literally favorite line of my favorite song

On Ke$ha’s hit 2010 song, Blah Blah Blah, she says “zip your lip like a padlock”. I never even questioned this 7 years ago but I’ve been thinking about it lately. It makes no sense. Padlocks don’t zip. 

Musical Screening Q&A

 HUGE thanks to @jjosh-lyman​ / johnsfkennedys (twitter) for sending me her audio recording from the post-screening q&a. ** Please note: the first few minutes are missing and I transcribed this to the best of my abilities **

1. What’s it like working with Ginny?

Josh: It’s been… It’s been.. What has it been?

Ginny: Magical? (Audience laughs)

Josh: (laughs) It’s been magical.  No, it has, it’s been–

Ginny: The best thing that’s ever happened to you! (Audience laughs)

Josh: It’s been, it has been a magical situation. You’re working with another actor who knows you so well. You can be very vulnerable, you can be very open, you can be very brave, you can do all those kinds of things. So yeah, it’s a real gift.

Moderator: I’m feeling the feels, y’all, are you?

2. What is your favorite Disney character or movie?

Adam: This will sound phony, but it is Snow White. (Audience goes aw) 

Ginny: Right answer again!

Adam: It’s true!

Josh: I’m really glad we came to you.

Adam: It was the first movie that I remember seeing as a child and it clearly made an impression.

Ginny: I really like Zootopia because of um– (Audience laughs - can’t hear the rest of her answer) An equally savvy answer would be that we’re very partial to Winnie the Pooh. Pooh was my very first boyfriend and Josh, here, read the entire first Winnie the Pooh book to my belly when I was pregnant with my eldest and that was the first movie that Oliver saw. Then we accidentally bought Sterling Holloway’s house and he was Winnie the Pooh (note: he was the voice actor), so that’s kind of a crazy story. So yeah, Pooh’s got a whole thing. There’s a whole three-line of Pooh in our lives.

Josh: Or we stalk him. (Audience laughs)

Moderator: How about you, David?

David: I am fond of Maleficent and the whole Sleeping Beauty thing.

Moderator: Eddy?

Eddy: I’m gonna go with Alice in Wonderland and just because I like it. (Audience laughs)

3. Back to the musical, even though the songs are new and original, do you take inspiration from the Disney characters the actors portray?

Adam: It’s more like we’ve taken inspiration from the way our actors have realized these characters on the show. You know, we use the disney movies and animated films as a jumping off point, but every one of them has made it their own. So when we started this process, they sat down with Alan and Michael and we really all tried to work together to tailor everything specifically to who these characters are on our show and those guys did an amazing job with the songs and these guys did alright singing them. (Audience laughs)

Eddy: The idea was each episode has the tone of the character so a Snow/Charming episode is different than a Rumple. I think Alan and Michael really captured kind of the character, they were fans of the show, and then the tone & inspiration for each one.

David: Also it was about returning to a S1 feel for all of these characters, which speaks to how we were introduced to them and what the actors brought to those characters, kinda going to really the heart of when we met them and putting it into song.

Moderator: Awesome. So deep. (Audience laughs)

4. For Josh & Ginny, if you could be any other character besides the one you play currently on OUAT, who would it be?

Josh: I’ve always said Rumplestiltskin for sure. Just because Bobby, the actor, gets to play such a huge range. I just think that would be a whole lot of fun.

Ginny: I would be Henry because I wouldn’t have to wear a wig and that would be the closest I would ever get to playing Harry Potter. (Audience laughs)

5. What’s your Disney favorite ride or attraction?

Ginny: Haunted Mansion.

Josh: Pirates.

Eddy: Pirates! Haunted Mansion too, it’s close.

Josh: I also like Indiana Jones.

Adam: It’s a tie between Pirates and Star Tours. There’s like 94 possibilities.

(Someone said Space Mountain - can’t tell who. Maybe David.)

Eddy: The Buena Vista Commissary. There’s a salad bar like right down Dopey Ave. (Audience laughs)

6. Which characters were the most exciting to create a song for?

Josh: (clears throat loudly) Answer honestly!

Alan & Michael (note: I can’t tell which is which): I mean, Zelena was… Yeah.

Josh: Alright, nice to see you (note: I assume he gets up halfway as a joke)

A&M: We had to test you there.

Eddy: It’s hard to say who.. It’s like your favorite child.

Ginny: Us obviously. (Audience laughs)

Eddy: I think, for us, it was really just exciting to do as many as we could. You know, I think we weren’t sure how many songs we could take on, we weren’t sure we could do any of it and, you know, literally these guys wrote 7 original songs and they started meeting in December so… if you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, Alan & Michael~

Moderator: Anything to add, David?

David: Nope. (Audience laughs)

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if seventeen were trainees on produce 101, how would their self-intros be?

- literally park jihoon’s intro but with a twist
- “i’ve got broad shoulders, strong thighs”
- “and abs but i’ll only show those to you if you vote for me!!”
- raps but kills the viewers with his singing
- unfortunately dabs

- beautiful angel???
- walks in wearing a halo
- “yes you are seeing an angel”
- you know you’re in heaven when you hear his singing

- introduces himself in english….. and korean and japanese and spanish and chinese
- walks in holding a guitar
- sings while playing the guitar and captures everyone’s hearts
- guitar string probably snaps
- laughs on camera but cries backstage

- introduces himself in chinese
- walks in wearing a panda costume
- does martial arts that looks painful in said panda costume
- probably throws a pick-up line in there

- cartwheels into the scene
- screams his signature “WHAT TIME IS IT NOW??”
- “hi it’s 10:10 hoshi”
- dances while introducing himself????
- sweating profusely by the end of his intro

- literally jo sungwook’s intro
- round glasses
- “i will now read you my favorite passage from one of my favorite books”
- (quotes a k-drama)
- imitates a sloth

- walks in with a tiny keyboard
- makes up a song on the spot
- does finger hearts and then cringes
- “i can sing, dance, produce, song-write, play the guitar, piano—”

- most likely wearing a onesie
- blinds viewers with his smile
- accidentally screams his intro and gets told to calm the frick down by the pd’s
- sings too loud and gets told to quiet down

- charms everyone with his beauty
- makes a joke
- laughs at his own joke
- tries to rap but messes up and laughs
- trips on his way out

- backflips into the scene
- introduces himself in chinese
- shows off b-boying and martial arts
- finger hearts
- thinks he’s scary and cool but all the comments say “AW HE’S SO CUTE”

- wears a suit
- “my mom told me to dress nicely”
- jeju
- sings a really sad and emotional ballad
- cries in the middle of the chorus
- intro gets cut off in the end because he talks too much

- yo
- shows off his rap skills
- english rap!!!!
- probably the only normal intro tbh

- dresses up as michael jackson
- moonwalks into the scene
- does an impersonation of michael jackson
- suddenly sings and raps and dances perfectly
- “please vote for michael chanson!!”

thank you for your request!!


I actually didn’t really listen to a ton bc I was so busy with school so reply and let me know what’s new or what you’re loving now so that I have a lot to listen to this month!!!

• “Dua Lipa” by Dua Lipa - This is one of the hottest things I’ve heard in a while. So many bops literally every song is amazing!!! Favorite tracks are Genesis, Blow Your Mind (Mwah), Begging, New Rules, IDGAF, and Hotter Than Hell.
• “1992” by Princess Nokia - This woman is amazing and I would absolutely lay my life down for her. Dope lyricist her songs are so empowering and fun to listen to. Favorite tracks are Tomboy, Bart Simpson, Green Line, and Kitana.
• “The Man (Single)” by The Killers - They’re fucking back and I love Brandon Flowers holy shit!!!!!!!!!
• “Ctrl” by SZA - I actually didn’t listen to this a ton but I’m gonna keep listening to it. I love her voice and her music is really great I love this album!! Favorite tracks are Love Galore, Drew Barrymore, Broken Clocks, and Normal Girl.
• “Lipgloss (Single)” by Charli Xcx ft. CupcakKe - This is one of the bessstttt songs lmao it’s literally just Charli and CupcakKe talking about their vagina it’s so funny but it’s actually a bop! I’m obsessed with CupcakKe now too so she’ll probably be in July’s favorites.
• “Woodstock” by Portugal. The Man - This is a really great album they’ve got really cool beats and the singer has a very unique voice. Favorite tracks are Feel It Still, Rich Friends, Keep On, and So Young.

• “Woman” (Single) by Diana Gordon - This will be a bop til I die

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It’s Quiet Uptown

So I want to talk about my favorite moment in Hamilton because I never have, and with the mixtape early singles, I’m now listening to the Kelly Clarkson version of this song and thinking about it again.

This is my favorite song for a lot of reasons, mainly because it has my favorite two lines in the entire show in it… “There’s a grace too powerful to name” and “Forgiveness, can you imagine?”

But here’s the deal. This entire show has been building to Alexander’s greatest foil- his ego and pride while he fights to advance and stay ahead… to the point that at his worst moment, he publishes a long essay detailing his affair to defend rumors that he mismanaged money… and is so fixated on protecting his name, that he literally doesn’t even stop to think about how this will effect Eliza, and his family. Angelica shows up and he actually thinks she’s there to defend him. 

And then you have his son, who loves his dad, idealizes his dad, wants to be just like his dad, and he goes out into the world, and defends his dad against people who are insulting him, to the point that he ends up in a duel to defend his dad’s name/honor. And Alexander LOANS HIM THE GUNS for the duel. He’s not like “you know what son, I don’t really deserve to have you defend me like this, they’re right, I screwed over your mom and my actions are not defendable.” He’s like, yeah, okay son, let me show you how to duel, here, take my guns, have fun!

And then Philip dies. And I don’t think it’s until that moment Alexander truly realizes what his selfish pride has done to his family. And you hear it in the lyrics, they retreat from public life, he starts going back to church and praying, he’s actually for the first time repentant. 

And then there’s this lovely song, where he finally apologizes to Eliza, admits that this is his fault, admits he doesn’t deserve her, states he’s willing to die if it could bring their son back. 

And since Burn, Alexander and Eliza haven’t touched, there is a clear coldness between the two, when she’s sobbing over Philip she won’t let him touch her to comfort her. 

And then on the line “They are standing in the garden, Alexander by Eliza’s side, she takes his hand.” And they’re center stage, and when Eliza takes hold of his hand, Alexander breaks down, he loses it, he is literally standing there sobbing on stage, head bowed, overcome with emotion, while my favorite line covers them “Forgiveness, can you imagine.

And for the first time I think Alexander finally realizes how much he doesn’t deserve this forgiveness. His pride literally killed his son, his son died defending his honor when it didn’t deserve to be defended, and here is his gracious and loving wife, who still forgives him, even though he doesn’t deserve it, they both know he doesn’t deserve it. 

That simple moment, Eliza reaching out and taking hold of his hand, Alexander sobbing when she does… that to me is the most beautiful, powerful, poignant moment of the entire show. It’s the moment that I’m going to remember 50 years from now as one of the most moving moments I’ve ever seen on stage. 

blabbermouths  asked:

natasha, pierre & the great comet of 1812

1. favorite character?

2. favorite person to play said favorite character? 
tie between phillippa and denee whomst i both love Dearly

3. character you relate to the most?
sonya ig

4. character you would most like to play?  

5. character you would most like to meet?
pierre, wed have fun being depressed together  

6. most underrated character?  
SONYA! i love sonya but no one talks abt her much

7. favorite sung line(s)?
“they say we are asleep until we fall in love; we are children of dust and ashes; but when we fall in love we wake up; and we are a god and angels weep; but if i die here tonight; i die in my sleep”

8. favorite spoken line(s)?  
theres literally like two spoken lines

9. first song you heard from the show?  
no one else

10. song you play on repeat?  
the abduction

11. song you skip when it comes on shuffle?
pierre and natasha

12. most underrated song?
in my house…how iconic  

13. favorite head cannon? 
i dont really have any or have seen any that really hit me

14. three words that describe this show?  
wild russian shit

15. overall rate?

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The BMC songs from that musical ask??

I Love Play Rehearsal Are you/have you been in theater? If so what are your favorite experiences?

so I’ve been in 3 theater productions (the little mermaid as flotsam, bye bye birdie as ursula, and the bloody attack of the evil demonic giraffe puppet: the leprechauns strike back as a contestant and the librarian), and my favorite experience would have to be learning the lines for the librarian literally the day before we went up because our previous girl couldn’t make it

Two-Player Game Who is the one person that you know will always have your back and stick by your side when it matters most?

my best friend grace- she doesn’t go to my school or live near me, but she’s one person I can always count on to answer the phone. (i’m highkey in love with her, she’s my Amazing Grace *buh dum tss*)

The Pants Song Have you ever forgiven someone whose hurt you in order to help them/be there for them? Did they deserve to be forgiven?

this is a tough one. there was a point in time where I had thought a friend of mine had spread this shitty rumor about me, and then got dumped and came to me for comfort. I think I forgave her, just because it as too much work to be mad at her and comfort her. and i’m glad I did, because it wasn’t even her who had told the rumor.

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So I think I'm going to get into BTOB??! I always enjoy the stuff you guys blog about them and they seem really cool ❤ do you have any song recs/ favorite eras from them? Any specific place I should start? Thanks for your time! LOVE YOUR BLOG ❤❤❤😍

Literally start anywhere in their discography. The upbeat songs they do usually get pretty popular, but they have some seriously good ballads because their vocal line goes in. 

My all time favorites are “Insane (Acoustic Ver.)” from their Complete album and “Wow” from their Press Play album.

Also thank you ^^ 

-Admin Kim 

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the first song from this show I heard: i think it was climbing uphill
do I own the cast album?: yes!! the 2002 and 2013 revival
favorite song: the next ten minutes!! it was literally my first tumblr url 
least favorite song: hmm maybe i can do better than that?? but i still love it a lot
favorite character: jamie
least favorite character: cathy
OTP: cathy and the stripper 
BROTP: cathy and wayne the snake
NOTP: cathy and jamie lol
song I didn’t like at first but now do: nONE i love them all
song I used to like but now don’t: nONE i love them all
is the fandom annoying?: nope!
do I read/write fanfic for this show?: nah
favorite non-sung line: the show is sung through so this doesnt apply!!
favorite lyric: every line in if i didnt believe in you?? specifically “i will not fail so you can be comfortable cathy” idk why but that line gives me chills
overall rating out of 10: 10/10

thank you so much!!

smolgay-bean  asked:

I NEED IT HARD, IM A DEAD GIRL WALKIN (guess who watched heathers the musical)

send me a musical!!

the first song from this show i heard: maybe dead girl walking but probably beautiful
do i own the cast album?: no sadly
favorite song: freeze your brain
least favorite song: blue
favorite character: veronica!!!!!
least favorite character: kurt & ram
OTP: veronica/happines, veronica/stability, jd/slushies
BROTP: veronica & martha
NOTP: kurt/ram like no don’t ship them they were literally homophobic that’s the whole fucking point of the dead gay son thing
song I didn’t like at first but now do: shine a light
song I used to like but now don’t: beautiful
is the fandom annoying?: idk tbh
do I read/write fanfic for this show?: nah
favorite non-sung line: “you’re making me sound like air supply!”
favorite lyric: “slap me, pull my hair, touch me there, and there, and there!”
overall rating out of 10: 7/10 

gracesgalaxies  asked:

Spring awakening

do I own the cast album?: yes!!
favorite song: touch me or those youve known
least favorite song: left behind but not bc its bad in any way but bc it makes me sob uncontrollably 
favorite character: hanschen!! hes my son also moritz
least favorite character: the gross ass adults
OTP: hanschen and ernst or melchior and moritz
BROTP: melchior and moritz
NOTP: melchior and wendla 
song I didn’t like at first but now do: purple summer kinda?? but once i heard it live i fell more in love
song I used to like but now don’t: literally none i adore this cast album
is the fandom annoying?: not really
do I read/write fanfic for this show?: i think ive read a few??
favorite non-sung line: the part where moritz runs in and screams I PASSED and then hugs melchie melts my heart every single time idk why
favorite lyric: i will read all their dreams to the stars
overall rating out of 10: 11/10

thank you again!!


let’s talk about the music ➝ favorite unreleased song: over and over

this is one of 5sos’ saddest songs, in my opinion. they literally wrote ‘you make me feel alone’.  they sing it live so so so well and I’m such a sucker for slow songs. though we may never get the actual lyrics from a studio version, from what I gather these are my favorite lines:

So many times you say
You’re staying out tonight
I wish that I could just walk away
But I won’t leave you behind

Well I won’t be back no more
Just like I did before
Always thinking that it’s gonna be alright
I’m gonna start again 
This time I won’t pretend
That you’re coming back into my life 

anonymous asked:

does it ever scare you or freak you out that people have something permanently put on their body that you wrote??

idk, it used to really freak me out but now i don’t really care. i mean i made the decision a couple years back that i was going to try and make an actual living off my work, and if people getting flatsound tattoos and stuff are the result of that then bring it on. it’s mostly flattering, it’s just a little overwhelming sometimes. 

that being said, i really do encourage that people not treat listening to flatsound like some kind of fandom. more than anything, i don’t want to be someone that people idolize or romanticize. i don’t like when people draw me, send me that same drawing 50 different times on twitter, i finally favorite the post, they overreact and screenshot that i favorited it, they post that screenshot on instagram, then start tagging me in THAT post. it just makes me feel so weird. i feel like those people are missing the whole point of flatsound. 

shit, like half the time people ask me about tattoos they literally say “i want to get a flatsound tattoo but idk what to get….whats your favorite line?”. like what the fuck its going to be on your body literally forever who gives a shit what my favorite line is, what’s YOUR favorite line???

i know it probably sounds like i’m being mean or complaining about nothing here but this really is important to me. artists and online personalities who allow this type of shit are taking advantage of people for their own personal gain. i don’t want people to lose their sense of individuality just to benefit my career, i’m just trying to write some songs. 

but yeah, flatsound tattoos are neat. i’ve seen a lot of really beautiful ones.