literally my dream coming true

Honestly if I die you should know that it is because we got Dan with curly hair and Phil in glasses in the same video.




I can not agree more! It is truly the best squad and who else could lead it if not Izuku himself? 



if panic! at the disco albums were eyeshadow 

→pretty. odd.

I don’t know how to put into word how much The Legend of Korra comics mean to me….as a queer person who grew up with Aang and now gets to follow Korra’s adventures in my adulthood, this is everything I could have wanted (and in just the first volume! Of I’m sure many as I had to go the three different comic book shops today to get a copy because the first two stores were sold out)

Thank you so to @michaeldantedimartino for a captivating, well written story. Everything about Korra and Asami’s budding relationship seemed authentic and natural within in the Avatar universe, and I found myself grinning ear to ear with every cute moment shared by our two heroines. Plus seeing how same-sex relationships have been treated throughout history with the four nations, as well as learning other beloved characters are not straight (Kya! KYOSHI!!) just added to the experience. 

And I cannot think of enough nice things to say about @prom-knight‘s artwork. I lingered on every page admiring all the detail work involved and everything looked SO incredible. Her personal art style works beautifully with these characters and environments and she was such a phenomenal choice for this series. 

….and now to wait patiently for January!

Jack (early 2014): I would LOVE to do a video with Markiplier, that’s like high on the top of my world accomplishment list! Being in a video with him would be literally, my dream come true. 

Jack 2015: BEST WEEKEND EVER! It’s crazy now because just last year I could only dream of things like this, and now there I was having dinner with them! 

Jack 2016: I got to hang out with everybody! It was so cool! AND WE GOT TO GO TO DISNEY LAND! 

Jack 2017: FUCK YOU GUYS! (During colabs) 

|| helpless ||

[[request prompt: hii could you make a peter x reader based on helpless by Hamilton cast pretty please!]]

this is kind of a challenging prompt for me since i am not in the hamilton fandom, so I’m going to do this first


I have listened to the song, but I’m going to change up a few things to make it fit better with peter parker ♡

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Guess who is officially a 3rd year medical student?

I just got results from my last exam (physiology, ugh) and now it’s official- I am a doctor in 33.3%!

This has been an extremely hard exam session for me, not only because of the enormous amount of material, but also due to general difficulty of this year, which is why I have been posting so little and I am really sorry for that. But with summer holidays starting, I will once again start posting regularly and I will also try to write a serious summary of what 2nd year is like as soon as possible.

I want to thank you all for being with me this year, it’s been great to share this tiny journey of mine with you :)


PS. Also, a quick life-update. I am leaving for a month in New York tomorrow, so:

    1. You see me spamming with hundreds of pictures on my instagram (it’s not a joke, seeing NYC is literally a dream come true for me, so saying i’m super excited is an understatement)

   2. If any of you has any tips what I should see, where to eat, what bookshops to visit, I will be amazingly grateful for all of them

                          love, O.

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I'll forgive you my sweetheart and I love you too. Now let us forget about anything else, I'm waiting for you ♥.

*blushes* ‘S-sweetheart’..? Arsène… thank you for giving me another chance. I’m on my way, honey, so please wait a little longer! ♥

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midnigtartist, cosmic-darikano, exadorlion, jamiltonhivemind, jamesmadisnake, falling-open, and bunny-yams

@midnigtartist - literally makes my dreams come true (they turned me onto johsnavi and i am ruINED)
@cosmic-darikano - i’m a new follower, but she seems really cool
@exadorlion - i am gay for their art, but jamilton? bad choice…
@jamiltonhivemind - aMAZING
@jamesmadisnake - new follower, but again, seems amazing!
@falling-open - such a sweetheart!! great art, and sends me the nicest messages
@bunny-yams - i love his style so much!!! absolutely adorable

Okay right but listen they’re saying we’re getting a poster for every day of comicon where they’ll release different characters almost like the civil war posters and like………………does this mean the first poster is of the group of people that are all going to be together…………IE Tony+the guardians+Peter+Rhodey……………………………..As In My Literal DREAMS Coming True physically ….

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What was your reaction when SasuSaku became canon? :)

My immediate reaction was to cry for like an hour. TEARS OF JOY OFC. But yeah I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I just cried. And then I laughed. And then I laughed again. And then I just couldn’t stop smiling for the next few days that followed. It was literally just my biggest dream come true. SasuSaku means SO much to me and having it become canon (I knew it would, but never in this way like ugh that forehead poke and paralleled thank you was the most pleasant surprise) was just… the best damn day of my life.