literally my favourite scene in season three

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To bring back some positivity: What is your fav klance moment and what kind of a scene between them do you want to see the most in s5?

My favourite Klance moment? There are too many :,D but of course if I had to say one, it would definitely be the bonding moment (or pretty much all of season three because that season was a whole ass klance moment)

And I think in season five, considering Lauren has called Lance Keith’s stability and that was shown in season three too, I just want him to find out about Keith literally almost sacrificing himself and they just talk about it you know? It doesn’t have to be an hour long convo, but I think other than Shiro, Lance can be the one to get through to Keith as well. Kind of like when Lance talked to him about his insecurities on the team, and Keith used his own way of assuring that they need him no matter what. This is what Lance should tell Keith too, that he shouldn’t just throw his life away so easily because the team needs him and so on. I think that’d be a really good turning point in their relationship.

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Top 5 Olicity quotes?

5. “You will always be my girl, Felicity.”

I loved this because it was the first time we really see Oliver give her assurance that she is incredibly important to him, and in that, it’s him making a very obvious choice that having Felicity as part of his present/future is more important than integrating his past (Sara) into what he has now.

4. “I love you.”

As much as I love it when Oliver says this to her, when she says “I love you” to him in 3x20 you can actually see his mind shut down - this is it, he loves her. He knows he loves her, and he is going to do anything he can to keep her safe. In that instant, she becomes the most important thing to him in a single moment. Yes, he wants his friends safe, he wants his sister safe, but above all, the woman he loves has to be safe.

3. “Would you like to go to dinner with me?”

I love this because it’s the real start of Oliver making changes to allow himself to be happy - and he starts with Felicity. Finally, he starts listening to people and that helps him to see that this thing with Felicity isn’t all in his head, and maybe it’s not that unattainable either. And he doesn’t try to impress her the way he would have done before, he just asks her to dinner. 

2. “We found ourselves in each other.”

This line was perfect. But the reason I love it so much is because Felicity speaks it with such conviction that Oliver looks at her like she knows absolutely everything, that her word is law, that she can speak no wrong - and she’s literally repeating what her mother told her. 

1. “Want to play a game?”

This entire scene is one of, if not the, favourite Olicity scene ever. It’s that perfect mix of stolen touches and soft voices and playfulness that we’d been waiting three seasons four and suddenly it’s there - it’s inside jokes, it’s openness, it’s understanding, it’s the two of them knowing each other so deeply that even what’s hidden is obvious. This is season 2 bickering Olicity within a relationship and it’s my favourite kind of Olicity.