literally my fave of these two


#these two scenes imo show exactly why shaw considers root her safe place #let me explain why #so the first gif is just the most serene and content i’ve ever seen shaw #like ever #she’s in eternal bliss and all root is doing is rubbing her back #look at her lip bite #she couldn’t be more of a cat purring in this moment #and then onto the second gif #shaw would legit be on her death bed swearing she’s ok or that nothing is wrong #that’s just how stubborn she is #but in the second gif she actually admitted that she didn’t know if she was ok #the only person she felt comfortable enough to admit that to was root #she’s never been this vulnerable with anyone else #but she loves root and she trusts her so it was just easy for her #what i’m saying is… #they will never not fuck me up

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okAY i’ll do my faves

  • obviously highlight is the album debut, make sure you stream
  • harry wore a beautiful pink plaid suit
  • from the interview with grimmy:
    • someone said they were gonna leave their wife for harry and harry was like “be honest, communication is key”
    • nick tried to ask if two ghosts was about t*ylor and harry was like “ummmm help me jeffrey” and then he gave an explanation about things changing between people and then nick introduced the song as about t*ylor and harry literally screamed “NOOOO”
    • a fan asked about why one direction was releasing all things in the same week because she needs to revise and harry was like if you’re not revising, “it’s not on me, sister”
    • harry said that basically in jamaica, they would write and record and eat together and then they’d just watch rom coms and he watched all of nicholas sparks’ movies
    • and then he tried to say he wasn’t a big notebook fan and nick totally was like uHhhh that’s a lie and then he said you totally quote every single line all of ryan gosling’s parts and then harry was like no i play rachel mcadams
    • he said kiwi started out as a joke and now it’s one of his favorites
  • from the ash london interview:
    • he said that he held onto two ghosts because it’s a very personal song to him maybe subconsciously for himself
    • he said he doesn’t have whatsapp and then he was like ‘i don’t know what dm’s are’
    • he said that his album sound is meant to show that like he’s been exploring his sound and he wanted the songs to be different because it keeps it interesting
  • from the hits interview:
    • he auditioned for the role in dunkirk and read for someone and then auditioned for a week or so and then he got the part
    • he said the crew was amazing and made him feel welcome
    • he said that if there was something that he felt like he was dying to be in a role, he’d like to a movie. but he wouldn’t want to if he wasn’t passionate about it
    • he’s gonna do four songs - a different song from the album a night - on james corden
  • from bbcr2:
    • he said he never felt suppressed in 1d and he loved the songs they made and loved being in the band
    • he said that they listen to each other’s stuff and it’s been cool to see people explore what they want to make on their own
    • he said he didn’t play the album to anyone, not many people heard it
    • he said the song ed liked he didn’t put on the album was called “anna”
    • harry said he’s not very manly and guy ritchie is intimidating because he’s very manly
    • he said that he acted when he was younger and he was interested in it and he said he did a tape and then a week of auditions, he said chris didn’t put him at the top of the queue or anything

but first, some music

Sharing Is Caring (M) | Teaser

Originally posted by jeonify

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x ? (it’s a surprise hehe)

Genre:  lowkey pwp, um…this is literally pure filthy smut with my faves lol, oral, lowkey cum play, slight thigh riding, dry humping, mentions of DP, CEO!au, Dom!Jungkook (and a whole lot more when the smut is actually uploaded)
A/N: Lmao yeah this was supposed to be my birthday fic and uploaded on the 1st but I’m re-writing a lot of it. However, here is a teaser ;)) do enjoy! Feedback is appreciated sweeties!

  • Summary: Every women he ended up sleeping with (which would be two of regular secretaries), would rave on about how good he was, how great his mouth was, how great his hips were when they were being pounded into the bed-sheets at ghastly hours of the night, probably managing to wake up the neighbours next door, only managing to fuel Jungkook’s ego. “You know what they say; sharing is caring.”

How you ended up back at Jungkook’s office, trapped between the desk and his body, having your shirt unbuttoned and half off your shoulders whilst your lips are pressed against his, was a total blur. You remember him coming to your shoot, telling the photographer exactly how to capture you in the shots, then him offering a ride back to his office to discuss something. Maybe you misheard him because right now you definitely were not discussing anything.

Jungkook pressed himself against you more, you could feel his hard dick on your lower stomach. His thigh was pressed against your heat, the hard, muscular object unconsciously making you grind down on it, needy for some sort of friction.

“God, you’re so fucking hot baby girl. Look at you, grinding against my thigh,” Jungkook’s voice was a low growl, getting ridiculously turned on at the sight in front of him. His hands came to grab your hips, pressing his leg into your mound harder as he moved your hips back and forth on his thigh, the rough fabric of his jeans sending such good sensations through your body, making you grab his shoulders for support.

“J-Jungkook,” You whimpered, throwing your head back a little. Hips lips came and pressed kisses to your exposed neck, teeth coming out and nipping at the skin, faded redish purple hues beginning to show up on your skin.

“Well…I’m guessing the shoot went great.”

Both yourself and Jungkook pulled back at the sudden voice that invaded the room. In front of you stood your boss, crossed arms, all dressed up in that usual suit of his, supporting a frown and his head cocked to the side at the sight that was lingering in front of him.

Fuck. You were totally going to be fired. How did it not occur to you that this;  having sex with Jungkook in his office, right after the two companies had merged together, was a fucking bad idea? How did it not occur to you that the both of you could be caught? How did it not occur to you that the door was unlocked?

Were the both of you way too caught up in getting naked and being fucked into the next century? Looked like it. Consequences were what you needed to face…even if it meant being fired while you were half naked by your boss.

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sakhfjsfhdsjhsgs ok i literally got into overwatch/lore/characters YESTERDAY and your art is amazing and i love everything you do. especially how you draw dva and (my personal fave) mei like... man. i love all your shit.

thank you so much!!! im GLAD YOU ARE ENJOYING OVERWATCH and also u have Good Taste In Favs because these two are very good and i love them also!!!

Special Fic Rec ❤❤

Ok so, I began this blog on December 9th, well, actually I’ve been on tumblr since 2013 (nice, old Naruto Era), yet, I consider this one the actual date of this blog birth, since it was the day I posted my first BTS Fanfiction - Sanitarium (which I still hold very dearly to my heart).

To be honest, even if writing has been one of my passions for many years, I never expected much from my own stories, especially since English killed me in more than one way (ah, it kicked my ass so hard during my high school days lol); yet, I surprisingly found an incredible amount of happiness in writing for seven lovely dorks - not to talk about the crazy, wonderful authors and friends I had the pleasure to meet here, people who helped me grow and who gave me some of the most pleasurable reading moments of my life :’)

But I was saying, I didn’t expect much from posting my fics, yet, nearly 5 months later, I reach my first mile stone. Really, I can’t believe it: 1k people are reading my fics, and supposedly they also enjoy them. It happened quite fast, in my opinion, and I also know I’ve been very lucky for many authors are amazing and still don’t have the exposure they deserve! It takes them a lot of hard work when they should really be appreciated a lot more! This is why, to celebrate this milestone (ok, compared to other authors is not that big of a number, but still I consider it an important accomplishment ;^;) I decided to do a special, big fic rec to share the talent filling this social!! 

Some of these writers are super known actually, yet others have a smaller public: they have such a fantastic way with words tho, such a breath-taking creativity, that I just needed to tag them and link their stories - hopefully, some of you will fall in love with their work too; please, if so, go send them all a lot of love, for they are not holy amazing authors but also amazing people :’)

And I’m incredibly happy to have some of them as mutuals, if not even as friends <3 <3

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You can’t marry him. I can’t let you go through with it. You don’t have any choice in the matter. And you have two choices. That’s what the man in the woods told us. The prophecy he delivered. You could choose love, or an heir. I know this sounds mad - we’re barely acquainted - but what if I’m the love he foretold?


If you give them toys during the interview, these two giant 8-year-olds are just gonna play with them the whole time and not answering any questions..
(for my lovely @tsundereslasher​ ♥︎)

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what...what do u think the paladins fave drinks are

  • Lance feels like a lemonade kinda guy, possibly pineapple lemonade or something else fruity. he really likes tangy, fruity drinks tbh. i also feel like he’s tried alcohol before, because he’s a party go-er, and he was like “hell yeah i’m so cool look at me trying this alcoholic drin- ppPPBPBPBLLBLBLBLLL UGGHGh”. long story short he doesn’t like the taste of alcohol :’)
  • Hunk likes tea, i think! possibly herbal tea or green tea, something vitamin rich. i feel like he’d also really love hot coco too :’D
  • Pidge is the soda queen. she will down an entire two liter of mountain dew in 2 minutes flat. Lance never believed her until he lost a bet with Hunk one day at the garrison.
  • Keith likes milk. fight me
  • Shiro always says water is his fave but he actually secretly likes the nunvill 

because of this amazing post by my fave @foxes-evermore  i am now a strong supporter of the dynamic backliner duo that is Matt and Nicky 

  • look ok theyre both rays of sunshine i know but this is gonna be sad for like two seconds because, well, its the foxes. 
    • matt’s father literally got him hooked on drugs rather than be a parent, and he still manages to be on good terms with him matt is literally such a loving and forgiving person who is a gift to this world like honestly he adopts neil .2 seconds after meeting him he is such a good friend and person??? he loves dan so much he loves all the girls so much ok he just??? loves everyone?? he has such a big beautiful heart
    • nicky’s past is so overlooked and like….i dont understand why because honestly he went through a goddamn pray the gay away camp and is now in college, he’s got a boyfriend he loves and he takes care of his cousins. like. what a gift. he worked to take care of them until they graduated despite the issues he has with them constantly he believes in them and their family ima stop before i cry wow ok cool
    • so basically they both have really hard pasts but they came out of it??? so strong???? and bright???? and beautiful and caring?????
  • nicky loves video games and after the team comes together no one can convince me otherwise that nicky doesn’t use matt’s huge tv to have hardcore mario kart tournaments
  • matt is actually a really big film buff and totally has a huge collection of all kinds of movies including a great collection of lgbt+ movies and nicky thinks its really cool to have that representation
  • so matt and nicky totally have like a weekly chill session
  • trust me you need these in college
  • they do those $2 face masks and watch movies and play video games all day its really cute
  • because um?? theyre the emotional rocks of the team ok they are the endless supporters and the bright spots among all the darkness that surrounds these kids lives so sometimes they need a break ok
  • and who best to do that with than someone who understands that being positive all the time can get exhausting 
  • also guess what matt’s bi sorry i dont make the rules whoops
  • they bond over how cute theyre tiny fave neil is
  • matt will totally talk about guys with dan but sometimes its more fun with nicky because nicky’s a gay man so its theyre more on the same page with liking guys
  • shopping trips!!!! we know nicky thinks matt is attractive ok you know he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to dress that ass up in some very form fitting pants
    • additionally, they compliment each other with ridiculous flourish
    • “matt, i think you just made me gayer” 
    • “i don’t think that’s possible”
    • “ok true, but still, thats a LOOK”
  • they totally dance together at the club when matt starts to stick with the monsters more after the girls graduate
  • nicky introduces matt to the magic that is eyeliner
    • dan is so thankful for this honestly bless nicky 
  • midnight grocery trips!!!
    • nicky stands on the bar on the back of the cart and matt pushes. they sing that song from the titanic really loud at like 1am in the produce section because?? who’s gonna stop them??? no one
  • defenders have to be pretty strong and are typically stockier in all sports, so these boys are totally weight room buddies. they can squat like nobody’s business
  • they get pedicures bc lemme tell you getting your feet all rubbed up and treated nice and buffed and shined after getting them all beat up during the season is so nice ok 
  • they totally have a secret handshake
  • stupid gym selfies istg theyre such dorks 
  • matt totally ugly snorts when nicky makes puns, they are the meme team of the foxes ok you best believe that group chat is lit because of these two

in conclusion please consider these boys made of sunshine being besties and hanging out together its 10/10 guaranteed to warm your heart

Serial Killer AU (End 1)

All my thanks to @queenlypirate for suggesting two endings. Either works, so pick your fave. I know which is mine. Also in this one, Marinette took the ‘Chat needed help’ a little bit too literally.

Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3| Part 4| Part 5| End 2|

Tikki opened the door to Marinette’s apartment wearily. Putting the key she found in the potted plant next to the door in her pocket, Tikki entered the house. Everything seemed unchanged, save for the thin layer of dust that appeared to settle over everything. Tikki got a grip on her gun and began to move slowly, taking in her surroundings. Nothing seemed out of place, no sign of fighting or resistance. Still, something was out of place. Marinette called about two weeks ago saying she needs a medical leave. Something about exhaustion and other things that might affect her performance at work. Tikki, of course, approved the medical leave. She didn’t want Marinette putting her health in peril or the sake of working. But when she tried to call last week to ask her about her whereabout the line went dead. She assumed Marinette might just have her phone closed. But after continuous calls for a couple of days, Tikki figured something had to be wrong. So she came to visit. It seems like her instincts were right.

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The craziest part of all of this is that I literally hit 100 two days ago!

so all of the lovely people i follow are here:

but some of my faves are @i-am-your-highlady @bowdownhumans @boys-talk-gay @helllointernet @illuminatinglester @hopinghowell @philtrashblr @philester @gorgeous-howell @deadpeej @stopmichael2k17 @placebophan @killermess @beautylester @stargazingphan @volcaniclester @phantagram @dildolls @purepastelphan @phannedparenthood @prince-philly @ohhowellno @rosy-phil @softhowellester @valasse @kj-isnotamazing @cadenisphantastic @ironically-danlester @clxudnxne @daydreamlester @nasaphil @sleepyhowelter @fizzyphilly @organicphil @littlelazythings @iuminouslester @phanarchy @philiplesty @pansexualphil @arcticphil @lion-phan-girl @danielhowclls @music-phan-videogames @celestialesters @nicelester @topazlesters @cultlester @treephil @katsudonphil @ukulele-nerd @calmlester @netunophil @unamourdephan @frecklydan @fertiledan @shippinglester @yetanotherphangirl @shibes-howell @dayphil @flowerylester @paradisedan @damnisheonfire @starboydan @softphil @phanisthenewblack @dandy-howell @lovelylilaclester @rainbowhowell @celestelester @my-lungs-will-phil @probablythinkingofphan @philledwithpuns @zazzed-howell @phanniephil @phaked @articulatehowell @starinorbit @philpancakes @golddustphan @fandomsandsadness @smittenforviktor @rosellary @plantpot-phil

& so many more wonderful people that I’m too lazy to type out. thank you all so so much! and i love you all! i’ve never met so many wonderful people in a phandom before!


Request: Not gonna lie would absolutely kill for a fic where reader actually turns to the dark side, bad temper gives me those vibes but who knows what’s in store 👀 also like you’re literally my fave writer I can’t believe someone can be this talented <3

A/N: This was the fic I was supposed to post on Thursday night but shit happened so I decided to post it today instead. This is pretty different than I usually write and I really like it? Idk I enjoyed it and I hope you all do, too! I based it off of a dream I had along with the request; [fic title based off of this song]

Warning: None

Word Count: 1975 (omfg)

“It has been over seventy-two hours since we last saw and heard from Finn and Rey. The Millennium Falcon is still in the hangar but one of our marked vessels are missing. No one has been able to locate them or reach out to either of the two. It has been declared the two have left the Resistance and are considered rogue.” Standing there with an arm crossed, holding the other as you bit on your thumb nail, your focus was set elsewhere. How did things get this take such a sudden turn?

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