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Don’t Say Anything (part 10)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader


A/N: I’m going to Pride for the first time this Saturday and I’m sooooo excited :)

It goes completely silent. Like dead silent and you hate it. Wanda’s looking between you and Natasha while your voice gets caught up in your throat.

“Nat.. I-I’m-” you stop speaking, running your fingers through your hair.

The fiery red head stood in front of you, mouth slightly open in shock. For a spy, she did not see this coming. Everything happened so fast. You didn’t mean to blurt it out. You cracked under pressure. This is exactly what you were trying to prevent from happening.

Suddenly the door bursts open and in walks Bucky and Steve, worried looks etched on their faces and guns pointed.

“What’s going on? We heard yelling.” Steve spoke first, eyes searching the room. From where they were, all they could hear was muffled yelling and they thought you and the girls were in some sort of danger. Once Steve looks at you, he lowers his gun. “What happened?”

Your eyes travel over to Nat who kept her gaze on the ground. Your heart broke. “Nat, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Steve glances between the two of you before glaring at Bucky. “You’re not waiting any longer - talk to her.”


“Talk to her!”

Bucky let out a shaky breath before stepping towards Nat. “Natasha can I.. Can I talk to you? Alone?”

She cleared her throat. “Yeah, we have a lot to talk about.”

You watch the two exit your room and your eyes fill with tears yet again. As your lip quivered, Steve pulled you into a hug where you let out a sob. “She hates me, Steve. I hurt her.”

“She doesn’t hate you, Y/N.” he sighed, rubbing your back in a comforting manner.

“You didn’t see the way she looked at me. She was so hurt. I betrayed her.” you cried. “What kind of friend am I?”

He shushed you, petting your hair softly as you cried your eyes out. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. She wasn’t supposed to find out. All you wanted was for them to be happy regardless if it hurt your feelings and made you want to drown in your own tears.

Wanda slowly got off the bed and placed her hand on your back. “Are you okay?”

You step away from Steve and wipe away your tears. “I fucked up.”

“I tried to stop it, Y/N.”

“I know. I should’ve walked out or something. Anything really.” you sniffled. “Now she hates me.”

“Steve’s right, she doesn’t hate you.” Wanda frowned. “Shocked, yeah. But she would never hate you.”

“Why wouldn’t she hate me? She just found out that her best friend is in love with her boyfriend. Of course she hates me!” you exclaim.

Steve’s eyebrows raise. “You’re in love with Bucky?”

Both you and Wanda ignore him. “Don’t think like that. She doesn’t hate you.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Wait.” Steve waved his hand. “You’re in love with Bucky?”

“Don’t make me repeat it.” you sigh.

“For how long?”

“Does it matter? Nothing good-”

“Five years.” Wanda cut in and you glare at her.

“Five years?!” he shouts. “Oh my god. Oh my god.”

“What?” the both of you say, watching as Steve slapped his palm against his forehead.

“Bucky, he-” but he stops himself.

“He what?” you question.

Steve cleared his throat. “That’s not for me to tell.”

“What the hell? Tell me.” you take a step towards the blonde.

He takes a step backwards. “No.”

“Steve, I’ve had enough today. Just tell me.”

“You’ll have to ask Bucky.”

You scoff. As if you’ll ever go near Bucky now. You should’ve just stayed away from him right when you found out about the two of them. Now everything’s out of control. You’re pretty sure Natasha hates you and Bucky  - Why would Bucky want to be with you now? Nothing will change with him.

Platinum blonde hair pokes into your room and the man attached to it smiles. “Guess who’s back and brought a cake… What’s going on? Why are your eyes all red?”

He fully steps into your room with a bag hanging from his wrist and you exhale loudly.

“Not now, Pietro.” Wanda says, shooing him away with her hand.

Pietro snarls. “Not now my ass, she’s crying.”

“Just go!” she points to the door.

“Like I’d ever listen to you, младшая сестра.” he scoffed, setting the bag down on your bed. “What happened.”

“She’s in love with Bucky.” Steve says as Pietro walked towards you.

“You finally told him? Did he reject you? Is that why you’re crying?” he held you by your upper arm, eyes filled with concern. You glance at Wanda then at Steve before letting out a sigh.

And you told him everything.

Bucky led Natasha to his room where he shut the door and locked it so they could have their private conversation. Bucky was nervous. His hands were shaking, his heart was pounding and he wanted to throw up.

If he even said the slightest thing to piss her off, she’d murder him. Literally. Bucky walks around her and sits on his bed, patting the spot next to him. Natasha doesn’t say a word as she sits beside him, a decent gap space between the two of them. She was thinking hard, thinking about the mini argument with Bucky 3 days ago, thinking about everything that’s happened, literally in the past hour and 30 minutes.

The brunette clasps his hands together, leaving them to rest on his lap and clears his throat. “So..”

“Do you like Y/N?” Nat asked, not bothering to waste any time. “Be honest with me.”

“I - Yeah. Yeah, I do.” he breathed.

Natasha exhaled an ‘okay’ and looked over at Bucky. “Don’t hurt my best friend, Barnes. Do you hear me?”

Bucky nods. “Yeah.”

“If she ever comes crying to me because of you, you’re dead.”

“Got it.”

“Alright.” she nods. “We’re done here.”

Natasha moves to stand up but Bucky grabs her hand. “Wait, that’s it? We didn’t even get to actually talk!”

“Because there’s nothing to talk about!” she replied.

Bucky scoffed. “There’s a lot to talk about.”

The red head sighed and sat to face Bucky. “Alright, fine. Let’s talk.”

“Thank you.” he breathed. “Before I start I just want you to know that I do care about you and you’re a great person.” Nat nods. “Okay so, before.. us happened I had a thing for Y/N but I didn’t think she.. you know, liked me back.” this made Nat scoff as she thought back to what you had blurted out earlier. “And then you came along and we got to talking which then led to.. you know and every time I was with you, I forgot about my feelings for Y/N. You were like a distraction. What we had was a.. a fling. You know that. I enjoyed your company. You filled the hole inside me briefly, the one that yearned for Y/N’s love and affection. I know this all sounds bad, trust me - and I know that messing with your feelings was a douchebag move but at the time, I thought I wanted to be with you. I told myself over and over again that I wanted to be with you and not Y/N but fuck, seeing Pietro all over her these past couple of days annoyed the hell out of me and I couldn’t lie to myself anymore - I couldn’t hurt you as well. I couldn’t string you along, making you think that I loved you when really, my heart belongs to Y/N.”

Nat nods her head. “So you were using me this whole time?”

“I wouldn’t necessarily word it like that but yeah.” he sighed. “It was a dick move, I know. It’s fine if you want to hit me or cut my balls off. I deserve it. I’m sorry.”

The red head exhales. “If I were some other woman, I’d be absolutely furious right now. I’d want to punch you, knee you in the balls so hard that you wouldn’t be able to produce children later on in the future.” Bucky chuckled softly. “But, I’m not some other woman. I’m me. And although everything you just said was fucked up, I shouldn’t be one to judge because I’ve been using you too.”

Bucky raises his eyebrows at Natasha’s words. “What?”

“I was in a bad place when we started talking. Bruce had ran off without even saying goodbye to me. I had to hear from Tony that he left. Fucking Tony. I was sad, I mean I really did love him. I get that he had to leave for the protection of everyone around him but a simple goodbye would’ve sufficed, you know?” Bucky nods. “Anyways we got to talking and all that other stuff and for a minute, you’d make me forget about all the heartbreak Bruce caused me. Just like I filled the hole in you that craved Y/N, you filled the hole in me. A distraction was what you were. You distracted me from my real feelings. I know what we had was a fling, I never saw it as anything more than a casual talk and fuck - sometimes make out sessions. But other than that, I didn’t have feelings for you. I liked the fact that you distracted me from Bruce and I guess I made myself think that I actually liked you in the process.” she ran her fingers through her hair. “And I’m sorry too.”

“Wow.” Bucky laughed, staring straight ahead at his wall. “So us dating, that was-”

“Completely idiotic and for no reason.” she finished for him.

He face palmed. “Oh my god, we’re idiots.”

“Yeah,” she laughed. “We are.”

“We didn’t even actually like each other, why did we start dating?” Bucky questioned, although he already knew the answer.

I have no idea.” Nat laughed. “Oh, and sorry about getting all mad after accusing you of liking Y/N. I guess I got frustrated that reality was setting in and the fantasy was no longer there.”

“It’s cool. Sorry for.. literally everything.” Bucky shrugged.

“It’s fine.” she chuckled. “No hard feelings?”

“No hard feelings.” he nodded before running his fingers through his hair. “Oh god, now I have to talk to Y/N. What if she doesn’t feel the same way?”

“I have a feeling she will.” the spy says as she stood up, extending her hand out for Bucky to take. “Come on, let’s go get your girl.”

The super soldier takes her hand and stands up, following her out to the hallway. “You know Y/N’s a jealous person, right? Not too jealous though but a reasonable amount of jealous.” she says.

“Yeah, it’s cute, right?” he smiled. “Ooo she’s gonna get so mad and jealous when she realizes that we’ve had sex. Plus those make out sessions and the amount of times she’s caught us. Wow. You’re in some deep shit.”

“She’s gonna get mad at you, not me.” Nat scoffed.

“You were messing around with her man.” Bucky countered.

She rolled her eyes. “Sisters before misters, Barnes. Never forget.”

“Yeah well… Bucky before Nat.” he replied, causing the red head to laugh.




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Sorry to the peeps who didn’t get tagged! Ima go pee now lmao

lmao wanna know what mental illness looks like: 

I can’t sleep, i’ve gotten 3 hours of sleep in the past 42 hours, I’m too fucking sad about being 23 and accomplishing nothing noteworthy. 

I’ve fucked up my whole life, and I feel like I’ll never be able to redeem myself. lmao I’m literally the kid no parent wants, because they’re never successful, and they never make anyone proud. 

And lmao I know it’s all my fault. I’m trying my best, it’s just not good enough, and I’m unsure it ever will be.

  • Me: “There’s a chance I will be going through a period of unemployment soon, so I should save money.” Also me: “10 pairs of underwear for $35 at Aerie?? How could I resist!!”
  • I went for my Nike+ coach long run this week and it was Not Good. The program is pushing me to run longer and faster but I just don’t have the stamina or willpower or both.
  • But then I went to the park afterwards and bought a smoothie and read in the sun for a while and it made up for it.
  • I’m almost done with Jessica Valenti’s “Sex Object” and it’s fantastic. I love memoirs where I get to see what life is like for someone who has had such completely different experiences than I have with men. Basically anyone who has had more than one long-term relationship, I’m like “wow!! how??? explain!!!”
  • Work is such a weird atmosphere. Usually looking for another job in advertising involves a lot of sneaking around and faking doctor’s appointments, but since everyone is getting laid off at the same time in 6 weeks, we’re all just openly talking about who we’re talking to and leaving in the middle of the day to go to interviews.
  • I’m the lead creative on one of the few clients that still has work for us to do, but it takes up a few hours of my day max. There have been quite a few “let’s all go get drunk at 3:30″ afternoons.
  • I had an interview on Thursday at a big agency (like 600+ people… the biggest place I’ve worked at has been 120) that’s been making great work and growing the past few years and it seems like it could actually be A Thing and I’m excited, even though I hate interviewing so much oh my god.
  • Like, interviewing is literally just a combination of all of the worst things in the world. Talking on the phone, meeting new people, having someone judge you heavily by first impressions, negotiating. Please just give me a large wad of cash and leave me alone.
  • Put that last sentence in my eulogy, thanks.

To the anon who just sent me an ask telling me you miss me on your dash because I don’t blog anymore…this is literally what my dash has looked like for the past 2-3 months. I get on and I can deadass scroll for an hour and only come across 1) blacklisted posts 2) shit I don’t want to see but won’t blacklist because the bloggers don’t use a tagging system 3) things I’ve already reblogged 4) things I don’t want to reblog

This is why my blog has been dead. I just literally can’t find content to post. It’s not even like I don’t follow a lot of people. I follow over 2,200 blogs. People have just apparently lost their damn minds and only blog about crap now lol

10 Things I Loved About “Beyond the Mat:”

1.  Dean being a worried boyfriend and talking about saving Cas.

2.  Cassifer.  He’s turned hell into a giant, weird after hours party, and I kind of love it.  Also, Misha is just so sexy in this role.

(But seriously someone call the kink police.  His puppy play/humiliation fetish is getting way out of hand.)    

3.  Dean being a super heterosexual hysterical fangboy who awkwardly flirts with male wrestlers. 

4.  Dean pretending to be a wrestler and being literally the cutest ever.  Like, seriously, stop.

5.  Hot wrestler winking at Dean, and Dean super heterosexually forgetting to breath for a second. 

6.  Dean walking past every hot girl in the bar to go talk to/flirt with male wrestler, and then heterosexually comparing battle scars/biceps with male wrestler while “Keep Grinding” plays in the background. 


8.  “I’m Crowley.” 


9.  “We’re gonna save Cas, ice the devil, and shank the darkness.  If anything gets in our way, then God help them.”

-Dean “Give Me My Fucking Boyfriend Back” Winchester. 


Baby Makes Three

Two years of marriage. Harry couldn’t believe it. Partly because he feels the time has flown by, partly because he feels that he’s been with y/n his whole life. Or at least the part with her in it is the only part that mattered. Harry thought he knew what life was about before he met her, but he truly came alive when he fell in love with y/n. Two years of laughs and tears. Two years of good morning kisses, when Harry’s slipping out the door early to get into the studio. Two years of literally pulling each other through the tough days, the things in life that tend to get you down if you don’t have someone to help you through it. Two years of lazy afternoon sex and breakfast in bed. Walks in the park, exploring, adventures. Every moment had been like a dream. Even the days when y/n was moody and kind of a bitch or when Harry was tired and very short with her. The only thing that could make it better, Harry believes, is to add another member to their family. 

Keep reading

The Voice auditions

okay so we had to drive 8 hours from Ohio to Philadelphia and we got to the building to audition and waited for HOURS. we finally got in the audition room and I literally was so nervous I almost vomited lol. anyways, like 3 people sang before me & then my sister sang, AND THEN ME. so I was like “hey!!! I’m going to sing Because Of You by Kelly Clarkson!” so I did & he was like “you’re really good! you remind me of a past winner of the voice!” AND HE ONLY COMPLIMENTED ME IN FRONT OF EVERYONE AND THATS A HUGE COMPLIMENT CONSIDERING I REMIND HIM OF A WINNER & I sat back down. everyone else in our group of 10 people sang and then he was like “okay so I am going to give *named two people* a maybe for now, I will call you with a definite answer” and I was like dang lol and tHEN HE SAID “BUT, I am for sure going to take Ray (a girl in my group) & McKenna” I WAS LIKE FUDUDIDIJ. and then we sang one more song and he gave us our callback pass and I literally was acting all chill and when I ran outside with it I jumped on my oldest sister waiting and a crowd of like 200 people standing outside cheered and I was bawling so hard. SO HARD. I couldn’t even say thank you because of how hard I was crying. then I ate some great food. sorry this is so long, so much happened.

so it’s 7 am and my mom walks in my room and asks me about the message I sent her 3 hours ago…and I am like, what message mom? and this old-lady-who-has-been-smoking-for-the-past-59-years’ voice comes out of my mouth and I gasp and my mom literally takes a step back, turns the light on and puts a hand on her chest in pure confusion, as to see who is that raspy sounding person sleeping in my bed and she looked so shocked to see me there??? while I half asleep checked my phone and found a message I sent her at 4:32 am that reads only: “lasagna. Yes 2 lunc” and before I could give her a proper answer, my aunt sneezed so loud in the other room that my dog fell off the couch??? what is going on?????!!!! twilight zone type of shit

i literally love christmas shopping so much i’ve been browsing amazon for the past like 3 hours its so much fun even though i’mma be broke as hell after i check out lmao

Local bookstore employee here.

I’ve been working at my job for six months now while being a full time college student. Don’t get me wrong, I love this job, but the scheduling manager really sucks.

I have finals next week (the 11th through the 17th) and they have me scheduled for 32 hours. I normally work only one or two shifts on fridays and/or saturdays because of classes (so 8 to 16 hours a week). Because it’s the holidays, they won’t let us take time off or say when we can work. PLUS we now have holiday hours where we’re open earlier and closing later, and I normally work the closing shift.

During the school year, I’d get off by 10:30pm. During December (and now finals), I’m getting off at 1am. And then have to drive 30 minutes to get back to my apartment.

Now, I’m a night owl so it wouldn’t be that bothering normally, but I need to study. And to make matters worse, we had no customers from 9:15 pm until we closed at midnight tonight. So I’m literally doing nothing for almost 3 hours when I could be studying or getting much needed sleep. But I close with cool people so it’s not that bad.

However, when the manager (who made my schedule hell) comes out and starts yelling at us (we had finished everything) to do work (there was none), I got pissed. Especially because he had literally been sitting in the back office playing pokemon sun for the past 4 hours.

Like, seriously. Don’t make your employees’ life hell when all you do is play pokemon in the back (nothing against pokemon lol I have moon).

TL;DR My scheduling manager is a jerk who fucked up my schedule big time during finals and plays pokemon instead of helping us.

dogiplier  asked:

WANNA REMIND YOU that you have made me laugh so hard in the past, and I'm so glad we are friends Laura! I'll never forget the time we met on Omegle and we spoke for ages, my jaw was hurting so much from laughing and smiling. You give off such amazing vibes and you always know right from wrong and it's something I truly admire about you. I love you a hella amount Laura bean UR SO FRICKIN RANDO <3

I’ve literally been staring at this for like an hour and I can’t figure out how to answer it since it’s like the nicest and sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!?

Like how do so nice?

But seriously, I am so happy we are friends too. There are so many nice things in this message I don’t know how to address them all lol 

I also love you a hella amount and I can’t believe I almost forgot about HOW FUCKING RANDO WE ARE! Such a bad friend lol Thank you <3

Also bonus gif for you

anonymous asked:

Yay! So idk why I thought of this but I just hadn't seen it done before and I kind of wanted to see it addressed since teenagers can be hurtful. So I was wondering if you can write a prompt where brittanas daughter or son doesn't matter gets mad at Brittany when she tries to discipline them so they offhandedly say it's not like you're my real mom anyway since they were carried by Santana.

I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to go with this. But I think it came out pretty okay. 

Brittany rolled her eyes when she heard the loud huff coming from the living room.

“MOM, WHERE ARE MY CAR KEYS?” Emanuel called out loudly to his mother.

“Manny, you’re not getting the keys back to the spare car,” She said with a little annoyance in her voice. He had been bugging her all week to let him go to this party. She told him no every day. She knew he thought she would fold since Santana was away at a conference. The Latina was usually the disciplinarian in the house. Brittany mostly carried through with it, but sometimes her punishments were too strict.

“Mom, are you serious right now,” Manny walked into the kitchen and crossed his arms.  All Brittany saw when he looked at her like that was a young Santana. “You know Michelle Sanchez is going to be at this party. She’s the only reason I want to go.”

“She’s also part of the reason you are in this situation,” Brittany turned her attention back to the stove and stirred her pasta sauce. “If you hadn’t been texting her during and trying to catch her attention in class, maybe you wouldn’t have gotten a D on your report card. You knew you would be grounded for 6 weeks. School and sports only. No social outtings. You’re lucky your Mami let you keep your phone.”

“Amelia got a D last month and you guys let her off punishment way early! How is that even fair, Mom?” He was starting to get really mad. Brittany knew how important this party was to him. She always let him do stuff even if Santana said no. “Mom, come on. You always let me go do stuff.”

“Emmy also brought her D up to an A by the time mid-term reports came out. You brought home a C-.” The blonde turned the stove off and crossed her arms matching her son. “You know if I thought the punishment was too much, I would let you. But you got what you deserved. Your grades have been slipping. You’re lucky I talked Mami into letting you stay on the soccer team. She talked to your coach. She wanted to have you benched until your grades came up.”

“Well thanks. I’m so glad you’re deciding to side with Mami for once,” he just threw his hands up in the air and started to get more angry. Brittany had seen it plenty of times to know to just ignore him. “This is like the biggest party of the year and I can’t go because you and Mami are being so strict.”

“Emanuel, you have a D in math. You went from a 3.6 GPA to a 2.9. You’re bringing home mostly C’s. I don’t think this is unreasonable. Just because Mami isn’t here doesn’t mean you can go do whatever you want.” Brittany tried to give him some support. “I know how much you wanted to go. But I’m with Mami on this one, Son.”

“But Mom, it’s Michelle Sanchez. I’ve been talking to her for like 3 months,” He just huffed out in annoyance, “I can’t believe you won’t give me permission to go.”

“You’re not going. That’s final.” Brittany was done with his attitude. “Now go work on your homework.”

“It’s not like I have to listen to you anyway.” The teenage boy huffed under his breath as he tried walk out of the kitchen.

“Emanuel Noah Lopez-Peirce,  what did you just say to me?” Brittany never used his full name. She was always the one who snuck him snacks late when he was doing his homework late. Homework he said he had finished to get out of the house early. Brittany was the soft one.

“It’s not like I have to listen to you,” He said again more loudly almost challenging her.

“What makes you think that?” Brittany walked up to him looking at him in the eyes. Usually once she got more than just slightly aggressive, he knew to stop pushing her buttons.

“It’s not like you’re my Mom anyway.” As soon as the words left his mouth, he knew he was done. The look on Brittany’s face made him feel like he had been punched in the face.

The blonde’s face went ghost white. She literally felt like her heart stopped beating, like she had been stabbed in the chest. She didn’t even realize she had started to cry. “Go…Just go…”

“Mom, I didn’t mean it. I’m just mad…” He went to put his arms around her only to be shoved away.

“GO…LEAVE ME ALONE.” Brittany pushed past him and ran into her and Santana’s bedroom and locked the door.

3 hours later

“Hey guys,” Santana yelled through the house. The Latina is a little confused when she doesn’t hear anyone answer back. The other two cars where in the drive way when she pulled in. Amelia was gone for the weekend, but her son and wife should have been home. She shrugs it off thinking maybe they are in the basement watching a movie. She wonders through the house to find her son sitting outside of her bedroom door on the floor headphones on watching Netflix. She nudges him with her foot.

“Hey Manny,” she calls to him once he slides his head phones off. “What are you doing?”

“I……” He said nervously as he stood up and shoved his hands onto his pockets.

Santana scanned his face, his eyes were red and his face was white. He looked like he had been crying. “Mijo, what’s wrong?”

“I….Mami….” He scuffed his feet across the floor. He looked down at the floor and just shrugged.

Santana examined his body language. He also looked guilty. Something wasn’t right. “Where’s your Mom?”

“She’s in your room. She won’t come out,” He took a deep breath and let out a sigh. “She won’t talk to me either. The door is locked.”

Santana looked at him, “Go upstairs.” Was all she needed to say before her son was out of her sight. She knocked on the door softly. “Baby, open the door. It’s me.”

She waited a few minutes, when she didn’t get a response she reached on top of the door for the bedroom key. She pushed the door open and the lights in their room were off.  She could vaguely make out Brittany’s silhouette in their bed.  All she heard was soft steady breathing.

She walked over to Brittany’s side of the bed. The brunette leaned down and pushed Brittany’s bangs out of her face. “Baby,” She called softly as she kissed her wife on the cheek. “Are you feeling okay?”

Brittany woke up slowly looking at Santana confused. “You’re not supposed to be home until tomorrow.” She said softly in an almost hoarse voice.

“I got an earlier flight. I missed you and the kids.” The Latina spoke matter of factly, while sitting on the bed next to Brittany. “What are you doing in here all alone in the dark?”

“Why don’t you go ask your son?” Brittany said bitterly as she rolled away from Santana.

“Baby, what happened?” She leaned over her shoulder trying to get her attention. “Honey, come on talk to me.”

“Manny and I got into an argument about him still not being able to go out for the rest of his term at school,” The blonde started to explain sounding almost broken. “He said he couldn’t believe I was being so hard on him about it. This girl he likes is going to be at this party. I stood my ground with his punishment. He got huffy and mad like he usually does when he doesn’t get his way,” Brittany felt herself start to get chocked up thinking about what he said to her, “He said he didn’t have to listen to me anyway. It’s not like “I’m his real mom” anyway.” Brittany coughed a little and let out a small sob. “I don’t know why he would say that…”

“I’m going to kill him.” Santana got up off of their bed. “I can’t believe he would be that much of a fucking punk. He’s going to get his ass grounded until he’s 30. What the hell is wrong with him,” She pulled the bedroom door open and slung it hard. It slammed against the wall. “EMANUEL, GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW.”

Brittany shook her head silently. She got out of bed and followed Santana into the living room. “Honey, yelling isn’t going to do anyone any good.”

“You need to let me deal with this. I am beyond furious,” She looked at the door way just as her son walked into the room. She pointed at the couch and snapped her fingers. “Sit the down. Now,” She crossed her arms and watched her son sulk towards the couch. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Manny looked up at Santana but he didn’t dare look at Brittany. He knew he had screwed up big time. “Mami, I didn’t mean it…I just…I was mad about the whole thing and….”

“No, you don’t get to talk anymore. You don’t get to talk until I’m done,” She pointed at Brittany and made a gesture for Manny to look at her. “The only thing you will be saying is an apology to your mother.” Santana looked at Brittany who still just looked completely heart broken.

“Do you see how your mother looks right now? How could you say something like that to her,” She saw him look like he was about to speak and she threw her hand up. “Don’t you dare speak right now, young man. Who do you think took care of me when I was pregnant with you and your sister? Who worked two jobs to cover the difference in our income when I was on bedrest at 6 months because I was pregnant with twins,” She crossed her arms and started to tap her foot. “Who put their career on hold to stay home with you and Amelia when I wanted to go to back to work? Who took you to the hospital in the worst snow storm we had ever seen when you were sick? Who taught you how to ride a bike? Who tucked you in bed every night,” Santana pointed at Brittany. “You’re mother that’s who.”

She started to pace the living room, she was so angry. She couldn’t believe her son would disrespect his mother like that. “You know what, I wasn’t going to carry you at first. Your mother always wanted too. We tried a few times with her first. We just couldn’t get pregnant. She wanted you since before you were born. She wanted you when we had just gotten married. She wanted you since before I was sure I wanted children. She’s wanted you since before I even proposed to her. She do anything for you. She has given you everything,” She grabbed Brittany’s hand and gave it a small squeeze. “What makes you think you can disrespect her like that just because you’re not getting your way. You brought this shit on yourself, Manny.”

He just nodded at Santana’s words. He knew she was right. As soon as the words left his mouth, he felt so guilty. Brittany didn’t deserve that. She had saved him from trouble so many times. “Mom, I’m so sorry. You know I didn’t mean it.” He looked down at his hands and sighed. “I really didn’t mean it.”

Santana felt Brittany squeeze her hand back slightly, trying to signal her to go easy on him. He obviously felt horrible about it. Brittany knew how guilty he was. He cried and apologized through the door for over an hour. Santana just looked from Brittany to Manny. “I know you’re sorry, but that doesn’t make it not hurt.  You know how many times your mom had to fight with people about the fact you and your sister didn’t look like her children.”

“Mami, I said I was sorry. You know I didn’t mean it. You know how much I love you and Mom…” He started tapping his feet on the ground and gritted his teeth. “I don’t even know why I said it. I know it’s not true. I know she’s my mom.” He looked up at Santana with a few small tears running down his cheeks. “I really am sorry Mami.”

“Don’t tell me you’re sorry,” She gestured to Brittany. “You need to apologize to your mom.”

He stood up and finally made eye contact with Brittany. He put his hands in his pockets. “Momma, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. I was just mad…it’s my fault anyway. I should have listened to you and Mami as soon as you grounded me about working on my grades. I love you,” He looked down at the ground trying to fight his guilty tears again. “I…I really didn’t mean it. I know how much you love me.”

Brittany just nodded and gripped Santana’s hand tighter. “I know you didn’t. It just really hurt me. It’s been a long few hours for all of us. I think we should go to bed.”

“I swear to God Emanuel, if you ever I mean EVER, disrespect your mother like that again. You’ll go to Lima to live with your great grandmother,” Santana looked him up and down. He looked exhausted. “Go upstairs and sleep. I’m going to try and get your mother to forgive you. You better hope for your sake she does. If you would have talked to me like that I would have smacked you in the mouth. Get upstairs, now.” Santana huffed as she watched her son sulk through the house upstairs. “I should have drank on the plane.”

A few minutes later she was settled in her and Brittany’s bed waiting for the blonde to get done in their bathroom. Once Brittany joined her in bed, she pulled the blonde into her side and wrapped her up in her arms. “I’m so sorry, baby. I can’t believe he said that to you.”

Brittany ran had fingers up and down Santana’s arms. “I know he didn’t mean it. He was just mad,” she let out a small sigh. “I’m not mad at him. I don’t think I ever really was. I was just hurt.”

“He’s such an asshole sometimes. I can’t believe we’re raising teenage me…” Santana huffed out annoyed. “I’m still going to make his life hell the next few weeks. Even if you do forgive him.”

“Santana don’t be too hard on him. He’s a teenage boy with two moms and a sister.” She leaned up and kissed her on the lips softly, “But sending him to Abuela for a while might teach him some respect.”

“She might be almost 80 but I’m sure she would still kick his ass into shape.” Santana laughed softly.

“He’ll feel guilty for a while,” Brittany said softly as she snuggled into Santana. “Maybe we can guilt him into actually mowing the lawn.”

“I’m pretty sure you could let him get Uncle Kurt to dress him in drag he feels so bad.” Santana almost chocked on her own laughter at the imagine of her son dressed like a woman. “I love you, Britt.”

“I love you, too.” She tilted her head to the side and kissed Santana softly on the lips. “Now tell me about your trip so I can fall asleep while you are talking.”

To the girl I loved. ..

- You weren’t perfect but in my eyes you were the closest to perfect that I ever laid my eyes on. From the moment I saw you, you had me smiling the biggest I’ve ever smiled. The excitement you had for everything, made me see things so differently. You questioned everything, everything fascinated you. You left me breathless, you made my heart skip a beat. I could be in the shittest mood but the moment I laid eyes on you I turned so soft. You made me soft, you made me love me, love you, love everything again. Whenever I’d be away from you it sucked, you were literally my best friend, my other half, the girl I saw myself marrying. You made me so happy, with you I felt the closest to myself that I’ve ever been. I’ve loved you for the past 3 years going to be 4 every time I get to see you again it feels like the very first day I met you. The laughter, the talking for hours, the randomness, the smile. The look you gave me that said more than words ever could. You were my first love, I’ll ALWAYS have a soft spot for you. I’m glad you’ve moved on and are happier than ever. That’s what I always wanted for you!

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