literally it took me ages to make it

1. You make me very happy reading this! Thank you!

2. Oh I haven’t noticed it’s been removed. That’s a pity. You should check the tutorial I’ve linked at my FAQ for converting by @artemis-sims. I think he did a retexture at some point in part 1.

3. I assume she’ll convert it eventually. Just be patient.

4. My lookbooks are still there, I just don’t have a link on my blog for them because my current theme only provides 3 and I had to add the most necessary ones. Plus, I rarely do any. They’re under the tag ‘lookbook’.

5. As long as they are for personal use only, yes but message me first.

Alphabet Tag

Tagged (by scooping it up because I just love doing these and she didn’t specify so hahahaha yissss!) by the loverly @praise-the-lord-im-dead ;)

• a - age: I’m proud of this answer/non-answer, so: It took Johannes Brahms the same amount of time from sketches to finishing touches to complete his Symphony #1 as it has taken to make me who I am today. (Do the google math)

• b - biggest fear: loss of someone I love, losing myself

• c - current time: Later than I should be up. ;)

• d - drink you last had: Pepsi-cola

• e - every day starts with: the letter e??? And me aggressively not wanting to break off my friendship with my blankets.

• f - favorite song: ???! I literally cannot answer, but we sang this one in church this morning and I…wow…. (3:00 mark is when the choir really comes in and I just…floored.) Also, our worship pastor arranged it a little differently, so that they really played up the dynamics falling and building on “You’re holy” so. D:

• g - ghosts, are they real? Not in the traditional sense of the departed hanging about. Spirits, yes. Memories, yes. Physical things affected by these, yes.

• h - hometown: Well now, that’s a little stalker-ish, ask me to dinner first at least.

• i - in love with: Broadway musicals and Parmesan cheese

• j - jealous of: My roommates. Roomie 1 has already seen Beauty and the Beast, and Roomie 2 is going tomorrow night. XP Not fair. XD

• k - killed someone: Um??? No???? What kind of a question is that??? (oh, fiddle, unless you count fictional someones…oh dear)

• l - last time you cried: Friday night. Friday night was not okay. The Big College Fail and everything that went/goes along with it was brought to the forefront of my mind again, and that’s…that’s rough tbh ;)

• m - middle name: …There are too many inside jokes about this for me to answer.

• n - number of siblings: 3 and ½, including my soon-to-be sister-in-law. I have an older bro, an older sister on the tumblr, and a lil bro.

• o - one wish: to do Worthwhile things

• p - person you last called/texted: My sister, who is my favorite. I’m never certain if she wants me to tag her when I mention her lol

• q - question you’re always asked: “isn’t that on sale though?” XD Okay, but um seriously… A lot of people bring up the “so when are you going to try for school again?” question and I usually reply “working on it!” with a falsely cheery smile while my brain immediately goes to my empty savings fund lol. I’m finally starting to save up again though. :D

• r - reasons to smile: My God is the only God who came, lived, died, lives again, reigns in heaven, and smiles in mercy on me. Also, like, cats and Needtobreathe and musicals and sweaters.

• s - song that you last sang: “The Worst Kind of Gods”, by House of Heroes was playing in my car on the way home from work. :) Caused some raised eyebrows going through traffic enthusiastically yelling “I am not a good man! It’s good I seek to do! Heaven’s gate is narrow, pray for me and I’ll pray for you! Yeah! Yeah! Yeeaaaaaaaaaagggghhhhh!” LOL

• t - time you woke up: 8:30 to get ready for church. ^_^

• u - underwear color: like white. boring.

• v - vacation destination: Anywhere. NYC, Iceland, Scotland, honestly any place I can travel far away too and have an adventure and experience incredibly new and different things.

• w - worst habit: letting little things get to me and develop into outward reactions while I bury the big things so that no one ever knows

I am not tagging anyone specifically, but if you follow me and see this and want to, totally do it and tag me at the beginning so I can see your answers, I love getting to know you all!

On Doctor Who, the most difficult scene for me was… the moment in the TARDIS [in TNotD], where [Doctor] was saying goodbye [to River], and we had literally - it took us ages to set that scene up, and for all I knew it was the last time I was ever going to be on Doctor Who. This was the moment where I was saying ‘goodbye’ to him finally, and I could only do it in one take. And Matt was so angry with them, so furious, and I knew I was upset with their sort of treatment of us, and also the fact that this was a big deal for my character. So we did it. We did it in one take. I wasn’t happy about it. I left feeling really cross actually, because very often, I think that, so much time is taken, as it should be, with setting up all of the aliens, and the robots, all lightings, that the actual job of acting, the drama is left to kind of the back of the room… They think that we can do it like that, which usually, we do, but that doesn’t mean it’s fair, and also, it’s a little bit disrespectful to us. So, that was a big deal for me.
—  Alex Kingston, on what were some of the most emotionally difficult scenes to film.

Look, the hate Sera gets from the fandom seems unnecessary????? And the hate she gets from the game??? Like I took EVERY chance I could to be nice to her and make her my friend in game and it was like pulling teeth with the writers. They literally tried to make me hate her. I had the choice to kick her out of the Inquisition basically until the boss battle. There was never really a “blue - purple - red” option in any of her conversations like it FORCED you to disagree with her nearly 100% of the time when I was like no??????? Stop????? She deserves some love??? 

Is she crude? Yes. Is she mean? Oh of course. Are some of her opinions perhaps a little one sided and problematic? Definitely. But like……. there are significantly worse characters who get instant redemption whether I liked it or not???

Everything Cullen is done to mages and the fandom loves him? Fenris would see all mages killed and he’s fine?? Blackwall assumes another man’s life to escape the noose for murdering an entire family (including children) but that’s cool??? AND DON’T FUCKING GET ME STARTED ON SOLAS.

Why do other characters get to be loved for being problematic??

Sera was raised to hate everything she was by a human mother, left to die a street urchin and has never had a meaningful relationship in her life and therefore lacks basic social skills and STILL manages to find the right path by joining a massive powerful organization (The Inquisition) and uses this connection to help the little guys at the bottom getting shit on. And she gets hated??? Because she’s “mean”?

I know Cullen went through some shit, and Fenris has every reason to be how he is and Blackwall eventually atoned for his mistakes but COME ON they are also douchebags? Why do they get a hall pass???? I love them all but???? Sera is so much better???? She has done so much more good???? And has always tried to care for others when her upbringing has tried to make her a monster???? And if you romance her like omfg?? YOU ARE HER LIFE??? SHE LOVES YOU SO MUCH???? She doesn’t care at all about what you look like or what race you are you treat her like a goddess and she returns the favo tenfold like all she wants to do with her life is do right by you and by others and everyone fucking hates her???? HOW??????????????????????

TL:DR: Sera is amazing she is the best and I regret not taking the time to get to know her character sooner for stupid personal reasons

Wanna hear something hilarious? So my entire life my family has called me dark/kaalo “black.” I learned at an incredibly young age to avoid the sun so I wouldn’t go out and play a lot, and chlorine would make me get dark faster so I stopped going to the pool around the age of 7 or 8. Now my entire life my neck and face have been a few shades lighter than my body (literally when my mom took me to Bangladesh as a baby she put me in long sleeved dresses and opaque tights so everyone would think I was as fair as my cousin). So when I posted a selfie awhile ago with the hashtag #unfairandlovely, someone decided to basically tell me that I’m not dark (though I am not fair in the slightest I’m always a shade of brown and I’m still called dark to this day), and I basically disgraced the tag since I am too “light skinned” to be apart of the movement.

It pissed me off cause you know what? I went through so much shit for my complexion, hell I still to this day hear it. So you have no idea to tell me my experiences and stories are invalid. Honestly I fucking hate some people on this site cause they have such a narrow minds of what fits into what box they’ve created in their head.

Yesterday I was talking to a patient at work who complimented me on my skin and asked me what I do to it to make it look the way it does.

My coworker, a sloppy, middle aged white woman who looks like she’s lived a thousand shitty lives was seated next to me listening as I said I always use sunscreen and try to drink a lot of water.

The sloppy coworker proceeds to say “well enjoy it now because in a few years it’ll all be gone.”

It literally took everything I had not to turn to her and say that my beautiful black skin will NEVER crack, bitch!

Confession:  There was this one time during my first playthrough of Origins that I was home alone, so I decided to play a bit. I sat down on my couch & it was like 9 pm. Next thing I knew, I was on the floor inches away from the tv & my friend was calling me to ask me why I was awake at 7 in the morning… I was literally at the point right before the archdemon & it took all of my being to make myself stop playing. I wanted to keep going but my eyeballs felt like they were gonna fall out. DA does that to ya.

Confession:  It took me two months to do the last boss battle of Inquisition because I’m so stubborn I wouldnt take the trouble of leveling up to make myself strong enough. I finally gave up after hours of trying it over and over again. It literally took 2 hours, and I finished the battle on my first try. Sometimes I’m so stupid.