literally loved this dlc so much

When can I stop thinking about Jumin Han? ….Probably never

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MY DEAR! HI UH ILOVEYOU. But yo. Is it petty to unfollow someone for posting spoilers? lmao. Cause haaa...;;;;;;

WOWOWOWOW SEVENRAVENSEVEN I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH HOLY SHIT *ahem* but um nah. when the xmas dlc came out i literally had a running list of blogs i had to re-follow once i finished everything LMAO but im too lazy to make lists now so im just gonna sashay away till i finish them..,

i mean im not even gnna post abt it till like feb 15 so..,

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What was your favorite panel to draw from Yellowcake? Which one do you think turned out the best or closest to how you imagined it to be?

OHH OHH OHH this is a really fun ask!! Thank you so much!

First i’m gonna say that none of them turned out how I expected LOL,, since I went in with experimentation as a primary goal. I do think some turned out better then others though!

Starting with #1: THE COVER CAME OUT SUPER HOT!!!!!! if you’ve seen the alts.. the originals.. this is just so yummy to look at… 

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just so everyone knows Sun Shepard absolutely lives up to her name and is the light and life of every party especially the Citadel DLC party where someone bet her 20 credits she wouldn’t do karaoke on camera and she ended up singing along to most of a Disney Classics playlist and also doing several duets with Tali. Starts playing jazz on the piano, tries to teach Javik to swing dance. the party literally just revolves around her and it’s Great and that’s how she gets to be all the time (to a slightly lesser degree) after the war and I love her so much she deserves to be happy

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How does all three Shepards act around their lovers when they're drunk?


Silla + Garrus:

Think of the Citidal DLC but more often and more gross. They go out on “dates”, he woohs her and they get really drunk and flirt with each other as if it’s the first day each time. Silla literally dying and Garrus almost dying makes them really grateful for the time they have together so make sure they always try to romance each other. 

Yusuke + Tali

Yusuke and Tali are super affectionate but not in a sexual way. It’s way cute and he lays in her lap and hugs her and kisses her and just says over and over again how much he loves her and how much he’s glad they met in that alley. 

Seda + Liara

SLOPPY! Seda and Liara are “young” gals so they go out and party when Seda can pull her away from her broker desk and they get way too drunk together and take a billion drunk selfies and then hey call Cortez or Vega to come pick them up and take even more selfies in the back seat of the sky car.

evie’s year-end review

Let me start by saying this has been the most eventful year of my life, Tumblr wise. Then by saying thank you. Back in January I was a humble blogger, here since 2008. I had a little tiny group of followers and friends and wasn’t overly active. 

And then I started posting my fan-fic. 

At first, it was just as it had been in the past when I wrote; my friends enjoyed it and I had a few extra people join in because DA:I was still new and the fandom was growing. AND THEN IT FELT LIKE I GOT HIT BY A TRAIN.

A good train. A train filled with a fandom that is itself filled with talented people and nice people too. (Ok so there was some trouble anons but nothing I couldn’t handle). I started to learn more, connect with awesome people and grew (fell into the Bone Bit) as a writer and part of the fandom(s). 

I’ve never known a better group of people. (Ok so we have our trouble spots but we learn and grow and for the most part stay positive…I’m trying to be sappy here OKAY). 

ANYWAYS. I can’t really do a follow forever because I honestly don’t follow that many people. HOWEVER I communicate and chat and…stalk…a lot of blogs so I wanted to do something in appreciation, just in time for the holidays. 

It’s thanks to you that I found the courage and inspiration to keep writing and each like, reblog, kudos, comment, subscription and follow has kept me going. (And those wonderful tags…cinnachild I’m looking at you). Some of you even supported me when I was out of a job. Thank you for keeping me fed. Literally. 

At the time of me writing this, I’ve logged 400k + words (according to Ao3); more than I’ve probably written collectively since I started writing fanfic as a teenager. The DA fandom has quieted since the last DLC but I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 


special SIGNIFICANT AMOUNTS OF LOVE goes to my cinnawife and partner in crime @anon-omis. One of my first DA mutuals who quickly became one of my closest friends. I DON’T THINK WE’VE GONE A DAY WITHOUT TALKING on skype since March. We’ve written so much together and she’s helped me write and generate ideas when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore. She’s also responsible for the beta work on 80% of my stuff so MAJOR PROPS OKAY???? I 🍙 you cinnawife. 

my most precious of cinnamon rolls

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boop~ 💙evie