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*:・゚✧How to find time to read*:・゚✧

hello everyone! i have decided to write this masterpost because this topic has always been quite important to me: especially now in the summertime, i find myself packed in books i have to read for school and/or that i want to read for personal culture, but the time, as usual, seems to be never enough.
Driven by the need of having social life, getting enough sleep, studying for next year’s school lectures and also read everything i want (and have to), i have managed to develop this method that allows me to do all my duties and still have enough time to read four books during a day.
so here’s some steps that will defenitely help you find your time to read!

1. Try to wake up early. Maybe this wasn’t what you wanted to hear but it is fundamental if you want to have more time. If you are not a morning person, i suggest downloading the app alarmy (android download // apple download). I have been using it for ages and it really works for me - you simply take a pic of something before you go to sleep (for example i took a pic of the bathroom sink) and in the morning the alarm won’t go off unless you take the exact same pic, so that you are literally forced to get up. (I have a few methods to wake myself up in th morning, if you’re interested I’ll make a masterpost about this!)

2. Read as first thing in the morning This is actually quite interesting. Reading as first thing in the morning is incredibly beneficiant since it actually activates the brain cells and it makes you feel more awaken and productive since the very beginning of the day, expecially if you read something you deeply enjoy. I love waking up, washing my face and going back to bed to read half an hour or so The Art of Being Happy by Shopenhauer  while i drink a glass of iced water. I truly reccomend you to try this because it really sets the tone of your day.

3. Read in between your study sessions. If you follow the pomodoro method you should be a step ahead in this point but even if you don’t, every day is the right day to start something new! The pomodoro method is basically a method in which you study for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minutes break. I have modified this method to make it more suitable for my needs, and so i usually study for 35 mins and then i have an 10 minutes break; during this break i manage to read some pages, and it motivates me both to work harder during the session and to remain focused!

4. Read half an hour before lunch and dinner and half an hour later. it seems pretty dumb but it is not: before and after a meal are possibly the times in our day where we are most likely to be distracted by hunger or by lazyness; so instead of forcing ourselves on doing work that wont’t be productive, a better option would be to just stop and relax our minds by reading. By doing this, we will gain two hours out of our busy day to read without wasting any study time. 

5. Listen to audiobooks!!!! I literally cannot stress enough how convenient audiobooks are. You can do anything else but still be reading! Another way to take advantage of audiobooks is by having the book under the eyes and just listen to the audiobook and follow in the book. This lowers by so freaking much the chances of get distracted, and it will make the reading more fluid and, for some, interesting (Luckily, youtube is full of free audiobooks of almost any classic book you want to read so you won’t have to pay for audiobooks)

so, to conlude this masterpost, let’s do the math:
We have 24 hours. Lets say we wake up at 6.30. We will read an hour and then we will start our day. We accomplish from 8 to 11 am 3 pomodoro study sessions with 24 mins of reading. Then we have half an hour before and half an hour after lunch. We manage to make 5 sessions form 2 to 7 pm, with 40 mins of reading.
Another half an hour before dinner and half an hour after. If i’m not wrong, we managed to read about 4 hours before evening, without stealing any time to the study and having the whole night ahead to go to sleep early, have social life or, most likely, continue to reading for another couple of hours

If you have read all the way to here, i am so thankful for your existence and for your patience, I truly do hope this masterpost will help you!!! If you have any suggestions or question or anything feel completely free to message me ≧◡≦


“I wanted to be an actor, like, so so bad. I took acting classes, I auditioned for Disney, and then I realized how nervous I got with remembering lines. Then music kind of fell upon me when I was around 13. I started watching YouTube videos and singing and it became something that I was obsessed with. Next thing I know, I was fully in it.”

As we speak I am standing outside, waiting for a late boy my age who splits the bill on everything and makes sure I know how much everything costs, who I am literally nervous to do anything that involves money because it’s awkward af.

Tomorrow I will be on the boat of a 40 year old man who said I can “Invite any of my friends, we’ll have lots to drinks!” Yesterday he took me to an expensive Italian restaurant and dined me. Then we went for more drinks. Then he passed me $100 to buy a new bikini because I mentioned mine are old. For the 2 hours of our date I had zero cares in the world.

Why do I keep even trying with the first?

You girls keep giving me the best hoe tips…yet I am still looking for love. Can you buy a Chanel with love?!! A house?!! Pay your mortgage?

Too Close for Comfort (Teen Wolf - Stiles x OC)

Request from anon : Could you do a stiles imagine where you are Scott’s sister and you are secretly dating stiles.

Word count : 7,4k (I feel like I’m making progress, they used to be twice as long!!)

Synopsis : Just the everyday struggles that come with being the twin sister of a true Alpha.

A/N: For the sake of the plot and nothing else, Allison is still alive, although she does not appear in the story (Allison, I’m so sorry for turning you into a plot device). I made Sasha (the OC) Scott’s twin, because it was easier and spared me the trouble of coming up with an age difference. This took me literally ages (read: months), I’m sorry for being such an unreliable writer, I  have little to no sense of priority and I keep postponing everything I’m asked to do. That’s how strong my contradictory spirit is. Here I am, dropping this imagine when everybody least expects it. Surprise!


You know what really sucks when your brother is a werewolf? Everything.

And that doesn’t even come close to reality, Sasha’s life has become so much more difficult since Scott was bitten by Peter. Having an asthmatic twin brother whose main concern in life was to pass his math class was boring, but it was safe and Sasha had the privilege of being the most extra of the two – ah good times ! But then of course Scott’s asthma became a thing of the past, added to his new found super strength and speed, his popularity went from zero to ten real quick, leaving Sasha in the dust, far behind him.

Not that he wanted to leave her behind. Scott was the absolute best brother one could possibly dream of in terms of loyalty and support, but it just happened. He couldn’t exactly fight against the natural course of the events while also learning to control his powers – and trying to win over Allison with his awkward charm. And then Peter happened, which only compelled him to push Sasha farther away for her own safety. At the time, she thought it was the worst thing that could happen, and once Peter was defeated, she thought everything was over and life would go back to normal.

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Lovely Distress | Park Woojin

requested!: anon wanted woojin angst so here I am to write one! also might be short rip. also i couldn’t think of anything else for angst im sorry ;-; song used: Glass Bead - GFriend

I may seem like a clear glass bead

But I won’t break that easily

I love you, only you, it won’t change

I’ll shine on you forever

  • it was an innocent love
  • the love between you and woojin
  • you two first met when you both were trying out a free dance class at a new dance studio that opened up near your school 
  • when trying to go over the dance you found yourself messing up quite and bit and tbh you were about to just get up and leave because this just seemed to not be your style of dance when a boy around your age came up to you shyly 
  • “do you need help? i know of know the dance already and can help you go over it”
  • standing up in enthusiasm you nodded your head and stuck out your hand towards him
  • “oh my gosh that would literally be so fantastic! i’m Y/N thank you so much for helping me out!”
  • the boy nodded and took your hand in his as you both slowly, awkwardly shook hands 
  • “i’m…woojin, nice to meet you too”
  • he taught you from the beginning of the dance to the end to make sure that you understood all the key movements, and at the end of the dance class you both ended up performing in the same group and even got complimented on by the dance instructor!
  • after that class woojin asked for your number and you guys naturally got close since he texted you right after he got it, (lol you weren’t even out of the room yet but he still texted you as if you were not there)
  • you both often started to learn choreography’s together and since you were a clumsy person you kind of kept on low key tripping and falling over yourself?? like you thought you had two left feet sometimes 
  • one day though you fell and basically sprained your ankle and woojin came right by your side and gently held your ankle, causing you to wince in pain 
  • “does it hurt a lot?”
  • even if he didn’t have a lot of expression shown you could tell by his voice the concern he had for you 
  • you tried not to seem like it hurt too much and just slightly laughed it off 
  • “haha yeah i’m fine! I just need to sit down for a bit!”
  • but even after saying that woojin gave you a look that said “are you really not that hurt?”
  • “don’t worry woojin! i don’t break that easily!”
  •  he nodded his head and helped you move over to his couch at his house as he went into the kitchen to get you an ice pack
  • as the days progressed after that woojin seemed to care over you more and it made you feel a certain way?
  • you both also got super close, like close to the point where there was late night talks 
  • late night facetime calls i mean when either you or him are having problems,
  • basically eating food meant for 5 people together, aka korean barbecue
  • don’t forget dancing together which is kind of mostly just woojin showing off his dancing skills which you didn’t mind because he looked handsome while dancing! 
  • so basically it was like you guys were dating but yknow, you weren’t because even though you guys began to like each other you both were too oblivious to even notice the heart eyes you guys were giving each other 
  • especially woojin 
  • like one time you were basically admiring his face while he was talking because he was so cute when he notices you giving him heart eyes and he instantly looks you in the eyes 
  • “Y/N why are you staring at me like that?”
  • “o-oh sorry! I spaced out.”
  • while you were saying that sentence woojin started to think something over before giving you his full attention
  • “it’s alright, real quick though what do you think of me?”
  • you were taken aback like what the you weren’t expecting that to come out of his mouth you were just expecting a simple “okay” or “alright” 
  • “umm i think you’re a really great friend?? what do you want me to say?”
  • he took a while to respond before gazing down at the table
  • “i kind of wanted you to say that you thought of me as something more”
  • you both went silent for a while before you started going off on a tangent
  • “oh my gosh woojin i um actually do think that way? i’ve been feeling it every since you really helped me out with my sprained ankle a long time ago like you don’t even know but since you feel this way to i guess you do too?”
  • while watching woojin who had his eyes glued on the table you could see the tips of his ears turn red and you smile a bit 
  • “woojin you can’t hide your ears are literally telling me everything”
  • he finally looked up and you could fully see how much he was kind of blushing which made you start blushing because your heart was starting too beat fast 
  • “i feel the same way..”
  • you stood up from your chair in shock while made woojin look at you equally in shock but you stood there with a smile on your red face looking at woojin
  • “so i guess this means we’re dating now?”
  • and from then you both do the same things as before but now you guys just act cute towards each other. like cringey, cliche cute because woojin would try to do the most out of the textbook romantic things for you which you would still appreciate anyways 
  • like he would totally just buy you random roses for like a week anniversary, a month and a month and a half which you find so cute because you can clearly tell he’s struggling with money but still has some to buy you simple roses 
  • your guy’s first i love you’s was when you both were in the practice dance room and you were sitting there when woojin pulled you up to dance with him because a slow song came up 
  • so you both were slow dancing when you heard woojin mutter something under his breath
  • “i think i love you Y/N”
  •  you turned red a little and just looked down while dancing with woojin still
  • “ i love you too woojin”
  • everything was literally so perfect, it was like you two were made for each other. 
  • until one day you found out you had cancer. 
  • they really only gave you a year left to live but they were going to try and perform surgery on you first and also recommended that you stay in the hospital for that year since you were in the most dangerous stages of cancer already. 
  • you accepted but told them that you would go to the hospital two days later so you could just kind of say your goodbyes. 
  • during your last date with woojin before he left your house, you grabbed his hand and pulled him into a hug 
  • “what’s wrong Y/N?” 
  • “i love only you woojin, i hope you remember that” 
  • you gave him a peck on the cheek before going inside, leaving him confused. 
  • two days later you were already in surgery and the doctors were desperately trying to save you, as the surgery was heading towards a dangerous place. 
  • woojin came to your house with roses when he was hit with the news you were at the hospital getting surgery.
  • roses in hand he sprinted to the hospital you were at only to meet the face of the doctor that just looked towards woojin and then towards the roses, the doctor then walked up to woojin and handed him a card 
  • “i’m guessing this is for you since before she went into surgery she asked for me to watch out for a boy holding roses in his hand. i’m sorry she had to be taken away like this” 
  • the doctor walked away and woojin opened the card to reveal one of the songs you always liked to play 
  • I may seem like a clear glass bead
  • But I won’t break that easily
  • I love you, only you, it won’t change
  • I’ll shine on you forever
  • im sorry i didn’t tell you earlier. i didn’t want you to be worried but if you’re reading this, maybe i should’ve told you so you could’ve been prepared for what i thought was going to happen. i love you and i’ll be watching over you from where i am! Y/N
  • he dropped the roses and sat on the hospital floor. staring at the card with the small stanza of lyrics and a letter which would’ve been his last memory of you. 
  • “you said you didn’t break easily but it looks like life got the best of you”
  • woojin muttered, small tears going down his face while he just looks at the surgery room in front of him. 
Thoughts About TGS 2017 @ 21/09/17


When I got a message from senpai that Emitsun was the special guest, I was totally stunned for a second or two before I quickly went to load the stream as I was working. Not my proudest moment, but I was really numb, excited, in disbelief, worried and lowkey wanting to scream.

I know Anchan’s history and knew how she was a LoveLive! Fan, so my first thoughts were: “How would Anchan be holding it?”.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to listen to the stream (I might understand only 20% of it anyway), but I was able to see Emitsun and Anchan introducing the PDP seiyuus, but through the whole stream I was looking from Anchan to Emitsun and back again, and the difference between the two were obvious.

Anchan was the more energetic one, and Emitsun was the calmer, more focused MC.

I read tags and titles about the meeting, it’s really connection generations, and I felt a shudder running down my back as I realized it was really like what it appeared to be.

A more mature, experienced and calmer Emitsun hosting together with an energetic, happy and lowkey fangirling Anchan.

It’s really Chika meeting Honoka on the same stage, and I was really happy for Anchan.

Remember this was when I was on the clock, and I was twitching so much in concern over the stream the entire time.

Then the PDP Seiyuu’s came out, one by one, all of them running awkwardly to the front of the stage, looking very much like students being called by the teacher for a self intro (which it kinda was with their blazers).

The first thing that came to me was this image:

(Image courtesy of LL Wikia)

I mean look at it:

(Images from Lui~)

I kid:

They were similar enough that I couldn’t help but draw similarities with it, and as I had stressed with senpai a long long time ago, this was exactly what I had hoped Aqours’ debut would be.

This was what Aqours missed out, the chance to be introduced, acclimatized and recognized by their seniors, u’s before they took over the baton.

And all the PDP girls were so young, and so nervous, you could literally see them wondering how the audience would react and receive them, and besides how that makes me feel my age, they crowd was mostly silent too.

I suppose that’s different from a live niconama, Tokyo Game Show doesn’t really allow cheers as far as I remember.

I have some knowledge with makeup, so all of them were probably not at their best, just like how Aqours were like before. They were ‘student’s before, and most likely they chose or were asked to do so to avoid showing up their seniors. Not like Anchan or Emitsun would lose. But the image they portrayed of being junior to their seniors were done very well, gonna give props to that.

I remember Anchan hosting Niconama’s at the start, I didn’t like her at the start, I felt she was too violent and rushed, and preferred Suwawa for being more collected and calm. But Anchan matured so much, I could say the same for Emitsun though.

Remember the meme that Emitsun, just like Honks, is either the best or the worst idol? There’s no in between, but here we are, Emitsun sharing the stage with Anchan and letting her junior take the lead while she plays the supporting role.

Things really have changed, and in many ways I still have very mixed feelings

The highlight and key note of the entire talk show was the speech that Emitsun gave at the very end. And again I had eyes for Anchan, and the SC from Onibe’s subbed video says it all.

Did the guys pick this as the thumbnail or was that pure luck?

Either way - this is what I felt, and to most of the LL-ers too. Anchan’s holding back emotions. Or she’s just trying to blink and to cry. But at the very least she can’t keep a straight face at Emitsun’s speech, and I’m sure I won’t be able to.

But after all the dust settled, I still feel conflicted and worried over the implications that u’s and Aqours might be collaborating.

I’m excited that they are going to work together at least in the game, and they would be active again.

I’m somewhat sad that Aqours would have to share the spotlight with u’s, sad too that it seemed that Lantis is determined to milk what’s worth of u’s dry.

I’m worried about how SIFAS is retconning stuff to make them be together, what is canon now? I’m also worried about how this would affect u’s themselves, they didn’t retire, but they did get everything wiped clean.

What’s going to happen to my wallet?

I’m anxious about finding out whether they’ll do nama’s together or just be doing voice work. Would they bring back NozoEli? Are they really back on their own terms? Would they be rivals in a way? Aqours vs u’s??!?!

I’m happy that u’s is coming back, maybe? And finally Solo Live Collection!!! I’m happy that they are back after resolving their contract issues and are working on LoveLive! again.

I’m concerned about how the community would react as a whole instead of the small amount of trolls. Would there be camps of u’s and Aqours fans? And would they bait each other? What would be the future plans of SIFAS be?

The PDP girls too, would they be able to rise up to the challenge, would they be popular enough to get Lives and etc? Will they get Lives? Will u’s get Lives?

My heart won’t be able to take it if u’s get more Lives though!

There’s so many thoughts going through my head right now, but there’s something I must say though:

This was long long, long overdue.

Perhaps it’s a contractual thing, but the media black out for Aqours on talking about u’s, the same way that u’s had one over Aqours really made things awkward between the two camps early in the franchise.

Emitsun’s speech, where they welcomed the PDP Seiyuu’s as part of the LoveLive! Family, should have been done with Aqours and that would really helped smoothed things over at the very beginning.

Having Tsun post the instagram pic and tagging Anchan was pure genius though, even if do wonder what Emitsun felt about that. I hope Anchan understood how big of a concession that probably was.

Glad it was Tsun though, not there could be anyone else more fit to be the special guest

So with my mixture of feelings from ALL the points above, I eagerly await the arrival of all our idol overlords new seiyuus.

PS: Lantis please stop trying to one up yourself. 

RIP BangDream!

This is the rough sketch for my fan apprentice, Rosario. And it’ll take weeks to color it because
1) I can’t draw nor color for shit
2) I can’t draw nor color digitally for shit
3) I have to do it with my broken mouse because I don’t have a digital tablet
I’m honestly, frankly *really* bad at this, it took me DAYS to make the rough sketch. But here I am, trying nonetheless. I suck but at least I’m desperate enough to be persistent. Plus it doesn’t help that the sketch is literally smaller than my hand. I had to try and draw a reversed Wheel Of Fortune card in her hand the size of a grain or rice, yay.

The deceitful gambler who loves nothing more than her own freedom. ♐

♦ Favorite food: Membrillo and cheese.
♦ Favorite drink: Queimada.
♦ Favorite flower: Tuberose.

A couple of fun facts about her:

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this is my Good Things About AFI™ post to make up for posting lack of content about them. i really apologize that star wars has me so preoccupied, guys.

  • davey havok
  • adam carson
  • jade puget
  • hunter burgan
  • being a band that grows with time, development, and age of the members while not focusing on any “popular” genres
  • they literally started from nothing. adam didn’t know how to play the drums really well; he was only invited to join the band because he owned a drumset. mark and vic didn’t know how to play bass or guitar. only davey really knew how to sing, but that isn’t to the extent that adam took, for example. adam is so so so talented; just listen to the drum work that went into “i hope you suffer”, “girl’s not grey”, “aurelia”, etc.
  • always dependable when it comes to ticket prices. even though they hit platinum status for sing the sorrow, their shows only cost between $20-$30
  • they want their shows to be AFFORDABLE for EVERYONE
  • davey and jade are straight edge members, which is a nice factor into admiring them as role models (kids especially) since they are discreetly alcohol/drug free, always will be, always have been
  • side projects involving davey’s incredible voice (see the debut of son of sam, dreamcar and blaqk audio)
  • an ever changing style of music that is unlike any other, as they have drawn too many influences to count, especially depending on the song
  • adam and hunter are always kind and courteous to their fans and take photos with no complaints
  • never repeat the sound of an album twice
  • davey’s lyrics are written complacently and compassionately, but most of them are not straightforward, which allows his audience/listeners to embed their own individuality in each song he has written
  • davey saying “thank you” after every song that is performed live because he honestly just wants YOU to be there and he is grateful
  • jade’s melodic riffs starting from black sails in the sunset, which are always a wonderful surprise
  • hunter’s bass work, always so chill until you get a song like “heart stops”, “miss murder”, “weathered tome”, or my particular favorite on the hunter list, “affliction”. the bass line is UNBELIEVABLY hard and so distinguishable in “affliction”
  • davey speaking spanish to his south american fanbase and appreciating mexican music during their burials tour
  • jade, hunter, and adam always snoozing off into space during interviews while davey goes off on an LOTR extended edition rant towards ANY question
  • they really don’t care about the fame at all, they just wanna make music and if you don’t like it, they aren’t going to change a damn thing

anonymous asked:

Honestly even if he's 18 and "legal," it's still creepy imo. I dated a 24 when I was 18 and looking back on it makes me so uncomfortable. It's something I couldn't understand back then, but now it's so clear. He would say things like "you're not like other freshman girls" or that I was "mature for my age." No. I wasn't. He was just a guy who took advantage of the fact that I would like to hear stuff like that. There is no reason for a 25 year old man to date someone of that large age gap.

i’m 18 and i literally want to throw up at the thought of dating a 25 year old. stop and think about what kind of 25 year old wants to date an 18 year old. and based on what we know about keith and shiro’s relationship, they’ve known each other for a lot longer that we’ve seen. shiro waiting till keith became ‘legal’ is creepy and predatory as fuck 

murderxbaby  asked:

Ging? Just...Ging


Ging Muthafukn Freecss, my lads.

Here’s where I stand: I think he’s exactly like his son.

In the anime, it’s said Ging gave up Gon willingly but if you’ve read the manga, Mito sits Gon down and says “i made your father give you up to me”

A lot of people who have only watched the anime give Ging shit for making Mito so responsible at such a young age but Mito literally took the role on herself.

A lot of Ging’s actions read off as him being a douchebag but I think… I think he hates himself just like Gon hates himself.

I think Mito convinced and ingrained the thought that he could never ever care for another human being, that he could never be a good father to Gon. And I think he told himself that for years afterward.

I think… Ging did so much to become a legend on purpose. He wanted to leave something good behind for his son even though he wasn’t there. I think he told Gon he didn’t want to see him because he was really fucking afraid, yeah, a total coward.

I think Ging was one of those guys who followed the “fake it until you make it” kind of thing. He always wanted to be great anyway, the one thing he wasn’t given the chance to be great at was a father. So he told himself Gon didn’t need him, told himself that Gon didn’t WANT him around and Mito surely didn’t anyway. So he would keep going, go after what he was passionate about, maybe look for something to fill that space.

I’m not saying Ging’s a good person or a good father, I’m saying he’s a complex character and we’re only taking him at face value.

Let’s be real, Ging had no idea the Chimera Ants would happen. He was also likely terrified of the anger his son would have for him, rightfully so anyway.

And maybe when Leorio asked him if he’d seen his son he had already convinced himself that if he wasn’t there for the good times, he wasn’t suddenly deserving to see his son in the bad. He wasn’t suddenly deserving to BECOME a father. Not until Gon said it himself and Gon had to be alive and awake to do that.

“Did Gon ask for me?”

No you asshole he’s on the brink of death

“I need to hear it or I don’t deserve it.”

I’m not saying this is what he thought, I’m not saying Ging is a redeemed soul. He’s still kind of an asshole. But I think there’s more to his character and his feelings about Gon than we’re ever given.

So yeah even after Gon was awake, he was flustered. He’s been alone for over a decade, what the fuck does he know about comforting a child? Let alone HIS OWN child??? One he told himself he was undeserving of for years??

Idk. I think Ging wanted to be great for Gon, and even after meeting him, gave him an out. Even after seeing him after he was a baby, letting him go when Gon realized that even though Ging wasn’t around… he would be okay.

Idk man, Gon is my son and I love him. And I do think Ging is EH but. He’s certainly not the worst character we have ever encountered.

moriquendii  asked:

what about Maglor living with Elrond in the third age? plus or minus shiny jewelley

( this is literally one of my favorite things in the Tolkein fandom, so I can go so many ways with this. Let me tell you it was impossible to narrow it down. But at least I tried to make this happy. Also, sorry it took so long!)  

Most days, Maglor stays bedridden, as sea longing and weariness have taken their toll on his body.

Certainly, Elrond doesn’t mind this, as his father’s illness has kept him in bed and out of trouble, and with the Feanorian’s known for notoriously being picked off one-by-one in the past, Elrond considers it an accomplishment that he has managed to keep Maglor alive and somewhat well.

It doesn’t mean his father doesn’t leave the confines of his room though.

He has had his moments when he disappears and mingles with the familiar faces of Rivendell, or even hops on a cart with traveling elves, or goes and sits amongst the minstrels to sing during dinner, only to laugh at Elrond’s shocked face when he finds him amongst the singers.  

The tongue lashing is enough to make him feel like a small child cowering under his mother’s gaze though, so he does his best not to try Elrond’s patience (not really though, he enjoys pushing his son’s buttons).

That said, under house arrest, Maglor usually spent his time with the children.

Sparring with the twins is the one time he gets to hold a sword again, and he won’t lie, the thrill is exhilarating, and even in his weakened state, he can still pass on the fighting style of the House of Feanor to the next generation.

He spends time with Arwen as well, and tutors her in the musical arts, and offers her skills of diplomacy when she asks.

When needed, Elrond will invite Maglor onto the council to offer his advice, though when such a need occurs, it is a tense day for them both. Maglor’s advice is only needed in times of war and great darkness, and his presence amongst the elves means the darkness is returning.  

There are days when he walks the edge of the edge of the water, peering into the lake for a pure, white jewel amongst the stones. It isn’t necessarily the Oath that drives him, or even because he necessarily wants the Silmaril.

As odd as it sounds, it for the memories. For the memories of his father’s forge, or his mother’s dusty shop, or even his grandfather, Mahtan’s, home.  It reminds him of his brothers and his cousins, and his wife, and of all the things that will forever remain in Valinor while he remains in Middle Earth.

He feels some comfort in knowing that it remains where he does, separated from its family and from its home. They’re both lonely in a way that not even Elrond can quite understand nor alleviate, both tainted in such a way that no one can understand.

These days, Elrond lets him scale the river without much complaint, often standing behind in a silent vigil as Maglor searches the water for something that’s not there.

So I have a few endings for this. Elrond has the Silmaril, but won’t give it to Maglor because he doesn’t want him to ruin himself more than he already is. He found it once, looking for Maglor (essentially it leads him to Maglor).

-Maglor eventually finds the Silmaril, and though apprehensive about it at first, Elrond allows him to keep it when he realizes it won’t cause trouble.


Like I know I’m not alone in feeling like it, but… The fact is that one of the joys for me when playing DAO and DA2 was that they showed Thedas as not homophobic. This was a world where sexuality didn’t matter. There wasn’t judgement on the gender of your partner. And the novels built on that, with King Maric meeting and interacting with a pair of Grey Warden men who were in love, and his reaction was no further than having a moment of realization that they were together. No disgust, no shock about them, just his recognition of him having misunderstood their relationship.

I mean, the first HOUR of Origins showed a Cousland who could have someone of the same sex waiting for them in their room, and their noble family have no reaction. No scandalized response from Bryce and Eleanor, no ‘don’t mention this in front of Oren’ from Ferguson and Oriana, hell, Ferguson even adds a remark that gives the impression that this isn’t even unexpected or the first time. Before Inquisition, sexuality didn’t matter.

Until Inquisition made it. Until Inquisition decided that it mattered. And, sure, you can say 'it’s a Tevinter thing,’ but it STILL resulted in homophobia entering a world previously absent of it.

And frankly, Dorian’s story, references to blood magic aside, could have been lifted from literally any other source. Nothing new came to the table here.

It just leaves me with a reminder - being gay is, so far as media is concerned, an inherently angsty condition, something that makes you Other. The absence of that message had made Dragon Age different and important to me, and Inquisition took that away.

when we say that people feel disconnected to their bodies, we mean that they literally do not know what they are feeling and why they are feeling it when it comes to the bones and blood and muscle that make up our physical forms.

it took me literal actual consecutive years to realize that my feet felt stiff and achey and that if i moved them around and bent my toes in both directions and rolled my ankle and stretched everything out that i would feel better.

it took me ages to realize that my skin felt and looked better when i moisturized it and used soap regularly.

it took me decades of my life to realize that taking a deep belly expanding breath makes you feel alive and safe.

it took me until i was 27 to realize that if i rolled my jaw and made a cud chewing motion the tension would leave my face and i would instantly relax.

being traumatized to the point where you exit your body necessitates a conscious, vigilant effort to relearn how to enter it again, however many times it takes for as long as it takes.

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48. We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about. - coldatom

this is so late i’m sorry but i was so invested in it and it took me literal ages to write

read it on the ao3 here

Ray and Leonard had only been dating for about two linear months when Leonard got a call from Star Labs that essentially said fuck you for not telling me you were alive and dating one of my best friends, now you have to get coffee with me and my fiancée.

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Man, come on. You're already got so many fucking followers and you still beg for more all the time, be grateful. Also, I really like how you told everyone you would make the Bet On It video if the post got a certain number of notes but then you decided you would do it once you got 20,000 followers

i’m literally not begging at all lmfao i just find it cool whenever i hit a goal bc i work hard for it?? like i literally spend /all/ my free time on this goddamn blog. also i get that you may not know much about video editing but the amount of time it took me just to make that 5sec preview of the bet on it video was Ridiculous, and because i for some fucking reason decided to make it that complicated it does mean the video will take ages to complete but like too fucking bad lol? it’ll be done when it’s done. the reason i said i’d have it finished for 20k is that it gives me something to work against to keep me motivated.

why can’t y'all just let me Live

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what are your favourite buffy summers moments?

I love you. This is the best thing anyone has ever or will ever ask me.

All right, I have been preparing for this question for my entire life (I mean it’s only been 2 and a half years since I watched Buffy for the first time, but I’m confident that I was put on this Earth to love Buffy Summers so it’s a moot point).

I mean, my favorite Buffy Summers moments are literally the entire show because good golly gosh do I love Buffy Summers. But I’ll pick 10 5 moments/episodes/themes to excessively ramble on about. This is going to get long.

1. When Buffy saves Joyce in Helpless - Buffy Summers is a goddamn hero, okay? She can’t help but be a hero. And it’s not because she’s the Slayer. It’s because she’s Buffy. And if you put people she loves in danger, she will hunt you down and destroy you. It doesn’t matter how scared and uncertain of herself she was for the entire episode. It doesn’t matter that she’s trying to cope with Giles’s betrayal. Buffy Summers is a hero. Honestly, there’s a bunch of other examples of this throughout the show, but this is the one that immediately came to mind.

2. Puns/Sass - There’s something so satisfying about Buffy’s puns and quips and insults when she’s fighting a monster or villain. It’s like her way of saying “You’re not as scary as you think you are. You’re not special.” It’s a whole different way of fighting evil. It’s something that, once again, doesn’t come from being the Slayer, it comes from being Buffy. It just gives me so much joy.

3. All of Season 6 - Yes, there are stumbles and mistakes made, by both Buffy and the writers, and yes, it’s a difficult and dark season, but Buffy’s depression storyline matters to me so much. As a person dealing with her own mental health struggles, watching a character I love as much as Buffy struggle through her trauma post-resurrection was so important to me Seeing her push through the highs and the lows, seeing her make progress only to get sucked back down again was both painful and weirdly encouraging. I love the juxtaposition of Buffy being forced to dig out her own grave into a dark, chaotic world, where the first thing she asks is, “Is this hell?” vs her in the season finale, crawling out of a hole in the ground into bright sunlight, her sister (the person she jumped off the tower for the first time, and didn’t jump for the second time) by her side, filled with new resolution to not only not die, but also to live (and god, there is such a difference between living and not dying). Buffy’s depression might not be a perfect portrayal, and some people may find S6 to be too dark and too far a departure from the earlier seasons, but it’s one of my favorites. I will forever be grateful to the writers for having the courage to take the risk that they did with that story (even if I am also angry at them for some of their other decisions). Every moment of Season 6 just made me love Buffy Summers even more that I thought I could.

4. Prophecy Girl - Right so, brief insight into Laura’s coping mechanisms - I spent years and years repressing any and all emotions I had because I was incapable of dealing with the bad ones and my mental illnesses (my mental health is going to get brought up a lot in this whole thing). One way of dealing I had was to watch or listen to other sad things that weren’t related to me and cry about that. But I would only ever cry when I allowed myself to. If I was surprised by something sad in a tv show or something, I never cried about it because it was not during a time when I carefully prepared myself to cry about something. I was in a place where I only gave myself permission to have emotions on rare occasions. But when I watched Prophecy Girl, I cried. Literally, for the first time in years, I cried without giving myself permission to do so. And it felt so good. Like, I felt more alive than I had felt in years. I’d been in therapy for over a year, but it took watching Buffy Summers cry about being forced to go to her death at age 16 for me to reach that breakthrough. And then, she still went. She wanted to live so badly (a feeling I couldn’t relate to), but all it took was seeing how scared Willow was to make her say screw it, I have to do this. She willingly walked to her death, because she knew it was right. Because no one else could do what she could. She wouldn’t let them. And then she dies. But when she’s brought back, she immediately seeks out the Master and she quips at him. “I may be dead, but I’ll still pretty,” was the moment I fell in love with Buffy Summers. It had been building all season, and especially in this episode, but that was the moment I was totally sold on her. I goddamn love Buffy Summers so much.

5. Buffy’s final speech in The Gift - Buffy’s speech to Dawn kind of changed my life. I know some people call her sacrifice a suicide, because there was a part of her that had given up and embraced her death wish, but I don’t see it that way. When she tells Dawn to tell Giles that she’s okay and she figure it out, it feels like her moving away from her earlier “I don’t know how to live in this world.” When she talks to Dawn at the top of the tower, she’s someone who understand that there is value in life. That life is worth living, no matter how hard it gets. When I first watched Buffy, I wanted to die. I was struggling cope with my mental illnesses and I hated my own existence. And myself. But over the the previous five seasons of Buffy, I had grown to love Buffy Summers. I connected with her in ways that I couldn’t really define and that I had never experienced with any other fictional character. So when she said “The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live. For me,” I felt it. I physically felt the impact of those words. I’m not saying that suddenly my depression was cured and everything was fine. I’m still mentally ill, I still deal with it. But after watching Buffy, I was not the same person as I was before watching. For the first time in years, I actually started looking for reasons to want to live. A few months ago, I got “Be brave. Live,” tattooed on my arm, and I stare at it every day and remind myself that life is worth living. Buffy Summers saved the world a lot, but she also saved me.

I was going to do a list of ten, but honestly I’m kind of crying a lot right now because I’ve never really put all of this into words like this before and I feel emotionally exhausted. But I really, really love everything about Buffy Summers and I could literally spend the rest of my life talking about it.

Mewman Princess AU

(Collab with Colorwizard, this is from a chat log. I condensed it down for readability but it contains ideas from both of us. This is a basic timeline of the plot of the MP!Toffee AU.)

Basically what jumpstarts this is that in the Storm the Castle ep, Star, instead of going through with doing the whispering spell, fakes it just long enough for her to blast the lizard with a spell she’s been working on for a while. Thing is, she gets a couple words wrong in the heat of the moment. Spell goes off, hits point blank, makes a pretty pastel explosion, and out comes marching this livid, tiny mewman girl with eyes on her cheeks. Uh. What is this? What does it mean? What the hell did Star DO???

So the first thing is… What, exactly? Change her back? That’s what Toffee seems to want. But like, does this mean she’s defeated him? She’s used the remote to free Marco. They’re both just kind of standing there staring at this small girl freaking the fuck out because she is a small girl, and exchanging looks with each other. She’s mewman now. Is she like… magic now, too? If she’s magic they can’t just leave her on Mewni— Just look at all the havoc Toffee’d caused without magic. It’s a hard, weird choice, but they decide to take her back to earth so they can keep an eye on her. Her life as she understands it is basically over, or at least on pause.

When they bring her back: “where’re we gonna put her, we’ve only got one spare room.“ "Uhh I don’t know, I guess she can use the top of my tower?”

So it turns out that Toffee can use magic, just like any other mewman princess could. They discover this when she, still trying to complete her own objectives, steals Star’s wand one night and it transforms in her hand. She and Star just kind of drop everything mid chase/fight and look at it. What do they do now? Toffee should give it back, right? But it’s not Star’s wand anymore. Now it’s Toffee’s wand. Maybe they can alternate or something?

But here’s the thing.: the wand isn’t what’s magic, it’s the people themselves. The wand is basically training wheels for what they innately possess the ability to do. Star explains this. Since they both need the wand, and can’t keep trading off forever for obvious and practical reasons, Toffee does something that seems obvious to her: she makes her own magical training wheel conduit. She’s never been told that that can’t be done; she doesn’t know it’s supposed to be impossible, like she wouldn’t get why she "can’t” do that, so to her, it isn’t impossible at all; how she understands Star’s description of what the wand is/does is that it’s a placebo, something to focus one’s magic through like a channel. So she makes herself a ring to channel her magic through. Star, whose magic is more physical than mental, is fucking flabbergasted by this. But it was never impossible— the Butterflies had just never thought to look at the wand like that, or interpret magic in that way.

She brings so much to the table with magic because she’s from a lost culture??? So her wand’s all septarian and shit. Like she’s not better than star she’s just …. completely different. Like everything is completely unlike anything anyone’s seen before because these two cultures have never mixed. Her perspective is different, her goals are different, so her magic is different. Like she’s interested in understanding what magic is and the magic takes that into account. Trying to even think what the spells would be like, something that harnesses ancient powers and creatures.

Once she learns a bit about using her new magic she just makes the top of Star’s tower all septarsis-y, and Star and Marco are both just like hOLY SHIT WHAT IS THIS. Like it’s the first thing she does and suddenly she’s making everything like Septarsis and just staying there, barely coming out to do anything else.

Star coaxes her out and manages to get her to experience earth school for lols. For lols. She’s called up. Okay. She proceeds to systematically disprove a theorem that’s been around since the human BCE. It takes her less than ten minutes. Septarians. Fucking. Love. Math. She’s standing up there, totally calm and satisfied with what she’s done. She turns around and all the humans are looking at each other in complete chaos and shock and she’s like “uh what? You said solve it so I did. It was wrong. I fixed it. Literally what did you want me to do?”

(Septarian children are learning at an earthian college level before they’re anywhere near done with school and of course since they’re insanely smart overall the frontiers of septarian mathematical research were lightyears ahead. (Toffee took an interest to it from a young age.))

She spends the rest of the class making insane origami and kusudamas.

(“What the fuck are you making?”

“Basic shapes…?” )

Janna keeps handing her paper.

Toffee ditches Star to hang with Janna and just listen to all the weird shit Janna is into. They both love the necronomicon. Now, this strikes the humans that know lizard Toffee as really odd behavior, but from her perspective it’s like “well this is my life now, not like I’m exactly running out of time, and this might be a great opportunity to get on the inside and infect them from within or some shit.” Janna would willingly allow herself to be "infected,” which would only make her powers of weirdness grow stronger.

She’s also a lot more receptive to listening to stories about Septarsis and experiencing Toffee’s weird magic. Her nonchalance and lack of favorable bias towards mewmans makes her a lot more tolerable; and she acknowledges how weird earth culture is, which is pretty nice.

One day they’re in Toff’s room trading stories; Janna’s showing her photos on her phone and Toffee’s showing Janna the closest thing Septs have to photographs (hyperreal, vaguely romanticism-style paintings.)

“This is my skeleton boyfriend.”

"Nice. This is my septarian boyfriend.”

“DUDE he was in Star’s house a few weeks ago. Complete dork.”


They have to infiltrate St. O’s again.

Thankfully, Rast’s regenerated by then, and they manage to extract him after Toffee does a bit of explaining. She starts to show him all her septarian shit. Star will leave them talking about the shape of a doorway and she comes back the next morning and they’ve moved on to economics but besides that nothing’s changed. And Rast absolutely falls in love with it, like this is the heritage he never got to know and he’s so enthralled by it; while he hesitates to even touch her at first, she at least convinces him to let her sit in his lap and talk. He is pretty okay with this, all thing considered.

Star gets used to the sound of fountains above her and the way the upper floors smell. She gets used to the weird magic and Rast being there all the time. She gets used to mewman Toffee. She keeps forgetting who she actually is. And Toffee kind of got what he wanted. He didn’t get revenge– but deep down he doesn’t want revenge; he wants his home back. And now he kind of has it, but he’s still grieving and processing and it’s all very difficult. It makes Toffee’s magic get REALLY WEIRD; one day Star goes upstairs and finds herself on a septarian street. Toffee’s been working. Outside, it’s the same, but inside it’s like chunks of the kingdom mashed together, everything she can remember, and it’s huge and improbable. She gets obsessed with recreating everything she can possibly remember, like its just never going to be enough. Star finds her eventually in what she’d have to guess is her original house, or a copy of it.

“This is incredible, you’re incredible, how did you do all of this?”



”…. They’re all dead.“

"Are you okay?”

“They’re still all dead. They’ll always be dead.”

And she just breaks down completely for the first time in probably centuries.

Star thinks, as she’s holding this sobbing girl, that they’re beginning to bridge the gap. But as she’s calming down she just says, completely deadened, “You did this.”

Star just stumbles to defend herself and from that they actually get to talk to each other properly for once.They’d be talking for hours, like all night. (Rast could probably gain a bit of insight listening to it too, you know Toffee couldn’t have even talked to Rast about it before.)

After a while, the two of them approach Moon about reparations and giving them a bit of land to rebuild on and then things get really ugly when they have to explain to Moon WHY this random magical girl she’s never seen before wants to rebuild an ancient city, but to her credit Star tries to keep them from killing each other…

It takes forever. But eventually they get what they want. The rebuilding starts; and Star grows up checking in on them. Finally, it’s done, and Star, outside the gates, points her wand at the mewman girl. There is a flash, then silence. Toffee’s looking down at one grey hand, then looks back up at Star. He doesn’t smile. Doesn’t move forward. Doesn’t speak. He blinks, nods once, and turns away, walking back into the ancient world he came from, where Rast is waiting for him.

She did the right thing. One of them finally did the right thing.

Rast finally gets to experience the life he should have been living this whole time and he gets to do it with Toffee and all these other septarians who get to come back home too.

By the time she’s an old woman, Star goes to visit and it’s like half-full and they’re rebuilding their culture. She sees what septarian kids look like. She gets to see their holy spaces. She gets to see the lizard actually smile at her for the first time in her life.