literally just made this for you hayley

Under the cut, you’ll find about 75 gifs of Hayley Kiyoko, specifically from her role as Shannie in the movie XOXO. They’re all made by me. Apologies for the blue ones, but *SPOILER* she spent literally half the movie in a sewer. Likes or reblogs are appreciated, but mostly just use them well.


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I’d just like to clarify that this ‘you don’t get royalties for bass parts’ isn’t something that Hayley and Taylor just made up. Literally the entire music industry knows that only the melody and the lyrics are entitled to royalties.

That’s why, when songs are given awards like Grammys, only the writers of the lyrics and melodies get the awards. It’s why only Hayley and Taylor were shown as nominees and winners when they won theirs. It’s the same for everyone.

Jeremy knows this. It isn’t something new. Hayley was a teenager with no education in the field of the music industry when she got signed to Atlantic Records and she fought to get them to let her be in a band with her friends and despite her lack of education in the area, still managed to get them to add into the contract that her bandmates would get a share of everything she made in addition to wages from the label. I’m literally studying music marketing and I’m not educated enough to confidently sign a legal contract to a label, imagine how confusing it must have been for Paramore, they were just kids who wanted to get their music out there and now this stuff has come back to bite Hayley in the ass. It’s unfair and ridiculous. 

Jeremy wants to be paid for a job he is no longer doing. He wants to be paid out of Hayley’s pocket even though he is not entitled to this money and he does not want to work with Paramore anymore. That’s what’s going on here.

“What the hell do people actually spend their days off doing? Besides sleep and eat that is.” It was far too early for him to pick up Hayley from daycare and the house echoed empty – and he definitely refused to spend it working. “I need a hobby.”

someone used the quote hayley made about her & taylor being closer as an example that paramore won’t be around longer???? that literally makes no sense??? considering all the shit jeremy has been starting with lawsuits I’m pretty sure hayley & taylor are gonna be just fine doing the band together 

then they brought up the post from the ex VERSA bassist and how he was barely paid and whatnot and it’s like ok thats literally one band on FBR so if you look at the rest and hell even fob who were signed for a little they’re doing just fine and also we’ve all seen jeremy’s house and car and studio so idk how they can be like “read this before you call jeremy greedy”

like b*tch imma call jeremy greedy cause he is like damn maybe if he contributed to composing more then he’d have earned as much as hayley and taylor lmao