literally my favorite musical theatre song

So my lovely girlfriend, Anna, tagged me to do 15 shows soooo here we go;

The Color Purple: HOLY SMOKES IS THIS A GOOD ONE. The music is so breathtaking, I still get choked up while listening to “I’m Here.” It’s a pretty sad musical, but it ends relatively happy. Also queer WoC? I love it so much! 10/5 recommend.

Cabaret: I dont understand how I haven’t talked about this one that much but it’s absolutely one of my favorite musical. If a song literally nicknamed “The Pinapple Song” can make me cry, then you’ve exceeded in writing a musical! Also Alan Cumming? An👏icon👏 Also there’s a proshot Of the best revival on YouTube and that revival is perhaps the saddest musicals. That finale still gets me everytime. I might get some flack about this… but Sally Bowles is one of the most intriguing characters I think in theatre.. The EmmCee is pretty interesting too.

Hamilton: this one is pretty well known and loved but it deserves it! Wherever I see a post discovering another thing in the lyrics my mind actually gets so blown away (haha no pun intended) I do think the choreography lacks a little bit but everything is super well done!

Heathers : This Musical is so catchy! I also like how they characterized Veronica from her in the movie.

Wicked: …yes Anna is Glinda and I’m Elphaba in our impromptu proformances.

Rent: Iconic. Like “seasons of Love” is like the go to theatre song for any tv show.

Putnam County 25th Annual Spelling Bee: this Musical is so underrated. Like you can say A New Brain is underrated but like there’s barely any content for this one. It’s soooo good.

Falsettos: this production holds a spot in my heart, for being one of the best musicals. Everything from character development to costumes this musical succeeds in. The music is so Billy Finn-esque that you have to love it!

Cats: If I’m being honest this Webber one kind of freaked me out… humans dressing as cats… but now I dig it. The choreography is interesting and it’s a fun show to watch.

Ghost Quartet: Stick in my face anything that Dave Malloy has even touched and I’ll like it a lot. Malloy takes a weird concept and makes it amazing, case in point Ghost Quartet, but if you listen all the way through it’s a really great show.

Be More Chill: Honestly I’ve never really gotten into it. I’ve listened like half way through and called it a day. Is it even good?

The Prom: this musical is so good. Oh my gosh. Like it has gay representation and has an overall message of love conquers ignorance. It has bops and ballads and the fandom is not that toxic.

Hairspray: Hairspay is such a feel good musical. Like you can’t walk out of watching hairspray and not have “Without Love” stuck in your head.

Bare: give me Deaf West’s Bare or give me death. This holds so many feels for me. You have no idea how much it would mean to me to see a show that actually tries to bring the Deaf community in? I would do a lot. I’ve never actually gotten to enjoy anything without my hearing aids. Everything is so well done and I cry everytime.

Dear Evan Hansen: Dear Evan Hansen is really special to a lot of people so I respect it in that sense. I think it deserves the awards it got, I still feel robbed that Great Comet didn’t get that Tony; but that’s old news. Ben Platt and all the cast are super talented. I have a lot of respect because it’s one of the shows —like hamilton— that got a lot of people in theatre. Also I have a huge crush of Laura Dreyfus.

Yep so that’s the 15 musicals I’ve chose to talk about. I challenge anyone willing to do it, maybe Ilse or Georg if they’re up for it.


Remember that time back when NMTD was still airing, and I made a Musical Theatre Fanmix basically fitting every part of the story to a song from a musical? I only did the first half of the series in this fanmix, because the second half of the series literally had not been uploaded by TCW yet. Yeah. Well, I was looking in my YouTube favorites playlist, and I remembered that I had planned to use this song for Pedrazar. I mean it’s about the singer falling for a guy who plays the piano, I had to. My favorite version of the song is sung by a woman, but I found a male version, so here it is. Peter would sing it differently in this AU, but hey, oh well. It fits the pining.