literally in love with it i didn't even want to give it to her

The year is 2073 and I’m still not over ep 4x07 (Honor Among Thieves) of Person of Interest. I mean the greatest straight bait of all time???

Let’s discuss this. The writers literally brought in a male just to push Root and Shaw’s relationship further. That rarely happens. They brought Tomas in to continue driving the point home that yes Shaw is indeed bi and yes Root is definitely in deep to the point where she can’t even handle Shaw being on a fake date. Also let me point out that Root didn’t give a fuck that Tomas was a guy, she would’ve been just as jealous and territorial if it were a woman. No biphobia over here.

But back to my original point, yes the plot was setup to where Tomas was very convincing in getting Shaw to run away with him but at the end of the day Shaw realized that not only does she love the team too much to leave buuut at that point she was slowly falling for Root also so Tomas stood no chance tbh.

Not only did we get to see jealous!Root (which was heavenly and iconic; you just know she wanted to tell Tomas that yes, Shaw may be with you right now but guess who she’ll be coming home with bddjdjf) but also at the end after brushing off Tomas, Shaw went to look for Root where she then went on to admit she cares about her and then they walked off to sleep together.

That was an iconic ep for Shoot and idc what anyone says lmfao.

100 Reasons to Love Kim Namjoon

today is my 3 year anniversary of loving namjoon and so here’s 100 reasons everyone should love him !!!!!!!

  1. he gave up a stable future of studying and going to college (despite being so smart) to risk everything and pursue his dream of becoming a rapper
  2. had to fight criticism for being an ‘idol’ rapper and struggled for years with his decision and identity
  3. when he says he loves himself !!!!
  4. never forget this cute tummy flash !!!!!!!!
  5. he loves all his members so much sosososo much, he always puts them before himself 
  7. that one time tae came to sleep next to namjoon and namjoon sleepily held tae’s hand and wouldn’t let go
  8. his signature move when he takes his two index fingers and covers one of his eyes while looking deadass into the camera
  10. professional self-dragger, literally willingly drags his own ass
  11. his mixtape release in 2015, every song was so important and deep and okay, it’s largely forgotten because of yoongi’s mixtape but it has so much emotion and meaning behind every song
  12. he loveloveloves dogs !
  13. literally has looked like the best thing the world has to offer no matter what rainbow ass hair color bighit sticks him with
  14. that golden age when his hair was black when will that look come back from the war ://////////
  15. you know that thing he does when he’s been rapping and suddenly breaks out into a smile and scrunches his nose and winks with one eye mmmmmmmmokay !!!!
  16. his angry rap when his neck veins show because he’s literally putting his all into it
  17. the way he looks in beanies !!!!!!!!! with one ear tucked in and the other sticking out
  18. the mole on the left side right under his jawline 
  19. the fact that he literally read books on philosophy for hyyh
  20. THE WAY !!!!!!!!! HE LOOKS !!!!!!!!!!!! IN A SUIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. that time his speaker wasn’t working and he yelled at it and it started to work, Legends Only
  22. the fact that he isn’t afraid to try out weird kinds of fashion and won’t hear shit about it
  23. has been known to support LGBT since 2012
  25. when he’s too lazy to wear contacts so he wears his thick black rimmed glasses :’(((((((((((
  26. that time he had a wardrobe malfunction and had his whole shirt ripped off during that dance break and he did the whole performance holding up the sorry remains of his shirt 
  27. the fact that kim namjoon invented dimples !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no really he did
  28. how he is literally incapable of doing a fan sign without making it a display of how much aegyo he can fit in any given span of time and then immediately be shy and embarrassed about it
  29. 6 feet tall, he is 6 feet tall also don’t forget that he is literally the eiffel tower because nothing is taller than 6 feet just sayin
  30. that amazing and blessed time he had silver hair and my heart literally exploded !!!!!!!!!!!
  32. that time bts was doing rainism and he was the only one who didn’t know all the moves and messed up but pulled it off confidently in the end
  33. he literally loves his mom so much i’m :’(((((((
  35. the fact that every time someone tells him to do a freestyle dance, it’s literally the same awkward robotic jerky dance with the failing arms and legs since 2013
  36. when he tries to sing even though the members laugh at him
  38. his cute soft pretty pink knees :’))))))))))
  39. in the fire era when he had that acorn haircut and pulled that shit off when will your fave ever
  40. he reads, he has an IQ of 148, he was the nation’s top 1% in 5 subjects in high school, he -
  41. his smile his beautiful glorious soft glowing stunning breathtaking smile that smile that you only have the privilege of seeing someone have one in a million times in your life, the kind of smile that could change the world
  42. the way he looks in a choker the way he looks in a choker the way he looks in a chok-
  43. okay !!!!!!!!!! but his cute squishy tiny nose so kissable n someone please bop it and pinch it and it’s soosososo cute 
  44. the way he gets his hands inky and dirty every single fan sign every single darn one !!!!!!!!!!!! why are they dirty? what is he doing ?????
  46. the way his arms look in sleeveless tops his arms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  47. the way he looks in snapbacks mmmmmmmmmmmm
  48. that time on running man when everyone was supposed to have as many boxes as possible and he literally got his box snatched from his hands and he tripped over nothing he’s the dorkiest softest boy -
  49. SAILORMON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  50. that time he wore the army khakis and outfit and i just ://////// oh my god
  51. his side profile his perfect gorgeous beautiful angelic side profile !!!!
  52. his obsession with ryan and how happy he got when jimin got him a ryan cake for his birthday fkdsfhgfd
  53. legs for days !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  54. that time namjoon was a minion for halloween 
  55. “I had to dance to survive in this cold, cruel world.”
  56. his cute outfit in the baepsae dance practice video :((((((((((
  57. he looks sosoososososo unbeliveably beautiful bare faced i just love him so much 
  58. that time during the hyyh prologue shooting when all the members were piling onto him and he yelled ‘MY BALLS, MAN’
  59. his fucnkgn !!!!!!!!!! puma photoshoot binch !!!!!!!!!!!
  60. the fact that he sang expensive girl and took the fact that he didn’t get a grammy for it like a man :///
  61. that time they won their first award in 2015 and he was cleARLY CRYING but denied it like “i’m not crying”
  63. that one time !!!!!!!!!!!!!! bts had an outdoor performance and his white shirt got sososososooso sweaty it was basically stuck to him and see through if you don’t know what i’m talking about then goodbye
  64. those RARE times when he smiles and sticks his tongue out at the same time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  65. that time he was complaining about jungkook and the fruit flies and the weird as shit way he pronounced ‘vaccuum’
  66. his messy friendship with jackson 
  67. the fact that he apologized for the mistakes he has made in the past and made no excuses about them 
  68. award for having the world’s cutest and flattest tushy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. i don’t know if anyone noticed but the way he holds his fingers when he’s explaining something like he puts them in awkward bent angles and they’re really long and expressive i just looooovvveeeee
  70. that time he was doing a duet with this female singer for a show and he picked her up from the airport and held a sign with her name and got shy around her he’s the biggest gentleman DDDD:
  71. deep husky voice like shots of pure liquid gold sends shivers down my spine ://////////
  72.  KIM DAILY
  73. that time he held a tiny itty bitty baby frog on his index finger i dont know why it was so cute of him i just !!!
  74. sweaty namjoon when namjoon sweats the sweat namjoon produces 
  75. that time he tried to twerk but ‘something keeps dangling’
  76. when !!!!!!!!!! he wears tight pants and his thighs are almost bursting out of his pants jdfkkhkj
  77. the way he says ‘baby’
  79. that time he was asked to pick between solo and bts and didn’t hesitate for a microsecond before saying bts
  81. taught himself english by listening to 10 english dvds 10 times over 3 years 
  82. special thank you to every namjoon stylist who made him wear low cut shirts
  83. THE WAY HE LOOKS WEARING A MASSIVE HOODIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  84. ‘and i’m sexy like a porn star’
  85. accepts and settles for being the least popular bts member
  86. the way he looks when he wears headbands 
  87. when his sleeves are super long so he has sweater paws and his pretty fingers stick out slightly jdsfkshgkjfmncvb
  88. sub par body rolls that can still make you squirm and cry :////////
  89. once when he was the first in a lineup in a fan sign he told a fan ‘now you’ve practiced on me, you can do this in front of your real bias’
  90. got to write in “힙합하다 1” (‘This is Hip Hop 1: South Korea, Hip Hop and Life’) which is a hip hop book for 42 top korean hip hop artists
  92. the way he looks in a tie ohohohoohohoho my gosh !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  93. that time in the ariport the cameraman said ‘the girls love you guys’ and namjoon was like ‘thanks, we love you too’
  94. the way he wrote about the sunset in his diary when he went to dubai 
  96. he once told a fan ‘sorry’ when she told him she got him photocard
  97. he said that he wanted to know what it was like going to college and sometimes he feels like he missed out on that experience :///
  98. can you believe namjoon invented having pretty hands??????? Amazing
  99. he cares sosooso much about other people he’s always wondering how his fans are doing, what they feel like, always giving advice, always learning and growing, never stopping
  100. “I’m still existing, still breathing. Even though I keep looking forward and run, sometimes I still look back. The path in front and behind are still far, but even so, if the people who look at me are still dreaming and picking up their strengths, that alone makes me feel good. It’s okay to live this way, breaking down, getting hurt and looking back at the past. I will live. I am living like this. Me. Us.”

People were interested in me doing a thing like this, so here we go! I figured I’d do a short little blurb about each writer, including one or two of my favorite works by them. So, in no real order (like, I literally randomized the list) here are some of the most talented people* whose art I’ve had the pleasure of reading:

*Please note that some of these people haven’t written for bellarke in a while! That doesn’t mean you should pester them about it! Appreciate the heck out of what they have written instead. Cool? Cool.

1. Maria @rebelprincebell AO3

Maria’s written a good variety of longer and shorter fics, and each of them is excellent. (She’s also an amazing human/friend, but that’s more of a side perk.) She’s currently writing Things We Shouldn’t Do which is what everyone wants out of a multi-chap, fake-dating, actors AU. Or for something shorter, check out T.O.P. S.E.C.R.E.T. for some friends-with-benefits/feelings-reveal goodness. And maybe if she loves me she’ll finish Let’s Go to the Mall but it’s nbd.

2. Steph @ofhobbitsandwomen AO3

I read The Squire (multi-chap, medieval AU) when I was pretty new to the fandom, and I’m still completely in awe of it. Steph’s also written a million other amazing bellarke fics, like this fluffy-af youtubers AU (and, recently, some fucking amazing Jyn/Cassian stuff, if you’re into that) so make sure to check out all of her incredible writing.

3. M @ahmren AO3

M’s writing is magical. At the risk of sounding cliche, it wraps you up and carries you to another world. I could survive on nothing but her collection of soulmate AUs for years to come. 

4. Chash @ponyregrets AO3

Chash has written a million and one amazing fics, so obvs read everything she’s written, but one of my particular faves is Some Cheese With That Whine. It gives me all the best-friends-to-lovers feelings. Amazing. Plus she likes all my posts when I’m flailing about ffx <3

5. Katelyn @nathenmiller AO3

Secrets is the only arranged marriage fic you ever need to read. Period. I also love this fluffy lil childhood-friends-meet-up-ten-years-later AU. Plus, on top of all the fantastic writing, K’s one of the incredibly hardworking ladies behind bff. What a girl??

6. Lana @marauders-groupie AO3

Lana’s another one of those writers where I know I’ll like everything she publishes. She’s like, the queen a soulmate AU’s. Her most recent one is here–a cool iteration where you feel whatever pain your soulmate feels. As with all the other authors here, don’t forget to check out all her other stories!

7. Kacka @katchyalater AO3

I discovered Kacka this summer, and her stories saved me from boredom on the countless train rides I was taking across Europe. By which I mean you should just read through everything on her AO3 page, like I did. Everyone loves a good coffee-shop AU, right? Check out Got to Find Those Extra Cups to Fill. She’s a fantastic, inspiring writer and an even lovelier human being.

8. Emily @prosciuttoe AO3

Emily had the nerve to make me cry by posting a canonverse fic, Hold This Heart Steady, today. So do yourself a favor and read that. Other Emily faves include: Your Heart Is Your Own (So Build Me A Home) and Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (for all your Hogwarts AU needs).

9. Brianna @jvnscass AO3

Bri’s another one of the authors I first read when I joined the fandom! She doesn’t write much bellarke anymore, but it’s all still up on her AO3 along with a ton of quality Jyn/Cassian fics, if that’s your jam!

10. Nai @hiddenpolkadots AO3

Want canon-verse smut? Nai’s got u covered: Mouth Like Heaven, Kisses Like Stars. Or for something on the fluffier/hurtcomfort side, try the light that sits at the bottom of your chest. You literally can’t go wrong. She writes Jily too!

11. Kayla @kay-emm-gee AO3

Kayla’s the first person I ever considered my “favorite fanfic author” and the title still fits, even if I do have about a million “favorite” authors now. Full Circle is an older, post s2, fic of hers, but it’s undeniably still one of my faves. A more recent fave is: this is your heart (can you feel it). These are both canonverse, but she writes amazing modern AUs as well. <3

12. Meghan @bellamyfrecklefaceblake AO3

I feel like Meghan writes the best epic-feelings-reveal scenes?? Some faves are: A Drunk Mind Speaks A Sober Heart and You Won’t Get Rid of Me Without a Fight. I want to live in the feelings at the end of these fics pls and thx. (Also, hope your hand is doing better!!)

13. Mel @caramelkru AO3

Is it getting old for me to keep saying I like everything insert-name-here writes?? I’d stop, except that it’s TRUE. Mel is fantastic. Her last installment in Good Times Gonna Come is so cute I can’t actually stand it. Something In The Air (That Night) is also super good. (She also writes Sethkate and Jyn/Cassian!)

(Okay I’m running out of time for these last few–gotta get to class–so I’ll just do one fic rec from each writer, BUT they’re all such fucking talented authors. Everything they write is amazing.)

14. Katie @dreamingundone AO3

take a running start

15. Jazz @hooksandheroics  AO3

Out of All the Gin Joints

16. S @kinetic-elaboration  AO3

Since There’s No Place To Go

17. Amber @bilexualclarke  AO3

asleep in the bathtub (also, like… her blog title doesn’t lie)

18. Emily @kieraknighted  AO3

Walk With Me

19. Annie @clarkescrusade  AO3

those broken and delicate things

20. Julia @enoughtotemptme  AO3

Aurora Borealis

21. @queenofchildren  AO3

But We Fight For Roses Too

I also asked for some lesser known fic recs, so check these out!

Lay It All On Me by @peetaspikelets

The Thing About Pre-Med by theprincessandtheking

In My Dreams We Are Always Together by andsowemeetagain

OKAY PHEW. I think that’s everything. As a last note, don’t forget to appreciate your favorite authors! A comment or reblog here and there goes a long way. Kudos and likes are lovely, but not quite as tangible as comments and tags.

Happy Reading!

anonymous asked:

So SCrs have a post comparing 3x07 with 8x10 and saying that Elena made everything about her, about Stefan feeling anything or he'd lose her, but Caroline makes it about him regardless of their relationship... I know you didn't watch the episode, but what do you think?

I watched that scene and here is where context comes into play.

In 3x01 we learn that Elena has been searching for Stefan all summer, like literally for two or three months basically all she’s been doing is chasing leads.

and she’s been fighting everyone about searching for him:

and in 3x02 she faces werewolves for him:

In 3x03 she hid in a murder closet while Klaus the Original Vampire who thinks she’s dead, is right outside so she can see Stefan and bring him home:

and then Stefan breaks up with her after all of that:

and then in 3x05 she is hit by Klaus:

she watches Stefan tear apart her classmates:

and she’s still there like:

telling him to fight and he just needs to want it bad enough and he’s compelled to bite her which puts her in the hospital:

but in 3x06 she’s right there like:

and then 3x07 comes around and before that moment that the SCers are comparing to 8x10, Elena spends the day learning from Lexi on how to get through to Stefan, it’s about her methods and the things you have to do to get him to feel again:

She watches him suffer, listens to him talk about how he wished her never met her and she just has to take it , like it’s exhausting being there and going through that while at the same time her brother is cheating on her best friend with a ghost, Klaus is trying to make hybrids, like the world is coming apart at the seams and she’s needed elsewhere so she goes where she’s needed and Stefan asks her if she’s giving up, the one person who has been his cheerleader, who has been relentless in getting him back, who has been there no matter how hard he’s tried to push her away:

and she says:

Like no, I’m still here, I’m still your cheerleader, I’m still stubborn and she also says:

which is fair because she’s done everything, she’s risked her life for him, she brought his dead best friend to help her get through to him, tortured him, pleaded with him, but he needs to want it too, which is a line very much about him as is this:

and this line:

is an appeal to his humanity which makes absolute sense because it has been established and re-established that his humanity is directly linked to Elena.

In 3x01, she’s the one he calls, not Damon, not Caroline, it’s Elena:

In 3x05 he freaks out when Klaus hits her:

he told her she was what kept him from giving up:

Klaus marvels at the love he has for her:

and he fights compulsion for her:

So why wouldn’t Elena appeal to his humanity by threatening to give up on him? After everything she’s done for him why wouldn’t she realize that she’s spent so much of her time and been consumed with getting him back?

When 8x10 rolls around, what has Caroline done for Stefan by that point? Nothing. She’s talked at him.

In 8x08 they haven’t even interacted, she hasn’t been searching for any plans or any methods to help him out of his deal.

In 8x09 she talks at Damon about Elena and dances with him then talks at Stefan then stakes Stefan and throws a ring at him.

In 8x10 she manages to get him chained up and talks at him some more:

She didn’t risk her life for him, she hasn’t spent months searching for him, she’s a vampire so she has eternity on her side while Elena was a human who was being hunted by original vampires, Caroline is just getting started when Elena was invested by the time 3x07 rolled around. They are in two very different places and frankly Elena and Caroline mean two very different things to Stefan. Give me 3x07 over 8x10 any day.

When the Cock Crows

Originally posted by whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname

A/N: This is pure silly fun. Basically it’s the kind of trash conversations my ass blesses subjects my friends to. Seriously though, it’s a result of a post from @impala-dreamer, I yelled at her for it and then she was a terrible influence and encouraged these shenanigans by talking to me about it (oh yeah she beta’d it too because she’s an angel). I hope you guys like it!

Warnings: So many swears…l mean cock is in the title ffs…also we’ll call it smut adjacent (nothing graphic it’s just on the road to bang town) Gratuitous use of a Sam gif for no other reason than chest hair.

Words: 2,060 (I’m not even sorry)


“Did anyone catch what she said before the…the uh poof?”

“I got nothin’ Sammy. Y/N?”


“It’s…I’m fine. Just knocked the wind outta me. Babe, I’m ok really.”

“Ok well maybe she didn’t do anything? Maybe she just said stuff for the poof.”

“Sure Dean. Because stuff like that always happens to us. She was looking at us, Y/N was behind her so most likely if any of us are cursed it’ll be either me or you.”

Sam wasn’t looking at Dean while he spoke. He was checking you over to see if you were hurt. It was sweet. Sweet, and so annoying.

“Hey I’m fine. Let’s just get back motel and figure out our next move.”

“She’s right, Dean you want to pull the car up and I’ll help Y/N out?”

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Arrow didn't deserve Laurel

Whether you loved her character off the bat, or took a few seasons to get to know her, you can’t deny that Dinah Laurel Lance drove the story of Arrow in a way no other character, including Oliver, could.

In S1E1, we see the first person he wants to see, the first thing he wants to do when given the choice to do whatever, is to go to Laurel and beg for her forgiveness. He isn’t even ready to talk about the traumatizing experiences,all he wants to do is apologize to the person who he stole everything from. Her love, her sister, and with it 5 years, as we later discover that Laurel spent a ridiculous amount of time either studying or pulling her father out of a bar.

”For all we know, Oliver could be dead and Sara certainly is, but there are people that are still alive. People who need us.” - Dinah Laurel Lance

A major plot point in S1 revolved around one question. “What happened to you on that island”. He wasn’t comfortable talking about it with diggle, his new partner. Not with his best friend, nor his sister, or with his mother. There have only been a few times where he spoke about it willingly. One being under oath at the courtroom, one while under a polygraph while under arrest, and the final time, being completely of his own free will, when he showed up on Laurel’s door, saying “I need to talk about what happened, can it be you?”

Laurel was literally what drove him on the island. Let’s not forget how both Yao Fei and Slade told him he stares at the picture too much, and if he continues he will die.

“I know that it probably sounds insane. It probably is, but Sara, she gave me this and when I wear it, it makes me want to help people like she did. Like she’s alive again.” - Dinah Laurel Lance

In S2 she had a tragic storyline. First she had to prosecute Oliver’s mom, then had to deal with severe depression and substance abuse. I don’t even think I need to remind people that she got an award for her performance at this part. Her struggles is what allowed them to bring Sara in as The Canary, and begin to introduce the tragedy that was shado’s death on the island and how traumatic it was for Oliver.All of this built up Slade Wilson, who may very well be the best villain arrow has ever had.

S3 wasn’t her best season, and that’s purely the writer’s fault. They didn’t transition her into the Black Canary well enough, and then gave her a terrible arc where for about 9 episodes she lied to her father about the fact that her sister was dead, and even disguised her voice to talk to their father as if she was Sara. Katie is an amazing actress, but this version of her was unlikable even considering how well she plays the character.

Regardless, she was suffering with her own trauma but still acted as the glue and the moral compass for everyone else. She befriended Nyssa Al-Ghul when she was practically treated as going rogue from the league, took in Thea when she discovered that Thea couldn’t handle living alone (whereas her brother just left to go play house with Felicity.) She and Roy formed an amazing duo while Oliver was presumed dead, and she took up the voice of reason for the team during the time as well, regardless of how she was suffering.

Originally posted by turtlejustice

“I’m sorry about what happened to Thea. I really am. I love your family, I always have. I just wish that sometimes you would give a damn about mine.” - Dinah Laurel Lance

Season 4 Laurel, or at least right before she died might have been the best version of her. After the arc with Constantine and Sara was resolved, she became the only one on the team who mattered to the viewer, and perhaps, the reason the show didn’t go under.

Roy was gone, Diggle was dealing with his rage and letting it out on his brother like a punching bag, Felicity was crying about something and blaming Oliver, and Oliver turned into a bitch who couldn’t do anything unless queen fefe approved. Laurel may have gone through the most traumatic experience of this time, having to go to her sister’s funeral twice only to see her resurrected twice, not to mention staying sober, yet she was the only level headed, calm and rational decision maker at this time.

Originally posted by sansa-starkz

“I know that the world isn’t fair. I know it’s a terrible place where people deserve to get punished and they don’t. I just, for just one night, I needed the world to be different.” - Dinah Laurel Lance

That is, up until Guggenheim decided to kill her off and have her last words be about queen fefe.

Arrow didn’t treat her as a character right, and didn’t show Katie Cassidy, an exceptional actress who was said to be constantly training for her role as the Black Canary, any respect because of it.

Guggenheim failed this series, and they’ve failed her legacy.

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anonymous asked:

You probably getting tons of messages. But when you have time can you speak about Clarke giving Roan the Flame? I mean she stood there thinking about it; Eliza acted that scene out so well! Even while she was offering it you can see she really didn't want to. Then the tear & the face of realizing what she just gave up. The "I loved her mom" Got me in the feels; but her giving him the Flame was just another a "god Clarke. why do yo suffer so much" moment for me.

honestly, i was touched by both scenes simply because clarke and lexa’s relationship was actually in the foreground in both interactions, which is something i felt was needed, because if the writers want clarke to move on they need to give her the moments in which she can face her own emotions and share them with someone else - thank you abby. damn if the scene with roan didn’t hurt me more though. everything clarke and lexa have been through in s3 was re-called in that moment and you felt their history in every single corner.

there is a great personal alchemy at play during the entire scene, because clarke’s goals, hopes, memories and priorities are also greatly tied to what she wanted to achieve with lexa, but ultimately couldn’t. the way she shares her experiences/knowledge helps her with her otherwise sentimental state and overall pain, because it is (as eliza said) not destructive, but constructive.

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interropunct  asked:

for that ask game: pynch and blusey!!

What ask game? THIS ASK GAME!

Asdfghjkl I love this so muchhhh, thank you for sending the best ships in the world, babe. I can’t contain myself so each of the replies will have a little fantasy that I associate with the assignment~~~


  • Werewolf: Adam, Hunter: Ronan.
    The Scenario: Adam has been on the run for a year, after being bitten as the culmination of a life of hardship (he’s such an hungry, angry, starved animal~~~). Ronan was born and raised in a family linked to the supernatural world, but has sworn revenge upon the creatures of the night since his father has been killed.
    When this hunter comes for this werewolf, both of their lives will change.
    Werewolf: Gansey, Hunter: Blue.
    The Scenario: Blue is frankly no sure what would bring any sane werewolf to knock at the door of a house of hunters. When Gansey starts blabbering about finding the reliquia of the First Hunter and his brother the First Werewolf with their help, she quickly reassess her judgment. The dude is evidently crazy

  • Merman: Adam, Fisherman: Ronan
    The Scenario: Everyone in the little harbour town of Henrietta knows that you’re not supposed to get close to Cabeswater Rock, sacred to the God of the Sea and home to His sons and daughters. However, Ronan always dares to get his boat a bit too close to the shores, for just a glimpse of the disconcerting, disdainful face of the merman that likes to sunbathe on the South shore…
    Merman: Gansey, Fisherwomen: Blue
    The Scenario: Gansey is very obsessed with the human world and keeps following Blue around, even though Blue is a Very Sensible Fisherwomen. She knows that you should NOT mingle with merfolks because they bring trouble and they tend to have hidden aims, but this merman can be…sort of fascinating…in the rare moment he’s not being a complete idiot, of course.

  • Wizard: Adam, Familiar: Ronan
    The Scenario: Getting a raven from the Familiar Ritual in the stone circle was a pretty cool catch for Adam. The fact that Ronan has a bit of an attitude (like a lot of a bit) and has a sharply handsome, vaguely handsy humanoid form is a totally different business. 
    Wizard: Gansey, Familiar: Blue
    The Scenario: As if being born without any real magical power is not a humiliation enough, Blue ends up paired with this insanely, unfairly powerful new wizard. She’s supposed to be his assistant or something, teach him the way since she knows more about magic in theory than him, but being called his familiar is a damn MUCH, okay???

  • Barista: Ronan, Coffee Addict: Adam
    The Scenario: When it’s finals times at Ivy League, it does help if the barista at your favourite coffee shop lets you stay there for 8 hours in the most secluded booth and keeps bringing you coffee just like you drink it. Adam might be getting a bit smitten, but maybe it’s just sleep deprivation. 
    Barista: Blue, Coffee Addict: Gansey
    The Scenario: The first fact is that Gansey is insomniac. The second fact is that he stopped cared about it and just grind through life with 3 hours of maximum sleep a day. The third fact is that he’s so beyond caring that he even drinks coffee and now is a vicious cycle. Then his favourite coffee shop hires a new barista and Blue is apparently having none of his bullshit. 

  • Professor: Adam, TA: Ronan.
    The Scenario: When Prof. Parrish appointed him as his TA, Ronan asked him, literally, what the ever-loving fuck was he thinking. There wasn’t much to dispute with the reply of “I need someone to put my most appalling student in their place the way they deserve and I have a reputation, Lynch. Keep glaring, you’ll be fine”. Also, Parrish is hot as fuck.
    Professor: Gansey, TA: Blue.
    The Scenario: Gansey is a really young archeology professor and Blue is the fiercest, boldest, most brilliant student he has ever brought in excavation with him. She is more than knowledgeable, she can see beyond the theory and beyond the practice to see the connections. Of course she’s his TA, he wouldn’t get anyone else this close to his course.

  • Knight: Adam, Prince: Ronan
    The Scenario: Declan had forced him, but Ronan doesn’t really want this knight with him for protection and because it’s expected of you to have a guard, Ronan, for God’s sake. Somehow, though, it does help that Adam doesn’t want to be his knight either and they can bite each other’s head off for the whole length of the journey to the neighbouring realm. 
    Knight: Blue, Prince: Gansey
    The Scenario: Blue wanted many things when she became a knight under the King. Being hired by the House of Gansey to go and recover their stupid ass second son after he got himself kidnapped by a goddamn dragon in a crazy quest for legendary tokens is not one of them. She’s gonna rescue his ass just to give him a piece of her mind. 

  • Teacher: Adam, Single Parent: Ronan
    The Scenario: These counseling sessions with Opal’s father about how his daughter is still a bit unruly in class and has the tendency to swap between three languages when stressed are turning in a bit too much of a heartfelt experience, as much as Adam is concerned…
    Teacher: Gansey, Single Parent: Blue
    The Scenario: Blue is not really anyone’s single parent, but at 300 Fox Way everyone over 18 yo is somewhat qualified to be in charge of one of the many little ones. Gansey has some serious misunderstanding about this, but what is he supposed to think when Blue is the only one coming to the little girl parent-teacher meeting? Blue will argue “maybe something else, since Daphne is 9, how old do you think I am???

  • Writer: Ronan, Editor: Adam
    The Scenario: Ronan Lynch is, without doubt, the crown jewel of Glendower Publications. He is also terrible with deadlines, with a cringe-worthy temper and a penchant for going AWOL at the worst possible moments. Adam absolutely refuses to sacrifice his first big editorial job under Ronan’s whims and tempers, though…
    Writer: Blue, Editor: Gansey
    The Scenario: Writing travel books is Blue’s dream, especially because the Publisher pays her expenses to go to all these places with her camera. She would like it so much better it being a writer did not involve so many practicalities. Luckily her editor, Gansey travels with her. Not that he’s so organized himself, but between the two of them they almost make one functioning person. 

And now I want to write ALL OF THEM. Or read all of them. If someone picks up these accidental prompts that I sprouted out, please let me know! :DDDD

anonymous asked:

For God sake Elena didn't lose anything with Damon . She was happy with Damon . Damon helped her in every way even Stefan said so . Elena never really loved Stefan she didn't even knew him properly she fell madly in love with Damon . You wanna ship se do but don't say Elena was puppet in de relationship . Stefan was just the chapter in her life the same way Elena was the chapter in Stefan life .

And if you want to ship DE then go ahead but stop being so willfully ignorant about your ship, anon.

I have multiple posts about the inflation of DE:

But you guys seem adamant on making me repeat myself.

“Elena never really loved Stefan”

Where is the proof of this? I mean next to the fact that she consistently declares her love for Stefan

These declarations of love are earned by how ride or die Elena was for Stefan.

Like you don’t face werewolves and go into vervain/snake-filled wells and run into a house full of tomb vampires and risk coming face to face with the supernatural monster trying to kill you if you don’t “really” love someone. This type of devotion is not bred from obligation, anon.

she didn’t even knew him properly

Elena knew Stefan so implicitly that she knew he was on the other line when he didn’t even say anything:

Elena’s emotional and spiritual knowledge of Stefan (which I speak about here: is unparalleled and that knowledge and that connection actually, and not DE-actually, but actually actually made Stefan a better person: 

We started this season with Stefan drinking Elena’s blood. Is that going to come back to haunt him or haunt them as he drinks more human blood?
Julie Plec: Not at the moment. I think that in its own way, it was a smart choice. He’s come to terms with all his demons from last year and all the guilt that lead him down that road and Stefan’s issues with blood were psychological and emotional. And drinking small tiny amounts every day with the trust and the commitment of your one true love to build up the strength so that you never have to worry about becoming that guy, I think we want to see if we can deliver on that. (source)

And this declaration to Rebekah (and Julie’s quote about Stefan) is earned in action and not simply dialogue. It’s earned in action because pretty much whenever Elena came face to face with Stefan’s demons, his lust for blood, his voracious vampirism, her presence, her emotional knowledge of Stefan would make it subside. It begins in 1x10 because she’s actually seeing past his vampirism, embracing it and accepting it, seeing to the man:

which allows for this to happen:

and that type of connection doesn’t go away because in 5x04 it’s repeated:

And in 5x06 it’s reiterated how much Elena brings Stefan back to life:

And in 6x16, Elena is directly related, yet again, to bringing Stefan back to his humanity, narratively, she is directly related to him being the best version of himself:

she fell madly in love with Damon 

I guess we’re ignoring the fact that Elena literally had to die and then be emotionally entrapped by a bond that gives her the illusion of free will to make DE happen. I talk about that here: but the highlights are these:

“The bottom line is that Elena as a human made a very, very, very clear choice that she would love Stefan always and forever,” she says. “But then her entire life turned upside down, and any feelings she originally had for Damon were still there, and of course magnified. There was always going to be a little bit of a confusion there for her — but not enough confusion for her to be over Stefan. It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take years and seasons. We’d be eighty, if we followed the natural progression of that relationship.”

Damon helped her in every way even Stefan said so

H O W?

I have asked this many times and no DEr has been able to give me a legitimate answer, all you guys give me is what you think happened, it’s conjecture based on unearned dialogue. I want to know what he’s actually done that has propelled Elena’s character development because from what I recall, it’s Stefan who’s the one who always helps her:

but don’t say Elena was puppet in de relationship

Except that she is though. Because the DE relationship is inherently Damon-focused, Elena is his plot line so she actually just has to be there, it’s not about the both of them unlike SE:

Julie Plec: I can only say that it’s a show predicated on a girl coming back to life and her development of love for one brother who then, because of who she is, changes the life of the other brother and that’s our show […] (source)

Even the 6x22 goodbye scene is inherently about Damon:

“ It’s our way of the characters having sex in like a beautiful way, so it made perfect sense on the road, which is symbolic of Damon’s journey as a vampire[…]”

as opposed to the SE goodbye which is inherently about Elena and their knowledge of each other:

“That’s where she admitted she never wanted to lose her humanity, she didn’t want to be a vampire, and so he found it fitting for them to revisit that environment,” Dries said.

The sire bond … Elena isn’t given any complicated feelings about the fact that she’s emotionally enslaved to someone else, all she has to do is believe that she loves him:

I think the takeaway, ultimately, is that Elena believes it so fundamentally that in that moment, it’s enough for Damon to let himself believe too.

and it’s Damon who gets the “character” exploration of struggling with something and letting himself believe it’s real or not real, they make it inherently about how Damon feels when it’s Elena that this is happening to:

And it’s gonna continue to eat at Damon for the next few episodes […] Just letting himself allow it to be real for one small moment is enough for Damon.

At least with Stefan and Elena, she’s allowed to have complicated feelings which actually enrich their relationship because she goes through a multitude of emotions:

Plec assures that this storyline will be a big deal for the Stefan/Elena relationship, especially as Elena struggles “with her desire to help rescue this person that she loved very purely and very deeply, but also learning the lesson that you can’t necessarily let yourself be consumed in your life by saving someone else’s.”

Even their first meeting is solely for the benefit of Damon:

It was us wanting to give Damon something to fight for. Ric is unbeatable, a jillion times stronger than Damon. Damon was a dead man, and Ric was relishing beating him, and Damon had nothing left to live for, having been passed over once again. It was just that slight little thing that she said to him, when she was just trying to take the sting off: “Hey, maybe if you and I had met first.” She was just trying to soften the blow. But in reality, he had this memory that gave him the will to fight back. I love that moment, where Ric’s about to drive the stake into him, and he’s like “You know what? I’m not ready to die today.”

And with SE, it’s about how they save each other:

Julie Plec: In my mind, Elena’s parents are dead. It was a human accident, and a human tragedy, and as we know, the night that Stefan pulled her out of the water and saved her life. That was kind of the beginning of their love story. (source)

She isn’t just this symbol to be reacted to.

Even when Nina talks about SE, it’s about the individualism of Elena in relation to the love of SE:

Nina: But Elena — it’s not about that for her. She cares about Stefan. And he’s important to her and she has this connection with him, but she will put her friends and her family and the safety of her town before anything else, and she’s not going to swoon over the fact that he’s a vampire and ask her to bite him right away and all that. (source)

and you see that in their relationship. She doesn’t realize she can be with Stefan until after he saves Bonnie’s life in 1x09, she doesn’t get back with Stefan in season 2 until after he sacrifices his freedom to get with Jeremy out of the tomb, they take care of the people around them together, whether it’s saving Matt or taking care of Caroline after being tortured or helping Bonnie when it comes to Emily, where is any of that with Damon? They can’t even meet Bonnie halfway in the Prison World because they’re too busy arguing about their relationship. She doesn’t know what’s going on with Jeremy because she’s too caught up sleeping with Damon, she isn’t even paying attention to the parent-teacher interviews, she doesn’t care that he killed Aaron and kidnapped Jeremy again and the show doesn’t actually explore the psychological battle of loving someone who does these terrible things, she makes one comment about bending her morals and that’s it, that fundamentally reduces her character.

In season 8, the show very rarely (if ever) talks about Elena as an individual person or about her significance to the other characters, it’s all about how if Elena was there then Damon wouldn’t go off the rails, if Elena was there she would be able to get through to Damon, I wish Elena was here so Damon wouldn’t be the way he is, there are like four times in the season when Elena is spoken about outside the context of what she can do for Damon. When Elena wakes up, she realizes that Stefan is gone and she and Bonnie briefly share in that grief and then instead of asking about Bonnie, it’s “where is he?” 

It’s only when Damon is gone that Elena actually is the person she’s supposed to be because the show gives her other focuses like bringing Stefan back or bringing Bonnie back to life or setting Caroline up or getting everyone together to do shots so they can hang out, when Damon is back in the picture, the show just shackles her to him.

Stefan was just the chapter in her life the same way Elena was the chapter in Stefan life .

Except not? Their connection exists throughout the series and it’s proven repeatedly that they depend on each other and are tied to each other more than they’re tied to other people. Like Elena could break compulsion for Stefan but she couldn’t do the same for Damon.

In season 8, Bonnie tells Stefan to find his hope and what he does right after is write to Elena:

In the finale Elena is found sitting at the Salvatore crypt, writing about how she owes her life to Stefan:

[and I talk about how this is different than Matt here:]

In season 7, Caroline talks about how she’s been waiting for the day Stefan could love her the way he loved Elena

Not to mention the natural intimacy of SE and the romantic undertones of their scenes:

Like their narrative, their action, seeps through everything, DE has the dialogue, we have what actually matters.

Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game (feat. my shameless fangirling)

Look, AkaKuro’s standing next to each other! ❤❤❤❤

The order of everything I’d written here might be in random, because I was mentally screaming all the way through the entire movie. Mentally, because I couldn’t just shout “FUCK THAT’S MY OTP!!! AREN’T THEY BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER??” with anime heart eyes every time AkaKuro appeared on screen. I’m in the cinemas with equally brooding fanboys and fangirls so nope.

This is full of spoilers and shitposting. Proceed at your own risk. XD

  • Kagami’s backstory. Who would’ve thought that such a bright ray of sunshine was once a tol angsty child. Well, everyone probably went through that phase so-
  • One thing I realized while I was watching the entire Strky vs Jabberwock match was how much I love Kasamatsu, Miyaji, Imayoshi, Okamura, and Higuchi (I don’t even know this guy but I love him unconditionally okay?). So, yeah, basically, everyone in Team Strky.
  • I was waiting for Kasamatsu to slap Nash in the face after the guy spit on his hand, but– *3*
  • The GoM greeting each other in the gym is the most precious thing ever
  • AKASHI ❤ I’m biased so–
  • Kuroko following Kagetora in Roppongi to confront the Jabberwock. 
  • Everyone taken aback by Kuroko’s disappearance lol
  • Kuroko’s boyfriends protecting him after Nash kicked him. DAMN I GOT SHIVERS AT AKASHI’S EXPRESSION HERE.
  • Akashi: Stop
  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun.
  • Akashi: I understand. Knowing you, you probably want to settle this in a basketball match.
  • I literally just mentally scream my head off every time AkaKuro is next to each other
  • EIGO
  • The match’s setting was different from the one in the manga. And the other characters watched them live which was also different.
  • (Btw, there were two guys sitting few seats to my right in the cinema who were doing a live commentary of every fucking scene the entire time. I was torn between getting annoyed and fanboying with them because what they were whispering to each other was what I was thinking at that exact moment.)
  • Everyone being OP AS FUCK
  • Midorima’s remote control
  • Fucking Silver
  • Murasakibara and Silver’s match up
  • Silver is an ass
  • Pouting Murasakibara *sound of angels’ choir in the background*
  • Everyone giving way to each other so the team could win. #PRECIOUS
  • Kuroko: *joins the game*
  • Jabberwock: LMAO So weak-looking
  • Jabberwock [5 seconds after Kuroko played]: WHAT THE FUCK??????
  • DID I MENTION THE TEAM PLAYS??? The AoKaga?? Midorima and Kagami highfiving each other? Murasakibara and Kagami double-teaming Silver? And ofc who could forget AoKi double-teaming Silver
  • Kise’s Perfect Copy + Aomine’s Zone = beautiful AoKi babies
  • I swear even Momoi could feel the AOKI in the air. She was too overwhelmed that it brought tears to her eyes. lol
  • Kise and Silver’s one-on-one
  • “Kise is the strongest player on the court.” Dude… I already knew that, like, 5 years ago.
  • Nash’s passes WTAF
  • Murasakibara getting hurt again. STOP HURTING MY TREE SON I SAY
  • Takao getting jealous of Akashi and Midorima’s teamplay. Don’t worry Shin-chan’s all yours already. :3
  • Kise failing to make the shot because he’s too damn exhausted already. Somebody take his place aaaaaahhhhhhh :’((((((((((
  • “Leave the rest to me, Ryouta.”
  • WHY DIDN’T THEY INCLUDE THIS: “Akashi-kun is Akashi-kun. There is no difference.” THIS IS, LIKE, THE ULTIMATE AKAKURO MOMENT. I’M SO SAD ;-;
  • “Right now, Akashi’s the most reliable person on the court.” He’s also the most reliable in be– //slapped
  • Mayuyu supporting his kouhai from the sidelines. HOW CUTE
  • Also, can we talk about Mibuchi’s new hairstyle?
  • Midorima’s three pointers. Also OP as fuck
  • “My shots will not miss.” His shots through Takao’s heart will also never miss. ;)
  • Midorima trying to make Kagami feel better. Holy shit the world’s ending soon
  • Nash’s ability was translated in the movie as “Barrier Eye.” But I actually heard “Belial Eye” every time it was mentioned. But it was called “Demon Eye” in the manga. So which is it? @-@
  • “Goodbye.”
  • NAked Akashi
  • Oreshi and Bokushi fanservice DAMNNNNNNN I NEED MORE. I love the way they parted in the movie, with all the hands holding and the changing of perspectives and just… everything.
  • Akashi was about to give up
  • Then Kuroko appears in his line of sight
  • Then everyone gets an instant power up
  • GoM + Seirin bonding moment™
  • Kagami’s leaving for America.
  • God just remembering it makes me tear up
  • When Kagami ran back to Kuroko, I thought he changed his mind and would say: “It’s more fun playing with you and the rest of the team.” But they just said goodbye to each other and Kagami was thanking Kuroko for everything and all these onion ninjas just started popping out of nowhere and I was dying inside. :’((((((((((
  • Holy fucks I think I didn’t watch the complete final scene? Now I’m sadder. I mean, I saw some spoiler about the GoM talking about the future or smth?? I DIDN’T SEE THAT. ;-;

Apparently, my lil bro backed out from watching this with me, and I ended up watching it with my dad. Though, in all actuality, he just slept and woke up about quarterway through the movie. And I think he enjoyed the rest of the movie, because he didn’t sleep after that, and that was SOMETHING because he always just sleeps whenever he comes with me and my siblings to the cinemas. 😂😂😂😂 Anyway, I’ll add the others once I remember them.


okay, so before that clip dropped and we all (understandable) lost our shits, i was thinking about deckerstar and what i see some (not all) of the fandom saying lately. this is gonna be long.

one of the things that i have seen a few times is that lucifer is selfish and chloe deserves better than him cause he left her. the thing is, one of my favorite aspects of this show is that things aren’t ever truly black or white. like, was it fucked up and unfair to chloe that he left (especially when he did) and didn’t say anything? yes. should she be pissed? yes. but that doesn’t mean that we can’t look at what lucifer has gone though (literally hell and back) and understand why he is doing what he’s doing. you know the biggest obstacle that lucifer and chloe are facing right now is that there is so much of the story that she just doesn’t know. if you look at it from her point of view, he just up and left, “married” someone else, because he’s an asshole. but we, as an audience, know that it isn’t that simple. i’m not even gonna address candy, because i think that is a smoke screen for their real issues.

earlier i found this post, an interview from wondercon where the showrunners basically say exactly what i feel. what joe said that really hit me in the feels bone was “in his mind, he’s in a protective mode of her because how he feels is that if god sent her, she has no choice in her feelings so they’re not real. and that’s not fair to her. so he’s like “how do i break this, how do i undo? how do i undo it for her sake?” she doesn’t deserve to have been put on a burden called lucifer. she was put on his path, she deserves to make her own choice but how do you do that when she is sort of chosen to love you but… it’s that ultimate conundrum. for somebody who is about free will, that’s his thing, that’s all he is.” and it just fucked. me. up. cause even though he hurt her, it’s not out of any place of malice (which doesn’t make it okay) it’s because he wants her to have a choice. he wants her to be free. he has the utmost respect for her and thinks she truly deserves the best. which he thinks is in no way him. and it’s not even just this, cause on the beach before she kissed him he made it clear that he feels unworthy or her, and now that was just confirmed to him, and he probably feels rather shameful that he ever though she could actually love him of her own free will. which she does! but he has so much self-loathing and so much anger towards his father that he just can’t see it. he doesn’t get it. why would she love him? and even though we know he is heartbroken and in pain, his real and only concern is her. it’s always her. so i see people saying luci is being selfish, it’s like the opposite is true.

but on the flip side, it’s not fair to her either cause she doesn’t have the full story and therefore how can she make her own choice? he doesn’t really see that he’s not giving her one.  shouldn’t he let her decide if she wants to be with him once she knows? and i think when she does find out the truth, if she is mad at him for anything it’d be that. cause chloe does love him, and her feelings are real (as the writers confirmed) but now she feels betrayed by this person that she trusted. but she doesn’t know the extent of what he has done for her. and that all comes down to his fear of her rejecting him if he shows her his true face. the thing is, i don’t think she will react the way he thinks she will. i don’t think she’ll drop him out of her life, run scared or any of those things. she wouldn’t be human if she weren’t shaken by it, and what it entails - but i do think that in her gut she knows who he really is already. i think she senses it, and i think she more or less understands who he is even if she can’t accept it as truth yet.

but someday she will, and i do think it’s hurtling towards that soon. then it’s like, if chloe was put in his path - i don’t actually think it’s that simple either - she’s gonna see the whole picture and that’s gonna change how she perceives his actions toward her. also, once she knows who he is, and once she knows what he has done for her, it’ll be so massively clear to her how much he loves her and maybe luci is afraid of that a bit too. like, “hey no big deal but i killed my brother to save you and it made me suicidal and i’m traumatized by it. not to mention i have also died and went to hell and back for you. twice.” he couldn’t possibly down play that. and that, really, i think is what would forever change their relationship.

basically i’m saying yeah, luci fucked up. but he fucked up for the right reasons. with the right intentions. and chloe is pissed, but she’s pissed cause she doesn’t know any of his intentions. he’s keeping this massive, massive part of his life from her and you cannot have a full relationship based on that, which is why people wanting them together now kinda confuses me? they have a long way to go, but i know it’s gonna be such a good journey, you guys. just think of chloe learning the extent of lucifer’s love for her, think of the relief lucifer will feel when he learns/accepts her feelings are real. they’re gonna truly come home to each other someday and all of this gonna have made that taste so much sweeter.

First Kiss: Kun


I just want to say that I did not write this! @oodorisummer did, so thank you so so much! This is literally so funny like your humour is incredible and the story line is juST ADORABLE you’ve done Kun justice so I applaud you for that. Thank you also to your friend who edited it - I hope he knows I’m very grateful for him too! Please go and check out her blog and give her some love because this was incredible, tysm!❤️❤️❤️

Originally posted by chokemewinwin

this gif actually fits in perfectly with the actual story line like omg this is perfect

  • Okay so Taeyong organised a group hangout including you and precious bby Kun both of you are single btw
  • And by that he actually told the rest of the members individually not to go
  • Because TY knew you had a thing for Kun-Kunnie 
  • You told him yourself bc you thought you trusted the man with a face created by the hands of the creator itself
  • Anyway
  • So you and Kun went out to the city together
  • He didn’t want to go in alone and wait for you so he arrived at your place (dropped off by TY)
  • And you two took a bus together 
  • You both listened to Jay Chou Kun’s fav throughout the whole ride
  • how cute
  • Okay now both of you were oblivious to Taeyong’s plan
  • One of you anyways
  • You thought the other members had a good excuse not to go 
  • And Kun was the only one left
  • But Kun wasn’t thickheaded 
  • He knew Taeyong’s plan
  • Because he also told momma TY that he liked you
  • So Kun took the opportunity to plan the date hangout even further 
  • His first idea was a light lunch 
  • So Kun-Kunnie took you to a chocolate restaurant (hey i didn’t say it was a healthy lunch)
  • bc c'mon who doesn’t like chocolate 
  • You both ordered a chocolate fondue to share and yes it was delicious 
  • and i’m not just talking about the chocolate ifyaknowhatimean
  • Kun knew you loved marshmallows so he let you take all of them
  • You didn’t even dip half of your mallows you, just shoved it in your mouth
  • Which left the white powder all over your lips
  • He giggled as he watched you enjoy the sweetness of the chocolate
  • He stared at you so lovingly it made the couple next to you two jealous
  • But of course you couldn’t see it bc chocolates before boys you were enjoying yourself 
  • After lunch, Kun took you around to the shops to walk off all that chocolate
  • It was great because the puns were great
  • There was the produce aisle
  • “We make a great PEAR”
  • “ORANGE you glad it wasn’t a bad joke”
  • “LETTUCE celebrate!”
  • And then the soft drinks aisle 
  • “Walk into the club like whaddup i got a big COKE-“ 
  • “Is this real life or FANTA-sy”
  • “Let’s get FIZZY-cal!”
  • “The doctor is in the house” *holds up a Dr. Pepper”
  • And then the other foods
  • “What do you call a sleeping pizza”“piZZZZa”
  • “What is a ghost’s favourite pie”“boo-BERRY pie and i-scream”
  • “What did the duck eat for lunch”“soup and quackers”
  • One hour later Kun takes you to the ferris wheel 
  • The line was an hour long
  • And you got really bored
  • Kun decided to be like a cute boyfriend to keep you entertained
  • He stood behind you and put his head on your shoulder and whispered gossip about the members in your ear
  • “Johnny and Ten netflixed and chilled last night”“OMG really???”
  • It gave you a good laugh which made him happy
  • He had always loved your smile. Seriously he could stare at it forever
  • okay here comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for
  • So as you both stepped forward to move on in the line
  • With Kun still holding his head on your shoulder
  • It was a pretty bad idea
  • Somehow you both ended up tripping
  • You regain your footing but Kun didn't 
  • So CLICHÉ MOMENT you caught him yeah it’s the other way around but it’s 2k17 ya’ll
  • It ended with Kun looking up at you
  • And you looking down at him
  • You had him in your arms
  • Neither of you could move though
  • And neither was anyone else because everyone around turned to see what the commotion was about 
  • Everyone saw what was coming
  • So did Taeyong 
  • While Renjun and Jeno tried to cover Jisung and Chenle’s eyes
  • And Jaehyun nommed on some fairy floss
  • You and Kun just continued to stare at each other
  • So Taeyong took out his phone
  • And Yuta tried to hold back WinWin
  • And you both went for it
  • You pulled Kun up to his feet and at the same time leaned in for that kiss
  • He placed his hands on your shoulders as his lips met yours and
  • It was like magic *throws glitter*
  • Everything around the two of you disappeared 
  • The kiss transported you two to your own world of love and romance 
  • His lips were soft and comforting
  • A first kiss in public would be embarrassing 
  • But Kun was able to make it seem like the easiest thing in the world 
  • Kun hadn’t planned the kiss to go this way
  • But 
  • He still got what he wanted
  • So after 5 seconds
  • But in love time it was eons
  • You two pulled away but NCT was still screaming like fangirls at a concert 
  • And that was when the blushing started 
  • Kun burried his face in your neck to hide the fact that it was bright red 
  • so red it would put Haechan’s tomato hair to shame
  • But your face was red too ofc
  • After that you two finished your date on the ferris wheel
  • Where you two continued that kiss
  • And where the members spammed you both with texts and photos 
  • After that you two were officially a thing just like johnten
  • honestly qian kun AKA angel will wreck everyone bias lists mark my words

First Kiss series

anonymous asked:

Yeah, now I'm convinced 100% Lena is Morgana 2.0 and Rhea will be her Morgause. Only diference is that Morgana didn't have a Kara that promise to always be there and protect her and I HOPE that changes the outcome

I definitely see the road that they are trying to take with Rhea, but I am still not convinced enough to dial Lena down to Morgana 2.0. There are way more things to consider than the negative aspects that make them alike.

First, let us consider those that Morgana was against. By the time Morgause moved in on her, Morgana had already started down her dark path. She wanted Uther (a “good” character) dead. She hated a canonically good person. She had even gone as far to make an attempt on Uther’s life before changing her mind. Of course she had excellent reasons to hate him but in the battle of good vs. evil trope, she went to the wrong side. Morgause’s manipulation only continued to ease her down the path that she had already started on. Let us not forget that while Morgause did use her, Morgana went to her first. She told Morgause what she wanted and what she initially tried to do. Following Merlin’s attempt on her life, Morgause had a whole year to finish poisoning Morgana’s heart and mind against those she used to love. Morgana knew what she was, just not exactly what she was capable of.

Lena isn’t there. And I don’t think she will be. At least not anytime soon and not by Rhea’s doing. It is clear that Lena is not going to be initially aware of who Rhea is and what her intentions will be. I mean, give her some credit. I find it extremely hard to believe that Lena would be so open and welcoming to someone that approached her with an evil plan. Yes, she is vulnerable. Yes, she is going through a hard time experiencing loss. But in light of all of that, she is still quite self-aware. She knows of the dangers she faces of being just like Lex and Lillian and the fact that she not only knows that but is afraid shows that she wants to make sure it doesn’t happen. The fact that she has Kara to hold on to helps her with that. The only ones that Lena is against at the moment are her mother and Cadmus. There is not a good character that Lena is at odds with.

She is at a point in her life where she wishes to surround herself with people that can positively influence her. She doesn’t know many at the moment. So when someone approaches her under a seemingly genuine guise of friendship, reaching out when she is in need, of course she is going to be trusting. It is the perfect manipulation – taking advantage of her vulnerability and her good nature. Rhea knows how to capitalize on that. She knows what Lena is missing and can sense what she wants.

I have no doubt that Lena will have a sense of attachment. But I also have no doubt that when she learns the truth about Rhea, she will definitely feel betrayed. Because there is someone else that wanted nothing more than to use her and her resources for ills. She’s been used and hurt by a lot of people in her life so she would not be willing to help someone that did the same – especially if that person not only aims to hurt her but others as well.

We already know that Lena will be Team Supergirl and she will be working with the DEO and Lillian to take down the Daxamites so let’s guess where that will leave Mother Figure Rhea. Gone. Back on Daxam. Dead. Who knows? But her grip on Lena – also gone. It has also been stated that Kara and Lena’s friendship will continue to develop and be explored into the next season.

My final point: They have put way too much development into Lena having her lean a certain way to have her go bad at the end of the season for someone she literally just met. Lena Luthor, the woman that saved Supergirl a number of times, went out of her way to see justice done, worked late hours to help find kidnapped aliens – with a smile on her face – and single-handedly saved the aliens of National City (possibly even the world), isn’t going to turn on a dime and fight for the big bad. She just won’t. It literally goes against everything that they have put in place for her. It goes against nearly every message and moral of this season. Our girl will be just fine. Lena and Morgana are two different entities. There are negative aspects in the stories that are shared, but as Kara said:

There are too many things to consider in Lena’s favor. Kara’s influence is only one of them.

Let’s see what happens on tonight’s episode.

anonymous asked:

Can we also talk about how Bakugou went from "weird haired guy" to "Kirishima. Change of plans". Oh man I didn't realize how much I missed the anime *cries*

BOI CAN’T WE I just spent the whole morning crying over seeing the moment Bakugou recognizes Kirishima as an equal animated nbd at all r i p me - I think this might be the first time Bakugou calls anyone by their name, actually, and I just!!! that’s because Bakugou heard Kirishima’s words and recognized him as a good partner and a worthy hero and someone whom he could respect and I’m gonna be grateful for chapter 133 for the insight on this for the rest of my always I !!!!!! have feelings g a h

Anon said: ok ok ok ok but but listen what about BAKGOU AND OCHAKO they are the most popular couple and the most cutest , i think you should try to draw them once i would love love to see this !!! of course just if you want hehe thanx

Ahhh sorry anon but I really don’t ship that - I mean, it’s true that I ship Bakugou with a bunch of people aside from my main two, but if they’re part of Deku’s group you can fairly assume they’re not between my Bakugou ships? And I only romantically ship Uraraka with Deku, Tsuyu and Iida anyway so! You’re probably not gonna see any romantic baku/ocha from me, sorry o<-<

Anon said: Since we know what Bakugou’s parents are like, what do you think Kirishima’s parents are like?

I have a similar ask somewhere asking about Kaminari’s parents as well, so I guess I’ll answer both here?? As a general rule I don’t really like making headcanons over stuff I’m sure the manga will give me in the future, so I can’t say I’ve thought about this too much - there are a few things I work under the assumption of while drawing, like for example I’m taking for granted they both have at least functional families, considering Aizawa personally visited their homes to ask their guardians about allowing them back to school, and if anything had been weird he would have noticed

I like to think Kaminari got his quirk straight from one of his two parents with no mixing happening, and got the Kaminari surname from them as well, but that’s all I ever allowed myself to settle on as far as Kami’s family goes, everything else changes based on what I need for the current scenario I’m thinking about… I do often end back on him being an only child, though - in the same way depending on how angst or lighthearted I want it to be my ideas for Kirishima’s family change a lot, but generally I think I mostly fall back on the idea of him having a big family? In a scenario like that his parents are kind and love him a lot, but having many children and needing to split their attention on all of them might cause them to overlook him a little (it would explain his obsession with being flashy, for me) then again, who knows? I don’t know how canon you can consider the infos SMASH gives, but in one of the strips Kiri mentions working part-time, and the fact that he doesn’t seem to have problems with money kinda makes me believe he might be independent from his family like that (unless he’s a rich kid, also very entertaining as a possiblity)

I’ve seen a lot of headcanons floating around about both of these guys’ families and possibly being related to villains, that would be cool too, though I’m not sure how much I believe it

I’m sorry this ended up being little to no useful at all lol as I said, I just shift between scenarios a lot - imagine settling on one and growing attached and then having to let it go once Hori proves it wrong, that’d be terrible for me

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anonymous asked:

My English teacher left me very confused when learning about Romeo and Juliet. He said that it wasn't a love story because they didn't love each other; Juliet just basically used Romeo, but I don't know what to think. Can you please explain to me if it's a love story, tragedy, or both?

Did your teacher say that Juliet used Romeo? How rude.

The first thing we have to remember is that the feud is the exponent of an unhealthy ideology that promotes violence, hatred, prejudice, and brutal misogyny. Don’t ever forget the world they lived in. Romeo and Juliet are not normal teenagers living in a normal world and making stupid decisions. They are children whose mental health ends up destroyed by the ideals of their families. I just won’t stand anyone who refers to them as ‘dumb’ because it’s a very insulting way of dismissing the destructiveness of social oppression and abuse. It’s so evident that their families caused their deaths that at the end of the play nobody has the guts to blame them for their own deaths and dismiss their emotions as shallow or dishonest. What they have done is too monstrous for them to deny. When both patriarchs find the young lovers dead together in the crypt they see the wrong in their actions and take responsibility for it. They know they killed their children. It was not teenage folly that ruined Romeo and Juliet. It was a sick society that glorified violence and prejudice.

Perhaps your male teacher is annoyed by the fact that Juliet hardly fits in the role of a sixteenth-century obedient wife who goes along with whatever her husband has to say. On the contrary, Juliet has a voice of her own. It is evident from the first conversation between the lovers that she has a very particular, specific way of thinking, and which doesn’t necessarily match that of Romeo. For instance, she gently mocks his stereotyped courtship when she says “you kiss by the book.” I would say she is a far better poet than him—he actually learns from her. Think about the way she corrects him when he tries to swear his love by the moon. She literally rationalizes everything. Romeo needs to get on her level. Later on, he will ask her to “sweeten with thy breath / This neighbour air, and let rich music’s tongue / Unfold the imagined happiness that both / Receive in either by this dear encounter,” to which Juliet answers that “conceit, more rich in matter than in words, / Brags of his substance, not of ornament”. You see, she doesn’t always agree with him, and she presents her own points of view resolutely. She is the one to give lessons.

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alexandria-bellew  asked:

Ok so I keep thinking what if MC was actually a boy and no one knew (except seven) and didn't care if people thought they were a girl, so they didn't correct anyone; or they were too nervous to tell anyone. Like how would the 5 react when they do meet MC for the first time and find out that they are a boy? (And that also MC is like 178cm tall maybe??) ((Sorry for the longish ask this has been on my mind for a while and also I love your blog so much bye))

~Ahhh thank you so much sweetie!!! That’s so nice of you!!! I hope my answer has satisfied you!!!~

{188 cm = 6 feet 2 inches}


🌟He can’t wait to meet you!!!

🌟He’s sooooo excited to meet his GIRLfriend!!!

🌟When he sees you come in a suit he glosses right over you and keeps looking bc he thinks you’re a girl

🌟And you are a boy

🌟Eventually you nervously come up to him to introduce yourself

🌟He shakes your hand nicely and asks if you’ve seen a very pretty girl that goes by MC

🌟"Haha about that…“

🌟"Are you her brother?! Is she ok?!”

🌟You quickly calm him down before he freaks out and take a deep breath

🌟"I’m MC…“

🌟Yoosungs quiet for a couple seconds before he hugs you

🌟"MC!!! You’re so cute!!!”

🌟Yoosung standing at only 5'7" (171 cm) was surprised by your tallness

🌟"You’re not upset that I’m a boy?“

🌟"Of course I’m not!!! You’re a really cute boy…”

🌟You couldn’t help blushing and nearly killing him in a hug

🌟"U-Um… do you still want to be my boyfriend?“

🌟"Of course I do MC!!!”

🌟While you weren’t what he was expecting he fell in love with who you are

🌟Besides… he likes tall somewhat intimidating looking people…


☕ She never thought in a hundred years that she’d fall in love with a girl

☕ In fact it really made her open her eyes to things

☕ So when a boy shows up on her date with MC she kinda glosses over him

☕ But she does give you a weird look when you plop down in the seat in front of her

☕ What man thinks it’s his right to sit and talk to a lady obviously waiting for her date?

☕ “G-Good afternoon Jaehee… I hope I haven’t kept you waiting…”

☕ She’s so surprised you know her name and about this date

☕ “Who are you?”

☕ “I’m MC! S-Surprise!”

☕ She’s surprised that you’re a guy… like you recommended her chocolate and understood her period problems… (You have sisters)

☕ She sees your hands shaking and she takes them in hers

☕ “I’m so happy to finally meet you!”

☕ “Wait really?!”

☕ You were so surprised that Jaehee was accepting you

☕ You thought she’d hate you for ‘being a catfisher’ or something

☕ “Yes of course!!! You’re so much more handsome in real life!”


😻 He’s nervous to meet you because he has a bad impression of women from his father

😻 So when you show up at his door he’s surprised and wants to call security

😻 But you quickly explain it’s you MC and even show him the proof

😻 He never thought the Does Jumin Han is Gay rumor was true but… here you are… and he loves you…

😻 He’s actually happier that you’re a boy

😻 He would’ve felt weird with a woman to be honest

😻 Your date goes as planned and he’s happy with you despite your gender

😻 He is confused to how you’re taller than him though

😻 You’re literally two whole inches taller

😻 What did your parents feed you?


🎶 He was so excited for his princess to show up to see him perform

🎶 So when he looked into the audience and didn’t see a girl and only a boy he was discouraged and immediately texted you

🎶 Zen: MC~ I thought you were coming to see me~

🎶 You: I’m in the audience! Don’t you see me?

🎶 He looked back and you waved and his eyes got as wide as saucers




🎶 He’s nervous when he comes up to you bc you’re not what he expected

🎶 But he loves you all the same

🎶 He’s a bit jealous that you’re taller than him though because how is he going to protect you when you’re up there?


📱He’s so excited to see you and everyone’s confused as to why he doesn’t have the traditional things you give a girl

📱He keeps saying they’ll be so surprised when they see you

📱And they are surprised when a 6'2" male walks in and Seven goes running at him yelling “MC!!!”

📱He’s so happy to see you

📱Even though you’re a boy that didn’t stop his love for you

📱You’re his shield for the whole night to be honest but he gives you lots of kisses for protecting him

📱And you can’t stop blushing which he makes fun off

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First off, I have to just say an all around thank you to all of my followers because this couldn’t have happened without all of you.  (Literally this is all because of you plums!)  This blog has meant the world to me and I was a bit terrified to jump into the fandom so late in the game, especially representing a muse I care so much about.  However, the mcu fandom has welcomed me with open arms and all the love in the world.  The lists will be long but it will be worth it I promise so bear with me.  I know there are many of you whom I have become close friends with and I am sorry if I don’t get all the personal stuff in here.  This blog is my therapy and each one of you has helped me through these months more than you can ever know.  (Also I reached 200+ on my birthday, Feb 8th, and that makes it even more astounding.)  I seriously hope I don’t miss anyone O.o

The Baes 

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anonymous asked:

What if the NDRV3 guys had an S/O who's​normally quiet and shy. And likes video games. And one day she gets a new game in her favorite series and is telling them all about it. And then they notice the next few days that she seems to be avoiding them. How would they react when they ask her about it and she admits that she was afraid that they were annoyed about her "inability to shut up" (her words) and she didn't want to bother them?

… This is actually me?… I never know when to shut up about video games >_> I honestly just went to look at all my games for inspiration haha

NDRV3 Boys with a video game loving S/O who thinks she’s bothering them

Shuuichi Saihara:

- He was quiet and shy too so he was honestly glad that you were the same

- But he did find out your little secret

- “Saihara - kun, Saihara - kun! Look at this! There’s going to be a Tekken 7!!! I love this series…. I mean it may not be the nest fighting game out there but I grew up with it so it means a lot to me you know?”

- You loved video games

- “Oh… That’s good S/O - san”

- You give him a small smile before telling him you had to leave

- He noticed you were… Absent over the next few days. When he’d see you in the hall you’d make brief eye contact before you’d quickly turn and walk away

- Did I do something wrong?

- He was worried so he waited for you outside your classroom

- “S… Saihara - kun?…”

- “Can we talk?”

- You bite your lip but nod

- “Are you avoiding me?”

- “I… Uh… It’s just I… Thought you wanted that…”

- “Huh?”

- “Well… I can never… Shut my mouth when it comes to games so I thought… I’d be annoying you with all my talking… I’m really sorry…”

- You thought you annoyed him? Awh S/O - san…

- He takes your hand before smiling at you

- “Hey… You have that game at home right?”

- You give a small nod

- “Let’s go play together, but you’ll have to tell me all about the characters okay?”

- You instantly light up and squeeze his hand gently

Kaito Momota:

- He noticed that you love games

- And by that I mean he had to literally move you or carry you seeing as you were constantly playing on a portable console

- “What are you even playing S/O”

- “Oh um, Ratchet and Clank Size Matters… It’s a good game for the PSP but Ratchet and Clank had a long history now… Oh but but but! They’re making one for the PS4!”

- You basically tell him the whole history of that game series making sure not to miss any details

- “Jesus man, you have a lot to say about it huh?”

- “Haha…”

- He makes sure you safely get to your class before quick walking to his own

- The next couple of days seem… Quiet

- It takes him a while to realise why, you’re not actually there to cause potential collisions in the halls

- “Huh?”

- He tries asking around for a bit but it seems that no one has seen you

- Alright, time to investigate all the rooms

- It takes him most of the lunch hour but he finally finds you sitting by a desk console in hand

- “S/O?… Hey… I’ve been worried about you?”

- “You… Were? Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you..”

- Your voice sounds… Sad

- “What’s up?”

- “It’s nothing..”

- “Don’t lie to me”

- He walks over and takes the console from your hands

- “Hey!… Okay fine… I’ll tell you. I thought I was annoying you with all my game talk”

- It takes him a minute to process what you just said but then he just starts laughing

- “Hahaha! If you think you annoyed me then I must’ve annoyed you a thousand times with all my space talk!” He then ruffles your hair and continues laughing


- Of course he played video games before

- But he could see that you had a certain passion for them

- He was tinkering with something whilst you were telling him about your favourite game series

- “And you see, Tomb Raider is just such a good series! There’s a PS4 version now to celebrate the 20th anniversary of it!”

- “Oh really?”

- “Yeah!”

- “That’s good”


- Ever since that conversation he noticed that you weren’t around him as much as before

- Is it because I’m a robot?

- But he thought you weren’t racist against robots!

- He must investigate this matter at once

- He found you after lessons standing by your locker

- “S/O - san!”

- You make a little jump and turn around to face him

- “Oh… Hi Kiibo - kun”

- “Do you hate me because I’m a robot?”

- He looked like he was about to cry

- “Wh- Who told you that Kiibo - kun?!”

- You place a hand on his shoulder and look at his face 

- “Well… It would explain why you’re avoiding me…”

- “Did I upset you? Oh no! I’m so sorry Kiibo - kun! I thought I was annoying you and you wanted a break so…”

- “That’s wrong S/O - san! I actually love listening to you speak, you’re so passionate about this it… It makes me feel warm inside…” 

- You giggle and wrap your arms around him

Rantaro Amami:

- Whenever you asked him to play video games with you he’d always agree

- “Ah Amami - kun guess what! Persona 5 is coming out! I really want to get it but it’s so expensive! (This is me in reality)”

- “Persona?”

- “Yeah! I remember playing it but this one looks sooooo good!”

- “Oh okay, I haven’t heard of it”

- “Oh… I see”

- Over the next couple days he notices that you’re quieter than usual and that you tend to exit the class as soon as you can

- “Okay class, pick a project partner”

- He’s instantly by your side taking hold of your hands and flashing you a warm smile

- “Huh?..”

- “Are you going to tell me what’s up S/O - san?

- “So you are annoyed…”

- “Huh? What no I’m not”

- “You’re not?”

- “Why would I be?”

- “Because I talk about games too much and I can never shut up… I mean, if I were you I’d find me annoying…”

- “S/O - san are you serious?”

- “Wh- Of course I am!”

- He just starts to laugh then causing you to start blushing

- “S/O - san if I found you annoying I’d tell you haha… Oh I can’t believe you actually thought you annoyed me haha”

- He pulls you gently causing you to fall into a quick kiss

- When you part he just winks at you

- Oh Amami - kun

Kokichi Ouma:

- When he walked into the classroom he found you bouncing in your chair

- “Hmmm? What is S/O - chan up t-”


- You’re literally like !!!

- “The Last of Us?”

- “Yes!!!”

- “Nishishi~ You’re such a nerd S/O - chan”

- “Uh… Thank you…”


- For some reason, he has been seeing you a lot less over these past few days

- Were you sick?

- No wait, there you are!

- “S/O - chan is so meannnnn”

- You turn and find him with tears in his eyes

- They’re just crocodile tears… Right?

- You feel really bad now

- “What did I… Do?”

- “You’re avoiding meeeee”

- “Well…”

- He grabs your wrists and pulls you towards him so that your foreheads are pressing together

- “Did I offend you?”

- “What?”

- His voice is serious for once

- “Um… No it’s just… I thought I annoyed you… With my game talk”

- “Nishishi~ You’re so funny S/O - chan, I would never get annoyed at you!”

Gonta Gokuhara:

- He’s not gonna lie

- He has no idea what video games are

- So he will listen to you with a smile on his face but not really know what you’re saying

- “So so so there’s going to be a DLC for Uncharted now! I’m so excited!”

- “Oh… Gonta is happy then! But um… Gonta will go for a discovery walk”


- He wasn’t much into using technology so he would often visit your house

- But for the past few days no one opened the door

- He got kind of worried so he stayed longer than usual one day

- He was a gentleman so he didn’t want to knock non - stop but he just wanted to know you were okay

- “S/O - san… Please open the door, it’s just Gonta!”

- Eventually, after some time the door slowly creaked open

- “Hey hey… Gonta - kun”

- “Gonta was worried about you!”

- “Worried?”

- “Yes! You haven’t opened the door for Gonta in a while so Gonta thought something happened to you!”

- “That’s… So sweet”

- You give him a nice smile before continuing

- “No I… I just thought I annoyed you with my game talk”

- “Well, the way Gonta sees it is… S/O - san likes games as much as Gonta likes insects! And seeing as S/O - san always listens and likes Gonta’s findings, Gonta also loves listening to S/O - san’s game achievements!”

- “Awh…!”

- You hug him tightly and thank him for quite a while

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- Just like Gonta, he’s not too keen on the gaming world

- He never told you this of course, he didn’t want to upset you in any way

- “See, Resident Evil expanded to PS4 now… As in Resident Evil 7 just came out!”

- “7? That’s quite a lot”

- “Yes! Although the gaming style changed, for example the perspective…”


- The two of you usually spend your free time in the library but this is the 3rd day in a row when you haven’t turned up

- He doesn’t really want to bombard you with questions but he’s slightly concerned that you haven’t been appearing lately

- She mentioned something about a game right?

- He grabs some books on his way out and then quick walks over to your house

- He rings the doorbell and waits, tapping his foot impatiently

- 5 minutes pass… Then 10….

- He rings the doorbell again and this time adds a little knock at the end

- After another 5 minutes the door slowly creaks over at him and he’s met with a pair of e/c coloured eyes staring at him

- “Hello beautiful”

- “Hello Shinguji - kun”

- “Did you forget where the library is?”

- “… Wait what? What day is it?”

- “It’s Friday”

- “Oh…”

- “Well I don’t fully believe that you were gaming non - stop for 3 days so… Tell me the truth. Why didn’t you come?”

- “Because I thought you’d tell me to shut up”

- Harsh

- “Why would I?”

- “Because I talk too much..”

- “Kukuku~ You’re the quietest person I know S/O - san! Besides… It’s quite a beautiful sight to see you passionately talk about something you love… I’d love to listen to more things”

- “Really?…Ah well… I’m playing right now so…”

- He just nods and you let him inside

Ryoma Hoshi:

- “HOSHI - KUN! Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is out now!”

- Mario what now

- The only game he heard of was Wii Sports but that’s mainly because it had tennis in it

- “That’s.. Great?”

- “You don’t sound… Happy”

- “Uh”

- “No.. It’s okay”

- You make up a quick excuse and leave


- You always came to his practice

- But you didn’t turn up for 5 days now

- Were you avoiding him?

- He grit his teeth and quickly replaced his piece of licorice

- Time to investigate

- As soon as he was done, he quickly made his way over to your house

- He banged his small fist on your door and patiently waited for you to open it

- “Hello?”

- “Down here.”

- You let out a little chuckle before turning your attention to him

- “What’s up with you? You never miss my practices”

- “.. Yeah… But I thought I annoyed you last time”

- You lean against the door frame and give him a somewhat sad look

- “Is that about that Markio thing?”

- “Mario. Yeah”

- “Ehhh… I never meant to offend you S/O… I just have no idea about it… I only ever played Wii Sports you know”

- “Wait… Really?”

- “Yeah”

- You scratch your head

- “Would you like to… Gain some game knowledge?”

- “Uh.. Sure but I will probably be ter-”

- You don’t even let him finish his sentence, you just pull him inside and happily show him your collection

megansarah11  asked:

Soulmate au where they don't see color until they meet klaroline(and if you make them vampires that would be interesting since klaus did lots of painting before he met Caroline)

Ugh this took me so long and it still turned crappy, sorry :/ hope u like it anyway! I always have a hard time writing canon lol On FF

I Hate You, But Thank You

Klaus had drawn for a millennia, most of them crayon based portraits - black and white, as that was all he could ever see; for him, it still held unimaginable beauty, after all it was all he knew. Even if he had heard the wonders of color and how much it intensified the world surrounding them - Klaus thought everyone mad for thinking such silly things. As if someone else could change your life so fully - soulmates giving color to someone’s life - how could that ever be true?

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anonymous asked:

I'm really surprised that some are disappointed with Bob's answer and are taking his words as canon proof. I wonder what they were expecting. Bellamy didn't even confess feelings on screen and Bob's going to admit something off screen? Other actors drop spoilers unintentionally, but if I'm not wrong he never did it. Seriously, he did amazing. He literally said that transcended romance (which also makes me happy bc that means he doesn't see himself as a love interest).

(cont) Do people forget that at the last con he said writers are pushing the viewers to think like that (about romantic bellarke)? He also said he read scripts and can’t talk, but now from a beautiful description people take 2 words and start to freak out. I’m exhausted.

Originally posted by imwerka

I am not surprised. I am exhausted though. This has been happening since I’ve been in fandom and I’m sure it happened before. 

They are NOT going to tell us what’s happening. They MIGHT tease us and make us worry and give coy hints and mess with our heads and say things that are ambiguous and non-comital. They aren’t going to give away the ending. Who would do that?

We forget everything positive that has been said and focus only on the negative that is not giving us what we want right this minute.

I was trying to think back to comiccon and what JR said about Clarke getting a romance in season 4. He said that she would find love again. He did, didn’t he? Well where is it?

Niylah? Canonically friends with benefits and nothing more? Roan? Come on people, Roan tattled on her by bringing her MOTHER. That is not romantic. He likes her, sure, but you don’t play the mom card if you’re hoping to get intimate with someone.

We know who. Bellamy. Who does Clarke get intimate with, no matter where the romance is? Bellamy. Bellamy is the love story that they are building in season 4. Clearly we’re not getting nice established battle couple because that’s just not yanking on our hearts enough. 

Here’s something I think the fandom is forgetting when they think about Bellarke and feel like it’s not happening. Storytelling is not a product. It’s a process.

In order to tell the story of two people falling in love and getting together, they have to give us obstacles to that love, they have to separate them, they have to make us think they might not work out, they have to be at odds, they have to FIGHT to be together. In a romance genre story, you can handle all that uncertainty because you know that it’s the genre. In the end the romantic couple will get together.

We don’t have that assurance in The 100 because it is NOT a romance genre show. So we’re afraid that they will yank it away from us instead of giving to us what FEELS like it’s being promised.

Because that’s the thing, within the story of the apocalypse, where death and doom and destruction and anyone can die is going on, they are giving us a subplot that IS part of the romance genre now. The 100 is not a romance. Bellarke IS A ROMANCE NOW. They are following the conventions of the romance genre with the story.

But we doubt so much because they don’t give us what we want! And it seems not guaranteed because it’s not a romance show. So we look for reassurance and evidence in Bob’s or whoever’s statements. But they’re not going to give it to us.


no cheating.