even?  Quick on your feet, intuitive?  Every one of those is a terrible punchline.”

Carisi looks at him like he sprouted a second head.

“You used one of my cases,” he points out as well, just because it needs to be said.  “Creatively, I might add.  I wouldn’t have thought to apply it here.”

The detective chuckled but Rafael didn’t miss the color creeping up his neck.  

“Impressed, counselor?”


Carisi’s eyes jerk up to meet his, to judge his seriousness, and seems to trust what he finds because his shoulders finally relax and his smile is suddenly genuine.  A beaming, bright thing that makes Rafael wonder why he’d wasted so much time making him roll his eyes when this was a much better alternative.

A thought for another time, and Rafael still has more to say.

“You might let your classmate, the defense, know that he needs some extra attention in public speaking.  Acting classes help, I’m told,” he adds, just because the thought sticks with him and he doesn’t want to see a talented lawyer go to waste because he doesn’t know how to perform for a jury.  Judging from the way Carisi grins at him it was a bad move because now he’s looking at Rafael with unobstructed interest, a hint of heat low in his gaze.

“You thinking about teaching, Barba?”

He scoffs.

“Oh, you don’t want that Carisi,” he replies with a hint of a smile.  “Besides, would you willingly subject any of your classmates to being at my mercy?”

“Nah,” Carisi denies, closing his briefcase and sneaking a glance at Rafael.  A glance that lingers long after it should have ended had this been a professional discussion between colleagues.  “I might get jealous.”

Rafael pauses, calculating.

Carisi doesn’t back down.


“Do you have somewhere to be right now, Carisi?” he asks before the question has fully formed in his head but he doesn’t back down either.

“Nope.  I took the whole night off because we’re never sure how long these things will last,” he replies as they start toward the door.  “You?”

“Only if you want to get a drink with me,” Rafael offers mildly and doesn’t miss the flicker of surprise on Carisi’s face.  

“Yeah,” he says slowly, getting accustomed to the idea.  “Yeah, I’d like that.”

They reach the door and Carisi steps forward first, opening it for him.  Something Carisi has always done for him but this time Rafael takes advantage, moving just a little closer than necessary as he passes through it.

“Thank you, counselor,” Rafael says kindly and Carisi’s jaw falls open for real this time, heat flashing high on his cheeks.  He makes it several feet down the hall before he realizes that Carisi is frozen in place, looking at him with open awe on his face.  

“You coming, Carisi?” 

The words snap him out of it and he lets the door close, walking quickly to catch up to him, and Rafael allows himself to smirk. 

Rafael still has the upper hand.

For a little while.

Re-watching S1 and I love how the nail bat represents stoncy and the three of them coming together to fight the Demogorgan in the final.

Nancy provides the bat, the desire to fight.

Jonathan drives in the nails, the added bite and attack power.

Steve is the one that ultimately wields it.

Not only that, but Steve then keeps the bat and wields it again in S2. So it’s kind of like he was still carrying their fighting spirit with him, even when they weren’t there.

Arya: So you guys are in a three-way-?

Margaery: It is called a throuple, Arya.

Sansa: We’re in a homo-centric semi-non-sexual throuple with us and Theon.


Arya: What-

Sansa: It means we don’t have sex with him as often as we have sex with each other but we do love him and he does live here and he’s in this relationship.




smh ed it wouldn’t hurt to make sure you’re kissing the right person first.

Meanwhile Ling’s just upset that Greed ruined what could’ve been a really cute moment.

Iwa: Guys, please do the dishes
Makki & Matsun: gUyZ pLeAsE dO dA dIsHeZ

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super angsty and sad prompt for OT3: "well, no one dies with dignity"

Hi anon!! So, I know this probably is not what you wanted but it was begging to be written. In fact, it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever written. Ever. But I would be happy to write you something else a little different if you like! Just hit up my inbox :)

Steve doesn’t consider himself to be an unhealthy guy. He’s pretty active, he’s always been in sports while in school and even now goes for a run most mornings. But yeah, sometimes he prefers a burger to a hearty salad or wants a beer. No shame in that. His guilty pleasure though, is pork rinds. He can’t remember when he first ate them but there’s just something about that salty flavor and crunch.

Whenever he brings home a bag, Jonathan and Nancy immediately groan.

“Steve, those are so gross. I don’t get how you like them.” Jonathan wrinkles his nose when Steve plops next to him on the couch with a freshly opened bag.

“It’s an acquired taste.” He smirks and teasingly waves a rind in front of Jon’s face, who quickly scoots to the opposite end of the sofa.

“Yuck, get it away from me! You know I can’t stand the smell.”

“Seriously, Steven, those are so unhealthy,” Nancy chimes in from the dining table, which is currently covered with medical textbooks and notes. “They’re going to be the death of you someday.”

“Yes, Dr. Wheeler,” Steve answers in a singsong voice and she tries to hide her smile. She loves these boys, even when they act like children.

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Happy Valentines Day! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

Daichi is the home tutor for Bokuto (and most of the time Kuroo too bc they’re neighbors and have been friends since they were kids)


we were built to fall apart, then fall back together

terrible headcanon time that whenever scott and stiles die, they’d end up in the white room and allison would be there waiting for them, aH H A  H   A;;; i’ll just see myself out 

i don’t know what i’ve been doing art-wise these past couple things but w/e!!! it’s simple and i’m mostly just fucking around to try and get out of this block i’ve been in;;;

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do you have any stegginelli headcanons?

oh, nonnie, you bet your ass i’ve got stegginelli headcanons

  • steve can pick both peggy and angie up and carry them around really easily. peggy pretends that she hates it, but angie will literally just throw herself at steve and make him carry her everywhere
  • angie wears their dog tags a lot, especially when one or both of them are away on missions
  • PEGGY SANDWICH like she curls in on herself when she sleeps and steve and and angie just sort of cuddle up around her and angie plays with her hair until they’re all asleep
  • angie’s a total boob girl and between peggy’s and steve’s she is basically always dying help her
  • steve and angie are constantly swapping stories of their old neighborhoods, comparing brooklyn and east harlem while peggy just enjoys watching them get so animated
  • steve draws them all the time. he’ll sometimes leave his sketchbooks places by accident and peggy or angie’ll pick them up and find everything from little sketches of angie taking a bow to a super realistic study of the way peggy’s hair curls in her face to a few more drawings of angie’s and peggy’s faces from some more…intimate moments
  • peggy’s partially deaf in her left ear but she hates other people knowing about it, so whenever they’re out somewhere and she starts getting a little bit nervous, steve just stands on her left and loops his arm around her waist for support and angie gets on her right and holds her hands and whispers anything that peggy might have missed so peggy doesn’t have to ask anyone to repeat themselves
  • angie and steve accidentally adopt a stray cat one day while peggy’s out and they spend an entire afternoon preparing their defense to peggy only to find out that peggy’s allergic. angie’s crushed, but then steve suggests a dog and peggy just rolls her eyes (except the puppy they end up getting really likes her and it’s cute enough and fine, maybe it can stay)
  • angie makes iced tea one day and she and steve are both just casually enjoying it while peggy’s just glaring at them over a mug of her own real tea
  • they go to coney island and angie and steve ride all the rides and peggy and steve win almost all the games and angie’s walking out of the park with her arms full of cheap stuffed animals
  • i could keep going but just these three idiots being in love and taking care of each other i live for it
show me where my skin begins - mapped - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
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Thomas realises that he’s been spending too much time with James and not enough with Miranda, so of course he comes up with a Brilliant Plan to compensate.