literally my favorite part of the song

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what's your favorite song from bmc? (mine is the pitiful children)

Pitiful Children is sooo good, probably tied with Upgrade for my second-favorite.

But #1, for me, has got to be Two-Player Game. Ironically, one of the few songs that don’t involve the SQUIP, but it’s so upbeat and fun!!

Related fun fact: Everytime I try to sing TPG, I end up accidentally censoring the part that goes “cause it’s an F’d-up world” by replacing it with “messed up”. I swear this is not intentional, but everytime it happens, I have a giggle fit because “wow, my own mouth literally just censored me without my consent!”


reblog to petition for ross butler (zach dempsey—13 reasons why/reggie mantle—riverdale) to be casted as captain li shang in disney’s live action remake of mulan —–———————————————————— UPDATE: PLEASE READ BEFORE MAKING ANY STATEMENTS i originally made this post to share my opinion that i thought that ross butler would be able to play the part of shang. i did not know that mulan was going to ditch the character (which actually makes me really sad wtf he was one of my favorite characters and honestly petition for mulan to have singing beauty and the beast was great and reflections and the i’ll make a man out of you song are iconic) and that’s unfortunate, but that means he can’t even play the part anyway, because it doesn’t exist. but just the concept of butler playing shang has really gotten to some people. look. i know he’s not chinese. but actors are actors, and their job is literally to portray people, 99% of the time the characters they portray are of different races. i didn’t say butler would be perfect for the part because he looks chinese. that would be racist, and i would understand all the hate on this post. but this post never said anything of that matter. your opinion that an actor who is chinese should play the role of a chinese character is valid. but so is my opinion that butler would be able to splendidly fulfill the role as can be judged from his performances in all of these shows and so on. just. can we NOT make this into an issue and just have fun entertaining the idea? i literally don’t mean to offend anyone, it’s just weird to see all these people hating on my innocent idea. i’m not saying that because he’s asian butler is “close enough” and will “settle for the role” just because he’s popular or attractive or whatever. as a person of fellow asian decent, I KNOW NOT ALL ASIANS ARE THE SAME. and yes, I AM ANNOYED WHEN PEOPLE CONSIDER US ALL THE SAME. but that has absolutely NOTHING to do with this post my friends. just. yeah. there. —–————————————————————

Hey, it’s me again, subverting your favorite tropes,

So we all know Yuuri Katsuki would be the kind of person who wouldn’t tell you he didn’t like mushrooms and would let you feed him mushrooms three meals a day rather than actually let the words “I don’t like mushrooms” emerge from his mouth

Because Anxiety™ am I right folks

But here we can flip this on its head.

Yuuri loves mushrooms.

Mushrooms are Yuuri’s favorite part of any given dish, which is why he separates them out from the rest usually and eats them last. That’s some excellent fungus right there.

Along comes Viktor Nikiforov, he of the lust-inspiring good looks and astoundingly poor social intuition. He watches the Love of His Life pick the mushrooms meticulously out of his dish and says, “Are you going to eat those?”

Yuuri Katsuki is still in a state of complete and utter stupor at this point, because within the last week two discrete–not discreet, mind you, which they are the opposite of–Russians have arrived uninvited to his fucking house, ingratiated themselves to his family an are currently dismantling the very threads of his existence. One of these Russians is his longtime crush (who is currently occupying most of his time lounging around in a provocative manner all but holding a sign over his crotch that reads Reserved seat for Yuuri Katsuki but Yuuri is a little bit feelings-blind so he’s reading it as Look how beautiful and untouchable I am! If you stare at me too long I will literally scar you like the sun and also I CAN HEAR EVERY THOUGHT ABOUT ME YOU’VE HAD SINCE AGE TWELVE! I’M DISGUSTED!) and the other is the actual inspiration for the My Chemical Romance song Teenagers.

So Yuuri can’t quite be blamed for saying no when Viktor Nikiforov asks him if he’s going to eat his favorite part of the dish.

“I’ll take them, then,” Viktor says, and picks them off his plate.

HOW ROMANTIC, Viktor’s brain screams.

Thus begins Yuuri’s mushroomless existence. Viktor loves Yuuri and wants him to Be Happy Always, and so makes a point to ensure that a mushroom never even so much as winks at his fiance ever again. He doesn’t put them in food and always ensures that, if he’s ordering something for Yuuri, it’s without mushrooms. When a dish shows up with mushrooms in it, Viktor deftly picks them out.

“Excuse me, my husband does not like mushrooms,” Viktor says so often that it could be his catchphrase, or perhaps a nickname. Viktor “My Husband Does Not Like Mushrooms” Nikiforov.

This continues until they return to Hasetsu for a visit and Yuuri’s entire family watches as Viktor picks every mushroom off Yuuri’s plate.

It’s a dish with a lot of mushrooms in it.

“You must really like mushrooms,” Mari says to Viktor.

“Oh, not particularly,” Viktor says, picking away. “But Yuuri hates them, so.”

“Oh no,” Yuuri whispers.

“Um,” says Mari.

“That’s funny!” says Hiroko, smiling and leaning her head on her hand. “Yuuri used to love mushrooms! He stole them while I was chopping them.”

“Wow that’s weird,” Viktor says.

“Yeah,” Yuuri mumbles. “Haha, weird. Yeah, weird.”

Viktor slowly turns his head. His plate is now Mount Mushroom. “Kitten,” he says slowly.

“Ahhhh,” Yuuri whimpers.

“Do we need to have that conversation about communication again?” Viktor asks.

“AHHHHH.” Yuuri attempts to crawl under the table.

The answer, for the record, is yes. They’ve had this conversation fourteen times since Barcelona.

“Why am I like this,” Yuuri whispers to himself later that night. Viktor kisses his shoulder and, when they get back to Russia, makes him a pot of Stroganoff that is roughly 89% mushrooms.

Washington On Your Side
Workshop Cast
Washington On Your Side

Alright, so I just recently listened to this and holy shit, I cannot believe that this was not posted anywhere else??? God this is a work of art and here’s why:

  • “This bitch is askin’ for someone to bring him to task, Somebody gimme some dirt on this asshole so we can at last unmask him”  Damn TJeffs!!!! I just love how angry this dude gets!!!!
  • “He likes taxes so much, can we enact an asshole tax?” Okay, straight up, JMads whole verse is incredible. He starts of talking about how A.Ham and him started off as colleagues and worked together for the same issues, however, after working with him for a while, he realizes that A.Ham is wildly dangerous and seems to get his way most of the time, hence the title of the song. This is why I low-key always thought that JMads hates A.Ham slightly more than TJeffs.
  • “Let’s lower his stack in the eyes of the nation. With misinformation, first we diminish him, then we finish him!”  Honestly, one of the great parts of the song. The rumors they spread! WHAT A DAMN MESS!!!!!
  • “I HEAR HE’S GEORGE WASHINGTON’S ILLEGITIMATE SON!” My damn senior quote!!!!!!!!! I literally shouted the first time I heard this, OMG!!! HOW WAS THIS NOT PART OF THE PLAY HOLY SHIT
  • “He wants to abolish slavery.” “That one’s actually true.”  “NO”
  • I especially love how it is mostly a TJeffs and JMads song. Like no one else is it, but our favorite Southern Mother-Fucking Democratic-Republicans!  This such a great song and I seriously think this is one of the greatest songs ever produced in the entire musical.

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is it bad i expected more from halsey? it's not bad but not as good as her older stuff. hopefully the best songs are yet to come out.

The thing you have to understand with Ashley is that her albums are complete experiences. Badlands was a concept album that went beyond the music. The Badlands were a place and characters that you followed through the songs existed within it. That’s why she said “listen to it in order”. That album isn’t supposed to be heard on shuffle. There’s a linear story. If you just take Ashley’s music at face value you lose a lot of the message. One individual song from Badlands was amazing but one song alone didn’t make Badlands genius, the sum of its parts did. You comprehend the complexity of everything that went into it once you hear Ashley talk about how there was literal science and math and physics behind the creation of the textures, depth, and effects in the songs. It’s the amount of thought that went into it that elevates it. I can’t find the full interview now, but I think this is one of my favorites of her talking about all the shit that went into making Badlands. The entire interview from 2015 is amazing, but if you want to hear her just talking about Badlands and the complex scientific approach to the album go to 8:50.

Now that we’re on the cusp of the release of hopeless fountain kingdom one has to understand the same basic things. The video released today educates the meaning of the song. The video is another layer to the song. The video is just one of many that will enhance the concept of the album. This song will fall somewhere in the linear story that once you listen to the entire thing will make even more sense. Ashley’s art is a complete experience that goes beyond the music and unless that is acknowledged then it will never be properly appreciated. 

I get that some people may want to experience music through a standalone song or not think about things much. I guess that’s fine. Mindless entertainment has it’s time and place. The beauty of Ashley as an artist is that if you just want to bop to it and never go beyond that you can. “Now Or Never” or “Ghost” or “Colors” could do that for you, but if you want more then there is also this entire alternative universe to explore. You can get the best of both worlds. Point is, it’s unwise to judge Ashley’s work based on one piece. She doesn’t make music to be dissected that way. 

Honestly I was so happy to see the rave part. The episode from the first seasons was honestly one of my favorites. And to see Olivia again older but still kicking it, dedicating a song to Jack and being a DJ to a possibly more healthy and positive environment for a rave for teens just makes me so giddy. Ugh! I just want Jack to see how much good he brought to this world and how much he inspired others to take a stance against evil and wrong doings. (And also so many people protective of this samurai aaaaagghh! Literally everyone was protective of him!) I loved it!

My video chat with Newsies' Andy Richardson

I got the extremely lucky chance to Skype with Broadway star Andy Richardson for my theatre class because my uncle is friends with him and I was able to set it up. This is my biggest accomplishment of my life, and I still can’t believe this happened. I never in my wildest dreams would think this would be possible, yet here we are. I’d like to share my experience with y'all because it was such a pure thing and Andy is absolutely wonderful.

Andy was super excited to see us. When the video chat started, he grinned really wide & waved a lot. Anyone who had a question he’d wave and say hi to.

He started off by telling us about himself; he grew up in Austin, Tx and got into theatre when he was around 7 and starred in his second grade play as Cheese(I may have misheard because of buffering, but it sounded like he said he was Cheese). His mom flew him to New York to audition for Gypsy and booked the gig, working alongside Pattie Lupone. After the run, he returned to Texas and continued with school, only to return to NYC to make his Broadway debut in Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas. He then went on to play in Newsies from its start at Paper Mill all the way through to the show’s closing this last year.

We then got to ask him questions, and he was just the cutest, sweetest, and funniest person ever! He seemed really happy with the questions we asked, and here are the highlights:
•He loves getting to do a backflip while wearing a wig that goes all the way down his back and in heels
•He really wants to perform in any Deaf West production
•One of his dream roles is Fiyero
•His favorite show he’s been in is Newsies, but he also loves Kinky Boots, and his favorite character he’s been is Crutchie
•Any time he thought about a question he rocked backwards and inhaled deeply
•Some of his favorite shows are Wicked, Heathers, Newsies, & a few others that I couldn’t hear due to connection issues.
•Upon saying he loved Heathers, my friend Riley(who is very fun & exitable) stood up and screamed “QUICK FOLLOW UP QUESTION: WHAT HEATHER ARE YOU OR ARE YOU VERONICA?”
•Andy Richardson is, in fact, Yellow Heather
•Riley screamed something along the lines of “OH MY GOD SO AM I WE ARE LITERALLY THE SAME PERSON!”
•Also did I mention his favorite mEME IS KERMIT THE FROG? He said it doesn’t matter which meme it is, anyone with a frog.
•He also loves the new Meryl Streep one
•He’s very expressive with his face, which causes for hilarious moments when Skype freezes(I might post screenshots)
•He saw some kids filming & asked “Is that snapchat?” and instantly started voguing
•He grew up from a military family, so was very used to referring to adults as “Ma'am, Sir, Mrs. Mr. ext. and when meeting Patty called her "Mrs. Lupone and slightly offended her.
•One of my best friends asked what his favorite song from Newsies was and could he sing it, and what happened next was AMAZING.
•His favorite song to listen to is Once And For All. It is, quote, "Everything you need.”
•He saw the show when he was on a break and he said he was sitting there and the stage started moving, the harmonies mixed, the lights shone brighter and that was the best moment ever.
•He did this really cute thing while describing how he reacted to seeing it where he jumped and leaned back in his chair, placing his hand over his heart.
•(unrelated note that is how me and my friend reacted to seeing that part when he saw it in theaters)
•His favorite song to perform is Letter From The Refuge. It’s such an intimate moment after this intense and fun dance number where it’s just him on stage on a bunk bed with a candle lit.
•My friend literally slid out of her chair once he was done saying “I’m dead, I’m dead, that was so amazing it killed me!”
•One of my friends kind of draped herself by the table when asking her question, and he said “I love the pose!” prompting her to drape herself even more

This is all I can think of right now, but after I watch the video I took I might add more


Real-life princess Laura Osnes just shattered my heart into a million pieces. This is the most adorable and amazing thing i’ve ever seen. It’s literally all my favorite disney songs (and my favorite Anastasia song) in one medley. Props to Ben Rauhala for his incredible arrangement!!

Hey guys! This is just my reaction/summary post of the BTS Concert in Newark (Thursday, 3/23)! I’ll be going into a lot of detail, but bare with me. I’ve linked all the fancams I took throughout the post, so you can check that out :)

[Full Fancam Playlist]


Alright so first things first…I’ve been following BTS since ~May/June 2014, and this was the first time I was actually able to go to a live concert. I WAS LITERALLY BEYOND THE MOON when I got tickets, and I was so excited that I was badgering everyone I knew with my fangirling. BTS means so much to me, they got me through some of the hardest times in my life, and they gave me happiness and hope. So getting to go to one of their concerts, see them and support them in person, was such a blessing.

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My favorite Cedric parts from the latest episode...



the part where Cedric had some magical boner

the part where he was flirtin it up with sasha

Sofia: She’s trying to steal my amulet :( Cedric: WHAT?!

getcher head in the game Cedric


Bippity boppity boo 

I dun did died and resurrected from the dead at this part literally.



this is and Cedric’s Apprentice are my favorite episodes so far omg.

Also Miss Nettle’s (Sasha) KICKASS song was fucking amazing.


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A - Age : 17

B - Birthplace  : Florida

C - Current time : 12:57 PM

D - Drink you last had : water (i’m boring)

E - Easiest person to talk to : my best friend(:(:

F - Favorite song(s) : right now- Lust for Life by Lana Del Ray, I was made for loving you by Tori Kelli, and Hearts Don’t break around here by Ed Sheeran

G - Grossest memory : a kid named Ricardo in 1st grade vomited in a trash can literally right next to my desk

H - Horror Yes or NO : fear is a part of life my friend, and i welcome it with open arms 

I - In love? only with fictional characters and random strangers

J - Jealous of people ? - envy is a sin, so YES

K -  Killed someone : only the past and cringy versions of myself 

L - Love at first sight or should I walk past again : love at first sight is vain sentiment, but Ii wouldn’t suck to experience it

M - Middle name : Anne (my grandma named me)

N -  Number of siblings : 3

O -  One wish : to see a world that doesn’t judge

P - Person i last called : my estranged father

Q - Question you’re always asked : why is your forehead so big

S - Song you last sang : Heaven is a Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle 

T - Time you woke up : 10, but I stayed in bed for 2 extra hours bc I didn’t want to face the world

U - Underwear colour : literally the brightest orange you can imagine 

V - Vacation: I wouldn’t mind going to Egypt 

W - Worst habit : saying “like” in between every word but I swear i’m working on it

X -  Xrays : I broke my ankle on a backyard zip-line so I had to get one

Y - Your favourite food : anything with corn syrup in it

Z - Zodiac sign : Leo. What can I say? I love attention

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HI GUYS IM STILL ALIVE!! well barely because finals are slowly making me disintegrate into a pile of mush … 

BUT I just thought I’d share my YG Audition video with y’all! I did Vernon’s rap in Monday to Saturday (or Mansae hip hop team ver. whatever floats your boat) and yeh hope y’all enjoy!

P.S. see if y’all can spot @hansolmates guest appearance :D literally my favorite part of the video huhuhu <3

When You Fangirl Over The Bapsae Hip Thrust


He showed you the dance practice first thing after he got home, excited to see your reaction. You thought there was something odd about how keen he was to show you, so you watched intently. But then you saw him hip thrust. “Oh my,” you said teasingly, turning to him. “That’s gonna drive the fangirls nuts.” He smirked. “That was the plan.”


He showed you the video the day before, happy about how proud of him you were. When he came home the next day, he was greeted with the sight of you dancing along the dance practice in the living room. “No no no, jagi,” he said, kicking his shoes off and walking to you. “You’re doing it wrong, do it like this.”


After waking up, Suga went to the kitchen to get some breakfast, but was met with you fangirling over her phone. “What’s so cute about your phone, huh?” You turned around in your chair and smiled at him. “The Bapsae dance practice, why didn’t you tell me it released?” “Oh, guess I forgot, sorry,” he mumbled as he poured a glass of juice. “You look so cute when you try to hip thrust like that, babe.” He frowned. “I’m not cute.”

Rap Monster

He caught you watching their dance practice in the kitchen, catching sight of the video on your phone over your shoulder. He rubbed your shoulders and kissed the top of your head. “What do you think? Does this replace number one on your favorite dances list?” “I dunno,” you mused. “Maybe if you showed me in person, I could get a better feel for it.” “Not a chance,” he said, ruffling your hair.


He’d shown you the dance practice almost as soon as it had released, proud and eager to see your reaction. When you saw him hip thrust, you were taken aback, your jaw dropping a little bit but not upset in the least. “So, wanna give it a try?” he asked teasingly. “Absolutely not,” you laughed. “I’m fine with watching you do it.”


The two of you were sitting together on the couch, you head snuggling up against his chest as he showed you the dance practice that had just released. You watched intently, admiring the choreography, but when it came to the part where they thrust their hips you lost it and started fangirling. Taehyung giggled. “I thought you’d like that.”


He faintly heard the song drifting from another room and smiled to himself. He loved that you loved listening to their music so much. When he cracked the door open and peeked in at you, he was met with the awkward sight of you teaching yourself the choreography. He laughed out loud when you attempted the hip thrusting, causing you to whirl around and scowl at him.

Okay but Bapsae is literally my jam like, one of my favorite songs of all time👌 - Admin Nali

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