literally my dream coming true

Tonight only, reigning champ Lexa ‘The Commander’ Woods faces newcomer Clarke ‘Supernova’ Griffin in the Bantamweight throw down of the century! 

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Fic insp: Ground and Pound by dancetyd

Honestly if I die you should know that it is because we got Dan with curly hair and Phil in glasses in the same video.



|| helpless ||

[[request prompt: hii could you make a peter x reader based on helpless by Hamilton cast pretty please!]]

this is kind of a challenging prompt for me since i am not in the hamilton fandom, so I’m going to do this first


I have listened to the song, but I’m going to change up a few things to make it fit better with peter parker ♡

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midnigtartist, cosmic-darikano, exadorlion, jamiltonhivemind, jamesmadisnake, falling-open, and bunny-yams

@midnigtartist - literally makes my dreams come true (they turned me onto johsnavi and i am ruINED)
@cosmic-darikano - i’m a new follower, but she seems really cool
@exadorlion - i am gay for their art, but jamilton? bad choice…
@jamiltonhivemind - aMAZING
@jamesmadisnake - new follower, but again, seems amazing!
@falling-open - such a sweetheart!! great art, and sends me the nicest messages
@bunny-yams - i love his style so much!!! absolutely adorable


if panic! at the disco albums were eyeshadow 

→pretty. odd.

So did I tell y’all my good news? I’m gonna be secretary of my university’s lgbtqiap club next year!! I could not be more thrilled, you guys. 


Heeeeey! I want to sell the originals and copies of my artworks to save up for a ticket to my friend in his B-Day at the end of March. So if you want to get something you can send to me a message about request here on Tumblr or on email. If original is sold sell I will write about it. 

1st pair is original and copy.

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Also if you have got some personal request for me you can just write to me. 

I literally want to move to my friend and make our dream come true! 

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Sorry I have to do this anon but I needed to tell you that OtaYuriJJBella is literally my dream come true and me and a friend of mine have been head over heels with it for the past few weeks and I just saw your HC post skaggsjbsja IM SO GLAD TO NOT BE ALONE. I desperately want to write it. I started a pwp at one point...

yes hello as the biggest otayurijjbella stan im here and im ready to talk all day n all night abt how much this ship has kicked my ass

  • jj’s the only one involved with all three of his partners - he’s engaged to isabella, is dating otabek and is in a mutual understanding (they like each other but arent dating just yet) with yuri
  • isabella is only engaged to jj, i doubt she’d like yuri romantically but maybe she’d like otabek?? idrk, but she loves them both regardless
  • the long distance between them hurts more than anything, so besides the off season, the GPFs are their fave time bc its always guaranteed that all four of them would be there
  • INSPIRED BY THIS WONDERFUL PIECE OF ART, they always wear matching clothing and it always has smth to do with what they like!! they’d all wear black or leather for beka, animal print for yuri, red for isabella and anything with the letter “J” for jj
  • when yuri gets his growth spurt hes still shorter than jj and it annoys him so much but he takes comfort in the fact that hes taller than bella and beka now
  • whenever yuri beka and jj are in the same competition they would ALWAYS book just one room in the hotel, a week before the actual competition. they’d go sightseeing or eating in obscure restaurants or just lazing around their hotel room with cheap alcohol and chips
  • isabella is well known for being a Big Name Fan for yuri, beka and jj’s fanclubs!!! shes obv the president of JJ Girls, but shes a rising star in Yuri’s Angels and the Otababes (is that the unofficial otabek fan club i dont know)
  • otabek is rly shy with affection and it takes a lot for the three of them to coax him into cuddling, but when they do theyre never getting out of that cuddle pile bc beka is actually just a giant cuddlebug
  • i love them and they love each other look at this big gay mess

you guys …….. i leave for italy in exactly one week i’m going to cry


So, last week @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil came to Singapore and I was sooooo lucky to be able to take a photo with them! I was sooo shook by that, it was literally a dream come true. My dear friend @kaitostrophe (who is super insanely talented) created the stickers of a digital version of my photo with them through her custom orders on her insta! That sticker is now my part of my phone bc im such trash! 

The last photo has my dan and phil stickers and the other permanent stickers she has in her shop!! (The Newt and bandage one are my absolutely fave) 

You can see the full list of stickers she has at

Please please please support her by following her insta too!! ^-^

Calling it, Globemon/Satellamon are literally the Appmon versions of Dukemon/Beelzemon. And this means so much to me coz the latter were one of my forgotten rarepairs I used to ship back at grade school. 

Next week’s episode is gonna be a blast for my pairing to finally interact together aye.