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Hizashi: man. I just found out a whole page about tea, apparently, different types of tea can help realieve stress or help with a common cold. Heck, they even have tea that helps with sleep deprivation.

Aizawa: *looks through website. Soon leaving the room*

Hizashi: *follows Aizawa into the kitchen*

Hizashi: what th-

Aizawa: *grabs the biggest Pot and boils over 13 different types of tea bags*

Hizashi: that’s not healthy!

Aizawa: stfu! I can’t adult without tea

Hizashi: you literally just skimmed through the website. Do you even know what tea your using?

Aizawa: *looks at pot* its mainly Lemon balm tea and Chamomile tea… DONT JUDGE ME YA FOOL

tutoring sessions — peter parker (part four)

read part one, part two, and part three 

prompt: on the day of your makeup exam, you have yet to confront peter on the fact that you know he’s spider-man. but then again, tests are more important than boys—even if that said boy is a superhero. 

warnings: cute!! fluff!! i’m so sad to see this end rip 

notes: i’m so happy y'all liked this series omg thank you so much for the support. there’s so many people on the taglist so i decided not to do one!! please request ideas and follow! hope you enjoy 

Sneakers squeaking against the tiled floors, echoing in the practically empty hallway, the sounds of yelling and laughter no longer filling up the space around you. You remember the constant tapping of your pencil in Mrs. Gardener’s classroom as you checked and scanned each answer over and over and over—damn it, that’s supposed to be terminated—making sure that every single problem had been solved to perfection. The amount of work you had put into this had left you exhausted, but more ready than ever. 

Hours before you had studied nonstop, in between classes, during study hall; everything that you could do in your power to prepare, you did. Yesterday, you had even locked yourself in your bedroom after showering, opening up textbooks and notes that you had written and highlighted—acting as though you were completely unfazed by the event that had taken place previously. 

[Y/N] you could’ve died today—

Yeah well, Mom, I will die if I don’t pass this, I’m okay I swear. 

You were beyond focused, barely looking up unless it was to glance at your phone whenever MJ had sent you a motivational text message; and though you were nervous, you were confident. You knew you had worked hard to do this and you knew that you were smart; you could do this. And you did. To describe the feeling was easy. It was, well for lack of better term—


You handed in your test and Mrs. Gardener took it. While you did feel somewhat triumphant, you also felt dull. It was a simple change, nothing spectacular, and you’re not exactly sure why you expected something more. It was anticlimactic and it felt like the days you spent being tutored never happened and that you had ever spent time with…


You frowned as you stopped at your locker, taking note of the fact that he hadn’t texted you back yet. However, you couldn’t exactly blame him. He was a superhero and a fifteen year old kid. You could only imagine the struggle to balance that. Though, you couldn’t deny the never ending questions you had. Like, how’d he get his powers? How did he deal with them? Was everything radioactive? Did he—oh my God, could he hear my heart beating every time we sit together—

Footsteps snapped you out of your thoughts and you looked up to see MJ, whom you had expected to see since she told you she would wait for you to give you some emotional support, but you didn’t expect to see Peter. He looked down, or his eyes would flicker around, not stopping on you. You hadn’t talked to him at all today—which was suck-ish, you got to admit—and he went out of his way to sit somewhere else and run the other way in the halls. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration; he didn’t run away from you, he just walked…really fast. 

It was no big deal to you, mainly because you knew why he was avoiding you, and to be honest, he didn’t completely ignore you. He may be good at keeping secrets (huge, spider related secrets!) but he wasn’t good at pretending that he wasn’t staring at you. Seriously, you could practically always feel his eyes on you when he thought you weren’t paying attention. It was cute. 

He was cute. He is cute—shush, [Y/N]! Snap out of it! He’s walking over with MJ, okay okay, act normal. Lean against your locker, no don’t! That’s weird.

“So, how’s my favorite nerd?” MJ asked, her figure towering over you. Her eyes glance to Peter. “No offense, Parker, you’re a runner-up for third.”

“Third, what?” He mutters to himself, but so far he acts like he’s not part of the current ongoing situation. 

“It was surprisingly easy. I knew everything, or mostly everything, and yeah,” you told MJ. “Mrs. Gardener says she’ll try and grade it tonight.”

“I told you that you could do it! Look at you go,” MJ replies and she gives you a smirk and a knowing expression. 

“Yeah well, I studied all night and…Well, I had a good tutor.” Your eyes land on Peter and at your statement he slowly lifts his head up and stops staring at his hands. 

“No need to thank me,” MJ interrupts the staring contest you’re currently having with Peter and turns to start walking, whispering something to the boy, before addressing you. “Text me if you get your grade tonight!”

She makes her way towards the school doors—walking because no, [Y/N] I don’t run because I am too cool for that—but you don’t miss the thumbs up she shoots you as she exits. You pack several textbooks into your bag awkwardly, listening to Peter shift around and sniffle a couple times. You close your locker and turn around, neither of you saying a word. 

You scrape your foot against the floor and you’re wondering who’s going to say something. You’re excited to talk to him, to officially thank him for basically saving your life along with twenty three other people’s lives, and he’s just staring at you. Gazing at you in a way no one has ever looked at you before. In the way he always has. 

His eyes are tracing off the slope of your nose and the color of your eyes and the way you’re currently biting your lip to distract yourself, and his heart is racing, racing, racing, and he really did wish that he had Karen this time to give him some advice. He knows that MJ’s pep talk before should have given him an ego boost so that he could finally confess his feelings for you, but he was still struggling to get one word out of his mouth. You’re just so—everything about you made his heart fall to the floor and he’s freaking out.

“So…” He starts.

“So…” you repeat, locking eyes with him. “"You’re Spider-Man, huh?”

He gives you an incredulous look. “What? Wha—no, no! Where on Earth did you get that idea?” 

“Okay, so you’re not ignoring my texts and me because you’re a Spider-themed superhero who constantly saves Queens, New York,” you tell him, acting like you believe him. “And I just found out your alter-ego which I shouldn’t have?”

“Of course not,” he stammers and you quirk a brow, taking a step towards him as he takes a step back. 

“So Spider-Man just happens to coincidentally be about the same height as a young man I know as Peter Parker and have the exact same voice as him and the same figure and they both happen to do that thing where they lower their voice in front of other people to sound tougher and impress—”

“Okay, okay!” Peter stops you, sighing as his shoulders slump down in defeat. He gives in and you smile brightly, ignoring the sudden proximity between you two. “I’m Spider-Man.”

“I knew it! That’s so…awesome! I mean you were already pretty awesome as Peter Parker and you’re also Spider-Man so you’re, like, double awesome? So cool,” You gush suddenly and Peter’s blushing hard. “You’re literally my hero both ways—even though I could totally save myself, just saying—but because of you I don’t have a bullet through my head and I have a chance of actually passing my test!” 

“N-no problem, [Y/N], but that was all you, you know,” Peter says and he tries to steady his breathing. “But, uh, um, I came here to say—well, to tell you something else. Kind of.” 

He fiddled with his sweater and he’s stuttering trying to get the words out. He’s rocking on the balls of his feet, thinking about all the ways he’s going to get rejected, and all the ways he won’t care if he gets rejected because he doesn’t believe in the friend zone and he will respect your decision over anything because if you do not see him romantically that’s your choice and he knows he would have no right or reason to be mad at you for that. He would be sad, sure, but he just cares about respecting you and keeping you happy without forcing anything onto you. God, god, god, he’s so nervous. He’s rambling to himself. 

Come on, Peter. You got this. 

“So MJ and I were talking with Ned and she found something out about me—not the Spider-Man thing, she doesn’t know about that, only you and Ned do, but yeah, not the point, sorry. Anyways, you make me…really, really nervous. And I always want to impress you because you’re smart and funny and adorable and we like the same things and I in no way was trying to take advantage of you by trying to be your tutor, I genuinely wanted to help you and,” He looks up at you and you can see how flustered he is. He lets out the shakiest breath you’ve ever heard and you grin. “MJ set this whole thing up because…I…like you.” 

“Oh, wow.” 

Your brain is a mess. It’s like a jumbled mess of numbers is screaming out you and a big, red sign in your head is going OH!!! MY!! GOD!! and you gulp. No one had ever talked about you like that before. Yeah, it wasn’t the best or most romantic of eloquent thing you’ve ever heard, but it was how he said it. He was a mess because of you. You did that to him. He does that to you. 

“Peter…I like you too,” you admit and it comes out in such a rushed, hurried breath that he almost didn’t hear it. “This is such a relief, we both like each other. Thank goodness.” 

Peter chuckles, but there’s still a hint of anxiety in there.

 [Y/N] is so cute, I’m going to explode. 

Suddenly, your phone rings and you remember that your mom is here to pick you up. You both give each other an innocent look and you try to say something before walking away. You don’t know how to exactly say it and you know it’s going to take a lot of courage to say it but—

“Do you…wanna, you know, go to homecoming with me?” You blurt out and it’s said so clearly that you surprise yourself and Peter. “Considering the fact that if I get a good grade on my retake I can go. And if my parents finally decide to let me interact with someone romantically.”

His eyes widen. “Ho-homecoming? With you? Of course, yes, totally, I’d love to go with you, that’s so awesome, I’ll—yeah, yes.”

“Good. I’ll, I will text you. We’ll text each other. We can sort everything out.”

“Yeah, yeah, totally,” he says sighing slightly dreamily and distracted. You just asked him out? He had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. “T-talk to you later?”

“Yeah,” you say and you turn to walk out the door and into your mom’s car before she yells at you, but on a quick last minute choice, you run back quickly and kiss his cheek. “Bye, nerd.”

He watches you walk away and in the midst of currently losing his mind, he’s worried about one thing. 

What on earth is he going to wear?

all done!!! request more please! requests are open 

[Fanfic] Laid to Rest

Fandom: Overwatch

Characters: Jack Morrison/Soldier 76, Angela Ziegler/Mercy

Pairing: Mercy 76 (Jack x Angela)

Concepts: RoleReversed! AU for Mercy and Soldier 76 in which it was the former who “died” and came back as the vigilante Nemesis. The latter would be under the code SC - 76.

Preface: Greetings everyone! It’s been quite a while since I wrote something like this, since I have been very busy with stuff happening (ie. LoA in Med School, seeking help, trying to now find work, etc.). I just hope to anyone who wants to read it to enjoy really. If you happen to like it, feel free to tell me. Comments/reviews/PMs? will be greatly appreciated (criticisms will be fine as well as long as it is fully meant to be constructive, let’s all be nice here)

P.S.: I still want to say big thanks to the people who brought like Mercy76 around for me to enjoy being hopefully a part of! Big shoutout to people like @ynartistic, @xavirne, @angelicsoldier who made amazing fanart and fanfic that I wanted to contribute in the way I can. Hope to also meet more people! I also hope to put some more time into writing in general now!

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