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I am an awkward human being and I have no idea how to start off but I’ll give it a shot. So my name’s Amber, I’m 16 (I’ll be 17 this December), I’m homeschooled, and I live in a small town in southern America and there are tons of cows and old people. It’s veeeery exciting. 🙄😂 Anyways, here are some little things about me:

⭐ I’m literally the biggest art hoe.
⭐ Fall/winter are my favorite seasons (I love the holidays!!)
⭐ I’m really into self care. Lighting candles and taking bubblebaths are my fave.
⭐ I’m really into mental health, and I have an anxiety disorder (that’s why I’m homeschooled, lol)
⭐ I just started watching Steven Universe and omg. The colors and the music and the characters are so cool.
⭐ I like Coldplay, Ella Fitzgerald, random lo-fi hip-hop songs, Zedd, cage the elephant, Dodie Clark, Conan Grey, in love with a ghost, and the soundtrack to Amelie.
⭐ My fave movies: the secret life of Walter Mitty, Hugo, Interstellar, The little prince, song of the sea, Amelie, Coraline, patema inverted, ponyo, and the force awakens.
⭐ I’ll send you memes when you’re sad
⭐ I’m all for video calling once I’m comfortable with you, I’m a bit shy tho haha
⭐ I’m Christian, but It’s totally chill if you’re not (you do you, boo)
⭐ I support LGBTQ+ 🌈
⭐ I’m a feminist ♀
(Jasmine is the best tbh)
⭐ Some shows I like are Dr.Who, that 70s show, Avatar the last Airbender/Legend of Korra, sword art online, Steven Universe, Riverdale (Jughead is adorable honestly), stranger things (I’M SO EXCITED FOR SEASON TWOOO), and a series of unfortunate events.

***Just a little note: if you’re just into sexual things (nudes, sexting, and all that jazz) Then please don’t contact me. I’m only looking for some chill friends lol

Sooo yeah my dudes don’t be afraid to contact me cause I need friends lol

Instagram: SupItsAmbieee
Tumblr: SupItsAmbieee

I can’t wait to meet you ✨


but, i’m getting ahead of myself. ahem. let’s take a look at a little gif that’s been floating around the internet recently, one of my favorites, actually.

That whole “favorite” thing was sarcasm. Don’t know if I communicated that directly.

I fucking despise this gif. It’s so god damn simple. The fucking head shape has to morph like 3x to transition to each character. It’s literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen try and validate the similarities in today’s cartoons, because it’s a BASIC FUCKING HEADSHAPE. THAT MOST CHARACTERS HAVE. Yet somehow, it’s kind of a centerpiece to this anti-CalArts sentiment that’s spreading. So uh, let’s break it down, shall we?


The Amazing World of Gumball was created by Ben Bocquelet, who didn’t go to CalArts because he lives in the UK, fuck you. Like, i’m not even gonna make an argument for this.

also have you seen the fucking plethora of creative designs on this show in a fucking multitude of mediums? why is this even in this gif

Steven Universe

Steven Universe was created by Rebecca Sugar, who went to the School of Visual Arts in New York, fuck you.

also, uh remember the fucking pilot?

oh man so simplistic and generic

wOW tHe FuCK?? ? they A L L  LOok the SAme


jesus okay, how about the 3 shows from this gif actually made by CalArts grads, Gravity Falls, Clarence, and SvTFOE.

you ever considered that CalArts grads (or art student grads in general) don’t just come out the school tassel to the left, directly to the studio, and sit down at a table and draw for nine months until the show is born, with the show looking exactly the same way as the first sketch? ever considered that studios, simplify design for appeal or due to constraints? That maybe some studios have a style that no matter the initial design the creator has to adhere to? That maybe some execs MAKE the creators draw in a way that’s similar to other shows, in order to bring in an audience?

also have you considered the plethora of cartoons that exist not spearheaded by calarts alums? cause there’s a lot.

TL;DR stop demonizing CalArts (and its alums). It did nothing to you. It was sitting across the schoolyard minding it’s own business and you threw a dodgeball at it’s head. Now apologize or you can go stand on the wall for 5 more minutes.

the internet is forever is a scary thought usually but just knowing that roman saying “yas boy! get it!” to virgil is on the internet forever makes me so happy because it’s my literal favorite thing ever and it’s permanent

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my favorite thing is when anti sjws make fun of kids for being "cringy" or immature when they're literally 30 year olds who fight with teenagers in the internet

I KNOW ASDJDJFJF like of course kids are gonna be “cringey” I was a tryhard emo…they’re 30 what’s their excuse for being an embarrassing piece of shit

Expensive Headphones listen to ABBA together like you know how couples have ‘their song’. Yeah well Rich and Michael’s is literally anything by ABBA.

-Michael has those big headphones you can’t share, he bought earbuds for the sole purpose of sharing headphones with Rich when they’re out places
-When Rich watched Muriel’s Wedding for the first time halfway through he called Michael and made him come over and restarted it so they can watch it together
-Michael: *on the internet*
Michael: *sees that Mamma Mia! is a thing*
-Michael burned a disk of his and Rich’s favorite ABBA songs to listen to in the car
-They have the Mamma Mia! movie on DVD and they watch bootlegs of it all the time
-literally let them be happy and jam to ABBA

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I think my favorite moment with Futaba has to be during the valentine’s date where she tries to woo the MC with that “upwards glance” thing she read on the internet (which is already cute enough) and the MC has the option to say literally just “I love you” in response and Futaba just becomes completely distracted and lovestruck and it’s just

so cute.

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You're art is one of the most glorious things I've seen

awwww thank you so much, dear!!! I’m so so so happy I could cry!! it was worth drawing arts. yes, I’m really happy everytime my arts gets likes or reblog. I hardly post arts on the internet until now because I have no confidence. so yeah, literally be happy!! thank you darlings!!

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So I'm a broken mess because my faviorite character , after seven years of battling shippers that he's asexual I think this season validated thier ship with him having a baby and the fandom sexualizes hjm so much that I'm just left feeling outnumbered and broken . I gave up my favorite character on my Rp account , I apologized to the shippers for the seven year fight I tried and now I feel broken and just want to die . My friend says I should now rp him as ace as a way to heal --

But I’m not sure that’ll help as I still feel my interpretation Doesnt matter and and effects nobody so why rp asexual character ? I just ? What do I do ?

Fandoms are awful towards asexuals. Like, I literally have missed the days where I didn’t have internet so I was able to enjoy things in peace. I personally wouldn’t have said sorry to shippers because there’s no canon behavior that could ruin a headcanon for me. Mostly because if a character is coded, a character is coded.

There’s a theory called Death of The Author the roughly says whatever you the reader/viewer believes about the work is just as valid as what was written. I personally don’t believe that, but maybe you should look into if you do, or to help remind yourself that fiction has a lot of room for sometimes uncommon interruption. 

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I apologise for literally liking everything on your account, but I think you are hella funny and I value you as a human being. So why not? What are your favorite headcannons for modern day Sarah J Maas characters?

Originally posted by gameraboy

Why thank you. Why is it that after all my scouring of the internet for a good Sarah J Maas modern day fanfic I can’t think of a single one? (give me love/we are young by @highlady-casandra, it’s my favourite thing on tumblr read it) Hipster Dorian and alive Sam Cortland though probably.

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🐝- Tag three friends and your favorite things about them:

@trashasaurusrex Trish, we’ve gotten so close these past few months and literally talk everyday. You’re hands down one of the best (if not the best) artist in the fandom. you’re so talented and funny as hell. You make me laugh everyday and you manage to find the most ridiculous things on the internet (like the Arnold Schwarzenegger and My Little Pony cross over fan fic and then put it on text to speech on discord gdi). and you’re honestly the sweetest person in the fandom and irl and easy to talk to <3 ILY

@crewefox Hey man, you were like one of my first friends on here and our friendship has grown so much the past 6 months. I can come to you about literally anything. You’re one hell of a writer and extremely creative with situations for your story plot and I love that. You also manage to find time for all of that while working as a scrub nurse and I gotta admire that. 

@jman0525 Jacob, I have learned that we are literally the same person and it sort of terrifies me but it’s also great because that just means someone gets my lame jokes (and vise versa hehhhehe). You’re such a talented artist, especially for being self taught like holy shit. And you always help me when i ask for critiquing and advice. Also you have one of the kindest hearts, you know more about me than most people. 

🌸- Do you have a crush

Not at the moment, no. I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR LOVE.

🦄- List three favorite things about yourself!

Uhhh… hmmm.. well I’d like to think I have a good sense of humor? i guess in my own way lol

I’m nice to everyone because everyone deserves to be treated equally, but I also try not to take shit from people.

and I’m an OK artist. I’m pretty good at floor planning and starting to get into interior design for school so that’s exciting. Wasn’t expecting to be good at geometry when it’s needed.

Thanks for the asks anon <3

'The Lost City of Z' Star Robert Pattinson on His Epic Beard, Embarrassing Amazon Habit, and If He'd Ever Return to the 'Twilight' World
Robert Pattinson on April 5 at the ‘Lost City of Z’ premiere (Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Robert Pattinson has been waiting for his new movie The Lost City of Z to be revealed to moviegoers for nearly a decade. That’s about how long ago the 30-year-old Twilight alum was first approached by writer-director James Gray for his adaptation of David Grann’s popular non-fiction book about explorer Percy Fawcett’s long and dangerous search in the early 20th century for a hidden indigenous civilization in the Amazon.

Pattinson hung with the project through multiple lead changes (from Brad Pitt to Benedict Cumberbatch to, finally, Charlie Hunnam, who plays Fawcett). He even outgrew the role he was initially in the running for: Percy’s son Jack, played by Spider-Man Homecoming star Tom Holland. Pattison now portrays Henry Costin, a minor character in the book expanded for the screen, Fawcett’s hard-drinking, thick-bearded aide-de-camp. (The movie opens in theaters on Friday.)

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo Movies, Pattinson talked about the risks he’s attempted to take over the course of his career (even if no one noticed), if he’d ever consider returning to role of vampire Edward Cullen, and his embarrassing online habit that will pay dividends come one of his next films, Good Time.

How familiar were you with the source material for Lost City of Z? Had you read David Grann’s book?
Yeah, James gave me the book when it was a totally different script. Or I may have read it long before there was even a script at all. I think at the time he was thinking about me to play Percy’s son. Because I must’ve only been about 21. And then I just kind of stayed with it as time went on, and it went through all these different casts. [Laughs]

It sounds like the script changed a lot over the years. What were the biggest changes made over time?When I first read it, it was a straight action movie, like Indiana Jones. It was this rip-roaring adventure movie, and not this kind of epic, elegant saga that takes place over 30 years.

Costin is a much more minor character in the book. What did you build off of to shape him?
Well, I always thought with Percy’s character it would be a good idea to have a foil. I always interpreted Percy’s character as this man determined to fix the reputation that he thinks he’s deserved, and which his father has ruined for him…. He keeps going back to the jungle again and again and again, just to fix this insecurity. So I liked the idea of Costin being this character who basically had a total disregard for the English aristocracy or any kind of social climbing whatsoever. So he didn’t really want to bring anything back from the jungle, anyway. The entire point for him was just to go because he had nothing to live for in England.

Robert Pattinson in ‘The Lost City of Z’ (Photo: Amazon)

How much information was out there about the real guy? Any sense of his military career?
Well, Costin in reality was a refrigerator salesman. There was an advert in the Times of London saying, “Adventurers Wanted.” That’s actually how he got the job. [Laughs] He was one of the only people who applied for it. But he was in the army — he was a physical fitness instructor. But really, I liked the craziness of just applying to be an adventurer.

You rock some pretty rad facial hair in this movie. Did that look grow on you (pun intended), or did you not care for it?
By the end, I was definitely over it. But at least when you’re shooting a movie with your face covered, there’s very little makeup to be done. It was definitely, “Get out of bed, and that’s it” situation. That helped in the middle of the jungle.

You’ve played lead roles, you’ve taken supporting parts this is more of a supporting role in an ensemble. Do you have a preference these days?
There are certain directors I just really want to work with, and you bring what you can to a part. But in some ways it’s kind of nice [to play a supporting role]. It is a little bit liberating because you don’t have to concentrate on the narrative thrust of the story. You’re just purely thinking about character and just embellishing it a little bit. But with this, I would’ve played any part in it, pretty much.

Costin has some great lines in this movie. I think one of my favorites is when you say to Hunnam, “We’re too British for this jungle.” Did you guys feel out of your element filming in the jungles of Colombia?
No, I really loved it. I guess in some ways, it was kind of hard. But it’s just incredible, going to work every day in a little boat, going up river in the middle of virgin jungle in Colombia. It was very, very close to being on vacation, to be honest. [Laughs]

Watch Pattinson and Hunnam in a scene from ‘The Lost City of Z:’

But the type of vacation where you couldn’t eat anything?
Well, yeah. There’s a certain degree of harshness, and we were trying to lose as much as weight as possible in a really short period of time. So I guess there’s that element to it. But there’s a reason those guys wanted to keep going back as well. It’s amazing.

Do you consider yourself pretty adventurous? Could your relate to that thirst for exploration?
Yeah, definitely. I do sometimes find myself gravitating toward a job just because it’s shooting out in the middle of nowhere. If I’m shooting in a city, generally it can become a repetitive scenario. If you have anyone taking pictures on their phones, it just constantly reminds you of the reality of your life. And I find it becomes a little more difficult. Whereas if you’re out in the jungle and everyone is on the same page as you, you just sort of believe in character a little bit more.

What is your own personal Amazonian adventure? What is the biggest risk you’ve taken in your career so far?
I don’t know: I’ve done things which I thought were going to be really risky, which ended up not being risky at all. I generally try to keep finding ways to push the envelope as much as I can, and whenever I get the opportunity to do it, I generally try to take it. But I don’t really worry about taking risks, to be honest.

What’s something that you thought was risky that ended up not being?
I did this movie years ago called Bel Ami, which was at the height of all the Twilight stuff. It was this Guy de Maupassant novel about a guy who seduces women specifically to screw them out of their money and ruin their lives. I thought that was a relatively subversive choice to make at the time. [Laughs] And no one really seemed to think the same thing.

What is your relationship with your Twilight fanbase these days? Has the madness that surrounded your life calmed down at all?
It’s definitely calmed down in terms of my everyday life, but mainly because I spend more time in London, which is totally different. And I’m doing more parts that just sort of interest me, while in a lot of ways taking a little bit of a step back just to learn and get better. I guess I’ve never really acknowledged what the fan base is, or even if I have one. [Laughs]

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in ‘Twilight’ (Photo: Summit)

Oh, you have one.
But yeah, I’m always pretty curious about what people say afterwards, and who turns up, who likes the movie. It’s always kind of random. But I love it when someone who you just really wouldn’t expect says, “Oh, I liked you in this.”

What films have been most unexpected?
It’s always just really strange. I’ve done a bunch of movies which I thought might’ve been impossible to be seen. There was this film Little Ashes, where I played Salvador Dalí, from years and years ago, and just the other day I was walking down the street and somebody came up and said, “Oh, that’s my favorite film!” You kind of forget that people even watch your films. [Laughs]

What do you think of all the universe building that is going on in Hollywood right now, and the possibility that they could reboot Twilight and expand its world? Could you ever see yourself playing Edward Cullen again?
Really, they’re expanding it? So I’ll get my own spin-off? [Laughs]

Potentially! It could be called Edward: Homecoming.
Yeah, exactly.

But would you ever dip back in if the opportunity presented itself?
I mean, I’m always kind of curious. Anything where there’s a mass audience — or seemingly an audience for it — I always like the idea of subverting peoples’ expectations. So there could be some radical way of doing it, which could be quite fun. It’s always difficult when there’s no source material. But yeah, I’m always curious.

What type of role haven’t you been offered yet that you’re eager for?
I sort of, to a fault, rely a little bit too much on being inspired by things that land on my doorstep. I literally just did this movie called Good Time, which I think is a really interesting role. But I would’ve never, ever predicted that I would’ve liked it. [Pattinson plays a New York bank robber running from the police.] I think that he’s basically the embodiment of an angry commenter on the internet.

That sounds great.
Well, if you watch the movie you’ll probably be like, “Huh? What are you talking about?” But one of my favorite things to do — this is quite embarrassing — but you know how when you look on Amazon, and you see a product that’s got a consumer review that is so scathing, on like an electric toothbrush or something? Like, literally buying this toothbrush has ruined this person’s life. I always click on that person’s buying history, or their other reviews, and I’ll just read them for days and days. And I’m really amused. These people just have to vent this kind of furious anger on product reviews. I’ve always found that sort of character really interesting. [Laughs]

Read more from Yahoo Movies:

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hi i'm really interested in witchcraft and i've had a long interest in the environment and nature etc since i was a young child - do you know of anywhere that could help me gain a better understanding on witchcraft and what it entails? thank you!

There’s is sooo many places on the internet with resources I literally can’t list them all. But if you want things like books, Scott Cunningham is like the go-to for new witches because everyone knows about him. Some of his books are based more in Wicca than just witchcraft, but there are some that focus just on herbs or crystals or a variety of other things like that.
But here on Tumblr a few of my favorite witchy blogs are:
@witcheslookbook (this is a witch fashion blog but I still like it lol)
These are just small little bit of the amount of witchy tumblrs that are out there.

Also, witchcraft is an expression of yourself combined with how you interact with the things around you. The best way to learn witchcraft is to learn about yourself and how you want to grow with it. So I would say the best teacher would be yourself.

my favorite thing is how people make these blogs like ‘oh i’m a cis straight white male, are you #triggered just by my existence on le blue website??”

like dude, you are literally a dime a dozen. unfortunately, we deal with you everywhere, like a plague. we are used to you injecting your loud, wrong thoughts everywhere

Why would we fall to pieces because you found website #45 in Alexa’s top internet sites out of 500?

When you’re yu-gi-oh trash and your friend isn’t

also shout out to @psui for making one of my all time favorite pictures


Thanks everyone!! :’)

1: Take a picture of your workspace.

2: Show your pencilcase and what’s inside.

3: Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.

(wip for my last commission)

7: Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.

Dominant hand:

Non-dominant hand:


8: Redraw one favorite piece of art by other (internet/tumblr) artist.

Redrawing of this artist’s piece


9: Do you have any OCs?


11: Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?

Not music but random “narrative” playlists on youtube, like those of vlogbrothers, asapscience, standup comedy routines, audiobooks…right now I listen to Ouran HSHC Japanese-dub episodes :3 No faves

12: Favorite thing to draw?


13: Least favorite thing to draw?

Straight lines…like tables and chairs

14: Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.

15: Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?

I stare at things a lot

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Hi there! For the prompt thing: Either Bruce/Tony/Steve or, if you don't like that one, Tony/Steve/Thor? Thank you for doing this, your rare pair writings are always my favorite :D

“It will be such a great photo though!” Tony gestured emphatically as he tried to reason with his boyfriends. “We’ll break the Internet.”

Bruce shook his head but couldn’t tamper down the smile that wiggled onto his face at Tony’s behavior. “I’m not interested in breaking the Internet.”

Steve nodded in agreement. “It also probably isn’t a good thing to do either.”

Tony rolled his eyes. “We wouldn’t literally be breaking the Internet. We’d just be causing mass hysteria—the good kind.”

“How is there a good kind?” Steve asked.

“You’re changing the subject,” Tony accused. He huffed and did a close imitation of a pout. “All I want is a picture of you lifting a bench over you head, Steve. Is that really so much to ask?”

“No, you want him to lift a bench over his head while you and me sit on it,” Bruce corrected. “And considering either one of us can fall off said bench while he’s holding us, which could result in Steve dropping the bench because of the shift in weight or surprise, thus leading to all three of us getting injured, it would be unwise for us to do so.”

“What if I built a bench with a back and seatbelts?” Tony asked.

“How about I just pick you up and carry you around for the next five minutes?” Steve asked.

Tony mulled over the offer. He nodded and threw open his arms. “Okay.” He grinned. “Carry me like the delicate treasure that I am.”

Steve rolled his eyes, but did as asked.

Bruce bit down on his bottom lip to keep from chuckling.

Tony hugged Steve around the neck and smirked at Bruce. “Just so you know, I’m going to get the Hulk to carry me too one day.”

“Please don’t. He might crush you on accident.”

“Worth it.”