literally just made this for you hayley

List 9 albums you love and tag 9 people 

Hey, I was tagged by dipshit son @moonijooni <3. This probably won’t even be accurate, it’s just off the top of my head and not in any particular order. 

  1. made in the a.m. - one direction 
  2. atlas - sleeping at last
  3. sign of the times - harry styles
  4. love yourself - bts
  5. flicker - niall horan
  6. blue neighborhood - troye sivan 
  7. emotion - carly rae jepsen
  8. hamilton official broadway recording - hamilton cast
  9. the blessed unrest - sara bareilles

I am not gonna tag 9 people cause fuck but uhmm….. @kyleraysner (bc she hates my music taste) @rawcatlawnchair (bc same… but also sott ok) i’m just tagging them because they’ll prob hate me for most of this list. <3

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Do you think it's a coincidence that every other ship on TO has been explored except Klayley? Haylijah, Jayley, Klamille, Klaurora, Klenevieve, etc.. I feel it makes sense to explore Klayley since the show is centered on them and the reason there even is a show is because of them and their bond which is Hope. To me, the love story of the Originals is Klaus,Hayley and Hope and Klaus and Hayley finally finding love and a family and not feeling alone anymore. What do you think?

I think that it is true that they are the only ship left unexplored at this point. I think klayley was always going to have to be a really slow burn because I don’t think you can get them together then break them up and keep the integrity of the family bond they want to have with hope. So to me  it was always going to be one of those ships that happened towards the end of the series and one of those things that would fester until late in the game and just explode. They they would tackle some hurdles but stay together and that’s how klaus’s story ends. 

I have a REALLY hard time believing they would craft Hayley so perfectly for Klaus from the very beginning and have zero desire to see them together romantically at all at any point in the series. It just makes too much sense when you look at it to just say “nope, never gonna happen, never wanted it to happen”. Klaus always wanted a family that’s all his own, that’s just like him…they made hayley literally the only other hybrid in existence. Hayley has always wanted a family that is loyal, steady, unconditional…and klaus is loyal, steady, unconditional. They both get EXACTLY what they have always wanted with each other. So it’s hard for me to think that it was all completely coincidental and unintentional. 

I think that end the end Klaus was always gonna end up with Hayley in some form or fashion, Even if they weren’t explicitly romantic with each other, they would still be together as a unit with their kids. Before the renewal the writers mentioned that they ended the season in a way that would provide fans some closure even if we didn’t get more episodes. My theory has always been that this season would end with klayley. Whether it be the three of them deciding to stay on nola together and create a new environment with just the three of them, or if they decided to leave town together just the three of them. I think that ending would give Klaus closure. We might not have known for sure that he and hayley fell madly in love with each other but we know that he got a partner for life and he got happiness with his daughter and Hayley got the same. If they got a new season they could easily pick right back up and dive deep into a klayley romance. Now that the renewal has been confirmed I think they are in the best position yet to finally make klayley happen romantically so I have a lot of hope that they finally will. The show more than likely wont’ be getting a season 6, and def probably won’t get a 7 so either way the show is coming to an end. What better time than now to finally explore the romance between the two leads of your show. 

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I saw your hayley + bayou scenery posts and was wondering how you made them so vibrant? whenever I use vibrance layers it ends up all orangey and ugh

Selective layers tbh. Selective layers are a godsend. I guess I can do a mini tutorial on how I use them? But literally most of the time all I do is play around with the sliders until I get a wanted effect… like I’m not really methodical, I just play around aha.

So here’s one the base gifs for the gifset you’re talking about, with nothing done to the colouring

This is a cooler/greener vibrant version

And here’s a warmer more bluer vibrant version. Personally I prefer this version, but whatever floats your boat.

I’ll show you how to do both for this scene.The methods I use wont work for every scene.  I’ll start with water + forest bayou scenes, where both vibrant blue and green are the aim here

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“What the hell do people actually spend their days off doing? Besides sleep and eat that is.” It was far too early for him to pick up Hayley from daycare and the house echoed empty – and he definitely refused to spend it working. “I need a hobby.”

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Sorry to bother you, I just wanted to ask about your tags on the "gals pals" Facebook post that Agent Carter made. Is the line you were talking about queerbaiting? I was curious and also wanted to make sure I didn't overlook something super problematic, but I also understand that they are your tags and thoughts and things. Anyway, I hope you are having a good night!

not a bother; after i tagged that i had to think about whether i had started tagging other things from agent carter when i thought they were coming close to crossing the line. because, yes, queerbaiting is what i’m talking about.

and now i’m going to say a lot of things about that, which you didn’t ask about but since we’re here, it’s gonna happen now, so forgive if i’m staying the bleeding obvious.

the term itself gets bandied about a lot in fandom these days, in relation to such strange things that generally suggests people don’t really know what it means, and how it came to be a thing. SO HERE’S SOME FANDOM HISTORY.

until, i swear to god, approximately the early 2000s, tv shows in the US would genuinely be in danger of losing sponsors to the extent that they would be cancelled if they showed explicitly queer content. lesbian kiss episodes became a thing because sweeps weeks were such good advertising that corporations would rather deal with things they would usually pull their ads from than give up the audience for their ads.

and that’s the context in which tv content makers started doing the kind of things we now refer to as queerbaiting.

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I'm honestly so confused. First with the Farro's, now Jeremy too? Hayley was my idol for a long time (for 6-7 ys straight) and it's so dissapointing to hear these things about her. What do you think about it? Did Hayley should have made Jeremy and Taylor equally as a partner, or it has no big meaning to it? I mean, I really can't decide, it's so confusing to think about it. Is Hayley the bad person here, or everybody is? Help me :( And I'm sending hugs, I've been following you for a long time! x

Why is it disappointing to hear this about HER? What exactly has Hayley done wrong?

Hayley literally had no power to just make them completely equal as far as rights. She didn’t. That was ultimately beyond her control, as far as I can see. She WANTED everyone to be equal from the beginning, and each time, the higher ups and the label say “no, we only care about signing you” to Hayley, and giving her money and some control, and she said “I want to share my contract and money with my bandmates.” She didn’t have to do that. She could’ve been a jerk all along and a solo type artist and said “this is my show and mine alone” and she didn’t. She’s always tried to make it equal, and every time something like this comes up that’s clearly just about the label and contracts, people want to put all the blame on her and act like she’s shutting the guys out. She isn’t. If she were a man, people would be being so forgiving and saying it wasn’t her doing or her fault.

someone used the quote hayley made about her & taylor being closer as an example that paramore won’t be around longer???? that literally makes no sense??? considering all the shit jeremy has been starting with lawsuits I’m pretty sure hayley & taylor are gonna be just fine doing the band together 

then they brought up the post from the ex VERSA bassist and how he was barely paid and whatnot and it’s like ok thats literally one band on FBR so if you look at the rest and hell even fob who were signed for a little they’re doing just fine and also we’ve all seen jeremy’s house and car and studio so idk how they can be like “read this before you call jeremy greedy”

like b*tch imma call jeremy greedy cause he is like damn maybe if he contributed to composing more then he’d have earned as much as hayley and taylor lmao