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001 | send me a ship and I will tell you:

  • when I started shipping it if I did: 

 honestly i feel like. i’ve always shipped it. like i don’t ever remember distinctly going “oh.. i’m starting to ship this…” it’s just. Always been. like, LiS is just one massive fanfic to me i saw that it was gonna be about two girls (who i genuinely thought were a couple beforehand just judging by gifsets on my dash) and i just went straight into it knowing i’d ship them. i have done ever since

  • my thoughts:

they’ve literally taken over my life. i love them so much. i think they’re perfect for each other and both deserve each other, they love each other so fucking much it’s inspiring, and also they helped me realize how Gay i actually am

  • What makes me happy about them:

how muCH THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!!! how they compliment each other and bring out the best in the other, how they’re the personification of the childhood friends to lovers trope, how cute they are with each other? like theyre so ? gentle and caring but also flirty and like? they’re actually dorks?? i hate them

  • What makes me sad about them:

the fact the writers didn’t want them to have a happy fate

  • things done in fanfic that annoys me:

‘the bluenette’, overuse of the words ‘hella’/’shaka brah’/any other weird shit they said in canon, honestly i’m really picky with characterization i don’t like when chloe’s written too happy/quirky all the time and i don’t like when max is uncharacteristically mean/self-assured, i don’t like when people think they’d recover instantly from sacrificing the bay and not be scarred at all, i don;t like when people write fanfics about sacrifcing chloe and not regretting it, just. i’m salty don’t look at me 

  • things I look for in fanfic:

fucking. anything i love them sm like. fluff, slowburn, whatever. i dont care as long as it’s written OK and realistic i’m so down. although at this point i’ve read so much fic about them that i’m just kind of looking for? fresh unique stuff??? could be doing with some newer ideas

  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:

:( (i have other ships with those characters but honestly i’d rather they end up together lol)

  • My happily ever after for them:

life where they’re happy together, moved into some little apartment either in oregon or california, being gay as hell, max’s photography being successful, chloe being loved & feeling better about herself, lots of roadtrips. bonus amberpr*cefield if rach is there too

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon:

honestly both (i feel like chloe being the big spoon would come more natural to them, but i rly like scenarios where she’s the little spoon)

  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity:

uM doing outdoorsy stuff tbh like skating or walks in the forest or roadtrips or stargazing etc. (music too they always gotta be listening to some tunes while they’re at it). really they just like chilling together tbh. being together, cuddling or w/e,  just being in each others presence!!! 

thank you @maxinescaulfields @thestarryskiesofpalaven and anon :^)

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I'm never going to be in a relationship because I don't leave the house and I've pretty much accepted the fact that I don't have a future and I'll probably be dead by 30!1!1! Wow sorry for that

honestly i get this feeling so much and i know “it gets better!111!” is such a bullshit answer but like….. it does!! it’s gotta like literally the only thing keeping me sane is the idea of having my own apartment *alone* in my twenties with like a dog and a nice window. idk what to say about the relationship part because i don’t care about those anymore unless i literally meet the love of my life who doesn’t waste my time (which isn’t gonna happen ever probably) so i’m just chillin w the idea of my future dog :^) it’s going to be okay ok!!! ily


f*cking…. captivating……..

Me: Okay, gotta be responsible. No splurge spending, only the necessities. Stay strong wallet we will survive this rough patch-


Me, a very weak gay:

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Wow you and a bunch of other Gwen fans are quick to turn aren't you. Never mind that no one who has ever met Blake has a bad word to say about him, that there are a million examples of him being a great guy & your idol says saved her, lets string him up for some idiotic tweets from 5 years ago that he already apologised for & were clearly meant to be provocative not malicious. Because he makes Gwen, the pioneer of cultural appropriation who had to pull a racist video, look bad.

First of all, what the hell. You need to calm down.

Second, I didn’t say anything other than I’m glad he has matured/become more open-minded and I’m happy the tweets have been deleted. This is the first I’ve heard of an apology but I’m happy about that too.

Third, lol at provocative not malicious. At best he was trying to appeal to the part of his fanbase that actually thinks these things. At worst he meant what he said. Regardless, he should have been more conscious of the people he’d be hurting. And the fact that he deleted the tweets and apparently apologized tells me he agrees with me. And again, I’m happy that happened. Good on him.

Fourth, I’ve never hidden my dislike of the looking hot video. But there IS a difference between appropriating something out of love for a culture (even if it is a spectacular failure and ends up a mess) and suggesting anyone not speaking English is a terrorist. But back to point 2, he obviously has changed or stopped pretending he was so problematic (whichever it was) otherwise his voice friends would probably think a lot differently of him.

Fifth, I didn’t say anything about him making Gwen look bad. I said I was reminded that some of her fanbase doesn’t care for Blake and this probably doesn’t help that. That’s not turning on him, it’s just an observation on the differences between the two fanbases.

Look I like Blake, a lot, and I think it’s clear he’s a kind person. But whatever his motives those tweets were problematic, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s been following this blog for more than a day that they bothered me. But does that make me want Gwen to dump him or even make me want to stop supporting him? No. I wasn’t even gonna say this much about it until you came at me when I thought I had been incredibly diplomatic.

And by the way if you’re gonna insult Gwen in an effort to make Blake look better you are more than welcome to unfollow this blog.

Guys, Rooster Teeth saved my anxiety ass again. I was terrified of going to uni. Turns out my university has a RT Appreciation society where they go and watch RvB and RWBY and stuff and do you know how nervous I am about making friends now?? I’m not, you guys. Not at all.

Rooster Teeth literally makes my life better every single fucking day. I love this company so bloody much.