literally have never seen this guy on my dash

Do you ever just scroll through your dash and go “I am so glad i followed these people I wish I could follow them eight times” because that is what the stranger things fandom has done for me

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*editing to formally include some of the many I forgot*  @eggogorgon @eggos-and-promises  like I literally forgot the head canon queen I must’ve had a mini stroke  @shesavedus

There are more that I’m forgetting and there are several that I haven’t followed yet just because it’s spaced my mind but all of you guys make my dash a little bit better with memes (some of which I wish I’d never seen i.e. Ched and Shreleven but that’s ‘kay), head canons, cute fics, theories etc.  If there are st blogs you think i missed and need to check out, add your own ( :  I’m still salty we have to wait until Halloween but luckily I have a great fandom to wait with

Attempt at making font skeletons? I’m not actually sure how to tag these because honest to god I haven’t seen a single “fontsona” on my dash… I figure these have already been used but I came up with these on the fly to test my “font to character design” skills.

Edwardian - This guy is probably an uppity asshole. He makes his speech intentionally hard to read and never uses any words less than three syllables. Even if you manage to read his over the top cursive, his vocabulary will most likely befuddle you.

Dakota - Literally your typical little girl. Though she does like to get dirty and collect froggits and splash around in puddles. She’s probably friends with Monster Kid and goes to Monster School? Either way, she’s a tough cookie who likes to explore and do your basic kid things.

Harrington - A soft-spoken but intelligent book-lover. She worked in the Capital’s library before moving to the surface with the rest of the monsters. Over time, she’s found herself fascinated with human writers and poets, dedicating her studies to english and literature. She also writes sickly sweet romance novels in her spare time, BUT DON’T TELL ANYBODY.