literally how does he look this good

Listen Shouto Todoroki had all the makings to be the suave dark mysterious popular solemn brooding character and I appreciate every single day how it turns out he’s literally just awkward.

I’m dead serious. It’s very easy to misinterpret him all cool and collected and smooth especially given his overwhelming power and his emotional distance but once he softens to people and does start trying to interact honestly you realize he’s just /bad at it/ and you look back and realize all his stoic intimidating silences were 100% just awkward silences and his solemn emotionless collected face was just doing a good job of hiding his internal monologue of “oh…people are talking. I should talk to? I don’t really know. I never had friends. Um. Hmm. No, I’ve got nothing. I’m just gonna stare down and not say much. That’s probably fine. I think this is how socializing works. Yes.”

Spiderman Homecoming was A1

A1 means great

oh look another movie master post by ya girl here we go

  • ok im gonna start ya’ll off with a BANGER 
  • {{so get this when the Avengers first had their alien battle in New York (2012) Peter would have been 10 years old so I low-key think that it was Peter that did the little drawing of the Avengers that the movie opens with}} I have since rejected this theory completely upon realizing I wrote this post at 3am and how the fuck could he have it if Peter drew it???? Cmon me
  • Tony is trying SO HARD to be a better dad than Howard was
  • “How’s your daughter?” (u speak Spanish rly Peter)
  • when he’s standing on that building and that guy sees him and goes “Do a flip!” and he actually does
  • “Hey it’s my car dumbass.”
  • when he first walks into the bank and is trying to decide how to stand what a dork
  • Hannibal Buress’ two (2) scenes
  • him running through sprinklers
  • the dog
  • that whole scene where he was chasing the van
  • i feel like the past spider-men were like really graceful and swinging really neatly but this Peter literally hurls himself everywhere and crashes into so many things
  • “You know I’m a curious person by nature.”
  • when Peter rejoins the decathlon team 
  • “You can’t just abandon us then stroll up and expect to be welcomed back by everyone.”  “Hey, Peter welcome back!”
  • Ned has a sticker of the “this is fine” dog on his laptop
  • “Uh I put a tracker on someone, he’s a bad guy.”
  • “Nedcallmebacktheglowythingsabomb!”
  • “I don’t really want to celebrate something that was built by slaves.”
  • plus the guard during that scene and his little hand gesture
  • *Peter falls down the elevator shaft*  “Thank you.”
  • Donald Glover “I know what a girl sounds like.”
  • “That’ll dissolve in two hours!”  “I got ice cream, man.”
  • when he steals the keys from the guys on the ferry he says yoink
  • he is so frantic when he tries to save the ferry and distraught when it starts to fall apart again
  • he literally almost ripped himself in half to try to save it
  • “If you cared you’d actually be here.” Tony: “GUESS WHAT.”
  • deeper twist to that yes he’s there Peter just like his dad never was for him 
  • that scene was a good Dad Tony moment
  • “If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.” this is so important
  • ^ honestly i could go into so much detail about that just lemme know if you want me to ill make a whole ‘nother post about that shit
  • that hall pass was ridiculously huge
  • GOD the most jarring shift from Aunt May teaching Peter how to dance and tie and tie and there’s happy background music and he’s so excited then BAM fuckin Michael Keaton opens that door and ho-ly shit
  • he is so fucking scared during that whole scene in the house and in the car
  • he’s FIFTEEN years old and he’s got absolutely no idea what this guy will do if he finds out who Peter is. this is basically his frst encounter with a real villian and he scared shitless
  • he literally almost cries in the backseat when he sees Vulture start to figure it out
  • when Michelle flips Peter off at the dance and the way she flips Peter off at the dance
  • “I’m…looking at……porn..”
  • the fucking SCENE where he gets crushed he is so scared and so hurt and oh my god
  • Tom Holland’s acting was A fucking 1
  • he does good hurt/crying/scared noises that sounds weird but it is v important
  • “C’mon Spiderman!” 
  • how desperately he tried to save Vulture he is so good and pure and just really wants to protect people he doesn’t want anyone to die
  • “I’m trying to save you!”
  • the random school mascot running by towards the end??
  • the bathroom scene
  • Tony is so happy to have a son he loves Peter fight me
  • super random but i love the way Tony taps his watch to reveal the suit
  • “Look at that. Look at me.”
  • the way Tom turns his head when he says that is rly funny too
  • when Happy goes “He’s a good kid.” and Tony does that fucking shrug smile thing and the look was a mix of “Yea I know” but also like parental pride??? it’s a very specific look that i cannot fully explain
  • AFTER CREDIT SCENE Vulture is either protecting Peter bc he saved his life or he wants to kill Peter himself

come yell at me about any and all of this please

good things about the prequels
  • liam neeson
  • omg so many robots
    • literal war hero r2d2??
  • ewan mcgregor
    • the fact that he couldn’t stop making light saber noises
    • is he supposed to look so jesus-y or is it just a beautiful coincidence?
  • the literal one scene in phantom menace without any CGI
  • the music
    • @ john williams haters: FIGHT ME
  • “lost a planet, master obi-wan has. how embarrassing.”
  • christopher lee’s voice
  • “good call, my young padawan”
    • a line that was made to be giffed
  • yoda’s “i fuckin told u” face every time anakin does something dumb
  • hayden christensen’s hair, once he gets rid of that dumb braid
  • the complete lack of subtlety in character names
    • “count dooku” is the most evil name i have ever heard
    • “general grievous” and “lord sidious” are tied for second
    • “darth plagueis?” are you kidding?
  • that part where r2 screams and runs into the wall
  • like 5 whole seconds in revenge of the sith where everyone is happy
  • obi-wan abandoning cloaks wherever he goes
  • sometimes you just need a lil’ angst in your life

Let’s start off with how it looks when he’s debating on something.

When he stares at the ceiling and you can see how defined it looks and how it accentuates the beauty of his neck

How delicate it can look at times


How his masculine  jaw contrast with his adorable face # can just jump off now

and how it’s perfectly showcased when he brings his sexy out in performances




His manly yet soft edges that makes him look so ethereal

but then he frees the holy forehead and that jaw suddenly becomes your next sin

you just want to run your fingers gently on that good sharpness # don’t lie to yourselves

When his jaw suddenly has that cute/sexy boy next door vibe #tf am I saying now

How perfectly sculpted it looks when he sheds a tear

How mature it makes him look  when he makes those oh-so-not-fetusey-faces

When he literally flaunts the goods like : “ You wished you could touch me”

When he’s focused on work and that jaw screams at you : “I’m about to look sexy in a few seconds, just wait for it”

When he’s jealous and does that tongue thing ,and his jaw suddenly becomes sharper for no coherent reason #yeah fml

When he’s all skeptical about something and his jaw looks extra defined

how about when he frees the forehead and is focused on something too?! CAN I JUST DIE NOW.

Don’t smile at me ,you son of a fetus. YOU’RE ILLEGAL AND I DON’T DO ILLEGAL SHIT!




I know this moment from The Apple has been analyzed before, but can we just talk about this screencap for a minute??? Like how everyone is huddled around them like, “Omg is the commander okay??? Does he need medical attention? Wth was in those poisonous darts, his life could be in danger holy shit” 

And Kirk and Spock are just like, LITERALLY touching their knees together and Spock is just casually rubbing his hAND AGAINST JIM’S LEG LIKE WTF and Jim looks about 2 seconds away from taking Spock’s hand in his own and fucking kissing it

and then we’ve got Leonard Bones ‘Not An Escalator’ McCoy over in the corner like, “SIGH…. Just gonna let this happen and focus on the shots I’m gonna have to drink later to get the image out of my head”

Homestuck Smash Bros Headcanons

•Karkat would play dark sonic every single time because he’s black, spiky, and looks cool. He has no other reason. Karkat is not even good at this game, he loses first nearly every single time and it is entirely because he goes into the speedy ball and rolls off the stage immediately. He complains loudly every time this happens but refuses to play any other character.
•Dave aggressively mains as Zero Suit Samus, at first to be ironic because haha it’s a chick that looks like a Barbie, but he very quickly realizes that she’s a badass character and her whip is sick as fuck. He also targets Karkat almost exclusively just to hear him complain, Dave would be pretty good if he actually took it seriously though.
•Rose and Kanaya both play as Zelda, but Rose only plays as her usual form and Kanaya only plays as Sheik. Rose likes Zelda for her magical abilities, whereas Kanaya admires her for her impeccable fashion sense. It goes without saying that Rose makes her purple and Kanaya switches her to green.
•Jade plays as Olimar for no other reason than “he’s so cute!! And look at his little radish friends!!” But she completely demolishes in like, every single round. Everyone is tired of it. Olimar has no attacks how is she winning.
•John plays as (blue) Kirby because he loves dropping down on ppl as a brick or smashing them with that big ass hammer, mostly he goofs around with Dave to make a bunch of wackass stages that make it impossible to win in any conclusive way, including The Box™, a stage completely boxed in making it impossible to fly off once you get enough damage. They play for hours in one round, their damage is 999%, every hit sends them ricocheting from wall to wall endlessly.
•Additionally, when Jane plays she will fight John for the right to play blue Kirby because 1) he’s blue fuck you john and 2) his smash ball power is literally throwing all the other characters into a cooking pot if you think Jane will not bring it hard as hell you can eat my ass.
•Roxy plays as jigglypuff and makes it to the end of battles because she sustains literally zero damage. She spends all the time avoiding the fight by floating around in the air and singing her enemies to sleep if they get too close. Once it gets down to her and one other person tho she starts hitting buttons randomly and yelling and sitting on them while they’re playing just to do anything to keep them from winning.
•Callie doesn’t play very much, but when she does it as Toon Link because he’s small and green just like her!! And he looks like one of her drawings how cute!! Mostly though she’s perfectly content to just watch Roxy play and egg her on once she starts screeching.
•Dirk switches between Marth, bc of the swordplay, and Lucario, bc he’s a huge fucking furry. Both characters are actually really good and any game that has him, Dave, and Jade in it lasts literally forever because they’re all so good. Dirk gets v quiet while playing because he’s in The Zone.
•Jake is OK, but he’s far from on par w/ the others just because he’s not used to video games that have controllers as opposed to VR and obviously he would prefer good ol’ fashioned fisticuffs!! But when he does play it’s with Pit because of the annoying ass “hyahh!!” the character makes every time he attacks, “it shows he’s got real gumption!”
•Terezi plays as bright red yoshi and just keeps eating ppl. Just, swallowing them and putting them in eggs. She doesn’t do any fighting she just eats ppl and turns them into eggs, cackling the entire time and high-fiving Dave every time she lays another egg.
•SOLLUX IS NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY. every time they’re talking about smash and sollux walks in it goes DEAD SILENT. “Hey whatcha guys talking about” and whatever the first excuse is everyone is forced to go with it, Dave of course takes full advantage of this, “oh actually-” and if he finished the sentence before Karkat fucking tackles him then everyone is gonna have a bad time. But it’s because they all know Sollux will completely grasp the game within five seconds of just watching one round, crush everyone immediately and people actually enjoy when the rounds actually last longer than half a minute.

Why the Disney guys are great

ERIC: He loves his dog. He plays the flute really well and that’s hard to do. Really gentle and sweet. When he found Ariel on the beach he took her home and took care of her. Great smile. Is a chill guy but will also not hesitate to stab and kill an evil sea witch with his boat.

PHILIP: Hears a pretty sound and follows it. Great singing voice. Never realizes that the girl he fell in love with is the princess he’s supposed to marry. Falls so in love that the first thing he does is go to his father and tell him. Has that goofy little hat with a feather. Fought a motherfucking dragon on a cliff.

NAVEEN: Immediately takes off his royal suit into a civilians outfit and disappears playing ukulele. Even though he’s turned into a frog he’s still oozing confidence. Can only mince food, doesn’t know how to do anything else. Made a ring out of scrap even though they’re frogs. Is willing to give everything up as long as Tiana gets her restaurant. Has that nice curl that falls onto his forehead. Unplaceable yet charming accent.

HERCULES: His strength too big for his goddamn body. Goes from zero to a hundred real quick. Even though he can deck a monster in a minute flat he has no idea how to talk to girls. Socially awkward. Good with kids. Can do a push-up on one finger. When told to use his head he took it literally. Punched his uncle, the god of the underworld, in the face.

FLYNN RIDER: Sarcasm galore. The Smolder. Drop dead gorgeous looks. Doesn’t mind that he’s on a wanted poster but does mind that they can’t get his nose right. Is the only one who sees it’s weird to randomly start singing. Can’t fight for shit, barley manages to make do with a frying pan. Has the most ridiculous birth name in Disney history. Got stabbed in the gut but cut Rapunzel’s hair to save her, not at all caring about himself. First words after not dying aren’t “I love you” but “I have a thing for brunettes” because of corse they are.

ADAM: Swooshes his cape around in the shadows like some kind of wannabe batman. Is extra as fuck. Still acts like a child sometimes. Has had no social interaction for years but is trying his best. Gets easily confused. Doesn’t know what to do when he realizes he has feelings for people. Is too shy to tell Belle he loves her. Feels bad the second after he scares Belle away. Would literally rather die then live without the girl he loves. Has the most extra transformation back into a human while everyone else doesn’t.

MAUI: Gets scared easily. Amazing hair. That little face he makes when he can’t use his hook right. Was building a statue of himself in his cave like a dork. Magic tattoos. Can’t fish to save his life. Gave humans fire and wind and coconuts. That smirk he does, you know the one. Great sense of humor. Did everything he could think of to make humans happy so they would like him. Was a total puppy when he got his hook back and fixed.

FERDINAND: So fucking sweet and gentle. Has a name that tells us he doesn’t even need Snow White for animals to follow him around. Sings to Snow White when she’s on her balcony like a modern day Romeo. Knows when Snow White went missing because he kept visiting and goes to look for her right away. Is literally heartbroken when he finds her, thinking she’s dead and is overjoyed when she wakes up. A good boy, a soft boy. Literally has done zero things wrong in his entire life.

ALADDIN: Tricked the genie right off the bat. Jumped right in to help Jasmine with the guards. Steals food but ends up giving it to orphan children living in the street. Is the most selfless person in Agrabah. Quick thinker and can outsmart anyone. Is one of the only Disney princes who actually know how to sword fight. Has matching hats with his pet monkey.

LI SHANG: Sexuality crisis. “You fight good”. Turns a bunch of losers into warriors. Rarely ever wears a shirt for some reason. Tries out his new title of captain alone in his tent all exited like a little kid. Doesn’t give up, not once, on anything. Would literally die for Mulan. Fine as hell.

CHARMING: Gets bored at his own ball. Is a hopeless romantic. Doesn’t care for people who gush over him because he’s the prince, and in fact took interest in Cinderella because she was the only one not doing that. Jumped out a window for Cinderella. Is a super supportive husband. Went door to door looking for Cinderella, determined to find her no matter what. Good dancer.

FELIX: Doesn’t know how to be mean. Considers totally harmless words bad language. Ridiculously short. That video game sound when he jumps. Thinks that by saying Ralph’s catchphrase it will give him Ralph’s power to wreck stuff as well. Can speak qbertese. Dripping with southern farm boy charm. Is a shit dancer but that’s what makes it fun to watch. After accidentally triggering Calhoun he respects her making him leave and never uses the phrase again. Pulls Vanellope back from danger on the rainbow bridge and then makes sure she stays behind him. “Do you think they’ll stop there?” “YES!”

(( If I missed any that you want to see, just let me know & I’ll make a part 2! ))

Things in Dirk Gently season 1 We Don’t Talk About Enough
  • when Farah and Dirk show the machine to who they think is Agent Weedle, and Dirk realizes (but sadly can’t warn Farah) that it’s actually one of the Men of the Machine, his face literally is like *lightbulb goes on*
  • when the Rowdy 3 arrive at the parking lot where Amanda has her pararibulitis attack, first thing they do is go after the asshats who were filming her. that was the moment I decided I liked them beyond “they are loud and fun and a bit scary”
  • Dirk Gently is the most agonizingly positive dude ever, and then Riggins approaches him like “you need to listen to me” and Dirk puts on this shit-eating grin and says “Why, do you have new lies to tell me” like duude, where does all this bile come from all of a sudden
  • speaking of which, any moment where it’s noticable that Dirk is a lot more fed up with everything than he likes to admit (from his situation in general to things like “people where dying while you were busy becoming a billionaire”)
  • that one time he speaks his mind and he gets punched in the face for it and he can’t even complain because the future version of Spring already apologized for that, time travel is a bitch
  • how amazing is the musical score??
  • when Riggins straight up headbuttet Friedkin. that was probably the best thing he’s ever done ever
  • Zimmerfield was such a good cop? He just wanted to find the missing girl? He didn’t even want to hear about her being possibly dead, his last words literally were “Save Lydia Spring” Zimmerfield didn’t deserve this. 
  • Estevez didn’t deserve this.
  • just how enthusiastic Amanda and Dirk are about each other
  • how everyone is enthusiastic about Farah
  • like when she starts wondering where the military bullet came from, and Dirk just looks at her like “wow she’s gooood”
  • everything Farah does is amazing
  • how Ken walks that very thin path of “bart no” and “BART YES” all by himself
  • “cinnamon”
reasons why “the baseball game” is the best song in falsettos
  • all the adults are so supportive even though jason isn’t great at baseball
  • especially mendel like!!!!!! he’s so hopeful that jason will have a good game!! it’s so sweet
  • “it’s weird how he swings the bat… and why does he have to throw like thaattt?”
  • poor trina is so over it by the time whizzer shows up
  • whizzer’s leather jacket/sunglasses look™
  • “i love baseball! i love jason! that’s what i’m doing here”
  • the lesbians’ commentary throughout the whole song (“that kid was out!” “that kid was safe!”)
  • similarly: “see? that’s how it’s supposed to look”
  • “is he still queer?” *exasperated* “i don’t know”
  • marvin trying to flirt??? i mean????? he literally forces everyone to switch seats so he can look at whizzer’s head,,,,,,
  • “you’re looking sweeter than a donut” (i mean???? what the hell marvin)
  • “hey, jason!” “oh, hi whizzer! glad you came!” (this is adorable)
  • the entirety of the “keep your head in the box…” part (it’s so cute how the adults all echo whizzer)
  • every single harmony (aka “slide, jason! slide, jason! SLIIIIIDDDEEE” and “anYTHING’s POSSIBLE JASON!!!”)
  • “hey, jason, you gotta stand a little closer to the plate!”
  • the background music is so cute and happy
  • whizzvin reunited
  • jason hitting the ball and making everyone so proud (even though he forgets to run)!!!
  • it’s probably one of the happiest songs in the whole musical and i love it so much

feel free to add more!!!!!

This is why I hate Taylor Swift
This girl is the worst type of bully there is she’s the type where she literally makes fun and talk shit and just does horrible stuff to people but so many people like her So when you try to tell people why you don’t like her they swear you’re just being a hater, you’re being mean for no reason, or you’re being a bitch
But when in reality she’s just a horrible person, she acts like this little princess in front of people but behind closed doors she’s the nastiest bitch ever
And no matter how much proof you have exposing her dude to the fact so many people like her they won’t listen to or believe you
And then when you finally called her out she plays this innocent little white girl
She did it to Nicki Minaj when she said “why are we trying to pit women against each other” and everybody chose her side
She did it to Kanye even after a video came out of her getting caught lying saying she didn’t know about the line he wrote in his song and people still took her side she’s literally trying to do it now by using Kim and Kanye’s beef with her to spin it and make her look like the victim when she’s far from it
She did it to Calvin Harris she literally wrote a song about trashing his relationship with her and then when he made a tweet shading her everyone jump down his throat talking about how he’s a horrible person when literally Calvin Harris does not get in drama ever
Literally y'alls Wonderboy Harry Styles had a whole album written about him which was filled with horrible stuff and he even took the high road and just brushed it off yet people still took her side

And y'all know good and well if this was any other celebrity y'all would have ended their career by now POINT! BLANK! PERIOD!


author’s note: i’ve gotten quite a few requests for a mafia/gang!bts au and i am in the works of writing a few drabbles here and there, but in the meantime, enjoy these headcanons; also, gif credits are link as cr. under each member’s name—none of these gifs are my own, i only resize them to make the post easier to read
warnings: mentions of weaponry, blood, [mild] violence


  • poison specialist
  • he can make or break any poison
  • poison gas, liquid poison, organ specific poisons
  • you name it jin can mix it or find the antidote for it
  • if it’s necessary for him to be in the field, his kills are quick and efficient
  • knows the human body inside and out
  • he targets the body’s weak spots
  • he’s also bangtan’s doctor of sorts
  • it keeps them from having to deal with the whole process of checking into hospitals under aliases and explaining what happened to them
  • for the most part, the boys can fix themselves up, but jin cleans up any gunshot wounds or large gashes
  • and helps them get back up on their feet if any serious injuries occur
  • likes to piss off yoongi and give him pink bandages
  • also in charge of keeping everything organized
  • any kinds of records, medical or not, jin has got them sorted for easy access
  • knows all of the boys’ medical information from their allergies to their past injuries even down to their blood types
  • jin probably isn’t in the field most of the time bc if he even tho he can patch himself up, if he ever does get seriously hurt the rest of them are pretty fucked
  • but if he had to be, his weapon of choice would be a shiny silver switchblade
  • it’s clean, efficient and gets the job done just how he likes it


  • grandfather of this whole organization
  • basically mafia royalty
  • yoongi has all the connections he knows who to make friends with and who to strike against 
  • namjoon is the leader of bangtan but yoongi oversees everything namjoon oversees
  • he’s got a critical eye so he always double and triple checks for any flaws or open areas of attack
  • the strategist, the genius of the operation
  • he’s an expert at pretty much everything
  • but he favorite area of expertise is machinery
  • he can make or improve any kind of gun
  • the boys’ specialized weapons are all yoongi’s doing
  • all of their original guns, knives or earpieces are marked with a small MYG
  • yoongi is more of the backup kind of guy only because he hates dealing with people
  • so he doesn’t go in straight away but he’s always there if he needs to fight
  • but when he’s called in
  • oh boy you’d wish he hadn’t been
  • ofc his weapon of choice is a small gun, a myg original
  • he’s also a pretty good lock pick
  • he’s good at figuring things out quickly so lock picking, gun making, floor plans, weaving his way through other organizations
  • it all comes easily to him
  • protective of the boys but would rather shoot himself than say i love you to them
  • says shit like “watch what the fuck you’re doing taehyung you could have died”
  • but he cares
  • he’d be the first to take a bullet for any of them be sure of that


  • street fighter hobi
  • something like a black belt in karate but…. higher
  • i don’t know what that would be but he’s good is the point
  • he’s just an amazing fighter
  • and he’s self taught
  • his hand to hand combat puts everyone else’s to shame
  • when he’s really angry stay out of his path
  • unlike seokjin he doesn’t need to strategically aim for weak parts of the body
  • he’ll just knock the wind out of someone
  • trains every day no exceptions
  • boxing mostly
  • he’s the one who trained the rest of the boys in hand to hand combat
  • so all of them can handle themselves if need be
  • probably spars with jungkook every day
  • runner up for fist fighting is jimin tho don’t get it twisted just bc he’s small
  • his fists are his weapon
  • hobi with brass knuckles what a concept
  • namjoon requires all of them to know how to handle at least a small handgun but hobi never uses it
  • if he needs something besides his hands he’s rather resourceful
  • a stray pipe, leg chair, any kind of furniture laying around, another person….. anything he can swing with he’ll use
  • maybe a baseball bat if they wanna get rowdy


  • leader of bangtan and yoongi’s protégé
  • calm and collected when need be, but also not afraid to snap someone when they cross him
  • i wouldn’t recommend crossing him
  • smooth talker
  • by that i mean he could talk his way into any event or out of any situation
  • but i also mean he speaks 5 languages fluently
  • he’ll flirt with someone in french, read over files in english, threaten someone’s life in japanese, make underground deals with governments in russian and go home to speak korean
  • a full man
  • language is never a barrier for bangtan
  • oversees all of the boys’ training to make sure everyone is as well rounded as possible
  • always working to improve bangtan any way he can
  • he himself isn’t that good with hand to hand combat but yoongi’s taught him everything about guns there is to know so he’s never in trouble
  • perfect aim every time
  • extremely good at memorizing things
  • long codes, pins, floorpans, names, locations he can memorize it all
  • always first to enter the scene and the boys follow loyally
  • also bangtan’s interrogation machine
  • he doesn’t even need to physically torture anyone, he just puts all that psychology to work
  • he gets inside people’s head, make them tell him what he wants to know when he wants to know it
  • so if namjoon wants something, namjoon gets something


  • hacker extraordinaire
  • anything to do with computers, jimin’s your guy
  • any computer, database, safe, lock, password, encryption, jimin can get behind it
  • no firewall is too strong or code too dense
  • he’s the voice in their ears and their eye in the sky
  • jimin guides them through building through earpieces
  • tells him if there’s something going down while they’re on site
  • often teams up with yoongi to make sure their weaponry is the most advanced and efficient it can be
  • but jimin is also their playboy
  • he is rarely, almost never, working on the field as they boys need him to guide them through heists
  • but he’s got a pretty face most would melt for so they can’t let it go to waste
  • so when it comes to schmoozing their way into high snobiety, it’s jimin’s time to shine
  • everyone falls for him
  • people will spill their life stories to jimin merely an hour after meeting him because he’s that charming
  • with a smile that sweet and voice that enticing, you’d never suspect he’s a devil in disguise
  • he might be the computer guy but those hands are good for things besides hacking
  • he can knock someone out when he needs to
  • i’m talking knock someone to the ground with a single kick
  • he’s so extra when he’s fighting tho he’ll split kick and knock out two guys when it wasn’t really that big of a deal
  • even though he’s great at it, he prefers to be behind the scenes looking after the boys he has more control that way and he can ensure everyone is safe
  • so maybe he is an angel after all


  • sniper of all snipers
  • you wouldn’t think it from his personality but taehyung’s got deadly aim
  • always hits his target
  • and he loves guns
  • absolutely obsessed with them
  • always begging yoongi to buy him more or build him a new one
  • “hyung pleeeaaaaase it doesn’t have to be a big one it can be a medium sized one, yooooooongi hyuuuuung”
  • the only other thing taehyung loves more than guns is money
  • loves money and everything to do with it
  • stealing it, dealing it, wiring it, handling it
  • he’ll jump at any opportunity
  • namjoon and yoongi try to not to let him get too out of control so they let him spend only on things the boys need
  • so handles their wardrobe obviously
  • they have to dress to impress, at least according to taehyung anyway
  • they never walk into a casino or club or posh event without being dressed head to toe in armani or gucci
  • “taehyung why did you buy jin a silk pocket square” “um its prada namjoon get with it”
  • they also tame him by letting him play the games
  • so he’s bangtan’s main guy when it comes to gambling and handling cards
  • king of roulette
  • honestly half way through people give up and let him win, he’d win anyway
  • they think it’s luck but really he’s just good
  • tae’s basically a joker of sorts, a very mischievous, well dressed joker


  • ofc he’s their golden boy
  • jack of all trades
  • jungkook is good with any hand he’s dealt
  • whether it be literal cards, combat, guns, knives, anything
  • he can handle himself
  • partially because he’s naturally gifted
  • partially because he’s always trying to prove himself to his hyungs
  • has a temper worse than a provoked hoseok
  • i’m talking a real short fuse here jeon jungkook does not come to play around
  • the boys try their best to look after him when and how they can tho
  • jungkook can dish it out and take it, but he’s still their baby
  • pretty face number two
  • if they’re not sending in jimin to flirt his way to the top, they’re sending in jungkook
  • because who wouldn’t fall for those doe eyes and that baby face
  • a baby face the boys frequently use to their advantage
  • he’s often the bait on their missions
  • they’ll send him in and purposely let the enemy think he’s nothing but a street rat with a bad temper they can take advantage of but the tables quickly turn around
  • he’s their distraction man
  • jungkook is ridiculously strong we all know that
  • so if there’s anything or anywhere to get to that would require immense physical strength, jk is their boy

Hey does anyone remember that one livestream that Arin was in with Alex Hirsch, and how when he was being introduced, a bunch of fans were talking about how good his arms looked? 

 And Alex pointed it out to him that people where talking about his arms and Arin got really self conscious, and literally you could see the thin protective layer rip away revealing years of anxiety, self conscious thoughts, and depression being exposed out for everyone to see? And he literally shrunk into himself and asked in the most scared voice, “what-what about my arms what’s wrong with my arms?”

And this all happened in like 5 seconds??? Alex had to reassure him that they were good things people were saying and he was like “oh” and literally it was like nothing had happened. He snapped back into his stage persona and was fine the rest of the time. I think about that a lot.

braidedyarn  asked:

Hey there! Do you have any fanfic recs? I read the vampire!Lance one you made art for (beautiful, btw, like all of your work) and I was wondering what other works you enjoyed

Hey, sorry for the late answer! That fic was a part of the Big Bang but I DID make a fic rec post over here! Here is some more Klance fics though (Only finished) because there is so. dang. many. I can’t keep up no matter how much I’d try

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Holy shit I love your analysis' of Jimin and Namjoon!! Would you mind doing one for Jungkook as well? I know a lot of people were confused as to why Namjoon put him in Ravenclaw over Gryffindor/Slytherin.


It’s really weird for me that you guys actually care about and value my opinions  on this whole business so thank you so much for giving my ramblings the time of day omg

for those who are wondering about my thoughts on gryffindor!namjoon and slytherin!jimin here’s the links to those:

Namjoon as a Gryffindor || Jimin as a Slytherin

So like, I really. really. really. love the idea of Ravenclaw Jeon. (But listen… I used to be a hardcore Slytherin!Jeon person okay, so I understand your feels on this. I do.) 

 here goes nothing

Ravenclaw Jungkook confused a lot of people. And I really get it because Ravenclaw was so fucking shafted in the books. 

We had so many Gryffindors and Slytherins to relate to, and we had a fair share of badass Hufflepuffs (TONKS) to base our opinions off of. But there were only a few Ravenclaws that were given the time of day in the books, and only one of those was a major character. We had Luna, Trelawney, Lockehart, and Cho. Cho’s amazing character was wasted by JK – she was written with the personality of a dish rag and didn’t really get the spotlight she deserved. Trelawney was presented as a crazy old lady who sometimes ?? served a purpose. Lockehart was an idiot. All we really had was Luna.

But it wasn’t just the characters. Ravenclaw has a really weird reputation. Before I wrote this, I asked a bunch of my casual and hardcore HP fan friends to tell me the characteristics they associated with each house. And I got pretty much what I expected:

  • Gryffindor: Leaders, brave, courageous, brash, strong
  • Slytherin: Cunning, resourceful, calculating, perfectionists
  • Hufflepuff: Loyal, kind, hard-working, determination, cheerful
  • Ravenclaw: Smart…?? they are… smart people?? They do things…….smartly……

Like for real. Whenever I asked people what traits they associated with Ravenclaw, all anyone was ever able to tell me was that Ravenclaws were supposedly smart. And that’s got a lot to do with the fact that when the sorting hat sings off about all the houses, it lists all these great traits for the other houses, but when it comes to Ravenclaw it says this:

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind.

And then the books go on to say that Ravenclaws are,

characterised by their wit, intelligence, and wisdom.

So maybe you’re like me, and I am REALLY guilty of this, but when I first read this in the books I kinda just thought these all meant the same thing. So maybe that’s where we got this idea that all Ravenclaws are good for are being smart.

But it wasn’t until I looked up the actual definition of each word that I realized these were all saying really different things:

Intelligence - the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.
Wit - a natural aptitude for using words and ideas in a quick and inventive way to create humor.
Wisdom - the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.

^^^^this is just webster dictionary definitions here. The bolded words are the ones I want to focus on.

Skill. See – Ravenclaws are supposedly smart. But this doesn’t always have to mean BOOKSMART, and I think that’s where we had a lot of trouble with Jeon. No one is saying he is dumb or anything, but he’s no Namjoon.

Notable examples of this trait include Lockehart, who was pretty shitty at a lot of things, but had the street smarts enough to pass off his big whole scam for years and years, and was especially gifted in certain charms.

Then there’s Luna, who while shown to be really good at solving riddles, was also portrayed as really physically skilled. In Dumbledore’s Army, while being taught how to conjure a Patronus by Harry, Luna was the first to get it right. She was fourteen at the time, and was such a skilled witch that she was able to perform an incredibly difficult charm - that even adults had trouble with - after like…….mere minutes of teaching.

Does this sound like someone you know?? I’ll give you an example: Observe this VERY determined Hufflepuff not give up on his dreams and finally have all his hard work pay off… only for someone to come in and get it right almost instantly.

Or maybe… “Hey guys, this dance move you made up looks pretty cool – mind if I watch you do it like once and a half and then nail it instantly?”

And if you’re ever in doubt about just how skilled Jungkook is… remember that he turned down seven other agencies to join BigHit. That’s how many people were after him and recognized his talent. (This also ties in to my thoughts on the part about good judgement – Jungkook obviously saw a lot of potential in Namjoon and BigHit in general, so much so that he turned down tons of other companies to be there. He saw something a lot of other people did not… and it ended up being the best decision he ever made.)

But I think another really telling aspect of Jungkook’s Ravenclaw personality is that he isn’t always perfect at everything. He’s not always good at something right away – but that won’t stop him working really hard to get good

In Rookie King he was shown to be at the most pretty average at bowling. He wasn’t terrible, but he was about as good as you and I would be after playing a few rounds with a little luck. Well, Golden Maknae Jungkook could not stand to not be the best at something, so he mentions sometime later (13:10) that he’s hired a coach to teach him how to bowl…. and then just a few months later uploads a video of himself getting a strike like it’s no god damn big deal at all. And he looks pretty proud of himself too.

But all the major Ravenclaws were also shown time and time and time again as being a little…. scatterbrained. Luna, Lockehart, and Trelawney especially, and to an extent even Cho. And Jungkook is no exception. He’s… pretty gullible. And DEFINITELY scatterbrained.

But wit, intelligence, and wisdom are not the only three traits associated with Ravenclaw. There are a lot of other traits you may not really know about, because again – Ravenclaws were woefully under-represented in the series. There’s quite a few others listed for this house:

  • Creative
  • Individuality
  • Eccentric
  • Quirky
  • Jealousy/Envy
  • Competitive

So imma just go down the list because I’m really tired and I can’t made good word things rn


it’s no secret that Jungkook is a pretty talented artist. He’s a pretty damn good photographer too. (This will always be one of my favorite photos ever of Jimin – and Jungkook took it.) And he’s a talented lyricist as well. He’s an extremely good dancer and has a beautiful voice too – but you guys know this already.


Take a look at how he expresses his individuality through his song covers.

Eccentric & Quirky

You guys thought the fact that Lockehart, Trelawney, and even heckin Luna were all in the same house was a coincidence? Ravenclaws are NOTORIOUS for being Extra™ . I’m not kidding! This is literally a personality trait of Ravenclaws that we overlook so often from these weirdos. And Jeon fuckin Jungkook invented the word eccentric:

you’d be here forever if i kept going so… you get the point. eccentric is jungkook’s middle name.


Jeonlous exists in this god forsaken fandom, and I ain’t gonna link it and open THAT can of worms, but if you’re feeling so inclined and care to enter the seventh circle of hell, feel free to look it up… but tread carefully.


When I got the first ask about Ravenclaw Kook I had woken up at 3am and sleepily looked at my emails. I saw the ask and immediately had to jot down my ideas to keep for the next day, and all I managed to write in my sleep stupor was this

and then i promptly fell back asleep.

I was referring to this, and if you don’t feel bad for poor Jin in this situation I don’t know what to tell you. Jungkook is intensely competitive, even over small things like board games. He was so intent on winning that game that he literally assaulted someone five years his senior to sabotage them.

And then this is him trying to win a dance-off… doing the most, as usual.

And also?? He was literally banned from the gym because he was getting too buff. And look at him take out that guy in wrestling… and then demolish poor Jimin, the smallest member of BTS in arm wrestling when he could have… you know… let him win or something……

It’s a pretty well known meme within the fandom that Jungkook is competitive and always trying to outdo the others.

But when it comes down to it, Ravenclaws are still known for being smart, right? We can take all these other traits and apply them to Jeon but what about his brain?

He’s actually kinda smart. He is able to cover a song in perfect English even though he doesn’t speak the language all that well (but well enough to constantly correct others’ English and he’s good enough to tell you he’s really not all that interested in participating in English Time anyways)

And I mean…. he can outsmart the other members pretty well…………..

But I think one of the most important things to note about Jungkook being in Ravenclaw is to look at who sorted him, Namjoon: Namjoon himself gave Jungkook the nickname “Golden Maknae”. He is constantly saying that Jungkook can do anything, or watch this Jungkook can do this, or wow look at him go, or he’s so talented this and that. Is it really any surprise that Namjoon would put Jungkook in to a house known for being highly skilled when he believes no less of the kid?

Jungkook has some pretty Slytherin-like qualities – but tons of canon HP characters and the BTS members themselves have traits that are shared by all four houses. It’s just a matter of where he fits best.

I mean TL;DR, Jeon says it best himself:

gif credit: bwiskook

Dating Jimin Includes:

Originally posted by okayoongz

He looks so boyfriend here brb gonna set myself on fire

  • we all know chimchim is shy af
  • would’ve been alright admiring you from a distance until tae started talking really loudly about how much he likes you, unaware that you were in the room whOOPS 
  • I mean now the cats outta the bag you gotta start dating this beautiful man
  • he’d be really cocky and happy that he’s with someone shorter than him
  • “How does it feel to be dating someone taller than you?”
  • “there is literally a 10cm difference between us,  jimin.”
  • There are two sides to him
  • The jimin that’s so soft and cuddly and just overall a squish that makes it his life goal to shower you in kisses
  • Park jimin that is the biggest tease and always licks his lips when he looks at you or just undresses you with his eyes and alWAYS MAKES UNNECESSARY SEXUAL TENSION LIKE CHILL FAM YOU JUST CAME FOR A GOOD TIME BUT HONESTLY YOU FEEL SO ATTACKED
  • there’s no in between lol
  • there are times where he’ll become distant because it’s hit him that you’re actually really amazing and beautifully breath taking and he doesn’t really deserve you
  • and when he realises this he kinda gets insecure and sad which makes you sad because he doesn’t realise how amazing he is
  • it then becomes your mission to cheer up you 10cm-taller-than-you boyfriend because you love him very much and cant bare it when he feels like this
  • endless amounts of kisses on his lil chubby tummy to reassure him that you love him regardless of if he has abs of not
  • but you’ll support him if he’s determinded to get abs, even if that means getting yourself up at the ass crack of dawn to go jogging or the gym or something with him
  • you’re literally only there for moral support when he’s at the gym cause you? on a treadmill?? naahh fam
  • congratulations, you’re that couple that refer to eachother by nicknames like literally all the time
  • but they’re cute so i’ll give you that
  • you playing with his fluffy hair cause you don’t know when the day will come when it all just disappears cause of the constant dyeing like seriously this is a concern of mine.cause it’s really soft
  • lots of back hugs
  • or just hugs in general
  • eye smiles are your ultimate weakness and bitch does he use that to his advantage
  • “jagiya can we please go to the fair this weekend?”
  • “i don’t think i can, i mean i have a lot of stuff to do”
  • “oh okay. i respect you decision” *eye smiles*
  • “you know what nvm im free”
  • him constantly lip biting sMH
  • him pressing himself against you when he’s in the mood cause that gets you in the mood and thEN YOU’RE BOTH IN THE MOOD AND JUST ENDS UP WITH AN INTENSE MAKE OUT SESSION OR THE SECKS
  • he’s a switch
  • jimin is a switch
  • park jimin is a switch
  • did i mention that park jimin is a switch?
  • cause he’s a switch
  • honestly the sex just depends on his mood
  • so you can expect either fluffy soft vanilla sex or rOUGH INTENSE MINDBLOWING SEX
  • either way, he’s there just worshipping you and your body cause he’s just so ground breakingly, unbelievebly in love with you
Werewolf! Kang Daniel (Part 2)

Masterlist can be found (here) 

A/N: Make sure to check out Werewolf! Kang Daniel (Part 1) so you can understand most of the context or you will be confused  & I love this moodboard so much ????
Warning: Prepare for a hella wild ride of emotions y’all 

“I want you to be my morning so I can be your night.”

  • You were basically still puzzled at the wolf cause bro you have been living the same neighbourhood for the last 20 years
  • The only time you came across wolves was when you watched ‘Twilight’
  • You told Daniel about the incident as you were still weirded out by it 
  • His expressions seemed a bit strange but you just assumed he was concerned about your safety
  • okay Daniel was freaking out cause he wasn’t sure if he realized it was him and he still didn’t know how to tell you about his other side
  • But Sungwoo had advised him that it was best to just drop hints
  • Daniel took it literally
  • He deadass made you do a netflix marathon on 'Teen Wolf’ with him;;;;;
  • While you were watching it, he low-key kept trying to check for your reaction when the main character transformed into a wolf by averting his gaze while seating his gummy bears
  • But you had a blank expression on throughout the show since you had previously watched it
  • You honestly couldn’t say no to your boyfriend’s suggestion since you had been picking the last 5 movies or series when it was movie night
  • He couldn’t judge from your expression cause ??? so another day just went by LOL
  • It has already month since you last encounter the wolf and it was the last thing on your mind
  • That was until Daniel became sick
  • He had been looking pale when you two went out for a date yesterday so you told him to rest and you will come visit him
  • It was actually one of the aftereffects of the pull and full moon as his wolf side was becoming stronger
  • If a mate has not acknowledged the other yet, they are unable to recover quicker which leads the wolf side to be stronger
  • The pull also makes the wolf side of a werewolf crave for their mate even more and will make it want to dominate the mate so it could acknowledge its presence
  • This is because when mates have accepted each other, they will become stronger and wolves take pride in their strength
  • Daniel became dizzier as he had to constantly tame his wolf side to ensure that he could stay in his human form while he was with you
  • He nodded but told you not to visit him as he was scared to pass it to you and he had 10 other boys to take care of him
  • More like e was really scared that his wolf side might just appear suddenly and god know how would you react to it
  • However the next day, you were anxious as he had not text you at all and for some reason, you couldn’t reach the other boys
  • They were out for a run except for Guanlin who had extra classes
  • The boys left Daniel at home alone since werewolves usually just need a full day of rest with no disturbance and they will be up in no time
  • You decided to get some food and head to his house since you know where they hide the spare key
  • As you entered, you realized no one was at home as it was silent which was an unusual occurrence for a place with 11 boys
  • You knock on Daniel’s door with the porridge and medicine in your hand
  • When there wasn’t anyone to greet you, you opened the door yourself and saw  him asleep his bed
  • You wanted to get his temperature so you sat on his bed and laid your hand on his forehead
  • That’s when you saw his wolf ears and you were wondering if Sungwoo had put them in as a joke when he was asleep
  • You took a few photos for future blackmailing purpose lmao
  • But let’s be real here, you were still wondering how does your boyfriend even look this good while he was sick
  • You decided to just leave it there after you had a good laugh over how freaking adorable he looked with them
  • You treaded your fingers into his hair and that’s when you accidentally tugged at the ears
  • He woke up immediately since his ears were extremely sensitive to touch
  • You realized that his ears weren’t those hair bands you did get at amusement parks but they were very much real
  • You literally jumped out of his bed and went W T F ???
  • There were folktales of people who were part mythical creature you heard when you were a child but experiencing it at first hand was a whole new story
  • “Fuck, I can explain.”
  • His ear and tail immediately disappeared as that sudden shock had made him stronger for a short period of time
  • He immediately stood up and tried to hold you back
  • But you turned your heels and sprinted out of the house
  • Ignoring Guanlin who had greeted you who was playing a video game
  • Moments later, Guanlin saw Daniel coming down with the most crushed expression on his face
  • His eyes were close to tearing up and he gnawed his bottom lip so hard that blood seemed to be seeping out
  • “What the hell - JISUNG HYUNG!”
  • Guanlin yelled out as he immediately went to the white wolf side and pulling him to the couch
  • Daniel immediately collapsed on the couch as he still had a fever and the sudden change of events did not help
  • He passed out and the other boys who ad came back moments after you left became incredibly worried
  • Jisung stepped in and said that it was just him being sick since Daniel wasn’t showing any sign of being rejected
  • On the other hand, you were running in fear to your apartment
  • You had so many questions wanting to be answered but yet you didn’t know if you even dared to approach him
  • Sure it looked cute on him but what in the world was that;;;;
  • A day later when Daniel had recovered, he just rushed to your place
  • When you opened the door for him, it broke his heart when you gazed at him warily as if he was something dangerous and foreign
  • It was strange for him to sit opposite of you rather than next to you in the couch and had his head on our thighs as a pillow
  • He explained about mates, werewolves, the pull and just everything you needed to know
  • “I … I don’t think I can do this right now. Just give me more time to think about it.”
  • The mate thing was just messing with your head, there was just so many things for you to process that you weren’t even sure that the decision right now would be right
  • He sighed as he had expected this reaction and was thankful that you still haven’t rejected him even after knowing the commitment of being mates
  • Days went by of you not having any contact with him
  • But you knew that he was keeping an eye on you as you could spot a white wolf wandering near the bookstore and your apartment
  • Just like it had been your guardian angel the first time, it seemed to be fond of taking its role again
  • While you told him to gave you time, you acted like you didn’t notice the wolf as you were worried Daniel will stop being there
  • One day, while walking back from work, you left some food on the pathway and motion for the wolf to eat it as you saw how he had been waiting for you all day as you had to skip lunch to clear the book store’s storage room
  • Daniel trudged towards the food and ate it hungrily
  • You smiled fondly and was prepared to throw it the plate which contained the food when you saw it coming at you
  • It’s mouth had a bright red ball in it as it cautiously approached you and dropped it near your feet
  • As if Daniel wanted to show you that this white wolf was more than a dangerous creature as you took the red ball in your hand and threw it somewhere else
  • Moments later it came back and you were engaged in playing catch with you before the sky started darkening and it growled at your apartment’s direction as if wanting you to go home
  • While you accepted the wolf, it was still hard to establish the connection that the white wolf you saw was the same person as Daniel
  • Just a week later when you made your decision
  • You were coming back from grocery shopping when a tall boy with sapphire red hair slung his hand on your shoulder
  • You tried to push his hand off you but he was far stronger as he slammed you against a wall in the alleyway and gave you a smirk
  • Before he could mutter a word, Daniel pushed him away and that boy laid on the ground as he touched the fresh scratch on his cheekbones
  • “Get your filthy hands on her, Im Youngmin.”
  • “So we are on real name basis now huh? How friendly Kang Euigeon.”
  • “Don’t touch my girl! Aren’t you aware this is our territory?”
  • Youngmin chuckled bringing a glare from Daniel as he pointed to you again
  • “Yours? Don’t make me laugh, she hasn’t even accepted you yet judging from her scent. Of course, I’m just paying a visit to my cousins from faraway.”
  • Your eyes widen when you saw the two boys in front of you turned into a rusty brown wolf and a white wolf respectively
  • This was when it really hit you that yes, they were werewolves as they pounced at each other, teeth-baring sharply
  • You muttered a curse as you sprinted back home while sending a text to the Wanna One boys that Daniel was in danger
  • You didn’t feel too assure as you became increasingly worried as you slammed your door shut until Woojin texted back that his hyungs were already there to help
  • He was outside of your door as he told you to listen to him for the last time
  • He apologized to you and telling you to move as far as you could to start afresh
  • He didn’t want to put you in danger and mentioned that you could just reject him
  • After all, you being far away from him would just lea to his wolf side to be out of control and he would rather be dead like the rest of his predecessor
  • He was worried that other packs might kidnap you to blackmail since he was the white wolf everyone was after
  • He told you that he will slip in enough money to your bank account once he reaches home and that he loves you and hopes you will never forget that
  • You opened the door as fast as you could and looked at him in the eye as you gather your thoughts
  • You then cupped his face and kissed him as you were sure of decision
  • You realize how much you love him when you were so worried when he was fighting with Youngmin
  • How you were silently praying that he will make it out alive and that all you wanted was to just see him again
  • Whether it was 'the pull’ like he mentioned, but the sheer thought of him leaving you sliced through your heart
  • “I’m not going anywhere with you …. I’m going to say this every single day when we are together but I love you. I promise that I always will.”
  • “So does that mean you are going to be my mate?”
  • “Do you even need to ask?”
  • Daniel had the biggest smile on as he just lifted you up and spun you around until you complained you were dizzy
  • But moments later, he lifted you into your place and closed the door with his feet as he gently laid you on your bed
  • Your face was matching his as you were both scarlet red after you whispered to him that if he really wanted the other wolves, he should get you two to have the same scent or whatever the werewolves like to call it;;;;;
  • Which only means one thing, yup I will leave it up to your imagination 
  • So yeah after that, Daniel actually made ramen for you
  • Which you laughed out loud cause he made you the hello kitty ramen your friend had given you as a souvenir from Japan
  • “Wow the big bad wolf likes Hello Kitty???”
  • He grumbled at you for being such a bad mate for judging his love for cats but you just chuckled and fed him more ramen
  • You kissed him on the cheek as you told your mate to forgive you
  • He went !!! and made you say the ‘m’ word again cause he honestly still couldn’t believe such a beautiful human like you had accepted him
  • Mate was such a foreign word to you yet somehow you liked the way it rolled on your tongue
  • You knew Kang Daniel could be anything and you honestly wouldn’t care
  • After all, you loved him even more when you realize all these things about him
  • You guys don’t really go out for dates but more of a netflix & pizza sort of couple
  • Especially when he was going through the heat, you are literally glued to him
  • Peppering him with kisses even if he didn’t experience a lot of discomforts anymore
  • Matching Cross Earrings !!!
  • Since it was an accessory where it wouldn’t break when he transformed unlike necklaces or rings
  • Yours was on your left ears and he wore his on his right
  • He likes to braid your hair
  • Much like how you like to thread your fingers across his fur when he becomes a wolf
  • He turns to the cutest pup when you are with him as he wags his tail and just has his tongue out
  • What intimidation ???  
  • He loves it so much when you pet his head and just stroke his fur in general
  • His eyes are literally closed and he has a look of pure bliss
  • He rewards you with an extremely steamy hot make-out session with him after that at the kitchen counter (that went from 0 to 100 real quick hjjkl)
  • Because he’s a werewolf, his sense of smell is heightened and a lot of sharper than the average human
  • Hence he loves it when your scent is drenched with his since it shows that you belong to him and vice versa
  • Which is why he literally has the urge to kiss the hell out of you whenever you are in one of his sweaters
  • Or even better when you are only wearing his t-shirt and nothing else
  • He knows you are the right one when you get so worried when he transforms
  • You are always looking out for him in case there are hunters or anyone dangerous
  • But he will always just lick your hand in assurance that he will be okay and runs into the forest
  • You get amused whenever he comes back with flowers in his mouth
  • Like it’s the CUTEST thing you have ever seen
  • Cause he looks so S O F T
  • He will nuzzle your hand whenever you thanked him for the flowers or compliment his fur
  • Which results in him just giving you lots of kisses once he transforms back
  • He will do anything to protect you cause you weren’t just his mate; you were his everything
  • Lots and lots of cuddles
  • He is the best thing to cuddle with in the winter with thick comforters and hot chocolate since he radiates heat
  • His body temperature is higher than usual so you just feel so cozy and warm when you are next to him
  • Whenever you try to step out the bed, he will just pull you in again and wrapped you in a hug and whispered in your ear
  • “I sleep so much better with you next to me so don’t leave.”

Requests are always open & feel free to message me anything at all :)

anonymous asked:

How bout a prompt for Reddie where Eddie cannot stop smiling like a total idiot. (Other than his first kiss cuz once he was smiling for like an hour?)

- eddie had this thing that when he was super happy he literally couldn’t stop himself from smiling and had to bite down on his lip

- this happened mostly around richie, because richie can literally make anyone smile like??

- “you look cute today eds, pink suits you”

- eddie would just roll his eyes but then smile like a big idiot when richie wasn’t looking

- whenever ben brought up the fact richie just talks about eddie ALL THE TIME, eddie would start beaming

- “does he really talk about me?”

- “24/7″

- whenever richie would sneak through his window eddie’s mood would instantly shift from bad to good

- “hows my sunshine boy doing this fine evening?”

- oh yeah, richie calls him his sunshine boy, didn’t i mention that?

- eddie can’t stop grinning when he catches richie staring at him when he thinks he isn’t looking (he always is)

- “you two are so love sick it hurts” stan would always say

- eddie would just shrug and smile, knowing he’s 110% right

anonymous asked:

Could you do an RFA + V and Saeran with an MC that thinks she's not good enough for them and that they should find someone else? And they're like heartbroken bc their love doesn't love themself and they wanna help? Sorry, I've been in a bit of a rough place and I kinda just want something cute and fluffy to feel a little better y'know?

Never before have I ever related to something so much


  • Yoosung had known ever since he’d first met you through the messenger that you were amazing
  • You always stuck up for him, you remembered him unlike everyone else, and you’d always made a point to call him every morning
  • THEN at the party, when Yoosung had arrived with a bandage over his eye, bleeding, and coughing you actually seemed worried for him
  • Of course Yoosung knew you were ‘The One’
  • It’d been exactly four months since you’d moved in together, and Yoosung is properly taking care of himself now.
  • He’s doing extremely better in school, eating healthier, sleeping properly, and even going so far as to exercise…occasionally….
  • That’s when he notices it, after the initial ‘Honey Moon’ phase of the relationship you begin acting differently
  • It’s not like you’re distancing yourself, but you keep putting yourself down any time the conversation turns on you
  • At first Yoosung thought you were just telling jokes but then he realizes that you say them too often for them to be taken as lightly as you try to make them
  • That night there was another party, this one being eight months in the making
  • The two of you had gone the whole nine yards, doing your best to look presentable
  • Maybe ten minutes before the two of you had to leave Yoosung saw this look of dejection on your face     
  • “MC, are you okay?”
  • “I don’t…I don’t get it.”
  • Yoosung’s heart shattered when he noticed you tearing up as you looked to the ground
  • “You’re too good for me, I can’t even compare to you. I don’t know how you put up with me.”
  • Now, every single shard of what was left of Yoosung’s heart stabbed into his skin
  • He couldn’t fathom how you’d think that you weren’t amazing
  • You could literally step on him and he wouldn’t care, because you are worth so much to him
  • He doesn’t know how to tell you all of this so he just embraces you, he stutters through his words as he’s trying to tell you how much you’re worth
  • From then on he does his best to stop every little joke you make and reassure you that you’re amazing


  • It had been late one night, Zen got home well after the two of you normally went to bed
  • He’d expected you to have gone to bed without him, leaving him to crawl in next to you
  • Instead he saw you pacing in the living room biting your nails
  • “MC are you okay?”
  • You jumped when you’d heard his voice, obviously having been stuck in your own world before he’d said anything
  • After a moment you nodded before continuing to bite your nail
  • “MC, please talk to me.”
  • As you wrapped your arms around yourself Zen was already reaching out to you, only to be greeted with your back to him
  • “I don’t know what I’m even thinking, convincing myself that you actually want to be in this relationship with me.”
  • The first thing Zen thinks is that you’re accusing him of cheating and his emotions flip, rendering him pissed
  • “-I mean, you’re so much better than me and yet you still do everything I ask. You practically wait on me hand and foot and I don’t deserve it, I don’t deserve you.”
  • Zen’s emotions did another flip, leaving him with whiplash
  • His heart broke, how could you ever think that you didn’t deserve him
  • He didn’t deserve you
  • You were everything Zen could’ve wished of and more
  • He goes on for more than three hours, holding you, telling you every little thing he loves about you
  • He always does his best to reassure you whenever he thinks you’re having especially bad days


  • The two of you were working in the coffee shop, figuring out a new recipe for Valentine’s Day which was coming closer and closer
  • It’d been maybe three hours and you’d finally figured out a new raspberry recipe and you were preparing to head home
  • Jaehee noticed you becoming increasingly more distant through the night, and at first she simply thought you were tired, it was pretty late
  • When the two of you got into bed that night instead of cuddling into her you had turned away, your back facing hers
  • Jaehee didn’t know if you were mad with her and she did want to ask but all of her words were lost when she noticed you shaking and sniffling
  • She slowly reached out to you, not knowing if you wanted to talk now or not
  • You jumped at her touch and then brushed her off before scooting away a bit more
  • “MC, are you alright?”
  • “Jaehee what do you even see in me?”
  • Everything in Jaehee’s mind went blank
  • She can see the stars in your eyes and every time you look at her it feels like the whole universe had been soaked into them and it’s just you and her alone in time and space
  • But how was she supposed to say that?
  • Instead, Jaehee stood up and crouched in front of you on the other side of the bed
  • “MC, I love you so much. I love you more than anything else in this world. Please know that.”
  • She isn’t the best with emotions, mostly because she was always focused on her work especially during her two years working under Jumin, but she tries to show you that she loves you more than anything and that you are worth everything and more


  • It’d taken so much time, 27 years exactly, for Jumin to really open up to anyone
  • Even then he was still learning how to come to you for things, he was so worried that he would say something and you would run away and he wouldn’t be able to get you back
  • The two of you were sitting on the balcony one night, watching as snow covered the city below
  • He noticed that you had slid yourself far enough away to where he could barely even rest an arm around you
  • He didn’t notice the way you began closing yourself off until that next morning when the two of you woke up together and you were silent all morning
  • “Sweetheart, is something wrong?”
  • You wrapped your arms around yourself and Jumin could feel the distance you were trying to put between the both of you
  • “You’re just, amazing okay? I don’t know how you even decided that you wanted to marry me, I’m nothing compared to you.”
  • Jumin didn’t know what to say, he wasn’t really sure how he was supposed to even comprehend this
  • Nothing compared to him?
  • He was nothing compared to you
  • “Please don’t say things like that, you are perfect in every way. I couldn’t imagine life without you.”
  • He pulled you in close to him and prayed that you received the message as he held you as tight as he could without crushing you


  • Even after the two of you had saved Saeran there were days where he would push you away
  • He would tell you how you were worthless to him and how he was much better off without you
  • Of course Saeran would always tell you he didn’t mean it and that Saeyoung is just an asshole
  • It still weighed on your shoulders though until one day it broke you
  • You already knew you weren’t enough for Seven and then he even told you that you weren’t and never could be
  • You had actually began packing your things, ready to leave and take yourself out of Seven’s hands
  • But nothing could go easily
  • Seven walked into your room, looking ready to collapse onto your bed, when he saw you packing your suitcase
  • “MC, what are you doing?”
  • He automatically looked wide awake and you turned back to your things trying to hurry up the process
  • “I’m leaving; I know you don’t want me around anymore now that you have Saeran back. So I was going to spare you the time to tell me to leave.”
  • “What?! No!”
  • He basically fell as he rushed over to you tossing your suitcase across the room and grabbed you by your shoulders
  • “MC if you leave I will have nothing.”
  • “Saeran-“
  • “Saeran will leave to follow you, we both know he likes you more than me. Please don’t leave me.”
  • He kissed your forehead and wiped away your tears, “before you came into my life I was constantly depressed and I was ready to die. The only reason I didn’t was because I needed to save Saeran. Now I have you and you make me so happy, please don’t do this.”


  • You knew V was in a very long standing relationship with Rika
  • That was common knowledge to everyone
  • Now, you knew that Rika was toxic to V, but she was his sun and all you could think was that you’d never be able to match up to her in his eyes
  • Haha in his eyes V’s blind
  • The two of you were sitting on the couch, you were watching a movie and V was doing his best
  • You didn’t even know when it had started then, but you were thinking about what V would’ve done with Rika, how he’d probably had a much better time with her
  • As you were lying on top of him V could feel your body tense up
  • Immediately he began rubbing your arms trying to soothe you and rested his forehead against the top of your head
  • “What’s wrong?”
  • At first you shook your head and tried to refocus on the movie but V kept pushing it
  • “I’m just scared that I’ll never match up to Rika for you.”
  • V actually laughed
  • “MC, now that I’m with you and out of that relationship I know that she was manipulative; I mean, she blinded me MC. She threw acid in my eyes.”
  • He reached down and grabbed your hand, stroking it with his thumb
  • “You are so much more to me than Rika ever was, I love you so much. I’m never going to let anything happen to you.”


  • This boy had been destroyed by the people who he loved ever since he was born.
  • Even Seven had left him after some time and then his entire life crumbled and became worse than it had already been
  • You though, you were something else
  • You loved him for reasons unbeknownst to him and you were always there
  • No matter what he said or did you stood by him, you always defended him
  • Saeran wasn’t perfect though, like his brother he pushed you away but he was even worse. He knew exactly what to say to get under your skin
  • “You think I need you to help me? I would gladly throw you under a bus.”
  • Obviously kiddo didn’t mean that and that was just his way of protecting himself until he got too attached to you because he knew you were going to realize you deserved so much better
  • So he wouldn’t necessarily apologize but he would hug you and mumble in your ear about how great you were to try and counter act everything he said
  • It was the middle of the day, Saeran was in another one of his moods
  • “You’re so worthless I don’t know why I even keep you around.”
  • Normally you would laugh him off but this time you just stared at him, almost as though you were in another world
  • “You’re right.”
  • That left Saeran speechless
  • “What?”
  • And then you went off on this tangent about all the things that make you less than what Saeran deserves and he’s shaking by the time you’re done
  • “MC, please, you’re, you-“
  • He couldn’t even word anything coherently to prove to you that you were worth so much more than him.
  • He just grabbed one of your hands and tried to mentally tell you that he loved you more than anything