literally just cried for 2 hours

*cries in norvegian*

Okay I don’t know if you all know but Adam who literally plays Adam in Skam was live on instagram for like 2 HOURS !!! And I can tell you guys how pure they are ( he was with Mutta and Simo who plays Elias) they were just driving, chilling, singing and enjoying their life dude. I already love them so much !!! They are not homophobic, they are all muslin, they don’t drink or do drugs. They are lovely people (yes I am in love) This is what was important: - the balloon squad didn’t know each other before SKAM - Ulrikke and Adam when to elvebakken at the same time !!! They kinda knew each other (she was a senior and he was a freshman) - Adam and Marlon have known each other for 5 years !!!! - they all worship Iman (Sana) - they actually all did the challenge with the socks and the bucket and the only one who succeeded was JULIE ANDEM ( LIKE SERIOUSLY THIS IS SO COOL SHE PLAYS WITH THEM ON THE SET) - Adam is so into Eva, it’s so funny - Simo said his fav ship was evak (crying) - I love them - must protect - They actually said that they loved me, they answered ME. I feel so blessed rn - They KNOW we call them the ballon squad and they like it. Simo said they were initially called “Elias and the squad” tho Hahahah Don’t sleep on these boys they are amazing. Go follow them on instagram, Adam actually makes a lot of livestreams.

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I bet on steves first night really and truly alone, he cried. Just him in this strange time in a world that was all wrong, but it wasnt the world it was him hes wrong and out of place and so, so alone. He just lays in his bed and cocoons himself and cries for hours for everyone, but especially for his mom and bucky. And when he gets up the next morn he washes his face a denies he spent all night sobbing to himself, and goes to whatever appointment fury or stark made for him and puts back on 1/2

2/2 that monkey suit, because thats who he is now and he cant see a way for it not to be.

You can’t see me, but I’m literally drowning in my own tears right now. This is–fuck. I–I fuck

Like this is about a man. About a man who thought he died. But he didn’t. And death almost seemed easier because everything he knew is gone. Food tastes different. Bananas taste different. There’s stuff that didn’t exist back then. Sure, some of it’s great, but it’s not the same. (And humans are naturally resistant to change sooo)

And he hears name’s like Stark– but it’s not Howard. It’s this new face and this new personality but he looks so much like Howard, but he’s told Howard is dead– that he was killed. And he hears about Peggy and how she lived this full life without Steve and he’s heartbroken because God, if he could’ve been there to give her that dance, he would have. But he’d lost everything. He lost his chance at her. He lost his chance at coming home from war and just being a guy. He lost everything and woke up in a world that only wanted him for a very specific reason and not because of WHO he was but because of WHAT he was. 




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I REALLY LOVE YOUR TRAMPOLINE PHANFIC! It was the first phanfic I've ever read and today I had the strange feeling to read it again, so searched for 2 hours. HONESTLY, I LITERALLY CRIED OF HAPPYNESS AFTER FINDING IT! I Just wanted to tell you. Ya... Have a nice day <3

wow!!!! i’m honored to have taken your phanfic virginity (is that weird ?? yes ?? i’m sorry) and i’m glad you got to find it again!! that’s the most horrible feeling when you’ve lost one :((

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So I just finished season 2 of dw and I am literally crying rn I cant believe rose and the doctor are never gonna see each other again why did this happen ahhhh (sorry I need to vent and I don't know anyone who watches dw haha)

FEEL YOU ! Omg when I saw doomsday for the first time (and every other time too) I cried my eyes out. For real i cried for like an hour because it’s so freaking heartbreaking ??? And Billie and David did such a good job omfffg Billie’s acting in this scene always shocks me because it’s just so good and so so so so sad. And like I could talk about this episode forever ?? So don’t worry you can always come to me to cry about Rose x Doctor because let’s be honest IT’S SO FREAKING TRAGIC ???? omfffg my heart ❤️❤️

PS.: omfffg I just remembered after I finished season two I messaged a dw blog because I needed to cry about Rose x Doctor omfffg so I totally feel you 

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So, on July 8, 2014 i met my favorite band in the world. I met Get Scared. They’re the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. I stood in line for 2 hours in the pouring rain just to meet them. I cried so much because they’re the band that has helped me through so much. I hugged them and I felt so safe. After I met them, I went to their show and I screamed every lyric to every song and Nick looked at me and smiled. After the concert I couldn’t talk and I coughed up blood because I was screaming so much. It was literally the best day of my life.

i remember the day babygate broke so well it was like 11 at night and i literally got like 2 hours sleep i kept waking up in the night with my heart beating so fast and i had to watch old atl videos to calm myself then the next day i just went out and drove around for hours and then came home and watched like 87 episodes of how its made then went to starbucks with my sister and we sat there for like 3 hours coming up with theories then i went home and cried and went to bed

4 years to the biggest band in this world!!

So this is a masterpost i made to the biggest band on this planet <3
the band that changes do many lives in only 4 years! 
this post is dedicated to the 5 most amazing guys in the world! <3

when Simon said it’s just the beginning for these boys he wasn’t lying..
cuz from here we got to here.. 
the boys playing one of the world’s biggest arena !! 
from auditioning the x factor as solo artists: 

to forming a band: 

these 4 years have been amazing and the i’m sure we’re going to have at least more 4 AMAZING years with them!! 

looking back at what they achived:

1st single to hit 1st place in so many charts! 
from what makes you beutiful to an amazing album that also became 1st place in so many conutries all around the world! 

from up all night to take me home: 

take me home to MIDNIGHT MEMORIES 

all of their album’s became number 1 in so many countries!
they’re the biggest band on the planet 
with the 3rd album coming 1st they became the first band in the history that 3 of their albums came 1st in us bilboard 200 chart! 

now let’s talk a little about them as we love them: stupid, funny, amazing, adorble and most important HOT! 

remember the time they made us these kind of stupid videos
as much as i’m sad that we don’t get these videos diaries any more we do get stuff like this: 

and how did i forget we got a movie a whole 2 hours of laughter, fun, tears and again endless FUNN!!

of course i have to mention some of my favs selfies of the boys! 

this is seriously one of my favorute pictures haha they’re so cute with their beards and i really mean their face beards! 

now just some random pictures to sum these 4 amazing years: 

OH OH OH wait how can i forget they’re amazing group hug!? 

just look how much they changed but yet stayed exactly the same!

ok.. we can cont with the random pics: 

i literally cried when i first saw this pic of louis hahahhahahhahahah! :D

ok .. so i think this is already too long so i’m going to finish this masterpost with one pictures that sums everything!

thank you so much for reading.. i took some time to write this so i’ll be so happy if you will take time to read and reblog this <3
(p.s i do not own any of the pictures above
*credit to who ever own them)  

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This was on July 19 2013! Best day of my life! It was my first concert so I was pretty excited! I couldn’t wait to see my favorite band, For All Those Sleeping, perform. As soon as Mike came on stage I literally started crying.

After they were done I got to meet all of them and it was perfect! As you can see I look pretty damn awkward in the photo because 1. my favorite band was like right there. NEXT TO ME! 2. The guy kinda took the picture and I wasn’t really ready but whatever. They were all so nice too! I love them so much and it’s a shame that there calling it quits! I cried for about a good half an hour when I heard the news. Basically I just wanted to say thank you to them! For the greatest day in my life, the fucking awesome music, and for everything else!


Day 26

*Harry’s P.O.V.*

Please. Please answer.

The echoing of the ring sounded in my head.

C’mon Niall…. Answer….

“Hello?” His Irish accent came through the speakers and I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders.



“Hey buddy… H-how ya doin?”

He was silent. I took another chug of the half empty whiskey bottle I held in my hand.

“I’m alright.. Erm, how are you?”

“I’m great man. I’m fantastic. How’s (Y/N)?”

He chuckled a little, “she’s okay. She’s great actually. Taking a nap actually. Is that why you called?”

“I was wondering if I could talk to her?”

“Harry, you know the answer to that.”

I took another chug and wiped my eyes so my tears wouldn’t fall.

“Niall, please, I need to talk to her…”

“I know you want to talk to her, but if I do that these past few days will have been for nothing”

“Niall please” I said like a small child

“Are you drunk?”

I giggled, “No”

“Yes you are! This is what I mean Harry! You shouldn’t be worried about talking to (Y/N), you should be worried about getting your shit together, and drinking isn’t going to help you with that”

“Niall c’mon, just let me talk to her”

“No Harry. I talked to her earlier and we both decided it would be best if you didn’t see her again until after the baby is born”

I dropped the bottle of whiskey and it shattered around my feet, “No! You can’t do that to me!”

“This isn’t about you Harry! It’s about (Y/N) and her safety! You know damn well that if she was with you right now you two would be fighting. She needs to be away from you for awhile.”

“Niall she’s my fiancée! I love her!”

“I have no doubt that you do. Nobody doubts your love for her”

“Then why wont you let me see her? I need her!”

“And she needs to be away from you.”

Something inside me snapped for the umpteenth time since this entire thing started and I went off on the small Irish lad, “Niall why are you fucking being like this?! I just wana talk to her! I just wana say hi! I don’t know what your problem is! She’s MY fiancée! And she should be with ME not YOU! She needs me just as much as I need her!”

“Really? Is that what you think? Because other than missing you, she’s been doing pretty damn good on her own. She’s not drinking, she’s not beating herself up, she’s taking care of herself and doing what’s best for her and the baby. And what are you doing?”

I didn’t say anything, I wasn’t exactly sure what to say.

“What are you doing Harry?”

“N-nothing” I whimpered

“Exactly! Harold get you fucking act together! Instead of drinking you could be using this time to get a nursery ready or anything other than DRINKING for fucks sake!”

There was a long silence, one that made me want to throw up.

“And one more thing,” he continued, “while your head is where it’s at, tell your small intestines I said hi”

There was a click and everything was silent. I was alone.

*Your P.O.V.*

“And one more thing. While your head is where it’s at, tell you small intestines I said hi”

I held back a laugh as Niall hung up his phone. He shook his head and stared at the ground before turning to find me standing there.

“How long have you been there?” He asked, putting his phone in his back pocket.

“Long enough to know you enjoy talking to peoples small intestines” I laughed, “who was that?”

He looked hesitant before he answered me, “Harry…”

“Harry? You said that to Harry?! Why?!” I was angry. I know Niall was trying to protect me but he didn’t have the right to talk to Harry like that.

“(Y/N), come sit down.” He patted the couch and sat down. As much as I didn’t want to I walked over and sat across from him, “Harry… Harry’s not doing to good…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well.. I just got off the phone with him… He’s drunk and begging to talk to you. I don’t know for sure, but I think he’s been drinking a lot… And Louis called me yesterday..” He stopped talking and looked down at his feet.

“And?” I pressed, wanting to know what was happening.

“And… Harry was just laying in bed when Louis went over there… He said it didn’t seem like Harry had gotten out of bed since you went ‘missing’… But he did get out of bed once while Louis was there… He got up and punched him”

My eyebrows furrowed, “Harry did what?”

“He punched Louis in the face. Granted, Louis did tell me he deserved it, but Harry’s never been violent, never”

I nodded in agreement. Harry never even hurt a fly, he wasn’t even rough during sex. Since I left harry was literally coming undone and losing his mind.

“Louis wanted to take him out somewhere so Harry took a shower, but instead of actually going somewhere he just went back to bed and locked Louis out…. I don’t know how much longer he can take this (Y/N)…”

I started crying. Harry needed help, but if I went to help him everything Niall and I had worked on would be thrown away in a heartbeat. Niall wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head, trying to calm me down but I just cried harder.

I must’ve cried for at least 2 hours before I started to calm down, my hands clutching my stomach.

“You need to take me to him…” I whispered in Niall’s chest.

“Are you sure? You know you cant stay with him…”

“I know Ni, I don’t need to stay. I need ten minutes. That’s it.”


92 Truths

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1. Last drink: hot chocolate

2. Last Phone Call: My mom

3. Last text message: “but damn, my hair looks great.”

4. Last song you listened to: I tried by Folded Like Fabric
5. Last time you cried: About 3 weeks
6. Last time you saw your mother: A couple hours ago
7. Dated someone twice: Nope
8.Been cheated on: yeah
9. Kissed someone and regretted it: not really
10. Lost someone: yeah. some just aren’t my friends anymore and some are literally dead.
11. Been depressed: Yeah. 
12. Been drunk and thrown up: nope
13. Made a new friend: yess
14. Fallen out of love: yeah
15. Laughed until you cried: Yessss, everytime I go out with my friends
16. Met someone who changed you?: Yeah, my friends at school made me doubt everything about myself.
17. Found out who your true friends are: Yeah
18. Found out someone was talking about you: Yes and I slay them.
19. Kissed anyone that are your followers/you follow: Yeah.
20. How many people on your Tumblr do you know in real life: 3
21. Do you have any pets: no. but i did have a bunny.
22. Do you want to change your name: no
23. What did you do for your last birthday: my birthday is tomorrow.
24. What time did you wake up this morning: 9am
25. What were you doing last night: watching Dan and Phil
26. Name something you CANNOT wait for: Spring Break (I get to go on this trip with my whole class and I’m ready for photography skills to be tested)
27. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I wish that my friends didn’t crush me and that I was okay. 
28. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Yeah
28. What’s getting on your nerves right now: People talking shit about me when I am genuinely only want the best for them. 
29. Most visited webpage: Tumblr
30. Blood type: I have no idea
31. Nicknames: Cathy, Ally, Ale
32. Relationship status: single pringle 
33. Zodiac sign: Capricorn 
34. Pronouns: She/her
35. Favourite TV shows: Skins UK
36. Elementary: I went to a lot of schools. Almost one every year. I never had trouble making friends until I am at the current school I am now.
37. High school: working on it.
38. College: also working on it.
39. Hair colour: black but dyed this reddish-brown
40. Long or short hair: short 
41. Height: roughly 5ft 5in.
42. Do you have a crush on someone: Yes
43. What do you like about yourself: I’m known as the “girl who gives no fucks”. It’s a lot of fun but lonely.
44. Best friend: I have 3.
45. Tattoos: no
46. Piercings: two ear piercings.
47. Righty or lefty: LEFTY 
48. First surgery: i was in a car accident and i needed a surgery on my leg and right arm. I have a happy face scar on my right arm now.
49. First piercings: earrings
50. First sport you joined: soccer
51. First vacation: Mexico
52. First pair of trainers: ?
53. Eating: not eating right now.
54. Drinking: water
55. I’m about to go: answer some messages on tumblr.
56. Listening to: Markiplier playing P.T.
57. Waiting for: me to be happy with myself
58. Want: a new camera. I’m a photo nerd.
59. Get married: I will some day.
60. Career: I don’t know yet.
61. Lips or eyes: eyes
62. Hugs or kisses:hugs
63. Shorter or taller: Taller
64. Older or younger: idc
65. Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous
66. Nose, stomach or nice arms: Nice arms
67. Sensitive or loud: both 
68. Hook up or relationship: relationship
69. Troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker
70. Kissed a stranger: nope
71. Drank hard liquor: nope
72. Lost glasses/contacts: don’t wear them
73. Sex on the first date: nope
74. Broke someone’s heart: yup.
75. Had your own heart broken:Yup
76. Been arrested: Nope
77. Turn someone down: Yes
78. Cried when someone died: Yes
79. Fallen for a friend: yup
80. Been in a car accident: more than once.
81. Eaten a whole tub of ice-cream in one night: duh
82. In yourself: no
83. Miracles: yeah
84. Love at first sight: yeah
85. Heaven: yeah
86. Santa Claus: No
87. Kiss at first date: yes
88. God: No…well sort of 
89. Angels and demons: maybe.
90. blue
91. purple
92. Red
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